The Animal Trainer
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, BDSM, Spanking, Rough, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Abraham Jennings is a master of the big cats as well as many women.

Abraham Jennings held the chair in the face of the Bengal tiger, forcing it to retreat to its corner stool. The big cat had not misbehaved; a foolish handler had inadvertently stepped into its territory leading the cat to think he was encroaching on its meal of the day. It had reacted by attacking the handler and mauling him, although not all that badly, for Jennings had seen it coming and intervened before serious damage was done.

Other handlers dragged the injured attendant from the tiger's cage, and Jennings spoke softly to the big cat, calming it down by stepping to one side and opening a clear path from the food source to the cat itself.

Seeing this opening apparently mollified the Tiger as it hopped up on the stool and waved a paw lazily at Jennings as if to say, "It was nothing really. But he did seem to want my food."

Jennings looked around him, saw no other threat and gracefully exited the cage, locking it after him. "Leave the cat alone for at least twenty minutes," he said to the handlers not assisting the injured man. "Has anyone called 911?"

"Yes," replied a gray-haired man in his late fifties. "They should be here within five minutes."

"Is he bleeding badly?"

"Not so I can tell, Mr. Jennings. He seems more embarrassed than anything else."

"Don't listen to him," Jennings shot back, "Check him out. The cat might have gotten an artery when it clawed him."

The gray-haired man and a younger woman leaned over the injured man and began performing a cursory inspection as the siren of an approaching ambulance was heard approaching.

The moment the paramedics rushed into the building, Jennings left it, and went to his RV in the parking lot, tore off his clothing and took a shower.

He would be late for the interview that was certain. But it wouldn't matter in the end. He was needed, and that made things easier all around.

The interview was a mere formality. It involved Jennings providing his expertise in handling tigers to the movie industry. A bunch of wannabe movie producers were thinking about a remake of the Rudyard Kipling book, The Jungle Book, which made great use of wild animals and snakes, but in particular, Bengal tigers. Jennings had already arrived at a figure for his services and would not budge from it.

The meeting lasted twenty-three minutes. They caved on his monetary demands within fifteen; the remaining time was spent on when they would meet again. Jennings sat there while the others frantically used their phones to reschedule non-existing meetings in order to make them all appear to be very busy people. Jennings knew better. They're like putty compared to handling my tigers, he thought as they clamored, one trying to out-shout the others as they punched buttons while playing out the charade of who was more important than the next.

He allowed them to leave, opened his laptop and scanned his e-mail messages. There were only two. The first he deleted without reading. The second was from a young woman with aspirations that coincided with Jennings's other proclivities: In a nutshell, Abraham Jennings trained people as well as wild animals.

The woman had included a picture of herself smiling at the camera, on her knees, in bra and panties, strings of cum across her forehead and cheeks. A second picture followed: In it she was still on all fours, but her rear was to the camera and it was red with welts that Jennings knew had been caused by a heavy leather belt.

She was attractive enough, but this was Los Angeles, home of the stars, where almost everyone was exceptionally good-looking. Abraham Jennings was attractive in his own right; blonde haired, well-built, without the aid of heavy lifting, but of long hours training and playing with the wild cats.

It was the precise way she had worded the e-mail that caught his attention. The words themselves mattered little. It was the conclusion he drew from them that settled matters in his mind as he responded to her message, telling her to meet him in an hour and fifteen minutes and where and how she should present herself to him.

Jennings arrived at the park ten minutes early, found a bench, sat down and waited patiently. The girl appeared exactly on time wearing a pale yellow sundress that barely covered her ass. She wore no bra and her dark hair was parted in the middle and tied off into two pigtails.

The young woman, no older than twenty-one, or two, walked right up to him and said: "Mr. Jennings?"

"What do you want?" He said indifferently.

"What do you think I want, Mr. Jennings?"

"A fast fuck and beating for starters," he said as his eyes closed to snake-like slits.

"You're a mind-reader, aren't you, Mr. Tiger man," she said moving closer and pressing her chest against his then stood up on her toes and gave him a peck on the cheek. "Wanna start in the restrooms?"

"You're a real slut aren't you?"

"That's me, but I think you can help me become something else. Something better. Can you?"

"That remains to be seen."

"Don't you wanna know my name?"

"I could care less. I probably won't see you again anyway."

"But if there is another ... session, my name is Aggie. Aggie DeMarco."

"Get your sorry ass into the restroom without causing a commotion.

Aggie impressed him by being very careful in her approach to the restroom. She circled it, looking for possible police decoys, and other potential problems. Finding none, she entered the men's restroom, looked in each and every booth before peeking out and giving Jennings the OK sign.

He was even more apprehensive in his approach than Aggie had been. It took him a full five minutes to circle the restroom and reconnoiter the area much the same way in which he had while on patrols while in the military some years earlier.

Once inside, he took her by the arm and steered her into the farthest booth from the entrance. She fell to her knees in front of the commode, turned to look back at him.

"Like my ass?' she said sticking it out invitingly.

Jennings responded by smacking her rump as hard as he could, getting a delighted shriek from Aggie.

He flipped the yellow sundress up and saw she was wearing a yellow thong that matched the sundress.

"Mmmm," she murmured into the toilet, "Good start."

He noticed she was rubbing her pussy, while using the other hand to support herself on the toilet.

He had his belt off by then, and waving his arm, brought the thick leather down across her back. THWACK!

Aggie had not expected it and screamed in the unexpected pain.

"What, you thought I'd stick with your ass? Not on your life. I do the unexpected, cunt. That's how I made my reputation."

She was quietly sobbing when he hit her with the belt again. THWACK! This time it was across the middle of her ass, raising an immediate red welt on both asscheeks.

Aggie lost her balance and her face dropped into the commode, her chin actually dipped into the fetid water.


"Fuck you, cunt! You're lucky I don't make you drink it."

"Nobody's flushed this thing in ages," Aggie squawked.

"Sure they have. I don't see any shit floating in there."


He struck at her ass again, hitting each cheek a second time with the belt. The third strike hit her poorly covered pussy. The sudden overpowering rush of pain caused Aggie to react by bringing her knees up toward her chin and consequently and into the porcelain base of the toilet, badly bruising each knee.

She was sobbing silently when he pulled her to her feet and roughly shoved her toward the restroom's only exit. Aggie managed to keep her feet under her and didn't fall as she stumbled into the fresh air.

"Ready for your first session, Aggie my cunt?"

"Yes, sir, Mr. Jennings," she replied meekly.

"My truck is to your left. Get in it."

"Yes, Mr. Jennings ... um, my car?"

"It's locked isn't it?"


"It might still be there when you walk back for it."

"Oh," she said, trying to stifle another sob.

Once Aggie was in the truck, Abraham drove aimlessly for several miles then asked, "How's your twat, cunt?"

"It's sore, but you know that."

"What one smack and you can't take anymore?"

"It was a hell of a smack."

"Maybe," he said conceding the fact that he hadn't thought about it beforehand.

"Where do you live?"

"About six miles in the opposite direction," Aggie replied, secretly pleased that he wanted to know where she lived.

Her jaw dropped when he made a quick U-turn and headed in the other direction.

"Have many boyfriends?"

"Four or five, I guess."

"Which is it?"

"Four. I haven't seen one for a time. I might have frightened him off with my kinkiness."

He laughed at her. "You think you're kinky?"

"I am kinky. I just proved it, didn't I?"

"You proved you're stupid enough to meet a guy you don't know dick about. Go to a deserted men's room with him and drink the fucking water while he beats you with a leather belt."

She protested, "It ... it wasn't like that ... I..."

"That's exactly what you did, you stupid cow."

"Yes, but..."

"No buts, cunt. You did what I told you too without thinking about what else I might have had in store for you. Even now, you're going God knows where with me, to do God knows what."

"Why did you turn around after I told you I lived this way?"

"I'm going to fuck you in your place. You might be too sore to travel after we're done."

"But you didn't ask if anyone else might be there," Aggie protested.

"Does it look like I care?"


"I want a quick answer to the next question or I'll dump you at the next intersection."


"How many guys have you fucked?"

"I think ... fourteen, maybe fifteen," she responded quickly enough to satisfy him.

"How many were good?"

"Um ... maybe two or three."

"How many did you call after for another fuck?"

"One ... but he had moved on."

"So let me recap for you. You fucked fifteen guys. One was sufficient enough to warrant a call back, but he'd moved on. Moved on to what ... another cunt?"

"No ... he transferred to a college in Georgia," she tried but failed to keep the petulance out of her voice.

"Poor baby," he cooed then asked, "Directions?"

"Huh?" Aggie replied confused by the rapid change in topic.


"We're going to your place to fuck, you stupid cunt. Now tell me how to get there!"

Aggie managed to stutter the directions without sobbing, and he gave her thigh a strong squeeze that delighted her although she knew it would leave a dark bruise for several weeks.

Abraham noticed her apprehensiveness as they walked into her home.

Her home my ass, he thought, the cunt lives with her parents.

"Anybody else home?"

"Shouldn't be. My mother works until six almost every day."


"I didn't see her car parked anywhere when we got here," Aggie tossed out as if that was proof positive of her mother's absence.

Thinking she was a dumb cunt, and that her mother might just be in another part of the house, Abraham considered walking away. But the girl had potential and he didn't want to have to call Sheila just yet. He was letting her stew for another day or so.

Sheila was an actress he'd been banging every so often; very good in bed and talented in her sexual proclivities, very talented in that category, so that she was in demand for more than bit parts in the occasional movie.

Abraham made use of Aggies's bathroom to both urinate and to add a sex toy from his formidable sex arsenal.

He returned to find her waiting for him. "Get naked and on your knees, ' he said sternly.

"Um, yes, of course," she replied whipping the yellow sundress over her head and quickly peeling the matching thong out of her ass crack, and tossed it to one side. That left her standing before him in her heels and nothing else.

"Are the shoes... ?"

"They're fine," he said, and then measuring the distance, he smacked Aggie right on the welt he'd left on her right buttock.

She bit her lip. She would have yelped had she not seen it coming.

"Take my cock out."

Her fingers flew as she unbuttoned his jeans, pulled the zipper down, and when his prodigious member popped out a delighted look lit up her face.

"You ... you must be ten inches!" Aggie chirped gleefully as she pulled his jeans down and he stepped out of them as his prick jutted toward the ceiling.

Once he was fully exposed, Aggie gasped, "You're wearing a cockring around that fat cock!"

He didn't reply.

"Is it true about them ... cockrings, I mean?"

"Is what true?"

"That you can fuck ... like forever?"

"True enough." He saw no reason to tell her there was a time limit that had to be adhered to or risk severe damage to his favorite body part.

"I've never seen one," Aggie said, obviously awed by this surprise. "May I examine it?"

He allowed her to lift his erection and marvel at the 14K gold cockring that he had slipped over both his penis and testicles to assure a long-lasting erection, for he fully intended to fuck Aggie senseless before leaving her.

"Put it in your mouth," he commanded.

Aggie lifted the pulsing member to her mouth. Her tongue darted out and licked at the head until she had covered its entirety. Then she bestowed a kiss on the hole from which his precum had begun to seep.


He noted that she was thoroughly enjoying the blowjob, taking him back into her mouth, rolling her tongue all around his cockhead, sampling the different textures it offered. After covering it with her saliva she released him and cupped his ballsack, gently fondling each testicle in turn then taking them in her mouth and bathing them with her talented tongue. She didn't neglect his pulsing prick either, stroking it gingerly, not wanting to hurry his climax.

On hearing what she took as his first sign of pleasure from her ministrations to his love-stick, Aggie let his balls fall from her mouth to her hand, and then still fondling them, she swooped his meat back into her mouth and attempted to deep throat him, bobbing up and down relentlessly, but failing to take more than six thick inches deep before relinquishing him to gasp for breath after ten or twelve seconds had elapsed.

His scornful laugh brought her back to reality.

"Did you really think you could deep throat me?"

"I ... I had to try."

"Of course you did. So now what?"

Declining to answer him, Aggie started stroking him again then took him into her mouth and sucked seriously on his fat, meaty tube while alternating between tickling and squeezing his balls until his cock twitched.

"Better?" she inquired.

"You do have a nice technique," he answered. "Keep going."

She sucked the head of his tool slowly, trying to figure out just how to bring him off. A minute or so passed before she picked up the pace. That got a moan from him, and a twinge of pleasure shot through Aggie that sparked another twinge in her clit. She realized that she was now rubbing herself as well as sucking him off. She wanted to laugh, but couldn't, or perhaps wouldn't, for it might cause him to become angry at her.

Carefully, Aggie began to take more of him into her mouth. He was bigger by far than any of the guys she'd blown before. She had, of course, lied to him about the number of guys she's been with. She didn't know the exact number, but it had to have been a hundred or more. Her senior year in high school she'd taken a challenge and fucked and sucked as many of the guys in her class as would have her, some several times, and sometimes more than one at a time.

She had earned the name, Aggie the slut and was proud of it. On her first job she had tried to fuck every male in the office before being fired by an executive who feared his wife more than anything else, but couldn't resist her offer of a blowjob in his office and got rid of her before his wife learned about it.

Now she was lost in the rapture that came from bestowing head to someone she wanted to satisfy to restore her self-respect to the level it needed to be. She had three-quarters of him lodged deep in her throat. She had given up taking all of him. For her that was probably a physical impossibility, but she had him moaning, and he had even taken her hand and brought it to his balls again, encouraging her to squeeze them. Aggie felt his soft nuts inside the sack and played with them as she continued her sucking.

"Try taking a little more," he said softly.

She struggled to oblige him.

"Keep going."

Her face began to turn red, but she fought off the gag that wanted to come out then felt the head of his cock slither another inch and a half into her throat.

"Good," he said, paying her her first compliment.

After holding it there for a minute she pulled it out and gasped for air. She looked up, her face flushed but Aggie was smiling mischievously.

"That's the biggest I've ever taken."

"You say that to all the guys."

"Not always, but this time..."

"Give me a minute, Cunt," he said ignoring her attempt to put his phallus back in her mouth.

"What, did I do something wrong?"

"No, I need to remove the cockring; can't have it on too long.


"You give good head, Cunt."

While Aggie detested the name he was calling her, she said nothing about it, accepting it as she would accept other things he would call and do to her. It was what she wanted from him.

Jennings tossed the cockring aside and holding his ten inch cock in his left hand, motioned Aggie to the bed with his right.

Aggie hopped up on the bed, spread her legs and lay back. Jennings did not disappoint her. With one foot on the bed and one on the floor he began to slap her cunt with his huge cock.

Aggie moaned with pleasure at the sharp pain his member brought to bear on her tender clit, and waited impatiently for the next blow.

There were ten such slaps, before Jennings dropped his face to her cunt and began lapping away at her with a ferocious urgency. His tongue seemed to be everywhere. Aggie screamed with delight as he found her vaginal's deepest niches sending tingling waves through her body. His hands roamed her naked body. They cupped her tits, her trembling ass. They touched the tender insides of her thighs, the leaking fullness of her cunt. His mouth left her loins and moved to her throat, licking the pulsing veins and sending a deeper heat back to the very place he'd just left. A moment later his tongue was running through the curving labyrinth of her ear. It slipped in and gave her a wave of goose bumps. All she felt was chaos, off in the distance she heard the sopping, slithering sounds of moans, and somehow realized they were hers.

Soon all she thought was nothing. In a haze she felt her legs being separated. His powerful hot tongue was back between her legs, running the length of her slit. She felt the rough hairs of his day-old beard scraping the tender inner part of her thighs and wondered vaguely if they would be chaffed the next day. And when he took her clit between his teeth and squeezed she arched her back and a deep moan left her mouth as she trembled without control and a gush of fluid spewed from her vulva signaling her climax to the both of them.

Aggie was just settling into that wonderful cloud of happiness that usually follows an orgasm when Jennings renewed his oral attack on her.

Startled at first, she started to fuck back against the tongue that moved inside her. She screamed with pleasure when his long, pliable fingers kneaded her tits, pulling at her screaming nipples. She raised her body off the bed and arched it into a bow of passion.

She came again, sooner than she'd expected. And she came harder than she remembered ever having done before, spraying hot juices all over his face and into his mouth.

Aggie had no idea where she was. Had he asked her her name at that moment she couldn't have told him. She found her clit and gasped. A flash of blind, white pain shot through her existence. His hand had slapped her left breast hard. It left dark red prints on the skin.

"Stop it!" he growled. "Not allowed."

She felt herself torn back from the brink of paradise. Her eyes blinked. They released the single tear that the sudden pain had produced. Then she hugged her hurt breast with both hands. She shivered all over her body.

"Sorry," she said. And she was helplessly enraged of using the word.

"Sluts and cunts are never sorry," he said cruelly.

She opened her eyes and saw his huge cock hovering near her shoulder.

"Turn over," he said.

Aggie complied quickly enough, thinking he wanted to enter her from behind. His hand landed on the inside of her right thigh causing a crack like a rifle shot and an explosive pain throughout the area. Two more followed and mingled with the smothered moans from her throat.

Jennings chuckled.

Aggie's climactic high vanished as the warmth of the pain swept over her, and she accepted it as her due as well.

Lee Aguire, Aggie's mother, watched them cavorting on the bed over a closed circuit TV in her bedroom/office, to which Aggie was denied access. Jennings had his belt in hand and was methodically whipping her daughter's back, ass and legs. The red welts were obvious over the television and she almost felt sorry for her daughter. Mrs. Aguire however was well aware of her daughter Aggie's sexual proclivities and had no intention of interfering.

A faint smile crossed her face as she watched the belt crash once more onto Aggie's bare cheeks leaving a line that quickly turned dark crimson.

Mrs. Aguire reached for her vibrator and applied it to her pussy. It had a special attachment that also titillated her clit as well as her cunt and a satisfied smile crossed her face.

On the screen, Jennings bent over the girl's whipped flesh. He slowly started tracing the welds with his tongue. It made the Aggie moan louder.

"My but your good, Mr. Who-ever-you-are," Mrs. Aguire said aloud. "You're incredibly sweet one moment and horrifically bad to her the next. No wonder she loves it."

Jennings tongue seemed to be everywhere; lapping at her shivering thighs, meandering along the raised welts on her buttocks, and then disappearing in the cleft of her ass.

He's rimming her! Mrs. Aguire said to herself, She had been rimmed once herself, but had never witnessed it and felt her orgasm approaching.

He licked and sucked at Aggie's asshole for several minutes. Her gasps came faster and faster. Each gasp followed by a quavering moan.

Jennings attacked Aggie's ass for a few minutes more, and then as was his style, he renewed his alternating love/hate technique on another body part. This time it was Aggie's breasts.

He began by rolling and pinching them.

In her bedroom, Mrs. Aguire mimicked him, rolling and pinching her own. But the moment he used the belt to softly slap Aggie's now tender nips, Mrs. Aguire had a tumultuous orgasm that left her quivering on the bed.

Aggie was also coming. To her it was as if her orgasm had never stopped.

"If we were in my loft I'd be using a whip or a crop on them, Cunt. How do you think that would feel?"

"Better," she managed to croak.

"That's right, and next time we will. The belt leaves a wide welt. That prevents me from hitting you more often. I don't want to scar you, nor do I think you want to be scarred. The whip leaves a much thinner welt, so I can leave many more of them."

Aggie could only moan in response.

"Those nipples must really ache by now, you think?" And he pinched each in turn, causing her to cry out involuntarily.

"Yeah, look at them, little marbles begging for a good sucking."

Mrs. Aguire, recovering from her orgasm, reached for the vibrator and rammed in into her cunt, turned it up to its highest setting and resumed rolling and pinching her nipples, reveling in the rocket-like electrical current it sent to her clit.

"You gonna suck 'em?" Aggie managed to say before he bit her left nipple hard enough to make it bleed.


Jennings sucked ferociously on the bleeding bud.

He's part vampire, Mrs. Aguire thought as her clit began to twitch, warning of an oncoming climax.

While he continued to torment her breasts, he fumbled around looking for the cockring. Finding it, he put it on, he needed too, or he would have exploded the second he entered her cunt.

When it was in place, he tore his bloody mouth from Aggie's breast and raised her legs up and onto his shoulders.

Mrs. Aguire's climax hit her like a steamroller, knocking her senseless.

Every muscle in Aggie's body ached, yet was compelled to grow taut with expectation of further pain and pleasure. His fingers found her entrance and stretched it as they twisted around inside her. She reached up and grabbed his head while writhing beneath him.

The sheets were crumpled from her frantic movements and clung to her moist skin, which glistened with a sheen of perspiration.

Aggie couldn't believe it when he kissed her on the lips. His lips were incredibly soft ... she tasted herself on them ... sweat and blood comingled with her pussy's juices; then lost track of everything else as his huge cock entered her for the first time.

She thought he'd sent all ten inches into her and couldn't believe she'd accepted it. Her reaction caused her to wrench her mouth from his and she moaned loudly at the loss. He found her mouth again and renewed the kissing as well as starting a slow, thrusting that told her he had not fully impaled ... as yet.

Aggie began to move with him, establishing a rhythm for the two of them, lifting and lowering her hips as his thick, pulsing shaft slammed effortlessly into her. Each time she came down on him Jennings would counter by surging back at her, spreading her apart, paving the way for an even deeper incursion in her vagina.

Aggie had no idea when she began coming. All she knew was that it seemed endless, and she wanted it to remain that way. But in the deepest recesses of her mind she wanted to feel his seed splash against her vaginal walls; that, she was certain would bring the greatest joy she could ever possibly know.

Jennings was nearing the inevitable and knew it. It was he who was now gasping in quick, short breaths; it was his testicles churning with a desperate need to expel its content.

He pushed Aggie further back on the bed and assumed the missionary position, buried himself in her and held it there while he ground his pelvic bone against her clit. Aggie had no recourse but to wrap her legs around his waist and grinding back.

He pulled out, slammed it back in and sent her off on another series of almost blinding orgasms. He did it again, his balls making wet, smacking sounds as they collided with her ass. Her cunt clenched his cock and he exploded, filling her over and over with his life-creating milky substance until he felt it dripping down his balls.

They lay there, spent. Jennings released the cockring and tossed it to one side then watched his cock deflate.

Aggie's post orgasmic spasms lasted for another thirty minutes. He was dressed and waiting for her to notice. When she did, a look of surprise filled her face. "You're leaving?"

Meaning it as a joke of sorts, he replied, "My work here is done."

It went over her head. "But..."

"My number and address is on the dresser. Call me. But not every ten minutes, understand? I don't like to be nagged."

"Yes ... but..."

"Our next session will be in two or three days. You need to heal. But it will prove more than satisfactory, I assure you."

"It will?"

"One thing I'll have you do is lick a tiger's ass. Think you'll like that?"

"A tiger's ass?"

"That's right."

"I didn't know anyone could..."

"You will. You were very good today, Aggie. Very Good."

In the other bedroom, Mrs. Aguire couldn't hear what was said, but from Aggie's facial expression knew it carried a special significance, and she would have to pry it from her.

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