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She sat there tied to the chair with duct tape over her mouth and her eyes were frantically darting here and there looking for a rescue that wouldn't be coming.

I hadn't duct taped his mouth and as he struggled to get loose from the low bench he was tied to he called me every name in the book and swore that he would get me and that when he got loose my life wouldn't be worth spit.

I just smiled at him because I knew something that he didn't. To carry out threats you need to be alive.

The events that brought the three of us to that barn started at our high school prom. Actually they started two weeks before the prom when Mary Ellen Reardon who was to be my prom date was involved in a hit and run accident that had her in the hospital and in traction.

I tried to find another date, but wasn't able to come up with one. Two days before the prom Becky Saunders joined me at my table in the high school cafeteria as I was eating my lunch.

"Have you had any luck in finding a date for the prom?"

"Afraid not."

"Would you consider taking me?"

Would I? Would I ever! The best looking girl in school and she was asking ME if I would consider taking her to the prom? Hell yes!!!!!

"Of course I would" I said, "but I thought you would be going with Ben."

"Ben and I had a big fight and we broke up. It has been coming on for some time now and I suppose it could have waited until after the prom, but you know how it goes when words start to flow. Things tend to take on a life of their own. Anyway, I need a date for the prom."

"You got one!"

When I showed up at Becky's to pick her up her mother invited me in since Becky was still upstairs getting ready. Mrs. Saunders smiled at me and said:

"Actually she's been ready for an hour. She just wants to make a grand entrance." Then she laughed and said, "Like mother, like daughter. I did the same thing for my prom. I made my date wait almost fifteen minutes before coming down the stairs. The expression on his face was worth it. Excuse me; I need to get my camera."

She left me standing at the foot of the stairs and as I stood there waiting I wondered why the Gods had set me up for the night. First Mary Ellen's accident and then Ben and Becky having a fight and breaking up and then Becky asking me if I'd consider being her date. I'd asked Becky out over a dozen times since the ninth grade and she had always turned me down flat. I knew that my taking Becky to the prom would incur Ben's wrath, but I didn't care. For one night anyway I would have the best looking girl in the school – in the whore state! – on my arm.

Becky appeared at the top of the stairs and the sight of her took my breath away. The flash from Mrs. Saunders couldn't even cause me to pull my eyes away from Becky. She was a vision as she came down the steps toward me. I almost wished that we could stay frozen in time so I could keep looking at her.

The night, at least for me, was magical. I wasn't allowed to be a pig and hog Becky all to myself, but I did get two-thirds of the dances with her. Becky was pretty high up on the school social ladder and I saw girls I'd asked out and who had turned me down looking at me with Becky and I could hear their thoughts. "What does she see in him that we missed?" I saw guys looking at me and I could read their expressions. "Why him and not me?"

Ben had come stag and the look on his face when he looked at me was pure unadulterated hatred. Three times he asked Becky to dance and three times she said no. The third time he said something to her and she slapped his face and walked away from him.

When the last song played Becky molded herself against me and as we swayed to the music she said, "Kiss me." It was against the rules and there were chaperones there to enforce the rules, but chaperones and rules be damned! I thought that I'd probably never get the chance again so I kissed her. Her tongue darted into my mouth for a brief second and then she broke the kiss and said:

"The night isn't over yet baby. We have a party to go to when we leave here."

The party was at Carol Hardy's. Carol was Becky's best friend and you hardly ever saw one that you didn't see the other. Carol's parents had sprung for a keg and had gone to a motel for the night after making Carol promise that nothing would happen that would bring the cops.

The house had a finished basement and everything in the basement had been moved out of the way to make a dance floor. I had to share Becky more at the party than I'd had to at the prom, but I still got fifty percent of her time. Plus I got to dance with a lot of the girls who never had much use for me 'pre-Becky' not that I thought that any of them were interested. It was more of a "Dance with Rob and see how Becky reacts" kind of thing – a way to gauge her interest in me.

The high point of the party was the huge favor that Ben did for me and believe me when I say I was under no illusions that what happened wasn't because of Ben. He crashed the party and caused a scene. Luckily I wasn't dancing with Becky when it happened. Ben stormed into the basement, saw Becky dancing with Bill Sheppard and tried to pull them apart.

"She belongs to me asshole! Get your fucking hands off of her."

Bill went to push him away and Ben punched him and broke Bill's nose. Carol's boyfriend and two of his buddies grabbed Ben, put him in a hammer lock and tossed him out. They told him if he came back they would beat the snot out of him.

As soon as the fracas started I headed that way to 'protect my lady" and as I got close I heard Becky mutter as Ben was hauled away:

"I belong to you? I'll show you who belongs to who asshole!"

She pulled me tight to her and gave me a kiss that curled my toes. She broke the kiss, took my hand and said, "Come on" and she led me upstairs and down a hallway and into a room. When she turned on the light I saw that it was a bedroom. Becky closed the door, locked it and then led me over to the bed. She gave me another hot kiss and her hands went to my zipper. As she worked my cock out into the open air she said:

"If you are a quick cummer make damned sure you don't get any on my dress."

She bent at the waist and took my cock into her mouth. There was no chance I'd cum quick because I'd been laid twice in the past twenty-four hours. I looked down on her as she worked on me and wondered at her experience. I'd no doubt that she wasn't a virgin because Ben made no secret in the locker room of the fact that he was fucking her, but she was acting like she had a hell of a lot more experience than she could have gotten from Ben.

Becky spent several minutes on my dick while I took off my shirt, tie and T-shirt. As good as her mouth felt on me I wanted to get mine on her so I pulled out of her mouth, undressed her all the way down to her thigh highs and high heels and then I pushed her back on the bed. She lay there; legs spread wide and watched me as I took off my shoes, socks, trousers and briefs. She smiled up at me and pulled her legs back when I got on the bed. She pulled the lips of her pussy apart and waited for me to spear it with my lance of love (sorry – couldn't resist that). I surprised her when instead of dicking her I buried my face in her pussy.

I honestly did not believe that when the night was over Becky would have any more to do with me. I was a means to an end. I got her to the prom when she broke up with Ben and had no time to sit back, look around and be choosy. I was a 'short timer' and doubting that I would ever see her again. I was going to experience Becky to the fullest while I had the chance.

I don't know if Becky had ever had her pussy eaten. She had dated a lot of guys, but locker room talk had led me to believe that most guys didn't do it because they thought it was 'yucky' but I liked doing it and I was good at it. My older cousin Rhonda got me started when I was nine. When she baby sat me she would give me candy bars if I would eat her pussy and she taught me well. Becky must have liked it because her hands grabbed my head and she pushed her pelvis up at me and moaned:

"Oh yes, oh sweet fucking baby Jesus yes yes yes!"

I stayed with it until she had an orgasm and then before she came down from it I moved up and slid my cock into her pussy and started fucking her. I fucked her hard and it wasn't any quick fuck like I'd heard most girls got from a guy my age because, as I mentioned earlier, I'd already been laid twice in the last twenty-four hours. Becky came a second time before I got my nut and just before I came I pulled out and shot my load onto her belly. I lay down next to her and leaned on an elbow and looked into her gorgeous face.

Her breathing steadied and she ran a finger through the cum puddle on her belly, looked up at me and asked:

"Why did you do that?"


"Pull out."

"I never expected anything like this to happen and I didn't bring any rubbers."

"I'm on the pill. I wanted you to cum in me."

"I didn't know."

"Where in the hell have you been hiding?"


"Yes Rob, hiding. We girls don't keep secrets from each other and nobody is talking about you. That means that none of us have ever had you, but if not us who? You didn't learn to do what you just did from any of the girls in this school so who?"

"How about we just say it was instinct."

"Bull crap Rob. Go ahead and keep your secret. I know I'm going to. No way am I going to let what you can do out. I'd be fighting half the girls in school to keep you."

"Keep me?"

"Oh yeah Rob; you are now my guy."

"Me? Your guy?"

"You betcha!"

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