A Family's Sexual Awakening
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Cousins, Aunt, Nephew, Swinging, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Squirting, Pregnancy, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A family grieves for the death of their loved one too long and deprive themselves of the one thing everyone needs, love. It all comes to a head right before they go on vacation to the beach.

Karen Johnson (41) was totally exhausted; it had been a long week at work. She pulled her short cotton dress over her head and stripped off her underwear and dropped them in the washing machine. Pulling her dress back over her head, she headed towards the living room. Her sheer cotton dress was far too short to wear without underwear but she was too tired to care. She had closed the office early and began cleaning up the house in preparation for some well needed time off.

She was taking her two kids (Chris and Samantha) on a well needed vacation to the beach. Her older sister Mary (43) and her daughter Angela (19) were going along too. It had been almost two years since her husband Mike had been killed in a car accident. The tragic event was tough on all of them, but in the end it brought them even closer together.

It seemed to be hardest on Samantha; she was daddy's little girl in every sense of the word. She was 17 at the time and after two long years she was finally coming to grips with the reality she needed to move on. Chris had turned 18 and was going off to college, but after his father's death, he decided to stay home to take care of his family. After all, he was the man of the house now. He got himself a job working construction so he could help his mother with the bills.

Karen was so proud of her son. He took charge immediately after his father's death and held the family together. It never mattered how hard his day at work had been, he always came home with a smile on his face. The first thing he did when he came through the door after work was pick his mother up in a big hug, twirl her around the room, and ask her. "How is the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth doing today?"

She never tired of his daily ritual. As a matter of fact, she quite enjoyed it. Even if he was her son, he was still a man, and it was nice to know someone noticed her. At 41 years of age, Karen was an elegant woman. She worked out every morning before work and it showed. She had long blonde hair, it flowed just past her shoulders and set off her perfectly shaped ass. While her breasts were not huge, they were a very firm 38C. Her best feature though, might have been her long smooth legs. The goddess Aphrodite would've been jealous of Karen's legs.

When she finally finished with the housecleaning, Karen grabbed the erotic novel she was reading and slid to the floor next to the big bean bag chair in the den. It was the place with the best light in the entire house. She pulled her knees up, made herself comfortable and began to read. It had been over two years since she'd had sex with anyone, so reading her novels was her only release.

Her husband Mike had been a man who needed a lot of sex, and she became used to having a lot of sex. She was devastated with the sudden loss of sexual fulfillment, and although she'd put it in the back of her mind, it had been rearing its head lately in many different ways. She was even finding herself admiring her son's well tanned, muscular body. His body had really filled out from all of the hard work he did on the construction site. She noticed how the muscles in his arms had become so much bigger and how broader his shoulders were since he went to work. Sometimes when she was masturbating she would even fantasize it was him giving her pleasure.

She knew it was wrong, but lately, she had been less and less careful about exposing her self to him. She might walk around the house in her lace panties and bra, other times she might wear one of her frilly nightgowns with nothing on underneath. She tried to convince herself, her son wasn't interested in her, besides she reasoned, he wasn't seeing anything he hadn't already seen. He'd seen her in her bikini many times when they went to the beach. She shook off her thoughts of sexual things and tried to concentrate on finishing her novel.

A few minutes later, Chris came into the room and lay down on the floor in front of her. He lay down on his side, propped his head up with his elbow, then said. "Everything's ready, the van is all loaded. Are you sure you don't want to leave tonight?"

Karen looked up from her book, and said. "That's great sweetheart but we cannot check in before 1:00 PM tomorrow. I have about an hour or so before I finish my novel, what do you think about ordering a pizza for dinner? I don't want to dirty any dishes tonight, that way, we can get an early start in the morning."

"A pizza sounds great but what about Samantha? Isn't she coming home?" Chris asked.

"She's going to stay at Mary's and ride up with her and Angela on Monday. I guess the first three nights, it'll be just you and me. Do you think you can manage being cooped up alone with your old mother for that long?" Carol answered her son.

"C'mon mom, I love spending time with you. In case you don't know, I would rather spend time with you than anyone on this earth. I'm the lucky one; I get to spend three days alone with the most beautiful woman on earth." Chris told his mother.

Karen chuckled and went back to reading her book. Chris leaned his back against the recliner and stretched his legs out. With his head resting on his hand, he noticed he could see straight between his mother's spread legs. Suddenly, out of nowhere he spied her bare pussy; he could see beautiful little blonde tufts of hair glowing in the afternoon sun beaming through the window. Intently he looked until he saw the lips of her naked pussy. He could feel the blood rushing to his cock while it rose to full hardness. He was so engrossed in thought he forgot to try and hide his hard-on from his mother's view.

After some time had passed and her son had not said anything in a while, Karen looked up to see if he had left the room. The first thing she noticed was, not only was he still there; he was staring at something directly in front of him. Instantly she remembered she was naked under her dress. There was little doubt he was staring at her bare pussy. She felt her face redden and started to close her legs but something stopped her. There was something wicked about her only son staring at her bare pussy. Almost immediately, she felt her pussy tingle. When she looked over at Chris, she was amazed by the size of the huge bulge in his pants. She thought. 'He's got a hard-on from looking at my pussy. The bulge in his pants is really big, I wonder just how big his cock really is.'

Chris had masturbated often thinking of his mother. He couldn't believe his luck right now, he had her bare pussy staring back at him. He wanted so bad to crawl between her legs and place his tongue inside but knew better of it. He was thinking how good it would be to taste his mother's sweet pussy when he heard the kitchen door slam shut.

"Mom, I'm home, I forgot something." Samantha called from the kitchen.

Karen slammed her legs together and smoothed her dress. Staring at Chris's hard-on, she said matter of factly. "You'd better roll on your stomach; you don't want your little sister to see you like that."

Her face turned beet red when she realized she had given herself away. She practically admitted she was letting her son looked at her bare pussy.

Chris couldn't believe what just happened. His mother admitted she knew he was looking at her bare pussy but did nothing to cover herself. His mind was whirring when Samantha bounced into the room and said. "Hi, I stopped to change this skirt and pick up a pair of shorts and a blouse, what the fuck? Damn it bro, what's got you all excited?"

He had forgotten to roll over and was caught. Trying to act like he didn't know what his sister was talking about, he said. "What are you talking about? I was laying here asleep until you came in."

"I'm talking about the huge cannon trying to bust through your shorts. It must've been some dream to get you that excited." Samantha quipped.

"Quit teasing your brother, honey," Karen said. "Go upstairs and change, also, make sure you're all packed. I'll send Chris up in a few minutes to get your suitcase and put it the van" Karen was having a hard time collecting her thoughts. What was she going to do when her daughter left? Chris knew she was letting him look at her bare pussy.

Before she left to go upstairs, Samantha looked at her mom asked. "Mom, are you sure you're feeling alright? You're all flushed. I hope you're not getting sick and we have to postpone our vacation."

"No honey, I'm fine. It's been a long week and I'm just a little tired, I'm sure after a good night's sleep I'll be fine." She told her daughter with a half smile. The smile wasn't lost on Chris. Now he was sure his mother was letting him look at her bare pussy.

When Samantha left the room Chris could not help but admire her tight ass when she started up the stairs. He was doubly thrilled; his sister was an absolute ten on anyone's scale. Her wavy blond hair hung just above her shoulders, her face was that of an angel and her sexy body rivaled her mother's, for a great figure. The cheeks of her ass were partly exposed from the tight shorts she was wearing and Chris couldn't help but enjoy the view. He turned his head quickly, he didn't want his sister catching him checking out her ass. When he looked up he saw his mother looking directly at him. He was pleasantly surprised when his mother gave him a quick smile.

Karen playfully told her son. "Shame on you young man, brothers should never look at their sisters that way. Now straighten yourself up and go put your sister's suitcase in the van."

Chris bounded up the stairs to retrieve his sister's suitcase; when he got his second big shock of the day. His sister was standing in front of her full length mirror without a stitch of clothes on. He was about to turn and walk away when he heard his sister say. "Come on in big brother, my suitcase is over there by the closet. I saw you ogling my ass when I left the room. So tell me, what do you think? Is it as pretty naked as you thought it was?"

Chris stammered. "Uh, uh, uh, I, I, wasn't staring at your ass when you left. What do you think I am, some sort of pervert."

Samantha plopped down on her bed, put her hands over her face, and started to cry. "I knew it! You don't think I'm pretty. No one wants me!"

Chris sat down by his sister and put his arms around her and said. "What on earth do you mean nobody wants you? You are the most beautiful girl in your sorority. Of course I think you're gorgeous, but a brother is not supposed to think of his sister in that way."

Still crying, Samantha told her brother. "I get so lonely when I'm away at school. None of the guys want anything to do with me because I've got a reputation I won't put out. It's not I don't want to have sex; I just want it to be with someone who cares about me."

She turned and hugged her big brother tight. He could feel her bare breasts crushed against his chest. He thought he was going to go crazy. First, his mother let him stare at her bare pussy and now his naked little sister was hugging him tight. His big hard cock was pressed against her bare thigh and ready to explode any second. What happened next was beyond his comprehension. With pleading eyes Samantha looked at him and said. "Can I see it? Please let me see it?"

"I really don't think it's a good idea but I guess fair is fair. We have to hurry because if mom comes up here and catches us she will kill me." Chris told her.

Samantha stood up so Chris could pull down his shorts. When his big, hard, throbbing cock sprang free from its confines, it began bouncing up and down and from side to side like a cobra ready to strike. Samantha couldn't help herself and squealed. "Oohh my god, it's so big and hard! Does it hurt? Can I touch it? Please let me touch it?"

Chris started to tell her no but it was too late. Samantha had wrapped both of her tiny hands around her big brother's cock and began to explore every inch of it. He tried to warn her but it was too late and he bellowed! "Oohh shit! Oohh shit, I'm Cumminggg!"

His cock began spewing cum like an overflowing volcano. Powerful spurt after spurt after spurt of his cum flew from his oversensitive cock. His naked sister was practically covered in it. Samantha was practically giddy with the situation but Chris was panicked. When the last bit of cum quit spurting from his cock they heard their mother yell from downstairs. "Are you two alright up there? I thought I heard a loud bang!"

Still trying to recover from the hardest orgasm of his life, Chris was unable to speak. Thinking quickly, Samantha yelled down to her mother! "We're alright; Chris was just having a hard time closing my suitcase and it fell off the bed! We will be right down!" Samantha made sure to emphasize the word hard when she was yelling down to her mother.

Grabbing the panties she was wearing earlier, she wiped the excess cum from Chris's cock, kissed him on the cheek and said. "That was beautiful; I've never seen anything like it before. Maybe we can do it again while we are on vacation; you better hurry before mom suspects something."

Trying to catch his breath and with his mind still reeling, he only nodded. Once he was sure his breathing had returned to normal, he picked up his sister's suitcase and took it to the van. He decided to stay outside for a little while before going back inside. He needed time to comprehend what just happened.

Samantha cleaned herself as best she could and put on some new clothes. Once she had composed herself, she picked up the clothes she had been wearing and headed to the washroom. Her mother's undergarments were still washing so she placed hers in the hamper and went to tell her mother goodbye.

She kissed her mother on the cheek and without thinking told her. "Mom before I leave, I left some clothes in the hamper. I'm sorry and I hate to ask, but would you wash them for me?"

"What would you do without me? Sure honey, I'll put them in as soon as mine are done. Where's your brother? Surely, he's finished loading your suitcase in the van by now." Karen told her daughter.

"I think he's still outside. Do you want me to tell him you're looking for him?" Samantha asked her mother.

Karen answered quickly. "No honey, that's alright, I was just wondering where he was. Be sure and tell your Aunt Mary and Angela I said hello. I love you and we'll see all of you in a few days."

Samantha kissed her mother on the cheek, told her goodbye and bounded out the door. The first thing she saw was Chris was standing next to the van with a blank look on his face. She walked up and gave him a big hug, kissed him fully on the mouth and said. "What's wrong big brother? You look upset."

Chris grabbed his sister by her shoulders and gently pushed her away from his body and looked directly into her eyes. He told her. "Look sis, what happened between us upstairs can never, ever happen again. We are brother and sister for god's sake! Besides, if mom caught us in the act she would kill both of us!"

Karen gave her big brother a wry smile and sashayed to her car. Before leaving, she laughingly said. "We'll see, we'll see, I love you and I will see you in a few days."

Suddenly Chris was dreading spending the next two weeks at the beach with his family. He knew what she meant what she said. "We'll see." He also knew he wasn't strong enough to resist her. After what happened upstairs, he'd almost forgotten about the incident in the living room with his mother.

After making sure he had the van packed properly, he decided to finally go back inside. When Karen heard the kitchen door open and shut, her body trembled and she felt a rush throughout her body. She could feel the moisture building up inside her love canal. It had been so very long since she was so turned on. She called to him. "Chris, is that you? Go ahead and order the pizza, then come in here, we need to talk."

'Shit, she knows what happened upstairs! I'm in for it now! How am I going to explain what happened and it not sound crazy?' Chris thought to himself.

After ordering the pizza, Chris slowly sauntered into the living room ready to be chastised. His frazzled mind wasn't ready for what he saw next. His mother was still sitting on the floor reading her book with her legs still spread open except her short dress was hiked up even higher than it was earlier. Her bare pussy was staring him right in the eyes. Immediately he felt his cock filling up with blood.

Before he had a chance to hide his hardening cock, his mother peeked over her book and said. "It's not right for mommy's little boy to be looking between her legs when she doesn't have on any panties. Besides that, mommy shouldn't be letting you. Oh lord, please don't tell anyone I let you, uh, uh, let you see me this way."

All the while Karen was talking she never closed her legs and Chris never stopped looking. She was staring intently at the huge bulge in Chris's shorts when she heard him say. "I promise, I promise you mom, I'll never tell a soul. It's just between us."

His hormones were raging out of control and he felt the pre-cum from his cock dampening his shorts as his cock grew into a rigid pole. He was too far gone to even try to hide it from his mother's view. They kept staring at each other without a word being spoken.

She began wondering how big he really was. She laid down her book down and spread her legs a little wider. Now she sat with her short dress slid clear above her mound and her legs spread wide open. She finally closed her eyes and pretended she was showing her pussy by accident. Her whole body felt like it was on fire. She was so hot she felt she might orgasm just from the simple touch of his hand touching hers.

Karen knew she should close her legs and stop what was happening between them, but it seemed silly to close them now after she had allowed him to stare at her bare pussy for so long.

After a long while, she finally spoke. "I'm surprised you'd even want to look at an old woman like me with so many sexy young girls in town."

Without thinking, Chris blurted out. "Jeez Mom, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. As a matter of fact, you're the sexiest woman I've ever been around. Why do you think I tell you that every day? Besides, you are a whole lot sexier than any of the girls in this town."

Smiling she said. "Well, by the enormous bulge in your shorts I can see you definitely like what you see."

Chris lowered his head and blushed. He couldn't believe his mother was talking to him about his hard-on.

"I can't help it, I'm too big for these shorts and then seeing your, uh, ah, I mean seeing you naked, well it has a mind of its own. 9 1/2 inches is difficult to hide when it's as hard as it is now." Chris bellowed out before thinking.

"It's 9 1/2 inches? You have got to be shitting me? Are you really that big?" She asked him.

Chris didn't like being called a liar, in high school the girls in the cheerleading squad league squad cornered him one day after school and asked him the same question so he pulled it out and proved it to them. Now his mother was questioning him on the same subject.

Before he realized what he was doing he pulled his shorts down to his ankles and said. "Well I can prove it. Do you want to see?" Karen sat stunned. Everything happened so fast, she was unable to speak. His massive cock sprang out and bobbed up and down angrily between the two of them. It was close to 10 inches of thick man meat with an angry purple head. She could see the thick pulsing veins running its full length. He began walking towards her, stopping only inches from her face.

"There," he said. "See, I told you."

Karen gasped, trying to catch her breath. Her mouth watered and her pussy throbbed, she felt like she might faint. She knew she should stop this now before things got out of hand. Instead, as if she was in a trance, her hand reached out and encircled her son's massive cock standing before her.

"Oh Chris, it's beautiful. It's absolutely enormous; I've never seen anything so big and hard. It's even bigger than your father's." She began to slide her hand up and down his thick cock until she came to its massive purple head. Before she knew what she was doing, she leaned over and kissed it. Chris moaned in pleasure.

Confident he approved, she took her other hand and cupped his balls and gently played with them while her other hand began rapidly sliding up and down the thick massive shaft.

Karen could feel her pussy flood with passion. A passion like she had not felt since before her husband died. Her eyes were glazed with lust and her mind was occupied only with the huge cock she had in front of her.

A sudden ring of the doorbell brought the two of them out of their reverie. It was the pizza Chris had ordered earlier. Reluctantly, Karen pulled herself away from her sons cock and emphatically told him. "I better go get the pizza because you are in no shape right now. You stay right here and don't go anywhere; I plan on finishing this when I get back."

Chris fell back in the recliner with his big cock sticking straight up in the air in front of him. He had fantasized about his beautiful mother since he was a teenager and now his wildest dream was finally coming true

Chris laid back in the recliner patiently waiting for his mother to return. He was pleasantly surprised when she entered the living room and pulled the short cotton dress over head. She was even more beautiful than could have imagined.

Chris watched as she lay back on the floor and motioned for him to come to her. Climbing from the recliner, he moved towards her until he was kneeling between her legs, his enormous cock a mere inches from her dripping pussy. She was past the point of no return, she wanted; no she needed his cock deep inside of her. Grasping Chris by his shoulders, she pulled him on top of her. Catching himself with his hands he moved himself directly above her, then slowly, he lowered himself to her and they both watched in fascination as his massive shaft slipped into his mother's inviting cunt.

"Oh my God, Chris, oh shit. You're sooo big! I have never had something so big inside of me! Easy, honey, easy, or you are going to split me in two!" Karen yelped!

She moved underneath him to adjust to his mammoth cock while it was slipping inside of her. "Ohh, baby, that's it, easy, honey, push it into mommy easy. Oohh my God, Chris your cock feeelss sooo gooood! Mommy's needed this for a very long time!

When Chris felt the head of his mighty weapon bang against her cervix, he withdrew it until just the tip of his cock was barely inside of his mother's pussy, then thrust it deep into her soaking love canal. Karen grunted each time his giant rod plunged deep inside of her pussy. In seconds Chris was fucking his mother with long powerful strokes in and out of his sex crazed mother.

She couldn't remember having been fucked by so much cock. Having it be her only son fucking her so good, only added to her immense pleasure. She knew it was wrong and she would regret it someday but all she could feel right now was the pleasure she was receiving from her son's mighty cock.

The awareness of her son looking at her bare cunt and the stroking of his massive cock earlier had almost driven her to the edge of orgasm, so it wouldn't take long for her son's gifted cock to bring her to orgasm. She could feel her impending orgasm building deep down inside of her. She started raising her ass off the floor to meet her son's animalistic thrusts with enthusiastic thrusts of her own. It wasn't long before they were thrusting against each other in unison.

"That's it Chris, do it sweetheart. Push your big cock deep inside of mommy's wet pussy. Push it deeper. Oohh yessss, don't stop now, I'm close. That's it, fuck meeee, it's happening, shit, Oohh nooo, I'm going to cum, mommy's going to cum, Iiiiieeeee!"

Karen felt her pussy begin to flow like a river. She only squirted juices from her pussy a few before but this time she could feel her juices gushing out and beginning to soak her son's cock and balls. She was a little embarrassed but thrilled he had made her shoot her love juice again. She laid in a contented stupor while her son continued to drive his thick massive cock in and out of her over saturated pussy. She wrapped her legs around his back and hung on for dear life.

She pulled his head down to her mouth and kissed him passionately, then whispered to him. "That was wonderful; now it's your turn, tell me what you want me to do."

Without saying a word, Chris grabbed her by the arms he pulled her on top of him and emphatically said. "I want you to ride me like the motherfucker you are! Ride me like I'm a raging bull you are trying to break and tell me exactly what you want!"

Straddling his big cock, she said. "Oh I see, you want it cowgirl style. Well then, fuck me hard cowboy! I want your big fuck stick so far inside of me I can feel it in my throat! Fuck your mommy so hard she will be sore for a week! Talking dirty to her son sent tremors throughout her body. There was something primal in the air!

She began to ride his massive cock with wild abandon. She was slamming her body down on his cock so hard and her tits were bouncing against her chin so violently she feared they might bruise. Up and down, in and out, his massive cock was bringing her to the brink of another mighty orgasm. She wondered how he had so much stamina. Her husband was virile but he could never last as long as her son was lasting now.

She felt another orgasm building deep inside of her again and was surprised by the intensity of it. When her orgasm began to let loose she heard Chris scream out loud. "Oohh nooo, mom I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum again, do want me to pull out?"

"No sweetheart, what ever you do, don't pull out, shoot all of your sweet love in me! Shoot all of it inside of mommy! Do it, cum for mommy! Oh shit, I'm cumming too, ooh yessss, yessss, it's gonna be a big one! I can't believe it; you're making me cum again too. Ooohhh, I'm Cumming I can't believe it, I'm Cumming on my son's big fat cock!" She groaned out loud!

"Me too, Mom, I'm Cumming, I can't believe it, I'm Cumming inside of you!" Chris screamed out at the top of his lungs!

When his cock started jettisoning his hot scalding cum inside of his trembling mother's pussy, she clamped her cunt muscles around his mighty cock and hissed! "Yessss, give me all of it! Shoot your magnificent baby making cum deep inside of mommy! I want it all!"

He yelled. "Here it is, I'm going to cum in your pussy mom. I'm Cumming in your hot fucking pussy! Squirt after squirt after squirt of her son's delicious cum flew into Karen's pulsating pussy! He was cumming even harder than he had earlier in his sister's room.

With her gifted son continuing to drive his massive cock deep in and out of her, Karen began screaming and moaning incoherently as one intense orgasm after another rocked her curvaceous body! She began thinking they would never end. Gradually, her orgasms began to subside and she fell in a heap on top of her son's hairy sweaty chest.

When her son's massive cock finally shrank and slipped from the confines of her hot, sopping wet pussy, she whispered. "Oh Chris, my lovely son, that was wonderful. I almost forgot how great sex could be. That was the absolute best fuck I have ever experienced. I hope you don't mind but I have to ask, where on earth did you learn to fuck like that?"

"I'm afraid you might get mad if I tell you. She taught me a lot but after today, she could never compare to you." Chris told his mother.

After Karen finally convinced him she wouldn't be mad, he finally began telling her who his teacher was. "It was the year before dad died and I was mowing lawns in the summer. Uncle Dave had just left aunt Mary and she was very lonely, wait a minute, before I finish, are you sure you're not going to get mad?"

"After all you've been to me these last two years, I could never be mad at you. Go ahead and finish your story." His mother told him. After a short pause, Chris began to finish his story. "Like said earlier, Uncle Dave had just left Aunt Mary and she was feeling really down. It was on a Saturday and I'd just finished cutting her yard when she asked me if I would like something cold to drink. I went inside and we were sitting at the kitchen table when she started crying. Hell, I didn't know what to do so I went over and put my arms around her and tried to tell her everything was going to be alright. I guess I had been holding her in my arms for about 5 minutes when suddenly she raised her head and kissed me hard on the lips."

Karen slapped her son on the leg and blurted out! "Nooo fucking way! You're telling me; my kid sister, little miss prim and proper, seduced you? I can't believe it!"

"It wasn't like that mom; it just happened and after we finished making love she felt real bad and made me promise I wouldn't tell anyone. She told me she was sorry we could never do it again but I when showed up the next week, I never even got my lawn mower off the trailer. When I knocked on her door to let her know I was about to cut the yard, she opened the door, pulled me inside and before I knew it, she was pinned against the wall and I was fucking her again." Chris explained.

Karen exclaimed! "That little slut, I never would have thought she had it in her! Tell me, how long did the two of you keep seeing each other?"

Chris bowed his head a little and said. "Actually, we never stopped seeing each other. Sometimes she will call me when Angela and Samantha are away at college and other times I will call her and we will meet at the Motel 6 on the other side of town. There, I've told you everything. Please don't be mad?"

"I'm not mad. After what just happened between us tonight, I only wish I would have known sooner. I might not have waited so long before I had you slamming your big beautiful cock in me. I can't wait to thank her for teaching you so well." Karen quipped. Immediately Chris begged. "Please mom, don't say anything to Aunt Mary. She feels embarrassed enough as it is. Besides, it could ruin our vacation."

"Don't you worry about Mary, I know her a lot better than you do. She will be fine. As a matter of fact, I think I will stop and buy her something special on the way to the beach tomorrow; you can even help me pick it out. Now, we need to get cleaned up and get ready to leave in the morning. Help your old mom up off the floor and you get a shower while I finish the laundry." Karen told her son.

"Aww mom, it's still early, I was kind of hoping we could do it again. Please?" Chris asked.

Karen looked into her son's pleading eyes and said. "There is nothing in this world I would love to do more but we have a long drive in front of us tomorrow, besides, I'm afraid going to have to walk bowlegged for the next couple of days after the wonderful fucking you gave me. There'll be more than enough time for us to continue where we left off before the others arrive at the beach house. Now go take a shower before you get me to change my mind."

Chris pulled his naked mother up to him and kissed her passionately, hoping to change her mind. When Karen finally broke their kiss, she playfully slapped him across the face and laughingly said. "You almost had me changing my mind you randy little shit. Quit it and go take a shower."

Resigned to the fact his mother was not going to change her mind, Chris turned and bounded up the stairs to take a shower. Karen picked up all of their strewn clothes and headed to the laundry room. After taking her undergarments from the washing machine and putting them in the dryer, she opened up the clothes hamper and retrieved the clothes Samantha had left for her to wash.

Normally she would sort everything but tonight she was exhausted from the intense fucking her son gave her. She was about to start the washer when she noticed Samantha's panties lying on the floor. When she picked them up, she immediately noticed the enormous amount of dried cum all over them. She wasn't surprised because she knew Samantha was sexually active (Karen put her on the pill shortly after 16th birthday) but she wondered who she could've had sex with. She knew for a fact, Samantha had been over at Mary's all afternoon until she came home.

Suddenly Chris's words during their wild fuck fest began ringing in her ears. Right before her second orgasm she remembered him saying. 'Oohh nooo, mom I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum again, do want me to pull out?'

She also remembered the kids being upstairs for an awful long time. Could it be Chris's cum all over his sister's panties she thought? Surely she would have known if something was going on between them. If there was, she was going to have to find out in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, back at Mary's house, Samantha was telling Angela about what happened with her brother. She told her. "You won't believe the size of his cock. It had to be at least 10 inches long and thick too. I couldn't believe how swollen and hard it was. I don't know what but something had him really worked up because I barely touched it and he exploded all over me. I've never seen so much cum. I was practically drenched in it, here smell."

Samantha pulled her shirt over head and Angela put her head close to her cousin's firm belly and inhaled deeply. Angela squealed to her cousin. "I thought you were bullshitting but I can smell the proof all over you. Do you think he will let me touch it while we're at the beach house?"

"Just leave everything to me cuz, I'll bet he not only lets you touch it, I'll bet he fucks your brains out." Samantha told her voluptuous cousin.

Before their conversation could go any further, Angela's mother called them down to dinner.

Meanwhile back in Karen's house, she had just taken a shower and lay down on the bed. It had been one crazy but wonderful day. Little did she know, the next two weeks were going to be wilder than she could ever imagine.

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