Elly in the Psych Ward
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Slut Wife, Incest, White Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Elly knows she is a slut yet she can't quite figure out wy she is in a psychiatric unit, especially one which apparently specialises in sexual issues.

She had no distinct memories as to how or why she was here but ELLY knew she was in hospital, the strange thing was all the staff were dressed mostly in everyday clothes, only a white button down blouse style tunic with different coloured eppalets to differentiate nurse from staff nurse etc.

From what she could see it all seemed bright and fresh, she could sense the antiseptic atmosphere rather than physically smell it, the small room she was now sitting in was more like a tiny comfortable lounge than a consulting room. Even the smiling young female doctor talking to her now seemed really friendly and compassionate, her voice warm and slow making sure she was both being understood and listening at the same time. Elly heard her say, "Elly I know things seem confused right now but you will get better, with the right care and correct medication I'm confident you will make a full recovery. You should know though that you are here for your own safety, can I ask if you know why you were brought in here?" Elly stared at the young woman sitting across from her, she was dressed in a smart 2 piece grey suit with a white blouse below the jacket, Elly guessed she was in her mid thirties, she had raven black shoulder length hair and flawless creamy skin! A plastic tab on her left breast told Elly she was called Janine Miller, Elly closed her eyes and tried to think but the memory would not come, everything was crazily jumbled in her mind and the thoughts were travelling at light speed around and around her head!

She thought perhaps it was something to do with the medication given to her a short while ago, everything seemed a little woozy but she managed to say,

"Not really doctor, something to do with my behavior? Was I bad, did I do something bad?" g to do with my behavior? Was I bad, did I do something bad?"

The pretty doctor smiled and gently shook her head and said, "don't worry about it Elly, you will remember eventually then you will be on the road to making a full and complete recovery. In the meantime Elly I want you to go with the nurses and take all your medication as prescribed, we don't want you here as much as you don't want to be here! I'll see you every day whilst you are here, if however you want to see me at any time just let the nursing staff know and they will try to arrange it, OK? This is a very special unit Elly, we help people like you with very specific issues especially ones related to intimacy and sexual behaviour. " She pressed a small button on the table which separated them and 2 people came into the room, 1 female and 1 male, both were smiling and gently encouraged Elly to her feet and guided her towards the door, Elly noticed that she was shuffling her feet and that everything seemed to be in slow motion but she returned their smiles and went with them.

Elly did notice that the ward had both men and women in it which was a feature of some public hospitals she did not like! Seeing the look of concern on her face the female nurse gave her arm a comforting squeeze and said, "Not to worry, you have a lovely bright airy room all to yourself, in fact all the patients here do, so don't be concerned, you will be fine!"

They guided her into a small but comfortable room, a single hospital bed, 2 soft chairs, a writing table wardrobe and bedside cabinet furnished the room and everything was clean bright and cheerful. The female nurse also had a plastic tab on her breast which said her name was Jill, she said, "Now Elly for your own safety we ask that you remain in your nightwear for a few days so that you feel comfortable, you can go to your bed anytime you want and to be honest so that you won't try and leave the hospital, also Elly, you will be escorted wherever you go for a few days, even the toilet, do you understand?"

Elly nodded and saw the male nurse draw the curtains on the small windows which looked out onto the corridor and also the main window which looked out onto the lovingly manicured gardens. As he turned around Elly noticed his name tag which proclaimed him to be Jack, she gave a little involuntary giggle at having both jack and Jill in the room! Jill noticing this smiled and giggled, "I wish I had a pound for every time the Jack and Jill joke had been cracked!, Now Elly, I see your husband has brought you some clothes and stuff, so if you would like to change into your nightwear I will take the stuff you don't need away and place it in a secure locker till you are a wee bit better!OK? Would you like a hand? Sometimes the medication can make you a bit slow and clumsy"

Elly just stood there and was thinking about answering when she noticed Jill was undoing her blouse and taking it off, her bra trousers tights and panties followed, she was surprised to se that she had been wearing her tiny skimpy scarlet panties and bra, the ones she generally only wore when engaging in sex! More shocking still was the unmistakable stain on the gusset of her knickers, given the size of the mark her pussy must be full of come! Elly was only vaguely aware that Jack was looking on at the sight of her being stripped. Elly put it down to the medication as she began to feel increasingly sleepy, now naked she sat on the edge of the bed and closed her eyes, trying desperately to make sense of her situation.

Jack and Jill meanwhile were tidying up her clothes and looking for her nightwear and toiletries although Elly did noticed both of them staring a little too long at her naked beautiful body!It was a effort to open her eyes but when she did so she noticed that both Jack and Jill were blonde and very alike, vaguely she wondered if they were in some way related? Well it was possible! Making an effort to focus Elly was astonished to see Jack smiling at Jill and he was patting his groin, Elly thought she saw a bulge of a hard on in his trousers and saw a warning look from Jill to Jack as she mouthed the words "NO! Not yet"

Somewhere in Ellies mind a memory was triggered, she thought "Is that it?

Is this about sex?" Elly stared down at her naked body, her breasts seemed normal to her, although her nipples were pink and quite erect she put this down to the coolness of the room. Her feet and ankles and shapely legs also seemed fine and parting her legs a little she stared down at her pubic bush of light brown hair, now that she thought about it her vagina did feel a little odd, momentarily forgetting who else was in the room she opened her legs wide apart and slowly slid a forefinger down to her opening and felt the warm wetness that seemed just too wet to be normal! A little confused she withdrew her digit and looked at the wetness on it, trance like now she quickly slipped it into her mouth and tasted her own juices, then she sensed rather than felt helpful hands pushing her back onto the bed! Somewhere far away Elly heard Jill say, "Oh god! Jack! Oh god!we can't, not now! It's the middle of the fucking day!"

Jack seemed a little breathless as Elly listened to the distant conversation, "Look at her, she is lovely and totally wasted on her meds! Let's face it Jill, given why she is in here she isn't exactly a virgin! apart from which, given the nature of this unit this is part of her treatment, she just doesn't know it yet."

Elly heard what was being said but couldn't react, she was far far too sleepy, woozy and comfortable!Even when she felt her thighs being parted she didn't object, something warm wet and slippy seemed to touch her sensitive vagina making her open her legs wider, opening her eyes a little she saw Jill red faced and breathing hard, her hand up inside her own skirt and down inside her panties! Jack for some reason had his face down between her legs staring up at her vagina, she thought, "Why is his tongue licking me?Why is he giving me a internal examination with his finger?I thought this was a Psychiatric hospital? Why is it so nice?" Elly found it increasingly difficult to focus and stay awake, making a great effort she turned her head around to watch Jill deftly remove her pink cotton panties and black tights, she also noted that Jill indeed was a genuine blonde! The next thing Elly was aware of was someone's warm wet lips on hers, a tongue gently probed at her mouth, delicately gliding over and along each lip then gently but firmly invaded her mouth in a ferocious French kiss! Still the fingers explored her vagina, and Elly felt herself drift off only to be awakened by the familiar scent of a woman's vagina as she saw through a haze Jill lift up her skirt and allow her naked vagina to descend onto her lips, Elly now thoroughly confused marveled at the warm wet cunt on her mouth, instinctively she began to caress it with her own tongue enjoying the sensation and taste! Elly slowly worked as much of her wet tongue up inside Jills vagina as possible, wiggling it around and licking the inside of Jills cunt! Her body registered the fact before her mind did, something long, thick and hard began to slip into her hole, making it necessary for Elly to part her legs wide open to allow Jacks cock to enter into her, as usual she achieved orgasm on penetration and felt her body respond to the large prick now throbbing, pulsing and moving insistently inside her, then she drifted completely off to sleep as the drugs took their full effect!

Elly wasn't certain what time it was, she awoke to a dark and quiet room, her room door opened and a female voice asked, "Are you awake Elly?

Would you like something to eat or drink?"

Elly once again felt the powerful sedatives effect on her body but managed to answer, "Thank you, something to eat and drink would be wonderful!"

Yawning loudly Elly added, "What time is it please, I'm a wee bit confused" The nurse checked her watch and answered, "It's just after 10 in the evening Elly, your husband was up to see you but you were sound asleep and he knows how essential rest is for you at the moment so he didn't wish to wake you, I'll get you something to eat then Elly it will be your medication time, OK?"

With that, the nurse came all the way into the room and switched on the bedside lamp, Elly could now see that the nurse was a pretty Asian girl, with a wonderful warm smile. Before leaving she asked, "Do you want to go to the toilet? You know for the first few days we have to keep an eye on you and that includes escorting you to the loo!" Elly returned her smile and responded by saying, "Thank you no nurse, not at the moment!"

The nurse left and Elly took stock of her situation, she still could not recall why she was here, with a enormous effort of will she remembered being brought into the room and undressed, with a frown she seemed to recall having sex, she struggled to find the memory and looked down at her body, she was now wearing a turquoise ankle length nightdress which was cut low on the breasts, revealing more than she would want in this situation! Elly knew it was entirely inappropriate for hospital wear, she guessed Ally her husband had packed it in a rush, somewhere in her mind a memory stirred of Ally wearing the self same nightie as he had pounded his large thick prick in and out of her, the feeling of the smooth cotton on his skin had made him incredibly hard and horny! She made her mind up to find some more practical pj's as soon as she could. Suddenly she was aware of a trickling sensation between her legs, quickly hoisting her nightdress and examining herself she noted large globules of man come dripping from her vagina, slowly but surely the memory began to take shape and she licked her lips as she thought back to the attentions of Jack and Jill! Equally quickly Elly lowered her nightie into place just as the nurse returned carrying a tray of food and a pot of tea, She said, "I hope this is OK the kitchen is closed now so we had to whip this up quickly for you!" She placed the tray on the writing table and as she left she added "When you are finished just call me, I'm just outside your door then we will sort out your meds for the evening"

Elly found herself picking at the food without enjoyment, she again guessed that the medication was interfering with her appetite. She ate what she could and now needing to pee she found and put on a dressing gown and slippers, walking to the door of her room she found the diminutive nurse sitting on a chair directly across from her doorway, Elly asked,

"Sorry nurse I need to go to the bathroom could you show me where it is please?" The nurse nodded and smiled and Elly noticed the name on her tag, she was called Roxanna.

On her way to and from the bathroom Elly met a few of the other patients, most looked how she felt, like a zombie, dead lifeless eyes and a slow shuffling step but most had already went to bed and loud snoring could be plainly heard throughout the ward. Roxanna took Ellies arm to steady her as they came near to her room, Elly was startled by the appearance of a very very large bald but exceptionally handsome man, Elly guessed he must have been almost as broad as he was tall! He gave Elly a warm caring smile and a little bob of the head as he passed, Roxanna said "That was Tolga Elly he is one of the support staff here, he will help you whenever one of the nursing staff is not available, he is a lovely lovely man and very obliging!"

Once back in her room Roxanna made certain Elly took her medication, there were 3 tablets to take and one cup of a sweet liquid which Elly guessed was the cause of her heavy sedation. Then Roxanna left and Elly already feeling sleepy slipped between the cool, clean, fresh linen sheets and began to drift off, only the questions wouldn't quite go away, Why was she here? What did she do? Did she really have a sexual adventure with the 2 nurses earlier? Was she raped? Smiling to herself she let her right hand wander down to her pubic area and slowly lift up the hem of her nightdress so she could feel her own slit, she thought to herself "No need to rape, just ask!I am after all just another willing whore!"

Once again Elly awoke with a start, it was still dark and all was quiet, a urgent need to pee was apparent so although sleepy and barely awake Elly knew she had to use the toilet. Getting up from her bed she wandered out towards where Roxanna should have been stationed but her chair was empty, forgetting to slip on either slippers or dressing gown Elly made her way to the toilet, the corridors were lighted only with soft lighting to prevent daylight glare which might prevent sleep for some, she eventually found and used the toilet and was making her way back to the room when it became obvious to her she had taken a wrong turning. Deciding that the best thing to do was to find a nurse Elly began to look into the side rooms off the corridor she was in but all seemed empty. Closing her eyes in concentration she thought she heard a woman's voice in the next room, following the sound Elly slid open the door only to see another internal door but sure enough that was where the sound was coming from.

Elly still in a trance like state glided to the door and opened it silently, inside the room Elly immediately saw racks of clean linen and mattresses, on one of the mattresses The bull like Tolga was pounding on top of the tiny Roxanna, her jeans tights and little black panties lay at the side on the floor, her white tunic had ridden up to her neck so that her tiny breasts were exposed and pressing into Tolgas naked barrel like chest!

Elly guessed by the speed and slap of naked skin on naked skin Tolga and Roxanna were nearing their mutual climax, amidst the groans of pleasure and squeaks of ecstasy from Roxanna Elly heard the familiar wet slurping sucking noise as Tolgas prick pistoned in and out in and out of roxannas cunt! With a great gasp and groan Elly saw tolgas face contort in almost indescribable lust and relief as his balls began to pump their load into what Elly assumed was a tiny narrow wet vagina!She stood there silently watching them complete their orgasms until both lay still panting and sweating from the exertion. Somewhere deep inside her own soul the whore came to the surface and demanded satisfaction, taking a noisy step forward Elly saw both faces turn around to see what had made the noise, the expression on both faces seemed to freeze in horror at seeing a patient in the room, especially one who had just witnessed their love making!Tolga was the first to react, quickly disengaging his cock from Roxannas slit he stood up completely naked his massive cock like some circumcised hose wet and dripping and still emitting come from the slit! Roxanna whispered urgently, "Sleepwalking, she is sleepwalking, sssh!" Both remained like statues, Roxanna on her back with her legs gaping wide apart, Tolga vertical and rock like, both trying desperately to remain absolutely still!

Realising what she had to do to release her tensions and lust Elly casually walked forwards and dropped quickly to her knees in front of Tolga, deftly and without ceremony she took his now soft wet cock in her hand and guided it into her mouth, tasting his mingled come and Roxannas cunt juice she slurped and licked until she had completely cleaned his quickly reviving prick. Standing up suddenly Elly again knelt down only this time between Roxannas open thighs, Elly marveled at how such a tiny tight vagina could have possibly accommodated Tolgas enormous erection, The tight curls of Roxannas pubic mound framed a pink open vagina, clearly flooded and dripping with newly injected come, venturing a forefinger Elly let herself enjoy the feeling of another woman's cunt, and time after time inserted it deep into Roxanna, then lowering her head she began to suckle on the once again swollen clit, her tongue drinking in the creamy goo of the mingled come and cunt juice!For her part Roxanna couldn't hold back any longer, she began to stroke Ellies light brown hair gently but insistently pulling her mouth onto her slit enjoying the ministrations of this clearly experienced woman! Roxanna came quickly, great waves of relief swept over her forcing mingled juices to explode all over ellies lovely face!

Elly stood up with a effort and began to feel increasingly drowsy and sleepy once again, she noticed Roxanna leap up from the mattress and began to dress, the mattress looked so warm comfy and inviting Elly didn't hesitate, she let herself flop down on top of it and began to relax. All of which was too much for Tolga, Elly through the miasma of drug induced sleepiness saw him stare down at her, his cock was truly enormous, at least 10 inches long and 4 thick, She managed a smile and with great effort lifted up the hem of her nightdress to her throat exposing her nakedness from feet to neck, her smooth creamy white thighs, shapely legs glistening brown bush of pubic hair and firm hard tits with nipples erect and ripe for sucking!Tolga looked at Roxanna who looked seriously terrified at the turn of events, however she to found her gaze locked onto ellies open slit, Tolga muttered something in his native tongue and quickly dropped down and lay gently on top of Elly, gasping with need Elly put her hand down between her thighs and finding Tolgas massive cock guided and forced it inside her soaking wet pussy! She howled aloud at the enormity of his prick forcing its way up inside her then slowly, oh so slowly, she began to find the rhythm of sex which brought her so much pleasure!She had as usual achieved orgasm on tolgas first penetration now she began to really enjoy herself!Whispering in his ear she said " mmmmm so nice! Oh tolga! your cock is so big! Oh big boy!fuck me! Enjoy me!oh lord you're splitting me apart! Oooo!ooooo! oooooh!" Elly felt him quicken and knew he was near to flooding her hole with his come so she met thrust with thrust until he gave a mighty groan and thrust so hard she thought she was going to tear open!

Then she felt his come leave him, she thought someone had opened a valve or turned on a hose such was the feeling of flooding inside her! Again she to reached climax with shuddering ferocity, somewhere near a 10 on the Richter scale! Elly seemed to pass out and drift off to unconsciousness, when she awoke she was back in her own room and in her own bed, Roxanna was gently tucking her in and Elly knew instinctively that Tolga was nearby and probably had carried her back. Roxanna seemed to be mumbling incoherently but was definitely worried! Realising why Elly summoned up the strength and said quietly, "Roxanna, do not worry, do not worry, it is forgotten, it is I who am the whore, not you, you must not worry, it is forgotten!" Then she drifted off to oblivion!

The next couple of days were largely uneventful, eating, sleeping and taking meds seem to fill the bulk of her day. Her husband had visited several times and she was encouraged and delighted by his loving and compassionate care for her. She had asked him as to the reason for her being in hospital butt he had just smiled and said,

"In good time Elly honey, all in good time!"

There had only been one incident of a sexual nature but she wasn't sure whether it was a drug induced hallucination or it actually occurred, She had awoken in the early morning to find another person in the room, she thought it was Jack but was not sure, the figure was wearing a pair of her panties on his face and was casually masturbating onto the naked skin of her tummy. Somehow the trouser part of her pj's had been pulled down to her knees revealing her brown hairy bush and her pj top lifted up to reveal her 34C tits!Whoever it was had taken the precaution of wearing a condom so she watched fascinated as he reached orgasm and with a gasp and a groan filled the tip of the rubber with his come! Afterwards she thought it possible she had simply dreamt the whole thing but could not be certain!

Elly knew that the level of medication prescribed for her should have at least inhibited if not vanquished any sexual urges, yet as her mind gradually allowed the memories to surface she knew she was still sexually potent indeed if anything even more wet and horny than usual! She decided to raise the issue with the young female doctor next time they spoke, it would be interesting to hear her explanation!

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