A Campout Surprise

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I found out something about my best friend, Danny, and his sister, Jordan…that they were having sex together. And I got invited in as well. That began a threesome which became a foursome when Danny married Cindy.

Chapter 1

About twelve years ago, my best friend and I had planned on a camping trip up to a somewhat remote area with a beautiful, small waterfall emptying down into a pristine, crystal-clear pool below. Just perfect for skinny-dipping.

Yes, Danny and I had seen each other naked any number of times, even jacked-off together, though, not each other, no, we were strictly into girls. We were both seventeen, both had our driving licenses, so we were taking my parent's spare car, a rather decrepit Honda Accord about twelve years old.

Then, the day before our weekend was to begin, he called me telling me that his younger sister, Jordan, now fifteen, would be joining us, he had no choice he explained, his parents were going away themselves and he was responsible for her, they didn't want to leave her alone.

Well, shit, I thought, I knew her of course, and, well, the truth was, she was a pain in the ass, a bratty pest who I've tried so hard to avoid for the last few years. I almost told him to forget it but we'd planned this campout months before.

So, of course, I was disappointed and when I pulled up at their house the next morning and Danny and his sister came out with their gear, my eyes were drawn to Jordan in amazement.

She was now beautiful with a dazzling, white smile and long brown hair almost to her waist. It was her figure, more than anything, that had changed so much. She was now very curvy and tan with boobs that must be C-cup, they were impossible to ignore. His bratty sister was now so hot. She came out right after Danny and she was in hiking shorts and a small tank top which just seemed to accentuate her large breasts.

We all chatted a bit while we loaded stuff in my car, making sure I got some looks at Danny's wonderfully-ripened little sister.

Once we got there, we hiked in to the campsite and set up the tent and prepared a campfire for later, then Danny suggested we all go for a swim under the waterfall and he was quickly stripped off and running to the pond.

I thought this was really strange since his sister was with us but when I looked behind me, she was pulling off her panties and running after him toward the water.

All I could see was from behind but she was stunning. There were a few glimpses of her breasts as they bounced while she ran toward the water, then she was in and swimming.

There was no way I was going to miss swimming with this sexy sister of my best friend so I was quickly out of my clothes and was running to the water myself, my cock at attention and waving around as I ran.

We were all swimming around in the water and after a few minutes, Danny and Jordan got out and walked back up to our camp and began drying off. I did see that Danny had a hard-on so I figured, what the hell, and got out and went up and dried off as well. They were getting dressed again but I did see her breasts and pussy and ass which were all perfect.

Her boobs were nice and full, round and tipped with puffy, pink nipples and her pussy was two plump halves, totally bare while her ass was round and full. She didn't rush getting dressed, I think she knew we were enjoying the view, I knew I sure was.

So, the rest of the afternoon went normally, we did a little hiking and then came back and cooked our supper, cleaned up after, then decided to sleep outside, it was still warm so we arranged our sleeping bags one next to the other under a half-moon sky.

It had been a full day and on our hike we went fairly far on it so I fell right asleep and about an hour after I went to sleep, I rolled over and, in the soft moonlight, saw Jordan's hand going up and down on Danny's cock. They were both naked and she was masturbating him as she lay next to him on her side, one leg raised in the air as he fingered her.

Well, no one would certainly blame me, I pulled down my briefs and lay on my side watching them as I stroked myself.

They were kissing as well; these two, it appeared, were no ordinary brother and sister. He had never said anything about this before and I tried to stay as quiet and still as I could so they wouldn't know I'd seen them.

While I slowly stroked my instantly-hard cock, Jordan got up on her knees and bent over to begin licking the head of his dick while her circled fingers moved on his shaft.

As I watched them, Danny's head turned toward me. I stopped moving, hoping he would think I was asleep but then, he said, "Come on Paul, you can join us, I don't think Jordan'll mind. I know she likes you."

I just moved my sleeping bag over next to them and Jordan, now sucking her brother, reached over to take my cock in hand and began masturbating me.

"See, my sister's nice to have on a camping trip, huh? Bet you never expected anything like this?" Danny asked.

"I'm really surprised, when did this all start?"

"About six months ago, she came home early and caught me jacking-off and told me she wanted to see me finish."

"She just said that?"

"She did and we've been together ever since. But I'm willing to share, she's asked me if I thought you'd be interested in her. She likes you, Paul, I think you can tell the way she's jacking you."

"Well, I sure like her, too," I said, making sure she heard me. Her soft hand was wonderful, so very much better than when I did it.

There was enough light to see the soft beauty of her naked body as she pleasured us both. She was concentrating mostly on her brother and it wasn't long until she had him moaning as her head bobbed up and down over him.

"Oh, yeah, oh, OH, OH, UH, UH, uh, mmm," he groaned as I heard her sucking now, a kind of slurping sound for a minute as she finished him off.

Soon, she raised off him and leaned up and kissed him for a minute as I could see his hand under her playing with her boobs. Then she turned to me.

"So, I guess, you'd like the same, Paul?" she asked as she moved over to me to slide her mouth down over my raised erection. As she was kneeling there, Danny got up behind her as she spread her legs and began pushing into her from behind as she sucked me off.

Well, I did go with one girl about two years ago who just loved to suck me off. We dated for about six months then she moved away and that was the end of that. But, now, it was all coming back, just how good it feels when a girl sucks your dick and when it's a girl who obviously likes doing it. Danny's sister, Jordan, obviously enjoyed it a lot.

I was trying to feel her boobs as she was sucking me but Danny was really giving it to her from behind. Then, he cummed in her and she was able to finish sucking me like an angel. I hadn't had any kind of sex in about ten months, except for what I provided on my own, so it was a spectacular orgasm. Good thing we were way out in the woods.

We all three had our sleeping bags together and snuggled naked together with Jordan in the middle. It was not easy sleeping with a naked girl there with you, I found, but it was sure enjoyable. We played with each other several times during the night and I know Danny had his fun with his sister as well.

The sun was just coming up when I felt fingers on my dick, rubbing back and forth, opening my eyes to see Jordan smiling at me in the early morning light.

I lifted up the side of the sleeping bag as she began to masturbate me. Then she got up and crouched over me to begin sucking me so sweetly and slowly as my hands moved under her to play with her boobs. Danny was softly snoring while his sister was pleasuring me deeply.

She quietly sucked me until I cummed in her mouth, then she moved up and french-kissed me, giggling softly as she passed some of my cum into my mouth. Well, maybe some guys would hate that but she made it feel so hot and sexy.

She then bent back down and sucked me a minute more, then got up over me and lowered herself onto me and slowly, quietly fucked me until we both had lovely orgasms.

After, she was laying on me as we kissed and I saw Danny looking at us while he slowly stroked himself.

"Danny's awake, Jordan, see," I said as she turned her head toward him.

"Oh, I'll bet you're horny, too, right?" she said to her brother, then got up off me to go suck him and mount him to fuck as I watched this time. It amazed me that a sister and brother could be so simply beautiful as they gave each other such loving pleasure.

I lay there, slowly stroking my dick, seeing Danny's wet, glistening cock disappear and reappear as Jordan moved over him while his hands caressed her stunning breasts.

"You two look so hot," I told them and Jordan shot right back with, "Oh, I'll bet our mom wouldn't think so," and we all laughed.

They fucked until they both got off then we all went down for a swim before we rebuilt our campfire and made breakfast.

As we were eating, I asked them how it was that they began having sex.

Jordan began, "Oh, that was me. Puberty hit me like a ton of bricks. All I wanted to do was rub myself all day and all night. I must have masturbated, oh, well, I don't know, lots and lots," she said as she was slowly stroking her brother.

"All I could think about was sex. Every boy I saw at school, I undressed with my eyes, trying to imagine his cock, wanting it in me, wanting to play with it, to suck it, oh, it really was all I thought about.

"Then, one afternoon after school, I got home and went upstairs and when I walked past Danny's room, I looked in and there he was on his bed, naked, and jacking-off. Oh, he looked so good there, his dick all hard and long, his hand going up and down. I just went in his room and told him I wanted to watch."

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