Sitting the Twins

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Babysitter, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: When my parents took a five-day cruise with their best friends, I sat at their house with their fourteen-year old twins, Owen and Olivia. I soon caught them at sex and decided to teach them a thing or two, maybe even three.

Chapter 1

I'm almost an adult, by that I mean that while I am an adult by law, my last birthday I was twenty-one, I'm still in college so I don't feel quite like an adult yet out on my own working and living alone. I'm still a year away as I start my senior year this fall.

So, I'm taking the summer at home with Mom and Dad; I'm their only child, and now they've felt more free to travel and do things on their own.

That's what brought me to the tale I'm about to tell you.

They had arranged to take a five-day trip with their oldest and best friends and I was asked to babysit for their friend's two children while they were all gone. I've sat for their twins before and have always enjoyed not only the children but their home which is large and quite nice with a hot tub and a large in-ground pool.

The twins, Owen and Olivia, are really cute and well-behaved when I've babysat them in the past so I was looking forward to the time, especially the pool to work on my tan and just wind down from my academic course load.

What I hadn't realized is that I hadn't babysat for them since I was in high school and that now they were fourteen and well into teenage. In fact, their cuteness was now really more beauty.

Owen, who I remembered as a cute little boy, was now about six feet tall, a rangy, sturdy young man with a mop of sun-bleached blond curls and muscles from working out and being on the junior soccer team. Equally amazing was Olivia, now unmistakably a woman in the making. About five-six, tanned, slender, long-legged, she had a figure that I only dreamed about at her age.

It was really the next morning when I was able to see just how much they had changed when they were already out by the pool by the time I had gotten up and dressed.

There were some things I wanted to pick up at the grocery store with the cash we'd been left and I went out to see if they had any favorites in the way of chips or snacks and there they were sunning themselves.

Owen was an Adonis, darkly-tanned and solid. His sister was simply magnificent in her small yellow bikini; she had really developed since I'd last seen her and had clearly been endowed with her mother's figure. Even prone on her chaise lounge, her breasts rose firmly for there was no support this top could have given her. She was the picture of young beauty with her long, straight blond hair fanned out around her head.

I got some recommendations all written down on a list and went back inside to look around to see if there were any additional items I should add to the shopping list. Then, off to the store. As I got about a mile from the house, I realized I'd left the list in the kitchen so I quickly turned around and went back to get the list.

As I walked into the kitchen, the view out at the pool stunned me.

There was Owen up on the patio table, laying there with his legs apart and his swim trunks down around one of his ankles and a towel over his face, covering his eyes. His cock was straight up in the air as his sister, topless, was at the side of the table pouring suntan oil on her brother's chest and began to smooth it around. Owen reached over to cup his sister's breast, rubbing her nipple as she drizzled a little oil on his cock.

I slipped out onto the screened porch, back out of view to watch and listen.

"Just think I'm Nicole and it's her doing this," she said as she put one hand on his abdomen and rubbed around as her other took his cock and began sliding it up and down his shaft.

"I'm gonna make you cum, Owen, I'm gonna make your cock shoot its cum all over my boobs. I've wanted to jack your cock ever since I first started babysitting you when you were little. Oh, I bet that little dick of yours was cute."

"Mmm, Nicole, you're making me feel so good."

They were out there pretending it was me masturbating Owen. Unbelievable.

"I know you want to fuck me, Owen, you've wanted to fuck me since your dick was just a little thing. Now, look how big it is. Oh, I want it, too. Am I making you feel good?"

"Oh, NIcole, you're making me feel wonderful, I love your hands on my cock. I just want to fuck you so bad."

"I want you to fuck me, too, Owen, I want this nice cock in my pussy and for you to fuck me with it until I scream. I want you to make me cum and cum and cum."

God, these two were role-playing in a way I never expected and here I was, the center of the whole thing. I couldn't help but cram my hand down into my jeans as I watched and listened.

Olivia let go of his cock and rubbed her oily hands all up and down his body, leaning over him to rub her breasts on him as well.

"My boobs feel good, Owen? I've wanted to rub them on you for a long time. None of the guys in my college can compare with you, here, feel this," and she leaned up and dragged her nipples across the tip of his cock back and forth.

"You like my nipples tickling the head of your cock, Owen? Tell Nicole you like it."

"Oh, yeah, Nicole, I love it. Your tits feel so good on my dick."

Then she poured more oil over his cock, gripped it around the shaft and, with the other hand, palm down, rubbed circles over his crown, over and over.

"Come on, Owen, cum for Nicole, I want you to cum for me. If you give me your cum, I'll let you fuck me, fuck me all you want."

"Oh, yeah, Nicole, yeah, oooh, I'm cumming, yeah, uh, UH, UH, UNH, UNH, mmm, oh, oh," and I watched Owen arch his back up as cum fountained up from his cock and his sister bent over to take it in her mouth sucking it all up.

I had never been so horny and aroused in my life. What I had just witnessed was so much sexier than any porn I'd ever seen. I snuck back out of the house and quickly drove to my house to get a string bikini I had bought last year in Cancun, a bikini that I only have worn there, never here, it was just too tiny. Until today. Then on the the store and grocery shopping.

When I got home and put the things away, I went on to the screened porch and called out to my wards, Owen was swimming, Olivia was sunning herself, to tell them that I'd be joining them after I changed.

I trotted up the stairs and was quickly into the skimpiest suit imaginable, shiny black that just covers my nipples and labia. I looked in the mirror and, yes, my slit was visible under the small patch pulled tightly under my crotch. Perfect.

When I walked out to the pool, Owen was in the water. His eyes ate me up when I walked over to the edge and got into the water to take a few laps around. Then I got out and moved over to one of the chaise lounges. I adjusted my suit carefully making it so both Olivia and Owen could see as I moved the tiny straps getting them just right.

Olivia was nearby on a chaise as I asked her to put some sunscreen on me. She hopped up and came over to kneel next to me and began applying it and rubbing it across my thighs and stomach.

"Come on, Owen, help your sister out, there's room for two," I called out and he was immediately out of the water and kneeling on my other side, rubbing the oil on his side of me.

His hands were trembling as he smoothed the lotion around on me. As he did my legs, I spread apart some hoping he would dip his hands down between my legs, especially up near my pussy. His hands went up past my knees and, oh, yes, right up almost to my slit. I let out a little moan just to let him know I was happy.

Olivia was on the other side, finished now with my legs, now moving up my side and the underside of my breast. Her brother followed suit going up my side then, hesitantly, at first, rubbing some of the liquid on the undercurve of my breast as I looked at him. He knew then that I was willing for his hands to wander wherever they wished.

He began putting the lotion on the tops of my breasts as his sister went up along my shoulder and neck and he made sure my breasts would never burn. They finished my neck and face, then I turned over and was coated on the backside as well.

Once I was well-oiled, they both stood up and I decided to as well. I took Owen's hand and said, "Come over here, Owen," and led him to the table. "Lay down here," I directed and he got on the tabletop and I picked up the towel and placed it over his face.

Then, I jerked his trunks off as his dick flew up, now unrestrained. As I took my top off, I said, "Just think I'm her, that I'm Nicole and that she's doing this," I said, as I put one hand on his abdomen and rubbed around as I took his cock in the other and began jacking it up and down his shaft.

"I'm gonna make you cum, Owen, I'm gonna make your cock shoot your cum all over my tits. I've wanted to jack you off ever since I first started babysitting you when you were a little boy."

"Oh, god, did you hear what we were doing a while ago?"

"I know you've wanted to fuck me, Owen, you've wanted it ever since your dick was just a little guy. Now, look how big it is. Oh, I want it, too. Am I making you feel good, Owen?"

"You must have heard us and, god, I guess seen us. You won't tell our parents, oh, please don't tell them, they'll kill us both."

I went right on, "I want you to fuck me, too, Owen, I want this big, hard cock in my pussy and for you to fuck me with it until I scream. I want you to make me cum and cum and cum.

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