Heidi and Her Grandfather
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lolita, Reluctant, Coercion, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Daughter, Grand Parent, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Heidi loses her parents in an unfortunate accident. She is sent to live with her grandfather, a recluse on the mountain. She meets up with a very horny man on a train and then gets sprinkle with cum on a coach. Her grandfather is a lot younger and more handsome than she imagined and the very first night in his cottage, he bathes her just like he used to do her mother each and every night. She wonders if the tall and muscular man has anything else in store for her.

The accident that took the life of Heidi's loving parents was totally unexpected. The fast train was supposed to very safe and the ultimate technology ever seen in the small Alpine country. Heidi was stunned when they pulled her out of class to relay the news of her new status as "orphan".

The funeral was quick and the estate was settled in a matter of days. Whatever money would be generated by the sale of her family's assets was slated to go into a trust fund not to be distributed to her until her 21st birthday. Having just passed 18, it would be 3 years before she would receive any monetary compensation from the fund. The schoolmaster told her she would be leaving on Monday morning for the Alps and was to live with her hermitlike guardian Gunther Anderson. The will acknowledged the fact that the guardian was not Heidi's blood relation but merely a mentor and guardian of her mother in her younger years. The old man was long estranged from his darling ward that pleased him in her role as a dutiful daughter. He had never forgiven her for running away with the city boy who loved to ski on the beautiful ski slopes of his small village.

Heidi was not what most would describe as a pretty girl.

She was fair skinned and tall for a girl. She walked with a sort of ambling gait because of her long gangly legs. It was not unattractive, just odd in a way that defied description. Her breasts were just budding, really only distinctive protruding nipples and a slight curve to her breast to signal they were on their way. It was when you saw her beautiful heart-shaped buttocks that you realized this was a rather stunning piece of feminine flesh hidden under layers of warm winter clothing.

The train ride to her guardian's village was sheer torture for Heidi. It was not one of the fast trains but she was still wary of the shaking and weaving of the cars as they went around curves or under a mountain.

She was in a compartment with a very old woman, who shut her eyes and started sleeping as soon as the conductor shouted,

"All aboard!"

The only other passenger in her compartment was a well-dressed gentleman reading a newspaper published in the Capital city. She saw him gazing at her from time to time over the tops of his strange little glasses.

"Where are you going, Girl?"

Heidi was not certain if she was to respond or not because of strict orders to not speak to strangers. She thought about it and concluded it would be much to rude to not reply so she answered,

"I am bound for my "grandfather's" village. It is on the other side of the mountain. His name is Gunther Anderson. Do you know him?"

The very well-dressed man moved closer to her and showed her an article in the newspaper.

"It says here that young people are having sex earlier these days. Some girls starting quite young and having babies and the like. How old are you, young lady?"

Heidi giggled at the man's directness in talking about the forbidden "sex" subject.

"My name is Heidi and I am 18 and a half, sir."

"Well, you certainly seem to fit into this description, it seems to me. What have you to say? Have you been having sex with any boys lately?"

Heidi laughed heartily and blushed as red as a hillside berry.

"Sir, you shouldn't be asking questions like that to strange young girls on a train. What would your wife think?"

The old man laughed and replied,

"Touché, my dear. I stand corrected. Now answer my question."

Heidi diplomatically responded that she had never had any sexual relations of any kind, thank you, and that she was brought up to be a proper girl.

"That is admirable, my dear Heidi, but you must be prepared for men who are not gentlemen. Tell me what would you do if a nasty man were to do this?"

The older man reached his hand under Heidi's dress and put his fingers right on her private slit meant only for husbands and possibly, fiancées, under certain circumstances. She looked up into his eyes and saw a twinkle that revealed how much he was enjoying her discomfort.

"Sir, you are touching me in a most inappropriate manner. I would advise you of that fact and ask that you remove your hand forthwith or I shall be forced to slap your face."

Instead of removing his hand the older gentleman began to move his fingers up and down Heidi's tight lips bringing her wetness to the fabric of her thin panties. She feared that her naughty thoughts were revealed to this very impertinent gentleman and that he would think her a slut of the worst degree.

"Sir, I cannot help my physical responses to your advances because I am an inexperienced maid. I ask that you take your pleasure of me and leave me to my solitude when you are finished."

The man tried to hide his joy at her surrender but Heidi could see the evidence of his excitement as his long shaft attempted to escape from the confinement of his trousers. The sly fellow spread a blanket from the rack over their laps and proceeded to finger fuck Heidi driving her into a frenzy of repeated orgasms. He even went so far as to explore her little brown hole with his middle finger pushing it up inside. She looked into his eyes as he became most familiar with her interior rectal geography.

Heidi knew she was panting with the liberties taken by the man but she knew she would never see him again and delighted in her wicked naughtiness.

"Sir, I must ask you to desist now as we draw near to my destination."

The man calmed down and gave Heidi a small card with his name and address in the Capital city.

"You can visit me anytime, little dumpling. I have no wife and my daughter has abandoned me for greener pastures."

Heidi saw him licking her juices from his fingers and she carefully placed the card in her small purse for any future emergency.

She saw from the card, he was Claude Lumet and that his business was "Restorations" whatever that signified. The amorous little man waved to her from the window of the rapidly departing train. Heidi was alone on the railway platform with the exception of a sleeping dog and a drunken man reclining on a bench.

The buggy that arrived to take her from the railroad station to the base of her grandfather's mountain was tiny and already had 4 persons occupying the seats. The driver put her bag on top of the cabin and boosted her inside with a well-placed hand on her rump. There were 1 man and 3 women inside the carriage. The man spread his legs and pulled her down onto his lap with a little thump. She was forced to let out a little giggle much to the displeasure of the 3 female passengers.

The gentleman on whose lap she was riding introduced himself as "Guy Paradis, seller of superior corsets and feminine toiletries" Heidi was certainly not wearing any corset and she started to feel the growing member of her seated mount begin to poke her ass crack with some determination. She hoped the gentleman would not entertain any thought about her recent wickedness should he suspect the wetness she still held between her legs.

As the small carriage bounced and tossed on the rocky road to the base of the mountain, Heidi felt Guy's huge member wedge deeper into her fundament. Soon, it would be nothing short of complete impalement even with the restriction of clothing. She saw the older woman sitting directly across from her staring at her with some degree of amusement on her face. Heidi smiled back because her situation was really ridiculous and getting worse with each jounce and tumble. She felt the wetness between her legs increase and worried she had loosed a flood onto the gentleman's lap. When she saw the look of sheer contentment on Guy's face she realized that he had loosed his pent-up seed into the folds of her dress instead. The sheer force of the raging seeds carried them through the clothing and onto her white linen panties underneath.

Guy looked at her apologetically and the lady across the aisle seemed well aware of the situation. She offered Heidi her handkerchief. Heidi accepted it gratefully and tried to wipe the white stuff off of her dress without revealing her predicament to the other passengers.

"Sometimes, my brother can be so gross. What might your name be, little Miss?"

Heidi smiled at the nice lady.

"My name is Heidi Jorganson. I am going to visit my mother's guardian on the mountain. He is Gunther Anderson. Do you know him?"

She heard Guy snort derisively behind her back. His cock had shrunk down now and she was riding more comfortably.

"Yes, dear, we do know him. At least, we know of him. He is a bit of a recluse and a curmudgeon as well. I certainly do not envy you your visit. He never goes to church and has the most terrible pair of dogs you ever did see."

The carriage came to a halt.

"All out. This is the final stop. Everyone walks from here, folks."

A small boy waited for her outside the carriage.

"I am Jacob. I will take you to your "grandfather"."

Heidi waved goodbye to her new-found friends and followed the small boy up the narrow path to her guardian's house. She had to carry her own bag because the boy was obviously too young to handle it by himself. When they came to a small rise on the trail, the boy pointed to a small cottage with smoke coming out of a chimney straight ahead.

"That's the house, miss. Good luck to you. I have to get home."

As Heidi approached the house, two large black dogs ran at her from hidden positions behind the house. They skidded to a halt in front of her and growled when she went to take another step.

A man came out of the front door. He was a tall man with a heavy beard. He looked lean and well-muscled, not what one would expect from a "grandfather" at all. He sported a deep suntan from many days of climbing the mountain and his voice was strong and powerful as he called the dogs back from the trail.

Heidi was so happy to finally see someone who was close to her mother that she ran to the old man and wrapped her arms around him.

"Dear Sir, I am so happy to be here. Thank you for taking me in. I promise to be no trouble for you."

Gunther looked down at his ward's daughter. She was 36 years younger than he but he did not consider himself an "old man" quite yet. It was nice to have a female so young near to him again. He had a very close relationship with her mother before she left with the city boy 18 years ago. This girl looked very much like her mother and she even had her mother's lean tallness and pleasant smile.

He wondered if she had given up her virginity as yet. Well, if she had already done so; it was too late to do anything about it now. He would get to know all those things later. Right now, it was time for Heidi to have a nice bath and relax from her long journey.

Gunther brought several buckets of water in to be heated next to the fire. Soon, the tub was filled and Gunther told Heidi to get into the tub. She hesitated because it seemed a little odd that he would be watching her even if he so old and her mother's guardian.

"It's quite all right, Heidi. I washed your mother twice a week for 18 years. She always knew my hands were there to take care of her. Strip off and forget this nonsense."

Heidi giggled and took off all her clothes. Before she got into the tub, Gunther washed her entire body with a small wash cloth soaked in goat's milk soap. She was a little ticklish up between her legs and on her tiny nipples but Heidi loved the touch of her grandfather's hands cleaning her all over. She felt as safe and secure as when she was home with her mother and father.

When she was finished bathing, Gunther dried her off the same way and she put on a set of clean pajamas for bed. It had been a long day and Heidi was very, very tired.

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