The Gems -- Jade
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Rape, Slavery, Fiction,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Gems are a new series. I am using the first as my Nanowrimo submission. I am hoping that this story will spur my imagination and get me back into writing. Jade is the oldest of the Gems. She has given much of herself to keep her sisters safe. Now that they are older, she rents her services out to the highest bidder and does things that no one else could. But will she meet her match when she rescues a king?

The sound of the big cat brought a smile to the lips of the bent figure who made slow progress towards the gates of the huge black city. It was a Mecca of cosmopolitan splendor, one the figure was ill pressed to partake of. He could already smell the smoke of the massive cooking fires and hear the cries of the women out to hawk their wares.


The figure stopped, keeping the cowl pulled tightly around his face He didn't even glance up when he saw the heavily booted feet of the gate guard come into his field of vision. He bowed his head even lower but kept his silence.

"What is your business in the city?"

The guard's tone was dismissive and haughty and the figure kept his head down, biting back the smile that wanted to cross his face. When he didn't answer right away, the guard got even more indignant and put his fingers on the cloaked figure's chest, giving him a small push.

"I'm speaking to you! You answer a gate guard's questions or you'll find yourself uncomfortably placed in the city's dungeon!"

"I'm sorry sir. I'm sorry. My son is mostly deaf and mute and he has a terrible habit of walking away from me in crowds like this. Please, sir." The rotund little man put his hand on the cloaked figure's arm, patting it gently and then taking it and putting it over his. "I will take better care of him. I promise." He took the staff he'd been carrying and put it into the hands of his son. With one more quick bobbing bow, he led the figure around the guard and through the gates.

"You never told him..."

The figure's voice was low and husky, a decided note of amusement causing the small man to stop and act as if he were going to turn around. "If you want me to..."

"No ... Come on, Jarvis. I..."

"Was making a joke, yes, I know. I just liked my punch line better." He put his arm around the taller, slender figure inside the voluminous robes. "Come on, boy. Remember, you're a deaf mute so stay quiet."

"This job isn't going to take too much longer, so you'd do well to remember that

Jarvis." He felt the paunchy older man laugh and barely restrained the curse that wanted to pass his lips. "Let's just get this done."

"You'll get no arguments from me."

They made their way through the high gates, the old man craning his neck to stare at the thick wooden supports and the guard walkway that looked over the outside of the gates. This city was protected and almost impenetrable. Or at least that's what its builders thought. He grinned knowing that Cassianna would throw one of her blackest fits when she realized that her prisoner had flown.

"Through there." He pointed through a stone arch that led to one of the more populated areas of town. There were more people walking, people that glanced at them curiously before dismissing them as not of their class or worthy of their time. They were stopped once, a guard that wore the black witch's colors proudly.


The two stopped. "Oh my lord, what did you need from us, your poor servants?"

"What business do you have here?" The guard stepped closer his hand reaching out to touch the cowl that covered the slender figures head.

"My son has a disease, my lord. We are going to see Doctor Hammond. His office is close to the castle."

The guard dropped his hand though he didn't step back. "What sort of disease?"

Jarvis almost grunted when the younger man leant against him, his hand coming up to cover his mouth. The sounds coming from under the cowl was more laughter than cough. "It is of the wasting variety sir, we aren't sure which one but the doctor is leaning toward leprosy."

"Leprosy!" The guard stepped back, his face horrified. "Go quickly!"

"We will, kind sir. I thank you for your concern." Jarvis helped his companion as if the younger man was incredibly weak. They made their doddering way staying closer to the center of the cobbled street and weren't stopped again.

"I thank you for your concern..." the younger man snorted. "Oh Jarvis, you might have missed your calling. I think you should have gone on stage."

"I'd thought of it. Then I was told that I would be perfect for the female lead in the production that I tried out for and decided that it wasn't for me." He felt his companion shaking and knew it was laughter. "I'd watch yourself, I might find that this will be the last I'll work with you."

"I'm s-sorry. Jarvis, you've got to know..."

"It's through here."

They turned with a brief glance at the occupants of the street. The alley was dirty as if all of the city decided to dump their refuse there. Jarvis' face turned white and he curled his lip in disgust.

"I might not make it past this mission..." He gagged and then glared at his hooded companion. "This isn't funny."

"No, mom, it isn't." He flinched and glanced up, giving Jarvis a glimpse of green eyes and black bangs.

"I could be sitting in my corner at Paurick's enjoying a pint of his finest and a nicely cooked joint of meat right now. Instead you had to come and drag me out of there to do this." He gestured around again and then pushed his fist against his mouth as he gagged again. "That's it, Jade. This is the last one, if we make it out of this, we're done."

Jade said nothing, only stopped and pulled something out of his boot. He slid it into an ancient looking lock and fumbled with it a few times before the lock clicked and fell open. "Never fails..." He lifted the small piece of metal and then slid it back into his boot.

"You still have that stappen slimy piece of metal?" Jarvis rubbed at his forehead and then tugged on the tight wig he was wearing. "How you ever talked me into this I will never know."

His companion reached out and pulled on the older man's robes. "Complain later. Let's just find him and then get out of here."

"And you think I complain..." He snorted and then followed his cohort through the small gate and then down a long passageway that was dirty and foul with the squeak of rats and the harsh squeal of bats. "Why can't we ever take a mission that sends us to the beaches of Isfawn? I've heard the sands are incredibly soft and the waters are an amazing shade of blue and warm from the sun. Oh, and the women..." He sighed heavily.

"I'll have you buried there if your constant grumbling gets us killed." They walked purposefully through the filth only stopping as they came to a thick, studded door. Jade slid close, bending to peer quickly through the small opening. "Charity is earning her pay."

"Then let's not give her overtime." Jarvis gestured toward the door that was unguarded due to Charity's sex appeal and voracious appetites and waited until Jade pulled out his sneak key. They went through the door and down the dark, dank corridor. "This one, Jade."

Jade glanced inside the barred window and then picked the lock and pulled back the bar that kept the cell door closed. There was a man hanging from chains across from them, his hair long and ratty, his nude body thin and covered in welts. His eyes were dull when he finally looked up. He showed little interest in them until Jarvis pulled loose the rope that had held his jerkin closed.

"You're going to need more than that skinny boy over there if you try it old man." His voice was raspy and hoarse and the man's lips split and began to bleed.

Jarvis pulled out another robe from under his jerkin. He started toward the gaunt prisoner, stopping to quickly bob a bow. "No, your highness. My friend and I are going to get you out of here. Jade, we could use a bit of your magic here."

The robed figure moved toward the chained man. "Your highness, this will only take a moment." The robe slid down and revealed slender arms and graceful hands. She pushed back her cowl, jade green eyes intent upon the metal shackles.

"You ... You're a girl?"

Lush lips curved into a smile, a pert, upturned nose wrinkled just the tiniest bit. "I am?" Her heart-shaped face tipped up and green eyes surrounded by thick lashes met his. "Well tardion hell, I guess I am. Jarvis, why didn't you tell me that I'm female?"

Jarvis sighed and shook his head even as he held onto King Dax of the Da'Nesh kingdom. Cassianna, the high sorceress of the outer borders had snuck into his kingdom and struck, capturing the castle with no fight, no loss of life except that which amused Cassianna.

It amused her a great deal.

Many innocents had been strung up, tortured and raped at Cassianna's word. She'd watched, played with and killed with little provocation. Man, woman or child, none were safe from her persecution.

Her perversion was something Dax had great personal knowledge of and something he was loath to remember. He kept his head lowered, staring at his rescuers through his stringy, matted hair. The woman was beautiful, but it was an off-handed sort of beauty, as if she cared little about her looks. It was a natural beauty with tawny skin and a light rash of freckles across her nose.

As he stared at her the feeling grew stronger, he knew he'd seen her somewhere before. It just escaped him of the where and the when. He heaved a sigh of relief as his wrist slipped from the first of the heavy iron shackles, though he was too weak to stand on his own and he was grateful for the older man's arm around his waist.

However, feeling the warmth of the robe over his shoulders, even though it stung the marks left from one of the many beatings he'd received was an even greater relief. When his second wrist slipped free, he almost fell, only to feel the girl hold him up. She was strong or he had lost more weight than he'd realized.

"Thank you."

"Think nothing of it, highness. Do you think you'll be strong enough to walk out of here on your own?"

Dax took a deep breath and stepped away from the supporting hands. For a moment, he worried that maybe he wasn't going to be, that his rescue would be foiled by weakness. Then he clenched his teeth and forced his body to take another step away. If he had to do this on will power alone, he would. "What of my people?"

Jade let her hands drop. "We are taking you to the Ra'Fen kingdom, highness. They have offered you succor and the help you will need to retake your lands.

He nodded and then pulled the robe even snugger around his shoulders, hissing as the material pulled open a few wounds that were partially healed. "Then let's leave this cursed place. When the castle is mine once more, I will have this..." He glanced around once more " ... destroyed."

Jade reached out, carefully raising the king's cowl and tugging on it to hide his face. "Jarvis will have hold of you, highness. I will be on point. If you feel weak or lose your balance, he will help you. I will keep the guards occupied so that you can leave the city safely. No matter what, sire, keep your head down and do not say a word.

"Y-yes." He took a deep breath, catching her scent. She smelled so clean, so fresh. He wanted to get closer. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. It had to be because he had been kept in this damn dungeon for so very long and away from the fairer sex. He'd been something of a ladies' man and he'd had his choice of companions to grace his bed. But as far as he could remember, this woman seemed to put the rest of them to shame. "I can do this."

"Yes, my liege, you can." Jarvis reached out and took Dax' arm. "We go out the door and to the left then we'll follow the passage and out through a gate. From there, it's just a short walk to the outside gate of the castle. In a small clearing we have horses waiting. You just have to stay on your feet until then."

He nodded and then realized that they couldn't see his nod. "Yes, I understand." His voice was weak and hoarse and Jade glanced at Jarvis before pulling off her own hooded robe and tugging free a bottle from its depths. She headed back toward the King and pulled the stopper from the bottle with her teeth.

"Here, highness. Drink this, it will help you make it through this part of the trip." She tipped the bottle to his lips, trying to keep the amber liquid from any of the numerous sores that were there. She allowed the frail man a scarce few swallows before pulling the bottle away.

The fire from the liquid burst through his emaciated body and Dax felt for a moment as if they had a chance to make it from here alive. He knew better, of course, but at least this way, he might have the chance to at least fight this monster who'd done nothing but maim and kill his people with little concern as to who they were. Cassianna cared little for the things that mattered so much to the people she killed. She showed no sign of humanity as she watched men and women be torn apart in her chamber of horrors. She killed heartlessly which made her even more of a monster.

It was hard to fight someone who terrified his people so.

He would find a way. For now, though, he had to make it out the gates and keep up the pace set by his rescuers. When they paused at the edge of the small alley that led to the dungeon doors, he was really surprised to see Jade push back the robes and then hand them to Jarvis.

Jade was dressed in little more than a few triangles of rough leather, held together by beaded strings. Her skin was smooth and golden and he felt his palms itch to touch it. Her dark hair fell about her shoulders in satiny waves. All he could think of was how it would feel against his chest as she moved above him, fucking him with a zeal that he could see in her eyes. He glanced down at himself and grimaced. It had been ages since he'd bathed with anything more than the bucket of cold water that Cassianna threw over him when he'd lose consciousness. She hated to feel cheated when the pain got too much for him to take.

"Y-You can't mean to let ... let her go like that?"

Jarvis burst out laughing. "One thing you'll learn about Jade, highness, she never is let to do anything.

"Oh come on, Jarvis, you are going to give his highness the wrong idea about me. Sire, I very much enjoy obeying orders if they are given the right way and if I agree with them." She brushed some grime off the curve of her hips before turning a slow circle in front of them. "Did I get it all?"

"Jadeā€”that's enough."

She glanced over at Jarvis and sighed. "All right, fine. Wait until you hear the signal and then the way should be cleared." She tightened the belt at her waist, patting her knife and sword. Then she skipped away from the two men.


Jarvis glanced up at the robe covered king. "You'll know it when you hear it. Have no fears, highness. Jade has more lives than a cat and she's just as slippery. She'll be waiting for us in the clearing, probably complaining about how long it took for us to get there.

"She's either brave or foolhardy." Dax managed to say.

"I know from firsthand experience, she has a lot of both qualities, highness."



"I think you have earned the right to use my given name. It's Dax or Daxton."

"I am honored, highness ... Dax. Thank you."

Dax nodded his head, his breathing a harsh rasp. His mouth was so dry it felt as if his tongue would crack. Each step he took was a sheer effort of the control he had on his body. The sharp sting of the cloth of the robe on his welts was a blessing. It kept him awake, focused. He could feel the first hint of dizziness pushing against the iron will he was exerting upon himself and he prayed he would at least make it to the horse before he collapsed.

They walked through the inside gates and out of the more populated area of the kingdom. There was a decided lack of men in the roadway that led to the outer gates. Even the gate guards had fled their posts, more interested in what was going on along the outer walls.


Jarvis grinned. "That girl could sashay out of the kingdom with all of Cassianna's wealth and no one would stop her. She has the luck of the gods and the face and body of an angel."

"I shall keep an eye on my purse strings, at least I will when I have them." He took a step and then another, forcing himself to stay upright though it was only by Jarvis's strength that he stayed on his feet. "I will owe you and Jade everything, Jarvis."

Jarvis chuckled. "I need little. A pint and a fire on a cold night, a roof to cover me in the rain and a soft pillow for my head. Oh, yes, a fine woman to take care of my... 'er ... other needs. Jade hired me for this mission, Dax. You owe me nothing."

"A simple man wanting simple pleasures, I used to long for that kind of life." Dax reached up and brushed a strand of matted hair away from his face.

"But ... you are king?"

"No more. Cassianna now rules my people. I am little more than another simple peasant and shall have to find a way to earn my pay and make enough to pay for the army it will take to reclaim my throne. Even with the help of King Sebastian, it will take time. That is something my people have very little. I watched as many able-bodied men were worked until they dropped and then left out on the fields either dying or dead. The women were used as prostitutes for Cassianna's men, no one was safe." Dax's voice trailed off and he was glad for the cowl that covered his face. The memories of the atrocities performed under Cassianna's insistence struck too close to home.

Jarvis was silent also, though his silence came at the sudden outcry of a man and the harsh growl of a crowd. He was tense and he waited for some sign.

There was the rough screech of a hawk and Jarvis relaxed. "Jade is leading them off the other way, Dax. She's safe. We just have to get through the gates. Hang on to this." He handed Dax the sturdy walking stick.

Jade stalked through the busy streets of the bustling town, a determined grace in her every move. She made contact with every man she came across, singing an odd tune. It enchanted the men and they followed along behind her willingly. She found a spot in the town wall that she could see through and proceeded to hold court.

The men fell at her feet, begging for the least little favor. She was cautious, knowing that men were slaves to the passions of women and could become dangerous when imbibed with too much of her special brand of magic.

"Oh, milady, please, we beg of you. What is your name?" They began to chant until she felt the wall behind her tremble at their volume.

"I am Lady Jayda Rose. Most call me Jade or," her eyes brightened, "the Black Rose." She spun and smiled, her eyes traversing from the men who stood in a semi-circle in front of her and the two that were even now making their slow process into the woods near the road. The perfect tattoo of a black rose, it's thorned stem curving down her back to end below the tiny breech cloth she was wearing was evident beneath the silk of her hair. She fended off hands and questions with an innate grace until she saw her companions disappear from sight. The castle bell hadn't rang as of yet and it was time to lead these men far from the path they had every intention of taking.

She ran toward the nearest of the big men and pushed herself off of his barrel-like chest. He oomphed and grunted as she did an easy back flip and twisted in mid-air. Her hands found purchase upon the crumbling wall and she easily pulled herself up. "If you want me, you have to catch me." She giggled and then blew a kiss to the assembled men. Turning, she ran easily through the crumbling mortar of the ruined wall, skipping over the pointed stakes that were slowly taking its place. She turned to throw one more jeer their way. "If you catch me, you can kiss me."

"I'll have more than a kiss from you, beauty."

"She'll feel the weight of me between those sleek thighs!"

The words seemed to whip the mob into a frenzy, exactly what Jade had hoped. She hopped lithely down from the wall and raced toward the surrounding forest, leading the men further from the King and her companion. When she was sure that all the men were following her, she ran toward one of the trees and leapt for a hanging vine. It took little time for her to shimmy up it and disappear in the dense foliage of the canopy above. Within moments, she'd changed her course and quickly caught up with Jarvis and the King.

"You're slower than I'd thought." It was the only warning either of the man had that she was swinging down and onto her horse, the one that was ridden by the King.

"Farden hell, Jade." Jarvis rubbed one hand over his chest. "One of these days you are going to do that and I'm going to end up dead at your feet. Than how would you feel?"

She wrapped her arms around the King, frowning at how easily they went around the man. "I would probably feel better than you since you'll be dead." She smiled as she heard the King grunt. "Sire, if you aren't comfortable with me riding behind you..."

"N ... No. It ... It's fine."

"We'll ride until you are too tired, Sire. Than Jarvis and I will set up a tent for you. Hopefully the trip won't be too much for you."

"I'm ... I'm sure it won't be." He swallowed harshly and forced himself to sit up, refusing to add his weight to her own. He could feel her, the soft shape of her breasts pressing against his back, the silkiness of her thighs outside his own. She smelled like sweet spice and her body pressed against his with little shyness.

"Where are you from? Do your people allow you to do these things often?" He clenched his teeth as a rhythmic trill of laughter slid from between her lush lips.

"My people? I'm sorry, highness. I am not laughing at you. It's just it is not often I'm thought to have people. My parents were killed before my eyes and my people were decimated by an army from across the sea. I ... was forced to ... please our conqueror."

"I am sorry, Jade. Was there no one left to save you or to care for you?"

Jade laughed again and carefully hugged her arms around him a bit closer. "I saved myself Highness. I have been saving and caring for myself since I was small. I don't think I would know how to handle having someone care for me or about me."

Jarvis chuckled as well. "I met Jade when someone wanted to care for her. Lucky for them, I was close by. She tried to take their heads off without the aid of her sword."

"Damn busybody..."

Dax felt a spurt of something strange. It flew up his throat and burst out of his mouth. It took him a moment to realize the he was laughing too. It had been so damn long since he'd had a reason to laugh. After the original shock, he threw back his head and let it roll from his body, tears of laughter and of pain streamed down his face.

When he finally calmed, he realized how completely exhausted he was. The walk to the horses and then trying to stay seated upon the gray gelding Jarvis helped him on, a thing that used to be second nature to him, had his vision blurring and his eyes closing despite his struggle. "Jade..."

"Relax, I'll hold you. I won't let you fall."

Her voice was soft, silky smooth and irresistible, her scent more than enticing. He felt as if, finally, he could hope. With that happy thought he felt himself relaxing against her as the deep blackness of sleep took him.

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