The Hitchhikers

by Olderneighbor

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Rough, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I was driving home from a holiday when I picked up two girls. My fantasies soon became a reality.

I was driving along highway 101 in northern California, heading back south to home after a few days of visiting friends in Humboldt County. It was springtime and had been a nice few days, hiking through the Redwoods and walking the beach. And I could still take my time going home, as it was still several days before I had to return to work.

By the way, I was 52 years old at the time, a teacher on spring break. I was not as wild as other spring breakers, but I had my moments. Okay, not the sex part I had read and seen about on videos. But I did my share of drinking. As a matter of fact, my last night I had had quite a bit and, even though I was only a few hours into my return trip, already I was considering places to stop for the night.

Perhaps I could get to San Francisco. It would still be early enough to enjoy a little of Fisherman's Wharf, have a drink or two, get to bed early, and get an early start for home. This was a Friday, so I could be home by Saturday and have Sunday as a rest at home before work on Monday. I was such a planner, no matter how I felt.

Not so good this time as usual, however, as I noticed my gas gauge getting low. Very unusual for me to not fill up before leaving town. Somehow this my have been a foreshadow of the weird day it ended up being.

Garberville was coming up, so I decided to get gas there. After filling up, I absentmindedly headed back to the highway. Just as I turned to the entrance, I saw two girls hitchhiking. Without even thinking, I stopped just ahead of them.

I came out of my planning reverie when I saw a couple of people on the side of the road coming up. As I approached, I saw they were two young girls, and they turned around to stick their thumbs out as they heard my truck. On an impulse, I'm sure at least partially driven by my ( adj. )hangover, I stopped.

It was rather rash on my part, not really considering the fact that I was driving a truck which, even though it had an extended cab, it was also piled with my luggage. I was considering my alternatives as one of the girls opened the passenger door.

She quickly surveyed me and my cab, then queried, "Do you expect us to get in the bed of this thing, mister? Look at all this gear up here." I noted her long brunette hair and pretty face.

"Yeah, I know. I guess I wasn't thinking. Sorry."

The other girl showed up on my side and tapped on the window. I lowered it and she gave me a good looking over, it seemed. She had short, blonde hair and a prettier face than the other. Then she also looked at all my stuff in there.

"Damn, Chelsea, he looks safe too. Older is safer, right?"

"Not always, Lisa. I've heard stories. Plus I can see he wants us in his bed." They were acting like I wasn't even there. Then she acknowledged me, "Hey, mister, we really need a ride, so are you a pervert or anything?" That was rather straightforward.

I just smiled and said, "What's the difference? There's no room here, anyhow. But no, I am not a pervert. And I did notice your bed joke, by the way. Funny," I added sardonically. "I suppose if you really need a ride and trust me, I could put most of the stuff in the back. My backpack can fit behind the seat."

"Well, you look okay, I guess, and we really do want to get to San Francisco today some time, don't we Lisa? What do you think?" I thought I detected a sly smile cross her face as she finished the question.

Lisa still looked a little unsure, but Chelsea had already started to move my stuff, so she asked me, "Is there room for my backpack behind the seat too, mister? I have my laptop in it." I took it with a smile and placed it carefully next to mine.

Seemingly reassured now, Chelsea climbed in first, next to me. "Come on, Lisa, there's two of us so we'll be fine. Plus you know my intuition, and I can tell it will be great for all of us." Again, I thought I detected a sly smile with that last statement, along with what I took as a suggestive tone. "Now get in, for Christ sake." As Lisa sat, I noticed Chelsea give her a reassuring pat on her thigh. Then I thought I saw more of a sensual squeeze there as well.

What could I be getting into here? I wondered now what if they were lesbians? Or what if I am the one in danger? And why didn't I get gas before I left? "Well, mister, we'll never get there if you don't start driving." That got me out of my worried thoughts.

Chelsea sure could ask questions. She asked if I was staying in San Francisco (answer-haven't decided), have I been there before (yes), where was I coming from and who was I with? (Eureka with friends), a girlfriend? (no), would I consider sharing a room in San Francisco (what?).

"What the heck? You were just considering whether or not I was a pervert, and now you're asking me if I'll share a motel room with you two?"

"Not a sleazy motel now, mind you. I was thinking more like the Holiday Inn right in Fisherman's Wharf. It isn't too expensive, well except you need to pay parking too, but it is nice. And there is a bar right across the street, with food and everything. Damn, I'm hungry." Like I said, she could talk and ask questions and confuse the heck out of me, while still wondering if I should be scared.

My head was spinning, but was able to reply, "I have been to that Holiday Inn. It is nice." I glanced at her now, quizzically, and I'm guessing my look of confusion must have turned to surprise. Chelsea was definitely rubbing Lisa's leg. Trying to ignore that and remembering she mentioned hunger, I stammered, "Would you like to pick up some lunch?"

"That would be great. There's a little town coming up with a cute sandwich store. We could pick up food and go somewhere for a little picnic. Doesn't that sound fun, Lisa? Oh, I know just the place where we can go too. Oh, my, mister, we don't even know your name. But I sense safe easily and like you. Don't you like him too, Lisa?"

Lisa finally gets a word in, "Yes, I think I like him too. So what is your name, mister?"

"My name is Steve, and I like you both as well. So you're both comfortable picking up lunch and going somewhere?"

Chelsea again, "Nice to meet you, Steve. And frankly, I was a little worried about you being comfortable with us. I know you saw me rubbing Lisa's leg, like this."

"Chelsea, give the guy a break. You are always trying to cause embarrassment. Oh, shit, stop it." I glanced to see Chelsea had just rubbed Lisa's crotch. "Sorry, Steve, she has been like this all morning, the horny bitch."

"Me horny? What about you, Lisa? Okay, I'll stop, or Steve may have an accident or two. Isn't that right, Steve?" She then suddenly put her hand on my crotch. "Yeap, I better stop for sure. He's a little hard, Lisa. (giggle) Oh, there's the sandwich place. Damn, almost missed it with my silly playing."

I had to break pretty hard to pull in. Luckily, no one was behind me. "Jesus, Chelsea. We could have had an accident there." At least that caused my erection to soften so I could comfortably get out of the truck.

I guess Chelsea didn't know I was already close to them, or she didn't care, when I overheard her whisper to Lisa, "He feels pretty big, Lisa." They both giggled as we approached the shop. Lesbians this ruled out, I hoped, but perhaps bi-sexual? Maybe my not getting gas could be a good thing?

Now I got a better look at both of them as they walk side by side in front of me. They were both wearing short, tight, shorts, both with excellent butts. Chelsea was the taller one, looking quite tall when next to the very short Lisa, even though she wasn't. My guess for Lisa was 5 foot only.

Lisa's legs seemed more athletic next to Chelsea's longer ones. In fact, her thighs looked downright powerful as did her rather muscular calves. I thought back to Chelsea's hand rubbing that bare skin. How nice would that feel! In contrast, Chelsea's legs seemed soft and less shapely, but very nice in their own way. Definitely, both were very sexy young women.

Inside, we grabbed a sandwich each, a bag of chips to share, and a soda apiece. Chelsea slightly objected when I handed the lady my money to pay, "Steve, we can get our own. After all, you are doing the driving."

"No, no, I've got it. Besides, it has been a long time since I've had the opportunity to treat a couple of good-looking young ladies," I insisted, glancing at each of them. Lisa's tits were bigger too, pushing against a tight, button-down blue blouse. I could not quite tell about Chelsea's, somewhat hidden by a loose t-shirt. Or maybe I did not look as close?

"Okay, just drive out of town a few miles now, I think. There is a redwood grove, forget the name, but we should be able to find a nice place there to picnic. Nice and secluded, would you prefer, Steve?" Chelsea queried. "Oh, I don't know why I'm asking. That's what Lisa and I prefer, so you're just stuck with that."

Lisa leaned forward, I noticed, to view my response, "Not at all, ladies. The more secluded the better, as far as I'm concerned." Both girls smiled somewhat connivingly at one another as I interpreted.

"There it comes, Steve. See, I was paying attention this time, even though my hands are itching to get at Lisa," she laughed. I could not help but think that I, too, had an itch as well.

We parked at the head of a trail leading into the redwoods, and soon we were walking deep amongst the tall trees. We passed several people, but I was a little surprised there were not more considering the beautiful day it was. Not that that bothered me at all.

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