Ann Learns Her Role

by Donna Pet

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Slavery, BDSM, MaleDom, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: A natural submissive learns to please whoever... and whatever... her captors demand of her.

My husband and I had been together for more than 13 years when the ho hums of life began getting to the both of us. I'd already begun considering the possibility of having an affair, but was torn between being faithful as always or being a slut. I didn't want to lose my husband, but then again I did need some good hot sex. Our sex life had always been great, we had sex almost everyday, but I needed something else.

You see, I have this submissive side to my personality, and eventhough I'm an aggresive female during the daytime, I'm very submissive by night.

My husband didn't bargain for this, my aggressive nature is what lured him to me in the first place. I'm not afraid of anything. I've publicly beaten up men who have attempted abuse me. I don't back down when either my family or myself are threatened. I always win those type of fights. So I guess I need to release my daytime dominate side during the evening. Of course it's a drastic change for him and unexpected.

Well my adventure began after arriving home from the store one day, my children (I have two) were at a friend's house spending the weekend and having fun. My hubby and I planned on enjoying a quiet weekend and going out for desert in the evening. When I opened the garage door to go into the house with two bags in my hands and a purse over my shoulder I was grabbed from behind and had a ball stuffed in my mouth and my eyes covered.

I immediately dropped what I was carrying and began trying to fight whoever it was that had done this to me. I scratched one of them on the face real good because he immediately let go of me and started to say, "Shit! She's going to pay for this."

Well my skin got all crawlly at the thought of some kind of payment. The other guy told him that he'd be o.k. and to get the belt, all the while I was kicking and scratching.

The guy that was holding me was really big and strong and I wasn't able to do much damage to him except step on his feet with my heels which he didn't like much either.

I felt this belt going around my waist and one of them laughed and said, "She won't be able to do anything once we get this on her good." They really cinched it up tight. I almost couldn't breathe and now I was really getting scared.

They took some kind of cuffs and latched my hands to my sides using the belt then they took something sharp and told me, "don't move if you don't want your tits cut all up." With a threat like that I decided to stay still and not move at all.

They cut up my dress and left me in my bra and panties, but that didn't last either. When they had me naked they told me to open my legs well I didn't want to do that so I shook my head "no," well one of them grabbed my breast (which are very large and full) and squeezed it hard, but I still wouldn't open them.

One of the guys said, "get the clamps and she'll open up real wide for us for sure." I heard them rummaging around and then the other guy said "the little ones or the big ones?"

"Big ones, she might as well get used to it now," then I felt one of them grabbing my nipples and pulling it out before the teeth from the clamps cut into my soft nipples. I started to scream but couldn't with the ball gag in my mouth and I felt something warm dribbling down my body. I figured it was blood from the clamps. "Open up your legs bitch now or I'll tighten them tighter."

That was all I needed to hear, I opened them up a little. "MORE BITCH, all the way as far as you can," so I did -- I had no choice.

I felt something wet and cold touching my ass. "Get out of here Rex she's not ready for your dog cock yet." I started to shiver thinking about what would happen to me at these hands of these men.

"Let's cut off all of her pussy hair so we can take better pictures of her and the dog!"

"Yeah, that's a good idea!"

They started to cut my pubic hair, but I didn't move because I was afraid that they might cut something else on me if I did.

"Ok let's loosen her up before we take her to the cabin, do you have the stud cock?"

"Yeah, here it is -- she won't like this for sure"

I felt pressure against my brownie hole and slowly (thank god for that) it was inserted, it felt so big and long, he kept pushing it in, I thought I'd rip apart.

"She sure is tight for a slut!"

Then all of the sudden I felt this hot pain all around my splincter and I jumped trying to get away from the pain.

"Don't move bitch, if you do it'll hurt more." The cock had sharp studs in the end and was poking me all around my anus.

"You'll eventually grow to adore this cock and willingly sit on it -- believe me."

I knew that would never happen and that these guys must be out of their minds! I just kept shaking my head until one of them slapped me.

"Don't do that unless you're asked something, you're our bitch and we can do whatever we want to do to you, remember that!" With that remark he grabbed one of my tits again and pulled on the clip. I jumped again and tried to yell.

"Let's put the motorized pole in her snatch to make her suffer more."

"Ha, ha, ha she'll love that."

Then I felt this slender pole entering my pussy that didn't bother me at all. They took a thin belt and attached it to the waist belt on the back and brought it up between my legs and pulled on it harder and attached it to the front of the belt, well I thought I'd pass out with the studs digging into my anus even harder.

"Now let's turn on the pole. Ha, ha, ha!"

I heard the motor running and felt this funny sensation in my cunt, the pole was rotating and flexing itself all around, boy did it hurt when it hit the thin membrane seperating the stud cock crammed up my ass and my pussy. I felt like I might lose my mind.

"Let's chain her feet and knees and get her into the bag and back to the cabin."

At this point I was really frightened. I felt like I was going to pee or shit, but with both holes filled up I couldn't do a thing. I felt this heavy metal being rapped around my legs and then some chains were attached. They put some leather straps above my knees and attached one to the other. I was totally immobile.

They took a bag of some sort and put it over my head and put a leather strap around my neck to hold it on (that's what I thought) and then picked me up and sat me inside a big bag. Being closterphobic I felt as if I couldn't breathe. But I kept telling myself to relax and tried to remember everything I could, but with all the stuff on my head I couldn't really hear anything and with that damn pole in my snatch driving me crazy and the clamps on my nipples hurting something awful it was all I could do to remain concious.

One of them picked me up and walked a few feet before dumping me into a trunk or van, I could feel the dog smelling me and then something warm was trickling down my face -- it stank gawd awful disgusting! That's when I realized the dog had pissed on me.

"Hey Clide, check Rex out. He pissed all over her head. Ha ha ha ha!"

"Why don't you do the same thing Clide, but make sure you get her face real good."

"Ha, ha, ha, yeah, teach the bitch early to enjoy being pissed on, maybe we'll teach her to drink it too."

Then I felt this strong stream of hot piss splattering all over my face, into my nostrils and everywhere. I felt like vomiting, but checked myself with the gag in my mouth -- I'd probably choke to death.

I was just realizing that if I was going to see my family again I'd have to be in survival mode when I felt his hands on my chest as he tugged on the nipple clips again before saying, "She probably forgot about these already, do you think I should tighten them?"

"Nahh not yet, don't go to fast or she'll be worn out before we can really enjoy torturing her." That last remark made my hair stand on end. Oh how I wished they'd plugged up my ears too.

"Ok we're here, go open the garage door so I can get in the cabin before the neighbors see us with her and call the cops."

"What neighbors you dick head?"

"Just joking, I want to confuse her all I can."

"Ha, ha, ha, yeah that's a good idea."

I heard the door open and then some rough hands dragging me out. They took me outta' the big bag and then removed the bag over my head but left the neck strap on, that bothered me.

"Ok bitch, let's get alot of stuff clear right now, we're 40 miles away from anyone, this is private land, and you'll do everything we tell you too. If you don't it'll get really hard for you -- but more fun for us, we love hurting pretty women like you."

"YEAH, you'll do everything you're told and you'll do it in the manner we tell you. Never look us in the eyes, speak only when spoken too -- answer with 'Yes, Master or No Master.' DO YOU UNDERSTAND BITCH?"

I shook my head up and down as best and fast as I was able.

"Good you'll start by licking my boots."

He took off my gag and eye coverings and pushed me down to his boots, I slowly began licking them clean. They were full of mud and dirt, and smelt pretty fowl.

"Undo her knee leathers." I felt my knee leathers being releashed.

"You're not doing a very good job and I don't want you squatting down, I want your butt pointing out and open your knees when you do it."

Needless to say I complied. I found out that this caused the leather to strech into my crack even more making the studs dig yet deeper, I let out a peep and got slapped on the butt really hard almost immediately.

"You won't make any noise at all BITCH!"

"Yeeessss Master." He put his hand on the leather right where the stud cock was and pushed on it...

I bit down on my lip so I didn't make any noise.

"Good bitch."

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