The Sleepover

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My sister had two of her girlfriends over for a sleepover one weekend while our parents were away. Being the only guy in the house…well, you'll just have to read the story. Lucky me.

Chapter 1

When I was fourteen, I was into two things, cars and girls. My mom used to say I was overcome by 'fumes, ' car fumes and perfumes. Well, I had lots more luck with cars for sure. I went to car shows and stuff, even some car racing. And I knew all the latest models, all about them.

But girls? Well, it had been a more academic interest to that point, much like cars, I guess; I hadn't driven a car yet and I hadn't had sex yet, either. So, I was still holding an unused learner's permit, so to speak. Not that I didn't desperately want to do both.

But that didn't stop my interests.

It was summer and the particular summer that was between middle and high school for me, so I was looking forward to being closer, I hoped, to my first car and my first sex. So far, though, they both seemed pretty distant.

I had two sisters, they seemed to both date a lot and, as far as I could tell, have quite a lot of sex though I never was privy to any details, juicy or otherwise.

Maybe that was mostly because they were older, Laurie was twenty and away at college, working through the summer and taking a few courses so she could finish early. Cheryl was seventeen and, while unattached at the moment, she had gone with three or four guys since she'd started dating in middle school.

Me, I've had two dates with two different girls.

I know, it sounds like I'm a wimpy nerd or something but I'm not. I am shy and that's probably the biggest thing keeping me from dating much. I just really close up when I'm around a girl. I don't know why I'm that way, I just am.

So, you can imagine what my sexual experience was; just about as many miles I'd driven a car: none.

Now my sister, Cheryl was a junior, going into her senior year next fall and she was enjoying every minute of the prospect of moving on into college and what life that brought. I'd gotten some hints from my oldest sister that there was a lot of sex going on where she went to school and I think that had gotten Cheryl excited about her future after high school.

She dated a fair amount and had lots of girlfriends who I always tried to see whenever they were over.

This particular night, she was having two of her very best friends over for a slumber party, our parents were on a weekend trip to visit old friends who had moved about four hundred miles away several months ago; it was their first visit with them since they moved.

I usually kept pretty much to myself when my sister had her girlfriends over though I always did try to get a few looks at them since they were all pretty high school girls.

It was about ten-thirty and I was in bed reading a book as I slowly played with my dick under the covers. Cheryl's room was right next to mine and it had been quiet for a while yet now I was hearing giggling. I really wanted to go and listen to see if I could hear what they were doing; like for most guys, girls were pretty much a mystery, a very sexy mystery.

I eased my door open and took the few steps down the hall to the door to Cheryl's room. I couldn't believe it, the door was ajar just enough that I could see all three girls, my sister and Francie and Carla all sitting on her bed and they each had a hand down in their panties rubbing themselves.

God, they are getting off, I thought as I leaned toward the door. I couldn't believe it. I stood there watching as my hand dropped down to my briefs and began to rub.

"Robbie, are you out there? Are you spying on us?" I heard my sister yell and I took off running to my room and dove into bed pulling the covers up as all three girls came spilling into my room and pulling the covers off and all three pinning me down.

"You were spying, weren't you?" Cheryl barked.

"No, I ... I was going to the bathroom," I choked out, knowing full well that the bathroom was other way down the hall.

"Bullshit. You were watching us. Tell me or I'll tell Mom and Dad."

"Geez, okay, don't tell them, they'd kill me. Yes, I was watching you."

"And what did you see, Robbie?"

Now I know I needed every ounce of cleverness and guile I had as I answered, "Um, just sitting on your bed talking, that's all."

They were still holding me down, three girls who were all older.

"Come on, the truth, Robbie."

"You were all, um, well, you were, geez, well, playing with yourselves," I admitted.

"Do you play with yourself, Robbie?" my sister asked.

"Uh, yeah, kind of, sometimes." It was all I could think of to say.

"Well, let's just watch you play with yourself," she said and they pulled my briefs right off me and started laughing and giggling.

"Look, he's got a stiffie, he's all excited," Francie crowed.

"Come on, let's watch you do it, go on let's see you jack-off, little brother."

"We're not going to let you up until you do," Carla told me.

"You're really not going to make me do it, are you?" I begged as all three snapped back, "Yeah, we are," and held me down even more firmly.

"Well?" my sister asked.

"Geez, okay, but you can't ever tell any of my friends about this."

"You might get lucky, little brother, if we told some of our girlfriends. Come on, it's our turn to watch you. If you're good, we might even let you watch us do it all the way to the end," my sister offered.

That did it, that convinced me, for sure, as I agreed and had Cheryl get the hand lotion out of my dresser.

"Oh, too bad you boys don't make your own lubricant like we do. Well, go ahead, we want to see," Francie said.

I squirted some in my hand and started. I had only made a few strokes when Carla asked, "This help get you in the mood?" as she lifted her nighty up and off and dropped it on the floor as she sat next to me just inches from her beautiful round breasts.

Her nipples were pink and swollen-looking and the middles were standing out.

"Wanna kiss them, Robbie?" she asked as she leaned forward putting a nipple right up to my lips.

I did kiss it a couple of times until she suggested that I suck it. Yes, I know, pretty lame on my end but, like I said, I had no experience in these kinds of things.

But I was soon enjoying jacking-off as I sucked her boob so it wasn't long until I was just about there.

I started to moan as I sucked and Carla pulled away from me and got down in front of me saying, "Cum on my tits, Robbie. I've heard it makes them grow," so I aimed at her as I got closer and closer.

As spurts of white, gooey cum shot out landing on Carla's boobs, the others were all shrieking and giggling.

"Look, his cum really flew out," my sister cried.

"He got her right on the tits," Francie giggled.

Carla leaned back and began rubbing my cum in like it was some exotic lotion as I asked her, "Does it really make them grow?"

"I dunno, I heard it did, so, well, they're pretty big right now but every girl wants them bigger."

They looked pretty big to me and simply beautiful. I was surrounded by beautiful girls as I sat there naked with my dick still hard as steel.

"Okay, come on, Robbie, you can watch us now," my sister said and they all got up and I followed them back to my sister's room. I positioned myself right behind Carla so I could watch her beautiful curvy butt swish down the hall to my sister's room.

Once inside, Francie said to my sister, "They're both naked, guess we should join them, huh?" and she pulled off her nighty and was stepping out of her panties as my sister crossed her arms and raised her nighty over her head and dropped it on the floor, then squatted down to pull her panties off as well.

All three girls were naked, including my sister. Well, I'd seen them all in bikinis before so I knew they were pretty and all but, well, you should have been there. Carla had the largest breasts, they were like cantaloupes, big, round, luscious with large, pink nipples, my sister's were smaller but still really nice and firm and pretty and her nipples were small and dark reddish-brown and Francie's were also nice and round with large, brown nipples all poked out. Was my dick hard.

They were each shaven around their pussies, just beautiful and plump and bare. I began to wonder if my dick would ever go down after this.

Each got up on my sister's bed and leaned up against the wall, spread their legs open and began rubbing their pussies, my sister did it in circles, the other two back and forth across their lips which were wet, of course.

"Go ahead, Robbie, jack-off if you can, join the fun," my sister said and I went and got some hand lotion on my hand and sat in the chair opposite her bed next to her work desk and began that familiar stroking back and forth.

"Oh, I like it with your cute, naked brother here beating his meat," Francie told my sister, "it makes me hotter than ever to watch him while I get off."

"Yeah, he's cute jacking-off like that. Just think, we've got all weekend with him, I think i might just make him an offer he can't refuse, if you know what I mean?" said Carla.

Well, I'm no fool, so I asked, "What offer might that be?"

"Maybe you'll find out later, Robbie. Just be sure to leave a little cum for later, huh," she said as she winked at me while she slid two fingers up inside her and put her other hand down rubbing to top of her pussy.

Later, huh? Well, I guess I should try and be patient like my mother always tells me.

"You better watch out for Carla, Robbie, she's a hot girl, you may need to take some vitamins when she's around," my sister cautioned jokingly as they all pleasured themselves.

I was getting pretty close myself, after all, think about what I had to look at while I was jacking-off. Not some five-year old dogeared, cum-stained copy of Playboy, no, but three hot-looking high school juniors with their legs spread open masturbating furiously for me.

"Oh, here I go," I cried out as arc after arc of white cum burst out the end of my cock onto the floor between us as they all hooted and cheered.

"Look, look, he's shooting," yelled my sister Cheryl.

"Cum everywhere, look at it," cried Francie as Carla shouted out, "Oh, it's making me cum, look, mmm, mmm," as her face turned red and she started moaning, "Uhh, uhh, uuh, uuh, uuh."

Then, Cheryl began moaning as she rubbed faster as her fingers fucked in and out.

"Mmm, mmm, ooh, yes, YES, AYYE, AYYE, UUH, uh, uh, mmm, mmm," she cried out just as Francie began as well.

These girls were so beautiful when they had their orgasms, they were just so erotic and sensual when they twisted and writhed as their faces took on a dreamy look of ecstasy.

We all got together for a group hug and cuddle, I was almost in shock being in the middle of three naked high school girls and didn't care a bit that one of them was my own sister, no, not a bit.

"Well, we've had our fun tonight, Robbie. It's time we all went to bed. Sweet dreams, we'll see you in the morning," my sister told me and I knew that, at least for the time being, my introduction to sex was over as I got up and went to my room.

I lay there in the dark slowly stroking my cock which, of course, being fourteen, was as hard as ever, when I heard the door open.

Chapter 2

"Robbie, are you in here? It's me, Carla," I heard as the door closed. Next, the bed moved and I was embraced by my sister's naked friend, Carla, who gave me a kiss that I would never forget.

She reached down to take hold of my cock, then rolled up over me, holding my dick as she pressed down pushing it up into her. I was getting fucked. Really fucked.

"Mmm, nice, just what I want. Feel good?" she asked as her hips moved up and down over me giving me the best feelings I'd ever had.

"Oh, it's wonderful, Carla, I can't believe we're doing this," I gasped.

"Well, we are and I plan on sleeping with you this weekend, we can fuck all you want, Robbie, sound good?"

"Way better than good. I just never knew it could feel this good."

"Is this the first time you've fucked a girl?"

"Um, yeah, I guess so."

She laughed, "You guess so? You're not sure?"

"No, I mean, yes, I'm sure. No, I've never had sex with a girl before," I babbled, simply overwhelmed at how my life had taken such a happy turn.

"Oh, wow, that's cool, I get to be your first. You're liking this, huh?"

"I'm loving it, Carla, oh, I can't believe this, it just feels so good."

"Have you ever had a blowjob?"

"No, but I'd like to," I answered hopefully.

"Well, maybe I'll wake you up with one in the morning. I guarantee you'll be wide awake by the time you're cumming in my mouth."

I lay there under her, simply overwhelmed with bliss; she felt so good, I really couldn't see her very well in the darkness, and she was taking me into a whole new world as she moved up and down over me.

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