Chapter 1

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I lived and went to college in the same town I grew up in. All my friends (minus the few that moved away or had died for some reason) lived nearby. My father owned and operated the local building supply center and hardware store. He had wanted me to get my degree and come back to help him, eventually to take over the store. When I was young he had forced me to work in the store. I spent many evenings and weekends there before I got out of high school and during college. I enjoyed talking to the contractors that purchased their material from Dad. When I made deliveries I watched how they built things and asked questions of them. I can't say I hated the job in Dad's store but I didn't like it. The best part of the work was going on deliveries to help unload and later making the deliveries by myself. I really did not want to take over the store.

When I was not working in the store I did like many boys in town and mowed yards for pocket money. One day I was working for a widow and watching her try to repair a storage building in her yard. She was having a lot of trouble, partly because she did not have the proper tools for the job, partly because she was not strong enough to do the heavy work and partly because she just plain did not know how to proceed. Finally when I finished the yard I offered to help her. At first she was hesitant because I was just a fifteen-year-old boy.

To this day I do not know where I got the courage to push her to hire me but I did. I told her it was obvious she was not able to do the work and I thought I was. I told her some of the things I saw her doing that were wrong and pointed out that she just was not strong enough or tall enough to do the job. I told her I would do it for $50.00 if she bought the materials. I told her if she did not like the work after I was finished she did not have to pay me. Finally she agreed to let me do the work.

I did the job to her satisfaction and she paid me. She actually did something more valuable for me than give me the money though. She began telling her older single friends about my work and how good a job I did for her both on the repair and in mowing her yard. I began getting calls from other women wanting me to repair things for them. I was always careful to do the work correctly. If I did not know how to do something I would ask one of my contractor friends. I always charged less than a real, licensed contractor would charge. After I had worked for several older women I began to get calls from men and families. By the time I was in college I had a small handyman business and had many of the necessary licenses to do the work. I also still had my lawn care business. I had to hire my friends to help from time to time to keep up—especially in the summer. I was making enough money in the evenings, weekends and summer to pay for my college, a newer truck and my dates I was also able to enjoy my youth although I have to admit I did work long hours and my dates always started later than most boys dates did.

After I graduated high school I got tired of living with my parents and rented an apartment. I lived in the apartment during my first year of college. I did not enjoy apartment living so began looking for a house to rent after the years lease ran out. One of my friends from high school had just divorced one of my best buddies, Joe. She had caught him cheating with one of our classmates and filed for the divorce. Glenda worked as a real estate agent and struggled to make ends meet. We were talking one evening, commiserating about her failed marriage at our favorite hang out. We both lived in apartments and neither one of us liked it. I told her I was thinking about renting a house. I asked her if she had any reasonably priced rental properties she could show me. She asked how much I could pay. When I told her she looked shocked and said, "Hell Stan with a thirty year loan you could buy a pretty nice house for that much a month. Why don't you buy a house instead of rent? That way you could build equity instead of pouring your money down a deep empty rat hole as rent."

I told her I had never considered that. I said I didn't have too much for a down payment. "Well, let me do some checking and I'll get back to you," she said.

When I left the hangout I managed to get an older friend to buy me some beer. By the time the evening was over I forgot about our conversation but she sure didn't. I guess the thought of a nice commission does that to you though. The next Monday evening Glenda called me and asked to meet her at the bar again (in our town we had several bars that served burgers and sodas in a small room where under age people could eat). When I walked in she had some papers in front of her and she seemed excited. Almost before I got seated she began talking, "Stan I found several places that I think you can afford but most of them aren't in very good locations. I did find one place for sale that I think you might like. Do you remember the old Harris place on the edge of town?"

I nodded yes and she continued, "Well you know when they got older they built a nice new three car garage and put a 'mother in law' apartment over it. I think they were planning to use it for a live in caregiver if the need arose. The new garage was several feet from the house. Two years ago you remember the house caught fire?"

I shook my head yes again and she said, "Well they decided not to rebuild and moved into a retirement community here in town. The garage was not damaged too badly during the fire. I was talking to Etta the other day and she said they were tired of paying the taxes on the place and doing what little upkeep they did. She said they wanted to sell the place and I listed it. It is twenty acres and they are asking $110000.00 for it. You would have to do a little work on the garage and apartment but it would be great for you. The best thing is all the utilities are already in. There are several newer houses going up in the area so I really expect a contractor to try and buy it soon and subdivide it. It isn't in the multi list book yet so it hasn't shown but a time or two. They would only need about $20000 down ... Stan; a twenty year payment would be about half the rent you now pay monthly so if you could make the down payment I really think this would be a good deal for you."

I thought about it for a while. I didn't have that much money but from what I remembered of the place I really wanted it badly. I told her I wanted to look at it the next evening. Later that evening I went to Dad and asked if he would loan me the down payment. I have to admit he was not real anxious to do so but I reminded him the monthly payments on the land would be half the rent I now paid so I could pay him some back each month after I got the apartment repaired and livable. We finally agreed he would loan me the down payment if I wanted to buy the place after I saw it.

That next evening I went to the place and fell in love with it all over again. Even with the burned out shell of the house there it was even prettier than I remembered. The fire didn't even kill all the trees and shrubs in the yard. I could look down the hill to a small stream meandering through the property. I told Glenda to write up an offer of $90000.

Tuesday evening after classes I got a call from Glenda. She sounded excited and said, "Stan I can't believe it. When I presented the offer to Etta and Homer they were going to reject it out of hand. I was getting ready to leave when she turned to Homer and asked him if he thought you were the nice young man that had cut their yard all those years. They asked me if you had a mowing service in school and when I told them you did they smiled and began telling me what a nice young man you were. Anyway, they won't take $90000 for the place but they did counter with $97500. Isn't that great?"

I didn't think for very long. I said, "Yeah, that's fine. Tell them I will pay that and I want possession at closing."

The bank required my father to cosign the loan but it went through and I got possession of the property in late April. I made the necessary repairs and moved into the apartment the first of June. The next few months I kept busy on my summer business of yard work and small building projects. By now I had ten employees, most of them seasonal.

I had a little time to date Patty and begin to clean up my property. After I got the trash from the burned house cleared away I had an engineer friend look at the foundation. He decided the foundation was sound since the sub flooring had not burned through (the fire had been in the attic and second floor primarily) so I could use it to rebuild. This would save several thousand dollars because I did not have to do as much dirt work and didn't need to pour a new cement foundation.

The house had been a smaller older structure of about 1000 square feet on the first floor. I rented a backhoe and extended a foundation toward the garage. Doing almost all the work myself, I began to use my spare time and spare cash to build myself a nice home. I connected the house to the garage with an enclosed cement floored, glassed in breezeway. I made arrangements to put a large hot tub on the cement pad in the breezeway. I put a wood stove in this area for heat and ducted it into the rest of the house as I built it.

The summer I got out of college I finished the house. It was 2450 square feet and I built it for comfort and convenience. I had stainless appliances, granite counter tops, oak trim, and brick exterior. In short, it wasn't a McMansion but it was a very upscale home. I had a beautiful covered patio facing south overlooking the small stream. I had finished it for about half the cost it would have sold for. Patty loved it. When we got married I almost got the impression Patty was marrying me for my house instead of myself. After what I saw last night I wonder...

By the time I got out of college I had graduated to building new structures. I built additions, repaired older homes and buildings and garages too but now a lot of my income came from new structures. I now had twenty employees. Patty began working for my father in his business when we became engaged. After she got her degree she became a full time person and assistant manager. He was grooming her for manager when he retired. I was an only child so the business would pass to us upon his death. I bought all my materials from Dad so we compounded the family profits from my construction business.

My wife Patty and I were childhood sweethearts and I thought like most married men that we would be together forever. Oh, sure we had the normal squabbles like any married couple but they were minor. When we were dating in high school and later in college we had broken up like most young couples do. We both dated others and were intimate with others during that time but we always came back together because we could not find anyone we loved more. I did have one girl that might have been the one but one of my friends had her tied up before we made that decision. Finally in our last year of college Patty and I became a solidly exclusive couple. That Christmas I asked her to marry me and she said yes. Patty set the wedding date in September after we graduated.

The wedding almost didn't happen even then because of Patty's insistence on a Pre Nuptial agreement. Now I wish we hadn't married. Oh, well, on with the sad story. Apparently Patty had inherited several hundred thousand dollars from her grandfather and she or maybe her father did not want me to get my hands on it. I told her I had no desire to spend her money and I resented the fact she thought I would marry her for it. In any event we were not speaking very kindly to each other the night she told me about the Pre Nuptial agreement. I suppose, now, that I was lucky that was an evening my parents were out for a drive and decided to stop off and see me.

When Patty heard them knocking on the door she was so angry she flounced out as I let them in. Before she went past them on the landing I heard her say, "You need to talk some sense into your son or this wedding may never occur."

Dad and Mom watched as she stormed to her car and drove off. I was still standing with the Pre Nup in my hands when they turned to me and asked what our argument was about. I told them and Mom said, "Oh, Stan, we thought it might be something important. Honey we know you aren't marrying her for her money so what's the big problem? Sign the darn thing and marry the girl if you love her."

Dad was sitting with a frown on his face and asked if he could see the agreement. He looked it over closely and said, "This seems pretty straight forward except she did not have the attorney exempt your place here or your potential inheritance from us from the community property. It seems fair that if she exempts her funds and anything she may inherit from her side of the family that the same should be exempt for you son. Why don't we take this to the business attorney and have him make suggestions?"

I reached for the agreement and read it through. Dad was right. It only addressed her money and her inheritances. I began to get angry again. I agreed with him and he said he would make an appointment for me. I had used his attorney for my few legal needs so I guess he was really my attorney also.

I got an appointment for the following Tuesday and the attorney agreed with Dad. He scanned the agreement into his computer and made the changes we discussed. When he finished revising the agreement it exempted my land and business and anything I might inherit just as it exempted the same thing for Patty. I went to her home the evening my attorney finished the changes to the agreement. I had already signed it.

When Patty and her father read the new agreement they both became angry. He looked at me and said, "Just what is the idea of changing the agreement we prepared young man? I thought you loved my daughter and now you are accusing her of wanting to take your house and business? You know when you marry that will become her home also. If, heaven forbid, you divorce don't you think she would deserve a place to live?"

I became angry with him and replied, "Yes sir. She would deserve a place to live but it seemed fair to my father and to me that if the possessions she had before we marry and her potential inheritance were to be protected in case of divorce the same should apply to me. You will note that any accumulation we have from earnings or investments during the marriage would be divided equally unless the marriage ends due to infidelity. In that case each of us would leave with what we brought into the marriage or inherited and the non-injured party would leave with 75% of the marital assets accumulated after the marriage. I feel that there should be some penalty built into the agreement as a compensation or punishment for any infidelity."

Patty and her father were way beyond upset. They were furious about the proposed agreement. Needless to say for the next few days' things were very tense between Patty and me. I asked several times why she was so upset about the agreement since she was the one that wanted a Pre Nuptial Agreement. Most of the time Patty said it was because I wanted to turn her out in the street if we divorced and she loved that house as much as I did. She didn't think it was fair for me to get to keep her home if we divorced. I was almost ready to ask for my ring back when she began to thaw. She signed the changed agreement but it took us several weeks to get back to where we were before she asked for a Pre Nuptial Agreement. We finally forgot our anger and forgave each other for the hurt feelings raised by the Pre Nuptial agreement. We married as planned and for the next two and a half years we did not look back and were never sorry. We never looked at another person as a lover—or at least I didn't. Now I know Patty did. I caught her yesterday.

The only problem I had with Patty working in the lumberyard was all the flirting she had to put up with. I admit I was a little jealous but I knew many of the men that purchased items from Dad. They were pussy hounds and Patty was a beautiful, fun loving woman. One of my friends—Joe—was already divorced because he couldn't keep his pecker in his pants. Many times I would go into the store and find him flirting with Patty. I won't say we argued over him or the flirting she did with other men but we did have some spirited discussions.

Patty maintained, and to a degree, I agreed with her, that she needed to flirt a little to keep the customer's happy. I told her I thought she just needed to treat them nice, friendly and be their friend, not a flirt. Of course she took exception to me calling her actions flirting and said that was just what she was doing.

My college degree was in construction management and Patty got one in business administration so our degrees supported our vocations very well. Shortly after I got out of college I decided we had enough money to build a home on speculation. Dad let me be an exception to his rule requiring all accounts to be paid at the end of the month. He said since I was family I could draw up to $100000 on account and pay when a house sold. He did keep a lien against the properties however in case something happened to me. All other customers were supposed to pay in full monthly.

I was good at my work and knew it. I was a general contractor but I used very few sub contractors. I had my own framing, dry wall, finishing, plumbing and wiring crews. I did hire the heating and air done. I even used my still operating yard care crews to landscape and put in yards on my projects (assuming of course, that the clients would hire us to do so).

In any event, I used the Speculation house to keep my crews busy during off periods. I did not want to lay my men off if I didn't have to so I tried to keep them busy. We finished the spec house and it sold before we had the yard in. I started another and it sold before it was finished and we finished it to the new owner's desires. Now I had enough money saved to do two spec homes at once. All at once the business was booming and I almost didn't have time to do the smaller jobs that had once been my bread and butter. Between Patty's salary and my profits we were in tall clover. We were rapidly becoming one of the highest income families in our small town of about 25000 souls.

All our success came at a price though. I would work eight to ten hour days with the crews and do paperwork before and after the day's construction. Evenings I would meet with customers and potential customers that worked to make bids and discuss progress on their projects. Patty took to working late in the office to do her books. We seemed to have less and less time together.

Many times I would go by the building center and see her car and two or three other's there. Sometimes I would go in and there would be Joe or one of our other classmates sitting talking to her. They all worked in the building trade so were supposedly getting prices from her but something just didn't feel right. Sometimes Patty would be flushed when I went into the office and many times they would be drinking beer. Of course I would have one with them and we would visit but things felt wrong to me. Finally I decided to disable the local buzzer on the building alarm. Normally when someone entered the building by any of the doors a buzzer went off. I disabled the one on the entrance from the warehouse.

Yesterday before I dropped by Dad's store I was a loving husband with a wife I would die for and two friends that I enjoyed greatly. I had a very successful construction business and a great future. I was looking forward to the time my wife and I would have a child. Today I am a bitter asshole bent on destroying my wife and friends. Oh, I don't plan to do anything to get myself put in jail but ... Hell, who knows? I might slip up and go berserk. I suppose you might want to know why I changed overnight? Well, I didn't really change overnight; rather I began worrying several months ago and changed in the blink of an eye. Listen to my tale of woe and follow along as I careen down the pathway of revenge.

Last night when I went past the store Joe's and George's trucks were both in the lot. I turned into the lot and went to the door with the disabled buzzer. I knew before I even got to Patty's office what I would find.

I could hear her moaning and screaming from halfway across the building. I took out my cell phone and set it to take pictures. The damn slut didn't even have her office door closed. She was bent over her desk and Joe had his pants down. He was standing behind her slamming his cock into her cunt. I watched and took pictures as he grabbed her hips tighter and slammed deeply into her. I saw his hips clench and his ball sack drew up against the base of his cock. I watched as his muscles clenched and released as he pumped his seed into my wife. Finally he pulled back from Patty. She continued to lie over her desk.

I watched Joe's sperm drain from her slightly open cunt and run down her thighs. George walked up beside Patty and helped her stand. He pulled her to him and gave her a deep French kiss then said, "Here Honey. Let's get you naked. I want to play with your tits while I fuck you."

I watched and took a picture while George helped Patty strip. I was going to get a picture of him fucking her then go in and wreak some bodily harm on my two ex friends. I backed from the doorway so they wouldn't see me until I was ready. I remembered Dad usually had a tape recorder in his office and went to see if it was there. I wanted to tape some of the conversation if I could. I found the tape recorder and brought it back. I sat it on the floor beside the door as I watched my wife service my two ex friends.

Patty was lying on her back across her desk. George was slamming his cock into her cunt as hard as he could. Patty was moaning around Joe's cock as she fellated him. Her gorgeous breasts were bouncing back and forth from the force of George's thrusts into her cunt. Each of his thrusts drove her onto Joe's cock. I continued to take occasional pictures until they all three had their next orgasm. From the way she acted Patty had the best one of her life. I know it was a larger one than any I had given her.

I was further infuriated by the conversation I taped. As she was sucking him I heard Joe say, "Damn Patty aren't you glad you let me fuck you again at the Christmas party two years ago? I told you it would be the best damn sex you ever had in your life didn't I? I was talking to Jared the other day and told him about the hot honey I was doing now and he wants to meet you. Are you sure you won't let him come in some evening also?"

Patty pushed him away and turned her head to him. "NO. I don't mind doing you two, hell I love doing you two but I don't want or need anyone else. I didn't like him when we were in school and I still don't. The one time he fucked me before Stan and I got married he was an asshole. He hurt me and didn't even make sure I enjoyed myself. I always enjoyed our time together before we got married and I still enjoy it. If you can keep your damn mouth shut we can keep this up for ever but you have to be careful. Stan is getting really pissed at the way you two are acting when he can see us. If you don't cool it I will have to cut you off."

I decided I had enough on tape and enough pictures. I had picked up a ball bat when I was in Dad's office when I was there. I was going to put the hurt on Joe and George. I picked it up and started into the room when I had a thought. George had always been really jealous. He was married to his high school sweetheart still. She and I had dated several times. In fact they did not become serious until after Patty and I became engaged. I had enjoyed fucking her so I thought I might just see if I could seduce her before I did a number on him. In fact, that would probably be a better payback than just knocking him around. He always cried in high school when she and he were on the outs and he hated it the few times I had dated her.

I quietly backed from the room and left the building. I did set the alarm and reattach the buzzer wires on the door as I left. I couldn't wait for the excitement when Patty and her two friends set off the burglar alarm when they walked across the show room floor to leave.

The alarm keypads were beside the doors and there were motion sensors in the main part of the building so before they could discover the alarms were set the alarms would go off. I knew she would be able to disable the alarm but the damage would be done. She would wonder how it got set and she would have to wait in the building for the police to come. I wondered how she would explain the alarm and if Joe and George would have enough sense to leave before the police got there.

Patty was very late getting home. She came into the house and walked up to me very nervously. I watched her face and she seemed scared. I smiled to myself and asked her, "What's the matter Honey? You seem nervous and you're a lot later than you usually are."

Patty licked her lips and sat on the edge of her chair facing me. She said, "I was working late. We couldn't get the books to balance and I didn't think I would ever find the problem. What were you doing tonight? I thought you might come by or at least call since I was so late."

"NO, I'm getting used to you being late and I didn't feel like coming by and drinking beer with you and your boyfriends."

Patty's face got white then she blushed. "Damn you Stan. I keep telling you nothing's going on. Joe and George weren't even there. Why can't you get it through your damn head that I have to visit with them to keep them happy?"

"Ok, Honey," I said. "I know you have to schmooze the customers. I just drove by about six thirty and thought I saw their trucks there."

"Well, they were there then. They came in just about closing time and I had to wait for them to pay for and load their order before I got to the books. They were gone shortly after closing. I just meant they weren't there the whole time I was. I'm tired. I'm going to take a nice hot bath and go to bed."

I smiled and said, "Great. I'll be there in a jiffy. I've been horny all day."

Patty looked worried again and said, "No, I'm sorry Honey. I'm really bushed. I don't feel like it tonight. Why don't we have a quickie in the morning before we go to work?"

I just smiled to myself. I thought it would be a cold day in hell before I went for sloppy seconds. I wondered how many times I had gotten them without knowing it. I made a mental note too that I needed to get tested for diseases also. I had just said that to jerk Patty's chain.

The next morning early I left before Patty woke up. As soon as my attorney's office opened I called for an appointment. He managed to fit me in at noon if I would take him out for lunch. I agreed and we grabbed a quick meal at a sandwich shop near his office. He wanted to talk about the problem there but I asked him if we could just eat in a hurry and go back to his office. He said, "Of course but what could be so secret we can't talk here. I do a lot of business over lunch."

I just told him it was sensitive to my business and I didn't want things to get out until I had all the I's dotted and the T's crossed.

When we got to his office I began explaining what the problem was. I told him I wanted a divorce immediately based on Patty's adultery and wanted the Pre Nuptial enforced to the letter. I showed him the pictures and let him listen to the tape. I also told him I would appreciate it if he only showed the pictures of Joe and Patty and didn't use the tape unless he had to."

"Why do you want to keep George out of it," he asked?

"Well, I'm not sure you will approve but after the divorce I have some plans for George. I don't want to tip him off and"

Laurence (the attorney) broke in on my conversation. "Whoa there Hoss. I hope you aren't planning anything violent. I have to report something like that as an officer of the court."

I laughed and said, "No, I'm not planning violence. I used to date George's wife Susan. She and he dated and broke up several times and twice I dated her during the break up. They almost always go to Murphy's Tavern on weekends. I think I am going to make some moves on Susan to piss George off. I want to give her the info I have on him cheating but I want to play with his mind first. She will get a heads up on this and I will get a little payback on good old George. He used to get so angry every time she dated someone else and I hear he gets jealous when she spends too much time dancing with other people. I just want to see if I can seduce her after my divorce is final and let him find out about it. I guess you could say I want to give him a dose of his own medicine. I also intend to try and seduce Joe's fiancé. There will be no violence unless one of those assholes starts it."

"Stan I don't like this. It could blow up in your face but you are right. There is nothing illegal about seducing a woman but you should know they could sue you for alienation of affection."

I laughed and said, "Let them bring it on. I will counter sue and I have pictures and a tape to use in that suit. Don't you think it would be almost a wash?"

Laurence leaned back in his chair and thought a moment. Finally he said, "Yes, the suits could possibly balance out if one is filed but you need to remember you might have larger assets than do they. Even if you both won the lawsuits in court you might come out worse off financially if there is a judgment against you. Besides, don't you think that is a disgusting thing to do to those ladies? I suppose they will be hurting enough just finding out about their men cheating on them. If you use them like that it will surely hurt them worse."

I have to admit, my heart was made of stone now. I said, "I don't care. They took that chance when they chose those cheating assholes."

Wednesday I received a phone call from Laurence. He told me the divorce was ready to file and he planned to serve Patty that afternoon. "Great," I said. "I'll get busy and change the locks on the doors this morning. I will pack as many of her clothes as I can and put them on the front porch. I am going to place pictures of her and Joe on every door so she can see them when she comes over."

Hooooo Boy! I don't know who was the angriest when the shit hit the fan at Dad's store. I got a phone call from three very angry people within minutes of Patty being served. She called and had a screaming fit then told me I would be sorry I was ever born. Dad called just after she stomped from the store. Her father called and blessed me out just after I hung up from talking to Dad.

While I was talking to Dad I said, "Dad I really need to thank you for talking me into that Pre Nuptial agreement. I filed for the divorce because I walked into the office Saturday night and found Patty having sex on her desk with Joe and George. I have pictures and a tape. Thanks to you I will get to keep my home and business as well as three fourths of our assets. I do think you should change your store locks and the computer passwords in case she decides to do something we wouldn't appreciate. I suggest you fire her but that is your decision. You need to decide if you can trust her after this."

"Damn Son. I ... I just can't believe that. Right here in the store? Yeah, I'll have the girls get right on the changes to the computer and so forth. We'll be over this evening to talk some more."

When Dad and Mom came to my home that evening they were devastated. Mother, especially had loved Patty. She was the daughter they never had. I convinced them that it would be best if they let Patty go. I said and I really believed that Patty might do something to damage the business if she remained in her position.

The next morning when Patty found out she not only lost her husband but she had lost her job she became really angry. The next Monday I received a counter suit for the divorce and Dad was served with a suit for wrongful dismissal. It looked like we were going to be giving Laurence a lot of money over this mess. We decided to have an outside accountant do an audit of the business also.

I was sitting in the bar Tuesday evening when Glenda walked in. Like most friends in our town, she didn't ask if she could join me, she just plopped down into the booth across from me. "What's this I hear about you and Patty," she asked.

I said, "Depends on what you heard but I suppose most of the rumors are true. I caught her and Joe screwing in her office after work the other day. I got pictures and filed for divorce."

"The way it is going around town is you got jealous about her having male friends and talking with them in the store so you filed for divorce. She is also saying you were vindictive and got your father to fire her so she couldn't even live."

I laughed and said, "Well, Dad did let her go but it was because she did what she did in the office and because he had our CPA come in and check the books. I can't say what they found but she had made some other mistakes also. Now can we just let it go?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry though. I know how you feel. That damn Joe did the same thing to me you know. Bastard never could keep his pecker in his pants except when he was at home."

I saw a small tear run down Glenda's cheek. I reached over and wiped it from her face then said, "Yeah. I think he screwed almost all the girls he ever dated and a lot of other men's wives. That was partly why I didn't want Patty to flirt with him or be alone with him. I really didn't think he would turn on a friend like that though."

Glenda and I downed a couple beers while we visited then I walked her out to her car. Just before she got into the vehicle she gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek. "It'll get better Stan. I promise."

Days seemed to drag on, work came and went. Some of my friends gathered around me to support me in my sorrow, some gathered around to support Patty and were no longer friends. Dad's trial for wrongful dismissal was to begin on a Monday. I was at home the Sunday before when I heard a voice calling to me from the side of the house. I have to admit I did not rise to greet my visitor. In fact, I fell on my ass trying to do so.

I had been communing with John Barleycorn all afternoon and I am afraid he tripped me up. Well, to be precise when I tried to get up from my Adirondack patio chair I got my foot caught and fell on my ass. There I was lying on the ground in a puddle of spilled Glen Morangie looking up the dress of one of my best supporters.

Glenda was standing looking down at me laughing. She squatted to help me up and I saw a sight I had not seen for months. I was looking at beautiful smooth feminine thighs coming together at a pantiless smooth shaven little cunny. I felt my cock surge to attention in a microsecond.

Unfortunately, Glenda saw where I was looking and said, "Damn it Stan. Get your eyes back where they belong." She twisted her knees away from me and reached her hand out. "Here, give me your hand and I'll help you up. Can you even stand by yourself?

I have to admit I giggled more than I laughed when I said, "Well, I thought I could but here I am lying at your feet when I tried to do it."

Before she could help me up Glenda broke out in a loud laugh at my comment. She did help me to stand and I was able to do so more or less by myself after we quit laughing. I invited her to sit in one of the chairs across from me and I more or less fell back into mine. Glenda was becoming almost a fixture around my house. Other than my mother she was almost my only feminine companion and I treasured her company. Unfortunately, today I really didn't want to see anyone and I am afraid it showed in our talk.

Finally Glenda looked at me and asked, "Stan did I do something to make you angry? I know it was mostly my fault you looked up my skirt when I came. I"

I felt my chest heave and my eyes began running. I hurt and could not talk. I scrunched up my face and just shook my head at Glenda. "No," I whispered. "You are almost the only one who even comes around any longer. Today I have been feeling sorry for myself. I have also been thinking about the court case tomorrow. A few months ago I thought I had it all, a loving wife, a great business, you know, the American Dream? Now all I have is a broken heart, busted marriage and I am facing court battles to keep my and my families material possessions."

"I am so angry with life and with what Patty did to me I have turned most of my friends against me. All I know is I want to hurt Patty, Joe and George and Patty's parents so badly they will be sorry they ever heard of me. That is almost all I think of any longer. I have plans and they are not very nice. I know when I follow through on them you will leave me too and damn it I don't want that but I can't help it. I want to HURT those bastards and I know when I do it will hurt me too."

Glenda rose from her chair and sat in my lap. She wrapped her arms around me and just held me. I felt her soft breasts pushing against my chest and I remembered she had no underwear on. I felt my cock surge to life again and I wiggled trying to shift it to a more comfortable position.

I felt Glenda shift her position and heard her gasp. I saw her look down even though she could not see the bulge in my lap. "Why Stan? Why do you think I will leave you if you take revenge on those assholes? Haven't we been friends all our lives? What are you planning to do that is so bad? I don't understand why you are angry with George though. OH! Stan please promise me you won't hurt them!"

"No, Glenda. Well, I guess that depends on how you define that. I don't intend to physically damage them unless they come after me first. I intend to do my best to drive Joe into bankruptcy and out of town. I intend to use all the money I can spare to take care of him and George for that matter. Unfortunately for our friendship I think what I intend to do besides that will run you off. You see Glenda I intend to steal their women just like they stole mine."

Glenda pushed herself back from me and looked me in the eyes. "What! Stan you're not going to ... What do you mean? And you still haven't told me why you want to hurt George also."

"Simple. I haven't told anyone but George was one of Patty's lovers so I owe him some pain. I'm going to move in on their women and bed them. I'm going to make them love me and take them from their men like they took Patty from me and I am going to make sure Joe and George find out about it."

"Stan you can't do that. What about the poor girls? That will hurt them too! Stan please don't do that. It would devastate those poor girls more than just knowing what a cheating bastard their man was. They would fall in love with you and then when they found out you were just playing them it would gut them! I can't believe you would even think about doing something like that. They're hurt enough just being with those cheating bastards."

Glenda pushed herself back from me and struggled to stand. When she got to her feet she looked down at me. "Stan, you're right. If you do something that despicable I'll ... Oh, I don't know what I'll do but..." Glenda turned and stomped out of my yard. I heard her car drive off shortly thereafter.

My divorce was proceeding rapidly. Since we had such a good Pre Nuptial agreement it was mostly a slam dunk. I only had to wait for the normally slow movement of the courts. The trial for wrongful dismissal however was another matter. We were all nervous when the trial started. Patty's attorney made my father and me look like ogres. He twisted our every sentence and tried to put words in our mouths. Finally things began to look up when our attorney began his questioning.

He brought out how much time Patty spent visiting and flirting with customers. He called witnesses both from within and without the company to verify the behavior. He brought out the fact she routinely drank beer at the store and while it was not illegal if done away from the business area he made it look like she was ignoring her duties to do so. Laurence called Dad's accountant and this was one witness that did enormous damage to Patty. The accountant said that Patty had authorized Joe and George to exceed their pre set spending limits and she had authorized them extra time to pay. In fact their accounts were three months past due and they were only making token payments.

Patty's attorney then asked about my large credit account and the fact I did not pay it off every month like the business required for other customers. My father said that was true but that he had made a special deal with me and took an ownership interest in my structures to protect the business in case I defaulted. He got the cost of the materials I purchased for the buildings plus a three per cent ownership for advancing me the materials. He pointed out that Patty had not only exceeded her authority in allowing Joe and George the higher credit but that she had not even tried to protect the business in case they defaulted.

Finally the hearing ended after two days of testimony. When the decision was handed down Patty and her Father were almost charged with contempt of court. They were very loudly complaining because the decision went against her. In fact, the judge said, "Ms. Tremain you should thank your lucky stars your father in law chose not to refer this to the authorities. I think he could make a case for criminal negligence, perhaps even theft against you and your two accomplices. I would suggest you remove yourself from this courtroom and I would further suggest you think about the kindness shown you by these people. If they had counter sued I strongly believe they could have won a substantial settlement from you."

Patty and her father were sputtering and her face was white as they were escorted from the courtroom. As I was leaving the courtroom Laurence stopped me and said, "Stan I have good news for you also. Just before the hearing began this morning I was informed the Judge signed off on your divorce. In thirty days your marriage will be over. Do you want me to mail the papers or will you pick them up?"

That evening my parents and I were sitting on their patio relaxing after the trial. We were both glad and sad. We were glad we all came through unscathed (except for the legal bills) and sad that my marriage and their relationship with Patty ended the way they did. We had done a BBQ and were now sitting with our liquid refreshments while we just chilled out. In truth we were all feeling the effects of the liquor.

I was just at the point of telling my parents how bitter I was. I said, "I still can't believe my friends would do something like that to me much less that Patty would. If it takes me the rest of my life I am going to make them pay for this."

My mother looked at me in shock and said, "Oh, Stan. Please don't do that. A man that lives with bitterness is a poor excuse of a man. Take the high road and live your life to the fullest. In the long run that will make your life more fulfilling and could even make those three sorry for what they did."

We heard the tap, tap, tap of small footsteps on the sidewalk just before we heard a female voice say, "Thank you Mrs. Tremain. That is just what I have been trying to get him to do. If anyone can feel the pain he does it is I and I think I have risen above it. At first I was just like Stan. I wanted nothing more than to eviscerate Joe. Bit by bit as time went past I began to let my anger and my desire for revenge slip away. One day I realized I not only didn't care any longer but I realized in almost every way I was better off without the cheating bastard."

Glenda came fully onto the patio and looked directly at me. She continued, "Stan I know how empty you feel now. I know the feelings that are still burning through your consciousness but believe me, dwelling on them just make them worse. Please, please let the anger go and get on with your life. Just next time be more careful; be more sure of the friends you choose and the woman you take into your heart. If you were to be honest and admitting hindsight is 20/20 I bet you can see the seeds of this heartbreak existed before you married Patty. I know I could and still can see that in Joe. He always had an eye for the ladies and always chatted them up. He was always more attentive to them when we were out than he was to me but I thought I was in love with him. I know you have said Patty was a lot like that. She always flirted with other men and reveled in their attention. Look into your heart and use this knowledge to better yourself. Don't lower yourself to their level and hurt someone. In the long term it won't make you feel any better."

I looked up at Glenda. She was standing looking at me and I would swear there were tears in her eyes. The sun was behind her and her thin sundress didn't hide much. I could see the outline of her very womanly, very desirable body and felt myself respond. With superhuman effort I wrenched my gaze from her. I felt a flash of disgust with myself. Here I was, not completely divorced and I was drooling over a friend.

Glenda went on with her conversation. She said, "I'm sorry for just dropping by but I was on my way down to the tavern and wanted to congratulate you on your success today. I have to admit the phone wires have been buzzing this afternoon as people pass on your success in the lawsuit." Glenda looked at all of us and smiled gently then continued, "I'll go now but ... well, be careful and don't ... Oh, hell, I've heard already that Patty has some friends that are talking trash about you and they have made some threats. I just wanted you to be careful and watch out. If you have too much more to drink ... Oh, hell, I'm sorry. I'll just go. Goodnight."

Glenda turned and rushed from the patio toward her car. We all just sat there and looked at each other. To say we were shocked was an understatement. Mother summed it up best when she said, "Oh, I just can't believe that. How could anyone ... WHY would anyone be that upset at us?"

We continued talking for a short time about nothing of any consequence. I decided I was sober enough to return to my own home. I was getting ready to leave when the phone rang. Mother went in to answer it. I could hear her say, "OH, no! When? Ok, he'll be there as soon as he can get there."

She came out of the house crying and ran up to Dad. She said, "Cedric that was the police. The silent alarms have gone off in the store and they want you to come down and turn them off and see if anything is missing. They say the first car on the scene has said most of the windows have been broken out. Oh, Cedric how could someone do something like this to us?"

Dad and I went to the store. When we got there we found two patrol cars waiting on us. We went inside and turned off the alarm. We walked around and did not find anything obviously missing but told the officers we would have to take an inventory to be sure. There was some damage to some of the items inside from where the rocks had hit. We called Mom and had her bring down some sleeping bags so we could spend the night. The next morning early we called the insurance company and then made arrangements to have the glass replaced.

I went home later that evening and found some of my windows also broken out. I called the police and reported the vandalism. Of course they asked their questions and when asked if I knew of anyone who might do something like this I said, "I ... a few months ago I would have said no but now, especially after what I was told yesterday afternoon late and what happened last night I have to say I might. I just received a divorce because I caught my wife cheating with two of my friends. She used to be assistant manager at my parents store. When I filed the divorce Dad let her go. He had the books checked and found many improprieties. She filed a wrongful dismissal lawsuit against him and he received a judgment in his favor yesterday. A friend told my parents and me that my ex wife and two ex friends had been making threatening comments. Now I wonder if either of them or her or her family could be involved in this. I know her father was extremely angry over the whole thing and cursed me several times." Of course we had said something similar when the police took the report at the store. Now I was somewhat more sure we were on the right track.

After the vandalism things got back to normal, or at least as normal as they could be considering the hole that had been torn in our lives when Patty was forced out of them. My parents tried to get back to the way things were and I struggled. Some days I would do OK but usually when I got home I would remember Patty and the evenings would be crap. If I was working I could function fine but the alone times were bad because it had been several years since I had been truly alone all night.

I began going out most evenings for supper. I usually had supper in one of the sports bars or local hang outs so I began drinking more than I had before. Of course this just tended to make me lonelier and angrier with Patty and her lovers. I would see some of my crew or some of the friends I still had from time to time. They would try to cheer me up and slow down my drinking but I didn't let them. Occasionally I would see Glenda and she would try to get me to let it go.

One Thursday evening I was out and saw a group of women sitting around a table drinking and having a good time. One of the women caught my eye. It was Susan, George's wife! Now, as far as I knew no one knew George had been one of Patty's lovers. I remembered my promise to make him pay and walked up to the table they were at. I bent down and said, "Hi Susan. It's been ages since I saw you. Would you dance with me?"

Susan looked up at me with a frown on her face then she smiled. "Sure Stan," she said.

I smiled and took her hand to help her from the chair. I wrapped my arm around her waist as we walked to the dance floor. We had only danced a few seconds when the song ended. She started to head for the table but I held her. I said, "Oh, come on Sue. You promised me a dance and we hadn't even gotten going yet when the song ended. Surely you can give me a whole song to dance to?"

Susan relaxed and smiled. She flowed back into my arms when the next song started and we began swaying to the music. She sighed and said, "You always were a good dancer. I wish George would take me dancing more. I always loved to dance when we were dating." She laid her cheek on my chest and we swayed to the music until the song ended.

She started to the table before the next song started but I held her hand. When she turned to look at me I gave her a puppy dog look and said, "One more please? For old times sake?"

Susan looked toward her friends then smiled a nervous smile and moved back into my arms. As we danced I said, "I don't mean to make you nervous. Since my ... well since Patty left I've been so lonesome and it feels good to at least be able to dance with someone again. Sometimes I don't know how I'm going to make it."

Sue turned her head up to me and said, "Well Stan, you brought it on yourself. If you weren't so jealous you wouldn't have lost"

I jerked my head back and glared at her. Before she could react I hissed, "Jealous? I guess in a sense I was but I'll be damn if I let my wife fuck my friends and not do something about it. You're right, I kicked her out and I'd do it again but I still miss her. I"

It was Susan's turn to break in. She said, "What do you mean? I heard you were upset with Patty flirting and finally just kicked her out of the house then filed for divorce."

I stopped dancing and just held Susan as I explained what I had seen the night I caught Patty. I did leave George out of it this time because I still wanted to make him feel the pain of seeing his wife with someone else. When I finished talking Susan looked at me and said, "Stan I just can't believe that. I know Joe is a horn dog but even he would not do that to a friend. I've known Patty all my life and she's just not that way. Are you sure you actually saw that?"

Now I was pissed. I said, "Yeah, I know what I saw. If you don't believe me come out to my house and I'll show you the pictures."

I turned and started to walk away when Susan grabbed my arm. "Stan, I'm sorry but ... well, George said you, that you were just on a real tear. I"

All at once I remembered I still had the pictures on my phone. I really wasn't thinking when I pulled it out and said, "Here. Look at these pictures and tell me Patty or my friends wouldn't do something like that!"

I handed the phone to Susan and stood as she scrolled through the pictures. I heard her gasp when she saw the first one of Joe and Patty. I had forgotten about George. I remembered his picture was on the phone when I heard Susan cry out and I saw her stop scrolling through the pictures. She was staring at a picture, and then tears began rolling down her cheeks. I saw her move to the next picture and she began bawling. She dropped the phone and ran toward her friends. Now I felt like an asshole.

I ran after Susan and was intercepted by two of her friends. One of them said, "What did you do to her? I thought you were a friend. Why is she crying?"

I pushed through the two of them and knelt by Susan's side. I took her hand and said, "Susan, I'm sorry. When you didn't believe me I got angry and decided to prove I wasn't lying. I forgot I had the pictures of George on the phone. I"

One of her friends grabbed my phone from the floor and as she started looking at the pictures said, "What pictures OH MY GOD. THAT SON OF A BITCH!"

All the girls except for the one trying to calm Susan down gathered around my phone to look at the pictures. They were all muttering and I could tell they weren't sure whether to be more angry with me or George. Finally Susan looked up at me and said, "Just get out of here Stan. Please just leave me alone."

I stood and took my phone from the girls. I slowly walked away and drove back to my home. I felt like crap. I really did like Susan and now I was party to her unhappiness. I wondered how I could have ever thought what I had planned to do to her was OK. I was sick at the hurt I had caused her just by letting her see the pictures. How much worse would it have been if I had taken her to bed and then sent the pictures to George before I let her see them?

I was sitting on my patio communing with John Barleycorn when I heard a car drive into my driveway. I didn't move even when I heard the car door slam and the pounding on my front door. I took another drink and sat staring across my little slice of heaven. I could make out the shadows of the trees in the moonlight.

Finally I heard the tap, tap, tap of small feet coming around the house and a voice yelling, "Stan where the hell are you? I know you're home I can see your truck in the garage. Stan I'm not leaving until you talk to me. Now open up." As she was saying that the woman walked up to my back door and began banging on it.

Finally I had enough and said, "OK, just stop banging on my house. I'm over here. What the hell do you want?"

I turned and saw Glenda as she stomped up beside my chair. "Damn you Stan. I just came from the bar and grill. Did you really have to hurt Susan like that? You just couldn't leave it alone could you? I ought to beat the tar out of you."

I sat and stared up at Glenda then grabbed her arm as she slammed it down trying to strike me. As I was wrestling with her trying to keep her from hitting me she lost her balance and fell into my lap. I quickly wrapped my arms around her and held on as I said, "Glenda stop it. If you don't stop I'm afraid one of us will get hurt. Look, I'm sorry I upset Susan tonight. It wasn't intentional. I had been thinking about what you said and all I was doing was dancing with her. She began getting on my case because of the way I treated poor Patty and I lost it. She told me I got what I deserved for being so jealous. Without thinking I told her I had pictures of Joe and Patty on my phone. I forgot there were also pictures of George there and when I handed it to her for her to look at she saw them. Of course that hurt her and she began crying. She and her friends told me to get the hell out and I did."

"Everyone I had talked to about my planned revenge had advised me against getting it by taking the women. I had already decided not to do that. I know I hurt her but I just didn't think and I didn't do it on purpose. At the same time though, don't you think she deserved to know what an asshole, what a cheating bastard George is? Of course if she had any sense she would have realized that by now. She caught him cheating on her enough while we were in school she should have known he was a cheater. Once a cheater, always a cheater ya know."

Glenda was still struggling but she had calmed down considerably. Finally I felt her relax even more and she demanded I let her go. I carefully relaxed my arms and she moved from my lap and over to one of my chairs where she once again sat down. I could tell she was looking at me.

I heard a sigh and then she said, "Stan I don't know what to believe. When I got to the bar Susan and her friends were already gone but everyone I talked to told me what a butthead you had been to her. They said you were dancing and then she broke away from you and ran back to her chair crying. I just thought ... Are you sure you didn't do anything to her?"

I reached into my pocket and threw her my phone. "Here," I said. "Call her yourself and ask her what I did. All I did was forget the damn pictures on my phone and she saw them. I didn't"

Glenda and I heard a roar, then screeching tires. Almost immediately after that we heard the crash of metal on metal. We next heard a car door open then slam closed. We heard running footsteps and a male voice yelling, "Stan you son of a bitch. Get your damn ass out here. I'm going to kill you, you son of a bitch."

We heard a splintering crash then footsteps slamming through my house. Lights began to come on as the intruder went from room to room. I could see George taking swipes at some of my belongings as he went through my house room to room. Finally he came back to the kitchen and saw Glenda and me on the patio. He didn't even open the sliding screen door, he just ran through it and toward me. I had stepped away from the chair I was sitting in to meet him. I jumped back just in time as I saw the tire iron he swung at me.

"You mother fucker," he screamed. "You didn't have to show Susan those damn pictures. It's not my fault you couldn't rein in your slut. But NOOOO. You've always tried to get Susan away from me. Even in High School you did all you could to steal her. Now you've ruined my marriage and this time you're going to pay you bastard! She kicked me out of the house tonight and said you had showed her those damn pictures. Didn't you learn anything from having your house and store trashed? I guess we'll just have to trash you this time."

George swung the tire iron once more and this time it hit me on the shoulder. Damn that hurt. Thankfully it was a glancing blow. I could faintly hear Glenda talking on the phone as I dodged George's blows. I managed to get my chair between us and after he swung once more I picked it up to use as a shield, perhaps as a weapon.

George kept swinging the tire iron and hitting the chair. He was so angry he was crying as he screamed at me. Glenda was trying to calm him down and he turned toward her. "Shut up you Bitch," he screamed at her. "I might have known you would be around somewhere. Birds of a feather do flock together don't they? What, are you here to celebrate fucking over Joe again?"

George took a swipe at Glenda and the end of the iron caught in her blouse tearing it opened. He stumbled and almost fell. As he was stumbling we heard the sirens from the arriving police cars wail to a stop. We heard the cars screech to a stop in front of my home. I saw the flashing of the red lights on the surrounding trees and watched as officers came around my house following the sound of the altercation.

As the officers came onto the Patio George caught his balance and turned to me once more. As he turned he screamed, "You Mother Fucker. I'm going to kill your ass. You've fucked with me for the last damn time." He began moving toward me once more.

The lead police officer took in the situation and said, "Sir. Put the tire iron down and stay where you are. George looked over his shoulder at the police and continued toward me.

This time when he got close to me he lunged and brought the tire iron down in an overhand strike. I was backing away and trying to get the heavy chair up to block the blow when my foot hit the edge of a flowerbed. I lost my balance and fell backward. The chair landed on top of me and I felt intense pain as George stumbled and fell on top of me. He lost his grip on the tire iron but was still trying to hit me.

The officers moved to us and grabbed George. They quickly put him in cuffs. One of the officers led him back around the house to the car. The other officer moved the chair off me and helped me stand. "Are you all right Sir," he asked. I was standing breathing hard. I felt the shakes begin then I was enveloped in a hug as a crying Glenda enveloped me in her arms.

I looked toward the officer and said, "Yeah, I think we're fine. He got in a couple of licks but I don't think anything serious is wrong. Just give us a moment won't you please?"

I turned to Glenda and cuddled her to me. I ran my hand down her hair and over her back. I said, "Shhhh. Glenda, it's OK now. It's all over honey. Just calm down now OK?

Finally I felt Glenda relax. She quit shaking from her sobs and she just clung to me. I bent down and gently kissed the top of her head then turned to the Officer. "Ok. I think she's ok now. Can we get on with this?"

I looked up and saw a couple of plain clothes types coming into the yard. They already had their notebooks out and their cameras working. It took two hours to give the statements and show them the damage to my house. George had slammed his truck into Glenda's car when he arrived so we had to fill out reports about that too. We found out (as if we hadn't known it) that he was drunk as a skunk when he arrived too. It looked like he would have several charges laid against him—DUI, Breaking and Entering, Assault (two counts) and possibly attempted murder (Glenda verified he had threatened to kill me and the first officer on the scene verified he had made the threat when he attacked me at the end).

By the time all the officers had gone Glenda was still clinging to me and softly crying as we sat on my couch. I looked at the clock and saw it was nearly 3 a.m. I sat and gently held Glenda as she drifted off to sleep. I moved from beside her and bent to pick her up. I carried her to my guest room and lay her on the bed. I took off her shoes and covered her with a blanket then staggered to my own room.

I was still asleep the next morning at ten a.m. when I heard first a banging on my destroyed front door then footsteps coming across my living room and down the hall. I slipped from bed and moved to hide behind the door in case the persons coming were not friendly. As the steps came closer I could hear talking. I heard two female voices and a man's deeper voice. I finally recognized them and stepped from behind the door to confront my father and mother. They had Susan with them.

All three jumped when I appeared from my hiding place. Susan and Mother gasped when they saw me and Dad said, "Damn Stan. You look like hell. Are you OK son?"

My left arm was hanging almost useless from the bruise and I knew I would need to have it x-rayed. I had several scratches and I was pretty dirty because I had not even cleaned up before I crashed the night before. I gave them a small smile and said, "Yeah, I guess I am. My arm hurts like hell and my place is a mess but at least I'm alive."

Susan pushed past my parents and hugged me. She looked up into my eyes and said, "Oh, Stan. I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. When that drunken cheating assed bastard came home last night I didn't even let him in. I had put some of his clothes in a suitcase and threw it onto the porch. I told him we were done and to get away. I'm so sorry I told him I had seen the pictures on your phone. I didn't know he'd try to hurt you. I'm so sorry Stan."

As she was talking Glenda came padding up behind my folks and Susan. She stood looking at us for a moment then moved through the group and stood beside me. Her face looked so scared when she touched my left arm gently. She gasped when I said ouch and jerked away from her. She started to pull back and I wrapped my arm around her. She tensed up then I felt her relax and move into my embrace.

All three of my guests were staring at us. I said, "Glenda was here when George arrived last night." I looked over at Susan and continued, "She was giving me hell for being mean to you when George came screaming into my drive and slammed into the back of her car. She saw the whole mess and almost got hurt very badly when George tried to hit her with the tire iron also."

As I was saying that I noticed her blouse was still torn and as she moved I could see her bra covered tits from time to time. What really bothered me though was the blood I saw on her white blouse.

I quickly turned her toward me and stepped back. I tore her blouse open as I said, "Shit. Are you hurt bad? I'm sorry Glenda I didn't know that asshole actually hit you. Why didn't you tell me you'd been hurt?"

Glenda grabbed her top and tried to hold it closed as I bent forward to see how badly she had been cut. She backed away from me and stood half turned away from us. "Stan, it's OK. He just barely broke the skin. It's only like a skinned knee and not more than a couple of inches long. I'm OK Stan!"

Mother and Susan grabbed Glenda and pulled her toward the master bathroom. I heard mother say, "Come with me Glenda. I don't care if it is only a scrape we need to clean it up and take care of it. We also need pictures of it in case the police need them."

Dad and I looked at each other a moment then turned to go into the kitchen to make coffee. We were sitting on the patio drinking our first cup when the three women came back out. Glenda was wearing one of my shirts. Glenda pulled one of my chairs up near mine before she sat down. We all sat and finished the pot of coffee and discussed the night before. As we were visiting I found out that Susan had read about George's arrest in the paper. It had only said I had been injured, not how badly. She rushed over to my parents house to see how badly I was hurt. They had already seen the article and called the police for information. They were just coming out of the house to come see me when she arrived so she came with them. They said they had tried to phone me but got no answer. That, of course, got me looking for my phone. I could not find it and so finally I had mother dial it. We heard it ringing and found it lying on the ground in the flower bed near where I had fallen the last time. Apparently Glenda had dropped it when George had attacked her.

After we found the phone the three women went into the house and began preparing lunch. I realized I was starving. I had not had supper the night before and no breakfast either. I took a nice hot shower while they were preparing lunch. When I was finished I made Glenda take one also. After she returned from her shower we ate and visited until mid afternoon. I don't know how many phone calls I received from friends and employees checking on me. I also had several visitors stopping by to be sure I was ok.

The only phone call I really minded came from my ex. She didn't identify herself but I saw the phone number was her parents so ... All she said before she hung up was, "You lucky Bastard."

Over the course of the next week things got back to normal. I repaired my house and continued with my business. If anything, this little altercation helped me. I got several requests to bid a job because the customer read in the article that I operated a construction company.

Now I have another problem. Well, it's not really a problem I suppose. I have this darn woman coming around all the time to check on me or to make sure I am eating right. I have to admit it sure is nice to get home and find Glenda waiting on me. I finally gave up and let her have a key. Now I come home and find supper ready and a smiling super hot female waiting to serve the meal and eat with me. I'm thinking about making it permanent but...

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