Honey for Sale
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man lost on the rural roads of Georgia see's a sign "Honey for sale" and decides to get some for his wife.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Zoophilia   Incest   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality  

My wife and I live in south central Georgia about five miles north of Valdosta city limits on a small farm my dad had left me.

I was about fifty miles from my farm driving south on an old country road on my way back from visiting a farmer I do business with. I own an insurance agency and have built myself quite a lucrative business and I often get called into the boonies where some of the big farms are and therefore some of my biggest clients. Somehow I got turned around and I wasn't sure just where I was when I saw a small sign nailed to a telephone pole that said, "Honey for sale". Now, I can take honey or leave it but my wife Beth just loves the stuff, and if it is home grown, that makes it so much better. I also figured I could get directions out of there.

So I pointed my Cherokee down what I assumed to be a driveway. Just two ruts carved into the red Georgia clay. After about a half mile of bouncing along the one lane path I began to wonder if I was headed down the wrong road when I rounded a tree and saw an old shack about fifty yards to my left. The dilapidated shack was in need of considerable repair. An old truck sat rusting in the weeds not far from the house. The barn behind the house was leaning and looked as if a stiff wind could flatten it.

I pulled up in front of the cabin and stopped. The place appeared abandoned, I considered leaving and if it weren't for the two scruffy looking dogs lounging on the front porch I would have. Neither of the dogs bothered to get their lazy asses up so I figured that they didn't mind me being there.

I got out and stretched my legs, strolled toward the house and up the steps. One of the dogs wagged his tail but still made no other move to see who this stranger was. So I walked over to the screen door and knocked. Inside I heard a man groan as if he were lifting something heavy. So I knocked again.

Then I heard a man say "Hode yer horses, be rit thar".

Through the screen I saw a tall lanky Icobodish man shuffle towards the door. He had on a pair of old ratty denim bib overalls, no shoes or shirt. Black chest hair sprouted beneath the denim bib like the wild weeds in his yard. When he reached the screen door he shifted the kitchen match clamped between his teeth to the other side of his mouth and said "Howdy, kin I do fer ya"

My eyes took in the obvious poverty that this man lived in and I saw a girl peaking from behind the door. She had stringy red hair and a scattering of freckles that ran across one cheek over her nose and slid to a stop on the other cheek. Her big green eyes were bright but cautious. I assumed that a stranger at their door was a rare occurrence. I could not tell her age just by looking at her face, but she could have been anywhere from fourteen to twenty from what I could see of her.

I cleared my throat and said "I saw a sign honey for sale, and I thought I would pick some up for my wife."

The man looked at me hard and rubbed his chin, "Ain't so sure yer wife be wantin my honey" the man said gruffly.

Surprised I said "Why not?"

"I'm Jeb Sweet, an this'en ma daughter Honey." He grabbed a handful of her red locks, pulled her from behind the door and placed her in front of him.

At first I was so surprised that I could not speak, because standing there in front of this man was his daughter as naked as the day she was born. The man kind of smiled and waited for me to stop sputtering. My eyes took in all of the nakedness of the well-built sexy female, and they settled staring at the bright red bush between her legs. After a few seconds of gawking at the teenager's pussy I realized that it looked as if sperm was running down the inside of her leg.

The man was speaking but I was still too distracted to hear him.

"I'm sorry," I sputtered, "what was that you said?"

"Ten fer a blowjob, twenty fer a fuck, n ifin yer wan her ass it'd be twenty five. But see'in I jus fucked her I'll let yas plug her cunt fer ten."

I was stunned. Not three feet in front of me stood a naked girl with dick slime puddling at her feet and her father was selling her ass to a stranger that came to buy glucose produced by bees.

"I'll take a blow job and a fuck for twenty bucks" I responded, quickly reaching for my wallet.

"Done," Jeb said, as he swung the screen door open. "Come in n take a load off." He laughed at his own joke and strolled back into the cool recesses of the house.

I was quite surprised at how clean the inside of the house was. True, the furniture was worn and tattered, the walls could have used some paint, but there was not a speck of dust or a scrap of debris anywhere and the floor was spotless. I handed Jeb the twenty and he tossed me a thick throw pillow.

"Set on that n lean back agin the couch."

Honey had not spoken a word nor did she seem disturbed that she was expected to suck the dick of a stranger and fuck him for the money that her father had just slipped into his pocket.

As I dropped the pillow on the floor Honey was on her knees untying my laces and removing my shoes. She unbuckle my belt, unbuttoned my dockers and unzipped them. Then she drew my pants and underwear down in a single motion and my cock flipped out at half mast. I stepped out of the pants and she took them and folded them nicely over the strait backed chair that sat next to the only decent piece of furniture in the room, a lazy boy recliner.

"Care fer a beer?" Jeb said in his gravelly voice, "I'd be two bucks."

I started for my pants and he said, "pay me when yer finished."

I nodded, sat down on the pillow and reclined against the couch. My knees were slightly bent when Honey dropped between them and pushed my legs wide. My cock and balls were inches from her face. She was perched on her knees leaning forward resting her upper body weight on her forearms. Then she started licking my thighs about half way from my knees to my cock. She licked me like a cat cleaning itself. She licked up my thigh to my crotch and started on the other thigh.

About that time her father came in and handed me a beer. Then he strolled over, dropped his overalls on the floor and slid into the lazy boy naked.

"Don't mind iffin I watch do ya."

I was a little surprised, but knowing how much I loved to watch my wife suck and fuck other men, I figured he had the same kick as me.

By now Honey had licked my entire groin area up to my navel and had started on my balls. It felt great to have this young ladies tongue lathering my gonads. She seemed enthusiastic about it. I had assumed that she would not want to be providing these sexual services and would go about it with an air of drudgery. Not only did she seem enthused, but it appeared she was getting turned on.

Jeb was stroking his cock and sipping his beer as he watched his daughter lick the pre cum off of the end of my dick.

"Yer a good cock sucker aint'cha Honey."

"Mmmhmm," Honey responded nodding her head with half of my dick stuffed in her face.

I felt her tongue swirl against the bottom of my cock and it was sheer bliss.

"What a mouth that bitch has." Jeb grinned with pride as his daughter's dick sucking abilities were demonstrated to me. "It took her a while to get it right, but she's had plenty of practice. Doubt there's a set of balls in ten miles, lessen their wild, that she ain't drained, moren once too. You should watch her swallow a really big'en right to the root."

I wasn't sure what he meant by "wild," but I doubted that that there were more than five or six adult men in a ten square mile area around the house so I doubted that she had sucked that many cocks.

Jeb reached out with his foot and ran his big toe through Honey's little slit and it came away slick and wet. "Cunt juices up real nice too. Her sister git's pissed when she drips that cunt all over her nice clean floor,"

"You have another daughter?" I asked and took a sip of my beer. Honey was burying now her nose into my pubic hair on each stroke of my prick. It was surreal sitting here discussing his whore daughter while she was trying to suck my nuts through the end of my cock.

"Yep, Sugar her name. She's fourteen and she don't like fucking much. So she took over her mom's house hold duties and let her older slut sister do all the fornacatin. Her cunt of a mother ran off with the dog catcher last year."

"Yep, that Honey though, she loves anything to do with cocks, balls, cunts, tits or assholes. I never seen anything like it. I don't think even her whore of a mother coulda kept up with her." He said, still stroking his dick and swallowing the remainder of his beer. "Yep, Honey took over the wifely duties the day after after my bitch wife left with the bastard animal control officer.

"Honey shouda ben married by now, her be'in eighteen and all, but none of the boys round here want to marry the slut. They love fuckin her, but don't want her fer a wife."

As good of a cocksucker Honey was I felt like I could sit here all day and shoot the shit with Jeb without cumming. So I pulled that sweet mouth up off of my glistening dick and told her to sit down on my cock and fuck me while I talked with her dad.

She stepped over me, squatted facing me, grabbed my dick, placed it at the entrance of her pussy and slid all the way to the base as her dad's sperm lubricated the way. I wouldn't say she was tight but her cunt felt like a velvet glove as she began moving up and down in a leisurely rhythm. I reach out and pinched her rigid nipples and she moaned, but said nothing.

Jeb startled me when he yelled out for his other daughter to bring us another beer.

There had been so many surprises since I arrived at the Sweet house this morning that I should have been all surprised out. But when Sugar walked in the room my breath caught in my throat. Her blond hair fell in soft ringlets around her face and her deep blue eyes danced from Honey to me then to her dad. She was all girl, almost all woman. All the parts were there and in the right place. She had on a faded yellow sundress that was worn thin. I could see her body clearly as the sun shone through the fragile fabric. She had no bra and I didn't think she had on panties. Her demeanor was reserved and distant. If she didn't have panties on it was probably because she could not afford them and not because of any planed seduction.

Honey was beginning to bounce much faster now and I could tell she was reaching for her nut. So I began flexing up at her and pushing my cock in as far as I could.

Sugar handed me my, beer but she could not keep her eyes off of Honey and the juncture where my cock entered her sister's body. Honey was now slamming down on to my prick and I was meeting her just as hard in the other direction. I felt her pussy contract and watched her tummy tighten as I pinched her nipples and pulled them away from her body. She shuddered as her orgasm crashed through her. Her tightening cunt triggered my nut and I washed the inside of her pussy with my semen.

Sugar watched open mouthed as Honey groaned loudly and vibrated on my lap until the tremors slowly subsided. Honey was breathing hard and sweat glistened on her body. She tried to get up but her legs were weak and she just fell backwards between my legs and onto her back. My dick slipped out of her and her legs were splayed wide and we could see the pool of cum floating in her scarlet pussy as it slowly winked closed. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. She lay there like that a minute or so catching her breath. When she rolled over and struggled to get up Sugar's trance was broken and she quickly handed her father his beer and rushed from the room.

Honey crawled back between my legs and began to lick my cock clean. When she had me clean she went back to sucking my prick as she had before.

I looked up at a grinning Jeb and uttered, "Fuck that was good."

"Yep,"Jeb crowed, "Bes piece o ass in the county, maybe the whole state."

As my breathing settled and my heart slowed to a manageable rate I wondered at the odds of finding this rundown shack and the treasures it held.

I drank about half of my beer when I heard the screen door slam shut and in pranced one of the yellow dogs that had been on the porch when I had arrived. It was a big dog, a mixed breed some lab and some indefinable mutt that was bigger than your average yellow lab.

It went straight to Honey's upturned ass and stuck his nose right in her cunt and started lapping out our juices. Honey jumped when it first poked her but she remained fastened to my dick and soon began spreading her legs so that the dog could have better access.

Another surprise met me as I thought someone would push the dog away and remove him from the room, but hardly an eye was batted Jeb even leaned forward so that he could get a better view.

I looked at Jeb and said, "I take it this is not an unusual thing to have happen?"

"Nah, them dogs fuck her more'n I do."

"She FUCKS the dogs." I exclaimed,

"Yep, sucks em too. Shoulda seen her get my donkey's cock down her throat. Jus for the hell of it, one day I made her suck the donkey's dick ta see how much she could take. The bitch got twenty two inches o that fucker down her gullet. The tip had ta be dangling in her breakfast. Coulda taken more but that donkey ran outta cock. Our horse is too big round ta fit down her throat, so she just jams that flared fucking cock head in the back o her mouth at the openin of her throat. When thet big fucker cums he pours bout a quart of that slimy shit right into her belly. My girl did that wif three stud horses one day in two hours. When she finished, her gut was so full of horse jizm, looked like shes bout seven months pregnant. God, do that girl love taste o cum, any cum. That's what I mean before, bout any pair nuts in ten mile, been drained by my cunt's mouth. Man or beast, I spec if'n she coulda held them forest animals down, she'da had their juice too."

Just then the dog hopped up on Honeys back and excitedly began humping Honey searching for her cunt. He hopped a couple of times and lunged forward.

Honey squeaked and pulled her mouth off of my prick and whimpered. "He's in my asshole daddy." Then she went right back to my dick.

The dog didn't care where the fuck he was and apparently neither did anyone else. Seeing that dog pound that girls asshole sent me into orbit and I filled Honeys mouth with my cum. She looked up at me and her eyes rolled back in her head as the mutt beat a rapid fire tattoo out on the petit girl's shit hole. Her eyes refocused on me and she opened her mouth to show me the pool of cum her tongue was floating in and then she swallowed it down.

Exhausted, I looked over at Jeb and jokingly said, "You want to sell this bitch?"

Jeb thought a minute and said, "Nope, not rit now, but I'll rent her to you fer a year n see how that go."

I wasn't going to be surprised again and immediately said, "How much?"

Honey was squealing every time the dog hit bottom and was fast approaching her nut. She was pushing back as hard as he slammed forward.

Jeb scratched his chin and said, "Well she been pulling bout a hunnert a week. How many weeks in a year?"

"Fifty two" I responded.

"That'ud be five thousand two hunnert."

I hopped up, grabbed my check book out of my pants and looked over to Jeb and said, "Uhh, I'm going to need a dog too."

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