Wildlife Photography

by Baron Rod

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A girl and a wildlife photographer meet and a photo shoot of 'The Mating Habits of Homo Sapiens' occurs.

Finely! The money shot. The photo that would win me praise from my peers. The mid-morning light was perfect. I'd staked this lonely spot out for over a week. My telephoto lens permitted me to be far enough away to allow privacy. The male bald eagle bringing in a bass to the female feeding her two six week old chicks would be the highlight of my collection. The male was almost continuously hunting, although occasionally he would push the female off the nest and take a turn watching the chicks ... and grabbing a bite to eat when his mate brought in a meal.

"Whatcha doin', mister?" asked a small voice from behind me.

I must have jumped a foot while spinning in place. How did this little girl sneak up on me? Had I been that absorbed in the eagle? My sudden spin must have frightened her because she teleported back a couple feet.

"Shhhh!" I hissed. "I don't want to disturb the bald eagle. She's feeding her chicks and I'm taking their pictures. Be quiet, please."

I turned back and again was taking pictures. I heard the girl getting closer again, but she was still being quiet. The mother eagle and her chicks made short work of the bass that had been on the menu.

Now that my picture taking frenzy was over I turned to actually look at the sprite who had snuck up on me. She was carrot topped, green eyed, freckle faced. An archetypical Irish pixie. She wore a t-shirt, denim shorts and sandals. She stood right at five foot and weighed maybe ninety pounds and might have made her teens ... maybe. She had a developing figure with cute little buds behind that t-shirt. From the nipple tenting she wasn't wearing a bra, not that she really needed one yet.

"Can I see the pictures?" she asked.

"Sure." I replied. I turned to my ever present laptop and hooked the camera to it. "The camera screen is a bit small, but this works pretty good."

I started scrolling through the pictures, mentally noting the best shots and the ones that just didn't work. That's the nice thing about multi-gigabyte storage chips. I could take thousands of pictures. If only a couple percent turned out to be world class that was still twenty out of a thousand and the chip could hold several thousand.

I watched the girl's reactions to the pictures. Having a test audience wasn't that usual for me. Some of the shots I thought were great didn't seem to be a hit with her and shots I would have skipped brought exclamations of delight.

"You have a good eye." she said and then paused, thought for a moment and asked, "Could you take my picture?"

"I really only do bird and animal pictures, honey." I replied.

"Humans are animals." she snapped back.

"OK." I laughed. "Before we start let me get some information on you. What's your name, birthday, where you are from and your e-mail address so I can send you copies of the pictures." I brought up a word processor to record the information to transfer to a standard release form.

"I'm Aislinn O'Donneley. I'm thirteen last April eleventh. I'm from Omaha and we're vacationing here at this camp ground. Mom and Dad told me to take a hike so they could be alone." She gave me her addresses, both snail and e-mail and then said, "I have a USB chip you can download to. What's your name?"

"I'm Larry Reynolds." I answered. "I travel around taking wildlife photos that I sell to various magazines."

I had her lay out on some large rocks at water's edge and snapped a few shots. Then I stood her up as I knelt down and took some closeup shots of her head against the blue sky. After shooting various poses for about a quarter hour I took the camera to my computer and we looked at the results. As the slide show went on I copied the pictures to her chip.

Aislinn said, "Oh! I look so pretty. I didn't think I was anything special, but those pictures are beautiful. I don't look like a little kid. Young, yes, but not just a kid."

"The camera likes you." I said. "It's funny how some really pretty girls look wrong when photographed and some other girls just spark. These pictures spark."

I watched while the slide show continued and wrestled with my conscience. It lost.

"You know," I mused, "I think..." My conscience tried one more time. "Naw! That just is a bad idea."

Aislinn asked "What's a bad idea?"

"Nope, not gonna say." I said, "I don't want either one of us to get in trouble."

She looked at me, got a puzzled look and then did sort of a double take. "You want me to take my clothes off, don't you?"

I was startled. This was a smart youngster. My conscience shrugged and gave up again. I replied, "Well, yeah. I'm a wildlife photographer and wildlife doesn't wear clothes."

Aislinn giggled and stripped off her t-shirt. Evidently, besides being smart, she wasn't shy either.

As she started working her shorts and panties off I admired her little tits. Larger than bee stings or fried eggs, but hadn't really made A-cup yet. Since she was thirteen it looked like she was a late bloomer. The nipples were about the size of a standard pencil eraser on areolae that were a light tan that was just a few shades darker than her skin and were about an inch across. Her freckles ran down to her upper arms and to the top of her little mounds. I got all this in one quick glance and I had my camera in my hands. I started taking pictures.

As her shorts and panties dropped she kicked off her sandals and stepped out of the last of her clothes. Her bush was as red as that on her head. It was still fairly thin, but visible. She had just started to show a little female hip and waist definition. She did a pirouette that I caught several pictures of. Her little buns were tight and probably would never be very big. That was OK with me, I've never been an ass man. I like tits, any size, any shape, and hers were cute.

I had her redo our previous test shoot. I added a few shots of her running and jumping. I've always liked shots of a jumping girl. It sometimes looks as if they are flying. We went back to the computer and watched the new slide show. I noticed that while we watched she was lightly brushing her nipples. Oh Gawd! I knew I was in deep trouble ... and didn't really care. By this time my conscience was on vacation.

Near the end of the slide show I picked up my camera again and got a couple of shots of her manipulations. Then I said, "I'll bet what you're doing feels good."

I'm very glad I had the camera up and shooting. Her blush was gorgeous. Almost eclipsed her freckles. She started to stammer some sort of explanation or apology or whatever and I interrupted saying "I don't mind. I think it's cute and very picture worthy. Have you ever felt yourself all the way to orgasm?"

"N ... n ... no." she stammered out. "I'm not sure. I really don't know."

I went to my backpack and got out my beach towel. I flipped it out on a flat spot near an old pine tree. It was a thick towel and the needles of the ground probably wouldn't work through, but would provide some protection. I turned back to her and said, "Lay down on the towel. I promise I won't get within six feet of you unless you ask me to. I'm going to give you a new hobby." She was wide eyed, but went and lay on the towel.

I said "Now start caressing your nipples again, both hands. Also spread your knees out as far as is comfortable." She did and I started taking pictures again. I watched her as I shot. After a short while her labia had started to spread and she was panting.

"Now take a hand and cup the entire area at your crotch and lightly rub." I directed. She did and her eyes got wider and breath shorter. I gave it a minute and told her, "Now take the middle finger of that hand and reach almost all the way to your pretty little asshole. Then bring it back up your slit. You'll notice a wet spot. Pause there and coat your finger with your body's natural lubrication. That's it. Now continued up until you hit a very exciting part and rub there."

She did what I said and the moment that she hit her clit was very obvious. She started really rubbing and her finger almost became a blur. She started saying "Oh!" over and over and as she went farther along that pleasant path the time between "Oh!"s got shorter and shorter. Near the end it was "Oh!Oh!Oh!Oh!" and then a final "Oh My God!!" as she orgasmed. Full body blush, back slightly arched, toes curled. Then she almost completely relaxed, collapsing back onto the towel.

I continued taking pictures standing a little over six feet from her. The zoom closeup shots I took of her pussy were beautiful. She eventually got language skills back and panted, "Oh! I've never felt anything like that! Oh, wow! That was awesome!"

"Yup!" I agreed. "Masturbation can be fun. It's sex with someone you love."

She got that puzzled look that she had had just before she asked about nudity and asked, "Is real sex, you know, between a couple, that intense?"

"That gets a complicated answer." I replied. "It really depends on the couple. And mostly the guys. Some guys barely do more than get a girl almost wet and then plug it in, get their pleasure and roll off. Not much fun for the girl. Try to stay away from those guys. They're selfish and likely to mistreat you in other ways. Most guys will at least try to get you to orgasm once, usually during foreplay. If you're lucky you'll have enough of a glow to carry you to another orgasm during intercourse. Then there are the guys on the other end of the bell curve from the selfish ones that will work to fuck your brains out. If you find someone like that, if you can stand him out of bed and he makes you laugh, hold on to him."

"Makes me laugh?" she asked.

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