I'll Make It Worth Your While

by Sir Semega

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BDSM, FemaleDom, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The sexy lady asks me to hold off taking things in hand until our next date, which she then proceeds to take great delight in teasing me!

Donna was a lovely older redhead that I had started dating a few weeks before. This was our sixth date and I knew it was going to be interesting. She was forty, a bit curvy, but at her age she had been keeping herself pretty fit. I'm one to complain; at forty-three I had finally given up the hope that I could pass for a guy in my twenties. There was something about Donna that drew me in. Other women, although confident, were not quite so adventurous. There seemed to be a wicked gleam in her eye most of the time he was out with me.

"Do something for me?" she asked at the end of our date as she had opened her door for me to leave. We had just finished a very intense make out session when she had abruptly announced that I had to go as she was going to have to get to work early the next morning. My hopes had been temporally dashed for some under the cover action. She saw the look on my face and rubbed herself up against my tightly wound body.

I grunted, not in the best of moods while still enjoying her warm curves rubbing me.

"Well," she said in a childish voice, "I know we couldn't, you know, do it tonight, but I know I got you all worked up and I'm so sorry about that..."

"Yeah..." I added. I am quite the wit; besides, she was now rubbing my cock through my pants.

She gave me that wicked smile again and I felt weak and jittery inside.

"I know you men, when you're all worked up and don't have a women, and you like to ... or maybe the word is "need to", take things into your own hand..." she glanced down at my tented pants and then looked back up into my eyes. "But maybe you can hold off on doing that between now and our next date?"

She stood up on her tiptoes and gave me a delicious kiss. Backing away, her eyes fluttered. "I'll make it worth your while!" she said.

I did, or should I say, I didn't take things in hand after that date. We had arranged to meet two nights later, and during that time, I found myself both moody and horny. Every spare thought was on Donna, as was my cock. A few times at work I had to adjust myself or shift a file folder to my crotch to hide my excitement. It was like bloody high school all over again.

On the evening of our date, I got a sad phone call from Donna.

"I'm so sorry dear, but something's come up at work. I'm afraid I'll have to cancel for tonight."

"Oh, no!" I said a little more depressed than usual.

She picked up on this and whispered into the phone, "You haven't been, you know, have you?"

I gulped and then shook my head. "No ... I haven't. I've been looking forward to tonight."

She giggled. "Can't be helped, I'm afraid. I'm free in two days. It'll be the weekend, how about I make it up to you on Saturday?"

"Sounds good," I said.

"Oh, and if you have to, take care of things, I'll understand..." she said. "Of course the thought of you all tense because of little old me, has certainly been very exciting for me!"

"It has?" I asked.

"Oh yes. Each night..."she whispered into the phone, "I've been touching myself, thinking about you holding back from touching yourself, all for me, it's so exciting that I don't remember the last time I've come so many times in the past few days!"

She giggled, while my cock got even harder, if that was even possible!

"No," I said. "I'll stay out of trouble until Saturday, but you owe me!" I told her.

"Oh you have no idea, Mister!" she rung off and I was left with myself. Shit. Now sitting all alone in my apartment, I was free to do whatever I wanted, yet the one thing I wanted to do, I had agreed to abstain from.

'She wouldn't know, ' I thought to myself, yet I held strong. I'm a man of my word and it had been given. Watching television, I noticed every sexy commercial, every scantily clad woman, and every sultry situation. Sex sells, and when you are abstaining, you notice it all too much. I quickly ditched that for a good book.

Saturday didn't come soon enough, and for me, it had been awhile since I had not cleaned the pipes for over a week. I knocked on her door early afternoon and was greeted by Donna in a lovely slender sundress. Her kiss was deep and sultry and excited. I returned her passions with my own. There was an underlying need within me that filled the air.

Rather than drop to her knees and take care of me right then and there, she pulled away, grabbed her purse and pulled me out the door. We were of course off to the antique flea market over at the old naval base for the day. I groaned inwardly as she slipped into the passenger seat, showing me a lot more leg than was appropriate, or so I thought. Closing her door and slipped around and into the driver's seat and away we went.

The day was fun, with an underlying current of teasing as Donna took every chance to seduce me and tease me. Bending at the hip to give me a pleasant sight of her rounded derriere, lingering touches and long kisses, where she lovingly wiped her lipstick off me, she was a sexual tease that kept my interest up, among other things.

I'm not exactly sure what we looked at our how I wound up carrying two bags of stuff she had gotten, but I was glad to climb back into the car and head for an early dinner. That meant an early night!

Donna's hand rested lightly on my thigh as we drove back to her place. Slowly she moved it farther up and soon she had deftly unzipped my pants and had snaked her hand within. My cock sprang to attention and I let out a little moan. A small dull ache, almost like a cramp had started just above and to the left of my crotch. "Oh that feels so good!" I told her as I tried to concentrate on the road.

Once inside she dragged me to her bedroom, our lips were locked the entire time. It would be my first of hopefully many visits. Crashing on the bed, she kissed me and pulled away. "Want to play a game?"

I grunted. Not really! I had been thinking of tearing her clothes off and plunging deeply into her the first chance I had. I reached for her, yet she drew away.

"I'll make it worth your while!"

There it was again. She was a tease! That's what she was! I shrugged; she smiled. Reaching into a drawer, she pulled out a long coiled piece of rope. Her grin grew even wider, and her body swayed as she held it in front of me.

"Honey, I know how horny you are, and I know how much you sacrificed holding yourself under ... control. I'm a little concerned that you'll just pop off in the first moment, and then our first time will have been short and pre-mature..." she looked at me still on my back on her bed.

"I just want to make it last the night, and besides, it's so hot having you under my control!"

What could I do? I nodded and she went to work.

"I see you've done this before," I said.

I was naked, on my back in the middle of her bed. She had tied my arms at the wrists behind my neck, like I was supporting my head. Bending my legs she took other rope and tied each ankle to each thigh. It was what she called later, a frog-tie.

I tested the bonds. I was not going anywhere.

"One last thing..." she reached under her bed and pulled out a black leather strap. Laying it over my lower stomach, she brushed against me as she reached over the other side of the bed and pulled out its mate. Buckling the leather strap down, I was now pinned to the bed.

"Perfect!" she smiled. "Now I've got you in my lair!"

Now not only was I helpless, but the ability to shift from my spot had been taken away. I think a look of panic came across my face, because the next thing Donna did was take a light hold of my erect cock and slowly stroke it.

"Don't worry, baby! You'll enjoy this!"

And enjoy it I did. She took out a bottle of baby oil from her bed stand and soaked her hands in it. Then she took my cock into her hands and slowly masturbated me.

"Oh, I think you like this, don't you?" she teased. I craned my neck to watch her bright red nails tickly the underside of my cock.

"I had my nails done, just for you! Nice and long and pretty. Don't you like them in red?"

I said nothing, focusing only on the feelings she was bringing me to. She stopped and I immediately took notice.

"Pretty boy, you must answer me when I ask you a question. It's not polite to ignore me." She leaned back farther away from my aching cock. "You wouldn't want me to start ignoring you right now, would you?"

Her challenge got my mouth working again.

"No, I mean yes!"

She smiled and still refused to touch my throbbing member.

"Which is it pretty boy? No you don't like my nails? Yes you do want me to ignore you?"

I struggled in my bonds for a moment. Not a budge. "No! I don't want you ignoring me! Yes I do like your nails!"

She smiled again. It was her wicked smile. I had originally thought there wasn't any bite to that smile. Now I was beginning to wonder just how much bite was available in that curvy body of hers!

She held her nails up in front of my face. They shined with the polish and the baby oil. "Kiss them!" she said.

She placed each nail to my lips and I proceeded to kiss and make love to each of them. She then scooted down and took my member back up in her hands. My body was ablaze with feelings as she slowly brought me higher and higher towards my climax.

She continued with the talking. She told me about her day, from the very beginning of how she undressed and showered; slowly scrubbing and rubbing her entire body clean in anticipation of tonight's date with me. She had anointed a special perfume and oil all over her body. She stopped a few times and brought various body parts up to my nose to smell them.

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