The Rise & Fall of Vantessa

by Mike S

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Humiliation, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An Army Counter Intelligence agent gets her discharge and is recruited by a secret government agency called SLUT

Part 1 - The Meeting

SSG Vanessa Clark awoke to the clanging of her alarm at 0530. She threw the covers off of her and swinging her legs over the side, sat on the edge of the bed. The white nylon baby doll top was quickly pulled up over her head and lay beside her. With a stretch and yawn she stood to her full height of five eleven. With the white thong bottoms still on, she headed for the bathroom.

She turned the shower on and then admired herself in the mirror. She had 145 lbs packed onto that tall frame with a nice 36C-26-38.5 figure. Mid-back length black hair, brown eyes and a light black skin tone greeted her gaze.

"I need to stop thinking of myself as SSG Clark," she thought. "In several hours it will be unemployed Ms Vanessa Clark. I guess if push comes to shove, I'm a good dancer and could go to erotic dancing for a living."

Removing her thong she stepped into the shower and began to wet herself down as she considered the last 8 years of her life. She had enlisted in the Army straight out of High School and scored high enough on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) and with IQ test results of 151, that she was placed in Military Intelligence. Four years later, as a Sgt, she had re-enlisted and been transferred to Counter-Intelligence. Two years later, making SSG, she had applied for Special Forces training. She was an expert with both rifle and pistol, had shown a cool head while under cover in Africa, and had been the State Champ in Long Distance Running the last two years of High School and received maximum scores on all Physical Fitness Tests (PFT).

For the past two years she had applied every six months and after four rejections had decided to leave the service. She had been offered Sergeant First Class (SFC-E7) to re-enlist but after seeing Demi Moore in GI Jane become a Navy SEAL, she had set her heart on the Army's Green Berets. Now she felt "Fuck 'em, I'm out of here."

Finished drying off after her shower, Vanessa began to wind her long hair into a ball to fasten at the back of her head. One of the advantages of getting out was she would no longer have to do this for work, and then wear a hat 3 sizes too big to cover it all.

Finishing her hair and makeup she decided on a pale blue bra and thong with garter belt and nude nylons for under her class A's. She then climbed into her blue PT Cruiser, stopped at McDonald's Drive-Thru for coffee and a couple sausage biscuits and had finished her breakfast as she arrived at the Separation Center at Ft Belvoir, VA at 0755.

At 0900 Vanessa exited the building, Honorable Discharge and DD 214 in hand. Then she noticed a man standing beside her car. Her training kicked in and she gave him a quick once over. Six-One, 200 lbs, salt and pepper hair, about 48-52 years old and dressed in Black suit and tie, white shirt, black shades. She smiled to herself as she placed him in the MIB organization with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

"SSG Vanessa Clark," the man asked as he held up a wallet with badge and ID. Vanessa looked at the ID and saw the American Flag as the upper background and S.L.U.T. in black on white at the bottom. Earl Jones was just above the S.L.U.T.

"Yes, I'm SSG, no that's Ms Clark," Vanessa answered. "What can I do for you Mr. Jones," she added after looking at his ID again.

"I would like you to come to 600 G Street in Washington at 8AM tomorrow for a job interview with the Agency," Mr. Jones replied, "and I prefer SSA Jones." Vanessa looked at the badge and saw Supervisory Special Agent on it.

"OK, SSA Jones, and why would I want a job interview with something called SLUT?" she asked.

"We know of your work in Counter-Intelligence and Anti-Terrorism, and we are the civilian equivalent, although we also cover Organized Crime," he replied.

"So, what does SLUT stand for?" Vanessa asked as she couldn't figure it out. With all the acronyms in the military she was good at figuring out what they stood for but SLUT, she couldn't get a handle on.

"Special Law Unit Tactics," SSA Jones replied. "We're kind of the bastard child of Homeland Security and the FBI. Hence we work foreign and domestic terrorists as well as the Mob." Vanessa considered this for a minute and made her decision.

"OK, I'll be there" she said.

"There's an underground garage below the building. Grab a Visitor spot near the elevator and it will bring you up to the first floor and reception. They will be waiting for you with further instructions." SSA Jones turned to leave and then turned back.

"If you still have your service 9mm, most agents take it from service with them, leave it at home tomorrow. There's an X-Ray scanner that will check your car as you enter the garage and you'll be patted down, don't have a weapon."

Vanessa watched him walk to a black Government Issue looking four door sedan, get in and drive away.

"Well, depending on the job and if I'm interested and offered it, I guess I won't be unemployed long. So I guess the trip to the Unemployment office isn't needed after all and since it's a government job, I should keep my 8 years for retirement purposes," she thought as she climbed in her Cruiser. "Guess I'll go home, pack my uniforms for storage, and then relax and go to bed early so I don't miss my appointment to become a SLUT."

Part 2: The Interview

Vanessa parked her car in the visitor spot next to the elevator at 0750, got in and looked at the buttons, there was only 1. She pushed it and the elevator rose to the first floor, the doors opened and she stepped out. Another MIB type stood there without the shades. Six Two, 220, 28-30, she thought as she saw him.

The man looked at the possible recruit exiting the elevator, long black hair wearing a mid thigh white dress with low scooped neck line that showed plenty of cleavage, black stockings, white 4" heels.

"Ms Clark?" he queried. Upon her nod he continued, "Please step to the desk, bend over and place your hands on it so that I can pat you down."

Vanessa complied and the man stepped behind her. Vanessa looked at the receptionist across the desk from her, a blue eyed blonde with a smirk on her face. The man behind her looked down and saw her skirt had rose when she bent over and he could see that Vanessa had a fire engine red thong on and matching garter belt holding the black nylons up.

He moved up and ran his hands down her sides from her arm pits to ankles, then a hand up the inside of each leg and Vanessa gave a little jump, which widened the receptionists smirk, as the frisking officer cupped her cunt and rubbed a finger over her thong covered crotch. He then straightened and leaned forward over her, pressing his crotch against her ass as he reached around her and cupped her breasts and felt around them as Vanessa resisted the urge to grind back on the rather large feeling erection in his pants. It had been awhile since she'd had any cock.

"OK Ms Clark, you can stand," the man said as he backed away from her. "Please take the VISITOR Badge from Mrs. Voss and come with me." Vanessa saw the blonde holding out a clip on badge, took it and clipped it to her neckline, between her breasts. She followed the man onto the elevator.

"Where the fuck is he taking me?" she thought. "B and 1 are the only buttons on this thing." The man removed a credit card looking object and slid it through a slit Vanessa hadn't noticed, a door slid aside above the two buttons, and there were buttons for floors 2-6.

"My name is Bill Adams, Special Agent for SLUT. I'm taking you to SSA Jones for your interview. If you don't mind, I'd like to sit in and find out more about you as I'll probably be your contact with the agency. I manage the Ho Club for them."

Vanessa flashed back to her work on a traitor case; she had worked the Ho Club as a stripper while undercover on that.

"If SSA Jones has no problem with it, I have no problem, fine with me" Vanessa replied as the doors opened on the 5th floor. SA Adams led her to a door with SSA Jones on the nameplate, knocked once and on hearing "Come In, opened the door and motioned Vanessa through.

SSA Jones rose from the chair behind his desk as Vanessa entered and motioned her to a chair facing his desk.

"Please Ms Clark, have a seat," he said. "Would you mind if SA Adams stayed for this, the reasoning will become clear during the course of the interview."

"No, of course not," Vanessa said as she sat and gave a quick panty glimpse as she crossed her legs demurely. "Just a tease, more brazen if needed later," she thought. Vanessa had decided she wanted this job on her way there and had also decided she didn't care what she had to do to get it. SSA Jones wasn't bad looking so if she had to fuck or suck her way into the job, why not be a slut to become a SLUT agent.

Vanessa watched SA Adams go to a couch on the wall to her right and sit. There was another chair, correction arm chair, there facing the couch. SSA Jones sat back down and pulled a file out of a drawer. When he placed it on his desk Vanessa saw the big red capital letters, TOP SECRET.

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