The Eternal Quest of One Mindy Fuecher
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Heterosexual,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A frustrated college student tries several methods of mind control to get laid, but none of them seem to work - at least for him.

Mindy Fuecher (or as he preferred to be called, "Min" – and it's pronounced "Fuke-air" thank you very much) was invisible.

Not in the physical sense, but in the social sense.

In middle school he volunteered at a pet rescue for two years and every time he showed up, the other workers all thought he was new. In high school he volunteered at a soup kitchen and each time he arrived the manager would show him around like it was his first day. He also read to the elderly at a home and even they never recognized him, but that was to be expected as it was an Alzheimer's ward.

In high school and college he tutored those who needed the academic help. There were many on athletic scholarships who owed their continued participation on their chosen sports, and yes, even their graduations to Min, but they never thanked him, they never even knew him if he tried talking to them outside of the tutoring sessions.

But, none of that bothered him, really.

He didn't do it for recognition or even thanks. He did it because it made him feel good and because he felt it was the right thing to do.

But his social invisibility also meant that he never had any friends. And, the only time any of the people he did meet through his tutoring paid him any attention was when they were having fun slapping him around.

He always assumed that as he made his way through high school and college, friends would come – but they didn't.

That bothered him, a little.

His invisibility also meant that he'd never had a lover. He wasn't a virgin. There had been prostitutes, from time to time, but he'd never had enough money to do that more than once or twice – and even then he never found it satisfying, not in the way he needed. He'd never known the look of passion in a woman's eyes, had never known the tender kiss that only a lover can give.

That was what bothered him.

It's amazing what people can put up with, but even then, some things just wear on a person. It isn't any one thing or any one day that does it, it's the day after day of things slowly grinding away at one's resolve, slowly eating into one's personal code of ethics until one day, something that would previously have been an anathema, just seems like the thing to do.

It was a sunny day. Min was walking down the beach, hand in hand with Matilda, a lovely girl he had known all through college and she was now his fellow graduate student. She was the only person in the large Southern California University who could even begin to match him in intelligence and, as far as he could tell, the only person in the world who treated him like a human being.

Since they were about equivalent in intelligence, she had been in many of his classes the whole time they had been in college. They had formed something of a two person study group and had developed a bit of a friendship, of a sort.

But that day it was different. She held his hand and whenever their eyes would meet she would flash her beautiful smile and make him feel like he was king of the world.

They walked and skipped and ran, laughing with joy at simply sharing the day with one they loved. Finally they stopped to rest under a pier, he took her in his arms and, slowly, their lips were drawn together.


Min's hand slammed down on the alarm clock, shutting it off. He sat up, the dream still vivid in his mind and sighed.

Another day in hell, he thought. The first week of the new college year had shown him that this year would be no different than all the others. That is, unless his grand plan didn't pan out.

Min thought that being enrolled in a Master's program and a TA for multiple professors, his college experience would be different – but, alas, the last two years had shown him he was still ignored or held in high disdain by everyone he knew, and many he didn't. Hopefully, his grand plan would change that.

For the millionth time he wondered if it was merely his name that was the bane of his existence or if it was just him. As a child he never gave much thought as to why he had a girl's name, that is, until he found out the reason. His father, knowing he would be spending the rest of his life in prison for embezzlement, espionage, possession of a death ray and conspiracy to become an evil overlord, and being an ardent Johnny Cash fan, had given him the name in order to make sure his son would grow up tough.

That baffled Min. How in the hell was getting beaten up on a daily basis supposed to make one tough? Sure, he could take a beating, he took them all the time. It was the dishing them out that he had never gotten the knack of.

He performed his morning routine with resignation and set out across campus for his first class. An engineering lab where today he was going to take the first steps towards realization of his grand plan.

"Hey, fucker!" Came a voice from behind.

"It's pronounced, 'Fuke-air'." he sighed as he turned around.

"What is?" asked the large frat-type approaching him.

"My name."

"Why should I give a fuck how you pronounce your name? You just look like a fucker I'd have fun slapping around."

"I'm sure it's over-rated."



"No, that was pretty fun."





"You really should try this, it's a blast." Said the guy, grabbing Min's wrist and hitting him with his own hand.


"Ow! Nope, did nothing for me." Said Min, hoping the guy would tire of his game soon and let him get to class.

After a few more slaps, the guy did tire of it and Min resumed his trek, his cheeks stinging. These occurrences wouldn't be so bad if the rest of his life didn't suck just as much. He excelled in only one area, academics. In all other things he could be described only as pathetic.

Early in his college career, in an attempt to finally achieve some sort of relationship with a girl, he'd tried lowering his standards all the way to the bottom but even those girls weren't willing to lower their standards far enough to include him. His grand plan would change that.

So, other than the rare visit to a prostitute, his sex life consisted of masturbation and internet porn, since he was far to shy to actually buy porn in a store – he couldn't even work up the gumption to buy a Maxim.

It was while surfing for something new that he came up with his grand plan. He had found a website that consisted of story after story of nerds and dweebs, just like him, who had resolved their social, and sexual, disabilities by using various methods to control the minds of beautiful women.

At first he was a bit hesitant to try and bring such fictional methods into the real world, with all their nefarious possibilities; but then he really thought about it – and his future.

Sure, he was brilliant, graduating at the top of his class with three majors and five minors and currently finishing up on three Master's degrees. So there were many lucrative career paths that were his for the taking, but what was it all worth if he spent his life alone and miserable in his hell of social solitude.

He knew who he wanted to spend his life with, but that was an impossibility that was beyond even his wildest fantasies, so he would settle for the consolation prize, if he could make it work.

He spent the summer researching the various methods described in the stories and after much consideration he had settled upon hypnosis as his best bet. Using his knowledge of physics, psychology and anatomy he had drawn up plans for a device that would instantly hypnotize anyone he wanted.

He arrived at the lab and began assembling the parts he would need in order to build his machine.

"Hi, Min, whatcha making?" asked a lovely melodic voice.

Min looked up with a guilty start. It was the beautiful Matilda.

There was no way he was going to tell her what he was up to – she would be disgusted with him. Besides, she had no reason to know about it, and nothing to fear fear from it. Even if his gadget worked perfectly he would never do anything to risk hobbling that wonderful mind no matter how sexy she was. It didn't matter that she was his most prevalent masturbation fantasy and he dreamed of a life with her, he wouldn't want to make even the slightest changes to her, the nicest person he had ever known and the only person he could even loosely call his friend.

Her long, thick blonde hair glowed in the morning sun shining through the high windows of the facility. Her generous bosom pushed out the front of her lab coat which then narrowed to hug her slim waist. Shapely legs formed an incredibly sexy connection between the bottom of the lab coat and the ground. As usual, her presence caused his cock to swell.

"Oh ... uhm ... nothing ... nothing at all ... just tinkering around."

Her stunning blue eyes scanned the equipment spread out on his bench and she looked at him quizzically.

"Okay, well, if you need any help, or ... anything ... just let me know." she said. "Or if you just want to bounce an idea or two off of me, I'll do my best to keep up." She added with a chuckle, putting her hand on his shoulder.

"You're the only one who could," Min said gratefully, "and I doubt you'd have any problem doing it, but I'll be fine, thanks anyway."

"Okay, but, in any event, I'm here for you, Min." She said as she walked away.

With great effort, Min pulled his thoughts away from the wistful carnal fantasies Matilda so often evoked and focused on the task at hand. He inventoried his gear and found a few items he would have to get from Radio Shack after school. But he had enough to begin.

Once he had all the right materials, it took three days to complete his device. About the size of a pack of cigarettes it was basically a thick Ipod. When activated, the video screen showed a swirling vortex, turning at just the right speed, and a strobe light, flashing at just the right frequency along with a particular tone, broadcast at just above the audible range of human beings. This all combined to have just the right effect. As soon as someone looked at the screen they would fall into a deep, and highly suggestible, trance.

His tutoring sessions were what he would use to get his subjects alone. He had several pretty girls in his sessions and his first target would be Amber, a gorgeous sorority girl. He had a session with her the very next day and he went to sleep that night with visions of her wondrous body doing all manner of sexy things to him.

"By the way, Amber," said Min just as they finished going over her math homework, "There's one more thing I'd like you to see."

"What's that?"

"This!" exclaimed Min as he turned on his device and pointed it at her.

The flashing lights drew her eyes to the screen and in less than two seconds she was sitting slack jawed.

"Amber, you are now hypnotized and must follow my commands."

"Yes, I am hypnotized and must follow your commands."

"When I bring you out of your trance, you will consciously remember nothing of what I tell you or that you have been hypnotized, but you will feel an irresistible compulsion to have sex with me. You realize that I am sexy to you and you want to pleasure me in any manner I desire. You will love the taste of my cum and will allow me to deposit it anywhere in or on your body that I want. Do you understand these instructions?"

Yes, I am to become your personal slut."

"Close enough – now, when I count to three you will wake from your trance and act upon the commands you do not realize are there. One ... two ... three!"

Amber blinked her eyes a few times. Min held his breath, waiting to see what would happen. Her eyes finally rested on Min.

"Oh, Min," she said breathlessly, "I never realized how sexy you are." She unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her large tits and tiny waist. "Do you think I'm sexy, Min?"

"Yes, Amber, you are very sexy."

"Good," she said, peeling off the rest of her clothes, letting her long red hair fall across her sexy bare shoulders "because, for some reason I don't really understand, I need you to fuck me and make me your slut." She reclined on the bed next to desk they had been working at. Fuck me, Min, fuck me now!"

She spread her legs, inviting him to explore her slick pink flesh and he did not hesitate to do so. His tongue slid up and down her vaginal confection and he was rewarded with moans of pleasure and a flood of hot pussy juice.

"Please, Min," She husked, nearly exhausted from the orgasms his tongue had caused, "fuck me. I need that wonderful cock inside me!"

Min quickly dropped his pants and pounced on the beautiful girl, driving his big hard cock deep into her hot, wet pussy, thrusting over and over, while she screamed in pleasure, until he could take it no more and came hard, deep inside her.


Min's hand slammed down on the alarm clock, shutting it off. He sat up, the dream still vivid in his mind.

Yes, thought Min with a maniacal mental cackle, that's just how it will be. She will be mine! He stood and headed for the shower, peeling off his sodden pajama bottoms as he went.

He could barely focus on his classes that day, which was of no consequence since even with only partial focus he still ran rings around his classmates. It took forever for the tutoring session to arrive, but eventually, it did.

"I still don't know why I need to know this stuff." The sexy redhead complained as they finished up. "Math is stupid."

"Well," explained Min, "say you found a dozen pairs of shoes that you liked, and wanted the matching purses and belts. Basic math could help you figure out how much all of it would cost and geometry could tell you whether or not your closet would be big enough to accommodate everything."

"That's silly, I would just give them my daddy's credit card so it wouldn't matter how much it cost, and if the closet isn't big enough, I would just have the handyman make it bigger."

"Yeah," sighed Min, "I suppose you would. Say, Amber, you have got to see this cool video I found." He pulled out his Ipod looking device and turned it so she could see.

"Like anything you think is cool would be worth seeing. You wouldn't know cool if you lived in the Arctic. But let's see it anyway."

Min turned on his device and, after initially being startled by the effects, she quickly relaxed until she was staring blankly.


"Yes, I am Amber."

"Are you hypnotized, Amber?"

"Yes, I am hypnotized."

"So you will obey my commands and follow any post-hypnotic suggestions I give you?"

"Duh! Isn't that what being hypnotized means?"

"Well ... yeah, I guess so. Hey, if you're hypnotized, how can you be a smart-ass?"

"I guess my sub-conscious is just as much of a smart-ass as my conscious. Wow, who knew?"

"Oh. Anyway, when I bring you out of your trance you will have no memory of having been hypnotized or any conscious memory of the post-hypnotic suggestions I will give you, though you will obey all my commands."

"I will do whatever you say."

"When you wake from your trance you will realize that I am very sexy and you want to have sex with me. You will feel compelled to want my cock and cum and can't get enough of either. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, like that's gonna happen – not."

"Wait a minute, you're hypnotized and have to follow my orders."

"But you can't hypnotize a person into doing something they wouldn't normally do. Frankly, if you and I were the last fertile couple on the planet, I would spend my time searching for an appropriate sympathy card for the human race."

Min thought for a minute. Her words had a ring of truth, he 'had' read where a person could not be hypnotized into doing something they wouldn't normally do, such as a good person could not be compelled to murder, but he never thought that sex with him ranked at that level. However, he pondered, if she was sexually active, maybe he could make her believe he was someone she would normally have sex with. Especially if it was someone she liked having sex with.

"Amber, do you have a boyfriend?"

"Yes, Brad is the captain of the football team and president of his fraternity."

Of course he is, thought Min, "Do you have sex with Brad?"


"Do you enjoy sex with Brad?"

"Meh, I can take it or leave it, but it keeps him coming around."

"Well, from now on, you thoroughly enjoy sex with Brad, finding it to be one of the most rewarding activities you can engage in. Furthermore, when I bring you out of your trance, you will see me as Brad and want me to ravish you here and now. Do you understand?"

"Yes. I will enjoy sex with Brad. It will be pleasurable and fulfilling."

"Okay, when I count to three you will come out of your trance and it will not be me here in the room with you, it will be Brad and we will have sex. One ... Two ... Three!"

Amber blinked her eyes a few times and then looked at Min.

"Oh, Brad! I didn't know you were here. You know it's been almost a week since we've done it, and I'm feeling a bit horny so why don't we do the nasty right now?"

"Sure, Amber, whatever you want." said Min with grin, it was working!

She stood up, "Give me a hug you big bear!"

She opened her arms and approached Min, her arms coming together to hug her boyfriend and closing on empty air right above Min's head, his face buried between her fluffy breasts.

In hindsight, Min realized he should have stood up to meet her.

The lack of anything substantial between her arms broke the illusion and she stepped back, looking startled.

"Oh ... it's you, Min. I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else. We were done here, right?"

"Yeah," sighed Min, "we're done."

"Good," said Amber digging out her cell phone, "I'll see you on Thursday. Bye-bye."

Min, shoulders sagging, schlepped out of the room.

As soon as the door shut Amber dialed her phone.

"Hi Brad, doing anything? ... Well, I just wanted to see you ... I don't care what video game you're playing, I'm horny and if you don't want to take care of that, I'll find someone who does ... Okay, I'll see you in a few minutes." For some reason, Amber was really looking forward to screwing Brad. She didn't know why her attitude towards towards sex had changed but she was glad of it since she and Brad were planning on getting married after they graduated and now she had a feeling she was really going to enjoy her marital duties.

Min left Amber's sorority house and was just about knocked over by a sprinting Brad.

Returning to his room, he slammed the door of his room in disgust.

Of course it didn't work! He thought, how stupid could I be?

The control of hypnosis just wasn't strong enough. There had to be a better way.

He dug through his research notes from the previous summer, trying to ascertain what method of mind control he should try next. He had done extensive research in several areas but which to try. There were drugs, even some psychotropic ones he could manipulate into mimicking a hypnotic state, but that had already failed so why try and repeat failure. Other drugs could be used to make someone docile and mask their memories, but if he wanted to roofie some girl there were more conventional ways to do it, besides, he didn't want to fuck some unconscious body – might just as well buy a blow-up doll.

After doing his research that summer, the idea of an empathic transmitter had run a close second to hypnosis so he decided to try that.

The next seventy-two hours were spent immersed in research on the actual mechanics of such a device and it only took him another twelve to design the device.

Since he had a good handle on what was available in the lab, he hit radio shack on his way there, so he had everything he needed laid out on the work bench by the time Matilda found him.

"Hey there, Min," she said with her beautiful voice. "new project?"

Min looked over at her, both enthralled by her loveliness and horrified that she had once again caught him engaged in his depraved hobby.

"Wow," she said, "you have really dark circles under your eyes, have you been getting enough sleep?"

"Huh? ... sleep? ... oh, sure ... I've been sleeping. Ha-ha. It's not like I've spent the last few days researching ... uhm ... nothing in particular."

"Well ... that's good then," Matilda said with a cocked eyebrow. "We wouldn't want you getting sick." She looked over the equipment on the bench. "So what's the new project? Anything I can do to help?"

"NO! I mean, no thank you. I have everything under control."

"Okay," she said, her amazing blue eyes looking into his, "just know that I'm here for you, Min, whatever you need." She then turned and walked away.

Min watched the gorgeous blonde walk across the lab and spent a few minutes on his most common fantasy, thinking about how perfect life would be with her by his side. She would be more than a sexual partner, she could be his partner in everything. They enjoyed many of the same recreational activities as well as their shared interest in intellectual pursuits. She was the perfect woman for him. Maybe, just maybe, if his device worked...

No! he thought sternly to himself, the empathic transmitter would induce only lustful rutting, not the tender caring love-making he had always fantasized about with Matilda.

The transmitter only took two days to build. He could have done it in one but he had to run a few experiments with the power level on the microwave emitter that would carry his specially tuned emotive lust-signal into his subject's mind. He wanted to penetrate and affect the brain, not cook it. Plus he had to make sure the range was limited to a few feet so he would only alter his subject and no one else.

Finally, he tightened the last screw and decided who his subject would be.

Brandy. A hot brunette with a lithe sexy body whom he tutored in History. He checked his calendar and saw he had a session with her the very next day. It was with great anticipation that he lay his head upon his pillow that night.

The hot little brunette kept shooting glances at him throughout the study session. Min had turned on the device as he had pulled his books out of his backpack and he could tell that she was barely paying attention as he explained the Peloponnesian War as best he could to the somewhat daffy girl.

"Say, Min?" said Brandy, obviously uncomfortable about something.

"Yes, Brandy?"

"Is it ... sort of ... hot in here?"

"Would you like me to adjust the air conditioning?"

"No, I don't mean hot in that way. I mean ... well ... this is embarrassing, but I'm feeling awfully horny right now and if I don't have sex soon I think I'll explode."

"Well, gosh, Brandy, is there something I could do for you?"

"Yes, Min, yes there is."

Brandy quickly stripped off her clothes revealing her pert tits and smooth skin of her lean supple body.

"Please, Min, my pussy is on fire," she begged, her fingers working furiously on her hot slick snatch. "I need you to use your hose to put it out."

"Okay, Brandy, but we should get back to studying soon, we still have a lot to cover."

"Fuck studying! Fuck the books! Fuck the God Damned fucking Peloponnesian War – but most importantly, fuck ME, Min! Fuck me now! I need it so badly."

Min tore off his clothes and dived face first into her quivering twat. Licking and sucking at the sexy brunette's heated lions until she screamed with pleasure and pleaded with him to give her the hard fucking she needed.

He crawled up onto the squirming beauty, his thick hard eight inch cock sliding easily into her tight pink pussy. Brandy screamed in orgasm over and over as she writhed beneath him, struggling to get his cock even deeper into her sopping sex. Finally Min could take no more and stream after stream of hot cum hosed into the brunette hottie as her body shuddered with one final orgasm.

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