Sansibelle I
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, Big Breasts, Workplace, Prostitution, Nudism,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Sansibelle is a ship commissioned to provide sexual entertainment to exclusive clientele. This is a story about its operation and crew and covers the first year. Fun and games for all. Note - first few chapters have minimal or no sex.

The alarm buzzed twice. I rolled out of bed and went into the head for my morning routine. As I shaved I mentally went over the plan for the day and could not think of anything we had missed. The maiden cruise of the Sansibelle was set to leave port today at 4:00 PM and everything on all the checklists had been checked and rechecked. I am still amazed that I had been selected to help design and head security. With over 1700 people on board I had a lot of responsibility for a 28 year old. Most men would give their left nut for this job.

Over five years of planning, design, construction, training and a multitude of other tasks led to this day. The Sansibelle has two dedicated ports of call, each on an island owned by Best, Inc. acquired and developed as part of a twenty year plan. The islands are about 2000 miles apart and the ship will sail between the two on a weekly basis. At each port most of the 286 guests would disembark to be replaced with guests who had been flown to that island. At $20,000 per person for a week, the ship catered only to a very exclusive group of people and as of yesterday had full bookings for next 16 months.

I was part of what had become known as the "S" crew of about 550 more or less permanent support staff and crew, made up of entertainers, medical and lab techs, cooks, cabin stewards, ships officers, security and numerous other assignments. The "E" crew of almost 900 primarily young women had been on board for over a week going through their final training and orientation to the ship. This constant exposure to the mass of sexy babes is what made the job so attractive to any single male, hell any male and a lot of females as well. Everyone on both crews had been implanted with a microchip which allowed my staff to monitor the whereabouts of anyone at anytime. The Security Control Center (SCC) had screens that could instantly bring up a video camera view of almost any area of the ship with the exception of the crew and guest cabins. Anyone on the crew could call for help at anytime by simply tapping a certain number of times and a screen would instantly appear showing that person or the passageway outside of the cabin they were in. The microchip was primarily to provide safety for the E-crew but also had a lot of uses for the S-crew as well.

Once I finished my morning routine I exited my cabin and walked next door to the SCC. "Morning Bill, Alice" I said to Bill Needledike and Alice Jones who were staffing the SCC. "Are all systems Go?" "Yes boss" Bill replied and waved toward the primary console with the row of green indicators along the right side of the screen. "Greg is down at the gang plank and Lorenzo is on roving patrol and currently on E Deck." My 16 member security crew are all military and in most cases ex Navy Seals or Special Ops members. The primary SCC lead on all shifts is either in a wheel chair or fairly severely disabled in some manner but are quite capable of operating the SCC and taking charge and coordinating all the other on duty security crew. All are very experienced combat veterans and could be counted on to remain cool and make good logical decisions in case of emergency.

"Well, I'm headed down for breakfast and then will be roaming, call me if you need me."

I clipped the small security radio on my belt and headed for the dining room. The SCC is located on D Deck which is the center deck on the ship other than H, I, and J Decks which are S-Crew cabins and all the support areas of the ship. The Mercury Dining Room, where most of the officers and staff eat breakfast, is located amidships on D Deck with an entrance only about 75 feet from the SCC. This Dining Room has a number of larger tables where many of us meet for breakfast everyday. Much of the communication between the various ship departments occurs over breakfast and over the past six months many strong friendships have developed.

"Good morning everyone" I said as I sat down at my normal table next to Carla Deeming who is the onboard manager for the E-Crew. "Are all your girls ready for fun?" I asked her with a grin.

"Well some can hardly wait but naturally some are very nervous. This first week should cure those jitters." Carla replied. "We figure about 5% won't be able to handle it and want to go home after this week"

The E-Crew are primarily college girls looking to make enough money to afford school and with a salary starting at $130,000 per year with 5 day work weeks, 2 weeks of vacation and room and board provided while on board, it is a very lucrative opportunity. Their primary role is to provide companionship to the ships guests during their cruise. Each of the E-crew wear a green name tag with icons showing the services they are willing to provide the guests. Girls who are willing to provide services beyond normal and oral sex can qualify for a higher salary. E-Crew members who are not on duty or are on their periods wear a red name tag which indicated they are not available. A yellow name tag indicates that it was totally up to the girl if a guest approaches them. With two girls on duty for each guest, there is plenty of selection available at all times.

Carla and her staff of 16 had spent the past 6 months recruiting E-Crew members and then processing them through training, physicals, and psychological testing and lab tests. Everyone on the ship had lab tests within a week of sailing and all the E-Crew members before being permitted to interact with guests or other crew. The on board lab can handle almost 250 tests in an eight hour period if needed and every E-Crew member is tested every week. We intend to run a clean ship and no one (guests, crew, staff, shore support) with any sign of a STD is allowed on the ship. The medical department numbers 22 including two doctors and four nurses and 16 med techs. The Medical safety of our guests is paramount to the success of the Sansibelle.

"Harry, how are the systems in the SCC doing?" Jermaine asked me. Jermaine Reed is the head of the 13 member systems department and he, Carla and I work very closely together to insure the electronic accounting and individual tracking systems are doing its job correctly. The tracking system monitors each E-Crew and those who perform extra favors for guests receive bonuses. The system also insures that each E-Crew member is earning their way or Carla and her staff deal with the problem employee. Basically the Sansibelle is a hi-tech, floating whorehouse, with very exclusive clientele.

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