More Than a Cuddle

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Incest, Uncle, Niece, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I have a favorite uncle and I love to cuddle in his lap. Then, he began avoiding my hugs and cuddles until I found a way to make him want me in his lap again.

Chapter 1

I can't tell how it is to be a boy growing up but being a girl, well, it's great and it's awful.

It's really something that I never even thought about until I was about eight or nine. It was just fun and nice to be alive in a family with a mom and dad, I was the only child, and to have grandmothers and grandfathers and aunts and uncles along with some cousins.

I did fine in school, we lived in a nice house, even had an in-ground pool, I had a number of girlfriends and a dog, Rex, and a cat, Mister Mouser, or MM, he was called.

And then I started to become more aware that I was a girl. That I was a female and was different in some key aspects from boys or males in general.

I discovered my pussy for one. How nice it could feel when I gave it a little attention. It was purely by accident but as soon as it happened, I knew I was on to something. So, it became part of my life, I rubbed myself to sleep most every night.

It took a while to put something inside, I think it was my finger at first just seeing how it was up inside myself then rubbing inside, well, that was nice, very nice.

Then, I remember the day I took my electric toothbrush and held the base to my pussy lips as I turned it on. Oh, it turned me on even more.

I hate to confess it here, for you to read, but I even fashioned a small zucchini onto my toothbrush once and fucked myself with it. While I know now that it was a poor substitute for the real thing, it was pretty good and I should get pretty good marks for designing and producing my own vibrator. Give me some credit, please.

Any way, I was a girl, like most, who was discovering how good I could make myself feel between my legs. It just seemed like such a magical spot, hidden away, secret and dark, usually quiet and subdued, it was such a gift for just being a girl, it really made it worthwhile.

But there was something that I began to hear from my girlfriends ... orgasms. I asked several of them about it and got raves about how stellar they were, then tried and tried on my own and while it always felt good, sometimes, very good, I was not having the same breathtaking experiences some of my friends were. One even showed me on her brother's computer on a porn site that he had gotten to. It looked awesome but evaded my fingers when I tried on my own.

I didn't get much interest from boys, they mostly seemed interested in playing games and I don't mean sex games. No, they all seemed to be into paintball, or videogames, stuff like that, games and the like.

The one male I really went for in a big way, well, get ready for this ... it was my uncle, my Uncle David.

Okay, yes, he's my mom's younger brother, I know all about that, but you should see him. He's so good looking and he's single and he's thirty-four and I think he kind of likes me.

Now, I didn't mean that in a normal way but more like I think he liked me as a girl, as a woman. Well, not a woman yet, but you get my idea, right? He'd give me hugs that were so nice, tell me how pretty I looked, put his arm around me, you know.

And I loved to sit in his lap so we could cuddle together.

And, yes, yes, I realized that there was a kind of, well, sexy, aspect to my cuddling in his lap, I was just turned thirteen when I became aware that I was feeling something other than his lap in his lap, it was his penis and it was hard, excited from me sitting on his lap. Well, that got me pretty excited, I'll tell you.

My uncle came over a lot, he lived less than a mile from us and he even sat with me at times when my parents had plans for the evening. So, he was around a lot, not like some aunts and uncles that live far away and only visit now and then.

I knew from my own rubbing that my grinding around a bit on his lap was making it happen and, to tell the truth, it thrilled me no end. I was beginning to feel the power of my girly sexuality, the power that I could have over males with the new body I was developing. It just made me want to do it more.

Then, my uncle began turning my kisses away, giving me his cheek to kiss rather than his lips and he began getting up when I wanted to sit in his lap. He, all of a sudden, had other things he'd have to do.

I really began to feel rejected; after all, he was pushing me away.

Then, one day, when my uncle was coming over for a visit, my mother asked me, "You seem kind of grumpy and out of it, what's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing," I grumbled.

"Come on, Chrissa, I know better than that. What is it?"

So, I told her, "It just seems that Uncle David doesn't want me around any more. He seems to avoid me. If I want my cuddle with him, now he's always got something else he has to do."

"Oh, honey, it's all right. It's just that you're growing up and, well, I guess he's feeling uncomfortable about it and thinks it's now inappropriate at your age. You are changing, you know, you're not a little girl any more."

"Well, it's just not fair."

"Be that as it may, he's a man and you're well along your way to being a woman; a rather pretty and, well, sexy, young woman. He's just trying to do what's right, is all."

We talked a bit more and then went our separate ways. I went up to my bathroom (It has a lock, my bedroom doesn't) and masturbated while I thought of my uncle naked with me sitting on his lap, also naked. It was my first orgasm, yes, it finally happened and it was the image of my uncle that did it, I was just sure.

That started me purposefully lusting after my Uncle David. Before that, it had been mostly unintended, kind of girlish, now, I wanted him, I wanted him sexually. I was fifteen.

So, when he would visit, I would dress just for him. I wasn't too obvious about it, I didn't want Mom to catch on but I made it so each time he would get to see just a little that he hadn't seen before.

I could usually get away without wearing a bra if I kept some sense about it. When I did go 'top-commando, ' I would always check myself out over and over in my full length mirror bending and turning, making sure that only just the right twist or turn would show my newly-developing charms.

Then, it would be for my Uncle David that I gave him a peek.

I had been letting him get glimpses of my boobs for several months when I finally decided, right before he was due for a visit that he was going to get a 'panty-shot' that afternoon. I had a pair of thongs that I had bought that my mother didn't know about, always hand washing them in secret and letting them dry hanging in the back of my closet.

I had on a short skirt that wasn't so short as to raise my mom's concern and after a while when Mom went to get some soft drinks and stuff from the kitchen, I plopped down across from him as he began asking me about school, grades, the usual.

So, I was jabbering on about my exciting life as a teen when I just absent-mindedly lifted my right leg up onto the sofa. I knew immediately that his eyes dropped down, I was looking right at him, he was looking right at me, as well, right at my just-barely-covered pussy.

I was shaving down there just like every other girl my age I knew and I could feel the bottom of the thong barely covering my slit. I didn't stay that way very long, after all, I wanted it to appear innocent though I was far from being innocent when I did it.

When Mom came back with the tray and put it down, my uncle shifted to pick up a glass and that's when I first really felt the raw power of my body. He had a huge erection that just couldn't be hidden. It made me wonder just how large his penis was. I'd seen some big ones on the internet, of course, several of us have gathered at Daisy Blum's house to use her brother's computer and it's so easy to search for 'big cock' and the like and see it all. There were some whoppers.

Well, I couldn't tell how big my uncle's was but I knew it wasn't dinky, that's for sure. I sat there trying to imagine just what it would look and feel like as I unzipped his pants and pulled it out. God, was I wet. I knew I would need to wash out my thong for sure.

Now, I'd never really felt a penis, soft or hard. And, the more I sat there and thought about it, the more I wanted to see one, hold one, yes, kiss and suck on one. I knew so many friends who went on and on about sucking off their boyfriends all the time, swallowing loads of their hot cum, I was ready for my own experience.

So, when Mom got up and went back to the kitchen, I got up and went over and plopped myself in his lap telling him, "I've missed seeing my favorite uncle. Do I get a cuddle?" I swiveled my butt on him and, yes, there it was for sure, no question about it, it was big, hard cock.

"Um, Chrissa, honey, let me see if your mom needs some help in the kitchen," and he moved me off his lap and stood up and went into the kitchen. But I did see, oh, yes, he had a whopper in there.

I knew that he was looking at me and that he was interested, he sure never looked away when I showed him a peek at my body. It just made me want him even more. All my girlfriends always talked about the boys they thought were cute, the ones they wanted sex with and for me, it was my uncle but I never told them that, it was my secret.

Then, about a week later, my mother told me that in two weeks they were going to fly to a nephew's wedding in Seattle and that my Uncle David would be staying with me from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon. Mom just explained in such a calm, everyday manner but my heart was racing and my pussy was drenched. I would have my uncle at last, I just knew I would.

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