Patriotic Duty
Part 1: Insurance Scam

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Lactation, Pregnancy, Size, Big Breasts,

Desc: Sex Story: Part 1: Insurance Scam - White wife helps the FBI bust some conmen.

Chrissy Simmons leaned into the car window and kissed her husband Todd, goodbye. She stood back up and pulled the belt around her bathrobe tighter. Chrissy chatted for awhile, not wanting him to leave her again. Todd was off on another one of his extended business trips and she sighed. He hadn't even pulled out of the driveway yet and already she was feeling lonely and neglected. What she really needed was a job to keep her busy, but they didn't need the money and Todd liked coming home to a nice supper and a clean house or at least he did when he came home.

"Drive safely," she said, looking up as a black sedan slowly cruised past her house. She stared at the sedan as two black men in the front seats turned their heads, reflective sunglasses staring back at her as the sedan continued down the street. It turned right at the next block.

"Thanks," replied Todd. "I'll see you in a few days. Oh yeah honey?"

"What's that?"

"Thanks for the sex. Love ya."

Chrissy stepped back, laughing and watched her husband slowly back out of the driveway. They had made love last night and were trying to have a baby. It was one of the reasons she wasn't working. She waved as he backed onto the street and pulled forwards down the road. The same black sedan pulled up behind her husband and the two black men slowed down, staring at her again as they passed. Chrissy reflexively grabbed the robe up near her prodigious bosom and held it tight. Black men were not something one usually saw in this neighborhood or anywhere within miles of her house, unless you counted her garbage men.

She turned and entered her large, two story house, suddenly nervous about being home alone for four nights. She locked the front door and then went to check the back door and the door to her two car garage and then the patio door and after that the windows just to be sure. Feeling safe, Chrissy headed up the stairs to take a shower.

Entering the bathroom, she started the shower and let the robe fall to her feet. The beautiful young woman stood turning slightly as she examined herself in the mirror. At 27, she was in the prime of her life and never looked better. Her long dark red hair was straight and fell halfway down her back. Her hair leaned towards black colored over orange and many people assumed she dyed it, but it was all natural. Her eyes were a bright green and friends described them as having a playful spark. Her ears peaked out of her hair giving her an elfish appearance. She was tall at 5'10", lithe and fit. Chrissy had never found herself pretty, but men and everyone else seemed to disagree. She hated two things about her body. First, like many redheads, she had lots of freckles. The little blemishes were sparse in certain areas and clustered in others. Her cheeks, back, arms, and chest had clusters where the rest of her body, stomach and legs had just the occasional freckle. The second thing she hated about herself were her breasts. They would have been big on a heavier woman, but on Chrissy's trim, athletic frame, they were enormous. Surprisingly, the large D-cupped melons were free of her other defect. The freckles stopped at her chest, leaving her bosom pure white except for the pink circles of her areola. Her areola were as large as a soda can, but more ovals then perfect circles. They were bumpy and puffed out when she was cold or aroused. The nipples themselves were nearly and inch long, thick, and very sensitive. She loved to have them played with during sex and when Todd sucked on them, she was usually guaranteed an orgasm. Her breasts had developed early and gotten her a lot of attention from boys, mostly unwanted. She'd learned to cover them up and dress conservatively. Bulky blouses and sweaters made her look chubby, but men still stared. Todd had gone nuts the first time he saw her naked. At first, he'd encouraged her to dress sexier, but when he noticed the male attention Chrissy got showing a little cleavage or leg, he too preferred that she hide her figure whenever they weren't alone and Chrissy didn't complain.

Chrissy spun around and looked at her rear. Now there was something that looked good on her. Her rear was a perfect, pale, freckle free, globe that thrust out and filled a pair of tight jeans nicely. She usually wore long skirts though to take unwanted male attention off her ass. She turned back around and let her hand fall to her flat, almost muscular stomach. The hand slid down her navel, stopping just above the neatly trimmed patch of red pubic hair. Maybe last night was the night, she prayed, wondering if a baby would be growing in there shortly. For a couple trying to get pregnant, they weren't exactly having a lot of sex leaving Chrissy feeling neglected and lonely. Todd was away a lot and when he was home, he often worked until eight or later. He claimed to be too tired for sex and often made promises for the next night only to beg off until the weekend and all too often they only made love once a week on Sunday mornings when he didn't have to get up early for work.

At the back of her mind, she wondered how committed he was to starting a family. He claimed things were frantic at work and swore he was ready to be a father, but her suspicious mind detected that their love making had slowed down as soon as she'd gone off the pill. A part of her felt that Todd was worried what a baby would do to her figure. Her breasts were large now, but they were firm and proud. Would they sag after childbirth? Would her belly and thighs be fatter? Todd told her he didn't care, but still they were lucky to have sex Sunday mornings or often every two weeks when he was away. Unfortunately, the resurgence in hormones when she went off the pill had her climbing the walls with horniness, especially when she felt it was her most fertile time and she felt that way this morning. She smiled, once again praying that last night had been the magic night.

Chrissy stepped into the shower and washed herself. Her red hair turned darker under the water until it was nearly black. She ran a bar of soap all over her body, almost moaning as the soap slid over her nipples, turning them hard. She moved out from under the water and quickly shaved a bit around her pubic patch, under her arms, and ran the razor up her smooth legs. She paused realizing, she could have gone days without shaving with Todd gone, but she'd done it by habit. She rinsed off again and stepped out of the shower.

Chrissy finished drying her body and had pulled the robe back around her body when the doorbell rang.

She frowned, wondering who it could possibly be. She made a face when she realized it was probably Sam Sylvester, her neighbor. The 70 year old pervert was always ogling her and seemed to have no shame about doing so. The first thing he'd said to her when her and Todd moved in was, "I've got a thing for red heads, let me show it to you some time" and he'd said it right in front of Todd who just laughed it off. Sam would stare right at her breasts whenever they were talking. He was also always borrowing something from her or Todd, never returning it until they asked or paying them back if it were food ... Sam had a bedridden, sick wife and was always coming over for flour or aspirin, among other things. Apparently his sick wife must have done all their shopping. The bell rang again and she considered ignoring it. If it was Sam, he seemed to instinctively know when Todd was away and always tried to linger in her house when they were alone. The one time she had accepted his offer to play cards, he'd wanted to turn it into a game a strip rummy. The bell rang again and she decided to hurry downstairs. After all, it could have been the mailman or UPS driver.

Chrissy peeked through the window and froze. She almost wished it was Sam when she saw who was outside her house. It was the two black men who had been driving around earlier. One looked about fifty and the other in his late twenties, though she found age hard to tell with those people. They were fit, wearing dark suits, and reflective sunglasses. The older one had a shaved head making judging his age more difficult and the younger one had a military style flat top. He carried a briefcase. The one at the door was raising a black finger back up to the bell when she called, "What do you want?" through the door.

"Ma'am," said the older black man in a deep voice. "I'm agent Jenkins and this is agent Smith. We're with the FBI, fraud division."

Chrissy opened up her door, but kept the chain lock on. She peered through the crack. "Can I see your badges?"

The one called Jenkins, held up a wallet and flipped it open, showing her his FBI badge. The man behind him also flashed his. "May we come in, Ma'am?"

Chrissy hesitated, long enough she felt uncomfortable keeping them waiting. Finally, she closed the door, undid the chain, and opened it back up. "Sorry, you can't be too sure these days."

Jenkins' black lips curled up in a wry smile. "I understand completely," he replied, showing no more emotion, but she suspected he knew it was his skin color that had made her wary of him.

"Come in," she said, stepping aside. "Have I done something wrong?"

"Not at all, ma'am," said Jenkins, flashing her a reassuring grin filled with big white teeth. "We're investigating a couple of scam artists operating an insurance fraud in the area and we'd like to talk to you about it."

"Well, I wouldn't know anything about that," she said, her heart racing. "But I will keep an eye out for you."

"Well, we were hoping you might be able to help us stop these dirt bags."

"Oh! I'm not sure what I could do to help, but ... Where are my manners? Have a seat. Can I get you some iced tea?

"That would be great," said Jenkins, taking a seat on a large plush sofa. Smith stood nearby. They removed their glasses.

Chrissy hurried over to the kitchen and got the two men glasses of iced tea. She returned to the living room with the glasses and handed them to the FBI agents. They took them and thanked her as she sat down on a chair across from them. She kept her legs closed as her robe was short and ran above her knees when she sat.

"You saw us drive past earlier?" asked Jenkins.

"Yes," she replied, nodding.

The two dirt bags in question appear to prefer attractive young housewives," said Jenkins.

"Oh! I see," said Chrissy, blushing a little.

"Yes ma'am, you looked perfect," said Smith.

Chrissy blush grew as well did the nervousness she seemed to feel around black men. They both had picked her because they found her attractive.

"The men committing this crime always scout the neighborhood, just as we did to find you. They seek pretty young women who appear to be home alone and approach them with an offer of comprehensive life insurance that appears to good to be true. The catch is that the promotional offer is only good for those who sign up on the spot for a down payment. Usually these kind of insurance scams are aimed at the elderly."

"Then why do these men target young women?" she asked, curiously.

The two FBI agents turned and glanced at each other, nervously. Smith finally said, "One of the men poses as a doctor and offers an on the spot physical if you haven't had one done in the last week, which of course, no one has. They use it as an opportunity to feel you up, excuse my language."

"I see," replied Chrissy, looking aghast as she leaned back and put her hand on her chest. Her eyes were wide open.

"It's not that bad," said Jenkins. "These men are after money after all and it doesn't need to come down to that. Several of their female victims have stripped naked for both men, even allowing a full cavity investigation and one naive newlywed even let them take nude pictures of her for her file."

"They sound like monsters," said Chrissy horrified that anyone could be so stupid as to fall for that.

"Most women have smartly refused," added Smith. "They let them examine her over her clothes or demand to see an actual doctor."

"My gosh!" Chrissy didn't even like going to her gynecologist.

"You agree that these men need to be stopped?" asked Jenkins.

"Absolutely, but I still don't see why you need my help."

"May I ask your name, Ma'am?" asked Smith.

"Chrissy Simmons."

"Well Mrs. Simmons, these men are currently having breakfast at the Denny's out on the highway after staying at the Super 8 next door. We have men watching them."

Chrissy nodded. She and Todd often ate there as it was only two miles from her house.

"Yes, they are right outside your development. We expect them to take a cruise through here today, maybe tomorrow. We need you to stand outside and lure these men here."

"I'm bait!" Chrissy was horrified at the thought. "That sounds dangerous. Can't you just arrest them?"

"These men are smart," said Jenkins. "We need to catch them red handed. You won't be in any danger, Mrs. Simmons. We want to place hidden cameras here in this room and we'll be right outside listening and watching."

"I don't think my husband would approve," she said.

"Where is Mr. Simmons?" asked Smith. "Was he leaving for work the first time we drove by?

"Well, he just left on a four day trip."

"Then whether or not to tell him is up to you. Mrs. Simmons. Once they show up, it'll only take us a short time to nail them. Mr. Simmons need never know and we plan to catch them on tape so you won't need to testify at a trial. If you help us, you will be doing the bureau, your neighbors, and your country a big favor. It's your patriotic duty, ma'am."

Chrissy paused in thought. "I do consider myself a patriot, gentlemen."

"Then it's settled," said Jenkins. "I thank you. Your country thanks you. Smith, get the cameras."

Chrissy waited while Smith left her house. Jenkins just stood, nodding and grinning at her. She felt a little uncomfortable as they waited silently. She wasn't quite sure she'd agreed to their plan, but he seemed to think she'd said yes.

Smith reentered her house carrying a box. He set it down and handed for black rectangles to Jenkins and took four himself. "These are the latest technology we have, Mrs. Simmons. They don't appear to be cameras and we can hide them in plain sight." The two black men placed the cameras around her living room. One was pointed at the door. Others at the couch and some took in the entire room. "Excellent placement," said Jenkins when they were finished.

"What do I do?" asked Chrissy.

Smith reached into the bottom of the box that held the cameras and pulled out another box. "Go put this on," he said. "All you need to do is stand out in the front yard, water the lawn, weed, or something. Lay out and get some sun if you wish."

Chrissy looked inside the box. She pulled out a skimpy blue negligee. The material was sheer and didn't hide anything. "I can't wear this outside!"

"Not that Ma'am, the bikini," said Smith. "The lingerie is for if the bikini doesn't work or they get scared off and come back later. If you answer the door wearing lingerie, they are more likely to feel relaxed around you. No evidence of a wire or anything, understand?"

"I guess," said Chrissy, holding up an extremely small bikini. "I'm not so sure about this."

"We need your help, Mrs. Simmons," said Jenkins. "If you change your mind now, it will be too late to arrest them in this neighborhood."

"The top isn't my size," she said, wondering how she had gotten herself into this mess.

"The skimpier the better, but if you have another bikini you could wear, then..."

"I don't own a bikini. I can't swim and I burn too easily."

"Why don't you go try it on," said Jenkins just as his cell phone went off. "Yes," he answered it. "Understood." He snapped the phone shut. "The suspects appear to be leaving the Denny's soon. It's now or never Mrs. Simmons. Please. We need you." He waited while she just stood there staring at the bikini. "It's your duty, ma'am."

Finally, Chrissy filled herself with resolve. It was her patriotic duty and she was a patriot. "I'll be right back." She turned and headed up the stairs. Once in the bathroom, she dropped the robe and began putting the bikini on. At first the strings confused her. This thing has got to be illegal, she thought dressing. She did consider herself a patriot, but she had never done anything remotely patriotic like volunteer work or fundraisers. She had considered going to a tea party meeting, but changed her mind at the last minute. This would be her chance to actually do something for her community. "No way," she said, tying the bikini top string behind her neck.

The bikini was way too small. It was dark blue and tight. It consisted of small patches of material and lots of strings. Indeed, she was only three string tugs from being naked. The bottom was bad. The front patch barely covered her red pubes and she kept them very closely shaved. The bottom rear had a tendency to want to slip inside the crack of her cheeks and she would need to keep reaching behind her to stretch it out. The string tied on her right hip. If the bottom was bad, the top was worse. Two blue triangles covered her nipples and some of the area around them, but the majority of her breasts were bare. The material was hugging her nipples so tightly, her entire areola were visible and they were already puffy with her nipples partially hard. "God forgive me, I look like a slut," she spoke to her reflection.

Jenkins and Smith looked up the stairs as she came down them, once again wearing her robe. "Well?" asked Jenkins.

"I can't do this."

"We need you, Mrs. Simmons."

"I have a reputation to uphold."

"These men need to be stopped. How many unsuspecting women will fall prey to them before we can get enough evidence on them."

"I can't be seen in this. What will the neighbors think?" Chrissy stepped off the steps and looked up at the black FBI agents. Both men were at least half a foot taller then she was and she was tall for a woman.

"We can't do this without you. For the good of your community and for the good of your country. It's your duty as an American citizen to assist us."

"Oh god," she cried, putting her hand over her face. "You're right, of course."

"How bad can it be, Mrs. Simmons. Why don't you show us."

"I can't."

"Just drop that robe and march out into your yard."

"Oh god," she cried again. This time she untied the belt on her robe and let the robe fall off her shoulders. Chrissy looked at the agent's faces. Smith's eyes were bugging out and Jenkins had a bead of sweat on his forehead. Both appeared to be struggling not to stare too hard at her breasts and crotch. "My husband hasn't even seen me in something this skimpy."

"Um ... It's," said Jenkins, fumbling with words. "I've seen women wearing less on the beach."

"You're perfect," said Smith, finally letting his eyes run up and down her body. "She's perfect. I've never seen ... Those scumbags won't be able to resist you."

"Lets just get this over with," she sighed.

"You're right, Mrs. Simmons, we're running out of time." Jenkins looked at Smith and nodded. "We'll be right outside in our car. If they don't come by today, we'll come back tomorrow with a bikini sized for your figure."

"What do I do again?" she asked.

"Just stand outside and try to attract their attention. If they approach you, listen to what they offer, sign their phony papers, and give them a check. It's very important that we tape you actually paying them. Don't make suggestions to speed it along, that might be considered entrapment. Hesitate when they mention the physical, but go along with it."

"I won't have to take the physical will I?"

"We'll stop anything before it goes to far. Got it."

"I think I've got it," said Chrissy, picking up the robe and quickly covering her bikini.

"We'll be in the car," said Jenkins, laying a large black hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, everything will be fine. You're gonna do great." The big black man winked at her and quickly exited her house with his partner.

Jenkins got in the drivers side of the sedan and Smith got in next to him. Two laptops were already open beside each seat, but on standby. Both black men clicked enter to bring their computers out of hibernation.

"That was the hottest bitch, I've ever seen," said Smith, tapping on the keyboard.

Jenkins winced. His partner was a little unprofessional and crass at times. "I can't disagree with you," he mumbled.

"Did you see those titties?"

"Enough," growled Jenkins. "How are the cameras?"

"Five through eight, up and running."

"One through four up and running." Jenkins computer screen was split into 4 quadrants each showing a view of The Simmons' living room. Chrissy was on three screens pacing beside the couch. The fourth screen showed the door.

Smith's screen showed four different views. "Audio check."

"Jesus, give me the strength to get through this," said Chrissy's voice through both computers.

"Audio functioning properly," said Jenkins, as his computer picked up Chrissy's voice mumbling.

"Bitch is praying," chuckled Smith.

"What's wrong with that," growled Jenkins. "Mrs. Simmons is religious. Show some respect. I pray every night. I'm praying right now that you'll shut up."

"Fuck you."

Jenkins was saved from further argument by his cell phone ringing. "Go ahead," he answered. He listened. "Roger that. We're set up on Washington Avenue. Cameras are up and running." He hung the phone up. "They're leaving the restaurant now."

"Good," replied Smith. "It looks like the bitc ... Mrs. Simmons is finally ready."

"Here goes nothing," came Chrissy's voice from both speakers.

Jenkins watched her on screen. She removed the robe and hung it up near her door. She slid her feet into two high heeled sandals that sat beside her door. One big black finger tapped the camera view showing her front door and it zoomed in on her ass. He watched her hand come down and futilely attempt to stop the material of her bikini from disappearing into her ass cheeks.

"That ass is amazing," said Smith. He had zoomed in a side view of the young wife. "There she goes."

"And here she comes," said Jenkins as Chrissy Simmons appeared just outside her front door. She was now off their screens. The young wife was looking around hesitantly. She steeled herself and marched out into the yard.

"You should get this," said Smith. "And make me a copy."

Jenkins grinned wryly. He set the laptop aside and retrieved a digital video recorder. Quickly, flipping it open and on, he aimed it at Chrissy, just as she was bending to turn the outdoor spigot on. Chrissy stood and began watering several rose bushes beside the house.

"Who the fuck is that?" growled Smith. "He's gonna ruin everything."

Both black men watched as an old bald man with a large pot belly peeked at Chrissy around some bushes in his yard. It didn't take long for him to began approaching the scantily clad young wife. "Get the mic," ordered Jenkins.

Smith pulled out a listening device and pointed it over at Chrissy. "Shit, here they come," he said as a car appeared approaching down the street. "Old man is gonna ruin everything."

"Good morning Chrissy," said the old man's voice through the amplifier."

Chrissy froze when she heard the voice behind her. "Hello Sam," she said, slowly turning around and holding the hose away from them.

"I like the way you hold a hose," said her neighbor, Sam Sylvester.

"Excuse me?"

"Feel free to water my flowers when you're done."

"I'm busy today, Sam." This was Chrissy's worst nightmare come to life. Sam was a thoroughly deplorable human being. He was always making suggestive comments to her and he had an invalid wife, bedridden in his house. His eyes were focused on her roaming up and down her scantily clad body, resting on her tits. "My face is up here, Sam."

"Yeah, but your tits are down here and I got a thing for big tits and overstuffed bikinis and the thing I'm talkin' 'bout hangs down eight inches between my legs."

Chrissy gasped. Her near nudity was making the old fart bolder. "Go home, Sam."

"Damn," he ran his eyes up and down her body. "I always suspected you were stacked, but I had no idea you were this fine. I know Todd just left you alone again, Chrissy. Why don't you invite me over for dinner?"

"What about your wife?" Chrissy was so focused on Sam, she was barely aware of a car slowing down as it passed her house.

"Meal on wheels will feed her. What do ya say? I could bring some pornos over. I got some I just know you'll love."

"Go home."

"We could play poker again?"

"Get off my property, Sam."

"Look bitch," growled Sam. "Any woman dressed like you are when her husband leaves for work needs it bad and trust me I got what you needs."

"Get off my property or I will call the police. They can get here sooner then you think." Chrissy could make out two dark forms in the sedan across the street a few houses away.

"Alright, alright, fine." Sam held his hands up in surrender. He turned and began walking back to his yard. He stopped and turned back. "Let me warn you though, Chrissy. I saw some niggers walking around here earlier. You'd better be careful, you being a pretty white woman dressed like a slut what with niggers in the neighborhood."

Chrissy's mouth was hanging open in shock. Before she knew what she was doing, she had turned her hose on her neighbor. The old man yelped in surprise as the cold water hit his face. He spluttered and hurried away from stream of water. "Take that you vile son-of-a-bitch."

Sam shook his head free of water when he got back to the safety of his yard. Chrissy took her thumb off the nozzle and let the flow of water return to normal. Sam gave her the finger and disappeared around the side of his house.

A car slowly drove past as she said, "I'm sorry, I can't do this. I thought I could, but it's too hard." Chrissy turned the spigot off and rolled the hose up. She was embarrassed, but slightly proud of herself. Her personality leaned towards meekness and conflict avoidance. This was the first time, she'd really stood up to anyone.

Chrissy stood up straight just as the same car that had passed earlier slowed again. She stared and saw two black men staring back at her. She quickly flushed and looked away. The same feelings of unease she'd had when she'd seen the FBI agents ride past earlier now returned. These weren't the scam artists were they? The agents hadn't told her they were black. She quickly headed back to the safety of her house.

"I like that old man," said Smith. "Except for that nigger crap. I should go beat his ass."

"Yeah, way to go Chrissy, turning that hose on him," responded Jenkins. "It looks like she scared him off just in time. Here come our boys." The car that had been circling the block earlier, pulled up to the curb in front of Chrissy's house. Two black men got out of it.

"Lets get back to the cameras."

The two men returned to their laptops. Most of the screens showed Chrissy leaning against her door, once again wearing her robe.

Chrissy could see the car stop in front of her house. Two black men got out. They appeared young and she guessed early twenties, both were fit and muscular. Both men wore khaki's with nice collared shirts. WWBC was embroidered on pockets on the shirts. Were these the con artists? The FBI agents hadn't said they were black, so she'd assumed they were white. Of course, she assumed everyone was white unless they were described as black. Maybe blacks assumed everyone was black unless they described them as white? Chrissy jumped when her doorbell rang. She slowly opened it with the chain on again. "Yes?"

The lead black man grinned at her. "Good morning, Ma'am. My name is Malik Hassan and this is my associate Eriq Royal. We are with World Wide Beneficial Co. insurance and we are offering a special once in a lifetime opportunity for a few select customers in your neighborhood. Tell me Mrs.?"

"Simmons, Chrissy Simmons."

"Does your husband have adequate life insurance?"

"He's got something through work, but I'm not sure how much."

"And yourself, ma'am?"

"Why none." The truth of the matter hit Chrissy and she resolved to buy real insurance the first chance she got.

"Life insurance is vitally important today. If something were to happen to you or your husband, heaven forbid, today, where would you be tomorrow?"

"I honestly don't know," she replied. These guys were good. She was almost convinced to buy insurance from them even knowing they were frauds.

"Well, if you will just give us a few moments of your time. I'd like to tell you about this amazing new offer from World Wide Beneficial Co. insurance."

"I don't know. I'm not exactly dressed at the moment." Even with FBI agents listening in and right outside, she wasn't sure she wanted to let two black criminals inside her house. She was close to chickening out and slamming the door.

"That's fine ma'am. We're both professionals. We speak with women in their bathrobes or pajamas all the time. Here's my ID."

Chrissy looked at the ID. It was for World Wide Beneficial Co. insurance and had Malik's picture on it. It was good, but she'd had a fake ID in college and could spot a fake a mile away. Eriq held his up for her. His was similar, but had "Certified Nurse," stamped across it. "Well, I guess it won't hurt if you come in for awhile." She closed the door and undid the chain.

"Thank you Mrs. Simmons. Once you see what we have to offer, I'm sure you won't be disappointed."

"Have a seat on the couch," she said, watching as the second pair of black men sat on this same couch previously occupied by the black FBI agents. "Can I get you some iced tea?"

"No thanks, ma'am."

"Well gentlemen," she said, sitting across from them in the same chair she'd sat in earlier and placing her hands over the hem of her robe to keep it from riding up her knees. "I have some errands to run, so lets hear what you have to offer. Malik was it?

"Yes, Malik Hassan."

"Is that Muslim?" she asked, her eyes narrowing.

"No ma'am," he lied. "It's African."

"Good. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but this home is dedicated to Christ."

"As are all good homes, Ma'am," replied Malik with a smile.

"Agreed," said Eriq.

"Good then." Chrissy looked back and forth to both men. They actually seemed quite nice. They were young, early twenties, very fit, both their legs and arms were bulging with muscles. They looked more like personal trainers then insurance salesmen ... wait! They weren't insurance salesmen, they were criminals and black men with muscles, probably got that way lifting weights in prison. These men were good. Smooth operators. No wonder they hadn't been caught yet.

"Here's our brochure," said Malik, handing her a professionally printed booklet.

Chrissy leafed through it. It was well done, filled with graphs, cost benefit analysis charts, age predictions, and others. "Seems good."

"Oh it's very nearly the best insurance offer ever." Malik paused. "Mrs. Simmons, why don't you switch places with Eriq, so that I can go over the program with you?"

"Oh! Of course." Chrissy stood and switched places with Eriq.

"There that's better," said Malik. He opened the brochure and set it on her lap. He kept one hand on the brochure, turning the pages and talking softly. His fingers brushed her bare knee. He covered the benefits of signing with WWBC insurance as his hand slid off the brochure to cup her knee. Chrissy shivered suddenly. Her eyes took in the contrast of his dark black skin against her white knee. Malik removed his hand and flipped to a page filled with pie charts, returning his hand when he was done, but this time his hand slid up a little further. Chrissy felt a strange quiver in her vagina. Both men appeared to be staring at the brochure, Malik from his position beside her and Eriq leaning forward across from them. Chrissy looked directly down and saw that she was revealing a lot of cleavage. She gulped, quickly sitting up so that the robe didn't gap open and tugging her knee away from Malik's hand. He took the hint and pulled back.

"Do you like what you heard?" asked Malik.

"Oh yes," she replied. "It sounds amazing. How much is it?"

"Five hundred will get you full coverage for a year and a quarter million in insurance."

"I'll need to talk to my husband."

"We can only offer this plan at the presentation. The cost doubles if you wait."

"Oh," she replied, thinking about it. "Excuse me." Chrissy walked over to the kitchen where her purse was. She returned writing out a check. The money would wipe out the small account Todd allotted for her, but then this check would never be cashed. "I'm sold." She ripped the check out and held it out for Malik. She wanted to look at the nearest camera and wink at the FBI agents, but Malik didn't reach out for the check.

"Not yet, Ma'am. May I call you Chrissy?"


"You'll need to sign the papers first." He removed five forms from a folder. "Here you go."

Chrissy looked them over. The forms looked legitimate, filled with legal mumbo jumbo. "Do you have a pen?"

"Right here," said Malik, quickly pulling a pen from the folder and clicking the point out. He handed it to her and watched her sign. "Now there's only the little matter of a physical. Have you had a physical done during the last week?"

"No," she replied, trying to hand him the check again, but he waved her off. "I did four months ago with a fertility doctor."

"I see," said Malik, his grin turning up at the corners of his mouth. "You're trying to have a baby. Any luck?"

"Not yet."

"Well, I'm afraid we can't accept your policy without a more recent physical. Mr. Royal here is a registered nurse, certified by World Wide to give on the spot physical exams. After that we can take your money and as of that point you are insured."

"Stand up," said Eriq, rising from the chair. He was quickly in front of her. He placed his hands under her chin. "Open your mouth and say, ah." He pulled a small pen light from his pocket and shined it down her throat.

"Ahhhh." Chrissy assumed Jenkins and Smith would be leaving their cars now. They'd promised her this would stop before it went to far.

"Very good. Now eyes and ears." Eriq shined the light in her eyes and then made her turn her head so that he could look in her ears.

"Now face away from me and lower your robe so that your shoulders are free." Eriq watched Chrissy's freckle covered shoulders appear. He placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed in with his thumbs working under her robe, down her back, nearly to the crack of her ass. His strong hands grabbed her hips, his right hand over her bikini string and squeezed... "I'll need to untie your bikini top."

Chrissy glanced over at her front door and at the closest camera. She couldn't even tell if it was working. "That seems inappropriate."

Eriq pulled the string behind her neck and the one behind her back at the same time. "You can hold the robe over your front. Mr. Hassan is here to make sure I don't get out of line and to protect me too. I don't want anyone making false accusations and getting my license suspended." He moved her hair to pull the string around the back of her neck and gently massaged her nape.

Chrissy held the robe over her bosom and since her back was still exposed, she had to raise the hem up almost to her crotch. She stared intently at the nearest camera and mouthed the words, "Help me."

Eriq was wearing a fanny pack which he unzipped and pulled out a stethoscope and an arm band for measuring blood pressure. He put the stethoscope around his neck. "Go ahead and sit and hold your arm out." When she complied, Eriq wrapped the arm band around her arm and pumped it up, taking her pulse and placing the cold metal end of the stethoscope on her arm. "Seems good. Pulse is a bit high. Now the heart rate. Lower the robe."

Chrissy looked on with horror, but lowered her robe, exposing her freckled chest and the tops of her milky white breasts. Eriq looked professional and kept his face impassive. She looked down her cleavage. Her bikini top was now hanging loosely on her semi-hard nipples. She shivered when the cold metal end of the stethoscope touched her chest. He moved it around listening above her breasts and between them. She felt a tug on her robe and it slid down, taking her bikini top with it and exposing her large areola. Much to her embarrassment they were puffing out and her fat long nipples were extending. He moved the end of the stethoscope around her nipples, the cold metal accidentally sliding across her left nipple at one point. "Your heart rate seems accelerated, Mrs. Simmons," said Eriq.

"Just uncomfortable, that's all," she replied. "May I cover my breasts now?" She could see Malik looking around Eriq and staring at her exposed breasts.

"Not yet. I'll need to do a breast exam."

"Oh god!"

Eriq placed both of his hands over her breasts and squeezed. Chrissy began trembling. "Your breasts are quite large, Mrs. Simmons. Do they give you any back trouble?"

"Um ... Oh ... Not yet, but my mother's were as big as mine and she had trouble as she got older." Chrissy flushed with shame when she felt another quiver in her vagina. Her breasts had always been extra sensitive and her recently accelerated level of arousal wasn't helping her out. His strong hands were alternately caressing and squeezing her big bosom and now his hands slid down until his fingers brushed her fully hard nipples. Her vagina let out a little squirt of fluid the second he took her nipples between his dark fingers and squeezed them. "Sh ... Shouldn't you be wearing gloves?"

"An oversight on my part, Mrs. Simmons. I forgot to pack them, but I can assure you my hands are quite clean." Eriq continued squeezing and tugging on her nipples for some time. "Your nipples are unusually long, Mrs. Simmons."

"Ah ... yes."

"Do they cause you problems?"

"Some embarrassment when they stick out."

"Like now," he said, pinching the nearly inch long nipples.

"Yes, and their ... and their ... um ... very sensitive." Chrissy's crotch was soaking wet now. " stop pulling on them."

"That's healthy. Now turn away from me and drop the robe."

"Do I have to?" she asked, staring pleadingly at the closest camera.

"It'll be over before you know it."

Chrissy let the robe fall to her feet. She was immediately horrified to see her bikini bottom were dangling by one side. The knot must have come loose when he had his hands on her hips earlier. Her reddish pubic hair was exposed. Malik was leaning forward in his chair and she was presenting a full side view to him. She felt a tug at her hip and the bottom fell at her feet.

She was now completely nude.

Smith stared at the computer screen and touched the panel to zoom in on Chrissy's exposed crotch. Another panel showed her standing fully naked with Eriq behind her and yet another panel showed Malik staring intently at her nude body. She mouthed the words, "help me," again.

"She wants us in there," said Jenkins, staring at images of her on his screen.

Smith grabbed the head of his cock under his pants. He had an erection from watching the incredible scene unfolding on his computer and his cock was uncomfortably stuck down one pant leg. "I want to go in there," he said.

"Not until she hands them the check," replied Jenkins.

"Bend forward," said Eriq. "I know this will be uncomfortable, but it's time for the gynecological check."

"Oh god," she said, feeling him push down on her back. She leaned down and turned enough that she could place her hands on the couch's arm to hold herself up. "Jesus!" she cried, jumping forward when she felt the tip of Eriq's finger slide along her labia.

"No trouble producing lubrication I see," he said with the hint of a chuckle. He slowly pushed one finger inside her as deep as it would go.

Chrissy couldn't help herself and gave a large squeal. "Ohmygod," she cried, feeling Eriq pump his finger in and out slowly. She looked down under her body expecting to see her juices dripping from her vagina, but her large breasts were hanging in the way. It got worse when Eriq's middle finger joined his index finger inside her dripping pussy. Both his fingers felt bigger then Todd's penis and her needy body began to respond. She fought the urge to push back into his thrusting fingers. Chrissy glanced over at Malik who was leaning over and watching the other con man's fingers slowly fuck her pussy.

"Malik," said Eriq. "Why don't you assist me and continue with the breast examine."

"Gladly." Malik walked around the coffee table and kneeled in front of her. His hands began squeezing and

tugging her nipples. The orgasm caught Chrissy off guard. It was her biggest ever and made her gasp in pleasure.

"That's a pretty healthy reaction, Mrs. Simmons," said Eriq, fumbling with his shorts. "However, I need to probe a little deeper.

"With what!" she gasped.

"With this!"

Chrissy felt an extremely large object push against her vaginal opening. She was so wet, her labia easily spread around a large knobby ball with a shaft attached to it. Eriq was working it in and out of her, trying to get it in deeper. She had never felt so full or had her pussy stretched so wide. Soon it was deeper then her husband's five inches had ever been and it just kept going. It felt fantastic to be penetrated so deeply. "What is that thing?" she asked, ashamed to feel another orgasm approaching.

"What do you think it is?" Eriq was grabbing her hips now and slightly pulling her back into his thrusts.

"Oh god," she moaned. "It feels like a penis only it's too big."

Eriq and Malik both laughed. Malik stepped back and quit playing with her nipples. In a way she missed the attention. Eriq said, "It's not a penis," and Chrissy felt relief flood through her body. "It's a cock," he continued. "It's like a penis only bigger and blacker." With Malik gone, she was able to look under her body again, but her breasts still blocked her view of their crotches. However, Eriq's shorts and underwear had been dropped around his ankles. "I understand your confusion, Mrs. Simmons. I can tell this tight white pussy of yours hasn't ever been truly fucked by a real man. Thank you for letting me integrate you properly."

"I don't believe..." Chrissy finally looked up again and found herself staring at least two feet of the biggest blackest penis she could ever have imagined. It was nearly right up against her nose and as her eyes un-crisscrossed as she stared down the shaft she realized it was probably only ten or eleven inches long, but that was still twice as big as Todd's penis. Malik immediately began pressing the large flared head of his "cock" against her lips. Chrissy held her mouth tightly closed as he rubbed the head left and right alone her lips occasionally pushing forwards trying to get her to open her mouth. It left a slimy, nasty trail of fluid on her lips. 'He doesn't expect me to ... not that. I don't even do that for Todd, ' she thought. "Aargh," she suddenly cried as Eriq's cock head banged against her cervix. The "Aargh" became and "Umph" as Malik pushed the head of his huge black cock between her lips and into her mouth.

Chrissy tried to pull back, but she was trapped between the two black men. She tried to push the big tip of Malik's cock out of her mouth with her tongue. Her tongue licked the underside and then up and over his urethra. She could taste his precum, but her tongue wasn't strong enough to push it out. Chrissy moaned in pleasure as a second orgasm suddenly expanded out from her pussy. She jerked forward taking Malik's cock deeper down her throat. He was pulling back and pushing forward until she found herself sucking on about a third of his black cock. It felt so hard in her mouth. It wasn't so bad, she thought and Chrissy found herself relaxing her throat. Malik's cock was a vibrant monster, hot, throbbing, and giving little leaps from time to time. She suddenly found herself hoping the two FBI agents would take their time.

"Wait until you try this pussy, Malik," growled Eriq. He was fucking her rapidly now. His balls were smacking her thighs with such force they were stinging. "It squeezes and sucks your cock in deep. It's milkin the cum right out of my balls."

Chrissy's eyes widened in fear. She was at her most fertile and unprotected. Her hands were holding her up so she couldn't push Malik away. She tried to pull her head back, but Malik kept slowly pumping his hips. The big head of his cock was even deeper now then when he'd started. It was down her throat pulling back to her uvula and then pushing further down. She was swallowing more then half now.

"Gonna bust a nut," groaned Eriq, fucking her even harder. Chrissy tried to shake herself off his thrusting cock, but he read her intentions differently. "Yeah girl, work that white ass." He gently spanked her once as he spoke. "Here it cums."

Chrissy was horrified but then tremors started in her pussy. Eriq's big cock head was pressed hard against her cervix ready to spray her womb with a black man's seed. The orgasm caught her off guard. She was cumming hard and it was her biggest yet. It would have been bigger still, but Eriq suddenly yanked his ten inch cock from her pussy. Hot sperm flew into her hair, splattered her lower back, and peppered her ass.

"If we were making a porn, that's what we'd call a money shot," gasped Eriq.

"Zoom in on that," ordered Jenkins, leaning over to look at Smith's screen. The two men watched the quadrant capturing Chrissy's wel fucked vagina just as Eriq milked the last drops of his sperm from his shaft and covered her labia with it.

"Better then any porn I've ever seen," said Smith, pulling the camera back to capture the sperm on Chrissy's back.

"Mrs. Simmons does seem to be a natural at this," agreed Jenkins. One quadrant was capturing Malik's cock as it slid in and out of her throat. Another angle showed Chrissy was now kneeling as she sucked his cock. "Look she's taking over."

Malik had slowly stopped thrusting his cock down her throat until Chrissy was the one bobbing her head. She was now kneeling at his feet, grabbing the base of his shaft with one hand and deep throating his cock.

"I think he's gonna blow soon," said Smith, just as semen squirted out the sides of Chrissy's mouth. "I called that right." Smith watched Malik yank his cock out of her mouth and shoot several jets of semen on her face. "Think they're about done?" asked Smith.

"Not until they seal the deal," replied Jenkins. "I want to see money change hands. Then we can bust them."

On screen, Malik had shoved his cock back down Chrissy's throat. "Keep sucking," he ordered.

Chrissy almost eagerly took the ten or eleven inches of black cock back down her throat. It hadn't lost any of it's length, but it had gone soft. His cum had come as a shock to her. Malik was pulling back just as a huge jet of semen struck the back of her throat. As soon as the head cleared her throat and entered her mouth, her mouth was so filled with semen her cheeks bulged out and his seed squirted out the sides of her mouth. She swallowed when he pulled his cock completely out and shot several blasts on her face. His cum had tasted hot, rich, and was surprisingly good. Now she was sucking him again and the limp cock was slowly hardening.

Malik slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth when he was completely hard again. He smirked when he caught her leaning forward to keep sucking it, but instead he stepped around her and sat on the couch. Chrissy turned right and began sucking his cock between his knees, but that wasn't what he wanted.

Malik grabbed her head and indicated that he wanted her to stand.

Chrissy released his cock, and swiped away a string of salvia hanging from her lips to his cock head. His hands were strong and forceful, so she stood. He then placed his hands on her hips and guided her forwards until she was straddling him. Malik then grabbed the base of his cock and held it up for her. Chrissy lowered herself, first feeling the head push into her and then fat inch after fat inch until she sank down in his lap. Despite the sperm on her face, Malik tried to kiss her, but she turned her head away and Malik instead pushed her back so that he could suck on her breasts. Chrissy was ashamed by her body's reaction to what was happening to her, but her kisses would remain for her husband.

"Gawd dayum, this white pussy does milk your cock," said Malik, bouncing on the couch to get her to ride him.

Chrissy began slowly raising and lowering herself. She saw Eriq appear out of the corner of her eye. "Thanks for not cumming in me," she moaned, having yet another small orgasm.

"It was nothing," he replied. "You told me you were trying to get pregnant." He stepped to her side and aimed his cock at her face.

Chrissy stared at it. She thought for a moment and then leaned forward and took it in her mouth. The FBI had told her to cooperate after all and she was doing her duty. She was doing this for all the women these two had molested and would now never molest thanks to her. She swallowed his cock wondering if any of those other women had enjoyed it as much as she was. However, he wasn't too interested in a blow job. He wanted something else. Eriq waited until his shaft was good and wet before stepping back.

Chrissy was moaning, riding Malik's cock and suffering through another impossibly large orgasm, when Malik suddenly held her down in his lap and spread her ass cheeks. Chrissy felt something press against her tight little brown sphincter and push hard. "What are..." Her eyes flew wide as she felt her rosebud push in and slowly open for the invader. 'No, ' she thought, 'people aren't supposed to do that! It's unnatural!' She winced in pain as the large cock head broke through and entered her ass. The rest she took easier and the pain faded quicker then she would have imagined and it began to feel good. Real good.

Chrissy found herself in a state of complete sexual ecstasy. She was sliding up and down Malik's cock while Eriq pistoned his cock in and out of her ass. The men had no trouble penetrating her like this and seemed well practiced. Malik was squeezing on one of her breasts while sucking the nipple on her other breast. Chrissy sucked her lower lip in her mouth. Sweat poured off her forehead mixing with tears and semen as both her holes were stretched to their limits. The orgasm exploded deep in her pussy and consumed her entire body. Their cocks continued to hammer her pussy and asshole and she briefly fainted from the pleasure.

When Chrissy recovered, she was sitting in Malik's lap and Eriq was banging her ass as hard as he could, but his rhythm was off. Suddenly he just buried it and her bowels were flooded with sperm. Eriq groaned as he slowly pulled his cock out and shot the last few wads of cum on her slowly closing sphincter. As it closed, sperm welled up in it and began pouring out.

"My turn," said Malik, slapping her ass. "Ride that big black cock."

Chrissy was panting and trying to catch her breath. She stayed still for a moment, but long enough for him to slap her ass once again, but this time with more force.

"Come on fuck that black cock."

Chrissy felt weak and exhausted, but she began to move. "Alright," she said leaning forward until their noses practically touched. "I'm gonna fuck that big black cock. I'm gonna fuck it real good." Chrissy began bouncing in his laps as fast as she could move.

"That's what I'm talkin about," laughed Malik, slapping her ass again, but with less force.

"Fuck it real good," moaned Chrissy, not sure what had come over her. "Just don't cum in my pussy."

Malik laughed and went back to playing and sucking on her sensitive nipples. Chrissy nearly screamed as she came. She paused with this the tip of his cock in her and then let gravity slam her down on his crotch. The orgasm grew with every inch and it lasted for several more bounces. She was growing even weaker from all the orgasms. Malik was groaning now and he was bucking his hips. "Getting close," he moaned.

"Say when and I will jump off," she managed to pant out still riding him and still feeling the effects of her orgasm.

Malik grabbed her hips and pulled her down into his lap. "When," he said evilly, nearly spitting in her face.

Chrissy looked at him in horror just as the cock head poised right on her abused cervix shot it's first wad directly into her womb. Her horror turned to lust as an enormous orgasm burst through her body right on the heels of the last one. Her orgasm lasted with each jerk and spurt of his cock and she finally came down as his cock began to soften in her pussy.

Chrissy suddenly realized she was keeping his sperm plugged in her womb and she jumped off his lap. "You bastard, you might have made me pregnant," she yelled, angrily.

"Good, another fruit for Islam." Malik stood and squeezed some semen out of his cock and onto her carpet.

"Just make sure the baby faces Mecca when it's born."

Chrissy looked on in horror. What had she done? "No," she whispered.

Eriq was now dressed. "I have the check, Mrs. Simmons. Thank you for signing with World Wide Beneficial Co and thank you for the hospitality."

The door burst open. "Freeze FBI," shouted Jenkins running into the room and holding his badge up.

"Mother fucker!" yelled Eriq,

"Bitch set us up," added Malik. He grabbed the closest thing to him to cover his nude body which was Chrissy's robe.

Chrissy quickly became aware of her own undressed state in a room full of four black men and stooped behind her recliner, grabbing her bikini as she went.

"Are you alright, ma'am?" asked Jenkins, while Smith handcuffed Malik.

"I'm fine," she said, stepping out from the chair, aware Jenkins eyes were roaming up and down her bikini clad body. She had rushed putting it on. One cup was askew and her nipple was sticking out. She had sperm on her face and back. Her bottoms were turning darker as they became soaked from the semen leaking from her pussy and ass. She glanced over at the two scam artists. Eriq was looking defiant as Smith pushed him out the door. Malik was smirking at her. He winked when he saw her glance at him. Chrissy looked down in shame, her eyes focusing on Mailk's spent cock, so large it was largely visible under the hem of her robe. "What took you so long?" she asked.

"We needed them on tape accepting your check."

"You let them fuck me."

"To be honest, Mrs. Simmons, you rather appeared to be enjoying yourself."

Chrissy felt a flush appear at her cheeks and quickly turn a large part of her white freckled body red.

A large wad of cum slipped down the side of her face as she flushed. Her tongue came out and absentmindedly licked it up. "I see," she mumbled. She would be lying to say she hadn't enjoyed it.

"We were ready to rescue you at a moments notice if you actually appeared in any danger. You did us a great favor, Mrs. Simmons. You're going to help us put those scumbags away for a long time."

"Good," she said, but she didn't really mean it. Despite, Malik's cumming inside her, she felt no anger towards the two men. Maybe, this incident would help them straighten their lives out.

Smith returned wearing latex gloves and carrying a large black bag. He began collecting the assorted cameras, Malik's clothes, the phony insurance documents, and her check. "I think we have more then enough evidence to convict," said Smith, limping over to another of their hidden cameras.

Jenkins limped over to help him gather all the evidence. "You won't even be required to testify, Mrs. Simmons."

"That's good," she said, wondering why both men were limping. She glanced down at their crotches and gasped. Both men had large bulges straining down one pant leg. The bulges were every bit as big as Malik or Eriq's, if not bigger. Both men had erections and she flushed again as she realized it was from watching her on the cameras. She had put on a live sex show for the two men!

"You did a great service for your community today, Mrs. Simmons," said Jenkins, heading towards her front door with Smith. "Your government thanks you, ma'am."

"Yes," added Smith. "It was a pleasure watching you in action."

Chrissy flushed again as the two men left and other then some stains on her rug and sofa, there was no evidence anyone had been here today. She walked over to her window and watched Jenkins drive off with the two criminals in the back seat of their sedan. Smith pulled out a moment later in the con artists' car, made a u-turn and followed his partner.

She hoped the government wouldn't come down too hard on Malik and Eriq. Everyone deserved a second chance. She had a brief fantasy of them showing up at her door a year from now, thanking her for helping them straighten out their lives. She invited them in and led both men up to her bedroom and they began to fuck her again. She shook her head to clear it of her fantasy. What happened today could never happen again. She had cheated on her husband, but she'd done it to get two criminals off the street and because it was her patriotic duty.

Chrissy Simmons could now say that she had done something patriotic and she was proud of herself. She stepped back from the window and felt liquefied semen run down her inside thighs from where it was leaking around her soaked bikini bottoms. Chrissy virtually ran up the stairs reminded of all the sperm filling her fertile vagina and determined to wash it out as quickly as possible, but also aware that it might very well be too late.

As she cleaned herself in the bathtub, Chrissy found herself wondering if she'd ever have another opportunity to do her patriotic duty.

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