The Nanny - Chapter One
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Blackmail, FemaleDom, Spanking, Oral Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Christie Takes Control of the kids and the Parents

Christie Takes Control of the kids and the Parents

My name is Christy and I am a Nanny. I know it doesn't sound like much, just taking care of kids for other people and for the most part that's true. I am twenty-six years old and have been working my way in the Nanny field for over six years now. For the most part the pay is pretty good, and I like the young kids so it all works out. In a good situation I get room and board in addition to my salary. I have some flexibility with my nights so I've been working towards my degree in Finance part time. I have always had a goal in mind and now the perfect opportunity has come up.

A very successful couple in their early forties with two kids in college had an Oh Oh moment ten months ago and now has a one-month-old little girl. The Dad runs his own company and so does the mom. Neither one can afford to take the time to raise little Marie and still meet the college tuition payments on their two older children, Mark and Lillie. Neither one wants to turn their companies over to someone so they advertised for a sleep-in Nanny.

This is and will be a dream opportunity for someone, at least five to six years of good pay, nice house and proximity to two very successful people. John and Liz are planning to interview me, my resume is outstanding, my references outstanding. The position is full time; I'll be available at least six days a week, and some weeks more depending on their schedules. I am impeccably dressed, clean, well groomed and attractive, a commodity the wealthy find important even in a Nanny. I am five foot six, with long wavy brunette hair; my measurements are 34 in the bust, 28 in the waste and 34 around my butt. For my interview I dressed conservatively but not so my physical attributes were hidden.

John and Liz were both attractive and intelligent and my effort to obtain my degree in Finance was almost as significant to them as my history with children. I know that most of my clients used Nanny cams, I'd found them early in each job, but I would have and did take perfect care of my children. As I said I love little ones and getting paid to watch them, train them and help them grow is fascinating. John was a handsome man, well dressed about six foot four, full head of black hair barbered regularly. He was in fit condition and so was Liz. Liz was a little shorter then I was and her figure was outstanding. I estimated her to be a 36 or 38-inch bust, a 28 to 30 inch waste and 34 to 36 inch hips. Her dress while obviously expensive and attractive was overshadowed by the way she did her blond hair. It was pulled tight in a bun giving her a very severe look, like a dowdy schoolteacher ready to discipline anyone who annoyed her. I gathered it was a look she used to control her employees. She also spoke in tight clipped sentences, but I was able to play the game and in less then an hour I was offered a salary of one thousand a week base with bonus. I would have use of a car and credit card to take Marie to doctor's visits and to museums and children's play areas assuring not only her physical health but the development of her social skills as well.

The first few weeks on a new assignment are difficult ones as the parents and the child learn to accept and live with the Nanny. It's difficult for me too, as I need to learn the goals and aspirations the parents have as well as develop a bond with the child. By the end of the first month Marie and I were bonded and the parents relaxed when they saw how well I cared for Marie. Of course they had their hidden cams and I made sure that Marie and I spent most of our time on camera to further assure John and Liz. As I've said, to me it doesn't matter, in fact I love the cams because they protect me from unfounded problems. Most nights Marie spent time with Jon and Liz and I either went to class of studied my texts for future classes.

For the first six months I let it all ride, investing myself in the confidences of John and Liz to the point where I am sure the felt us all one happy family. Then I started to put my secondary finance program in place. I started to wear clothing that was a bit more flattering to my figure, my hair a little more brushed and sexy. I began to wear skimpy outfits to bed so that when I'd go to Marie's room at night if she woke up crying I'd be traipsing about in clothing that allowed a view of what would ordinarily be hidden. While still respectable, nothing from Frederick's or Victoria's, never the less my body was more and more revealed to both John and Liz.

I could see Liz staring at me while I held little Marie who had a need for a dry diaper and some love and comfort. That night I'd worn an old t-shirt and little else to bed. I pretended that I was unaware of Liz watching from the door way and hoisted Marie up on my hip, a typical thing one does with little ones, however the move pulled my t-shirt up exposing my naked ass to Liz. I carried Marie to the changing table, cooing in her ear and kissing he softly and her crying stopped. I laid her on the changing table and bent over to remove her soiled diaper. I had intentionally trapped my t-shirt against the table preventing it from slipping back down so when I bent over to clean up Marie Liz had a full view of my ass and most likely she could also see the dark pink of my pussy.

I chatted merrily with Marie as I wiped her clean then snapped on a fresh diaper. When she was clean and dry I scooped her up in my arm, again accidentally trapping my t-shirt and sat in the rocking chair and soothed Marie, working to get her back to sleep. Sitting in the chair I let my legs part just a bit, nothing dramatic but enough for Liz to see more of my pussy. I gently rocked Marie back to sleep and stayed a little longer in the chair as I could still feel Liz' eyes on me and I wanted to lure her in. I happened to glance up and 'see' Liz and I smiled at her as I stood to put Marie back in her crib.

I could see that Liz was still thinking of my pussy as she watched me put her daughter back to bed. I stood over the crib stroking Marie to assure she was asleep then turned to see Liz directly behind me. I smiled and whispered to her.

"Marie is such a doll, she goes back to sleep so easily. If I'd known you were here I'd have let you rock her back to sleep, its such a pleasure for me and I know you like it too."

Liz seemed to be in a fog but she shook her head as if to clear it and then in a low whisper and stuttered words she said.

"You looked so beautiful in that chair, such a perfect picture of a mother and child, I felt jealous of you. I'm sorry I don't mean to complain, I appreciate so much how well you take care of Marie, it's just the guilt I carry for not being the one, you know."

This was the moment I needed so I reached out and hugged Liz, taking her full into my arms and pulling her tight. I know I could feel her full firm breasts pressing into mine and assumed she felt the same thing. I know she had spent a good deal of time staring at my pussy so when I whispered in her ear.

"You're a great mother and Marie knows it. I'm just a technician who does the simple stuff, you give her the love she needs to grow."

I was rubbing my hands on her back as I spoke to her and I could feel her chest rising and falling in ever increasing speed and depth as I allowed my body to sway against hers as I held her. Liz was holding me just as tight and whispered.

"Sometimes I wished I had a Nanny to sooth me like you so easily soothed Marie tonight."

Then she sighed and rested her head on my shoulder. I whispered to her.

"Come let me rock you Liz."

She came easily and I sat and took her on my lap, holding her close and slowly rocked the chair. I could feel her relaxing with each movement of the chair and I let my hand roam and comfort her body. When Liz began to nuzzle her head into my neck I knew she was enjoying what I was doing so I went bold, using my knowledge of her and how she was reacting and I whispered to her.

"I think maybe I need to check your panties Liz, has my girl wet herself?"

I felt her stiffen in my lap as she let my words sink in and then very slowly I felt her head nod on my shoulder, then a very soft.

"Yes I think so, are you going to change me?"

I whispered back.

"Let me check first and then if I need to we will go to my room and take care of you."

She nodded and I slid my hand up under her nightgown and went directly to her crotch. I touched her just where her pussy would open and felt how damp her panties were. Liz had groaned at my touch and so I lingered there, feeling all about, assessing how wet she was then said

"Well it looks like my girl has wet herself. Now come with Nanny and will take care of you."

She stood with her head hanging down, just like a child who'd been yelled at and sullenly followed me to my bedroom.

"I think your nightgown has soiled too, so let's take it off then we can change those panties."

Liz offered no protest as I raised her nightgown up and over her head, in fact she lifted her arms to assist me and for a second I took in the sight of her naked tits. Yes, closer to the 38 inches I'd imagined during the interview and topped with quarter sized areole and long hard nipples. I made he lie on my bed as I removed her panties and tossed them into the hamper and pretended to look for a fresh pair. Then I heard a young childlike voice ask me.

"It hurts a little down there Nanny could you rub it for me?"

This was turning into a rewarding and fun night. I sat on the bed and let my hand slide between her partially open legs and found her wet and ready pussy. I slowly moved my hand up and down and then asked her.

"Is this the place where it hurts? Am I rubbing the right place?"

Her words were a bit garbled but basically she said yes but asked me to rub a bit harder. So I let my hands push up and into her pussy, finding and rubbing her clit. I stroked her slowly but firmly and noticed that she had taken her own hand and was rubbing her tits.

"Do your breasts hurt too, do you need Nanny to rub there too?"

I big smile and a rapid nod accompanied her response.

"Yes, please but don't stop between my legs."

So I said.

"Well your breasts look really sore and maybe if I kiss you sore spot between your legs then I can use my hands to help you up there."

She groaned and nodded, unable to speak. Her legs spread without my having to ask, making room for my head to slide between. As my face neared her slit I could see how wet she was and I realized she wanted and needed to be treated like a child, that she wanted me to take control. So I said.

"Tell me exactly where it's sore down here and I will kiss it till you tell me it's ok!"

Liz was quiet for a moment and then she responded just like a child would.

"Its everywhere, please kiss me and make it better."

I smiled to myself knowing that as soon as my lips touched her she'd be mine to do with as I wished and that she'd pay me to keep this from her husband. So just as I lightly kissed her labia, I let my hands come up and cup both of her tits. I heard her stifle a moan and her legs moved even further apart. I kissed her again and again each kiss a little more forcefully then the last and my hands were now squeezing her tits and pulling and twisting her nipples. When my tongue darted from my mouth and into her now open pussy she jerked and her hips rocked up to meet my tongue. She was starting to leak her juices freely now and her nipples were hard and taut in my hands. I lapped at her juices and intermittently fucked her cunt with my tongue. I could feel the beginnings of her orgasm as her body was now moving in odd jerky motions. I applied myself to the task and with my fingers I pulled her nipples hard and rapidly shoved my tongue in and out of her pussy. When I felt her starting to lose control I let my left hand release her tit and slid it down and onto her ass. I worked it under her and into her crack then slid a finger in her asshole and she exploded and came hard. I took her clit in my mouth and sucked it hard and her whole body jerked and spasmed in front of me.

As her orgasm subsided I gently licked her wide-open cunt and let my finger slide from her ass. Then I pulled myself up and laid next to her wrapping my arms about her as a mother would her child. She folded into me and whimpered as I patted her back.

"Now Lizzy, you will need to obey your Nanny."

I waited to hear the words I knew would come.

"Yes, Nanny, I'll obey you and be a good girl for you."

I hugged her and then said.

"Of course your parents will have to know that a Nanny for two children costs more, do you think they can afford for me to be your Nanny, Lizzy?"

There was no hesitation this time

"Oh yes Nanny, mommy and daddy have lots of money. I'm sure they will pay you twice as much as they have been, but let me talk to mommy first."

"I'll leave it to you Lizzy, now Nanny needs to sleep and be ready to take care of Marie. You go off to your own room and we can play again tomorrow, OK?"

"Yes Nanny."

Liz walked from my room and I smiled. One target down and one more target left to go. I wondered what role I'd play with John. Over the next several nights, each time I went to the baby's room to change and feed her, Liz showed up and for the most part we repeated the same episode, she'd let me rock her, then I'd discover her to have wet her panties and then we'd go to my room where under the initial pretense I orally please her. After a week of this I let the Nanny take control, I knew that 'Lizzie' was ready. When she next met me in the middle of the night I took her straight to my room. She followed me just as if she were a kid obeying her parent. When we reached my room I said to her/

"Lizzie, you do not seem to be getting any better at controlling yourself, this is the fifth or sixth time you've come to me with wet panties in the middle of the night. I think we need to start some sort of discipline here, or you'll never learn to control yourself. Now Lizzie, I want you to remove your nightie and panties for Nanny."

A look of shock mixed with delight covered Liz's face as she easily stripped and stood naked for me. I debated how to initiate what I wanted then decided that she's been so docile that I could be very direct, so I sat on the edge of the bed and motioned fro her to lay across my lap. She moved slowly, seemingly unsure of what was to come, but she fixed herself perfectly, with her ass humped up over my lap. Before I would spank her I wanted to tell her what was coming.

"Lizzie, Nanny is going to spank you. I want this to be a lessen to you to come to me before you wet yourself. I am tired of having to wash all those panties. It's just you being laze young lady. Now I am going to give you a spanking, I think ten spanks will serve you tonight."

Then I spanked her the exact number of times I'd promised and by the tenth she was squirming and pleading with me. Promising me she'd be a good girl that she'd do anything to make up for her laziness. I gave her one for good measure and I felt her body convulse as a minor orgasm ran through her. Then I said.

"Now you've made my pussy sore Lizzie, just like your pussy is always so sore. I need you to kiss it and make it better for me, Lizzie."

I pulled my own t-shirt up and over my head, showing Liz my own tits for the first time. I watched as she stared up at them, still laying placidly across my lap, her red ass almost glowing, her legs parted and her own pussy glistening. Then I had her get off and told her to get on her knees between my legs.

"Now see how red and swollen Nanny's pussy is? I need you to kiss it and make if feel good. If you do it well, I will take care of you too, Lizzie"

Liz was a slow started but she eventually got into it and soon her tongue was lashing at my cunt, fucking my hole and lapping at my clit. I held back my orgasm to make her work harder and she did not disappoint me. When I finally came, filling her mouth with my cunt juice she swallowed and lapped more up. I grabbed her should and pulled her up and together we laid back on my bed. After a few minutes I moved down to her wet and ready cunt and used my own tongue on her, bringing her to orgasm twice before I stopped. Before I sent her back to her own room I said to her.

"Now, Lizzie I don't mind helping you at night but you are old enough to start helping Nanny a bit. So I want you to remember tonight and when you come back again, the next time you fell sore down there you will have to earn Nanny's help, and you will have to kiss Nanny down there too. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Nanny I understand and I will kiss you. Thank you Nanny, I hope I'm a good girl and you don't have to spank me again."

I saw her grin and knew she'd start making trouble so I would spank her again. That was OK she was mine, and paying me for it. She wasn't a bad at sucking my pussy either, which told me she was more experienced then I thought. I slept well that night and in the morning learned that Liz had an out of town trip and I was expected to be here to cover. Fortunately, I could take my classes on line if this happened and it was no big problem. I just wondered where John would be.

Liz would be gone for four nights and on the first night I managed alone, even in the middle of the night when the baby's needs came, I was alone. I was missing the company of Lizzie but I had fingers and managed to survive.

The second night Marie had a couple of issues and I had to go to her more then once. I don't know if she sensed her mom was gone or it she had a bad dream, but it took more time to quiet her. I was still wearing only the t-shirt and I had not noticed that Marie's crying had woken him. While I had not intended to display myself, heck I didn't even know he was there, my t-shirt was way up over my belly as I did everything I could to make little Marie calm down and go back to sleep. As she began to settle I took her to the rocking chair and cooed in her ears, singing a soft lullaby I often used with her. The familiarity of the tune, and her own fatigue soon had her soundly sleeping and I put her in her crib. As I turned to go, I finally noticed John and he was stroking his cock in the doorway. I blushed and turned my head and said.

"John, please what are you doing?"

"I'm looking at a beautiful woman and my cold frigid wife is out of town. I don't mean to scare you but your shirt was up and I could not take my eyes off that naked ass of yours and well..."

I continued to avoid looking at him and I crossed my arms defensively over my chest, even though I was turned away. I knew it would make my t-shirt ride up in the back and give him a glimpse of what he's seen more of earlier. I said.

"John, I don't think it's right for you to be so exposed like that."

"Christy, Nanny, turn around and look, please?"

"John, you can't make me do this, what about your wife?"

"She's not here and I'm not going to tell her, besides she's been quite cool to me since our accident as she calls it. Please look at me?"

I turned my head and purposely did not look down at his cock, though from the corner of my eye I could see it was hard and not bad looking.

"What do you want from me? I'm just here to take care of your baby, John, you can't expect me to take care of you too!"

Planting seeds in his head, I could see his eyes were still stuck on what he could see of my ass and so I pretended to be uncomfortable and spread my feet a bit, opening up the crack of my ass ever so slightly. He sighed as he watched my move and took a step towards me.

"John, please! Please don't do this to Liz, think about what you are doing. I'm not some bimbo in a bar!"

"No, Christy, you're not. You're a beautiful woman and you're so full of love. You take care of Marie as if she were your own child. I feel a bit embarrassed here, but I am so turned on right now. I need someone to take care of me, too."

"That's Liz's right John, I know she's not here but what exactly do you expect of me?"

"Oh Christie, I didn't come here expecting anything from you, I heard Marie crying and I came here and then ... well then I saw you doing what you do so well. I saw you being a loving caring person and yes I saw your exposed body. I could not look away, I still can't."

I turned fully now and lowered my arms, knowing that my hard nipples were poking out through my thin t-shirt. I looked down at John's cock and saw how engorged it was, it almost looked painful. I looked up at him and said.

"What do you want from me John? Tell me or go back to bed!"

"I want you, Christie. I want you to take care of my needs tonight. I know it's not what you signed up for, I know it's not what you want, but Nanny, I've gone so long and I'm begging you. Just this once, please?"

I let him stew for a bit, I wanted to close this deal but not look or sound like a whore in the process, it would take a bit of work. I looked at him and said.

"John are you saying you want me to let you make love to me? Is that what you want of me?"

"Oh god, yes, if you would. Please Christie, just this once, I promise. Please?"

"I don't know John, I've only ever had sex once, I don't think I'm very good at it. I never had time for boyfriends. I'm not sure what to do. Will you tell me what you want? Will you be patient with me? Liz can never know about this, and you have to promise me I won't lose this job, John. I need to make money for school, I do have my own needs you know."

"Christie I will show you what to do, I will promise you that you will keep this job, in fact Christie, if you'd promise to let me show you how to be a good lover, I think I can increase your pay here. I'm not trying to buy you, not trying to make it like your being paid to have sex with me. I'd just like to help you like you'd be helping me."

I stood quiet for a time and then said.

"OK, John but I won't do this in Liz's bed. Come to my room and be patient with me."

I walked out past him and to my room, he followed. I was going to play the novice so when we got to my room I said.

"How do we start? What do you want me to do?"

He wrapped his rams around me and I felt his hard cock press into my belly. He kissed me on my head and then moved his mouth to my ear and whispered.

"Just relax, let me do this."

He gently put me on the bed and lowered himself and kissed me on the lips. I let him do all the work at first then I tentatively kissed him back, letting him believe he was turning me on. Well he was turning me on but you know what I mean. I felt his hands begin to explore me, over the t-shirt and eventually he moved to take it off. I stiffened a bit and said.

"John, I'm embarrassed! I'm not as pretty as Liz. Do you have to take this off me?"

"Oh Christie, you are a very pretty young girl and you've a great figure, don't compare yourself to Liz."

I relaxed my arms and let him take my shirt off. I saw his eyes grow big as he stared at my tits, seeing how my hard nipples stood up for him and he lowered his face and kissed my nipples and sucked on my tits. He was very good and it was more and more difficult to hide my growing excitement as he worked his hands and tongue all over me. When he put his head between my legs it was all I could do to say what I knew he needed to hear from an inexperienced girl.

"Oh my no John, what are you doing down there?"

"Relax Christie, you are going to enjoy this."

"I'm not sure, I've never..."

I let him lick me and suck my pussy and it was good. I let myself enjoy his tongue as it danced in and out of my wet cunt. I moved my hips to show him I was now OK with what he was doing and he became even more passionate and I loved it. I let a small orgasm release and let my hips rock up into his mouth and moaned in satisfaction. All of this made John only more passionate and he quickly moved back up to lay atop me, his hard cock pressed up against my cunt as he kissed me, making me taste myself and I hesitated, turned my head to the side and said.

"John, your lips were just down there I don't think can do this!"

"Christie, you taste delightful. Kiss me and let me share that wonderful taste."

I did so reluctantly at first. Then as he continued to kiss me I let myself go making him feel as though he taught me to enjoy my own cunt juices. Then he lifted his hips and positioned his cock at the opening of my pussy and I again tensed up.

"OH John, are you sure we should be doing this? Please be gentle with me!"

Like pouring gas on a fire John slowly pushed his meaty cock into me and it felt so good but I had to pretend again. So I stayed a bit tense as he filled my wet hole with his hot cock.

"Ohhhhhh. Oh my John it feels funny with you in there. OH my!

He liked to see me so innocent and as he slid out and then back in I let myself relax and soon he was pumping his cock in and out and I responded, slowly at first then more and more till I was fucking him back.

"Oh John that feels so good. I never knew it could be this good. Yes, yes oh yes."

I'd said just enough to fuel his fire. He was now ramming himself into my cunt and I pushed my hips up to meet his thrusts. I felt an orgasm ready to explode in me and decided to let it go, knowing John would take credit for it and he did.

"See Christie, that was good wasn't it?"

"Oh John yes. Oh my, it feels so good, Oh yes you feel so good inside me. Oh more! Yes more."

John pumped a few more times and I felt his cock jerk and then spew his hot cum inside me and I came again, this one unplanned as his hot sticky jism filled my cunt. I lay there spent John was a good fuck. When he finally pulled out I whimpered and turned my head away. He put his arms around me and said.

"Christie that was great. Please don't feel bad, you have nothing to be ashamed about. I loved it and look forward to helping you learn more about sex and how good it can be."

"Then you're not disappointed in me, I did ok?"

"Yes, you were now give me a kiss and I'll go back to my own bed and let you get some sleep. I hope you'll let me visit you again."

"I think I'd like that John, but if Liz ever finds out she'll fire me and probably make it so I'll never get another job."

"Christie, listen, I'm going to make sure she doesn't ever find out. We will only do this when she's out of the house. Now I'm going to send some extra money to your account but you should not go about spending it, Liz can't all of a sudden see you spending. So invest it for your future now get some sleep.

I smiled to myself as a very satisfied John left my room. I've now got them both and the next few years should be lots of fun. I reached down between my legs and scooped some of John's cum on my fingers as it oozed from my pussy and the put those sticky wet fingers in my mouth sucking them clean and tasting John's cum. Tasty, next session I think I'll ask him about sucking his cock, after all he did teach me about licking my pussy.

The next night when John once again appeared, as I was finishing up with Marie he remained dressed but without words he followed me to my room and kissed me. I let that go for a while, enjoying it and when he pulled back I said.

"John, when you put your mouth on me last night it felt so good. Do men expect women to kind of do the same thing to them?"

By his smile alone I knew John was very happy with that question and he said.

"Yes, men love it too, but not all women seem to. Liz never would, said it was disgusting. Do you think its disgusting Christie?"

"Well when you first put your face down there I thought that was disgusting but when I felt how good it was, I knew I'd want it again. I just want to know what a girl is supposed to do with a man, I am so new to all of this."

"Well they say a woman should only do what she likes, that's one reason why I've never pushed Liz to put her mouth on my cock. I would love it if you'd try it though and if you liked it, well that would be great. Do you want to try it Christie?"

"Kind of, but I don't know what to do."

"Don't worry about that, just lick me first and it it's not too disgusting for you then take me in your mouth and suck on me. If that's still ok then I'll tell you what I want you to do and you can try it. If you don't like it then just stop."

"Well if you're sure you don't mind me experimenting on you?"

"No, I'd love that but remember last night when I had my orgasm inside you? My cock ejaculates a white fluid. Now if you want to try the whole thing then when I tell you I'm going to cum, that means the fluid is ready to spurt. If you don't want that in your mouth then pull off me OK?"

"Does it taste bad?"

"It's a bit salty but a lot of women seem to enjoy it, or at least say they do. Some take it and swallow it, some spit it out and some like to see it shoot on their bodies. You do what you want to."

"Ok, if its ok with you, can you lay on the bed and I'll kneel over you?"

John got on the bed and I knelt between his legs and bent over. I knew he'd want to watch me so I pulled my hair back and played the rookie, licking his cock from the base to the tip then licking across the fat head of his cock and then putting a little of him inside my mouth. I hesitated then slid my mouth down and took more of him inside me. Then I sucked him and felt his cock grow harder in my mouth. I pulled my head up and looked up at him and asked.

"Am I doing this right?"

"Oh yes, it's pretty good. But as you suck my cock, use your mouth like your pussy and move it up and down, like your making love to it."

I nodded and put his hard cock back in my mouth and did as he asked for a few minutes until his breath was coming in gasps then I stopped again and innocently asked again if I was doing it right. I knew I was frustrating him but I had to play the innocent.

"Oh yes, just keep doing that. Don't stop till I tell you I'm cuming then do what you want about the cum, OK?"

I resumed the blowjob taking his cock further in each time, when I felt he was close again I took him in till I gagged and spit his cock out.

"I'm sorry John, I guess I went too far, give me a minute."

"OH god Christie please continue, it feels so good."

I decided to let him finish, I'd delayed him long enough it was time for the big finish and when he cried out he was cuming I let the first spurt fill my mouth then pulled his cock out and let it spurt all over me, my face and hair and on my tits too. I coughed and the cum in my mouth spilled over my lips and with cum all over me I said.

"I'm sorry it all just sort of happened. I meant to try to swallow it, John nut it kind of scared me. I hope you're not mad."

I knew he was staring at all the cum dripping from my face and I licked my lips and pouted as I took a few drops of his cum and swallowed for him. Then I licked my lips again and swallowed again as John caught his breath and said.

"Christie, for your first time it was great. I've made a mess of you though. Its all over you."

I used my hands to feel for the cum and innocently spread it over my nipples in an attempt to look like I was wiping it off, then I licked my fingers and said.

"It doesn't taste too bad John, if we do this again I'd like to try to swallow it, would that be OK?"

He grinned from ear to ear and said yes, then he suggest I shower and get to bed as Marie would be up early and he had an early day as well. When he left I spent time scooping up his cum and eating it. I loved cum and refused to pass up even the cooler congealed cum left on my body. I wasn't going to let it all go down the shower drain.

For the next few months I was in heaven, John and Liz were each doubling my salary and when one was out I was in bed with the other. My bank account was rapidly growing and my sexual needs were being well taken care of, John even 'introduced me' to anal sex but that cost him a bonus. Liz returned from a business trip with a riding crop and gave it to me saying she felt bad about me having to use my hands when she was bad.

I had everything controlled, neither knew about the other and then the holidays arrived and I had to learn to work around the older ones, the college students.

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