My Undead Girlfriend
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Vampires, Oral Sex,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - For Robert, Halloween is a haunting reminder of a love best forgotten, until a beautiful vampire offers him a second chance at happiness. There's only one catch -- She's not wearing a costume.

"Who are you?" Tinkerbell wondered, tapping me on the shoulder with her small, green wand.

"Robert Redford." I raised my voice with the music. "Do you live here?"

"You don't look like Robert Redford," she decided, taking in my ordinary trousers, loosened tie, and rolled up sleeves.

"That's because it's a Halloween party," I half-shouted. "I'm wearing my guy-next-door costume."

"Oh!" She nodded eagerly. "It's a good one!"

"Thanks," I said, leaning closer. "Who lives here?"

"I don't know," she replied. "You wanna dance?"

"Maybe later."

My nose itched beneath a cloud of bitter smoke. Cloves, pot, maybe something burning on the stove? The music made me wince. I didn't particularly care for crowds and I didn't know my neighbors. I'd never borrowed a cup of sugar or gotten their morning paper by mistake. They were strangers with a stereo, that's all I knew, and I had to work in the morning.

"You need an orgasm!" Frankenstein's monster shoved a plastic cup into my hand. Something pink with a pale froth sloshed around, spilling over my fingers.

"Do you live here?" I asked him.

"You like my bolts?" He pointed at his neck. "Super glue. They're never coming off."

"Good for you."

"Yeah. I like your costume, too," he said. "You almost had me fooled."

"How's that?" I narrowed my eyes.

"You're pretending to be straight, right?" He chuckled. "You want to get out of here? We could go someplace more private and..."

"No, that's okay," I said, handing him the cup. "Excuse me."

I had to admit that a gay Frankenstein did frighten me a little, but that's the price one pays for living in Manhattan, I suppose. Halloween. I hated the word. It brought back too many bad memories. Well, it only brought back one, to be honest, but so far as bad memories go...

"Hey!" a vampire interrupted my flashback before it even got started. There were a number of those around and she was by far the best, in my opinion.

"Hey there." I returned her smile. "Do you ... mmmph!"

She kissed me full on the mouth.

"Sorry. I had to do it," she said with an apologetic shrug. Her eyes rolled upward and I followed them.

"Mistletoe?" I asked, seeing a leafy twig dangling by a string.

"Hemlock!" She laughed lightly, showing off her fangs. "It's Halloween! I'm Shelly. Great costume."

"I'm Robert, um ... You like it?"

"Serial killer, right?" Shelly smoothed my tie. "They always look so normal."

"Right," I agreed, chuckling. "Do you live here?"

"Uh-uh." She shook her head. "I came with some friends."


"They dared me to introduce myself," she said. "See? That's Jen and Heather, the blonde girls, and Amy."

"Sure." I kept smiling because she did make a very attractive vampire. I rather admired the swell of her breasts as they threatened to break free of her leather corset.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Excuse me? Uh ... No." I narrowed my eyes. "Why?"

"Amy was curious about it." Shelly glanced at her three friends.

We both turned our heads, and she grinned at the looks on their faces as they realized we were talking about them. They looked like high school girls to me, probably because they'd dressed up like Disney princesses. Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty, I thought, but I couldn't be sure.

"Which one's Amy?"

"The black haired girl," Shelly replied. "She's pretty, huh?"

"Yeah," I agreed. "Not too scary, though."

"What about me?" She arched her eyebrows, inviting my open appreciation as she posed briefly. "Hey, um..."

I bent my head as she leaned close enough to whisper above the steady rumble of the music. I found my face in her raven hair, soft and smelling of something bitter-sweet, like over-ripe fruit.

"How big is your dick?" she asked.

I jerked my head back, staring into Shelly's exotic eyes. They were crystal clear and gray, almost white, with tiny black pupils floating in the center. They must have been contacts, obviously, and Shelly had gone all out with her costume, unlike me. She had a pert nose, high cheeks, and wore a lot of makeup, expertly applied, and the girl must have known how attractive she looked. I mean, she wasn't shy at all.

"Okay, you're getting scary now," I said, but she didn't seem to hear me.

"Heather wants to know," she explained, turning her eyes downward for a second. She might have been blushing, but I couldn't tell.

"She does?"

"Uh-huh." Shelly smiled and put her lips close to my ear, again. "She says you play with it every morning."

"What? No! I don't, uh ... I never..." I looked at her friends. Two of them meant nothing to me, but the one on the left, sipping a wine cooler, she seemed vaguely familiar.

"Never?" Shelly asked in a chiding tone, and then spoiled it with a giggle.

"The girl on the left?" I nodded towards Cinderella. "That's Heather?

"From the bus," she reminded me. "So ... How big is it?"

"Yeah." I glanced around the room before turning my head, breathing the words into Shelly's hair. "I don't know, maybe ... Seven?"


"I never measured it," I told her, and then straightened, looking anywhere else and wishing I hadn't given that drink back. My hands were lonely all of a sudden.

"Okay." Shelly nodded. "It's a dumb question anyway, right?"

"Well..." I cleared my throat, thinking this would be a good time to go back home. I didn't know what sort of game this might be and I wasn't very comfortable with it. Why had I answered her question in the first place?

"I don't blame you."

"Blame me for what?"

"For playing with your dick," she said, sweeping her loose hair back with a casual left hand.

She wore no wedding ring, nothing to suggest she might have a boyfriend, and I had to believe that's what she wanted to tell me. The gesture seemed calculated that way, much like her eyes and breasts, the tilt of her hips as I followed her fingers down the leather and across her briefly exposed tummy. Shelly wore a black skirt, an old one by the look of it, made of linen beneath a shadow of lace. Stockings and heels, open toes painted blood red like her fingernails, like her lips. A Goth goddess teasing mortal me.

"How old are you?" I asked, hoping she would be flattered, rather than amused.

"Old enough," she replied with a playful shrug. "Can I have your phone number?"


"Your phone number."

"Why?" I asked, probably looking even more surprised than I sounded.

"Oh, I don't know," she confessed. "It's, um ... like a college thing. I just have to collect a bunch of phone numbers from guys."

"You're in a sorority or something?"

"Yeah. Like that," she agreed. "I'm not gonna call you or anything. I mean, you don't want strange girls calling you, right?"

"I guess not, um..." I tried not to show her the disappointment I felt.

I'd never been asked for my number by a pretty college coed before, not even when I'd been in college. Shelly looked gorgeous, too, even as she smiled through a mask of regret for treating me so unfairly. At least, I hoped she felt some regret, because it meant she might actually decide to call, if only to apologize. Did I really want sympathy?

"How about my office number?" I reached for my wallet. "I can give you my business card."

A moment later, after an awkward silence, that seemed like the single stupidest thing I'd ever done in my life. Giving Shelly a business card? And I wondered why my neighbors hadn't bothered to invite me to their Halloween party. Right! I blamed a girl named Marilee for that, just like I blamed her for everything else that was wrong with my life.

"Where are you going?"

I looked up from my keys, turning my head to the right as Shelly pulled the neighbor's door shut behind her.

"You snuck out. Don't you like Halloween?"

"I'm glad it only comes around once a year," I replied. "How about that?"

She laughed, slowly walking towards me like a little girl. Heel to toe, turning her hips as she dragged her fingernails along the wall.

"Are you stalking me?" I asked, smiling back at her.

"I'm a vampire, remember?" She shrugged. "It's what I do."

"You're a good one," I assured her, wondering what she looked like the rest of the time. Would I recognize her if we passed on the street?

I turned the key and snapped the deadbolt open, but that's all I did. Mostly, I enjoyed the way her eyes reflected the faux gas lamps lighting the hallway. They gave her steady gaze a warmth that that she otherwise lacked, and her complexion, as well. Shelly wasn't the first girl I'd ever found myself attracted to, and I'd known a few who were interested in me, but this was the first time since Marilee that I'd felt a desire to do something about it.

"Do you want to invite me in?" she asked, paused a scant few feet away and licking her lips.

"What about your friends?"

"I barely know them," she said, which I didn't really believe. "Please?"

"Alright." I cleared my throat and opened the door.

"You have to invite me, though."

"Okay." I smiled self-consciously. "Shelly, uh ... Would you like to come in?"

"Thank you." She returned my smile, slipping past me and turning as I followed.

I'd barely closed the door behind us when she pushed my shoulders against it, pressing her body to mine as we kissed. A split second of confusion gave way to something else entirely as I opened for Shelly's delicate tongue. My hands found her hips, my thumbs caressing bare skin above her skirt, and she felt cool and dry, and soft as silk.

We were close to the same height and she tilted her head with a deep throated purr, sealing her moist lips around mine. Shelly explored my mouth as I felt my trapped erection straining beneath the pressure. She'd pushed against me with her pelvis and my hands slid naturally around the girl to find her firm ass through the lace and linen. She seemed a perfect fit as I spread my fingers, squeezing and pulling her even closer.

The leather of her corset moved against my chest, stiff and softly creaking as her slender shoulders would twist and turn with our kiss. Shelly made love to my mouth with every part of her, it seemed, and held me trapped against the door. Her tongue slipped over and around my own, teasing and tickling me. When she retreated, I followed eagerly, chasing her tongue from my mouth into hers. I discovered her moist and surprisingly cool inside, and tasting much like she smelled. The rusty, bitter-sweet flavor couldn't distract me, however, not at all. If anything, it only enhanced the experience, like a pleasant surprise for my overwhelmed senses.

I drew a ragged breath through my nose, exhaling into her lungs as I played my tongue around her theatrical fangs. They surprised me as well, since I'd forgotten all about them, and they felt almost real. Sharp, too, as Shelly's tongue wriggled beneath mine, pushing upwards as if inviting me to prick myself on those twin needles. I felt no pain, but her mouth seemed to blossom with warmth and passion. We were sharing a kiss unlike anything I'd ever known before and neither of us were in a hurry to break it.

At moment later, when I began to work Shelly's skirt upward, pawing through the layers, she didn't stop me. She closed her lips around my tongue, nursing gently as I kept it stiffly extended. She moved her head as if sucking a cock, moaning and swallowing the saliva filling her mouth. I'd reached the hem of her skirt and her bare skin underneath. I ran my hands across her ass, smooth and perfectly formed to my blind exploration. I slipped my fingers between her round cheeks and found nothing but naked Shelly. She wore no panties, not even a thong, and my middle finger teased the buttery ring of her anus.

Still, she didn't stop me, not until I bent my knees, trying to extend my reach and bring my fingertips to her vulnerable sex. My cock ached and I had the urge to reach between us and free my erection. I could fuck her right there in the foyer, lift Shelly in my arms and turn, pinning her against the wall as I thrust inside her. That was my plan, the only desperate one I had, leaving no room for anything but lust. I didn't care that we'd just met, that I knew nothing about her and didn't even have a condom. I only knew I wanted her.

"Wait," she breathed, releasing my tongue and panting the words across my flushed face. "Where's your bedroom?"

"That way," I replied, picking her up the way I'd imagined, and for the same, but less immediate reason.

"You taste good," she sighed, kissing my face with her legs wrapped around my thighs. She clung to my neck and I cradled her ass, walking her through my apartment.

I put her on my bed, fumbling for the bedside lamp, but Shelly stopped me. Her fingers worked to open my trousers and loosen my belt by the midtown lights beyond my windows. I straddled her body on my hands and knees, everything else forgotten as I lowered my lips to hers. I couldn't kiss Shelly enough and even the realization that I did indeed taste my own blood couldn't stop me from entering her mouth with my tongue. She'd opened my pants and I felt her cool hand tugging at my erection, drawing me between her spread thighs.

The thought of safe sex flew through my mind, and pregnancy, as well. I might have suggested something, but I didn't know what, and in truth, I filled her mouth with my tongue in the hopes of stifling any rational protests on her part. I didn't have to worry, though. Shelly's skirt had been pulled upward, just as my trousers and boxers had been pulled down. We were clothed and clumsy as she teased us both, rubbing the tip of my cock across and around her vulva. I felt Shelly's soft pubic hair and the intimate flesh beneath. The tight mouth of her sex seemed too small at first, but she quickly surrendered as I began to push with my hips. As unlikely as it sounds, I'd been a virgin until that moment.

We made love frantically, both of us moving towards the sort of shared climax most people can only dream about. We were close and it took only a few minutes before I felt her legs tighten, knees bent and pressing into my ribs. She groaned and kissed my ear, my jaw, and finally my neck as I arched my back. I felt her sex moist and comfortably cool, although my own body had grown flushed and damp with sweat. As the walls of her sex closed around my cock, I held myself deep and gave myself to the raw pleasure of my first orgasm inside a woman. My semen seemed to explode out of my body and into hers with such a glorious release that I barely felt the needles piercing my neck.

I didn't understand what it meant. I thought Shelly was kissing me, that's all. Her legs closed around my hips, holding my cockhead as near to her womb as possible. Her arms were around my shoulders, trapping me in a vise-like grip that I didn't try to fight at all, not at first. My heart, already beating as quickly as it ever had in my life, refused to slow. I felt light headed and dizzy as she stole oxygen-rich blood from my carotid artery.

Something was wrong and I pushed against the mattress, pulling her head up with me as Shelly refused to let me go. I could feel it every time she swallowed, the pressure as she drew heavily upon the wound. My arms weakened and I collapsed onto her breasts. I might have tried to cry out for help, but perhaps I only imagined that. The lights were going out and it felt good to close my eyes. My last thought, barely coherent and hardly reasonable, was to wonder how my penis could remain erect inside her when every other part of me felt so tired.

"You're awake," she whispered, smiling down at me. "I was beginning to wonder."

My cock strained against the tight warmth of Shelly's pussy. That's the first thing I noticed, like waking up with a morning erection, the sensations were almost dreamlike. We were naked, both of us, and she seemed a pale, ghostly shadow as she rode me in the predawn light. Her upturned breasts rose and fell in time with her rocking hips. Her palms were on my chest, over my beating heart, and I found my own hands going to Shelly's waist. Not to push her away, but to pinch her warm flesh and keep her impaled on my erection.

"You bit me," I breathed. "Your costume, it's not..."

"It's not a costume," she agreed, smiling to show me her teeth. "You have a strong heart. That's good, Bobby. A strong cock, too."

"You're a vampire!" I said, dumbly, knowing it couldn't possibly be true. Such things aren't real. They don't exist, I reminded myself. They can't.

"Trick or treat," she said, laughing lightly as she rolled her ass, grinding her burning sex around my penis. Shelly wasn't cool anymore, neither inside nor outside, but as warm with life as anyone else.

"That's impossible," I protested, gasping the words with a sudden sense of revulsion.

The truth of it, the shock and horror of who and what Shelly truly was, filled me with despair. I tried to push her away. She wasn't human, not a beautiful young woman at all, but a thing. She was an undead creature that had supped on my blood, consumed a part of my life, perhaps even my soul.

"Get off me!" I said, pushing at her with my arms, trying to roll over and get away.

"Shhhh..." She grabbed my wrists, using her strength and my own helpless position to control me easily.

Shelly stretched my arms over my head, bending forward with my swollen cock still inside her. I didn't know why my body had to betray me that way, but it did. Shelly continued to move, rocking back and forth with her breasts flattened against my chest. Her mouth covered mine and I shook my head, but she chased me, giggling as if we were playing a game. Her tongue filled my mouth and when I tried to bite her, she pulled back and bit my lower lip.

I felt her fangs sharp and cold, and she suckled my bloody lip while she came. Her sex seemed to collapse around my cock, contracting rapidly and pulling me towards my own unwanted and inevitable orgasm. My erection jerked deep inside her and Shelly fed me her tongue once more. This time I didn't do anything but accept her passionate kiss, tasting my blood and even swallowing it while her undead womb nursed on my living sperm.

I'd been raped and I wept as she let my cock slip free of her cum gorged sex.

"You're a great little fuck, Bobby," Shelly said, kissing my tear stained cheek. "We're gonna have to do this again sometime, okay? Happy Halloween!"

I kept my eyes closed as she left with another precious, heart wrenching giggle. I lay there as the sun rose, unmoving except to curl up on my side and hug a pillow. I slept briefly, but only fitfully as cruel dreams assaulted my subconscious. Perverse dreams of Shelly sinking her teeth into my neck while we fucked, drinking my blood and semen until I was a lifeless shell of a man.

I woke up sweating and breathless, with my eyes wet and my cock throbbing painfully. The blood from my lip hadn't completely dried and it felt cool and sticky on my skin. I wondered what my neck looked like and I glanced around to see my sheets and pillows stained red. But I didn't get up or try to clean myself, not until the alarm clock forced me to make a decision.

Tuesday. Shoot. I had to go to work, but not on the bus.

"When are you going to find a woman and settle down?" my mother asked, and not for the first time.

"I don't know," I replied, shifting uncomfortably in my chair.

"You've been saying that since you were three," she complained. "Where did you leave your toys? I don't know. How come you didn't get an A in math?"

"That was seven years ago, Mom."

"I don't know," she answered. "Why did that lovely Marilee Johnson marry your best friend? What did you say, Robert?"

"I don't know," I sighed.

Bringing up Marilee was kind of a low blow. She'd been my first and only girlfriend, until she'd announced that my best friend had knocked her up. I'd never even gotten a peek at third base. She's the reason I'd stayed a virgin all those years. The reason I hated Halloween, too, since she'd made her confession dressed as a sexy devil, pitchfork and all. That should have been a clue.

"She was no good for you anyway," Mom said, contradicting herself the way she often did. "Will you stop fidgeting and listen to me? What's wrong with you today?"

"Sorry." I tried to ignore the faint bruises on my throat.

They weren't even noticeable, really, and I knew the soreness was all in my head. Three days after being bitten by a vampire, the wounds had almost completely healed, but only on the outside. My ego didn't feel any better at all, since I'd basically been raped by a young woman, undead or not. Listening to my mother wasn't helping much and I really hated my life sometimes.

"Well, I have some news anyway ... Oh! Thank you," Mom smiled at the waitress delivering our dinner. "You're very pretty. Have you met my son? He's an accountant."

"Mom!" I frowned as my face reddened. The waitress was very pretty and my mother did that sort of thing all the time.

"That's nice," the girl replied, giving me a chilly smile. "I'll be right back with your milk."

"Thanks," I muttered.

"No ring on her finger," Mom noted, "and you just sit there like a bump on a log."

"She's probably got a boyfriend."

"Hmph!" She rolled her eyes. "Marilee had a boyfriend too."

"Just..." I held up my hand. "Drop it, okay? I haven't seen her in four years."

"I saw her just the other day," Mom told me. "Pregnant again, can you believe it? That's number three for her, Robert."


"That husband of hers must have some real juice," she said. "What was his name?"

"Let it go, Mom. Please?" She'd known Mike since we'd first become friends way back in the second grade.

"All of my friends are grandmothers and here you are..."

"Can we just eat?"

"Are you gay?"

"What?" I blinked at her.

"You can tell me," she said, reaching for my hand and giving me a sympathetic squeeze. "I'll understand, Robert."

"Oh God," I breathed. "I'm not gay."

"Is that denial I hear?"

"What's your good news, Mom?"

"Hmmm ... Oh! Well, I'm not sure if it's good news or not now, but..."

"But what?" I asked, wondering why she'd stopped speaking suddenly.

Mom was staring past my shoulder and I turned my head to look. She could change the topic of conversation on a dime, more often than not without even realizing it, but making her stop talking entirely...

"I think she's looking at you, Robert!"

"What? Who?" I asked, a mere split second before I saw her walking towards us.

"Now that's a real woman," Mom decided, smiling as she took in Shelly's long, pale legs, her deftly rounded hips and narrow waist, and exceptionally pleasant breasts. It didn't hurt that she had those amazing gray eyes and thick black hair; Marilee had been a brunette, too.

I didn't say anything, of course. My mouth opened and closed several times, but no words could escape my suddenly parched lips. When Shelly wiggled her fingers and smiled, I felt the burning pinch of humiliation deep in my gut. This 'real woman' had raped me! She'd sucked my blood and held me down while her pussy sucked my dick. What was she doing here?

"Bobby! I'm sorry I'm late, darling." She bent at the waist, kissing my cheek as I sat frozen in my chair. "Mmmm ... You smell so good!"

"Robert?" Mom said, smiling patiently as Shelly decided to hug me. I could feel her firm, braless breasts trying to envelope my head. "Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?"

What I wanted to do was jump up and run as far and fast as I could! My heart was pounding, the air trapped in my lungs as I'd forgotten how to breathe. My balls ached with the painful memory of being violated in my own bed just a few days before. I had the vague hope that all of this was only a dream. Lord knows I'd dreamt of my mother often enough. Usually I was naked in those, however, and that evening I sat fully dressed in a suit and tie.

No, I wasn't dreaming.

"You must be Bobby's mother," Shelly said, keeping her left arm around my chest as she extended the right. "He's told me so much about you."

"He hasn't mentioned you at all," Mom replied, shaking hands above my untouched salad. "Uhhh ... What is your name?"

"He hasn't?" Shelly took my chin in her fingers and turned my face upward. "Bobby! That's not very nice at all. I'll have to spank you for that, I think."

"W-What?" I gasped, staring into her cloudy eyes. They were twinkling with humor.

"I'm Shelly," she told my mother. "Bobby's girlfriend."

"Ahhh..." I opened my mouth to protest, having at last found a way past the shock and awe of the woman's unexpected arrival. But she wasn't about to let me get a word in, not if it meant contradicting her ridiculous lies!

"Oh my!" Mom gasped, but only because Shelly had decided to prove it.

"Nmmmph!" I protested, widening my eyes as she covered my mouth with hers. The woman's tongue, as light and delicate as ever, filled my mouth and teased my own. Her hands held my head like a vise, her sharp, red fingernails pressing into my scalp with an oddly painful pleasure. I had no doubt she could draw blood a dozen different ways if she wanted and more than anything else, Shelly frightened me!

Any other red-blooded American man would have pushed her away, possibly even punched her in the nose. I mean, Shelly wasn't a real woman. She didn't even have a heartbeat! Never mind that she looked like a typical college coed on the outside, I knew all too well what lurked beneath that beautiful facade. A soulless spawn of Satan! And maybe that's the reason I didn't do anything but let her kiss me in front of my own mother, the pretty waitress holding my glass of milk, and about a hundred patrons in the crowded mid-town restaurant.

"Be good, Bobby," Shelly whispered, breathing the words across my flushed face as she broke our kiss.

"Would you like a menu," the waitress asked, somewhat sarcastically, "or do you need a room?"

"I'm sorry," Shelly said, speaking more to my mom than anyone else. "We just get carried away sometimes. Don't we, Bobby?"

"Uh, yeah," I agreed, looking down as I'd become all too aware of the people around us. A few chuckles from the men and whispered opinions from their wives and girlfriends didn't seem to bother Shelly at all ... or my mother for that matter.

"I can see that!" Mom giggled happily. "I had no idea Robert had such a lovely girlfriend."

"Thank you," Shelly replied, smiling as she combed her fingers through her hair. She turned it off when the waitress returned with a menu. They didn't seem to like each other.

I sat silently for the next thirty minutes, smiling as required by the ludicrous conversation, even laughing at times. Mom was determined to learn everything she could about my new girlfriend and Shelly proved only too eager to oblige.

"Oh, we met by accident," she explained. "I had a flat tire last Wednesday. Remember that terrible rain? Anyway, I don't know anything about cars and nobody would even stop to help me."

"It's terrible, isn't it?" Mom nodded sympathetically. "The men in this town..."

"Yeah," Shelly sighed. "It's so hard to find one like Bobby! He gave me his jacket and let me sit in his car while he changed the tire on mine. He was so sweet!"

She gave me a warm smile and for a second there I almost believed her, that's how good vampires can lie. We held hands on the table and Mom looked ready to melt with happiness.

"My knight in shining armor," Shelly said, leaning close for another deep, soul searching kiss. This time my tongue moved with hers, even slipping into the girl's mouth, but I told myself I didn't really like it, especially when I felt her fangs.

"That's so sweet," Mom decided, sipping chowder from a spoon while my girlfriend made out with me.

Of course, she had no idea that Shelly was anything but a real live woman. Vampires didn't exist and aside from the odd color of her eyes and maybe a hint of fang behind her charming smile, there were no tell tale signs. I suppose if I'd had a mirror handy or a crucifix maybe, but to just stand up and point a finger? If I tried to tell someone that this beautiful woman claiming to be my girlfriend was actually a vampire, they'd lock me up! Everything about her screamed human and Shelly's charade was as perfect as it was effortless.

It didn't hurt, or help, I mean, that Shelly looked like any other professional young woman. She wore a charcoal business suit, not overly conservative, but hardly what I'd have expected from a vampire. The skirt fell to mid-thigh, the blazer tailored to show off her curves without suggesting a sexual harassment suit waiting in the wings. She wore a white blouse and a fashionable gold necklace to match her earrings. The first impression of her would be that she was just another secretary, or a paralegal perhaps, albeit a very striking one.

A lot of men were keeping a close eye on her every move and Shelly seemed oblivious to the attention. All of her considerable charms were focused on me, through my mother, of course, and as much as I hate to admit it, I rather enjoyed my envious, if completely fraudulent situation. I wondered how many of those men would have been so keen had they known Shelly's secret. Not many, I'd wager, and I suffered a genuine conflict as Shelly's unabashed affection began to have its intended effects.

My cock was hard!

"Robert, you simply must bring Shelly over for a proper dinner."


"No buts, young man." My mother smiled at Shelly. "He comes over every Sunday for a home cooked meal."

"Ohhh ... That's so sweet," she cooed.

"So this Sunday I'll expect to see the both of you," Mom insisted. "I can't tell you how happy I am that he's finally found a good woman."

"We'll be there," Shelly promised, massaging my cock beneath the table. She'd been teasing me for the last half hour, torturing me while telling my mother all about herself.

I'd listened with growing disbelief as Shelly invented an entire life, adding imaginary details on the fly, and Mom had eaten it up. So far as she was concerned, her only son was dating a college graduate. She rented a loft in the Village, kept a cat named Mr. Tibbs, and worked as a stenographer for a prominent law firm. Shelly made up family members as she needed them, regaled my mom with unhappy stories about ex-boyfriends, and expressed her desire to get married and start a family. A big one, she claimed, which was music to Mother's ears.

And all the while, Shelly continued to jerk me off through my trousers. This was a nightmare!

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