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Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: The Confederacy deals with some Earth First terrorists. This one is darker than my usual stuff.

"Mom!" he shouted as soon as he entered.

"Yes dear?" she replied as she came through from the kitchen. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed on seeing him, "What on earth happened!"

"I need a fuck mom." He broke down in tears as she took him into her arms, howling his hurt out on her shoulder.

She quickly moved them both to the bedroom; her guiding, him stumbling. Laying him on the bed she stripped herself and began taking his uniform off. He just lay there sobbing, unresisting, while she removed his clothes. When he was naked she used one hand to rub her pussy while she bent over him, licking and sucking his cock. She wanted to have enough lubrication so she didn't hurt him when they coupled. Once he was stiff she squatted over him and fitted his dick between her pussy lips. She sank down on him, taking his full length into her. "There you are dear. Fuck me now, fuck mommy." She moved slowly up and down, letting his hardness rub against her clit as she bottomed out on each stroke. She clenched her pussy muscles to make her cunt as tight as possible for him.

When his tears began to ebb she asked him, "Do you want to tell mommy about it?"

"The stupid fucking bastard! So bloody stupid!"

She continued rising and falling on his dick as she moved one of his hands to her breast. He squeezed it too hard. She ignored the pain, he so obviously needed this and he was her son. It was her job to care for him and someone had hurt him. Hurt him badly. A mother's job was to make her son better. "Let mommy fuck you better. Tell mommy all about it."

"The stupid idiot bastard! He made me do it. He didn't leave me any other fucking choice."

She could feel her excitement rising, but that was unimportant. Her son was hurting and needed healing. "It's all over now, let mommy kiss it better." She bent down to kiss him. As their lips touched he rolled them both over and began slamming into her hard from above. She locked her legs behind his hips, pulling him further into her. "Fuck mommy dear, fuck mommy hard. Mommy likes it hard." She bucked her hips up against him in time with his thrusts. She watched his face as he pounded into her pussy. His cheeks were still wet with his tears and there was a haunted, lost, look in his eyes. Her boy must have been hurt so badly. "Fuck mommy, let mommy make it better."

"I had to do it mom, I had to do it. I didn't have any choice."

"Of course you didn't dear. Now do it to mommy and it will all get better." She smoothed her hands over his back as he fucked her. His hand squeezed her breast painfully hard as he approached his climax. It didn't matter. Nothing mattered so long as her boy got better. "Cum for me dear. Cum for mommy. Give all your problems to mommy." She could feel him speeding up, approaching his crisis. She wouldn't reach her own orgasm in time but that didn't matter at all. His climax was important, not hers. "Let mommy kiss it all better."

"Ahhhh Mom!" he shouted as he shuddered his cum into her waiting pussy. She felt each one of the six strong pulses as he emptied himself. He collapsed onto her, resting his head by hers. She stroked his hair tenderly, waiting for him to recover. "I killed him mom. I didn't have any choice. I killed him."

Nancy looked nervously at the Confederacy CAP testing station. She knew that it was full of those alien-loving traitors to Earth yet she had to go in there. She felt sick to her stomach at the thought. It had all seemed so simple when the Colonel had first explained it to her.

"Nancy," the Colonel had told her, "we need someone to scout the target before we make our assault. We need someone young enough to look plausible as a testee, and we can't use any of our assault team because once you've been tested you can't go back for a year." He paused, smiling at her in that avuncular fashion of his, "Nancy, I know you're a brave girl and it's your duty to the human race to help us stop those alien-loving bastards selling out Earth. Will you do it Nancy? For Earth?"

So here she was, outside the testing station. She had been named after Nancy Hart; if Nancy could kill the British all by herself then she could do this. Straightening her back she walked past the Earth First protesters, braving their jeers. A few years ago she would have been with them. A few years ago she was with them. Since then she had found a more effective way to fight for Earth. Shouting and demonstrating wasn't enough; the Confederacy just ignored the protests. Joining with Vic, the Colonel and the others had been the best thing she had done. She had her duty to do, and she would do it.

Inside she looked around but there was not a lot to see, just a bare room with a small alcove next to a closed door opposite the entrance. As she moved towards the door a voice came from a hidden speaker, "Welcome to the Jonestown CAP testing station. Please clearly state your name and age."

"Nancy Fuller. I'm sixteen." She had decided to dye her shoulder length hair blonde for this mission. Afterwards she would color it back to her natural dark brown. Rather than her normal T-shirt and jeans she had gone for a short skirt and a crop-top that exposed her midriff. If she was going to test it was better to dress like a Confederacy-loving slut rather than in her normal more modest clothes.

"Thank you Ms. Fuller. Please place any guns, knives, chemical sprays or other weapons in the alcove to the right of the door in front of you. They will be returned to you when you leave."

The Colonel had thought of everything. He had anticipated there being a security check near the entrance. She took her Glock 9mm out of her shoulder bag and placed it in the alcove. There was no way that would get through security so she let them have it, as planned.

The door slid open, revealing a small chamber. There was another closed door just three feet ahead. This was probably the security scanner. She stepped in and waited.

The voice told her, "Please stand still for the security scan. There will be a bright light so we advise you to close your eyes."

Nancy closed her eyes and waited. She could see the light through her eyelids, though it didn't last long.

"I am sorry Ms. Fuller, we have detected a chemical spray in your bag. Do you wish to continue?" The door behind her opened.

Nancy did her best to act the flustered, nervous teenager. Not difficult, she was nervous. "Oh my God! I'm so sorry. I've been carrying that old can of Mace for ages. I completely forgot I had it. Sorry."

"If you wish to continue please place the chemical spray in the alcove with your pistol and return to the security scanner."

The second time through the scanner she was clean. The further door opened and she stepped through.

"Ensign Glenn Holbeck reporting sir!" Glenn saluted the Lieutenant.

"At ease Ensign, sit down and welcome to Marine Counter-Intelligence. How much do you know about what we do here?"

"Well sir, you monitor anti-Confederacy terrorist groups on Earth and try to prevent them attacking Confederacy targets."

"Good answer Ensign. There's more to it than that, but that is the gist of it. A lot of our work is boring, but there will be enough moments of terror to let you know you're a Marine." The Lieutenant paused, smiling, "Soon I'll introduce you to your mentor, Ensign Cooper. You'll work closely with her at first, shadowing her until you get up to speed."

Ensign Sarah Cooper turned out to be a cheerful black woman from New York. She only appeared a few years older than Glenn's eighteen, but that meant nothing with Confederacy technology. Like him she had not been enhanced to the Marine standard two metres; intelligence people sometimes needed to work undercover on Earth. Both of them had enhanced reaction times and increased muscular strength, the things that wouldn't show to a casual observer. She started by explaining the job. As the Lieutenant had said there was a great deal of boring spadework to do. The AIs could help a lot, but they couldn't do everything. Sometimes they had difficulty distinguishing between "Take out the garbage," and "Take out the target." It was even worse for them when the words were "Take out the garbage," but the meaning was "Take out the target."

A lot of the drudge work was tracking the membership of the legal anti-Confederacy groups, identifying those people who moved from waving placards to throwing bricks to throwing petrol bombs. They were often the ones who went on to join the hard core terrorist groups that they monitored very closely indeed.

Sarah's current focus was a terrorist group called Action-56. They had grown out of a Neo-Nazi predecessor; they already hated much of humanity, so it wasn't a big step to hating aliens as well. The had access to military training from ex-soldiers and were planning something.

"Why the name Action-56?" Glenn asked.

"What's the fifth letter of the alphabet?" Sarah asked in reply.

Glenn mentally counted letters, "E. And F is the sixth. So 56 is 'EF'. Ah, I see."

"Right, just as original as a lot of their ideas," Sarah explained. "Luckily for us their boss is paranoid. He doesn't trust US Government ciphers -- he thinks they have put a backdoor in them. He got one of his people who fancies himself as an amateur cryptographer, to design their own special cipher," She smiled, "They think it's unbreakable. We can decipher it faster than they can, and they have the key."

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