Not What I Was Looking For
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The first thing I heard was the unmistakable sound of a fist hitting flesh, and then my car rocked as someone stumbled against it. It seemed that the argument inside the store had followed me out. Be warned, if you are easily offended by racial comments, don't read this.

There was another bunch. I was getting so tired of seeing this, all of these cute white girls with black men. I don't understand it and it is infuriating. The only thing I can see that they have going for them is big dicks. In this day and age, I guess that is all they have to have. I see it all the time, and I'm sure that there is a lot of jealousy there. I realize that I'd never have a chance at any of those girls. I just didn't understand the attraction is all. I had spent four years in the Air Force and had gotten acquainted with a number of blacks. With a few exceptions, I found them on the whole to be rude and obnoxious. Their attitudes toward women were primitive and most of them were out for a shot of leg, and nothing more. If I tried to treat women like that I would probably be stun gunned. Of course there is little or no reciprocal action for white guys dating black girls. The black girls wanted the big dicks too, so the average white guy loses out again. Of course, as big as most of the black girls in this area are, it is not much of a loss.

There were a couple of examples over by the jewelry counter. One was a good reason to outlaw ski pants. Her ass looked like sacks full of doorknobs. (I read that somewhere, but the mind picture is timeless.) Her legs funneled down to running shoes I just knew never got used for that purpose. Her waist lapped over the top of the ski pants and the back view displayed rolls of fat under her arms, shown off by the straps of the black tank top and the white straps of her super heavy duty brassiere. The other girl wasn't quite as bad, but still no prize. Her butt was wide enough to tighten the seat of the calf-length cargo pants she was wearing. From the side her breasts pushed far out at an incredible angle, and her abdomen was only slightly bulging. Facially, they looked like sisters, very afro with the wide nose, thick lips, and shelf over the eyes. The bigger girl had a little lighter skin and more acne scars. Neither one had the cornrows I find so ugly, but they did have neon colored streaks in their short bobbed hair. I have come up with the theory that black men evolved such long dicks so they could get past the bubble butts on the black girls.

I usually came to this WalMart because it was out of town and not nearly as crowded as the other two stores back in town. For me the distance was not much more than the closest one, and it had a gas station so I could fill up when I shopped. The clientele was better here as well. You don't expect high society at WalMart, but some areas were better than others.

I was in the checkout lane when trouble erupted. One of the black girls saw that her boyfriend was one of the guys with the white girls. She got very loud and abusive and shortly the security guards were escorting her out of the store.

This reinforced my opinions of the both the slutty white girls and the black males. More than likely all of the girls would stay with the black guy even after he cheated on them and treated them like shit. Nice guys only finish last if they are allowed into the competition.

I put it all from my mind as just another annoyance in my life and finished checking out. I put thirty bucks into a gift card to use at the gas pumps and headed out.

My car was down about half way on aisle B. I popped the hatch on my dark grey Toyota Celica and proceeded to put the bags into it. I had gotten lucky a couple of months ago when my truck died to get this sporty little car. I found it on Craig's List for just five hundred dollars.

I had just finished putting the groceries in and was about to close the hatch when I heard the unmistakable sound of a fist hitting flesh and something slammed into the side of my car. I had been hearing voices for a bit without letting them spill over into my consciousness. I looked up and saw that the altercation in the store had followed me out. The darker skinned black girl in the cargo pants that I had seen at the jewelry counter was leaning against the side of my car sobbing. She had her hand to the side of her face and there appeared to be blood dripping down onto the passenger side window. In the empty parking space next to me was one of the black guys that I had seen with the white sluts.

"You ain't got no say in what I do bitch. I fuck what I want when I want and if you don't like it you can fuckin' leave. You say another goddamn word and I'll hit your fat ass again." He saw me looking over the back of the car then. "What the fuck you want whitey? This ain't none o' your damn bid'ness."

I slowly reached down and got the pepper spray from where I had put it before entering the store. I usually kept it clipped on my belt, but had found that the store security took it wrong if they found it on you. "I would have to agree with you, as long as you don't try to hit a woman around me. Talk all you want, but I'm going to have to stop you from hitting her again."

"Fuck you Honkey! She my goddamn bitch and I'll hit her if I damn well want to. You try to stop me and I'll cut your cracker ass."

He stepped toward the girl and raised his hand as if to strike her again. She cowered against the car as I moved around to block him. He was slightly hampered by the silly pants he had on. The crotch was down between his knees and the waist was so loose that he had to hold onto it with one hand. I hoped he tried to fight me with his pants around his ankles.

"Just can't leave well enough alone, huh asshole?" The kid stepped back and reached into his pocket. "Well, I'm gonna cut your white ass and then fuck the bitch up too." He proceeded to flip his hand around a bit ending up with a long thin blade sticking out of his hand. He had one of those butterfly blades that were so popular a while back. As he made to stab toward me I brought up my hand with the pepper spray in it and got him right in the eyes before he got close enough to cut me.

He screamed like a little girl while backing up and bringing his hands to his face. He forgot about the knife and managed to cut himself on the forehead before dropping it.

I heard applause and turned around to see the security guards coming up behind me and clapping.

"Good show Buddy. Now you had better take the young lady and get out of here before the police show up. You were justified, but it'll be easier to explain if you aren't here. We'll get an ambulance for this guy, now get going."

"Thanks, I will." I closed the hatch and opened my door. The girl was still standing by the passenger door, so I leaned over and opened it for her.

"Come on, get in, I'll take you home."

The girl looked over at the crowd building up and suddenly slid into the seat. "Okay, let's go. I'll call mama and let her know what happened." She reached into the bag she had dropped onto the floor and pulled out a cell phone. She opened the phone and started typing on it. "I'll just text Sabura instead. She can tell mama enough for now. I guess I'll have to go to her house for now, I got to get my stuff out of Dewayne's place. I told him that if he ever hit me I was gonna be gone."

I was already moving out of the parking lot. Looking at the gage I decided that gas could wait for another day or so. I got to the light and turned right, heading further out of town to avoid any possible police coming in.

"Where are we going Miss?"

"To my mom's place I guess, I don't know what else to do. Thank you for helping me. I hope you won't get into any trouble."

"You're welcome, I don't think anyone there knows me enough to identify me. I'll just have to shop elsewhere for a while."

"Turn right at the light up, here. Would you mind if I stop and get some of my stuff from Dewayne's trailer?"

"As long as it isn't too far away. He should be a little while getting home, that spray takes about half an hour to go away. Do you have a key?"

"Yeah I do, but I'm going to leave it behind when I'm done. I'm Bashira, by the way, Bashira Jones. Mom says the name means good news or something like that, folks just call me Shira. If you turn left up here at the light the trailer park is just a little ways down toward Honda."

"Okay, Bashira. I'm Donald Bergstrom. I know which park you are talking about I think."

I made the turn, and when I slowed at the entrance to the trailer park, Bashira nodded her head. "This is it, third trailer on the left. Wait here, I only have a couple of bags to get, I never really unpacked."

True to her word, Shira was back within ten minutes carrying a suitcase and a gym bag and talking on her phone. I heard snatches of her conversation, enough to know that she was arguing with her mother. "But Mama, if I don't stay with you, where can I go?"

There was a pause while she listened as I put her bags into the back seat. "Hokay Mama, I try dat"

I backed out and turned around. "So, where to?"

"I don't know. Is there a battered women's shelter in town? Mama is afraid for me to stay with her, 'cause Dewayne and his friends will probably be lookin' for me to cause trouble."

I turned back to the left on 119. "I don't know of one in town here, maybe in Greensboro or Durham, but I haven't got a lot of time Bashira. I need to get ready for work. Why don't you stay at my place and check the internet to find out what is available? When I get off work I can take you wherever you decide."

Shira looked at me with a shocked expression, "You don't know me at all. Aren't you afraid I'd steal you blind while you're working?"

I glanced over at her, "I'm a student working a shit job as evening manager at Dollar General. I haven't got much of anything for you to steal except my drum set and computer. I know your name, and if you take them I'll file a police report and have them back within a week. I'm not really that worried."

I turned left at the light and headed out to the freeway toward home. I had an apartment in a building that was directly behind the strip mall the store I worked at was in. Fifteen minutes later I was pulling into my parking place and opened my door to get out.

"Here we are. It's not much, but it works for me." The apartment building only had three apartments and mine was the smallest one and in the rear. The building was on a busy street just a couple blocks off the interstate and was sandwiched between a strip mall and a self-storage place. The landlord was a prick, but as long as I kept the rent paid up and mowed my part of the lawn he didn't bother me. My neighbors might say something if they saw Bashira, but I didn't expect her to be here long enough to matter. I opened the kitchen door and led Bashira into the apartment.

"The bathroom is over here on the left, there should be some antiseptic cream in the cabinet you can use on your lip. I'm going to bring in my groceries, make yourself at home." I went back out and started bringing bags into the kitchen. When there were all in I went back out and got her two bags and put them in the living room. My place was furnished by Goodwill and the local yard sales. I had a futon in the living room substituting for a couch, one old recliner, and a TV cabinet with a 21" set and a DVD player. I didn't have cable and since the airwaves went digital all I had to watch were DVD's. I got rejects from my store real cheap and rented good movies once in a while. I didn't spend much time in there.

I found Bashira in the second bedroom that I had turned into my music and media room. All my wealth was in here. Besides the older model Dell desktop computer there was my Alesis DM6 electric drum set. It looked a little strange, but there was no way I could have a regular drum set in an apartment, so I had gotten these as an alternative. I could play these using headsets and an MP3 player. I also had a small amplifier to use to play them in public if I ever needed to.

I went over and turned on the computer. I started Firefox once it was loaded and when Google appeared I looked at Bashira. "Go ahead and see what you can find out. You are welcome to look at anything else you want, just don't be mad at what you may find. I'm not really set up for company and I don't have any kind of screening or filter on my computer. Right now I need to get ready for work."

I left her there and went to get a shower and change into work clothes. When I was ready I went back to her.

"Have you had any luck?"

"Yeah, I've got a few numbers to call."

"Okay, well I'll be back at about ten. There is food in the kitchen, help yourself. If you get tired you can lay down on the futon in the living room. There are DVD's in the cabinet under the TV, and just like the computer, don't be offended by anything you see. I'm a lonely guy living by myself. Is there anything you need that I can get while I'm out?"

"Not that I can think of. Can I get your phone number in case I think of something?"

"Sure." I wrote my number on a pad by the computer and circled it. "See you later."

It felt strange to leave her in my place, but what the hell.

I wasn't quite as trusting as it might seem. I had the 1911 Colt .45 ACP from my bedside drawer in my pocket. I had foiled a thief with my pepper spray a few months ago and he threw his gun into the trashcan outside the store as he left. I saw him throw something in it but had said nothing to the police. When I changed liners that night I found the gun. This thing was old and filthy, but it worked. I guess he had been afraid of getting caught with the gun on him. Store policy was to let the thief have the money, and when customers were close by I did. This time I was by myself and when he brought out the gun I hit him in the eyes with my pepper spray. The gun was empty when I found it, but it wasn't now.

The night was pretty normal and Shira didn't call. I had to use my key to get in when I got home. The apartment was dark and I could see Shira laying on the futon by the flickering light of the TV. I saw that she had been watching some soft porn before falling asleep.

I touched her shoulder, "Hey, I'm back. Did you have any luck?"

"What? Oh, hi Donald. No, I didn't. I wasn't married to the asshole and I don't have any kids so most of the places won't take me. The ones that would are full. They all said to go to my mom's and let the police protect me. Fat lot of good they are going to do."

"Well, don't worry about it. You can stay here tonight and we'll talk about it tomorrow. Did you have anything to eat?"

"Yeah, I made a couple of sandwiches. I hope you don't mind, but I got a bath too. Are you sure it's okay for me to stay? It felt kind of weird being here with you gone."

"You are fine. It feels a bit strange to me as well. I'm not used to anyone being here. Do you have a job or school or anything you need to do?"

"No, I finished school last year and I haven't had a job since Winn Dixie closed down. Without a car I couldn't get anywhere but Mebane to work and there just wasn't anything available."

"Well, I've got classes tomorrow afternoon at ACC, so I need to get some sleep. Will you be alright out here, can I get you anything?"

"No, I'll be fine. Go ahead and go to bed, we'll talk tomorrow. Goodnight."

Sleeping that night was not very restful. I was aware of Shira in the other room and I was not used to the idea. I hadn't shared accommodations with anyone since the Air Force.

In the morning it wasn't much better. I was even less used to having to wait for someone else in the bathroom. Shira finally came out wearing a worn terrycloth robe. I barely glanced at the black skin exposed beneath the hem of the robe. I was in too much of a hurry to drain my bladder. I stayed in the bathroom and shaved to give Shira enough time to get dressed. I then slipped quickly into my bedroom to do the same.

When I came out Shira was in the kitchen dressed in jeans and an orange T-shirt trying to make coffee. She had the coffee maker open and the can sitting next to it but was looking in cabinets trying to find the filters. I walked over and opened the 2nd drawer directly under the coffee maker and pulled out a filter.

"Oh, that's where you keep them. I was going to have a pot ready for you but I couldn't find the filters. Do you like it strong or mild?"

"I can drink it either way, so go a head and make it the way you like. Any ideas as to what you want to do today?"

"I guess I'll have to go ahead and stay with Mama. D'ya think I could get some of that shit you sprayed on him? That might keep him away till the police can show up."

"That's pretty risky. You only get one or two shots and then you're out of ammo. He knows what it feels like now and will probably just ignore it and beat the shit out of you. Has he been by there yet?"

"No, not yet. My sister Sabura says that he called after they let him out of the hospital. It's a good thing we got my stuff 'cause he told Sabi he was goin' to burn it. He also told her he was goin' to fuck me up the next time he saw me."

"Then I guess you can't go stay with your mama. How long do you think before Dewayne lets well enough alone?"

"God, I don't know. I guess I should be all right in a week or two, but if the white bitches got scared off he'll be mad for a long time."

"Don't worry about that. Those sluts weren't going to stick around long anyway. They just wanted to try the big black dicks before going back to college. He'll still get his. Maybe he would be willing to take you back after they leave."

"Why would I want to do that? He was cheating on me and hit me to boot."

"Some women like it that way. I didn't think you were one, but you never know. You are welcome to stay here till you think it is safe. We can probably pick up a foam pad to make the futon a little more comfortable and goodwill should have some comforters for a reasonable price. I need a couple of them anyway. They should also have sheets and pillow covers cheap."

The coffee was done and we sat down at the table with the coffee and peanut butter toast.

"Why are you doing this? You don't know me, what are you hoping for? Do you expect me to sleep with you?"

"Oh heavens no, not that. I just feel responsible for you some how, and I want to help."

"What's the matter Donald, don't you like brown sugar?"

"I wouldn't know. I can hardly see though how the color on the outside would affect how the insides felt or tasted. To be frank, I have no wish to be compared to your old boyfriend. I know that I wouldn't do well. I know you wouldn't choose me for sex, and that is okay with me. I won't try to force myself on you."

"I don't know about that, you would be a whole lot more gentle that he is, that's for sure."

"According to the few women I have been with, gentle does not equate to good. I used to frequent bars to pick up lonely women. The couple times I got one that was drunk enough to come home with me, they couldn't get out the door fast enough in the morning. I figure my time will come later."

"What do you mean your time will come later? When later?"

"I am going to school to be a CPA, I'm boring enough for that to be interesting to me. I'll be finished and looking for a job in about a year and a half, when I am established with a decent job, I'll start advertising in the internet dating sites. There should be a number of women who are disgusted with cheating ex husbands or boyfriends. They may be willing to give me a chance knowing I wouldn't be able to cheat on them."

"What are you looking for in a woman?"

"I'd rather she wasn't either obese or anorexic, but I'm willing to consider either one. I would hope she would want sex once in a while and didn't try to spend me into poverty. Everything else is negotiable. It would be nice if I could find a friend."

"Well, what about looks? What does the woman of your dreams look like?"

"It doesn't matter Shira. I know how homely I am, my forehead is too broad, my nose looks like it has been smashed onto my face, my mouth is too wide, and my chin recedes. I see women every day that I would be happy with, as long as they would settle for me is all that matters. Being faithful and a good provider should get someone to get past my looks."

I got up to refill my cup. "Enough of that, do you want to stay here?"

"I don't have any better prospects, but could we see about the foam pad? That futon is not very comfortable."

"Yeah, we can do that. Go ahead and get ready to go, I have to be in class in a couple of hours and then work again tonight. Have you been trying to find a job Shira?"

"Yeah I have, but without a car I couldn't go far away from home and there weren't any jobs near there."

"Well, if you worked at Winn Dixie, you should be able to handle Food Lion, and I know they need people. They tried to hire one of my workers away from me. Once you get established with them, there are some vacant apartments around here that you could probably afford, and then we could look for a car for you. All set?"

I went back to my bedroom to get a jacket, and thinking of Dewayne, I made sure to put the forty-five in the pocket.

I joined Bashira in the Celica and drove around the corner to Grandad's Antiques. They had the only foam rubber available that I knew of. I bought a twin sized foam pad that was 4 inches thick and had cuts across the pad in places to make the pad conform better to the human form. The price of thirty bucks was a bit high, but less than a new mattress and much cleaner than a used one. I also got a ticking cover to put over the pad for an extra five dollars. From there we went to Goodwill, located on the other side of the parking lot. Sheets, a pillow, and pillowcases cost another five dollars. They also had some thick quilted bedspreads for three dollars each. Shira found a pair of shoes she liked and I got a flashy Hawaiian shirt. All of this put a dent in my bank account, but I had intended to buy much of it anyway in case my brother or sister had wanted to visit. They were much younger than me and still in school, but I had wanted to be prepared.

I then took Shira over to Hardy's for lunch and then dropped her back at the apartment and left for school. I told her that she might want to walk to the Food Lion and apply for a job while I was gone.

When I got home from school Bashira was cooking hamburger helper for dinner. She was almost jumping up and down she was so excited.

"Hello Donald. Dinner will be ready soon, and I have some news too. I think I got the job. The manager said that she needed at least three new cashiers and since I had experience I would be the first as long as my references check out. Sabura called and said that Dewayne was arrested when he broke into mom's trying to find me. He is being held without bail 'cause he still had that damn knife when the cops got there. I'm safe from him for a little while at least. Are you going to let me stay here even though I'm not in danger anymore?"

"Slow down babe. Give a guy time to catch his breath. I'm glad to hear about the job, and you can't work there if you don't live nearby, so of course you can stay. Besides, punks like Dewayne get out of jail all the time. I'm upset that he was willing to take such chances just to get at you, but at least your family should be safer now."

I headed back to get changed for work. I only had an hour before I needed to be there.

When I came back into the kitchen, Shira served me a plate of the cheeseburger macaroni and a cup of coffee.

"Thank you for this Shira, but you didn't have to do this. If you want to pay me back for helping you, use your third or fourth paycheck to get cable for the apartment. That'll take care of it."

"I will. I was going to ask you about it. I'm going to see if mama will loan me some good movies till then."

"Have you told her where you are?"

"No, I'm afraid that Sabi will blab to her friends and Dewayne will find me. They know that I'm staying with a friend, but they don't know who you are. I think Sabi may have seen you, but she hasn't told mama anything. Mama would have some problems with you being a white guy and all. She says that we can't trust whitey, he always trying to keep us down."

"Yeah, that makes so much sense. More people working means more money in the economy, more for everyone. Keeping any group in poverty hurts us more than it does them, but they have to blame someone. I'm glad that you haven't told them then, we don't need anymore trouble right now. You do realize that they will have to know at some point though, right?"

"Yeah, I know. Maybe next week we could go over and you could meet them. That way they won't be able to find out where this place is. Mama will probably have a fit, but she did when I moved in with Dewayne too. At least you're trying to help me, not just fuck me. Why did the gal at Food Lion look at me so weird when I told her where I was livin'?"

"She more than likely thinks that you are sleeping with me, and wonders why. She was one of those women I brought home drunk. I didn't know at the time that she was married. Now she tries to be friendly because she is afraid that I'll blackmail her. I'd rather just forget the whole damn thing."

"I'll let her know that. Do you think it will cause trouble for me with her?"

"I doubt it, she really does need people. We'll talk more when I get back, I have to go to work now."

I left the car at home and just walked out the gate and around to the store.

Work that night was pretty normal. The gal from Food Lion came down to ask me about Shira. I told her what I knew and informed her that all I was providing was a crash pad for someone needing help. I don't think she believed me.

When I got home Shira was sitting at the computer looking at porn. She obviously didn't hear me come in because when I stepped up beside her she jumped and almost fell out of the chair.

I laughed and told her, "It's alright Shira, as long as you didn't charge anything to my internet account or bring in a virus. Sex is nothing new to you, so look at what you want, I'm no one to judge about that."

"I saw all those pictures you have in the "art" file and wondered where you got them. Mama wouldn't let us surf for porno or anything and Dewayne didn't have a computer. Did you have to pay much for those pictures?"

"No, everything I saved is from free sites. There are scads of them and they have new photos of different girls every day. I don't know how they can keep getting all those pretty girls to strip for the camera. There are even hundreds of movies with pretty young girls or even old women screwing anything and everything. Don't girls today have any modesty at all?"

"I don't know how they can do it. All the pictures that you had was of the girls naked and showed their ... you know, their privates."

"Yeah, those are the only pics I save. I'm sorry if you got upset, but I told you not to be offended by what you see. I'm a lonely guy and I have always been fascinated with pussy. This is the only way I'll ever get to see very many different ones, especially from such beautiful girls. I used to dream about going to a nudist camp, but I could never get up the nerve to do it. Besides that, most camps won't allow in single males."

"I wasn't upset, just curious. I wanted to see what else I could find."

"Tell you what. Let me in here and I'll set you up a user account and bookmark some safe and free sites for you. You are welcome to check out any files I have, but this way you can save your own."

I went to user accounts and set Shira up with a limited account. I let her know that it was a limited account so that she couldn't accidentally change software or anything.

I left her at it and got ready for bed. Tomorrow was Saturday and I didn't have work or class, but it had been a very long couple of days and I was beat.

I don't know how long I had been asleep when I felt my door open. During my time in the Air Force my fellow servicemen took great pleasure in tormenting me. After a few very bad incidents I learned to sleep with an internal alarm. It didn't always help, but I was rarely surprised again.

I opened my eyes to see Bashira entering my room. She was highlighted by dim lights behind her, what weren't highlighted were any clothes upon her. The most she could be wearing was a pair of panties.

"Shira, what do you want?"

Shira walked on over to my bed and sat down.

"Could I sleep with you tonight, I'm feelin' really lonely and I can't sleep." (More likely super horny from watching all that porno.)

"Okay, but go put on a T-shirt or something, those 88's of yours could be deadly."

She popped up and headed for the door, but stopped short of it. "What do you mean? They are just 48D's, not nearly 88's."

Oh god save me from the uneducated, "88's refers to the German gun which was the most feared weapon of world war two for a while. It can also be used to refer to anything large and dangerous. Now go put a T-shirt on so I can get back to sleep."

I scooted a little closer to the wall. 48D's, goddamn watermelons is what they were, but they didn't seem to sag as much as I would have expected. Shira slid under the covers and snuggled her back up against me. This was something I had never experienced before. I was lying on my back so at least she wouldn't feel how hard my dick had suddenly gotten.

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