Saving Sister

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slavery, Light Bond,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Cast - His ideal family life was suddenly in jeopardy. His loving sister had fallen under the influence of an ill-intentioned 'friend'. There was only one action that stood a chance of saving her, but it went against so much of what he believed and the way they had always lived. Can he do what is needed? What will be the long-term effects? Give this one a chance to warm up.

CHARACTERS that appear in the story - not necessarily in order of appearance:

Bud Haller - about to be eighteen, HS senior

Ed Haller - Bud's father
Julie Haller - Bud's mother
Kim Haller - Bud's sister, 2 years older

Chuck Haller - Ed's brother, bud's uncle
Cassie Haller - Chuck's daughter, Bud's cousin

Karin Morin - school psychologist
Roger Morin - Karin's husband

Duchess - Gloria Solberg - PhD psychologist - owner of D-House
Meghan Solberg - Gloria's niece and slave
Pet & Pup - Meghan's parents, Gloria's slaves, cousin, and brother
James - D-House manager, bouncer, Master
Plum, Gem, Rose, Lily - D-House customers

Chet Lewis - Bud's maternal grandfather, Julie's father
Carol Lewis - Bud's maternal grandmother, Julie's mother

Ron Lewis - Julie's oldest sibling & only brother
Jess Lewis - Ron's wife
Christi & Carla Lewis - Bud's twin cousins, college students, 3 years older

Marilyn Morrison - Julie's older sister
Gene Morrison - Marilyn's husband
Ted Morrison - Gene's son & oldest child, Marilyn's adopted stepson
Sonja Morrison - Marilyn's and Gene's oldest
Brad Morrison - Marilyn and Gene's youngest

Kathleen Webster - Julie's younger sister
Mark Webster - Kathleen's husband
Jeannie Webster - college student, same age as Kim
Sarah Webster - 1 year younger than Bud
Josh Webster - 3 years younger than Bud

Jason Montague - Assistant Professor of Psychology

Kelli Bronson - high school student, friend of Josh Webster

Ellie Webster - Mark Webster's mother

Jill McCann - Mark Webster's older sister

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Story tagged with:
Ma/Fa / Consensual / Slavery / Light Bond /