Halloweiner: a High School Horror Tail
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Incest, Light Bond, Humiliation,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A short story set in the Family Feud Universe, it tells the 'tail' of a cheerleaders initiation into a wicked club for popular kids at school during Halloween.

There are four rules to cheerleader S-club.

1st RULE: You do not talk about S-CLUB.

2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about S-CLUB.

3rd RULE: No shirts, no shoes at meetings.

4th RULE: Obey.

I am already breaking the 1st and 2nd rule writing about my initiation into S-club. It was a club started years ago by some boys who attended Cherry Lawn High School but they all graduated and eventually the leadership passed to a girl. It has remained with her ever since.

If you want to be popular, you become a cheerleader or a football player at my school. If you want to remain a cheerleader or a football player you eventually get initiated into S-club. That is how it has been for years now.
Not everyone gets invited to join, just the 'cool kids' who wouldn't go blabbing the secrets all over school.

What does S-Club stand for? Sex club? Spirit Club? I'd heard lots of rumors but only the true members know how it all works and who all the members are.

Even though the rule is that you don't talk about it, even some of the faculty know about the un-sanctioned club and I've been hearing rumors since I was a freshman. I could get in big trouble if anyone reads this.

I am a sophomore now and it's Halloween – the traditional night of initiation to S-club members and I've been invited. Invited is a nice way of saying I'm being expected to come. I am tall for my age, and I was able to snag a spot on the varsity squad this year. If I want to keep my spot I was told that the invitation is not optional.

I am both excited and scared, but I do know that sometimes rumors get exaggerated so I am trying to remain calm.

Cheerleader practice had just ended and after the goody-two shoe girls on junior-varsity leave the locker room we started the initiation. We all pretended to be taking our time about dressing, stretching our muscles and chatting while we waited. Some of the older girls already knew what to expect and I could feel them looking at me like 'fresh meat'. I felt like a doe-eyed deer staring into the loaded gun barrels of anxious hunters.

Cathy Griffin, our 'leader', announced it was time by simply walking out of the locker room right into the gym wearing only her skirt. The gym was still well lit and there could have been anyone waiting for us on the bleachers of the locker room but one by one the other girls filed out after her with bare naked breasts and no shoes, taking nothing with them.

I wasn't the last one to leave, one of Cathy's 'enforcers' was. I did round out the rear, playing it safe because I assumed whoever might be waiting in the gym to watch an almost naked parade of cheerleaders would have put a stop to it by now if they didn't expect to see it.

I pictured walking out there to a room full of hunky teenagers, but there was no one on the empty bleachers -the sound of our bare feet on the rubber floor echoing in the spacious gym hall.

We walked single file into the weight room. It was much smaller and usually full of nautilus equipment and free weights but they had all been moved to the side. The room was dark, only lit by flickering white candles and the door leading back into the gym. I thought about turning around and leaving but the weight room door slammed behind me as Cathy's enforcer shut and locked it.

"Ladies, you'll take your seats and the Hallow's eve initiation ceremony can begin." It was playfully called 'Halloweiner' unofficially and I was about to find out why.

There were nine stools in the center of the room forming a circle around a glow-in-the dark pentagram that became visible when the only thing we had to see by was candle light. There was a Ouija board in the center and I snickered because now I realized this entire thing was probably going to be very hokey. We used to use them at sleep overs, "Oh Does Dave Stravosky have a crush on me?" and we'd all move the words around to spell out 'yes' unless we wanted to be mean and make it spell out 'Noah', his best friend who isn't quite as good looking.

The stools had short stubby rubber dildos mounted on them. I may be in high school but I don't live in a bubble and they looked like fat little dicks. One of the other girls being initiated today, (Veronica), stumbled out a question "You don't expect us to put those in our pussies do you?"

"No", Cathy could sound very sweet when she wanted to and she put as at ease with her answer until she added "Not your precious little pussy, no..."

Cathy's enforcer is Latisha Banks, the daughter of the Principal, and with one swift flick of the wrist she pulled up Veronica's skirt, slapped some goop on her backside and then the strong athletic black girl drove the other initiate on the stool flat onto her ass while covering her mouth to stifle any scream.

"Tsk, tsk, there is always one every year who questions the initiation rites." Cathy shook her head. She was my age and back in middle school, I would never have expected her to be so cruel and sadistic but the angel-faced girl with the strawberry red hair was full of surprises. "Would anyone else like help getting to their seats, or would you like to ease on to it?" she pointed to a small tub of crème.

Each of us took a handful of the white crème and watched the other girls. I assumed they were reaching under their skirts to lube up their assholes. I did like the others and took my seat, easing myself over the latex dildo and inching myself just slightly over the tip of it. I'd never put anything in my ass before and I didn't like the idea. Judging from the shadowed faces of my squad they didn't either.

The only ones remaining standing were Latisha and Cathy and all attention was focused on Cathy for what would happen next.

"Tight Ass Check." I heard Cathy call out the order and suddenly felt Latisha's strong hands driving my shoulders down to impale my butthole on the rubber dildo. She repeated the exercise to every girl then for good measure lifted my skirt and reached under to check to see if the plug was fully up my rectum and let it drop again.

"Do we have some tight buttholes or loose buttholes here, Enforcer?" Cathy asked Latisha as if she were an Army captain talking to the sergeant who had just assembled the soldiers.

"The buttholes are loose, some looser than others, Mistress Cathy." Latisha could be tough, she was also Captain of the volleyball team but there was an aura of respect in her voice when talking to Cathy. That was surprising since I think Latisha is a Senior and Cathy is in the same grade as me.

"Relax girls, we don't want any tight asses here, rock back and forth." The others did as they were told and so did I. She went around the room asking us, "Veronica, do you have a tight butthole?"

"No Mistress Cathy." and when it was my turn she asked me the same question but then added "What are you going to be for Halloween tonight?"

"Uh, I was planning to be Alice in Wonderland, and hand out candy at home?"

"You'll be giving out candy, but right now you are a baby until I tell you otherwise, is that understood initiate?"

I didn't get a chance to answer because Latisha popped a rubber baby binky into my mouth to suck on and then proceeded to go around the room popping them into the other girls' mouths. I felt pretty ridiculous even humiliated but I was glad at least to know the others were going through it as well. I think it added to my resolve to see it through, knowing the other girls were getting it just like me.

I wanted to ask why a 'loose butthole' is preferable, but I just assumed that a 'tight ass' is someone who is stuck up and prudish. I could not have asked anyway given I was now sucking on a baby's pacifier.

"Now that you are properly dressed and motivated for our initiation ceremony, those of you who have never been here before raise your hands above your head.

I and three other girls raised our hands above our head and I could feel the sudden snick of handcuffs binding my wrists.

"Good, leave them like that, it makes you tits stick out. Don't drop them. You drop them and you are out." Once she said we had to leave them that way I suddenly felt like they were lead weights and I wanted to bring them down. If she had said nothing I probably wouldn't have even thought about it.

"Those who have been initiated, interlace your hands behind your head and observe your sisters silently. All of you will be sisters of the S-club if you make it through the initiation, but one of you will be this years 'chosen one', which is the highest honor."

My mind was already racing on what she meant by the 'chosen one' and 'honor' when she announced, 'Bring out the gimp'.

I had heard of the Quentin Tarintino movie 'Pulp Fiction' and that famous line, but it still took me by surprise that after some chains rattled in the darkness behind us a man was brought limping and naked into the circle.

He was obviously an adult male in his forties or fifties, naked and hunched except for a leather mask, leather straps around his barrel chest and a metal cage around his tiny penis. His entire fat naked ass was completely visible and he was hairless below the waist like an oversized fat baby. He lumbered around like a wild beast that had just been unshackled. I am surprised I did not notice him when we walked in but my eyes focused strictly on the pentagram in the small room's center and not the fringes and dark spaces on the sides.

"We have our fool, and our seven VIRGINS." She cooed at her own joke and added, "Ladies, I assume you are all virgins aren't you?"

"Oh Yes Mistress Cathy, we are pure as the driven snow." Some of the girls said in unison, as if snarkily answering a teacher like Teacher's pet. I doubted that the other girls on the squad were virgins, especially if they were so willing to do a kinky ceremony like this. I had done some funny dare games at sleepovers, even wore a frozen bra once in a game of truth or dare but this was beyond the pale.

The funny thing is, technically I AM a virgin. I know from my acceptance of being handcuffed and topless you might think I am jaded and worldly but other than sucking a boy's dick when locked in a closet for 'seven minutes in heaven' and some heavy petting I hadn't actually 'closed the deal' and had sex.

I don't think any potential husband wants to hear you are 'technically a virgin', so let's just leave it at I've not gone all the way and be done with it.

The gimp was sniffing around the room, coming up to each girl and breathing in her hair, getting his sweaty body very close and ogling us. I am sure it was a treat to see a room full of topless teenage girls but his cock trapped in the cage didn't have the opportunity to grow.

"The Séance is beginning. It is now that your fears and shame calls forth the evil spirits of hallows eve to discern the chosen one. Your Trojan pride turns to Trojan humiliation as the gimp sniffs your very essence to discover who shall be the chosen one."

The gimp was looking me up and down and bravely I sat on my stool with my chest heaving and my arms high above my head and let him have his look.

"Those of you not chosen will be happy to know that on the outside of your baby binky is a football player's number. The binkies were chosen by the spirits in a random order to bring you together with him. You will be his spirit girl this season, creating posters and banners to cheer him on and handling his special needs..."

She didn't have to spell out the 'special needs', we all knew there was an unwritten rule that spirit girls usually dated whoever they were assigned to on the team.

"The male members of the S-club have all had their initiation in here and were kind enough to move all the weights out of the room and set it up for us. You'll thank them in the traditional S-club way when you see them."

I wasn't sure what that might be, perhaps a secret handshake? Probably something disgusting instead. I think I'd rather have heard what it was instead of having to wonder about all the possibilities. I murmured my agreement like the other girls.

"Each of the guys had those baby binkies in their bottoms. You'll find the player whose number is written on yours and say, "I found this and I believe it belongs to you, Sir. I took the liberty of cleaning it for you. I hope you don't lose it again."

One of the girls spit hers out immediately and brought her arms down. There was a loud thud and I didn't get to see but it sounded like a wooden paddle in the darkness. "Heather Thomas, you have defiled this ceremony. You shall be shunned forever from the S-club."

"Fine, this is sick, I don't want to play anymore."

"Take her outside, girls you will shun her, she is not to be invited to any parties or even spoken too. She does not exist." That didn't sound so bad. I was debating on walking out myself. I want popularity and all that comes with it but I was already scared that I was in over my head.

It is a good thing I just stayed 'glued' to my stool because we never saw or heard from Heather Thomas again. I often wondered what happened, but sometimes it's best not to ask too many questions - you might get the answers.

"Does anyone else want to leave before the ceremony intensifies?" Cathy asked and no one made a move to leave.

The gimp was hovering around Heather's recently vacated stool like a hungry dog working at a bone.

"Yes, yes, you can clean the stool, my pet." She unzipped his mouth and he began to slobber all over the stool, taking his time on the recently greased rubber dildo.

The mood intensified as we listened to the sound of the man slobber the stool top clean and it almost seemed as if an eerie music were playing in my head. It was probably just too many horror movies and over active imagination but I started to feel like I was being watched intensely.

"The next phase in the choosing is when given the order to 'present' you will stand up from your stools. It is imperative you bring your plugs with you, both of them.

The gimp snapped Heather's rubber dildo by pulling it off the stool with his lips. It made a 'pop' noise. If we are supposed to have 'loose buttholes' how could they expect us to clench and pull the butt plug up with us?

I didn't have time to ponder, Cathy gave the "Present" order and we stood up in unison, the sound of 'pop, pop, pop' told me several girls had kept theirs in. As greased and nervous as I was I honestly couldn't tell if I'd managed to bring mine with me - I thought so but I could not be entirely sure.

We all faced away from the circle and bent at the waist as if touching our toes. The initiates had their arms forward in handcuffs and the others just kept their fingers laced together.

One by one Latisha lifted each girls skirt and then pulled it down around her waist to her feet instructing them harshly "Step out".

I had wondered why they let us keep the skirts at first. I just assumed it was a vanity that they were willing to go topless but not totally nude through the gym. It was part of the ceremony to strip us naked so I stepped forward when it is my turn.

"Very good Hope, you can be a tight butthole when you need to be." Latisha slapped me on the ass to let me know I still had the dildo. I could feel it now as my ass cheeks rippled back and forth from her swat. I don't really want to admit this but I was slightly elated that I had passed this test.

My friend Veronica didn't fare as well. "Veronica, you remained loose butthole, and that is a no-no." I could only glance in my peripheral vision but I could see them bend her over the stool face first and put her mouth over her dildo that had remained on the stool. "You will receive twenty swats from the slut paddle." Cathy announced.

Her enforcer administered the first one and after the loud –BAP- Veronica wiggled and cried into the dildo. "Would you like ten from the whore paddle? It's much more painful." Cathy offered sadistically. Veronica's answer was to quiet down and submit to nineteen more strikes from the slut paddle.

"Eight asses, and seven tight buttholes. This is a much better crew than we had last year, wouldn't you say Latisha?" Cathy asked her enforcer

"Yes Mistress."

"Gimp you may go around and pull out the mouth plugs of the seven tight asses, so they can learn who they belong too."

Veronica had her plug read to her by Latisha after she picked it up off the floor where Veronica had let it drop as she screamed in pain from the spanking. She drove the baby binky that had been in her mouth moments earlier, and was covered with slobber, into Veronica's ass and gave it a turn as if locking it into place. "Can you be tight butthole enough to hold your player's binky?"

Veronica only mewed submissively into the rubber dildo on the stool in agreement.

The Gimp took turns on each girl, going up to them, putting his hands all over their naked bodies, and putting his leather masked face right up to theirs as they bent over looking at the ground. He then sucked the end of the baby binky out of their mouth and got on the ground like a puppy to let Latisha read the player's name.

He took his time with me, groping my boobs and scaring the bejeezus out of me before he finally put his face right next to mind and sucked the baby binky right out of my mouth.

"Noah Bentley #82" Latisha read aloud. Damn it, I had hoped for Dave Stravorsky, I had a crush on him since middle school even though he is an upper classman. My first thought was maybe I could trade but after the extra effort they were going to make these selections I thought Cathy would tell me it would upset the 'spirits' if I didn't take what I got.

"The ceremony is almost complete, Ladies. You'll go home tonight with your plug. If you are asked by another S-club member to present it, you will present it and clean it before returning it to its home. That includes you Veronica, is that understood?"

"Murrpmph" she mumbled and the rest of us answered "Yes Mistress"

"Now for Latisha's favorite part, spin the gimp..." I could hear the Gimp being ordered onto his back on the pentagram. I couldn't see behind me but I could hear his cock cage being unlocked and he made some satisfying grunts. He sounded familiar like someone I knew but I couldn't quite place it without him saying anything.

I guess it is silly to think the gimp wasn't from somewhere around here. It isn't like he came from France or something exotic. He was probably a teacher or just a weird horny old man willing to play these games to touch hot young cheerleader flesh – I didn't blame him, I'd probably play them too if I were him.

One by one we were told to spin around and come over to where the gimp was laying. The girl had to put her mouth around his cock and kneel while using her boobs to move a Ouija board that rested on his knees. This was the 'weiner' they were talking about when they said 'Halloweiner'.

I couldn't hear what was being spelled out but when it was my turn I got to see the Gimp's fat belly heaving as he sported his four inch hard-on flat on his back.

"Hurry, get into position, slut." Cathy told me. She hadn't called me slut before but I actually got a slight charge out of it. It didn't hurt as much as it kind of gave me a little enthusiasm to play the game.

I hovered over him in a push up position, they made me arc my back so that I was straddling him and the plug was still visible. "You waiting to be told to start?"

I didn't know what to say so I answered, "Yes Mistress".

"Very compliant, I like that." She pushed my butt down with her bare foot so that I was smushed into the sweaty body of the gimp as I wrapped my lips gingerly around his cock and wiggled around the Ouija board. I could taste the sour smell of dried piss and sweat and feel my nipples touching the plastic heart-shaped planchettes. I couldn't see what I was wiggling over, but I tried to spell out "no way" while I bounced up and down on the gimps small pecker with my face like I was bobbing for apples.

I guess it's Halloween, and trying to picture bobbing for apples was one way to keep my mind from visualizing the fact that along with several other girls I had just fellated some creepy old man. He didn't cum, he just giggled and snorted like a piggy.

"Good job" Cathy offered and before I could get up I felt Latisha's bare foot push me back down to the position I was in "Forgetting something?"

"Thank you Mistress." I offered meekly and immediately felt Latisha release her hold over me. I secretly fantasized for a few moments about what I'd do if I ever get voted the leader of the group. I'd probably make Latisha wish she hadn't slammed her foot into my back and treated me like dog shit she was wiping off the bottom of her feet.

I guess that is how clubs like this gain appeal. There are probably girls who join for the popularity boost of being in a clique and some who might even enjoy it, but I was starting to realize that maybe most of us just wanted a crack at being in the driver's seat one day after we pay our dues and running something like this.

"Let's be about your business." Latisha had me assume the same bent over position facing away from the circle with my arms extended in front of me.

When they had completed the circle Cathy announced it was time for all assembled to learn their place this hallow's eve. "As is our tradition, each of you have used your sacred breasts, which are in some cases, those tiny bumps you pad and call boobies" there was a pause for a light hearted laughter after Cathy's interjection of levity "Now it is time for the ceremonial choosing of costumes and parts to play. Remain in position until your plug is removed and your costume is chosen"

The gimp went to each girl and sniffed them once again, getting close to their bodies and manically fidgeting and breathing heavy until he pulled the plug out of their ass with his teeth.

Then Cathy would announce, "Tonight, you will perform as the devil, the temptress. Your pitch fork, your cape, and your red bikini and crown, you will wear it until the witching hour." The girl would thank the mistress for the costume, clean and replace the plug before putting on the costume.

"You are Cinderella, tonight you will clean and cook for your betters at home, and wear this costume." I could see out of the corner of my eye that this wasn't the Disney version of Cinderella but instead the slutty version. I pictured my parents' expression if I came home in something that risqué. I think my parents are pretty mature and open minded and even though I am almost sixteen they probably would say something about my choice of costume.

"You are Poc-a-hot-ass, the Indian girl, here is your feather, and your loin cloth, and your vest." That was Victoria's costume and it was even more revealing than the last three because there was nothing under the vest but her two sweater hogs.

Each girl she assigned wardrobe too seemed to be pleased with it and thanked Cathy profusely. It was down to me and another girl left and I was nervous that I'd be the 'chosen one' and I wasn't sure what that meant but I had gone well past the idea that it might be a good thing.

"We have two costumes left ladies, the harem slave and the puppy. Gimp, who does the spirits tell you shall be my harem slave?"

I felt a ball in my stomach start to roll as if it were picking up steam like a snowball rolling down a mountainside in movies that just keeps growing and growing as I wondered which of the two costumes was worse.

Janet had been a longtime friend of mine, a leggy good looking girl with a winning smile and positive attitude. The harem girl outfit was a veil, a thong like bikini with some see-thru mesh and leg and wrist manacles. "Thank you Mistress, it is very kind of you."

I guess she was the chosen one who would spend her night at Cathy's side waiting on her hand and foot. I wasn't sure if I was relieved or feeling competitive. In beauty contests the last girl announced is the winner, and it seemed anti-climatic for some reason to me.

"You'll be coming home with me, Janet. I suppose you'd rather do that than have your parents and brother see you dressed in your Halloween costume?" Cathy asked snidely. I couldn't help but picture my own brother Darrell's reaction to me in such an outfit. He would probably have laughed his ass off because over the summer he had made fun of me for being such a prude when I wore a one piece swim suit at the community pool.

"Our chosen one ... bark for me puppy."

Oh great, just my luck. I got the last costume. I barked and everyone giggled it even sounded like the gimp, who had been acting like an insane maniac, gave a chuckle at my pathetic bark. "You'll have to practice that puppy, here you can wear this home."

I stood up after I felt the plug wiggle out of my ass and turned around to see the Gimp squatting like a puppy himself holding my plug in his teeth. I looked for the costume in the darkness and saw Cathy holding only a cloth tail, a dog collar, some puppy ears and a sliver of material.

"Why the pouty lip, puppy? You disappointed by what the spirits have chosen for you tonight?"

Without thinking I blurted out, "I thought the last one picked would be the chosen one."

"All of you are the chosen one. That is the secret of S-club. You have all been chosen to answer the call and tonight, your call is that of the wild. You will wear this home with pride, and if anyone asks you to bark you will yip for them like a good little girl puppy, won't you?"

I took the costume and had a sudden pang of 'buyer's remorse'. I could just see my entire family thinking I had gone off the deep end when I reported home to help give out candy with my parents. We had long stopped trick or treating now that my brother was fourteen.

"I am not sure I could walk home like this, Mistress?" I answered her reluctantly holding the thong like bottoms up to my waist.

"Oh no worries, your dad can drive you can't he?"

The Gimp slowly shook his head up and down, and I let out a cry of horror.

AUTHORS NOTE: This is a one-off story in the Family Feud Universe. It happens to Hope Miller months before Jamie Taylor and her family ever get involved in the events of "Family Feud I". I hope you enjoyed this short tale of Halloween and will give my other stories a try.

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