Solara, My Winged Angel
Chapter 1: Crash!

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Science Fiction, Zoophilia, Space, Bestiality, Pregnancy,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Crash! - When life throws you a curve... A man finds love with?

My name is Jason Lee and I am the Commander and sole survivor of a crash landing of the space craft Pathfinder. We had been in orbit around the fourth plant of the star Epsilon Eradani for almost a month when we were struck by another space craft that suddenly appeared from behind the second moon and we were unable to avoid the impact. My craft spiraled out of orbit and crashed on the largest of the three continents killing the other eleven crew members.

We had been surveying the planet for other life forms and for a possible landing site. Although we had found an abundance of plant life, some bacterium and other single cell organisms, we found no higher level or sentient life forms. We were in the process of deciding on a landing site when we were surprised by this other craft suddenly appearing on the radar and crashing into us.

When I came to on the surface I managed to pull myself from the wreckage, and although battered and bruised I was in pretty good shape. After a couple of days to gather some strength I managed to dig graves and bury my comrades. My tracking records showed that the other ship actually stayed in orbit for almost 4 days before crashing about 100 km from my location. The next day I put together a travel pack and set out for the other ship, I was curious and wanted to check out the ship for technology and crew.

After 4 days walking through a forest of trees about the size of Earth Redwoods I came upon the other ship. I was very cautious and looked it over from a distance for the rest of the day before deciding that there were no survivors. The next morning I approached the ship and discovered that the crew where a race of avians and started taking the bodies from the wreak. I took a break after about 3 hours and discovered that I had found 25 bodies and had only gone through about half the ship. I spent the rest of the day burying the bodies I had already found. The following morning as I was searching the ship I heard a noise from what appeared to be some kind of storeroom. After I got the hatch open I discovered that there was one of the avians trapped and obviously hurt by falling debris. I managed to dig the 'person' out from under all the mess and laid it on the sleeping pad I had set up for me.

As I looked over its body I noticed what appeared, to me, to be some human characteristics. It had arms and legs similar to me was approximately my size but weighed almost nothing and it had feathers and WINGS. Checking it over I found that it had the wing, arm and leg on the left side broken. I carefully examined the rest of its body and found that the facial structure was similar to mine except that the eyes were more to the side about where my temples were. The feathers were a beautiful silver-grey color, darker on the back, lighter on the front and with flecks of black, blue and gold, especially around the eyes. The mouth was more like a covered beak as it had lips but what amounted to a single tooth that went from one side of its mouth to the other. Nostrils were flat to the face with no nose. Hands had extended length in palms and fingers, 2 extra joints, and the feet were similar in that the toes were longer and had vestigial claws. This one also appeared to be female as it had what I believed to be breasts, 4 nipples with mounds (?); just below it's over sized ribcage. But, with no external genitalia, or even knowing what it would look like, I had no way of knowing for sure.

I carefully tried, and it seemed successfully, to set the broken bones and hoped that it would survive so that I could find out more about it. I finished burying its shipmates, 35 of them, and settled in to try and nurse it back to health. I searched out and found water that my instruments said was safe for me to drink and I hoped would be safe for my patient. I also found what appeared to be fruit and nuts that tested safe. Over the next 10 days the avian tossed and turned but never became conscious. I kept its lips moist and tried to get it to eat some of the fruit, but with only limited success. The morning of the 12th day as I was checking it over I noticed that its eyelids were fluttering open and after about 20 minutes they opened and looked at me. It came wide awake and tried to jump away but with its bad arm, leg and wing it just screamed out in apparent pain and collapsed back on the pad.

I raised my empty hands to show it I had no weapons and meant it no harm, and then I tried to communicate to it that I had set its broken bones after pulling it from the wreak. It appeared to calm down somewhat and when I offered it water it gratefully took it and drank down all that was in the canteen. I helped it sit up and then went around and pointed out where I had buried its friends and when it realized what the mounds meant I noticed what I took to be tears in its eyes. It tried to 'speak' but all I heard was a sing-song melody that sounded nice but I had no way of understanding.

I spoke to it and then pointed to myself and said "Jason" it looked at me puzzled and I did it again, it then mimicked me and it came "Ason".

Over the next 3 months, as it healed, and with the aid of a video encyclopedia from my ship, its vocabulary grew as did mine as I tried to mimic its sing-song language. It could now walk around but not as yet fly and together we stripped its ship for everything that could be of use to us. We managed to understand enough of each other's language and I found out that indeed it was a SHE and its name was Solara.

As the area where Solara's ship was, was better stocked with available food and water I made the 10 day round trip to my ship 4 more times to strip it of everything usable. As we settled in to a routine of trying to learn each other's language and working at trying to assure our survival I noticed that we where spending a lot of time in close proximity. I also noticed that I was having thoughts about what kind of a future we might have as we were so different.

We had been stranded for about a year (Earth time) when one day I saw her bathing and got a really good look at what was under some of those feathers. She had breasts all right, 4 of them, about 34C and as she cleaned the rest of her body I noticed she had something between her legs that, as I got a raging hard-on, I prayed was a pussy or its equivalent. Later that evening she caught me jack-in' off and asked me what I was doing. I just stammered with no real answer and got up and walked away.

The next morning she came to me and asked; "Is that your sex organ?" I blushed and said "Yes." and then we started talking about each other's sex practices. She said, "I too am having trouble as I'm young and have yet to mate for the first time". "I am ready every 32 days but without a mate I will never have the chance to bear young".

I explained to her about how we did it on Earth, "We have 2 sexes and the female of my species has an opening, called a vagina, between her legs. The male, me, inserts his penis into the female and deposits the sperm necessary for fertilization". I asked her how it worked on her home planet.

She told me, "On Orlana (translation) it is similar except that the male has his sex organ hidden away in a body cavity like mine and when it is time to mate it extends from his body and would enter me to deposit his contribution to conception. Then 11 months (Orlanan time) after that I would give birth."She also told me that when they mated it was for life," (much the same as larger birds on Earth). I asked her about her anatomy and she said, "I have this opening between my legs that serves the purpose of urethra, anus and vagina." She leaned back and spread her feathers to show me, I got a hard-on just looking at it. A cloaca, again, like some birds and mammals on Earth.

I asked,"Do you have sex only for procreation, or do you have it for pleasure and shared intimacy as well?"

She explained, "Although I am fertile only once a month, every 32 days (1 Orlanan month) 15 times a year (Orlanan year) I and my mate would share our bodies to strengthen our pair-bond and bring us closer emotionally on a regular basis."

The more we talked the hornier I got and if my senses weren't lying to me I could see that she too was getting the itch. As she stood up I got up and put my arms around her and pulled her body close. I could smell her and somehow I knew that she was just as horny as I was and as I kissed her she moaned softly and pressed her body to mine. "Solara, I don't know if we can mate but if you are willing to try then maybe we can at least share our bodies and relieve each other of some of our sexual tension."

She answered, "We can try as I am at the time to conceive and feel a great desire to mate. And I'm in such need that I feel I will lose my mind." I pull her close and kiss her, the feeling not to unlike an Earth woman. Then I picked her up and carried her to my sleeping mat. I laid her down and very gently and started caressing her breasts and 'vagina'. Soon she was moaning and babbling in her native language and then she moved her hand down and placed it at my groin.

I moaned loudly at this contact with my cock and I said, "I want you, I want to love you and be your mate."

As I touched her again, she lifted up to me and forced my fingers in to her opening. She was wet and asked me, "Please come to me and mate with me." She turned over and raised her "ass" and spread her legs and feathers to display herself. I then knelt between her legs and placed the head of my cock into her. As I entered her I felt muscles within her move to direct my cock into a very tight channel within her body. I suddenly felt something give way and I was fully seated in her. She moaned loudly and as I moved in and out she moved to meet me and soon she was crying out, calling for something that I didn't understand, suddenly she went still and my cock felt her heat. I came so hard that I thought that I would flood her all the way to her throat. We collapsed in a heap with me slipping from within her and lay together holding each other and, at least in my case, thanking all that is holy that that had worked. And hoping we would do it again.

We started having sex on a regular basis after that afternoon and the more time I spent with her the more I realized that I was falling in love with her. About 3 months later, after dinner, one evening she says to me, "Jason I believe that our genetics are closer than we may have at first thought. I'm sure that we have mated as I feel the life growing inside Me."

I looked at her in stunned disbelief and asked, "Are you sure?"

She takes my hand and puts it against her belly and says, "I'm positive as I feel my 'pouch' swelling inside me."

I took her in my arms and held her tight and say,"Solara, I love you so much, and now we will not be as lonely as we will have our children to share our life here with."

I asked and she said, "I will give birth in about 10 months (local adjusted time) and there will either 2 or 4 as my species always has even numbered multiples. And unlike the birds on your planet I will give birth to live young."

Over the next few months we continued to have sex and her belly slowly got bigger and bigger. One day she came to me and says, "It is time." and as I held her and helped her she gave birth to 2 small babies that fortunately were more like their mother than me. They had their mother's feathers and facial structure. They had her wings as well as her single opening. She informed me that both were female and that they would be approximately her size in 3 years. Her breasts were swollen and the infants nursed from them as well as I did when we had sex. When the children were just a year old she informed me that she was again with child and things got really fun after that.

About every 2 years for the next 10 years she gave birth to 2 babies and one time there were 4. We have continued to live very simple lives and raise our children.

We are celebrating our 12th anniversary and I am telling Solara that "I am so blessed, I have someone to love that loves me, we have 12 children, with 2 more on the way. My life is almost perfect; my only wish would be that I could fly!"


"Darling that sounds like the Electrostatic Discharge from one of my planets ships. It happens when the Gravito-Metric Drive enters atmosphere." "Darling I think some of my people may have found us".

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