My Big, Little Brother

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I came home from college one Friday and saw my brother out in the backyard sunning himself naked. The little dinky he used to have had sure grown up, lots. That's when I decided for him to put on a show for ten of my college girlfriends. Oh, it went over so big. I mean really big.

Chapter 1

I guess this story starts the day I was born, September seventeenth, nineteen ninety-one. So, yes, that makes me twenty years old. My name is Michelle Newcomb and I'm in my second year of college, majoring in Business, after all, I do hope to do something beyond waitressing after I graduate. So, I'm really beefing it up with extra accounting and finance credits along with some marketing courses as well.

There's me, Mom and Dad, and my little brother, Ryan, who is a senior in my old high school.

Since this story involves Ryan and me both, here's what we look like.

I'm five-six, slender with a nice figure (okay, guys, they're B-cup but they're full, really full and really firm and nice with small, pink nipples. Yes, really nice.) and I weigh one-eleven. Honey-blond hair (not my true color) to just below the shoulders, often in a ponytail, light-ivory skin (that's for the girls, guys just want boob info, right?) and I was one of the few lucky ones who never had any complexion problems growing up.

So, that's it for me. Oh, um, I shave it smooth and it really looks fresh and pretty.

Now, Ryan is six-one and a half. He's fairly muscular but really doesn't workout and really never played sports. But, he's like our dad, he's nice with his shirt off. His hair is light brown (yes, my natural color, if you must know) and he has a winning smile.

Okay, I really couldn't say what he looked like with his pants off. At least not since he was seven or eight. If you want to know about that, well, his little dinky was really cute. I even saw it a few times when it really stuck out. Extra cute.

Actually, there was a time, fairly recently when I saw him with his pants off. He didn't know I saw him, I had come home from college for a weekend and he was out back, on a blanket, sunning himself. I was just about to call out to him when I saw he was naked.

Well, you'll have to trust me on this but Ryan was beautiful.

Now, he's a nice looking guy, actually pretty handsome. But, well, his cock was huge, the largest I'd ever seen. And, are you ready? It was soft. It was flopped back on his abdomen soft as can be. He turned and it just dangled down and hung there as he reached for the sun tan lotion. I'd try to make an estimate of how long it drooped down but I really wasn't that near. Must be, over seven, no, maybe even eight inches and thick, a heavy sausage.

I looked for a minute, after all, I am a female and he's got a huge one between his legs, so he takes some lotion, drops over on his back and wraps his hand around it and begins masturbating in the warm, afternoon sun.

Now, of course, I was frozen where I was standing. He had no idea I was home and I was mesmerized watching his cock grow in his hand as he stroked himself. If you want to know if I had a hand in my panties while I watched, no, I had them both crammed in as I crouched down some to get as many fingers in as possible.

I stayed there until long arcs of cum came flying up from his cock which, oh, was easily the largest ejaculation I'd ever seen, by some margin. I went back out to the car and drove a few blocks away to a little spot where I used to park with boyfriends in high school and got in the passenger seat with my panties off and feet up on the dashboard and really did a good one.

This time, coming back home, I made sure I made plenty of noise, even honking as I pulled in the driveway.

By the time I got my overnight bag out of the car and into the house, my brother was inside in his swim trunks and gave me a hug. All I could think about was that huge cock just within such easy reach.

I went up to put my things away and got off a second time. Since then, I've never really been without the mental image of my naked brother, laying on his side with his huge, pendulous cock touching the blanket or the fountains of cum shooting skyward and raining back down as he pleasured himself.

I went back to school and then heard from Mom and Dad that my brother was accepted to the university I was attending and that they wanted him to come for a weekend to look it over and for me to show him around. He's planning on an Engineering major, so it made sense to try to see how that department fared.

So, I set up for him to crash with a guy friend and told them that everything was set.

I also told some of my friends, two of them to be exact, Laura and Sarah, and slipped in about the peek I had at my little brother's big cock.

"Omigod, girl, he's how big?" Sarah asked in amazement. I held my hands about a foot apart and she added, "You've got to be kidding."

"No, I saw it soft, too, and it was like this," holding my hands about eight or so inches apart.

"Why should he go to college, he could be a male dancer with one that big," Laura said laughing.

"You may have something there, Laura, he could do pretty good I bet."

"Hey, Michelle, how about having him do a private show for some of us, some of your friends?" Sarah asked me.

"Wouldn't that be something?" I kidded.

"Why not? Think he'd do it? How old is he?" Laura asked.

"Eighteen, old enough but, geez, guys, he's my little brother."

"Not so little. I wanna see it," Sarah said.

"What if you got a bunch of us together and told him you'd seen him and you wanted to have him dance for us? I'll bet we could make it worth his while. I know I would," Laura giggled.

I did have the image of my brother, handsome and buff as he is, swinging his big cock around in a circle as he swirled his hips for all my girlfriends. Oh, I could just imagine how he might be rewarded for his efforts.

"Come on, we could all get together on the Saturday night he's here, you can tell him you saw his equipment and that we all wanna see. And, well, maybe more. How could he object, right?" Sarah urged.

"Yeah, I guarantee we'd all make him a happy boy for it," Laura added. "How could he not love that?"

Good question. I was sure my brother was sexually active. In fact, I was pretty sure of that when he was fourteen. He's a cute guy and, well, now I've seen one of his hidden assets and, well, frankly, he's got a cock to die for.

I told them I'd have a hen party for them and try to talk my brother into being the entertainment, a big cock for all those hens. They both agreed to try their own persuasiveness if mine wasn't enough.

So, it was set. Several of my friends lived together in a rented a house so that was where the party was to take place. Little did Ryan know what awaited him on Saturday.

There were ten of my friends we invited to the party.

Laura, a journalism major, was tall and willowy like a fashion model with small, pointed breasts that she never kept under a bra. Her nipples were always on display and she was an ash blond with green eyes.

Sarah, a bright redhead, was short, almost tiny, right at five feet. Freckled from head to toe, she was curvy and had boobs that were her greatest asset, they were at the upper range of C-cup. She knew they stood out on her petite body and always dressed to show them to best advantage.

Kim was majoring in Finance. She was Australian and was very tanned, a blond with blond eyebrows, she was tall and statuesque, quite stunning, a sure bet for a Playboy model shoot.

Deborah, a Biology major, was, well, let's be honest. She was a sex-fiend. I know that she loved multiple guys, girls, whatever. She'd told me of sex sessions she had in high school, even middle school, that were incredible. And she has quite a few in video form that she loved showing. Quite a girl. Any way, she's about five-four, perky blond, full of fun, with luscious round globes of breasts that she loves to show whenever and wherever she can. She loves to come on to whoever she's with, male or female.

Jessica is a Music major but is really kind of crazy. She plays the violin and, I've heard her, she's really good. A brunette, she's about five-five or so, with curly hair and a smile that's always there. She's happy and funny and nice to be around. I'm pretty sure she's bisexual because she and Deb have pretty openly been together, it's no secret though they both have sex with guys as well.

Shirley is a Texas girl with the slow drawl of the Southwest. She's not quite six feet and is beautifully-proportioned. Hardly small, she is really put-together, just think 'Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader' and you've got her.

Cynthia is Canadian, from near Montreal and a very sexy girl, very French. She was dark-haired down to her waist with a waif-like figure. Her boobs are just A-cup but I've seen Cynthia naked (I may tell that story sometime, it will surprise you) but, naked, she is very sexy-looking. Not in a porn-star way but she's very hot, indeed.

Angela is a girl I went to high school with so she might remember my brother, though she's due to see a new side of him on Saturday. Angela's also majoring in Business and she's blond, very curly blond and while she looks a bit ditzy, she's an Honors student and very pretty.

Melissa is an Art major, I think, Renaissance Art but I'm not sure. An ash blond, she's also slender and pretty, could easily be a fashion model if she was taller. She's five-one.

And, finally, we come to Brenda. Brenda is from New York. Now, New Yorkers can sometimes be thought of as sometimes abrupt and edgy, Brenda is just the opposite: warm, friendly, affectionate. She's a Marketing major and has medium-length dark black hair and a curvy figure. I know she's popular with the guys and usually has several she's dating.

So, that's the group I've invited. I just hope I don't cause my brother to expire of sexual overdosing. Well, he'd go happy, any way.

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