The Card Game

by Not Anyone

Caution: This BDSM Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Torture, Slow, .

Desc: BDSM Story: With the help of some friends a man makes another of his wife's fantasies real! Being on exhibit and being in pain makes her happy!

This story is a work of fiction. As far as I know, the events didn't happen except in my weird imagination. I really hope that you enjoy reading the story and, if you do, please send comments to knotdun at Actually, even if you don't enjoy the story, I'd still like to get your comments. Maybe I'll learn from then. And, then again, maybe I won't. Hard to teach an old dog anything new.

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John and Denise look like almost any young couple. They don't look like movie stars but are nice looking. They both work out regularly and keep themselves in good shape. Denise has a nice body—not too big in the boob department but a really nice butt and she dresses to show off. Not slutty, but like a sexy girl next door.

They live on acreage out in the country but not too far from the city. John inherited the house and property some years back and they've made it a nice little homestead with the closest neighbor miles away.

Even though they've been married for a few years they still have a sizzling sex life. They are both pretty adventurous and there's not a lot that they haven't tried and enjoyed. They aren't shy with each other and like to share their fantasies. They've made many of them come true but most of the ones that many people would call bizarre have remained just fantasies. Truth be told most of those are Denise's fantasies. John likes a lot of things but he doesn't have anywhere near as active an imagination as Denise! For example, it turned John on when Denise talked of being put on exhibit for other people to see and touch but it's not something that he would have thought of. Also, John was surprised, pleasantly surprised, when he heard that many of her fantasies involved being tortured! He really got turned on when she'd talk about being stripped naked and stretched on a rack in a medieval dungeon while the torturers were preparing cruel instruments to use on her.

While John and Denise might live out in the country, isolated from neighbors, they were not hermits. They did enjoy being with other people and one of the things they both enjoyed was a monthly poker game that John hosted for some of his buddies from work. It wasn't a high- stakes game but it was a stag event and it was fun for all. (Usually more beer and bullshit than money changed hands!) Denise was in the house but wasn't part of the game. She didn't mind that at all.

John held games on two different schedules. During the winter when there was a possibility that the roads would be bad because of snow or ice the game was an "all-nighter"! The guys would drink as much as they could hold, play some cards, watch a little porn on the TV in the card room, and just crash somewhere until morning when the roads were open. Most of the year, though, the games were a bit more poker and a bit less beer! They would play until about midnight when John would come to find Denise. Usually, she was either napping on the sofa in the family room or on their bed upstairs. John would wake her and she'd fix coffee and a snack tray for the guys. Then she'd sit in the card room for an hour or so while the game continued to make sure that the beer had stopped flowing and the guys were okay to drive home. She didn't mind doing it! In fact, she enjoyed sitting there as the only girl in a room full of buff-looking construction guys. (That was John's job and all his friends were in that business and looked the part! But they cleaned up very nicely!)

Tonight was a "summer-schedule" game so Denise had gotten all the food prepared early in the evening. John found her in the kitchen while she was getting things ready and eased up behind her. He kissed her neck and reaching around he cupped her breasts in each hand and pinched her nipples through her blouse and bra! "You know you've got too many clothes on," he said! She answered that the guys were going to be here soon so he should just cool it for now! A wild thought passed through John's mind and he said to her, "Would you like to do something very special tonight at the end of the game?" Thinking that he was talking about something new and sexy in the bedroom after everybody had left, she quickly agreed!

She didn't really give it another thought before the guys got there a few hours later. She greeted them all as they arrived and then went up to her and John's bedroom to rest up for the night. Thinking about what John had said earlier about something special she decided to shower and get herself ready, even though she knew that she was going to be serving food and coffee later. After she got out of the shower she lay down on the bed and promptly fell asleep. The next thing that she knew it was about midnight and John was kissing her awake.

"Hi, Honey," he said, "Do you feel up to a little adventure downstairs?" She wasn't exactly sure what he meant but she was always game for his suggestions. John said, "Instead of what you usually wear on poker night why don't you wear what I've gotten out for you?" She turned and looked at the outfit that he had in his hand and gasped! "Are you sure that you want me to wear that?"

He was holding a "baby doll" outfit that they had bought on a shopping spree a few years ago. They had seen it on a mannequin in the lingerie department at a boutique in the city and it caught their attention. It was a little less sheer than most "baby doll" negligees but it was just sheer enough so that her nipples were visible and it left very little to the imagination. The thing that really set it apart from most "baby doll" negligees was that there was a cord at the hem that could be used to hold it closed. Also, the cord at the neckline not only held the top closed, it crossed over the shoulders. Both Denise and John commented on that to the sales clerk and the clerk had smiled and offered to demonstrate what it was for. The clerk untied the bow in front and pulled lightly on the cord. In an instant the negligee top fell away and the mannequin was standing there in just the cute little bottoms. The clerk smiled and said to think about how handy that could be. "Especially, if he has your hands tied either behind your back or above your head. He could have your top completely off without either ripping or cutting it; unless, of course, you're into cutting or ripping her clothes!" All three had laughed when both John and Denise said "We'll take it!" at the same time.

"Wow", Denise thought, "this might be even better than I'd hoped!" She took the outfit from John and told him she'd be down in a minute! She went into the bathroom and splashed on a bit more sexy perfume in all the right places, put on the "baby doll", slid her feet into a pair of slippers that matched her negligee, and went down to the kitchen. A few minutes later when she went downstairs into the card room with the tray of food and coffee she could hear the gasps from around the table. Then there was a stunned silence and it was obvious that the men didn't know what to say.

John broke the silence by saying that he had told Denise that she should wear something comfortable and that they could just carry on. "Say whatever you want to say", he said. That was all they needed to hear. The compliments were coming fast and furious and Denise was all but blushing! John watched her and thought that it looked like she was having a fine time! She did her usual thing of serving coffee and snacks all around the table but it seemed as if she spent a little more time at each man than she usually did.

Every one of the guests was a perfect gentlemen and not one of them tried to touch her—something that was a bit disappointing to Denise and even to John. But, John thought that would probably change later.

Denise finished serving each of the men, set the tray down on the side table, and started to go sit down on the sofa where she usually sat on other game nights. John stopped her when he said, "Honey, instead of the sofa why don't I get your special chair tonight? If that's okay with you just put on those things that are on the table and I'll be out with the chair!" Denise glanced over at the table and didn't know what to do. There on the table was a set of their bondage cuffs. Denise didn't know if the men knew what was on that table but she knew that John did! She could either walk over to the sofa and sit down, signaling to John that she didn't want to go any farther, or she could put on the cuffs and signal that she was ready to move the limits. She walked over to the table and picked up the cuffs and John walked into the other room to get the "chair". The "chair" was higher than a normal chair with two sets of rungs below the seat and with a very tall ladder-like back. There were a number of rings and loops on the chair legs and back. Most of the men could only guess what those were for.

John carefully set the chair in the middle of the room. If anyone had been paying attention they would have seen that the chair locked in place to the floor and was directly under a heavy beam with sets of rings and a spotlight set in the ceiling. But all eyes were on Denise. She put on the wrist cuffs, kicked off her slippers, and hopped up on the chair. Once she got up there she fastened the other cuffs around her trim ankles and sat there demurely waiting. From the smile on her face it was obvious that she enjoyed being the center of attention. John walked up to her and kissed her deeply. In a low voice he asked her if she was okay and if she wanted to continue. She said "Yes, and you don't have to ask again!" That was all the encouragement he needed. Without being told to, Denise crossed her arms behind the chair back and John attached each of the wrist cuffs to rings on the back of the chair. With her arms crossed the way she had put them it pulled her back tight against the chair which made her breasts stand out even more. John walked back over to the table and picked up a blindfold and a set of headphones. Putting the blindfold on Denise, John turned to the card table and said, "Now she can't see what's happening and when I put the headphones on her she won't be able to hear what's being said. You guys can say and do anything that you want and she won't know who's doing what!" With that John slipped the headphones on her, turned up the volume of the classical music that was playing, kissed her, and went back to the table!

John said to the guys at the table, "Tonight's kind of a spur of the moment thing so I do have a few rules. The first rule is probably going to disappoint you guys but it's: 'No screwing!' Denise and I haven't really talked about that since I sprang this night on her without warning so that's the way it is tonight. Maybe it'll be different in the future! Who knows? Other than that there aren't a lot of rules. She'd probably be pretty disappointed if nobody petted her and kissed her but that's up to you guys. Meanwhile, let's play cards."

It was only a couple of poker hands before the first guy made his move. Dave got up and said that he had to make a head call. On his way to the head he made a bypass and walked over to Denise. John could see Dave trace the outline of her pussy through the negligee bottoms and then reach up and stroke her breasts through the top. Denise squirmed and her smile grew wider. A couple of minutes after Dave came back Jim made the same trip and he was a little bolder than Dave. He reached under the negligee top and rubbed her breasts and then slid a hand down the front of her underpants. When his fingers rubbed up and down her slit, Denise's smile grew even wider, if that's possible.

After Jim finished in the head and came back, John decided that it was time to up the ante a bit. He got up and walked over to the chair. He slowly untied the bottom cord on the baby doll top and then did the same with the top cord. Once he pulled the top cord the negligee top fell to the floor and she was sitting there with nothing covering her except her underpants. He had her raise herself up a little off the chair and slid the negligee bottoms down and off her legs. John had left Denise's ankles unhooked for just this reason but now he thought she should be even more helpless and exposed. John unhooked a couple of snaps on the chair back and tilted it so that Denise was flat on her back. He took her ankles but instead of hooking them to the chair legs, pulled them up and, using two short lengths of chain, hooked them to the beam above her head, using two rings that spread her legs a bit. He then took a cord from the negligee and tied it around one knee, ran it under the seat of the chair, pulled it tight, and tied it around her other knee. This spread her legs more and opened her up a lot! Maybe the position of her legs blocked a clear view of her breasts but it sure opened up the view of her pussy and asshole! Nothing stood between Denise and the guys now. John lifted up one of the headphones and asked Denise if she was comfortable with this. She enthusiastically shook her head! John figured that it's time to go even farther!

John walked back to a table full of wide-eyed construction workers and asked if anyone had a problem with any of this. The resounding answer was "Hell, No!" John said, "Since that's the case, we've got a very special video for you guys to watch tonight! This is a video that was taken right here and stars Denise and two guys that neither Denise nor I know. A little while ago we advertised on the internet for a team who would really abuse Denise. No sex, and no permanent damage, but nothing else was off limits. These two guys answered our ad and sent us a video showing off their handiwork. Denise watched the video and decided that it was something she wanted. There were a few conditions that these guys set and we agreed to. We could have a video of the sessions but they would be wearing masks so no one would be able to identify them. Also, I could be at the session but, if I wanted to be there, I'd have to be restrained so I couldn't come to Denise's rescue if I thought things were getting too rough! Lastly, they didn't like to have the lady gagged because they liked to hear her scream with pain. If our place wasn't soundproof they'd use a gag on her but it wasn't what they wanted! After Denise and I discussed it we agreed to their terms. We assured them that since our closest neighbor was miles away there wouldn't be a problem with not using a gag on her. What you're going to see tonight is the milder part of the video but it's still pretty intense. If anybody doesn't want to watch they can go upstairs. BTW, as you can see if you look over at her, Denise has recovered nicely from what you're about to see. It took a while for the marks and cuts to go away but we were warned that it would.

Everyone looked over at the helpless Denise and nobody went upstairs. In fact, two of the men went over to her and started to play with her. John could see one guy's hands playing around her pussy and the other's pinching and twisting both nipples. The first guy pushed a finger into her pussy and then a second went in. As he felt her push back onto his hand he grew bolder and pushed first one finger and then a second into her asshole. That pretty well sent her over the top and she strained in her bonds as she experienced an intense orgasm.

Meanwhile John had put the DVD of the session in and it was starting to play. He quietly flipped a switch under the table so Denise could hear the video along with the rest of the guys in the room. (She could also hear everything that was said in the room, but the guys wouldn't know that.) She recognized the lead-in music which made her cringe a bit! She knew exactly what the guys were going to see and she wasn't sure whether it turned her on or made her afraid. I guess that it'd depend on what the guys' reaction was! At least the music wasn't "The S & M Room" which was the lead-in to the even more violent session that she'd had! What a session that was! (She was trying to get up the nerve to ask John to set up another one of those for her.) The one that the guys were going to see tonight was good but nothing as good as the part they weren't going to see. In the second video the men had treated her to candles, pins, needles, matches, and knives--not to mention many tools they found in John's work room and used on her.

The video started and, even though she couldn't see it through the blindfold she almost knew it by heart. At the beginning it showed her and John walking into the room that they had set up in another part of the downstairs. There wasn't a lot in the room as it was in a special part of the addition designed just for this kind of fun. The room was large and the ceiling was very high and there were a couple of beams with hooks and pulleys hanging from them. In the middle of the room was "the whipping post". It wasn't a normal whipping post which is usually a single post set in the ground that the victim is tied to. This post is actually two posts set solidly a few feet apart with a beam across the top. In the room there was also a table large enough to stretch someone out on and what looked like a padded sawhorse that someone could be bent over. The table and the horse both had rings and straps set at various locations on them-- convenient for rendering someone helpless when strapped to them!

On the video John led Denise into the room. She wasn't tied or cuffed or anything. She was just following him. (Denise heard John tell the guys that one of the conditions the torturers (first time he had use that word tonight) had set was that John had to tie her up and strip her! They wanted her helpless and naked when they got there!) She had on a tank top and a jeans skirt and no shoes. She did have underwear on because John wanted to have to have the pleasure of stripping her of everything when he got her strapped up! He led her to the whipping post and stood her in the middle of it. He first pulled one of her hands up and fastened it into a chain that hung down from the crossbar. Then he took her other hand and put it into a second chain, some distance from the first. It was then that she noticed two things. First there were large mirrors set up around the whipping post so she could watch herself in all her glory. The way the mirrors were set up she could look at one mirror in front of her and see the reflections of the other mirrors. That gave her, or anyone else looking at the mirrors, a 360 degree look at her hanging there. That didn't bother her at all but the second thing did give her pause. That was that all of the soft bondage cuffs had been replaced by rough chains and metal shackles. She guessed that it was too late for her to back out now. The next thing that happened reinforced that thought even more.

As soon as John had gotten her hands fastened above her he reached into his pocket and pulled out a ball gag which he quickly stuffed into her mouth and fastened behind her head. He told the poker buddies that, even though the deal was that she wasn't to be gagged during the torture, the torturers wanted her gagged until after they got here and secured him. That way she couldn't change her mind and talk John into setting her free. "These guys seem to have thought of everything!"

When the gag was in place and secure John began to undress her. First came the tank top—pushed down off her body and left in a heap on the floor! The skirt followed shortly, leaving Denise standing there in just a plain-Jane bra and white cotton underpants. John said that he'd like to spend some time getting her warmed up but he knew that the team was ready to begin. With that, he stepped around behind Denise and unfastened her bra! With her arms fastened above her he had a problem with how to get her bra off! He had locked her hands into the chains with padlocks that the torturers had provided but he didn't have the keys. They hadn't sent them to him when they sent the locks. So, he just raised the bra up and hooked it over her hands up in the air and hoped that would be good enough to satisfy them. As he was sliding her underpants down, he noticed that there was a very wet spot in the crotch. He felt like leaving them on just to show the men that she was really into this. But, he decided that wouldn't be a very good idea! He just took them off her and put them with her other clothes.

The last chore was to fasten her knees and ankles! The team had been very specific about how they wanted Denise to be when they walked in! Her knees were supposed to be tied to opposite posts so her pussy and asshole were spread wide open for them. The knees were to be tight against the posts so she couldn't squirm around. It didn't matter to them that the posts were much farther apart than her knees would normally spread. If she wasn't tied as tightly as they wanted when they arrived they would have to do it and neither Denise nor John would like how they would do it! Her feet should be behind her with a spreader bar holding them tight so both the soles of her feet and her toes should be available to someone standing behind her! They made it clear that they liked to torture feet and toes almost as much as they liked to work on pussies, assholes, and tits!

John walked out of the view of the camera, leaving Denise hanging there as naked as he could make her and as helpless as she could be. The next scene the guys at the card table saw was two masked men walk into camera range. Each man had a suitcase which they set up on tables next to the whipping post. The card players couldn't get a good look at what all was in the suitcases but they were shocked when the men started taking things out. The whips didn't get too much of a reaction, but the lighters, candles of all sizes, clamps, pins, needles, etc., made quite an impression. The tables were set up in front of the post so Denise had a clear view of everything they had brought. Even that didn't faze her. In fact, she was getting more excited with every piece of torture equipment they took out.

Through her headphones, Denise heard John tell their guests that the video that they're going to see consisted mostly of whipping and a bit of knife play. The other things were used in a later session which was on another video. But if anyone felt that they didn't want to watch this one they were welcome to go upstairs. Again, no one left! In fact, Denise heard a couple of the men ask if they could see the other video tonight, too.

About that time the show began in earnest. The two men in the video walked over to her and looked her over. One man unfastened the ball gag and pulled it out of her mouth. He said, "Since we can't use your pussy or your asshole for sex we'd usually just shove this in one or the other place until we were ready to hurt you there. But, since I see that John didn't get you completely naked we've got another chore first!" He walked over to the table and picked up two knives and handed one to the man who was behind Denise. "We usually don't use these until the end of the first session but, because you aren't completely stripped yet, we're going to change the routine a bit." With that he reached up and cut away the bra straps so it was no longer hanging on her hands. The guy in front of her rolled up the bra into a ball. He reached down and roughly spread her pussy lips apart and shoved the bra up into her as far as he could. When it was up into her as far as he could shove it with his fingers he took the knife and used the long handle to push it up even farther. When he finished that chore the other man took the ball gag and pushed it into her asshole. When the ball was in her he took his knife and used the blade point to push it up so far that the straps and buckle were all the way up in her. He was still holding the knife in her ass and he motioned to his friend to hold a small hand mirror so Denise could see her own asshole with the knife pushed in it. His friend said to Denise, "See how beautiful that looks! Enjoy the sight because it's the last thing you'll see for quite awhile!" With that he slipped a blindfold on her and said, "The mirrors are here so your husband and the cameras can see everything that we're doing to you. You don't need to see any more. Just know that you are beautiful right now but you'll be even more beautiful when that flawless skin is marked with our handiwork! Plus, your pain will be intensified when you don't know what's coming at you!"

The man continued, "As I said, we usually don't use the knives until the end of the whipping session. But since our rule is that once the knives come out we have to cut someone, we'll use them twice on you today. This first time will be mild compared to what we'll do later but it will cause you to scream in pain and we'll see your blood. And, since the sight of a pretty girl bleeding from our work causes us to be a lot more intense after that, you'll probably get a worse whipping than we've ever given anyone before! You can thank your husband for that. If he hadn't left your bra on your body we wouldn't have gotten the knives out so soon!" (Actually, in her thoughts, Denise did thank John—even later as she was hanging beaten and bleeding from the whips and the knives!)

The man in back slowly eased the knife out of her asshole. "I'm being careful because I don't want to cut you in there yet" he said! "That'll come later when we have you stretched out and strapped on that table."

All thoughts of poker left and the guys stared at the video! They watched intently as the guy in front slid his knife point under Denise's breast and pulled up from the base of the breast to her nipple. He didn't slice deeply but it was deep enough so that there was a trail of blood from her chest to the nipple! She felt pain but not so much that she wanted to cry out! He returned the knife to the other breast and left a matching trail on that one! Again, she wasn't hurt so badly that she wanted to scream.

The man behind her took his knife and, starting at her neck and ending just at her asshole, made a similar cut. Another tiny trail of blood accompanied by a stinging sensation! Not the pain she had been expecting! Maybe even a little disappointing to her!

The guys in the poker room were on the edge of their seats as they watched the two men in the video walk to the table, put their knives down, and pick up a couple of normal-looking spray bottles. They heard one man say, "Denise, my dear, you can't see but I'll give you a little preview! The cuts we just did were only to prepare you for what comes next! We'll spray those little cuts with a mixture that we prepared especially to, as they say, "Bring out the best!" We start with salt and then add some more exotic things! Things like very hot pepper juice, onion juice, lemon and other citric acids, and other things!" I think you'll find that it does stimulate the very senses that we came to excite in you! And, remember that this is just a preview. Think about how this will feel when we've got you strapped down on that "play table" and opened up and put it into you! We'll put it deep into your nipples, into your pussy, and especially into your asshole and even your pee hole!"

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