Seducing Brad

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My two girlfriends and I wanted to have sex with a boy. So, we did what girls have done for millions of years - we set out to seduce and our target was my college-aged brother, Brad.

Chapter 1

Sex, sex, sex. That's all I think about and I'm not alone. There's three of us, me, I'm Monica, then there's Darcy and Melody. We talk about it all the time, almost nonstop. Some of our friends talk about boys and sex some, with us it's constant.

Not too long ago, we talked about all kinds of other things, but when we all turned twelve, right about then, and we started getting boobs and hair on our pussies, well, it all changed.

Melody was the first. God, at eleven she had B-cups and her pussy was covered with downy red curls. Yes, she's a redhead, bright red curly hair and when she got boobs, she got hips, too.

Do you have to ask how I know? Well, we've been friends for years, sleep over at each other's house all the time, being naked around each other has been going on for a long time. Now that doesn't mean we've been having sex with each other although we are. I need to explain that, I can see.

Well, we've been naked with each other almost forever. The sex started about a year ago.

Now before you start with the 'L-word, ' we talk about boys and dicks constantly. It's just that we don't have access to any boy's dicks and we do have access to each other. Maybe that makes sense.

It all started quite innocently last summer, well, maybe not so innocently, Melody asked Darcy and me if we'd ever done oral sex on a girl. Just came out one night up in her room. Well, we said we hadn't and she said, well, why don't we do it? So we did. Oh, was it hot and fun.

We sucked on each others little boobs, like I said Mel's are bigger, she really had a figure, and after we did each other's boobs we knew what was next. Melody offered to do me so I pulled off my panties and she got down and licked and tongued me for the first time ever. Omigod. Fabulous. My first orgasm from another person, it was thrilling.

Then I did Darcy and Darcy did Melody. We did three rounds of oral sex that first night and slept naked in each other's arms. And, we've been intimate ever since, often doing 'triangle-sex' which I hope I don't need to explain.

But, we each know it's just for fun and to keep us sexually occupied until we can get our hands on a boy.

That was the subject of endless discussion. We talked, like most girls, about the boys at school and really didn't want any one of them, they just seemed too twerpy and young. We wanted a guy who had the equipment we all longed for. We discussed how we would suck his dick and how he would eat us out. We also talked a lot about intercourse, of course, we called it fucking, and that we were all deathly afraid of pregnancy.

So, we talked mostly about oral sex, like many of our friends. We just wanted to touch and suck a boy's cock and have him lick and tongue us.

Then, school was out and it was summer. My brother, Brad, came home from college and on the first sleepover at my house, Melody said she thought my brother was the right guy.

"Oh, he's so hot. And, in college. How old is he, Monica?"

"Nineteen, but, god, he's my brother. Come on."

"Well, I'd sure do him. He's hot. If he was my brother, I'd suck him in a minute. I do have a friend whose doing oral with her brother."

"God, who, it isn't Tina McCune, is it?" I asked.

"Oh, no, it's a cousin of mine. You don't know her. But she's told me that she and her brother do it all. Even fucking."

"Yeah, but, well, if you two like my brother well, fine. But me? Oh, that's too much."

That was the first time it came up and it came up again, more than once.

Then, I was coming out of my room one morning, Mom and Dad had gone to work and here came Brad barreling out of the bathroom naked headed down to his room, jogging right by me, his cock waving back and forth as he ran past.

God, it was thrilling. I only saw it for a few seconds but it was huge, stiff, sticking straight out wagging from side to side. It was beautiful and the image was burned into my head forever. It was constantly in my memory, almost every waking moment.

That first day that I saw it, I masturbated seven times. Yes, that many. I knew I wanted my brother's huge cock in my mouth more than anything on earth.

The next night I was at Darcy's for a sleepover and told them both what I'd seen.

"And, god, here he comes running down the hall at me. He was completely naked and his cock was huge. Oh it was at least this long," and I held my hands up as my friend's mouths dropped open.

"Oh, girl, I only wish you'd want to get your brother naked, we sure would, he's such a hunk."

"Well, after I saw it, well, I want it, too. He's got a package that is awesome. I'm in, yes, I'd suck my brother's cock if I could. So, what should we do, girls?" I asked.

There followed a discussion of various ploys we might use to get my nineteen-year old brother, home from college, no doubt already well-experienced in the ways of sex, to take an interest in three seventh-, almost eighth-grade girls, one being his own sister. Well, some of the ideas were worthy of a feature-length movie.

About a week later, all our plots and ploys were superseded when my parents told me that they would be taking a ten-day cruise for their twentieth anniversary and that Brad would be in charge while they were away.

I knew when I told Melody and Darcy, they would go bananas with all kinds of crazy ideas since he would be here alone without our parents. Hours were spent discussing all manner of stratagems.

As soon as I could get away from my parents, I was on the phone to both girls that, perhaps our hopes were answered. Now, we needed to be practical. I had them come over that night for a sleepover and it was all we talked about, that and a rehash of my live look at Brad's hefty member.

We decided to use Melody's suggestion and spend most of the days in our pool ... naked. Yes, naked. We just made a pact that we were going to go naked in the pool and even around the house whether he objected or not. We all modeled ourselves for each other and, yes, we were looking pretty hot, almost fourteen now and while Melody had the largest breasts, Darcy and I looked pretty hot as well. We also began shaving each other that night and that also led to some licking which was even nicer when our pussies were all smooth and bare. We decided we liked being that way and that it was fun to shave each other.

We also fucked each other with a dildo that Melody's sister had given her for her last birthday, a present we all appreciated greatly and used often. We had each used it in the bathtub, taking several ibuprofen pills first to open ourselves, ridding ourselves of our hymens as the warm water grew pink as the two other girls watched, then did themselves. So, that was no longer a bother for our sexual future.

Now, all there was to do was wait, the most difficult part of all.

I didn't just wait for the day to roll around, however. I had decided that I was going to give my brother a few good looks at his baby sister and how her body had changed in the last year or two.

So, I did the 'coming out of the bathroom naked and going to my room' routine a few times when I knew he would see me and I know he did though he never said anything. He didn't look away, either.

Then, as I was having breakfast a few times, I went down in just a teeshirt, no panties and got up to get a spoon or something, spreading open each time, knowing he was looking at me. Yes, I'm thirteen but I'm on a mission, don't forget that.

So, the Saturday morning finally came and our parents drove off. Around noon, Darcy and Melody came over and we made sure that Brad knew we were all there in the house, then went up to my room to get ready.

"Okay, this is it, we're going naked in the pool. If he asks why I'll tell him we've been doing it like this during the day when Mom and Dad are at work. We'll see if he leaves or stays, right?" I said.

I looked out my window and there was my brother laying in the sun near the pool all ready to have three naked girls join him. Oh, yes, we were nervous but also sexually excited which took over any other feelings we had.

So, we all crept downstairs, bare-naked, then burst out the backdoor running and squealing and cannon-balling into the water splashing water up all over the place.

Then, we started swimming around, knocking a ball back and forth, just having fun, not paying any attention to my brother, jumping up, making sure he got looks at our water-speckled breasts, just having fun.

"Come on in, Brad, it's just perfect," I called out.

"Um, you girls shouldn't be in there like that, you know."

"Oh, come on, Brad, don't be an old lady. This is the way we swim every day. You're just not usually home, that's all. Haven't you ever seen girls before?" I taunted.

"Yeah, you're in college, Brad, loosen-up," Melody called out.

"Well, I'll bet Mom and Dad wouldn't be too pleased."

"And you'll tell them?" I asked.

"No, Sis, you know I won't do that."

"We're gonna get some sun, then, all-over sun," and we began climbing out of the pool and getting into the chaise lounges arrayed around the pool. I tried not to look at him but did see that he was scoping out me and my friends, trying to keep it hidden.

"Come on, Darcy, help me get some Cokes. Want one, Brad?" I asked as Darcy and I walked right over to my brother and stood there brazenly, my naked body there for him to see.

"Um, yeah, sure," he said and we went inside and soon were back with the drinks.

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