Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ralph's wife has an addiction and leaves him and she hopes someday to return. He meets her friend,Ruthie. Ruthie has her own secrets that become clearer as time goes on. And then there is Gisele. This story is about sexual addiction and fetishes and other practices out of the norm. More sex than the usual happyhugo story, but still in the romance category.Not all codes identified.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism  

"Mr. Ralph Burnam, my name is Ruthie Richards. Your wife and I share an apartment here in the city. The police were just here and they informed me that your wife has been in an auto accident. I'm sorry to say, she has not survived. It saddens me to be the bearer of this news. I'm sure the police will contact you shortly. I did give them your name as her husband."

I could hear the woman sobbing. "Thank you. You of course are aware that Nan and I were estranged, so I really appreciate you calling me. I suppose it is up to me to make arrangements. May I have your address? It has been a year or more since I knew exactly where she has been living. You must have had feelings for her, because I can hear you weeping."

"Yes, I cared for her greatly. She was just about everything to me. I will look forward to having you visit me here at my apartment. Nan has told me so much about you that I feel I know you already. She still loved you and spoke of you almost every day, you know. She just couldn't face coming home to you. I think her death is the saddest thing of all and I feel that someday she would have come back to you. Too bad now isn't it? I'm really truly sorry."

Nan Burnam, originally Nan Bridges, had been once full of fun and life. Now I suppose her body was cold, broken, and headed for a hole in the ground. I would bring her home to rest with my ancestors--and me when it came my time.

I thought back over our life together. I met Nan at the university at during a frat party. At that time, I was quite the party animal myself. I saw her come in with one of the seniors and she looked scared to pieces. Her date went off, I went up to her and asked her name, and could I get her a drink. I looked across the room and could see her date had corralled one of his old girlfriends. "You know, you are on your own here now. Jim just brought you here for meat so-to-speak. When someone like you comes in, someone like me will get next to you, get you drunk and that's all she wrote."

"Is that what you are going to do? If you are, why did you tell me that's what was going to happen?"

"Well, I thought I would warn you and if you didn't run then I'd have you for myself. Right at the present I don't have a date, and you are kind of cute in a pixie sort of way."

"You're kind of a funny guy. Why don't you get me a drink and I will be your date for the evening. I see Jim just went upstairs so it looks as if I'm free."

For some reason I felt protective of her and I made sure that she did not go upstairs alone. It paid off, for I took her back to the apartment she was sharing and ended up spending the night with her in her own bed. We dated off and on the rest of the year. She questioned about what really went on in the upper story of the frat house. I said that she did not want to know, for it got pretty rough on the girls.

I graduated and went back to my hometown where I had a job waiting for me. I had hooked up with an accounting firm and was working my ass off. Being a newbie definitely had its drawbacks. College was only a couple hours away and I occasionally made the trip to see Nan. I guess it was the middle of her last semester when I made the trip that was the most upsetting. I didn't get to Nan's apartment until eight on a Sunday morning.

I knocked on her door and one of her roommates said she hadn't got in from a party last night. I just said I would wait. I sat looking out the upstairs window where I could see her arrive. I recognized what everyone called a "frat car" pull up and Nan was more or less dumped on the sidewalk. She was upright but had to lean on the side of the building. The two boys that hauled her out of the car did a "high five" and took off leaving Nan trying to collect herself.

I went down to her. God what a mess she was. She only had a dress on and that was on backwards. You could tell her underwear was also missing. She acted more worn out, I think, than drunk. If she had been drunk, she couldn't have been in any worse shape. I helped her up the stairs and into the shower. I did not try to wash her. I just turned the shower on and sat her under it to rinse off. Up until now, she had not said a word.

She explained where she had been. "Ralph, I know what they do upstairs at a frat party now. It wasn't too bad at first, but it went on for hours." I started soaping her and then I washed her. I made one of her roomies help get her a douche. I put her to bed and went along north towards home. What bothered me the most was that she never said she had any regrets about what she went through. To most women that had experienced this, it would be an intolerable ordeal. I wondered if Nan had found it so.

Nan graduated that spring and I had a note that said she was returning to her home out in Kansas somewhere. I put her out of my mind. I was beginning to enjoy my job. The firm I was employed with hired a new crop of newbies. I took up golf and went out on the occasional date. Dad passed away and Mom wanted me to move back into the home place. Mom was a relatively young woman at fifty-nine. A year later, she was attracted to a man somewhat older than she was. He had just retired from his own business. He and Mom thought they would try Colorado, so they took off right after they were married.

I was into my job about five years and living alone. Mom had given me a deed to the home place when she left. The only stipulation was that she could have a room rent-free if she ever needed it. A quiet and unassuming widower she had married was well to do, and said he would buy Mom any place anywhere she wanted.

I came out of the office one day in the middle of August. I was just about to get into my car when, "Ralph, buy a girl a beer?" Nan stood there smiling at me.

"Sure, hop in." That started our courtship. Nan got a job in the same firm I worked at, doing secretarial work. She moved in with me and we proceeded trying to wear out my bed. We made a good couple and Nan even took up golf. One day after she had been with me six months, we decided that we should be married.

Married life was great for me and it seemed like it was for Nan. We slowly made friends with other couples our age. One couple was a little more liberal in their actions than I was wont to be. They flirted and were always making off-color jokes and even sometimes playing grab-ass with each other. When they became more familiar, they treated us in the same way.

Bob was a big person standing five inches over my five-foot eleven. Peggy was big and buxom, always rubbing her breasts up against me. It affected me some--I couldn't help it. The girls were always talking about us guys and the size of our equipment. Peggy kept telling my wife how well endowed Bob was.

Nan started in wanting to role-play about me screwing Peggy and her taking on Bob. I listened and kept looking at those massive boobs, finally deciding that maybe they would be fun to play with. Nan was small, only five foot-two and with a size thirty-two bust. This was just right for her frame and with her pixie face and cute little butt; she was the center of attention when we went out. Not only that, she had a little, lilting laugh that just got to anyone that heard it.

One Friday night, Peggy came over to my house and Nan went over to stay with Bob. I had the worst attack of jealousy when Nan went out the door, but Peggy was already here and her hands were all over me. It didn't go well with me after the first session. Peggy kept a running commentary on how much Nan was going to enjoy Bob's massive cock. I finally told her to shut up. I did not want to hear anymore about it.

Maybe it was the difference between my wife's little petite body and Peggy's massive tits and big butt. I was just turned off, for there was not a firm place on her body anywhere. I couldn't wait for Peggy to leave at daylight, but Nan did not come home until nearly noon. I took it that Bob was capable of taking care of both his wife and mine.

I didn't have much to say for several days, but one day Nan said she was sorry I didn't enjoy our swapping experience. She had a good time, but if I did not, then she would not think about doing it anymore. We then dropped Peggy and Bob from our circle of friends. I brought up the subject of having children. We had never talked about it before this and I just assumed that someday we would have at least one, maybe even two kids. No way and Nan was so emphatic I never brought up the subject again.

Things went along pretty well after that for us. We never had many disagreements or if we did, we worked them out. One day in October, Nan said that some of her friends wanted to go shopping in Boston right after Thanksgiving. She wanted to know if it was all right for her to go with them. I said sure go ahead.

We had a nice Thanksgiving. Mom came out for the holiday and wanted us to fly out for Christmas. This was a surprise because Mom and Nan had never really hit it off. Of course, they rarely saw each other so it did not matter much. Nan and her friends were headed to Boston for a three-day weekend, and the excitement in her was building. All Nan could talk about were the shows they were planning to see. I came to almost wish, I were going with them.

I gave it no more thought, glad for her to see the city lights again. It was black powder hunting season and I shot my deer on the Saturday morning opening day. Sunday afternoon a car pulled up and Nan got out. I looked to see who was driving. It was Bob. He didn't look at me when he opened the trunk and handed me Nan's bag. He acted pissed. Nan just said, 'hi' to me and went in the house.

I waited until she took her coat off before I said, "Okay, tell me about it."

"Ralph, don't be mad. Honest, I didn't know Peggy and Bob were going. I thought it was just Mary, Kim, Joan and me. I didn't even know Kim knew Peggy and Bob."

"Did Bob get to fuck you again?"


"Come on Nan, do you expect me to believe you?"

"Ralph, he didn't honest. I went to a club, that's all."

"What sort of a club?" Nan would not look at me while debating in her mind how much to tell me.

Then her head came up and she looked defiantly at me. "It was a sort of swing club, if you must know, and I got fucked by about ten men. Bob wasn't one of them, so I didn't lie."

"Did you use protection?"

Nan's face got red. "I think so. I don't know for sure. You don't think about things like that when you are on a sexual high like I was."

"I guess you know that I want you checked out for any STDs before we have sex again. You can kill yourself if you want to, but I'll be damned if you are going to kill me." I turned and walked into the other room. Nan followed me.

"We might as well get this settled once and for all. Ralph, I love you with everything in my being. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Saying that, I have to tell you that sometimes you aren't enough. I may be a nympho, I don't know. Do you remember that time you came down to school and found me coming home from the frat party? I loved that and I still dream about what happened to me that night. The only thing bad about it was that they were boys and used me way too rough. They pulled on my breasts and forced me to do other things that I do not like and never will.

"This weekend I was with men. I was still an object, but they were very careful not to hurt or injure me. That is a big difference. Where I was, the men are a closed group. Bob couldn't even get in. Peggy was invited, but she could not prove she was clean so she couldn't either. You probably don't want to hear this, but one of my old college friends was waiting for me. She called me a month ago so that is why I was prepared. I have anticipated this so much that when I walked in, I was already hot and I did not even need any foreplay.

"I was one of three women there. Friday night there were seven men. Saturday night there were five more, but two that were there Friday were not present. Being new, I was the one that got the most attention. Unbelievably, I started out with a three-hour orgasm and then rested and watched for a while, which was a major high for me in itself.

"I went back for more after two hours and that was every bit as good as the first time. I slept most of Saturday and last night I did not last as long for I am terribly sore. I couldn't take a man into me right now if my life depended on it. So now you know all about your sluttish wife."

"Are you going back again?"

"No I don't think so. I have had what I wanted and I'm really sorry I had to sneak around to get it. I love you. I'm hoping you will forgive me and not leave me or send me away."

"I suppose there are regular meetings held quite often by these men?"

"Yes, there is one planned for New Years and at various times throughout the year. I told them I wouldn't be able to attend again."

"Nan, how could you hurt me like this? I love you and what you are doing breaks my heart. I may be a fool, but I'll say you can stay this time, but only if you don't do it again."

"I love you so much and the way you understand and forgive me. I'll try to be good and I promise I won't do this again." I wondered. At least Nan did have good intentions, anyway. Whether she could keep her promise, remained to be seen.

We settled in to wait for the holidays. I was concerned that Nan might leave for Boston and the New Year's bash she had been invited to. I put it aside, we did have a wonderful Christmas, and I breathed a sigh of relief when the New Year came in and Nan was still with me. We were back to bed after she showed me the lab results that I had made a condition of us resuming as man and wife.

"Ralph, can I talk to you?" This was the first of February. "I had a call from Boston today. The group wants me to come down for Valentine's Day." This statement sent a chill through me.

"Sure, go ahead but you know what will happen and what my answer to your question is going to be."

"Ralph, listen to me. One of the other women in the group is actually escorted to the parties by her husband. Couldn't you do something like that for me? You and I swapped with Bob and Peggy that time. You were okay with that. I am sure they would let you into the group. If you didn't want to, you could stay in a hotel or something."

"Look Nan, you are going to have to pick either me or your compulsive lifestyle. I just can't accept having you go off every few weeks or months and do what you do. You have to decide. Personally, I think you are sick to even think about it. I will get you some help if you want. In fact I insist on it."

"Okay I'll forget it and I'll think about the help. I'm sorry I brought it up. I think I can handle it all right. It would be just so nice though, if you could see how I feel."

"I think I know already."

The thirteenth of February there was a note propped on the kitchen table when I got home from work. I'm sorry Ralph, I didn't have enough will power to resist. Don't worry about me. I love you. You did your best so don't beat yourself up over this. If I ever decide to return, it will be permanent. Until then, love and kisses, Nan.

Saddened I went on with my life and tried to put things back together. I had three good years with her anyway, discounting the few times she was a disappointment.

In June, I received an anonymous letter: Dear Mr. Burnam. I am sure you have been concerned about your wife who has left you because you could not or would not condone her addiction. At present, she is staying with two of the members of our group. I say staying--she has her own quarters and sleeping with neither one. She is currently employed and earns her own living. She lives just as many a single person in our city is doing. The difference of course, is she has an addiction that she has to address at times and needs to fill periodically. We do watch out for the health and welfare of those who are with us and those we have been interested in joining us. None has ever come to harm at our hands. You may feel we are using your wife for our own ends and I suppose we are. You must remember though, that she is using us as well to fulfill her own needs. These, the needs she is not able to escape from. Rest assured if she decides to return to you and she does, we would welcome it without reservation. In no way have we ever coerced Nan to stay against her will. I hope this will put your mind at ease, until such time as she makes up her mind regarding her association with you, her husband. Many times we have heard her express her great love for you.

The letter was unsigned. Eighteen months later I answered my telephone to hear Ruthie Richards state that my wife, Nan, had died in an auto accident.

Two hours later, I received a call and her demise was confirmed by the officer who was investigating her death. He asked if I would be taking charge of her remains. I said yes and that I would be coming to the city the following day to make arrangements. Before going in to see the authorities, I wanted to meet the woman that had informed me of Nan's death. From what I could gather over the phone, the person was very broken up about Nan. Maybe even more than I was. I was saddened, but had no contact or word about my wife for nearly two years--barring the unsigned letter, which may or may not have been on the level.

I found the woman's address in a nice section of the city. The apartment was on the third floor and when I announced myself on the intercom, I was told to take the elevator and I would find my destination just down the hall on the left. I knocked gently on the door and was directed to enter.

I opened the door and could see this young woman sitting across the room. It was not bright in the room and yet the woman had sunglasses on. I put that down to maybe she had been crying. She rose and came towards me. "I'm Ruth Richards, call me Ruthie. Thank you for coming." She extended her hand, which I grasped and found her grip firm and confident. "Would you like tea or may I brew some coffee?"

"Gee, coffee would be wonderful, if it isn't too much trouble."

"Not at all. I can tell you about Nan while we drink it. I know you have not seen her in a long time. You must be curious as to how she was and how she lived."

"Yes I am." I hesitated, "Ma'am, I'm sorry but may I use your bathroom?"

"Of course, go right through that door and into Nan's room. Her bath is the door on the right. I should have realized you might need facilities after driving so far."

I went into the bedroom and surveyed where my wife had spent her last living days. I used the toilet and came out looking around the room. A picture of me was displayed prominently on the dresser at the foot of the bed. On the nightstand, Nan looked back at me from our wedding picture. God, I had forgotten how lovely she was. Tears came to my eyes and I choked up. I was there several minutes before I could return to my hostess. Even then, I had to sniffle a little.

"I'm sorry. I should have directed you to my bathroom. Sending you in there was thoughtless of me."

"That's all right, it hit me when I saw our wedding picture. She was so beautiful. I wish now I had not been so hard-hearted. If I had only given in to her and let her live with me. I should have given her permission to do what she needed to do. If I had she might be alive today."

"Don't feel that way. Nan said she would have lost your respect every time she had to leave. To the last of her days, she said it was the wisest choice you ever made. Otherwise, there would not be any fond memories to hold onto, either for you or for her. She hated what she did to you, but couldn't help herself."

"I realize that. Still, maybe I should have tried harder to find a solution."

"Didn't she tell you not to beat yourself up over her leaving? She said she did."

"Yes, and I was always hoping that she would be coming home someday. I would have drawn her into my arms and forgiven her in a minute if she had."

"She knew that, too."

I sat looking at this woman that had befriended Nan. It was getting darker and darker in the room and I could hardly see Ruthie. "Would you mind if I turned on the lights?"

"Oh I'm sorry, turn them on. I know you did not realize I am blind and it is always permanently dark where I am. I forget sometimes that people aren't aware of my condition."

"I can see why. You handle yourself so well."

"That comes from being familiar with a person's environment. Some of my other senses compensate, but not always enough. That is why I asked Nan to come and be my companion. She has been my eyes for the last year or more. I still do not know what I am going to do without her. I have become used to depending on her and I have let some of the skills I had slip. If there ever was an angel Nan was one."

"Where and how did you meet her?"

"I was down in the little park at the end of the block. I feel confident in going that far sometimes. I was sitting on the bench nearest the sidewalk. I heard someone sit next to me. She was crying softly. No one but me would have realized it, for as I said, some of my senses are heightened. I asked her what the trouble was. She said that she had to move from where she lived, and had not been able to find accommodations anywhere.

"I invited her back up here to my apartment. Over coffee, just as we are drinking now, she told me her problems and then eventually her life story. That was the first time I heard your name. She raved about what a wonderful husband you were. I could not understand why she didn't go home to you.

"That is when she said she had a fetish for long sustained orgasms. You could not stand her giving herself to other men and still have her as your wife. She hoped eventually her need for satisfaction would wear out and she could come home. She just knew you would have taken her back."

"She was right, Ruthie, I would have let her come home at anytime. I just needed the assurance that she would not fail in her determination to stay away from the temptation. How come she lost her living quarters?"

"I don't know for sure, but it had something to do with someone there being transferred. No, I think both men where she roomed were working for the same company, so both likely were transferred."

"Do you know the names of anyone of the group that I could contact? I received a letter from someone telling me that they were protecting her. I would like to inform them of her death. I wouldn't even mind if they were represented at her funeral." I had a sudden thought. "Damn I have been talking to you so long it is too late to see the man at the morgue about arranging for her transportation home. I also have to find a hotel to stay in."

"I'm not letting you leave tonight. You have to stay here. You can do what you have to do in the morning."

"I couldn't impose."

"Yes you can. Either you can sleep in her room or if that would bother you, I'll give you a blanket and you can make do on the couch. Please stay. It would be as if she was still with me for a little while longer. I'd like to tell you why I loved her so much and why having her here made my dark world a little lighter."

I stayed, watched, and marveled at how proficient Ruthie was as she prepared our substantial dinner. In addition, this woman that had no sight was beautiful in her own right. Nan had been small and dark with the pixie-look that made her attractive. Ruthie was much the opposite. She was tall, only a couple of inches shorter than me. Her long blonde hair was tied in the back with a ribbon and the hair had a wonderful sheen to it. She must spend hours brushing it I thought.

Her facial features were fine with a small slightly upturned nose and thin lips that would be beautiful if I ever saw her smile. Her carriage was upright and confident. Her breasts were of the right size for her, maybe a little small, but firm, more like a clothing model's. Her hips flared under the close fitting dress, which fell to an inch below her knees.

Ruthie startled me when she said, "You are staring at me. Do you approve of how I look?"

"Yes, I was staring at you and yes, I very much approve of how you look. How did you know?"

"I am very sensitive to the way a person breaths." Then she laughed and her smile was as beautiful as I imagined. "Really, I just felt you were looking at me and I guessed. Nan always said that you never were one to appraise a woman with just a glance, but liked to examine them, often to her embarrassment when you took so long at it. You were quiet for nearly four minutes. Just a matter of deduction, my Dear Watson."

This made me chuckle. "So what is your story? You are younger than Nan or me. I'm guessing you are about twenty-five or twenty-six, and although life has been unkind you have coped with it very well."

"My life has been difficult, but yes, I'm reasonably happy, or was until a couple days ago. God I miss my friend. As I said before, she was my guardian angel. I used to try to do everything on my own. Nan showed me that it is okay to hire others to do things for you. Like, instead of trying to do my own grocery shopping I call up the nearest corner store and have them deliver. On the other hand, if I am walking on the street, I'm not bashful about asking for assistance. I don't get lost nearly as often as I did before, when I tried to find my way alone."

"Have you always been blind?"

"No, I fell out of a roller coaster at a theme park when I was seven. A very good lawyer won a substantial settlement for the poor little girl that was going to be blind for the rest of her life. That is why I can afford to live in this section of Boston."

"Are your parents alive?"

"Yes, but they live in New York City. Many people prefer living there, but I hated it. I moved here about five years ago. Mom and Dad worry about me out on my own, but so far, I have always had good people around me. Nan was the best of my friends."

"One more question and then I'll stop the quiz. Would you come up to Vermont and be with me when Nan is laid to rest? I so much would appreciate it."

"I'd like to. Let me think about it tonight and I'll tell you in the morning."

I slept in my wife's bed that night. Maybe her scent still lingered, for I felt she was here with me and I never felt lonelier in my life. Before I went to sleep, I looked through her papers. I found one phone number several times. I committed it to memory. She also had kept a diary. I did not look at it at first. Then I wondered if I could find anywhere in it if she was ever planning to come home. My answer was in the last entry she made. Dear Diary, I think I just about have the monkey off my back. It has been five months since I went to a party. One more month to go and I will call Ralph to ask him if he will let me come home. He has to. No, I will rephrase that, he doesn't have to, but I know he will. Goodnight, Ralph, I love you.

Every entry in the diary ended with, Goodnight Ralph, I love you. I went to sleep dreaming of Nan.

Before leaving for the morgue, Ruthie said she would enjoy traveling to Vermont with me and seeing the sights. I questioned this.

"I say that to confuse people. I can you know, by using your eyes. You will see things better yourself, for you have to explain what you are seeing out loud, you will be surprised how things become clearer when you verbalize them." I could understand how this made sense.

I called the number I had memorized. A man answered, "Peter speaking."

"Peter, I'm calling with some sad news," I paused, "about Nan Burnam."

There was silence. "Who is this?"

"This is her husband, Ralph. I have reason to believe that either you or someone you are acquainted with would be interested in what I have to say."

"That is possible. Tell me the news please."

"Nan passed away after being in an auto accident two days ago. I am here in the city to have her remains removed to Vermont. At one time, I received some communication that while Nan was in the city, she would be protected and watched over. That task is complete, but unfortunately, the protection did not extend to a random accident. However I want to extend my thanks on both my behalf and of course hers."

"Have the funeral arrangements been completed? If they haven't, will you call this number back and leave the details when they become available?"

"I will gladly do that." I heard a click on the other end.

I went and arranged to have Nan transported. I had to make two calls to Vermont before everything came together. I returned to Ruthie's apartment and started gathering up Nan's effects. So little to have to show for a person's life. All of the furniture in her room belonged to Ruthie. "Did Nan work someplace?" I asked.

"Nan went some place every morning for four hours. I paid her a stipend to be with me the rest of the time. She never said where she went and I never asked. I assumed she worked part time as a secretary."

"Could it have anything to do with her addiction?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Did she go out to party often and did you know when she did?"

"Not in the last few months. Before that, I would know when she did. She would start about a week or ten days before, getting hyperactive and by the time the Friday night arrived, she couldn't contain herself. I usually would hear her come in sometime after midnight on Sunday morning. She would sleep until dinnertime and then have dinner and go right back to bed and sleep until the next morning. When she got up, she would be as normal as could be. For three weeks and then the same routine all over again."

"Did she tell you what she did?"

"Just that she had a lot of sex. She said she was not into anything kinky. No interracial. She said the group she was involved with was all white males. In addition, she was not interested in the same sex or anal and screamed if anyone suggested a blowjob. The only thing she bragged about was that if she stayed in the doggie position she could sustain an orgasm for several hours as long as there were partners immediately available. God, when she told me that I thought she was lying."

"No she wasn't lying. I knew that was what she needed. I just couldn't contend with many unknown men having my wife."

"She swore she never did any drugs and never needed alcohol to get up for her party. Nan was certainly a strange person in many ways. I can see how you couldn't live with her as your wife. I do believe she wanted to come home to you. If only she could have lived a little longer, I think she would have made it too." I had to agree with Ruthie.

The trip home was sad, but more interesting than the ride down. I had to talk most all the way. Ruthie would say, "What is on the left? Tell me what you see." I would tell her and she would come back with, "Tell me what color it is or how tall or how large. Paint me a picture. Make me visualize it. You aren't anywhere near as good as Nan was yet, but you will get the hang of it."

When we pulled in front of my home, we sat there and I had to describe it in detail. She wanted to know what the house looked like, the color, where the front door was, and where the windows were located. "Tell me about the barn. Nan said you have one?"

"I do, but it is old and for God's sake don't ever go in it. The floor is not safe. I should have it taken down, but it was built in the seventeen hundreds, so it is a local landmark."

"Why don't you have it fixed up? You could rent it out as a studio for a painter or writer. You'd get your money back in just a few years."

"I never thought of that, maybe I will."

"Now tell me about your land--open, wooded, steep, wet, just tell me about it. Make me see it. If I'm out for a walk, I will want to know where I am. There will be no one to ask directions of."

I did the best I could. Why did I, though? I began to have the feeling that Ruthie might be with me for a while, but nothing was said about that. I know I would like to have her around, just to look at, if nothing else. When we got inside the house, I had to tell her about each room.

How big they were, what and where the furniture was located, etc. I ended it for the present by walking her around the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom that she would be using. Unfortunately, the bathroom was on the second floor. She said that would be no problem just as soon as she was acclimated to the layout of everything.

There was a small sitting porch off the kitchen overlooking a three-acre field. I took Ruthie outside, bundled her in with an extra throw robe, guided her to the rocker and said I was going to unpack the things of Nan's that I had brought from Boston. I also retrieved Ruthie's suitcase and put it in her bedroom, opening the window slightly to air out the room. This room had been closed for a while. I quickly grabbed the vacuum for the floor and did a dust over of the walls and furniture tops. I remembered there was a heat vent that I had closed, so when I shut the window I opened the vent.

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