Christmas Cheer
Chapter 1: Evening

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Evening - A couple enjoy Christmas Eve- just the two of them- in front of the fire.

Julia nodded with a smile as she passed the stranger weighed down by holiday gifts. Somehow the magic of Christmas made these burdens so easy to carry. Such simple acts of kindness always added to the cheerfulness of the season.

"Santa," Julia tapped the sidewalk Santa on the shoulder, "I shall give you $5.00 if you stop ringing the bell till I'm out of sight."

"Deal, my fine lady," the Santa was charmed by Julia's smile. "In truth, my hand has gone quite numb with the ringing of it."

Julia patted the Santa on the shoulder and dropped the folded bill into his bucket. When the ringing ceased several of the passersby smiled and were reminded to drop a few coins themselves. Was it for the peace the lack of the bell made? Or was it for the season? No matter.

Julia wrapped her scarf around her throat and enjoyed a minute of people watching. A child walked by so bundled against the cold the poor girl couldn't bend her arms. Her mother held tight her hand and led the way into the crowded store. Two strangers met head-on and each dodged the same direction to pass, thereby blocking their own way again. After several tries, he took up the lady's hand in his and spun her in a parody of a waltz, leaving her on the side she had desired to go. He tipped his hand to her in farewell and both left with a smile. Yes, Julia thought with her own smile, the holidays brought a strange magic to people.

Rob pulled the car to the curb for Julia to get in. She turned and gave a small wave to Santa and they sped off into the night.

"Scoring points with Santa?" Rob teased.

"Oh yes, every brownie point counts this time of year. Can you believe it's Christmas Eve?" Julia nodded to the radio as "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" finished its chorus.

How far the two of them had come in one year. She'd just moved in with Rob two months ago. Neither talked of marriage. Both had been married before and were leery of getting into that again. However one's thoughts did tend to move towards families as the year winds down to Christmas. Julia figured she was content and happy right now, as things were. At 26 she had no intentions of having children. She didn't feel her life needed them to be complete. She had a steady job, wonderful friends, and Rob. What more could a girl ask for? Rob, at 25, was done with children for the moment. He had one girl by his first wife and claims that is where the trouble in his marriage started. He worked construction, managing a crew. Currently they were working on an office building. He'd spent 10 years working his way up to management and now ran his own crew. Rob was hoping someday to become a partner.

They pulled up to his home, THEIR home, and began to unload the packages from the car.

"Hey!" Rob stood completely still, staring at the night sky.

"What?" Julia whispered coming to stand shoulder to shoulder with him, staring into space to see what he saw.

"There, there it is again. A snowflake!" He beamed like he'd just discovered his own island.

"Well, I'll be." Julia marveled in mock astonishment. Rob pulled her in for a kiss.

"Don't jest woman," he only half joked back, "the first snow of the season, and it's a Christmas one at that! Magic is about this night."

"Yeah well, see if your magic can get all these gifts wrapped before we leave for your mother's tomorrow." Julia replied knocking him in the head with a roll of wrapping paper.

"I'm wounded, you doubt me?" Rob licked her cheek and darted for the front door.

Julia laughed and followed. Casting one look up to the sky to see, indeed, several snowflakes were falling.

Once inside Rob began setting a fire in the fireplace.

"I'll go slip into something more comfortable" Julia said in a seductive voice. Rob wiggled both his eyebrows making her laugh as she headed upstairs.

'More comfortable indeed'. She smiled to herself as she changed. Flannel PJ's with footies. Pink no less, with white eyelet ruffles. Comfortable, yes. Sexy, no. She pulled back her hair in a pony tail and trotted down to the kitchen for the scissors to begin a night of gift wrapping.

"Oh." Julia stopped at the living room archway. There, kneeling by the fireplace, was Rob. Shirtless, his broad back tapered down the waistband of his jeans. His long hair hung loose around his shoulders. He'd dimmed the lights just a bit. The tree was lit and the fire had begun in earnest. All in all, a wonderful setting to walk into. He turned towards her. Ah, now there was a face to love. His five o'clock shadow gave him a rough mountaineer look.

His brown eyes took in her appearance and said, comfortable huh?

Julia gave a sheepish grin and plopped down in front of the tree.

"Tape." She demanded with her hand out in a surgeon's form.

"Tape." Rob repeated slapping it into her palm. He settled down next to her and together they wrapped gifts for the better part of an hour.

"Eggnog?" Rob asked when he got up to tend the fire.

"If it's spiked," was the grinning reply he received.

"It comes in any other way?" He teased back and headed off to the kitchen.

Another hour saw them lounging back on floor pillows staring at the fire.

"I can't tell if it's the fire or the eggnog." Julia said while fanning her face.

"Neither." Rob said perfectly serious. "It's the hot guy you have here."

"Hmm, you are warm." Julia snuggled in tighter to his chest.

"What are you doing?" He asked, for at this time, Julia had begun to wiggle and squirm.

"My feet are hot." So she was struggling to get out of her PJ bottoms, all without getting up. With a final triumphant tug the pink flannel was tossed over head to the sofa. "There. Much better."

"I'll say. Here, let me help you cool off a bit more." Rob promptly loosened the top button of the shirt and spread the lapels open just a bit. "Lets the body heat escape you see." Not to mention gives him a much better view. Julia just took another sip of her eggnog and went back to dreaming with the fire.

Rob reached behind him and plucked a white feathered pen off the coffee table, they'd used it to label gifts. He ran this over Julia's face and neck. The feather-light touch tickled and caressed her sensitive skin. She lay back with a sigh and closed her eyes. Button by button he loosened her top till it slid fully open, exposing her full breasts to the torture of the feather.

With a sigh, she arched her back as if straining to touch the feather herself.

"Relax sweetheart. Just relax." Rob whispered as he kissed her jaw. He used that feather to touch her eyelids and lips. Then around her neck and ears. Back down over her breasts. Her nipples hardened and lengthened. Rob used his breath and blew over the tips of her nipples, causing the feather to dance and shimmer over her skin. Julia locked her knees together and rubbed them back and forth. He knew she was enjoying this and wanted so much more.

"Are you wet?" Rob's husky voice came to her from miles away. A mere nod was all she could manage. "Show me, open yourself up and show me."

Julia knew there was no reason to be shy. It wasn't the first time they'd made love. Far from it. But it was the first time he'd made this request. Show him? She relaxed the tension in her legs and let them fall open. She was protected. She'd never taken off her panties when she changed tonight. Rob trailed the feather down her opened thighs and over the cotton of her panties, across her belly and back up to her breasts.

"I can't see you. Open up for me Julia. Show me. Let me touch you with just my eyes."

His voice sent shivers down her body. Julia kept her own eyes closed tight and tried not to think about her modesty. This was Rob, after all. Her hand reached south and toyed with the top edge of her panty. To show her he watched, Rob tickled the top of her hand with the feather. She could feel how wet she was becoming. How much this aroused her. This was taboo. Opening herself up to a man this way. Exposing herself to his eyes. This was sexy and fun. And she was getting into it. She traced one finger over the elastic between her legs. Teasing him. She moved her other hand to join in the fun.

"That's it, Love. Show me how much you want me." Rob whispered. Julia could feel his erection pressed up against her leg.

In a bold move, she pulled aside the panty at the crotch and opened herself up to him. Showing him that, indeed, she was glistening wet for him and for him alone.

Rob swallowed hard. There she was, bare to him and him alone. Glistening in the firelight, his for the taking. His for the tasting. His period.

"Touch yourself, Love, think of me and touch yourself. Show me how you want to be touched by me," Rob barely managed to get out in a husky voice.

Julia was so turned on that she wiggled her ass and slid those panties right off. Entirely naked now before his eyes, she gave herself over to the feelings and thrills going through her body. Bringing her knees up, she did what he asked. She slid one finger between her lips and touched herself right where she wanted to feel him most. She toyed with her clit, and slid her own finger inside of herself. Rob had slid down and was kissing her thigh as he watched her.

"Ah, Baby." Hearing his voice added delight to her senses.

Rob added the feather, lightly touching her ass and pussy. The touch was so light it could just be felt like a whisper. She shivered and called his name.

"Oh Baby, I'm there for you. Here, let me." Rob dropped the feather and reached for the dildo he'd just happened to keep close at hand for tonight. It was the shiny silver one, smooth and cold to the touch. He touched it to her thigh and was rewarded with a groan. The cold was a sharp contrast to her skin heated by the fire.

"Rob," she hissed.

He teased her with the toy. He slid it around her clit, getting it wet. When he sensed the moment was right, he slipped the tip of it inside of her. She moaned aloud. Rob's own cock was rock hard and he felt any minute now he'd burst his own jeans with its swelling.

"Rob I want you, now, please," she begged.

"Yes Baby. Now." He tossed the silver toy aside and freed himself of his jeans in record time. In one motion, he slid into her and held still. He could feel her all around him. He throbbed. Without so much as one thrust, he felt his ass clench up and he shot his load deep within her. Julia felt him cumming so fast and knew without a doubt it was because he found her so sexy and she had no trouble matching him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and with her heels urged him tighter to her body.

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