Dulcie and All Hallow's Eve

by Tedbiker

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Paranormal, BDSM, First, Slow,

Desc: Sex Story: Dulcie and Peter face a spiritual battle and physical danger. Some codes relate to later chapters.

Please note; the 'villains' in this piece are not Pagans. They are not even Satanists. They are many things, paedophile among them, but they cannot genuinely claim any religion, merely using Satanism and various Pagan terms as a pretext for their abuse. You may not adhere to the Christian world view, and that's fine; what is most important is love and consideration. Most religions have some concept of spiritual powers of good and evil and if you don't believe in something of the sort you probably won't enjoy this story or the others in the series! I believe Wicca holds the principle, 'An it harm no-one, do as you will.' Most religions would do well to obey it.

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