Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ben Sanderson is a MORFS survivor. More changes than just he hair color. Sheri thinks he's a stud muffin. Can she help him through the obvious and not so obvious changes the MORFS epidemic has brought to him?

Ben turned the shower off and sluiced the water out of his hair and off his body. Opening the enclosure door, he reached for a towel to dry himself.

He almost chuckled. Just weeks ago, the chore would have been done in mere seconds. However, now it took a bit longer, since there was a lot more of him to dry. Six weeks ago he was a typical teenager, standing five foot four inches tall, but yesterday, his dad had measured him at half a hair over seven feet tall. Ben hung the towel on the rack and got out his toothbrush.

He had just uncapped the paste when the door popped open and his little sister walked in. The noise startled the teen who reflexively squeezed the tube of paste, shooting the entire contents all over the sink and backsplash.

"Angel, can't you wait your turn?" Ben says trying not to let his aggravation show in his voice. Ben dropped the empty tube of paste in the trashcan and got out a new travel size tube. He had done the same thing to a number of regular sized tubes. Slowly he was gaining control over his greatly increased levels of strength.

"No." Angel replied wiping the sleep out of her eyes. "You take too long." The small girl plopped herself on the commode. Ben ignored the rude noises coming from his younger sister.

Angel was thirteen years old if you went by the calendar, but she looked, acted and had the mental capacity of a third grader. The same bug that transformed Ben from a normal teen into "Mighty Man" was also responsible for the changes in Angel, giving her four gossamer-like wings and locking her into the body of an eight year old.

MORFS, Massive Otogenetic Regulation Failure Syndrome, had been around for sixty years. The base was an engineered bio-terror weapon that had failed horribly. The carrier virus had encircled the globe, with the payload insinuating itself into the DNA of all living creatures. That part of the weapon did its job very well and now the defect was passed from parent to child long after the original viral vector had died out in the wild. In short, the effect was that any creature that went through puberty was subject to having its DNA re-written. Sometimes the changes were small or even non-detectable. Sometimes the changes were massive, like with Ben, his little sister and their father. In rare instances, even now, they were fatal.

Society's attitude, most of society, anyway; was that the changes were accepted as a normal part of growing up, like acne. Only in a small percentage of the population were the changes looked upon as being a punishment from God for unclean thoughts or deeds.

For the most part, this minority was looked upon as a group of nutters that were more annoyance than anything else. That was; unless you lived in Kansas.

Ben was brushing his teeth when Angel finished, flushed and put the steps in front of the sink so she could wash her hands. Ben automatically made room for her. She finished in the sink, stepped down and looked around. Quickly she swiped both her hands on Ben's large, hairy thigh and bolted out the door giggling.

Ben sighed, having become used to Angel's antics long ago. The teen finished up and headed to his room, up the stairs on the far side of the house. He passed Molly.

"We have an appointment at the University this morning, Ben." Molly said looking up at the taller teen.

"Okay Molly." Ben replies carefully going up the steps.

Molly ran into Sarah in the kitchen. They exchanged greetings and hugs. Molly was another change in the Sanderson family. Sarah's husband, Jacob, had MORF'ed into a tall, massive equine hybrid after an explosion at a research lab.

Jacob and Molly met at the college where she worked as a research assistant and vet tech.

Hours after meeting, Jacob took Molly home when she fainted after they fought off a couple of Purist thugs. Sarah, a nurse with her own home health care business, treated Molly for her mostly minor injuries and sensing a way out of the dilemma that MORFS had delivered to her and her husband, talked Molly into staying with them. Sarah beat her husband over the head with the idea until he agreed. It didn't take much; Jacob being a well-trained husband after all.

Jacob Sanderson had more than enough love in his heart for both women and his family. Ducking the ceiling fans and lights as he walked into the kitchen he stopped to give Sarah her customary morning hug, just a lot gentler now than before, then moved on to Molly who's equine hybrid body was able to take Jacob's bone crushing hugs without harm.

Grabbing his computer tablet and briefcase, Jacob was out the door and on his way to work. Sarah put all her dishes in the sink and then headed to her office to do what she needed to do to run her business. Molly cleaned off the breakfast bar, got the kitchen cleaned and made sure that Angel wasn't getting into trouble.

"Ben!" she called up to the second floor, "it's time to go!"

"Okay Molly!" came Ben's reply. The teen was downstairs a minute later.

Molly poked her head in Sarah's office, letting her know that they were leaving and would be back by supper.

The drive into Athens, to the college campus was uneventful. Molly guided her upsized hybrid into her normal parking place in the general parking lot and turned off the engine.

When she didn't move, Ben looked over at Molly. Her hands remained clamped on the steering wheel, shaking so hard that the wheel rattled against the steering lock.

Ben put a large hand on her shoulder.

"Molly? You okay?" he asked quietly.

"I'm fine Ben."

"I wouldn't call shaking like a leaf fine." Ben said; the concern for her plain in his voice.

Molly looked over and smiled at her adopted son. Ben wasn't a typical self-absorbed teen who seemed to be perpetually hooked into some holovid or completely disengaged from everything going on around them.

"This is where I was attacked, Ben. It's just bad memories coming back to the surface."

Ben nodded. He got out of the car and walked around to Molly's door and waited for her. Together they walked towards the other side of the satellite campus to the large Phys-Ed department building. Molly felt positively Lilliputian next to the beefy teen. It seemed that MORFS brought out the big and tall in the Sanderson men. Ben's father stood an amazing eight feet tall after his change. With Ben escorting her, Molly felt safe. Her fear of more attackers receded as they made their way towards the indoor sports complex. Once inside, Molly introduced Ben to the senior instructor at the complex, Brad Charter.

"Little Benny here morphed recently." Molly winked at Ben. "The MORFS Center did all their standard testing, but that was almost two months ago. Ben has some concerns that we hope you can answer for him.

"Nice to meet you, Ben," Brad said while looking over the tall teen. He stuck his hand out and he and Ben shook hands. "What's the concern?" he asked.

"It's like Molly said, I morfed six weeks ago." Ben said quietly. "Since then I've grown a couple of inches and added over one hundred pounds in weight." Ben lifted his shirt to show off his flat stomach and broad, well defined chest. "I don't know where everything is going. The MORFS Center won't re-test me unless there is something wrong. And this isn't something I want to go see a doctor about unless something really is wrong."

The instructor smiled appreciatively at the teen's well developed body and resisted the urge to run his hand over the boy's hard chest.

"We can do all the non-invasive testing you want." Brad said. "We have weights, a pool, running track and a host of measurements that we can take. Where would you like to start?"

"The pool sounds good."

Molly and Ben said their goodbyes as Molly had to get to work at the project barns. She would be back later in the afternoon to get Ben when she was done for the day.

Brad walked Ben towards the locker room until the boy suddenly stopped and told Brad that he didn't have anything to swim in.

"You don't swim, Ben?" Brad asked.

"I do, we have a pool at home. Most of the time, we don't wear anything in the pool. And since my change, I didn't bother replacing my trunks."

"I think we can do something about that." Brad said.

They walked back to the office. Brad gave the boy an appraising look, guesstimating his size. He opened a bin and flipped through a number of packages inside. Pulling one out Brad handed it to the teen.

Ben took the bag and eyed the tiny scrap of cloth it contained then looked at Brad, lifting an eyebrow.

Brad smiled at the precious look on the young man's face. "It should fit. The briefs are made to stretch and will feel different than the trunks you're used to. Racing briefs are cut differently to reduce drag in the water. Don't worry, it covers all the bits and no one will give you a second glance."

Fifteen minutes later, Brad went in search of the teen. He found Ben staring at himself in the full length mirror at the far end of the locker room. From the expression he could see in the mirror, it wasn't vanity that drove the teen's self-inspection. It was like he was trying to reconcile what he saw in the mirror with the self-image he had of himself. Not that uncommon anymore now that MORFS was affecting a larger and larger percentage of the population.

Brad let his gaze wander over the large man, picking out details as he scrutinized his charge. The first was the most obvious, powerful. The teen was well muscled. The lines and cuts didn't stand out, concealed as they were under his tanned skin and pelt of curly dark hair. Electric blue hair flowed in a mass from his head to mid back.

Looking lower, Brad's eyes widened in surprise at what the racing brief covered. It might as well have been a coat of paint for all it did to conceal Ben's build below the waist.

Brad's mouth watered as he stared at the boy's bulge. The manager looked up and caught Ben's eyes in the mirror. He could feel the heat rise in his face at being caught staring. He looked back at Ben's face and had a hard time deciphering the expression. It could almost be called curious.

Ben turned and walked towards Brad. It was a smooth walk, fluid, graceful. He mashed down the lascivious thoughts in head and led the teen out of the locker room.

They walked to the shallow end of the pool, the side farthest away from the locker rooms. Ben felt like a side of beef on display at the market, but the few men that walked past gave neither of them a second glance. Ben caught himself looking at Brad's compact ass through the slacks the gym manager wore as they walked and felt his face flush hot with embarrassment.

The teen jumped into the pool as soon as they reached their destination.

Brad stood on the edge of the pool and explained the test to Ben. He pointed to the far end of the pool. "Using a racer's crawl stroke, go to the far end, touch the wall and return as fast as you can. Ready; GO!"

Ben pushed off and quickly swam for the far end of the Olympic sized pool. Kicking off from the far end, he returned, touched the wall and stood up.

"Good, exactly what I wanted." Brad told the young man. He made Ben repeat the test using several different strokes.

The next test was lung capacity. Brad had him do a deep breathing exercise to super-oxygenate his blood then handed him a weight belt and told him to sit on the floor of the pool for as long as he could. Brad started the timer when the teen submerged.

Ben sat on the bottom of the pool with his eyes closed and the weight belt in his lap. He had played games like this before, sitting on the bottom of the pool at the house, making the others wonder where he had gone. He remembered when Angel, before her morph, dove into the pool and dragged him out of the water, afraid that he had drowned. She fear turned instantly to anger when he'd started laughing and she pounded him like a drum with her little fists.

When his lungs started burning, Ben released the weight belt and let himself float to the surface. He turned to face the side of the pool and was greeted by a new face.

Four minutes and thirty nine seconds. That's an outstanding time, Ben, the girl said mentally. Are you sure you don't have gills someplace?

"Un, thanks, and no, not that I know about anyway," Ben said to the girl sitting on the edge of the pool. She wore one of the athletic department's red one piece racer style swimsuits with a whistle around her neck.

Brad was called to the office. He asked me to take over your testing. My name is Sheri. She smiled. Thank you. I think you're handsome, too. And no, you do not have to worry about being over-exposed. There are some here that walk around in briefs smaller than what Brad gave you.

"You're reading my thoughts?" Ben asked.

It's hard not to, Ben. Your fears are screaming over everything else. If you want, I can go deeper and see what I can pick out.

"You won't tell anyone, will you?" Ben asked, he looked into her dark brown eyes, trying to tell if she was deceiving him. But he knew she wasn't. Everyone knew that telepath's couldn't lie when they talked to someone skull to skull.

I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to. Sheri sat the clipboard and stopwatch on the tile surrounding the pool and slid into the warm water. It's one of the rules of telepaths. What goes on in your head stays in your head. She smiled and winked at him.

She took Ben's hand and had him turn around. She quietly directed him to float on his back as she slid her shoulder under his head. Ben felt her cheek against his ear and the touch of her hands against his back, supporting him in the water. A tremor went through him as he had never had a girl this close before. At school he'd always been one of the invisibles, not an outcast per se, but not in any clique with the popular kids either.

Ben felt her slip into his head. He really couldn't describe the feeling, the words that came to mind didn't fit right. The closest he could come would be ghost, but not the filmy, translucent specter portrayed by the moviemakers. Sheri's presence wasn't cold, but warm, comforting.

Close your eyes and relax, Ben, Sheri said in his head. After a moment she 'pathed again, You have a very full plate.

Ben felt the guileless humor in her voice and the smile he felt through their mental link warmed him. Let me ease your biggest fear. It's perfectly natural to look at a male body and be attracted. It doesn't mean that you're gay; it only means that you find some element of that person attractive. What you do is still up to you.

But what if MORFS turned me gay?

What if it did? Sheri challenged and chuckled at the boy's sputtered response. Ben, there is nothing wrong with being gay. It's not a bad thing, it's not a good thing, it just is, like your blue hair or pretty violet eyes. Quietly she nudged him to stand up again. He turned to face her and almost automatically his arms went around her waist, supporting her in the deeper water. Her legs wrapped around his waist and she drew herself tight against his muscular body. Lifting her body with her legs, she leaned in and gave him a slow, sinuous kiss. Ben recovered from his shock quickly and returned the kiss, opening his lips and sliding one hand up the woman's firm body to cup a full breast.

Sheri moaned quietly into his mouth as her nipple pebbled hard under the thin swimsuit, pushing into Ben's hand. She tightened her legs around him even more, locking them together. The large bulge in Ben's swimsuit throbbed, pressing against Sheri eliciting another moan as she rubbed against him. She broke the kiss and buried her head in his neck as her body took over. Pressing with her legs, she rubbed her mound against his covered bulge.

Ben's fingers closed on her hard nipple, sending a lightning bolt straight to her clit. Clenching him, she exploded against his hard cock.

The woman's lust and release triggered Ben's. With his hand on her ass pulling her to him, his cock throbbed, stiffened and for the first time not by his own hand, his balls churned and launched his load of seed, trapped in the tight fitting swim briefs.

He leaned back, letting the heated water support them both as they recovered. They drifted on the pool's current towards the stairs at the shallow end.

Sheri dug her head into Ben's neck as she tightened her grip on him then slowly let him loose. She put her feet on the bottom and let the water hide her movements as she adjusted her swimsuit.

That was ... oh wow! Ben exclaimed quietly.

Sheri smiled at him. Oh wow is right. She stepped up to him again as Ben got his feet under him. I don't think you have to worry about being gay.

The pair completed one more test before they climbed out of the pool and sloshed their way out to the sandwich cart in front of the complex. Ben bought lunch for them both and they sat on the warm ground around to the side of the building, out of the way the other students. While they ate their lunch, they talked silently.

Sheri was from a family of swimmers; her father had been a past Olympic swimmer and then coach for the Panamanian team. A brother and younger sister, as well as her mother had been slaughtered by a reputed drug lord while she and her father were at an Olympic qualifying event in Belize. It was after that when Sheri came down with what the local doctors called 'jungle sickness.' When she recovered, she no longer had a voice, but was able to talk via telepathy.

After a year and a half of being the object of desire of the drug cartel in control of the area, she was able to get away from them, moving to America and starting a new life with friends she'd made at international swim meets over the year.

I've never really been interested in anything that much, Sheri. Ben admitted to the woman sitting next to him. Before I morphed I was a total klutz in sports. In PE, the instructor was teaching us, well, TRYING to teach me, the others got it a lot faster, Tai-Chi. I kept messing up and couldn't remember all the steps. Now, I can go through it easily. And at dojo, I can't work with anybody but the senior students because I don't have that good of control yet. At least I haven't broken anyone. Ben sighed.

Do you like to fight? Sheri asked.

No. I like the class because Sensei makes it fun, and I'm learning how to control my strength. I'd fight if I had to, but ... it's not why I go there.

I think you're doing just fine, Ben. Sheri told him before leaning over and kissing him on the neck. She pushed her nose against his bare skin and inhaled again. A shiver ran through her body.

The pair collected their trash and went back inside for the rest of the testing.

Brad joined them later in the day, observing some of the weight and balance tests. He watched the young man on the squat machine while Sheri operated the safeties. The man was barely able to hide his astonishment at the weight load on the bar. There was only one other current student that was even close to Ben's capability. Brad was more than a little jealous when Ben came out from inside of the machine and had eyes only for Sheri.

Why were all the hunks straight, Brad thought to himself as the pair moved off to the next weight station.

It was late in the afternoon when Sheri sent Ben off to the showers and she took the pile of records to the office.

Ben came out of the locker room and walked back towards the office. Molly stood outside the door waiting. She gave him a big smile and hug as he approached.

"How did it go?" She asked.

"Okay I think. Sheri and Brad are in there crunching the numbers still. I guess I did okay anyway."

Sheri walked out of the office dressed in a pair of tight blue jeans and a red lightweight halter top that emphasized her womanly curves. She hurried to the teen and hugged him close. She pressed a note card into his hand as they broke apart.

Call me, Ben.

Sure. Mom and Dad are getting me an eCom for my birthday next week. Thank you. Ben slid his arm around her waist and turned to face Molly.

Your parents? Birthday? Ben, how old are you? Sheri asked.

I'll be turning eighteen...

You're seven ... oh gods! Sheri's face blanched. She pulled away from him and looked up at his face.

Sheri, please don't freak! I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but I was sorta caught up in things. You're the first girl that's done anything like that with me.

I ... I'm the first?

Ben nodded. I liked it, a lot. I hope we can do more. But if you don't want to ... I understand.

NO! I mean, Yes ... I'm not sure what I mean, Ben. I wasn't expecting that ... that you were ... Yes, I want to do more, with you. Sheri said looking up at him. Oh, gods ... Ben, you can't let anyone ... I mean ANY ONE, know about what happened. I'm so sorry, if I had known, I'd never...

Sheri, I'm okay. I know about sex. I just don't know a lot about girls. Ben smiled at her. He gently wrapped his arms around her again and pulled her against him. He rested his chin on her head while she buried her head against his chest. He bent down slowly and kissed the woman on the neck, right where it joined her shoulder.

Oh, gawds, Ben. Sheri moaned across their link and melted into his chest.

They parted after a moment and turned back to face Molly. Ben kept a possessive arm around Sheri. Molly gave them both a bemused expression and then gave Ben that we will talk later look.

"So, what's going on with our little Benny." Molly asked vocally.

Ben is anything but little. Sheri said, including Ben in the telepathic conversation with Molly.

Sheri went through the litany of items that she and Brad had discovered and determined throughout the day. Molly listened quietly, nodded now and again and asked a couple of questions.

What it comes down to is that Ben's muscle and bone density is greatly increased over his post MORFS inventory. His raw strength is greater and the explosive strength of his muscles tops the scale as well. He can run faster and jump higher. She looked up at Ben. You're not bullet proof but it will take a lot to break a bone. Bottom line, he's well into the physical super category.

"Will you be reporting any of this?" Molly asked, a concerned look on her equine-equse face. Ben was already under several sets of eyes being classified as 'near-super' physically. A 'super' rating would bring down a whole new level of bureaucratic nightmare on him.

We're not a certified testing center. Nothing we do here is official.

"Thank the Goddess for small favors." Molly said aloud to no one.

Everyone said their goodbyes. Ben and Molly left and walked back to the parking lot. Ben kept an eye out for anything out of the ordinary until they got back to the car and locked inside.

"Okay, Benjamin, what was that all about?" Molly asked, turning to face the boy in the passenger's seat.

"I like her, Aunt Molly." Ben told her. "I like her a lot."

"That was pretty clear. Does she know how old you are?"

"Yes, Aunt Molly."

"Don't Aunt Molly me, Benjamin Sanderson. I know smitten when I see it and both of you had that look in spades. That and her Ben is anything but little comment was a total giveaway. What were you two up to while I was gone?" Molly asked, keeping her voice level. She tried keeping the smile off her face, but it wouldn't go away totally. She knew the effects of young lust.

"I promised I wouldn't tell anyone. And she didn't know until ... after." Ben turned away, trying to hide his confused emotions from the new woman in the family. "Just don't tell Mom and Dad, okay? Dad might be cool with it, but Mom would totally spaz out."

Molly dug into her purse and pulled out her eCom. Ben turned back in horror when he saw what Molly was doing. He also recognized the code Molly punched in as his mom's personal eCom. The call didn't take long and when she was done, Molly started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.

"Where are we going, Molly?" Ben asked the apprehension clear in his voice.

"To get you an eCom for that phone number of Sheri's," Molly said, grinning at her son.

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