Twenty Years
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Coercion,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Fiancée cheats. But why? It took twenty years to find out the reasons. And then forgiveness or retribution must be made - but for who?

My name is Benson Norse Hedges. No shit, Benson N Hedges. Seems my folks had a wicked sense of humor. Everyone calls me Ben.

When I was eighteen I was dating Kathy Windsor, a girl I really cared about. We'd dated all through high school and talked of settling down eventually and raise a family together. We'd taken each other's virginity and could cuddle for hours. We truly loved each other. I'd proposed and we'd set a date. She wore my grandmother's engagement ring.

We were both in junior college in our home town. I was a Computer Science major and Kathy was an English major.

One Saturday afternoon, I was riding with my neighborhood friends to get frozen custard when I spotted her standing next to a young sailor. They were together at a Civil War cemetery on the edge of our town.

I asked Reggie, the guy driving, to turn the car around and stop near the entrance to the cemetery and wait for me a minute. I walked through the gate just in time to see him pull her to him and lay a salacious kiss on her that went on for what seemed forever. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him up tight to her body. The engagement ring sparkled in the afternoon sun.

I thought I recognized the guy but was unsure.

At that moment my heart broke. Here was the girl of my dreams, in the arms of another man, obviously enjoying his attentions.

That very night I called her to see if she would be truthful and tell me that she was cheating.

"How was your Sunday?" I asked.

"Great! I stayed in and got a bunch of school work and stuff done." She lied.

"You didn't go out at all?"

"No. Why?"

"Well, a couple guys in the neighbor went for custard and thought they saw you at the cemetery."

"Well it wasn't me."

"Oh, okay. They must have seen someone else. Pick you up at the same time tonight?" I responded attempting to change the subject.

There was moment's hesitation and then she said, "I'm not feeling well. I think I'll stay in tonight and just go to bed early."

"Okay. I'll come over and keep you company." I volunteered.

"No! You might catch whatever I've got. You just stay home and finish that term paper you have due on Monday." She replied quicker than I thought she should.

"Ah, okay, I guess. I really wanted see you tonight and just hold you close for a while."

"Oh baby, we can do that any time. Next week, okay?" She said in her silkiest voice.

"Okay, I'll get the paper done and be miserable." I tried to reply in an upbeat manner.

"Yes sweetheart. I love you."

"Me, too." I answered with little enthusiasm hanging up the phone.

She just told me multiple lies in that short phone conversation. I'm being played for a sucker! I thought as my mind whirled around her obvious deception.

About dinner time I called her back to try to find out what was going on. Kathy's sister answered the phone and after another slight hesitation said Kathy was really feeling ill and had gone to bed already. She would pass on my message. I told her to tell Kathy that I hoped she would feel better by tomorrow.

As I was getting ready to hang up, I heard Kathy's sister mutter softly to herself, "Why the hell does she have me doing her dirty work. I hate lying to the guy." Then the line went dead as she had put the phone back in the cradle.

Smelling a serious rat, I borrowed my dad's car and drove to the intersection where I could get a good view of anyone coming or going from Kathy's house. At exactly seven o'clock, a sporty Pontiac GTO convertible pulled up in front of Kathy's and Ronnie Carter, a guy that graduated three years ahead of me and was now finishing his Navy hitch, jumped out and with long strides bounded up the steps to her front door. He knocked, the door opened, he went in. About five minutes later he emerged with Kathy on his arm.

Let me describe myself and the other players in this little tragedy, I'm 5' 10" and weighed 155 pounds at the time this happened. Kathy is 5' 5" and weighed 110. Ronnie was 6' 2" and weighed around 185. Ronnie had been a letterman in track and football. I was the computer nerd.

I saw my love life dying as it was clear she was going to choose the stud over the dud.

I decided to try to follow them and see how serious this was. Maybe Kathy was just flirting with the guy. Maybe she wanted a quick fling of some kind before she settled down with me, old tried and true.

I was surprised when instead of going anywhere public; they immediately went to the old reservoir. This was the known local necking and sexing location. No lights and lots of trees to give a couple privacy. The local cops hardly ever bothered any of the kids here unless they were drinking or causing a public nuisance.

I parked about fifty yards from them. I waited ten minutes or so and crept toward Ronnie's car. The moon was full, so I could see outlines of Ronnie and Kathy. Suddenly their doors opened and they jumped into the back seat! The convertible top was up so I couldn't get a clear view of what was happening.

I moved closer and saw the sight that tore my heart out. Kathy removed her sweater and threw it into the front seat. She then struggled behind her back and her bra followed the sweater. Soon her skirt and panties followed.

I was almost on top of the car at this point and could hear them talking in low voices. Ronnie ordered her, "Take my dick out and suck it."

I knew she did it because her head suddenly disappeared from view.

He continued to order her to do things to him or herself. One time he told her to play with herself until he was ready to fuck her. I hear her moaning as she did what she was told.

Finally I saw his pants fly over the front seat and within moments the car began to gently rock to Ronnie's thrusts into the pussy of the love of my life.

I couldn't take any more. I knew he could easily wipe the floor with me but I had to tell both of them what garbage they were. Gathering my courage, I walked up to the side of the car and stuck my head through the back seat window. This was just as Ronnie pulled out and spewed long streams of cum all over Kathy's face.

"Well good evening sweetheart. I see you're feeling better. I'm glad old Ronnie's dick was the medicine you needed. Now please hand me my grandmother's engagement ring.

Now she looked physically ill. She began crying sobbing, "This isn't what it looks like."

I cut her off. "It's exactly what it looks like. You lied to me, you deceived me, and you've been seeing this prick for god knows how long behind my back. Now, give me the damned ring!"

All of the time I was berating Kathy, Ronnie had been leaning over her with his dirty dick lying on her stomach. He leered at me and snickered. "What's a matter sport? Not enough man for the little lady?"

Kathy yelled for him to get off her. She partially sat up with cum dripping off her face and twisted the ring from her finger. Before she could hand it to me, Ronnie grabbed it and dropped it in a pool of his cum lying on her stomach.

He sneered, "If you want it, retrieve it from a better man's spunk!"

I almost gagged but I reached down and gingerly took the ring with two fingers and let it fall in my shirt pocket. I wiped my hand on my jeans to get his semen off of me.

I looked him right in the eye, "Ronnie -- I don't want you to feel left out. It takes a real slime ball to knowingly steal another man's fiancée. Someday I'll get even, someday."

Ronnie just laughed and pulled Kathy to him and he began forcing her head back to his lap. "Clean me up girl. Clean me up so your ex-fiancée can see you're my slut now. Do me right and I'll fuck your ass later."

With that I turned and walked away.

I saw neither Ronnie nor Kathy for twenty years. Kathy did try to contact me immediately after that night. She left many phone messages (which I deleted without listening to any of them). She wrote half a dozen letters which I burned without opening. She wrote so many emails that I finally put her email address in the spam filters so I wouldn't have to keep manually deleting them.

I pretty much cut all ties with Kathy's family. They almost immediately moved out of state after that night I found Kathy with Ronnie. I don't know if they were embarrassed that their daughter was a slut or maybe Kathy had just gotten pregnant by him and they took her somewhere to have the baby. No one really knew anything and I certainly didn't care to find out.

For a few brief months, I stayed in touch with her younger sister, Pam. She was a couple of years younger than Kathy and I'd always liked her. She was an upbeat happy go lucky type of girl. After she went to college out of state and the Windsor family had moved I lost contact with her, too. It was only a few months after Pam, Kathy, and her parents seemed to disappear that I received one final letter from Kathy postmarked from Wyoming. I threw it away and tried to close the door on that part of my life.

I did hear about three years after Pam left for school, Ronnie had re-enlisted in the Navy, a Windsor sister had married him, and they were living in Scotland at a Navy base. I assumed it was Kathy that married him and mentally wished them both a short life and to rot in hell.

Twenty Years Later

After school I'd started a small software business. Over the years I'd developed commercially viable software packages for each at the time "in vogue" computer. First software was developed for the mainframes, then the smaller computers, then the desktops and servers, then the Internet, then APs for the phones and pads. I'd started as a one-man show and now had over a hundred full time employees.

I'd already sold two Internet startup companies for several millions of dollars and now lived the good life. I started a new company dealing with in-home services to senior citizens as that seemed to be the next 'golden egg' in the business world.

The one problem I had was I'm still single and lonely. After what Kathy pulled those many years ago, I've just never been able to trust another woman. I'd found one woman I really liked and we had dated until a mutual friend had clued me in that she was divorced because she had been caught cheating on her husband.

That very day, I told her it was over and I wanted no more to do with her. She tried to explain that her husband had been a true asshole and she'd lived in a loveless marriage. When her lover had come along, she just 'couldn't help herself'.

I told her that if things were that bad she should have gotten divorce before opening her legs to someone else. Cheating was at the top of my list as the most deadly sin.

As I said early, we were a hundred-strong company. I was looking for another employee to do policy and procedures writing. One Monday morning, my secretary, Renee, stuck her head in the door and said, "Boss, we got a tech writer applicant we think you should interview. She just moved back into the area after a long absence. She's got a great resume and impeccable references. We've looked at some of the samples of her work and think it's awesome. Now it's up to you. Here is the resume, confirmed references, and the samples. If you like what you see, we'll set an interview up for later today."

I scanned the offered material and was very impressed with the applicant's credentials. She had a bachelor degree in English from a good college and a MBA from very good university. Her work samples were fabulous. I yelled out to Renee, "Get this lady in here pronto before someone else grabs her!"

The applicant, one Katherine Arnotta, was scheduled for 4 P.M. I thought no more of it and went about dealing with the million small matters that a growing company faces each day.

At 4 P. M. Renee stuck her head in the door and said, "Your four o'clock is here. Here's her folder, again."

I opened the folder and glanced once more at the relevant facts about this applicant. I heard her enter and settle herself in the chair on the other side of the desk. I looked up to greet her and went into shock. There, seated across from me was my lying fiancée from so many years ago. She'd aged well, and there was no doubt it was her. She looked straight into my eyes and didn't flinch under the withering hatred I know I was still beaming at her. My hurts from all of those years ago came rushing back.

I tried to speak but only untranslatable stutter came out of my mouth. I felt my blood pressure rising to the point I thought my head would blow off.

Kathy took the lead. "Hello Ben. It's been a long time. I was going to ask if you've forgiven me, but I can see by your red face and body language that you've not. I'll not hold you up. I was hoping to land this job since I really need to keep my children housed and fed, but I can see in your eyes you still hate me. Good bye."

She slid her chair back with that annoying screech that sounds like fingernails on a blackboard and stood up to leave. She turned and walked toward the door.

I was jarred back to the present by the fact that she was about to walk out of my life again. Before she did, I wanted to know exactly why she'd done what she had done all of those years ago. I was now less mad and the hurt had faded quickly. Now I was just empty but curious.

I whispered, "Kathy ... Come sit. I've not forgotten, but it's been so many years that the pain is almost all gone. It momentarily flared up when I saw you, but trust me, I've moved beyond your treachery and infidelity. Maybe someday I can actual forgive you. But seeing you again ... It just opened a lot of old scabs, you know?"

She turned and hesitated. She seemed to struggle with her own thoughts and replied, "Ben, I had no idea you were in this company. I'd have sought other employment had I known. But the hiring ad seemed just perfect for my experience and skills."

I waved my hand toward the chair she had recently occupied. "Please sit." With a smirk I added, "And, by the way, I'm not 'in this company', I own this company."

I continued, "Kathy, I'm not going to kid you. I still hate your guts. You're a world class cheater and woman of lowest morals as far as I'm concerned. I'm still emotionally warped by what you did. I've spent my life trying to find a woman I could love and trust. I thought I'd found one only to find out she was as bad as you."

I looked at her application one more time. "I see your last name is now Arnotta. Ronnie wasn't your cup of tea after all? Or did you just start cheating on Ronnie, too? Never mind. Don't answer that. I really don't give a shit."

I tapped my fingers on the desktop. Kathy just sat there with no response to my outburst. I made a snap decision. "You're hired. We have needed someone of your talent and experience for a while now. Just stay out of my sight, okay?"

I called Renee into the office, "I've offered Ms. Arnotta the position. Start her at fifteen dollars an hour." With that I waved them out of my office.

A few minutes later Renee came back in and glared down at me. "What the heck was that all about? Starting her at fifteen dollars an hour? You know with her credentials she can easily command forty or forty-five dollars."

I sighed, "Let's just say, she has to prove herself to me first. Okay?"

Renee glared at me, "She has two children to raise. Pay her what she is worth before some else grabs her!"

I knew Renee would not relent on this. I sighed, "Okay, look, present her a schedule of planned increases. Her salary will go up five dollars an hour each quarter if her work product is acceptable. And I will be the one to decide if it is acceptable."

Renee stared at me and just shook her head, "What the hell had gotten into you Ben? This is so unlike you. You're always the fairest guy I know. Now, you're playing hard ass on a poor woman who just recently lost her husband."

"That's the way I want it Renee. Now get back to work."

Time passed quickly and I only saw Kathy briefly as she flitted through the office working on a project or once as she had to present a new chapter of the policies guide to myself and the policy committee. I have to admit, she did an excellent job on the presentation. I knew she had to be under stress just knowing I might come down on her like a ton of bricks at any moment. But her presentation was flawless and her end work product excellent.

It was a week after that presentation that her first quarterly review was due by me. Based on that review, she would be receiving her first planned raise.

I sat in my office the morning of the review and considered what I'd done when I'd hired her. She was a truly professional woman with a highly acceptable track record with my firm already. Everyone loved her. (That's what Renee reported me almost every day.)

I made a decision and knew what I was going to do.

A light tap came on my door. I looked up and saw Kathy standing there. She seemed tentative on stepping through the doorway.

I waved her in and pointed to the chair across the desk from me. I leaned back in my executive chair.

You have to understand. In my office I have a large desk with a couple of chairs facing mine. If I feel I need a power position, I stay in my executive chair behind the desk and leave the person feeling less in control in the cheap office chair on the other side of my desk. The desk is like a battlement and gives the underling sitting in the chair a feeling of not being in control of the meeting.

If I feel I have a peer relationship with a worker or a friend drops by, I'll come around the desk and take the chair next to them. This removes the desk as my defense.

I started the conversation, "How do you like my company so far Ms. Arnotta?"

She had a small smile playing at the corners of her mouth. "I love the people and the work. Thank you for asking."

I tapped my fingers again on the desk top and pondered my next statement. "Ms. Arnotta, I may have been hasty in setting a salary plan for you."

She seemed to tremble at the mention that I was rethinking the plan to give her regular merit salary increases. Had I decided not to give her any increase?

I continued, "I must say your work is excellent and my company is much better off for having hired you. I therefore am rescinding the former salary increase plan and immediately moving you to forty dollars an hour. Congratulations and have a nice day. Please ask Renee to step in when you leave."

She sat as if she had been struck by a baseball bat. She stuttered, "Eh, eh, thank you Ben. I'm very grateful." She stood up and almost fell from the dizzy, giddy feeling she was experiencing.

I rushed around the desk and grabbed her arm to keep her from falling. She steadied herself with her hand against my chest and said, "Thank you. I've been dieting and must have over done it. What with the wonderful news, I guess my blood sugar fell too much." She smiled and pushed away from me. For just a moment I saw a sign of remorse and sadness in her eyes. And, I must say, I'm sure she saw the same in mine. Just that short touch had brought back feelings I'd tried to bury over twenty years ago.

She left my office and Renee came in. I told her what to do about Kathy's salary and asked her to give me a few minutes with the door closed for some 'personal business.' Before she left she said, "Boss, that was the right thing to do. Kathy's really been struggling trying to keep her children clothed, fed and housed after her lawyer husband committed suicide in Chicago last year. He had pancreatic cancer and somehow obtained some extra vials of morphine. He left a note saying he couldn't stand the pain any longer. She really has been hard pressed. No insurance was paid since it was suicide. She lost her home.

"She'd kill me if she knew I'd told you this, but she has not been eating properly. She could only afford enough food to properly nourish her children so she's been only eating one light meal a day.

"That raise will allow her to take better care of herself and her kids. Thanks Boss! And Ben, one more thing I have to say. Kathy and I have been become pretty close. She told me what happened to you two. I don't want to stick my nose in but you really should hear her side of what happened. It may not fix things, but it may let you finally get closure and heal. " With that she gently closed my door.

I sat quietly in my office thinking about what Renee had told me. I sighed and thought, This doesn't change anything. She was still a slut and a cheating fiancée. There's no possible good reason she did what she did back then. Or was there? I never real gave her a chance to talk to me. I just dumped her and left her to Ronnie.

For the next month I saw her almost every day flitting about the company offices as she worked on various projects for the staff. Everyone stopped me and told me what a great find she was and how much they appreciated being able to give her an assignment and forget about it. Because they knew it would be done on time and with high quality. She seemed to be smiling more as she made her rounds accomplishing her projects. The only time I saw the smile leave her face was when she spotted me and our eyes would make contact. Then, I saw that same sad and remorseful expression spread across her face.

I too became sad and sorrowful every time I saw that look on her face. I thought, This has to end! I want my life back and the only way I'm going to get is to do what Renee suggested. I've got to face Kathy and found out why she threw my love away. Then and only then can I get any level of closure.

That very afternoon I stopped by Kathy's desk. She was deeply absorbed in correcting a paragraph of text for one of our procedure manuals. She muttered to herself but I couldn't make out what she was saying. I stood quietly waiting for her to surface from the work she was doing.

She finally sighed, dropped her pencil and leaned back in her chair to stretch some of the kinks out from sitting too long. She leaned back with her eyes closed and stretched. It reminded me of a graceful feline. A moment later she opened her eyes and gasped as she saw me standing there.

"W-What do you want Ben?" She stammered.

"Kathy, I want to talk to you. I've been carrying this hurt around forever and I want it over. Can we get together for drinks tonight and talk out what happened?"

"I ... I can't. I mean I can't!"

"Oh, okay. I understand I guess. You let this loser go twenty years ago. I was just hoping you would give me the courtesy of explaining what happened. Or are you too embarrassed by what you did to discuss it?"

She almost seemed to be on the edge of crying as she quivered, "No! No! It's nothing like that. I've wanted to clear the air with you ever since the night, that you know ... you caught me with Ronnie. But I just can't go for drinks at the spur of the moment. I've got two kids to worry about and I'll have to find a sitter."

I nodded and started to walk off. She stopped me with, "How about tomorrow evening? Come to my place for dinner. You can meet my children."

I shook my head. "No Kathy. I don't think I want to meet Ronnie's children." I started to walk off again.

She stopped me with, "They're not his. They are from my marriage to Bill Arnotta. Ronnie and I had no children because we never married and I never had sex with him again after that night you found us."

I was perplexed, "You'll have to explain that to me -- at dinner."

The next morning I found an email from Kathy with directions to her apartment and the time for dinner.

I left work about an hour early. I went home and showered, shaved, and put on one of my favorite casual outfits, a pair of beige slacks, sport shirt and navy blazer. I normally wore something like this when going to the home of one of my employees. I was invited to an employee's home for a special occasion about once a month. Normally, it was a wedding, a bar or bat mitzvah, or some other family event that they deemed appropriate for their boss to attend. I'd always taken it on myself to attend funerals of employee's immediate family (Renee gave me any obit clipping as part of my morning reading folder).

Well, anyway, here I was in my favorite outfit looking in the bathroom mirror one last time. What the hell? Why the hell am I nervous? She's the one that did me wrong. Why do I feel like I'm going on my first date? Get a grip!

The dinner was scheduled for six thirty. I wasn't sure of the location of her apartment. The GPS indicated it was ten point two miles and twenty-two minutes driving time. I left at six and arrived in her apartment parking lot at exactly six twenty-five.

The apartment building was a three-story monstrosity that had seen better days. The neighborhood didn't leave me with any warm and fuzzy thoughts either. Had I forced her to live here when I so callously gave her a bare minimum salary just as a point of persecution? If I had played fair would she be living in a better neighborhood and better housing? Now I was beginning to feel like a complete heel.

I walked to her door, took a deep breath and knocked. Several moments went by before I heard anything from the inside and then I heard a pattering of small feet and young voices. "Mama, the man you said was coming to dinner is here!"

I few more seconds passed and heard Kathy's voice, "His name is Mr. Hedges. Now you remember that and be nice and polite to him. Okay?"

"Yes mama." I heard in unison.

The door opened and there stood Kathy. Not the professional Kathy I saw at work each day, but the domestic Kathy that took care of her home and children. You could tell they meant everything to her.

She smiled at me and said, "Please come in Ben."

I was in rapture looking at her. For there stood the vision of what I'd hoped our life would be together -- a mom, a wife, a lover, and a friend. It was just as I'd always envisioned her domestic look.

She was dressed simply with a yellow sundress and wearing a large apron that implored the reader to "Kiss the Cook". The apron had obviously seen lots of duty. Italian must have been big on Kathy's family diet from the looks of the myriad tomato stains. I thought, but of course stupid, her married name is Arnotta. That seemed to imply an Italian heritage.

Kathy introduced her two children. Mathew was a six year-old terror with a mischievous streak a mile wide. Suzy was a four year old future heart breaker. Both kids had dark almost black hair just like their mother and both had the same blue-green cat's eyes Kathy had.

Things seemed fairly stiff in our demeanor for the first hour or so. But the children quickly forgot the Mr Hedges stuff and began calling me Uncle Ben. They both scooted across the small living room and plopped their rear ends in my lap and asked me to tell them stories.

Mathew said, "Uncle Ben, mama told us you two almost got married."

"Yes Matt, we did date for a long time and almost got married."

"Then Suzy and I might have been your kids?"

I spluttered, "Well, I guess that could have been true enough."

About that time Kathy came charging out of her small galley kitchen and stopped the conversation. "Kids, go wash up, dinner will be ready soon. Off with you!"

They headed for the bathroom to wash up and I looked at Kathy. She actually had a tear running down her cheek. "I'm sorry Ben, I didn't know they would try talking about you and me. I'll steer their talking to other subjects."

She returned to the kitchen and I heard her sobbing. I couldn't stand hearing her cry like this. I walked in and watched for a second as she peeled some carrots and continued to sniffle.

I reached across the galley where she was working and took her hands. "Why are you crying Kathy?"

"Because they could have been your kids! And they should have been your kids!"

She looked up into my eyes and locked on, "I took them away from you. I ruined your life. I made you hate women. I cost you the family you should have had. Me! Me! I did all of that to you and I don't know what to do to make it better! I would kill myself if it would ease your burden!"

About that moment the kids returned to we had to discontinue our first real conversation. I acted as the jovial uncle the rest of the evening. Through the dinner which was still my favorite, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans. How did she remember that?

I took charge of putting the kids to bed and Kathy cleaned up. I returned to the small dinette set and took the cup of coffee she had just poured. I looked around the room because what with the kids and dinner I'd really not had time to see anything.

I almost choked on a sip of coffee when I saw the calendar. There on the twenty-third was a big red circle and written in red was 'Ben's Birthday'.

I stuttered out, "K ... Kathy. What the hell is that? Why do you have my birthday noted on your calendar?"

She forced a smile, "Because. Because since the day you left me, I've privately celebrated your birthday. Each and every birthday I bought you a card. I just never had the courage to mail any of them."

She walked over to the small curio cabinet and opened the center drawer. She pulled out a stack of cards wrapped with a red ribbon. She handed the stack to me. Each envelope was simply addressed to Ben.

"They're yours now. I've finally delivered them." She said with a small smile.

I was floored. Here was the woman that had done the worst thing possible to me and yet her actions seemed to say she cared for me.

"Okay Kathy, let's move to your couch and you tell me your side of what happened. I'm going to be asking some tough questions so be prepared."

She nodded and gracefully moved to the couch. How can anyone looks so good just walking across the floor?

Kathy took a deep breath and said, "Okay here it is."

The Explanation

Kathy looked at her hands and seemed to hesitate on getting started.

I said, "So tell me why you fucked him."

She looked up sharply and replied, "My god, you don't mess around do you? I told you I would tell you everything and I'll tell you E-V-E-R_Y-T-H-I-N-G. I'm just trying to figure out where the best place to start is."

"At the beginning always seems to work for me." I replied brusquely.

She inhaled and began.

"I fucked him to save Pam."


"I fucked him to save my younger sister, Pam. Remember her?"

"Sure. But what does she have to do with you opening your legs for Ronnie?"

"He had pictures of Pam that had been taken at a Frat House kegger. Apparently someone had slipped Pam some kind of drugs and she was out of it. She had sex with a whole bunch of men that night. Ronnie came over to the house when mom and dad weren't home and showed me the pictures. He said it would be awful if it got out that my little sister was 'pulling trains' at the local college as he put it.

"I asked him if he had all of the pictures. He said he did. He handed me packet of the prints. I was starting to relax when he smiled and said he had the negatives also.

"I asked him what he wanted for them and he leered at me and said, "You know what I want baby. I want some of you."

"I told him no way and he said then he would just release the pictures to everyone at school, at the church, and send a set to my folks.

"I couldn't let that happen. I told him I'd go out with him but we would not have sex.

"He said okay and we began going out. That was at the time that I basically stopped seeing you and lied to you about what I was doing. I just felt so guilty about even being with him and lying to you that I just couldn't face you.

"Anyway, each time we went out things went further. First it was a touch on the hand, then on the knee. By the fifth time we went out he had his hands on my breasts. I hated it but he was making me hot. I can't lie about that. You just can't get felt up like that and not feel something.

"The week before you caught us, we were parked at the same spot and he finally got me to suck his penis. I almost threw up when he spew his cum in my mouth and held my head down until I swallowed it. After that moment, it didn't seem to matter. I was soiled.

"We went out the next night and each night after that and things went further and further until finally he had his fingers buried in my pussy and I knew from the heat in my crotch that I wanted him to take me. It happened the night before you caught us. It was a short fuck and hurt like hell. He was a damned animal.

"He was getting ready to go on his next assignment with the Navy and had decided he was tired of me. He'd gotten what he wanted and he promised to give me the pictures and negatives the day before he left.

"It turned out that Pam got pregnant from that night at the Frat House. She found out the morning after you caught Ronnie and I. Mom and dad went ballistic when they found out. They immediately decided to move us out of state so they could have her give birth and put the baby up for adoption with no one in the home town knowing anything about it. Remember, that in those days, having a baby out of wedlock was considered a mortal sin.

"Since you'd told me we were done and you wouldn't talk to me, I just went along with them and moved. At this point the pictures didn't matter anymore.

"A year later, after Pam had the baby and given it up, Ronnie tracked us down and began sniffing around me again.

"I blew him off since he no longer had any control over me. He decided to go after Pam. By this time I'd had it playing the big sister and let her deal with the asshole. It seems that he managed to get her pregnant while he was home on leave and this time my Dad went to the Navy and pressured him into marrying her.

"I hate having him in the family because he is always trying to start up with me again. He's a snake and cheat and he'll hurt Pam a lot before he's done.

"So that's the story Ben. I tried to protect my sister and lost my virtue and my one true love in the naive actions I thought would save everyone. I'm sorry I couldn't be the woman you always had on the pedestal. I'm only human and he did know how to push my buttons."

I sat quietly, stunned by the revelations of the last twenty minutes. She'd not willing left me. She'd just left because she knew she was now soiled goods that I would never accept. I had placed her on a pedestal. In fact she and I used to laugh about it. Now I knew that pedestals are for dead statues, not live women.

"I need to think about everything you told me Kathy. I need a day or two to try to get my brain around all of this."

"Okay. But believe this Ben, every word is the truth. If you'd have listened to me twenty years ago, I'd have told you exactly the same story."

I went home and pondered every word Kathy had told me. After dissecting each sentence and finding only truth, I decided on a course of action. In fact -- two courses of action.

First, I need to determine if I want to rebuild my bridges with Kathy and if so try to see if we have anything that can be rekindled.

Second, I need to get that revenge on Ronnie that I told him would come someday. Well that day has arrived!

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