by Madison and Addison

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Desc: Sex Story: While Hailey is away at college, she gets news that her dog Ringo has been put to sleep. In her sadness, she tells her roommate about about one special night she and Ringo shared. (This story is totally from Maddy. The entire idea came from an awesome, non-porn, but very sexy movie I saw a few days ago. I tried to adapt the dialogue and the names enough so as not to infringe. This kind of story is a FIRST for me. Hope it appeals to somebody!)

"Hailey, what's the matter?" Kayla asked. "I can tell something's up."

"Oh ... I don't know if I can talk about it," Hailey replied.

"Something's got you upset. Are you sure you don't wanna talk?"

"Maybe I should. Um ... my mom called from home to tell me they had to put my dog to sleep."

"Ohhhh, Hailey! I'm so, so sorry! You poor thing. Come here."

Kayla pulled Hailey to her and hugged her tightly for a few moments. Tears that had been welling in Hailey's eyes began to run down her cheeks.

"I knew he was getting old, and he was sick. I just didn't expect ... It just sucks, that's all."

"It totallysucks. What was his name, Hailey?"


"Oh, that's so cute! What kind of dog was he?"

"Black Lab."

"They're such good dogs."

"Yeah, I know." Hailey paused to think. "Kayla, can I tell you something like, sooo private? Like, something I've never, ever told anyone?"

"Of course, Sweetie," Kayla said. "We're roommates and we're friends. You can tell me anything at all."

"Thanks, Kayla. It's about Ringo ... duh." Kayla smiled and nodded. "Well, ever since he was like a year or two old, he was ... He was..."

"He was what, Hailey?"

"He was the horniest dog ever!"

"Oh no! That's so funny!"

"I know it sounds funny, but sometimes it wasn't. I mean, I'm sure there was something wrong with him. Maybe my parents should have gotten him fixed sooner or something. I swear, he would hump anything. But, that's not really what I wanted to tell you."

"O.K. Go ahead whenever you're ready."

"O.K. Thanks. Well, this one night when I was 15, I was in my room working on a school project. I had all these magazines spread out on the floor And I was laying down looking at them. I was on my elbows, and my legs were spread out in a V. And I was just wearing a t-shirt and panties."


"​So at some point while I was laying there, Ringo came running into the room, all excited and wanting to play. And he ran up behind me and he started licking the back of my knee. And it was just funny, no big deal, so I didn't stop him."


"Well then, um ... he started licking up my thigh."

"Whoa ... O.K., go on."

"Yeah. And ... he kept going, further up. And he was, you know ... sniffing? And then I felt his tongue. And I was just so curious. It wasn't even sexual at that point. It was just like we were playing. Well, I decided to reach back and pull my panties to the side. And ... Ringo started licking me."

"Oh, shit, Hailey," Kayla whispered.

"I couldn't believe how good it felt. I mean, he was so gentle. And his tongue was so warm, and wide, and strong. I'm sure he would have just licked all night long."

"Unbelievable. Then what happened?"

"I started to feel this tingling through my whole body. I swear, it felt like the bottoms of my feet were burning. I just had to feel more. So, I turned over just for a second and pulled my panties off, then I got back in the same position and I just let him go to town.

Ringo just licked and licked and licked. Eventually I had an orgasm. And that made me so much more wet. And it got him licking me even more. I lifted my hips up a little and spread my cheeks apart. And he could get at more of my cunt and um, he could lick my asshole too."

"Oh, Hailey ... I can't believe this."

"I know, I know. It just went on and on. Ringo would lick me and lick me, then I would cum again and he would get more excited by the way I tasted and he would get all frantic all over again. His tongue just kept lapping my cunt and my ass, over and over, and over, and over. I think he licked me for like, two hours. I'm sure I came at least three times, until..."

"Until what? What happened, Hailey?"

"I should have known it would eventually happen. But I was just in such total ecstasy. I wasn't really thinking at all."

"What happened? Tell me," Kayla implored.

"All of a sudden, before I knew what was happening, Ringo had climbed up on me, and I felt something against me that I knew wasn't his tongue. It was hot, and hard."

"Hailey ... what did you do?"

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