Spring Games with Krisztina
Waiting for the blonde

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, Sadistic, Gang Bang, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Waiting for the blonde - Events of a nice day in May that reflect the flow of juices rush of hormones the late spring inspires

He was waiting in his car. It was May and the weather was good, a pleasant late afternoon. Most of the parking lot was empty, only some cars there, mostly of those doing the night shift, or some belonging to people who played tennis. He could even now hear the sounds of games ... Funny thing to have tennis courts on hospital grounds, but so it was. The reason for it was, that one of the former directors was simply mad about tennis and wanted his colleagues to share his passion, so they did, for the love of the game or for recreation, or only not to displease the boss.

The door of the building opened. Out came a blonde in a jumpsuite. Not the blonde he was waiting for. As he wawed to the woman walking through the parking lot in the shade of the big trees he compared the the girl walking past and the one he was waiting for. This one was taller, straight hair big breasts wide hips. An attractive girl, maybe 25 26 years old. She was also popular with the doctors. Even he told her some slightly saucy remarks occasionally, as was expected of the senior doctors. She worked in the same building, but two floors down from his department. She was also a bit cheeky. A few times she travelled with him and the blonde he was waiting for in the same elevator. She always looked at them with a frown and knowing eyes. The nurses know a lot in a hospital. But they keep silent ... most cases. He knew that.

So as Erika - now he remembered her name - walked by he thought of the other blonde Krisztina. He liked her, well most of the time he did. Sometimes she could be pretty bad, cynical, stubborn and a horrible tease, but from his point of view this only added to her attractivity. Taming a "wild one" can be a challenge, and the results are much more satisfying than just having some forbidden sex with an attractive girl. Forbidden, yes it was. He was married, "old" (he had to face the fact that from the point of view of most young girls he fancied he would be seen as an old man) and he was respected. The last factor always disturbed him most. Most would forgive his liaisons after almost 30 years of marriage, and well, men in their fifties were forgiven for fooling around a bit before the gates were so to say shut. Of course his wife did not forgive him, but at least she did not make scenes all the time, once in a week maybe or less often if he was careful. Then there was his age, he always found younger girls attractive, the age difference created a most pleasing tension he enjoyed a lot. The only problem was respectability of his desires. He liked to see the girls in extreme situations. He liked to surprise them, and see their reactions. He always hated to be categorized a sadist. He never left permanent marks, well at least not on bodies, he preferred them to be left more or less intact in a physical way, or only harm as much as needed. And he always told himself that any man can cause pain by brute force. Inflicting pain in more subtle ways and just the right amount with the perfect timing, that was a challenge, that was something that could form bonds transform minds, this was his playground. Therefore Erika and other average females were out of the question for his pleasures, his game was Krisztina and her likes, though he always had to admit, that she was unique in many ways. So mentally he apologised to her for her comparison with Erika, but just for the tension it created, and to pass the time - Kriszti was late as usual - he continued. Erika was tall maybe 175, Krisztina was much shorter 160, he knew just a bit shorter than him. She was also petite 46 kilos and Erika looked big boned and clumsy next to her. Both had shapely figures, but he preferred petite and slim girls. Once she measured Krisztina just for the pleasure of knowing more about her: 90-62-88; bra size 75 B cup he knew also that. Occasionally he shopped for clothes for her, he always told the shop assistants the items were for her daughter which inspired incestuos thoughts in him he found pleasant. She also had somewhat wide shoulders and a stronger back that was typical for swimmers, he also found this attractive in her. He had to admit Erkia's blonde mane was quite a sight. Krisztina had finer hair, it was also blonde that turned a lighter shade in summer and above all she had naturally curly hair which he just loved, even if his lover's hair had less strength, the natural tousled curliness as she wore it compensated him. Krisztina had large greyish green eyes, stronger cheekbones, a more pronounced chin a high forehead, and a shapely but somewhat narrow mouth which in combination could give her face a very defiant resolute character, that was mildened by her big eyes and curls, that excited him very much. As he watched Erika's back as she walked toward the gate he mused over Krisztina's face, how it was in different situations, how it could change. This started him thinking about some certain situation and it caused him to move around a bit in the seat feeling some pleasant arousal in his trousers, that in his age was something to be proud of, and this could only be provoked by Krisztina. All this made him impatient, as he glanced at the clock in the dashboard and stated, with a slight curse that the little blond slut was late again, some 30 minutes ... as usual. Sometimes he thought she did it on purpose to provoke him, to make him angry with her. It was true he always liked to punish her for something she did than for no reason at all. But in truth if he was in the mood he liked random punishments as well though he did not like to admit that. He liked to pose above her kneeling in front of him as a righteous just father figure.

Finally the door of the building opened and there came Krisztina, in sports shoes jeans t-shirt and a jeans jacket carrying a sports bag. He got angry. He asked, her to dress up nicely and then this ... he opened the door when she was still halfway between the building and the car, and lit a fresh cigarette, because he realised that the one he was holding was already extinguished while he mused over the girl.

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