Alpha Bravo Team
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mia is a woman who works like a man, plays like a man and has to live like a man to perform her job. Aidan is a Hunter, thru and thru. He believes that woman should be cherished even though his sisters should have wrecked those ideals years ago. Even the woman of his dreams is readily capable to take care of any situation. But now there is a situation that might have him relying on her. Can the Alpha Bravo Team teach them to share and will love be strong enough to last?

The sound of flesh meeting flesh was like fingernails on a blackboard. Miara stood, her mouth hanging open as she stared at her sister and the loser who'd moved in with her. "Wait a minute ... You can't hit her."

"M-Miara ... is it?" The street thug was thin, lean, with a raft of prison ink that blurred into each other. Mia barely blinked at him as he turned toward her, a sneer coming to his lips as he saw Emilee, her niece, cling to her. "If you don't want to get some of this too, I'd keep your fucking trap shut!"

Mia bent and dropped to her knees next to Emilee. "Baby, can you go into your room for a few minutes. Aunt Mia needs to talk to your Momma and then we'll get out of here. Okay, Baby?"

Emilee clung to Mia's hand. "P-promise?" she whispered.

"I do, baby. I promise." She gently touched Emilee's cheek and pressed a soft kiss to her tender skin. "Go on, I'll call you in a few minutes." Emilee nodded and scooted around the street thug that held her mother's long blonde hair in one grimy hand.

"You ain't taking her anywhere, bitch." He yanked Tanya's hair and pulled her to her feet. "Tell her, baby. Tell her she ain't taking my baby nowheres."

"Mia?" Tanya's voice was low, pained and scared. She glanced down and saw the revolver that Ricky had pulled from the waistband of his too big jeans. He poked it into her side and she felt the first of her tears streak down her face. "Y-you c-can't," she managed to whisper.

"I can. And I can take you with me too." Mia stepped forward, brushing Ricky's hands off her sister to stand between the two of them. "Ricky, don't make me have to take you down."

Ricky took his first really good look at Tanya's sister. She was short, barely five feet two inches tall. Her hair was long, thick and a shiny black that looked almost blue in the light. She was pretty but had a don't-fuck-with-me attitude that he found aggravating. A tank top covered nice sized breasts and showed off tanned shoulders and well delineated arms. A wide belt ringed her tiny waist and slender hips filled out a pair of tight jeans very nicely.

"You know, bitch, you and me, we could do some business." He licked his lips obscenely and then reached out to grab her breast.

Mia knocked his hand to the side. "The only business we're going to do is to figure out when you're getting out of my sister's apartment. I want you and any skanky thing that belongs to you, out before we return. You got me, Ricky?"

"No, Mia, don't argue with him. He'll kill you." Tanya's voice was shaky with her fear of Ricky and what she knew he could and would do. Mia had no idea what Ricky was capable of doing when he was angry.

"He's not going to kill me, Tanya." Her gray green eyes grew stormy and she pushed Tanya back toward the bedroom that Emilee was in. "Go back there and pack some stuff for you and the kiddo, sis. I'll deal with Ricky." She waited until Tanya closed the door behind her.

"Too bad she's just gonna have to take the time to unpack those clothes after I toss you out in the dumpster, bitch." Ricky stuffed the revolver down the front of his pants and pulled a switchblade from his pocket, hitting the button that would open it. The steel blade was already stained with blood and he watched her eyes as he flipped it from one hand to the other. "Where you want it, bitch? You want it in the cunt? That'd probably be the best thing you ever had there." He snickered, laughing at his own terribly inadequate sense of humor.

"If you don't want me taking that away from you, Ricky, I'd close that fucker up and put it back in your pocket."

"Oh, you would huh? Well it's a damn good thing I'm not no bitchy cunt like you. If you want me to put this away, you make me!"

Mia took a deep breath, letting it out in a long sigh. "Such language Ricky. Do me a favor, I haven't gotten written up for excessive use of force in a long time. Don't make me start now." She flicked her dark hair behind her shoulder, easily falling into position to protect herself when Ricky slashed at her with the switchblade. "You had to do it. You had to." She shook her head, her eyes steady on Ricky and his every movement until she saw her opening. She took it, grabbing his arm and slamming his wrist onto the counter behind him. Then she grabbed the revolver out of his pants and pointed it at him. "Got anything else you want to say?"

"Don't shoot me?" Ricky cried out and backed away from Mia. "Tanya, don't let her shoot me! I didn't mean it Mia. I never wanted to hurt your sister, she just pissed me off. Tell her Tanya; tell her how you always pissed me off."

"Mia, no. You can't hurt him." Mia glanced over at Tanya, shock in her flashing grey eyes.

"I can't hurt him? Why the fuck not, Tanya? Do you like how he belittles you? Do you like it when he hits you or Emilee? Is he some kind of big man because he can knock you around? What the fuck, Tanya?"

Tanya was rubbing her lower belly, her hands shaking as she stared over at her older sister. "I ... I'm pregnant, Mia. Ricky's the father."

"Yeah, you wouldn't hurt your niece or nephew's father, you couldn't do that, could you, Mia!" He laughed, the stud in his lower lip glinting in the light that was coming from the broken blind that sparsely covered the window. He reached out a hand, trying to grab Tanya but Mia held her back. "What ... are you going to tell that baby that you killed its daddy?"

Mia felt her temper, something she was known for not controlling, soar and she reached out and slammed the side of the gun into Ricky's face. A tiny thrill flooded her as she felt his nose break. "It would be better than letting you be that baby's father, you little asshole. When did you ever step up for anything in your life but free shit? You aren't a man; you don't have it in you to be a real man." She turned and stared at Tanya. "This is what you want? This scumbag? He'll pimp your ass out and give you a week to heal after the baby comes before he'll have you out there again. Do you think he cares for you, Tanya? He cares about the money you make him and the free roof over his head the same fucking roof that I pay for!" She turned her head, unable to look at the shaking twig that had once been her beautiful, younger sister, Tanya.

"I love him, Mia. He told me he's going to get me off the streets. I just got to make enough money for us to start somewhere else, somewhere that we can be a family, me and Ricky and Emilee and the baby. We're going to be a family, Mia. A real family, like we always used to talk about. Remember, when daddy would come home drunk and slapping at us because his life sucked, we always talked about how we'd have a family and we'd never treat our kids like that. I got that chance now, Mia."

"When was the last time you ever got a good look at Emilee, Tanya? Does she look like this relationship of yours is good for her? Does she look happy? Do you know how it breaks my heart when she cries for me when I have to leave her here? This is not a good place for her and he's no fit human being to be a father." Her eyes turned toward where Ricky was twitching over by the kitchen table. His arms were jerking and he was talking to himself. Mia sat the gun down on the side table next to her, using both hands to try to make Tanya understand. "He's speed balling, Tanya. God! Do you want that around your children?"

Tanya wrapped her arms even tighter around herself. "He promised to give it up, Mia. For me and the baby, he said he'd get off the stuff and I believe him. He barely ever makes me smoke it anymore. He says it's bad for the fetus."

"Barely ever is still way fucking too much." The clipped phone on her belt went off and Mia groaned then picked it up and glanced at it. "Fuck," she growled before she flipped it open. "Yeah, Demon. Where? Can't you just take Hunter and ... I don't know ... let him bore them to death?" She looked over at her sister while she was still on the phone. "No, Ricky! You don't have to do this." She could hear Demon on the other end shouting her name. "She's my sister, Ricky. You don't want to kill her, she's carrying your baby remember?"

"Hang up the fucking phone, bitch. Now!"

Mia did as she was ordered. She felt cold almost detached from Tanya and Emilee right now. She was focused on Ricky, only on Ricky and the gun that he held in his shaky, twitching hand. The gun he held at Emilee's six year old head. "You are going to want to put that gun down, now, Ricky. If you hurt her, there will be no place deep enough in the fucking crapper for you to hide from me. Let Emilee go, let her go ... Now!"

Ricky pulled Emilee back even closer to him. He backhanded Tanya as she tried to get to her baby and left her lying in a heap on the floor. "Now, bitch. It's going to go like this. You are going to put your hands behind your back and Tanya is going to tape them together. Then Tanya and Emilee are going to go into the bedroom and pack while you and I have a little conversation." Mia saw the way he was rubbing his crotch and knew exactly what kind of conversation he thought they were going to try to have.

"Mia?" There was pain in Tanya's voice.

"Do as he says, Tanya. Then you take Emilee and get out of here. Get help and don't come back here, got me?"

"What are you two bitches jawing about? Tanya, tape her arms. Tape em good, I don't want her to get free."

"You're not going to hurt her, are you, Ricky? She's my sister." Tanya picked up the roll of duct tape and pulled out a long piece, slowly wrapping it around Mia's wrists then ripping off the end. "Don't hurt her, Ricky. She's just worried about us."

"Oh and I'm not?" Ricky smacked her on the top of her head with the roll of duct tape, seeing the tears fill in Tanya's soft green eyes. "What the fuck am I then, Tanya? I don't go out every day to find you tricks so that we can have money enough to take Emilee to the doctor and make sure she has food. How many other pimps would give a shit about a scrawny little girl that is more baggage than she's worth? Especially when her momma doesn't give a shit about what I say. Now, go in the bedroom and get your shit packed. One bag each." He grabbed her arm, pushing her into the bedroom. Then he closed the door and picked up his pistol. "It's just you and me now, Mia."

"Yeah, I noticed the stench got worse." She glared up at him as if daring him to hit her, to get close enough to do any damage to her.

"You're not very smart, are you bitch? Normally, when a man holds a gun on a bitch, she's begging to do anything if he wouldn't shoot her."

Mia rolled her eyes and sighed. "I guess it's because I don't beg when a schmuck like you holds a tiny toy gun. It would take a much bigger man than you to make me beg." She smiled when she heard the first of the police cars roll up outside. "Oops, game time is over, Ricky. It's time to prove what a big man you are. Can you shoot a bound woman? Is that your style, Ricky?"

Ricky made his first mistake. He reached out and grabbed her hair, yanking on it and pushing the barrel of the pistol against her head.

Mia used that hold he had on her and flipped to her feet, slamming one of her heavy duty boots into Ricky's forehead. Blood flew from his eyebrow, running over and into his eye. "Ahh! Fuck bitch. You fucking cunt, you made me bleed." He tried to wipe the blood away, only to get it into both eyes.

Mia wasn't wasting any time. She bent, grabbing the knife in her boot and using the sharp edge to slit through the tape. Then she easily plucked the gun from Ricky's hand. She pushed the shrieking man into a chair at the table and gave him a paper towel. "Now, would you like to know what your biggest mistake was, Ricky?" she asked as she cuffed him into the chair.

"What?" he snarled.

"You hurt my sister. Nobody hurts my family, Ricky, especially not Emilee." She held her hand out, hearing Emilee come running over to her.

"Does that mean we won't have to live with him anymore, Aunt Mia?"

"Yes. That's what that means. How would you and your mommy like to come and stay at my house for a while?" Mia turned, finding Tanya's eyes and seeing the shame and sorrow in them. "Maybe you could stay until you guys are more on your feet? I mean, Feral needs someone to play with since I'm never home and there's a real good school just down the road. What do you think, Sis? Lover-boy here is going to be put away for a while, especially since I have no doubt he just broke probation six ways to Sunday."

"A-are y-you sure, Mia?"

"Yes, Momma, Aunt Mia's sure. She never says it if she doesn't mean it, you know that. Say yes, Momma. Please?" She jumped around her mother until Tanya threw up her hands.

"Okay, we'll go. But the minute it becomes too much, Mia..."

"You're out on your cans," Miara said with a grin. "So I guess someone needs to go down and round up the goon squad so Little Ricky here can find himself a happy home for the night." She smacked him across his face with an open palm, leaning closer to whisper in his ear. "I'd gargle with glass before I'd touch that shrinking piece of play doh you have between your thighs, dick head. Come around me, around Tanya or Emilee and not even the law will be able to hide you deep enough and far enough away to keep me from killing you."

Ricky growled and Mia smiled at him again, smacking him one last time. Then she picked up her phone and buzzed down to the street where she knew Demon would be.

"Demon?" she said into her phone.

His raspy growl came back quickly. "Kodiak. Everything ten-ten."

"Five by five, boss. Just need a crew up here to take a suspect into custody." She leaned against a wall, watching as Emilee stuffed her huge collection of stuffed animals into a trash bag.

"They're on their way, Kodiak. I want a report from you first thing."

"It's personal, Demon." She hissed out a breath, knowing that that excuse was not going to be good enough for her stickler of a boss. Demon was one of the toughest men she'd ever met and he'd made her prove to him that she had the gumption and the guts to become a member of his Alpha Bravo Team. She'd gone home bleeding and bruised, cursing like a sailor and storming that she was going to tell him what he could do with his job. Then the next day, she'd go in and start it all over again, training and fighting, studying and learning and going home bloody that day as well.

She'd broken six out of ten fingers, had cracked ribs, bruised joints, and forgotten more than once that she was a woman. The distinction wasn't cared about in Alpha Bravo Team. She she slept with them and fought beside them. She earned her place and knew that every man jack of them would depend upon her to pull their asses out of a fire fight, or stand over them and end it. She'd even earned her call sign in one of those fights. Another of the men had been injured and Mia had stood over his body, her automatic spitting fire and bullets. She'd cleared out the enemy before bending down to pick up her teammate and dragging him home. That was the day they'd started calling her Momma Bear. That had turned into Kodiak, a sign that was neither female or male.

"Fuck that, Kodiak. I want a report. We should be at a beach house down by the lake. Instead we're here, dragging your sorry ass out of trouble."

"Yes, boss." She gave a heartfelt sigh which cut off when he growled her name out of the radio.

"I've got Digger and Romeo on their way up to you. Finish this up, Kodiak, we've got actual cases that need solving."

"Ten-four, Demon." She clipped her phone back to her belt and then had the door open for Digger, aka Chase Pratt and Romeo, aka Aidan Hunter. They were two of the men that she worked with. The other two were Horse aka Peter Griggs, and Casanova, aka Troy Dayton. They were headed by Demon, aka Santos Black, a man with a past as dark as his name. But he kept them in line and he kept them lean and mean and ready for anything.


She lifted her head. "Hey, guys."

Romeo stopped next to her, his camouflaged-painted face showing his concern. "You okay?"

"When have you ever known a tweeker like him to get to me, Aidan?" But she didn't jerk away from the hand that he held under her chin, tipping her face up so he could look for wounds.

Her eyes held pain; he could see it in the gray/green depths of them. "He's not worth it, Mia. Don't let him do this to you."

Mia smiled into his gorgeous golden eyes. "It's a bit more complicated than that, Aidan. But I'll be okay. I always am."

His thumbs smoothed over her skin and he felt her shiver just a bit at the softness of his touch. She took a step back when she heard Emilee squeal Aidan's name and had to smile when her niece took off at a dead run to fling herself into Aidan's arms. "Uncle Aidan!"

Aidan cocked his head and stared down at her as if he had no idea who she was. "Who is this shy beauty?"

"It's me, Emilee," she said with a pout.

"Hmm, I bet I have something here that will turn that frown into a pretty smile." Aidan searched his pockets even though he knew Emilee knew where he kept his stash. She finally sighed and unbuttoned one of his chest pockets, pulling out a caramel apple sucker.

"Thank you, Uncle Aidan," Mia urged.

"Thank you, Uncle Aidan. Are you going to help mommy and me move into Aunt Mia's house?" Emilee asked, and pulled the wrapper off the candy.

Aidan turned his back to the door as Chase dragged Ricky out of the apartment. He didn't want her to see Ricky taken out in cuffs. "We're moving into Aunt Mia's house today?"

Mia could have smacked him for that wide eyed look he gave Emilee. "Baby, I'm not going to be able to take you all there. We've got a call out." She reached into the pocket of her jeans, tugging her keys out to toss them to Tanya. "If he makes bail, he'd better be no where around my house, Tanya. Promise me."

"I promise, Mia. I want to get my life straightened out. I'm going to be a new mommy again." She rubbed her hands over her flat belly, tears beginning to flow out of her eyes. Thank you, Mia. You don't know how important this is to me."

"I know enough, Tanya. Now you two go. There's food in the kitchen, I don't think you'll want for anything. No friends over, Tanya, not while I'm not home. Emilee, keep an eye on Feral for me, please." She kissed her sister's cheek and then took Emilee away from Aidan where she'd been happily chattering away. "You go take care of mommy, baby. I'll be home as soon as I can." She gave her a kiss and sat her on the floor. "You remember how to take Feral out?"

"Two whistles," Emilee said, nodding her head. "I remember, Aunt Mia. I can do it good."

"I have no doubts." She gave her a smile. "My car is parked right outside, Tanya. I need to get my work bag out of the trunk and then I want you to go right to my house. Make yourself at home. I'm not sure when I'll be there, okay?"

Tanya nodded, smiling shyly up at Romeo as he took the bags out of her hands and easily carried them out the door. "Come on Squirt," he said, bending slightly and then catching her as she jumped on his back, helping her climb onto his shoulders. "Low bridge."

Mia wrapped her arm around Tanya's shoulders. "Baby you can do this. Not just for yourself but for Emilee and for this little one too." She laid her hand over her sister's abdomen. "I'll help you as much as I possibly can, baby. All you've got to do is try."

Tanya nodded; letting Mia help her out of the apartment they'd been living in for weeks and out to where her shiny SUV was parked. Mia lifted the gate and grabbed her bag out of the back before kissing her on the cheek again and sending her on her way. Then with a sigh, she turned toward the AB vehicle and climbed into the back.

"Nice you could finally join us, Kodiak."

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