Life's Hard Lessons
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After a local prison break, an evil man named Johnny breaks into a family's home to take revenge on his ex wife and her sister. Things go according to his plan in Chapter 1 but things take a turn for the worse for Johnny in Chapter 2 when his son turns on him.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Aunt   Nephew   Rough   Humiliation   Anal Sex  

My name is Charlie Wilson and my nightmare began late one night after a prisoner (my father) escaped from prison and found his way into our home. While the night started out as a nightmare, it turned out to be pure heaven for me and changed my life forever.

My dad was put in prison when I was 10 and I had not seen him in over 8 years until that fateful night. I think that's when I figured out where my deviant sexual urges came from. No one ever told me why dad was in prison and I guess I figured it was best not to ask.

My older half sister Karen (my mom had her before she and dad met) was coming home from college for spring break and my Mom Shirley, my Aunt Tina, and I were planning a quiet evening at home with her, catching up on everything that happened to her while she was away at college. Mom and Aunt Tina had fixed a bunch of snacks and bought some wine and I brought home some beer and videos. After Karen arrived, we were sitting around the living room talking when suddenly someone kicked in the back door.

A big tall man carrying a gun came through the door and hollered. "Everyone stay right where you are, I'll shoot the first mother fucker that moves! I guess you never thought you would ever see me again Shirley but here I am and I am going to make this a night, one you will never forget."

Suddenly my mom had a terrified look on her face and said to the man. "Johnny I'll do anything you want just leave Tina and the kids alone."

The big man hollered back at her. "Shut up bitch! It's because of you and that cunt of a sister of yours why I was in prison in the first place! I'm gonna make both of you feel some of the pain that I have felt the last eight years!"

He then looked at me and said. "Hey there Charlie boy I bet you don't remember me but I'm your father and those two bitches there, came up with a bunch of bullshit and had me thrown in prison! That's alright though, I'm gonna get my revenge tonight and you're gonna help! Now son, go over there to the cabinet, in the right hand drawer you will find some rope! Get it and bring it over to me!"

Charlie did is he was told, and handed his father the rope. He thought it a little strange his father still remembered the rope was there.

His father tied up his mother and his aunt then looked towards his sister Karen. Karen just sat in her chair trembling.

Johnny looked at his stepdaughter and said. "I hate to do this honey but you have your mother's blood running through your veins and I'm afraid you'll try to escape and go get help; I can't take a chance and let that happen!"

He tied his stepdaughter up, the whole time admiring her tight ass and voluptuous tits.

Johnny looked at Charlie and told him. "Go over there to your Aunt Tina and start ripping her clothes off! Don't worry, she's going to act like she doesn't enjoy it but believe me, she will love every minute of it. The rougher you are with that bitch, the more she likes it!

As Charlie began to unbutton his aunt's blouse, she looked at him with pleading eyes and said. "Charlie Honey, please don't do this. You are not like him. He's an animal. Don't let him turn you into one too."

Johnny waved his gun and hollered at Charlie. "Don't listen to a damn thing that bitch say's! She isn't anything but a damn whore! Your mother and she had me locked up so they could keep their lesbian affair quiet! Now it's time for some payback! So rip that bitch's shirt off and check out them big tits!"

Charlie was shocked by the revelation his mother and Aunt Tina were having sex with each other. He looked over at his mother as she hung her head and he knew it was true. While it was shocking, he also found it very arousing. His cock began to swell inside his pants. He was so aroused he just ripped Tina's blouse off and watched as her huge tits fell from its confines.

His father looked over at him and said. "That's it boy, now get them shorts off of her and we will get down to some real fun!"

By now, Charlie was in such an excited state he flipped his Aunt Tina over and snatched her shorts and panties off at the same time. As he admired her nice firm ass, he could not help but rub his hands all over it. While he was rubbing his hands over her ass, he could have sworn he heard her moan.

His father told him. "Good job son, now go do the same to your mother!"

Charlie had an apprehensive look on his face and Johnny noticed it right away.

Before Charlie had a chance to think about it, Johnny hollered at him! "Don't even think about it son, she's just as big a whore as her sister! Before this night is over I guarantee you're gonna find out all about it!"

Charlie walked over to his mother and said. "Is all of this true? Did you and Aunt Tina have dad thrown in jail to keep your affair quite?"

Shirley looked up into her son's eyes crying, and began to speak. "It's true; it is true, but he's not telling you the whole truth. The only reason he was going to expose us is because we would not let him join us in bed. You will see, he has many problems, the first one being his tiny dick! He cannot satisfy a woman and that is how my affair with Tina started. It had been over five years since I had an orgasm."

Johnny looked at Shirley and hollered. "Shut up you lying bitch, your whole life you haven't been nothing but a lying bitch! That's all right though, you're going to pay for it tonight and that lying bitch of a sister is going to get hers too! Either you shut the fuck up or I'm going to gag your ass! Do as I say Charlie, rip that bitch's clothes off!"

Charlie started slowly pulling his mom's shirt over her head when suddenly Johnny ran over, snatched Shirley's shirt, and ripped it off her. When he finished with her shirt, he reached down and ripped her pants off. Looking down at her he started laughing and with one hand he reached down, picked her up and snatched her panties down with the other.

He asked. "Damn, don't either one of you bitches ever shave? You have more hair between your legs than old Charlie boy there has on top of his head!

Tina yelled at him. "Fuck you, you bastard! You are going to burn in hell you sonafabitch! I'll see to that!"

Johnny chuckled and said. "We will see about that, you fucking whore! From where I'm standing, it doesn't look like you're going to be doing anything to anybody unless I allow it! In fact, Charlie boy get over there and shut this bitch up!

Charlie walked over to where Johnny stood in front of his Aunt Tina not knowing what was going to happen next. As he looked down at his beautiful aunt naked in front of him, he could not help but feel his cock hardening again. It was as if he was in some kind of sexual trance.

He awakened out of his reverie when Johnny said. "Hey boy, get those britches off and shove your dick in her mouth! That ought to shut the bitch up for sure! I'll bet she is a professional cocksucker! Just look at the lips on her and damned if she doesn't have some big tits! I told you she liked it rough, look at her nipples sticking straight out! I'll even bet her pussy is soaking wet!

Charlie could not believe his eyes, his dad was right; she might really be enjoying this. He started unbuckling his belt and in no time, he was down to his underwear sporting a huge erection. If what had been said earlier was true and Charlie's father had a tiny dick; the same couldn't be said about Charlie.

Tina's eyes widened when she saw the huge boner on her nephew. She had hoped Charlie would not have the same affliction his father had but with him almost naked in front of her, she could tell she needn't worry about that.

Meanwhile, Shirley could not believe her eyes. Her son, unlike his father, was very well endowed. He had not even pulled his cock out of his underwear and she could feel herself starting to get wet. It had been a long time since she had a man's hard cock between her legs.

Charlie's dad picked Shirley up, carried her next to her sister, and said. "Let's have a little contest. Shirley, you and Tina use your teeth and pull Charlie boys drawers down and then I'll decide which one of you will suck his dick first."

Shirley started to protest but Johnny grabbed her by the hair and said. "You'll do this bitch or I will make your pretty little daughter over there do it!"

Resigned to their fate Shirley and Tina began to tug on Charlie's underwear with their mouths. Finally, when both of them had a good grip and with a little help from Charlie they were able to pull his underwear down. When his cock popped loose from his underwear, his cock started bobbing up and down in front of him like a runaway missile. Johnny mumbled something and Charlie turned to see what he wanted, and as he turned his big hard cock slapped his mother in the face. Charlie wished she would put it in her mouth.

Karen had been sitting in the corner being quiet the whole time but watching Charlie's cock flopping around while their mother and aunt were kneeling before him was having an erotic effect on her. She was starting to become aroused, as witnessed by her soaking panties. She was wishing it were she kneeling before Charlie, getting ready to suck his big dick.

Johnny finally said. "All right now, let's get this party started. Charlie boy, take that big dick of yours and put it in your mother's mouth and Tina you get your ass underneath your big sister and eat that pussy you love so much!"

Before Charlie's mom could say a word, Charlie took his big dick and shoved it in her mouth. Tina did not need to be told twice, she immediately began lying underneath her sister eating her lathered up pussy. As bad as Shirley felt the need to be repulsed by the thought of sucking her son's dick; she could not help but be turned on. With Tina expertly licking her pussy, she knew before long she wouldn't be able to hide the fact when she orgasmed.

Johnny's plan was working out a lot better than even he expected. He knew Shirley and her sister were a couple of kinky sluts; but he never would have thought they would be enjoying this. He wanted to humiliate them after everything they had done to him.

He changed his plan quickly and hollered over at Charlie. "Son, have you ever fucked a woman in the ass before?"

Charlie answered. "Hell no, but I'm willing to learn!"

Johnny told him. "Well then boy, take your dick out of your mama's mouth and spin her around and shove it up her ass! Don't worry about lubing up, your mama loves it that way! Tina you better not stop licking that pussy or I will have ole Charlie boy fuck you in the ass too!"

'I might have to do that just to get a piece of his gorgeous meat.' Thought Tina.

Charlie was so excited he snatched his swollen hard dick out of his mother's inviting warm mouth; flipped her around, and in one swift motion before she could object, he started feeding his hard dick in her ass. At first, it only slid in a couple of inches but after a couple of tries, he rammed it all the way up her ass.

"Charlie, Noooooooo! Goddamn that hurts; it feels like you're splitting me in two!" Shirley hollered!

"Give it to her son, make that bitch pay! Give it to her hard and fast, I'll bet she has one tight shitter! She never would let me do that to her, so you be sure and enjoy yourself! While you're doing her, I think I'll give her little sister a try!" Johnny cackled!

Tina screamed! "Oh no you don't, you can humiliate me in a lot of ways but there is no way I'm going to let you fuck me in the ass! That shit hurts too much even for your little dick!"

Johnny just laughed. "From where I'm standing bitch it doesn't look like you have a say in the matter! Now get your ass ready because I am fixing to show you how much hurt my little dick is going to put on your ass!"

"Go to hell you mother fucker, you better not let me live because if you do, I swear I'll get even with you, you no good sonafabitch!" Tina yelled!

With a psychotic laugh; Johnny dropped his pants to the floor and shouted it Tina. "Get ready bitch because I am fixing to give your tight ass a good fucking! The only one getting revenge here tonight is going to be me!"

Tina winced as Johnny started ramming his dick into her ass, it did not hurt as much as she expected. She decided it would be better to go along with him for now so maybe later on he would drop his guard and untie them and she would make her move.

Tina thought. 'If I can get him to untie me, the time will come when I will be able to turn the tables on this prick! I'll make this motherfucker pay for defiling me, but for the time being at least; it's his little dick in my ass and not Charlie's! I believe Charlie's dick would split me apart! Although, Shirley sure seems to be enjoying herself."

As Johnny began to fuck Tina in the ass, Charlie could not help but look at his father and notice the women had not lied; his father's dick was small. It couldn't have been more than 4 1/2 inches long and not even a whole inch around and he was fully hard. Charlie did not know where he had gotten his size from because his dick was at least twice as long and least three and half inches wide. He knew better than to laugh at him though, because if he would do this to the women there was no telling what he would do to him.

Meanwhile, Charlie had built up a good rhythm thrusting into his mother and by her reactions; she was enjoying it. He started thinking to himself. 'Maybe dad was right; mom really does like it rough. She sure seems to be enjoying this. I think maybe I will move things up a notch.'

Shirley could feel Charlie's balls slapping against her ass and while it hurt when he first started fucking her ass; she was feeling nothing but pleasure now. She was even trying to get him deeper into her ass.

Suddenly, Charlie grabbed her by the hair and screeched. "That's right bitch, take my entire big dick up your ass! I am going to fuck you until you're sore! You love it, don't you? When I'm through, you're going to lick your shit off my dick!"

What Charlie did not know was, Shirley loved to be dominated, and his words did nothing but spur her on. She was so caught up in the emotion she yelled back. "Alright you motherfucker, quit fucking talking and show me what you've got! Fuck me in the ass, fuck me hard, and make your mama cum! Mmmmmmmmmmm feels so good! So long, so hard, don't stop, don't ever stop! Make mommy your whore!"

Spurred on by his mother's dirty words; Charlie couldn't hold out longer, he grabbed a hold of his mother's ass and with one last hard thrust he started screaming! "Take it bitch, I'm gonna cum, oh shit, I'm Cumming, feels so good, Cumming so hard!

Shirley was just beginning to orgasm when Charlie started to cum She started screaming! "Noooooooo, not yet! I'm not there yet!" It was too late; Charlie began flooding her ass full of hot cum and collapsed on her backside.

Frustrated by her sister's actions, Tina thought. 'That lucky bitch, here she is getting fucked by a real man and I just have to lay here putting up with this little dicked bastard plowing into my ass. Before this night is over though, I plan to get my revenge.'

Johnny was tickled to death with the way things were going. Charlie had left Shirley frustrated and he was having the time of his life fucking Tina in the ass. He looked over at Charlie's sister, who had squirmed her way up onto the side of her chair and was humping the arm of it as fast as she could. He could take no more after the sight of Charlie's sister and he started shooting his load up Tina's ass.

'The night is still young, what will I do next?' Johnny thought.

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