The Chronicles of Jesse Adler- Truck Load

by Cly

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Safe Sex, Workplace, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: In this part, Jesse is a young security guard at a warehouse. A trucker comes in during the night and helps her waste some time.

Jesse sat at the table in the little guard shack, staring at the wall boredly. Another night shift. At least this place was pretty simple and quiet. She had to watch the gate should any truckers come by. She would sign them in, tell them which gate had their load, and sign them out when they left. And there were very few truckers who came at night. Hell, the last couple times she'd been made to work this shift, there had been all of one.

Sighing, she leaned back, thinking eagerly about seeing her friend with benefits in the morning. She always visited him when she had this shift, considering how close by he lived to this place. It had her glancing at the clock several times. Time wasn't going by fast enough, so she pulled out her cell phone, texting one of her other friends who also had night shifts. For about an hour they bullshitted with one another, teasing and making jokes about their jobs and the supervisor.

"He's such a perv," she typed out. "Not kidding man. He stares at my ass."

About a minute later came the reply. "He's totally a gnome. A mage gnome."

"Y a mage?" she responded.

Another minute and her phone beeped. "Bcuz he blinks around and he conjures paperwork."

"LOL. Better paperwork than hardons! =)"

As she sat there, Jesse giggled. She could hardly wait to get home and hop on World of Warcraft. Her friend and she had found out their supervisor played, and they teased him mercilessly about the subject.

After a while, a pair of intense head lights lit up the dim shack through the window. Jesse could hear the rumble of a semi-truck's engine. With a sigh, she quickly texted her friend that she had a truck and she'd be back in a bit. If anyone ever saw her with a cell phone and thought to get her in trouble, that would be the way to do it. Stuffing the phone in her pocket, she pulled on the thick coat the security company had given her and stepped out into the cold.

With a bit of a strain, Jesse pushed the large gate open enough for the truck to pull forward into the parking lot. Once it got to the line where they were suppose to stop, she heaved, closing the gate behind it. There was an empty trailer behind this truck, so she made note of it on the clipboard she'd brought out as she walked up to the cabin. It was a big truck, a personally owned one. Some kind of contractor, she figured. The living quarters were larger than the trucks the company offered.

As she got up to the front, the trucker turned on his cabin light, rolling down the window. He leaned out to peer down at her, offering her a charming grin. "Good evening. A bit chilly, isn't it?"

Jesse smiled as a puff of her breath curled around her face, reminding her she needed a cigarette. "Sure is. Wanna tell me what load you're picking up so I can get back in my little cave and warm up?"

The man snickered. He was probably early forties, clean shaven, his hair short cropped but full and thick even though it was grey. There were wrinkles around his eyes, but otherwise he looked good for his age. The wrinkles deepened when he smiled, adding a bit of charm to him. "I've got a load I need to let go."

Jesse blinked, then she laughed at his obviously sexual jest. "I'm sure you do. And I've got just the hole for the job. Just a sec." She chuckled, walking around the front of the truck. She checked the "score board" as the other guards called it, a whiteboard that was updated constantly with each gate that was open or occupied and with what number load to easily and quickly get trucks moved in and out. Finding an open gate, she muttered the number and headed back out as she lit up her cigarette.

The man was digging around in some compartment next to his seat when she came back. She grabbed the side mirror and lifted herself up so she was peering into the window. "Found an open hole for your load," she giggled, making the man jump. He had one of those little computers in his hand that she had seen with other truckers, the ones that remotely told them what loads they were suppose to pick up and where to drop it off.

"Oh, do you now?" he grinned at her again. His teeth were straight and white.

"Gate 52. It's on the other side of the building. Just put it in real gentle, it's been a while since that gate's had a load so big," Jesse teased, winking at the trucker. He was laughing. "When you're leaving, just stop here again, I gotta get you to sign paperwork."

The trucker leaned over closer to her. "Not gonna let me have a clean getaway, eh? Oh well. Actually, I've been told by dispatch I'm not leaving until the trailer gets filled in the morning. Where am I allowed to park for the night?"

Jesse pointed behind her. "In the parking lot. They just ask you don't block the side door."

The man nodded. "Alright, I'll just drop this off. Gotta unload myself in some unsuspecting hole." He grinned, chuckling as Jesse hopped off the truck, watching him go by.

She smiled to herself, shaking her head. At least this trucker seemed to have some class. He didn't outright get lewd with her. Taking a drag of her smoke, she went over to her car, patting it on the spoiler. It sat there so quietly, making her sigh. "Soon, my dear. Just another 6 hours of this sitting around and then we'll be on the road again, tearing up the asphalt and breaking the hearts of them mustangs." She snickered to herself, pulling out her cell phone.

"I need to get my car a porche BF," she texted to her friend.

"LOL. That would be hot. I can see the car babies," he replied a few seconds later.

"Inorite? Doing donuts in front wheel drive not so fun." Once she'd sent that text, she finished her smoke, lighting up another while waiting for the response. When it didn't come, she decided to text something else. "Got a trucker come in, totally hot, dude. Ubber hot. =D"

Her phone beeped before she could put it back in her pocket. "U need to get laid. Like hardcore. LOL."

She laughed, the keys of the phone clicking as she texted in response. "ROFLMAO. Maybe I should use the flashlite as a dildo."

"Oh man. That's so bad. U r so bad. Send me pics." Jesse laughed hard.

"I don't think you're suppose to be texting at work."

Jesse glanced behind her. The trucker had not only parked nearby, but had snuck up behind her while she'd been occupied with her text conversation. She slipped the phone into her pocket hurriedly, which only made the man laugh. "Don't worry. I won't say anything. I know these jobs can be boring. I was gonna ask if I might be able to bum a smoke off you? Didn't have the chance to stop and get a pack myself."

Jesse smiled. "Sure, I'm sure that's the reason." She winked at him as she pulled out her pack, offering him a cigarette.

"Thanks," he grunted, smiling at her. She offered him her own cigarette to help him get his lit, taking it when he handed it back. Then he shrugged. "Can't I stand around and have a conversation with the night guard? You got anything better to do with your night?"

Jesse clicked her tongue, raising her brow at him. "I got six more hours before I get relieved. If you wanna stay up I don't mind the company. Helps me stay awake."

"I don't have anything better to do, myself." He took a long drag, peering at her closely, mostly at her chest which was well defined even under her uniform shirt since she had her jacket open.

Jesse grinned at him. "Staring's not polite," she teased.

"Oh sorry, but it's like they have a gravitional field, they're just pulling my eyes to them," he chuckled.

Jesse laughed, shaking her head. "You're so lucky I think that's funny, dude." She turned away from him, heading to the honeybucket behind the shack, flicking her cigarette away into the frozen grass. Once she was done with her business, the trucker had finished his cigarette, so she turned toward the shack and he followed after her.

Jesse glanced at him as he closed the door behind him. He was well built, a little taller than she was. He removed his jacket, revealing broad shoulders and a lean body. He wore a blue button up shirt, his forearms well muscled. It suddenly made her nervous just as much as it aroused her, but she turned away, taking off her jacket and sitting down to write out all the various things she had to document. The trucker sat in the plastic chair in the corner next to the door.

"You said there was paper work I needed to fill out before I could leave. Maybe I can get that done now rather than later?" His voice was pleasant, not too deep or too pitched, not annoyingly loud or hard to hear soft.

Jesse glanced back at him, then shrugged, digging through the drawer of the desk for another pen as the one she had was dying. "Sure. It'll waste all of a couple minutes. I'll need your driver's license." She held up the sheet she was filling out. "And before you ask why the answer is because it says so right here. I don't make the rules, I just follow orders."

The trucker laughed as he pulled his wallet out of his pocket. "Shouldn't I be carding you?" he snickered, then added teasingly as he handed her his license, "Are you good at following orders?"

She flashed him a smile. "I'm old enough to drink, don't worry about that. And sometimes I follow orders, if I can find a man who knows how to give them," she laughed. "Most boys don't know their dicks from their asses, though, so they can make orders all they want, I just whip 'em." She turned away, filling out the paperwork. "What a way to introduce yourself, Austin. Had to give me your ID before I could get your name." She glanced back at him with a grin.

He shrugged with a good natured expression. "Well, you haven't offered your name. Should I just call you 'guard lady?'"

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