Saul & His Ex Meet Ronnie Levine
Chapter 1: The Meeting

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Rape, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Superhero, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, White Couple, Hispanic Male, Hispanic Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality, Voyeurism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Meeting - Saul and his ex-wife Lynda meet Ronnie Levine, the SoCal distributor of superheroine equipment and find out what Saul's wife Mona is really like. First chapter is a little slow with sex but it will get better.

When Mona had left Saul at the club he had moved into the bar and gotten a drink as he considered his wife. He loved her totally and felt his cock stirring as he recalled their last session in bed and the story she had told of one of her defeats and gang rape by the men she had attempted to arrest.

Ever since their home invasion and his wife's rape by the 4 men, right in front of him, then his finding she was the superheroine Blonde Avenger, she had spiced up their sex life with her stories of past rapes and other depraved sexual activity. He had to admit that he had really enjoyed watching the invaders rape his trophy wife, and the way she had demonstrated she had enjoyed it, by having numerous orgasms.

Thinking of that last marathon fuck session reminded him that he had asked about the power belt she had and where she had obtained it. He remembered she said there was a creep named Ronnie Levine, a dirty, despicable man, who owned the only Southern California superheroine supply source.

He called to the bartender for another drink and the phone book. Quickly scanning the yellow pages without luck, he went to the white pages and found it. Ronnie's House of Supplies had an address that matched the strip center location Mona had said the place was in. Noting the exact address he signed his check and left the club. He climbed into his silver Jaguar and headed for the address.

Unnoticed by Saul, his ex-wife Lynda had just parked her powder blue BMW Z-3 convertible and saw him leave the club. Intrigued, she decided to forget lunch and see where he was going. He had left the club with a determined step and she didn't think he was going home or to his office. She had been thinking of how to get more revenge on that new trophy wife her ex-husband had ever since their divorce and his marriage to Mona. She had started to collect some revenge at Uncle Archie's house and wanted more.

She followed him across town and saw him pull into a dingy strip center. A moment later she realized it was the one the PI she had hired to follow Mona, said the bitch had visited on a number of occasions, always going to the same second floor office, Ronnie's House of Exotic Supplies. She had intended to come and see why Mona had been there but never gotten around to it. He had also warned her that the owner, a Mr. Ronnie Levine, was a dirty little womanizer, trying to fuck every woman he came in contact with.

From reports he had from some of those women, the little turd was very good at eating pussy and once his mouth fastened on you down there, you were lost. If his tongue touched your cunt, you gave him anything he wanted, did anything he wanted, and according to reports, many women came back for repeat visits and degradations.

That report hadn't bothered her a bit. In fact it meant she could get anything she wanted out of him, if she dressed right and teased him what get what she wanted. However, his mouth wouldn't get near her pussy until after she had the information she wanted. Then it was just business, I get what I want, you get what you want. Besides, how ugly could he really be?

She parked in the nearly deserted lot and checked her makeup, perfect. Luckily she had been dressed to tease for the club. She was wearing a baby blue thong with marching bra and garter belt, navy blue stockings and white low cut, short skirted mini dress and white knee high boots with a 5 inch heel. She was confident she could get any information she wanted, and Ronnie Levine would see anything he wanted, dressed in this outfit. Lynda watched Saul bound up the steps and enter a door in the center of the second floor with Ronnie's House of Exotic Supplies painted on the big window next to it. She got out of her car and started for the office.

Saul had entered the office and stopped. The stench in the office was incredible and trash was everywhere. Didn't this man ever bathe or clean up? As the little man in the rumpled suit approached him, the smell got worse, almost gagging Saul. His ex-wife's rich uncle Archibald Weiss a filthy and dirty man in his own rite, smelled clean next to this pig.

"Are you Ronnie Levine?" Saul asked. Upon the little man's nod he said, "I'm Saul Fineberg, Mona, the Blonde Avenger's husband." Dollar signs exploded before Ronnie's eyes. He knew the name from the society pages of the San Diego papers but had never really placed the Mona in the pictures with him, as the Mona he knew.

"Please have a seat, sir" Ronnie said gesturing to a chair. "How can I help you?"

"Mona bought a power belt from you. I'd like to get another one for her as a spare if possible. How much are they?" Saul asked as he removed his wallet and pulled a credit card out.

"Mona has a top of the line belt," Ronnie answered, "They cost $10,000." Saul's head jerked up.

"How much?" Saul asked, puzzled.

"$10, 000," Ronnie repeated.

"When did she buy this?" he asked. Ronnie thought for a moment.

"About eight months ago" he answered.

"Eight months?" Saul thought, that was before the end of his pre-nuptial agreement with Mona. Where did she get $10,000?

"How did she pay for the belt?" Saul asked. Ronnie hesitated before answering.

"I'm sorry sir, she is my customer, or client as you lawyers prefer, and that is privileged information." Saul thought for a moment and then extracted 5 $100 bills from his wallet and fanned them out on Ronnie's desk.

"Mr. Levine, I'd like to hire you to discover how my wife paid for her power belt." Neither man had heard the door open before this last exchange and jumped as a female said,

"Put your money away Saul, I'll handle this." Both men looked and Ronnie's jaw dropped at the sight of the woman in his office doorway. She reached down and pulled her already short skirt up until the crotch of her panties peeked out, closed the door, locked it and started for his desk. "I'm Lynda Fineberg, Saul's ex-wife."

The woman continued toward Ronnie's desk as the weasel of a man started at her baby blue covered crotch. He had quickly assessed her as not being in Mona's league for looks or body, but she wasn't far out of it either. Saul Fineberg was a lucky man to have had this fine, sexier than hell broad as his wife before Mona.

Lynda walked behind Ronnie's desk and pushed his chair back, then sat on the edge of the desk. She then raised her legs, motioned Ronnie forward and stopped him while she put her feet on his chair, on either side of him. He legs were wide spread and Ronnie could see nothing but panty covered beaver. The way the bottom of the crotch disappeared, he knew she had a thong on.

"Now then, how did Mona pay for the power belt, baby?" she cooed as she reached down and pulled her the crotch of her panties a little to the side.

"She put out in trade," Ronnie gasped, eyes riveted on Lynda's hand, his mind praying she pull it aside some more. Lynda pulled it further aside, exposing one pussy lip.

In trade, how?" she asked.

"She worked a couple parties for me as a sex entertainer" Ronnie croaked out. "Oh baby, please pull that the rest of the way aside. " Saul had replaced his money in his wallet and come around to watch Lynda's exhibition.

"Tell us the details," Lynda said and moved the crotch all the way off her shaved snatch, leaving her cunt on full display for Ronnie's eyes. She moved a finger to her pussy and pulled up, just above her clit, causing it to emerge and be on display for Ronnie. Her other hand came down and a finger parted her lips and poised at the opening into her vaginal cavity. Ronnie knew she was offering to finger fuck that cunt if she liked the story and he wanted to see this.

"She went to a 14 year olds birthday party and fucked and sucked the birthday boy, his father, and stepmother. They got to beat on her and fuck her nearly senseless and then she gave the boy a farewell blowjob and swallowed the results of it while sitting a cab with the driver watching," Ronnie said as he watched the finger slip halfway inside Lynda's cunt. Lynda pulled out, grabbed Ronnie's hand and brought it to the juncture of her legs.

"Help yourself baby, but how much did she get paid for the party? Also, how much did she need?" she asked as she leaned back and offered her cunt to him. Ronnie sank two fingers into her, withdrew then, sniffed then, and then sucked them clean. He reinserted the fingers and then looked up at Lynda as he began pistoning them in and out of her fast dampening slit.

"$3,000 for that gig, out of the $14,000 she needed," he replied as Lynda started to respond to his fingers and wriggled around on his desk.

"Of course you get a commission," she said.

"Of course, the belt was $10,000 and my commission was $4,000." Ronnie had leaned forward as he talked and finally was close enough to stick out his tongue and take a good lick of the crotch before him.

"OOOHH," she moaned in response to his tongue and then remembered the warnings. "That's later," she said as she pushed his head back from her crotch. "Now, how did she earn the other $11,000?"

"Another superheroine and Mona went to a gangbang and let 8 men fuck the shit out of them, beat on them and then performed a girl-girl show for them so that Mona could get $4,000," Ronnie said as his free hand unzipped his pants, freed his cock and began stroking on it.

"That's still only $7,000 out of $14,000, and why would the other superheroine let her have the entire amount?" Lynda asked as she eyed Ronnie's large cock. She caught his eyes and slowly licked her lips and then let him see her look back to his cock.

"The other bimbo had gone down to TJ and done a Donkey fuck/suck show to earn her money for her belt. She fucked a donkey and sucked two more off to get hers, so she let Mona have the entire fee," Ronnie said, carefully not mentioning the other superheroine was Mona's daughter. Maybe he could get extra for that information.

"Okay, but where did the rest of the money come from," Lynda asked as she slide off the desk onto her knees and licked on Ronnie's cock. Saul, whose own cock was rock hard as his mind played out the scenes of his wife's sexual activity, lost it and shot his load of cum into his BVD's at Ronnie's response.

"She went to Tijuana for a donkey show for the other $7, 000," Ronnie blurted as Lynda took his entire cock into her mouth and deep throated him. "Oh God baby, that feels good," he moaned. Since Lynda's mouth was full of cock, Saul asked the next question.

"You mean the one superheroine got $14,000 for going to Tijuana, but my wife only got $7,000? Why the fuck was that?" he demanded.

"The first bimbo performed in the arena in front of thousands of Mexicans and your wife refused to do that. I offered her that gig to earn all the money at once but she refused. She did a private party with only 6 attendees, although she sucked them off one at a time, while 3 different donkeys fucked her. Then a couple of whores and she gave all 6 men hand jobs but they all shot their cum on your wife," as he groaned, then protested as Lynda pulled her mouth off his cock and quickly stroked it twice and allowed his cum to shoot over her shoulder as she leaned aside so it would miss landing on her.

"That wasn't fair," he pouted as she released his cock, got off the floor and went around in front of his desk and sat in a chair. Saul laughed at his cock teasing ex and shook his head in amazement.

"Still afraid of getting cum in your mouth?" he asked as he returned to the front of the desk and sat in the other chair.

"I'm only particular who's cum gets into my mouth or on me," she replied. "He hasn't earned that privilege yet."

"Mona doesn't have that problem, does she, Saul?" Ronnie pouted and then smiled at her when he saw her reaction to his comment that Mona was better than her.

"So my wife whored herself out to earn her belt, is that it?" Saul asked.

"That's about it," Ronnie replied nodding his head.

"Poor baby, to be cuckolded by that slut of a wife you have," Lynda sneered at her ex-husband. Saul looked at her, stood, and unfastened his pants and let them fall to his ankles.

"Does that look like I'm upset?" he asked her, pointing at the wet stain on his shorts. "I got hard listening to her sexcapades and blew my load when he said she went to Tijuana and fucked donkeys to earn half her money." Leaving his pants down, he sat back down.

"Okay, my wife and another woman are willing to fuck donkeys and each other for money?" he asked the sleazeball as his mind raced.

"Correct, at that time they were both willing to fuck in Tijuana and here in San Diego, for cash. I think they both came into money or found another agent to get them gigs because I haven't heard from them in a while," Ronnie lamented as he thought of the two super fine bodies he hadn't had in a while, nor had they earned him any money.

"My ex-husband ended the pre-nuptial agreement they had so she now has access to half his money, that's why she doesn't need it now," Lynda spat out.

"It doesn't matter; I know how to get my wife to tell me about the donkey show, without letting her know I already am aware of it. I just need you to see what this whore master would want to use his location and donkeys for a private party and what it costs for you to get the other woman to agree to a show." Saul said as he thought.

"What show?" Lynda and Ronnie asked together.

"Where's the location in Tijuana?" Saul asked Ronnie.

"My friend Pedro owns the largest whorehouse there and has a number of mules and donkeys there. He even has some who have been bred for larger cocks trained for sex with women," Ronnie replied.

"He knows both women, since they have performed there, right?" Saul asked. "And does he have 4 monster cocked mules?"

"Of course he knows them; they have even sucked him off as part of the deal to perform there. I'd have to ask to verify how many special mules he has."

"Ask. Now." Saul said. Ronnie looked at him, saw he was serious and picked up the phone and called Pedro.

"Hey Amigo," he said when Pedro answered. "It's me, Ronnie and I need to ask you a few questions."

"Si, Ronnie my friend," Pedro replied, "But first, when can I get those delightful whores back down here to service my mules? They miss their Anglo bitches."

"That's the purpose of my call. I need to know how many of the special size cock mules you have and what it would cost for a private party with them down there. Before you ask, it's the first superheroine, Red Ryder, and Mona, the Blonde Avenger who will be working the party." Ronnie answered and heard the shout of glee from across the border.

"REALLY!!! GOD DAMN MY FRIEND!!! You got them both, together, to work a party?" the Mexican whoremaster gushed.

"I have a request for them, not a commitment from them," he said and looked at Saul. Saul understanding the look, nodded. "Mona's husband is the party that is requesting it and he says he can guarantee she will agree to do it. Then I just have to convince the other superheroine slut."

"But she is the others mother, surely the daughter will do the show if her mother asks," Pedro complained, thinking he might only get one.

"I will do my best for both but how much for your place and how many big cocked mules do you have? You still haven't answered that," Ronnie said. Saul, tired of this held his hand out for the phone. Ronnie looked at him and hurriedly told Pedro "Mr. Saul Fineberg wants to talk to you amigo." He then handed the phone to Saul. Pedro smiled; he knew how to talk to rich Americanos.

"Pedro, I have two questions for you and I want immediate answers, do you understand?" he barked. Pedro was taken aback at this man's tone.

"Si Senor Fineberg, I understand." Pedro rapidly answered. He needed to placate this man if he wanted this party and to see that mother-daughter team do his mules, there were other really filthy donkey shows in town where this man could take the two bitches to see them get fucked.

"Fine, number one, how many large cocked mules do you have, or could they each perform two – three times in one night? The second question is, would you like these two women to suck you off again and would you like to fuck them before the mules get them? In other words, do you want to fuck my wife?" Saul asked.

"Si Senor, I have six of the mules you want and if I feed them mule Viagra they could fuck 2-3 times each that night. Yes Senor, I would like to fuck your wife and the other heroine also," Pedro admitted.

"Fine, at the party both women will perform orally on you, swallow that load, and fuck your balls dry again before the mule show. I need two mules for each woman, one for her to fuck and one to suck off. I then need two mules to fuck each woman as they eat each other's pussy. Would you enjoy that?" Saul asked.

"Si Senor, I very much want to see that," Pedro responded.

"Fine, we will need an area large enough for this all to happen and my supplying these two women for the party, means you will supply the mules and location for the sex you'll get and the show they'll put on and I'll give you $1,000 cash. Do we have a deal? If not I can go to another mule fucking show and get their mules to rent, probably for the price of watching the show." Saul negotiated. It took Pedro 5 seconds to make up his mind.

"Si Senor, you tell me when and I'll have everything ready for you, goodbye." Pedro hung up and considered what he had agreed to. "Hell," he muttered, "I'd would have paid him and given location and the mules for free, to fuck his wife and step daughter and watch their show."

"Okay, we have the location and the mules and one sex partner for them, now you need to get the second aboard," Saul said as he looked at Ronnie.

"I'll contact the other whore and ask her to do the job with Mona but, how high can I go in the negotiations for her ass and what's my commission for your deal, Mr. Fineberg?" Ronnie asked. Before Saul could reply both men looked at Lynda as she spoke.

"You get no commission on our deal, Ronnie," she said as she got out of her chair and pulled her dress up to her waist as she went around Ronnie's desk again. The sight of Ronnie's hard cock surprised her. Normally when she drained a cock, it stayed drained for a while. She pushed Ronnie away from his desk again, crawled onto his lap and grabbed his cock. Raising off him a bit she guided it to her cunt and sat down, taking the entire length in one plunge.

"OH SWEET JESUS!!!" Ronnie cried as his cock was engulfed in Lynda's warmth. "FUCK ME BABY!!!" Lynda began to rise and fall on his cock, her cuntal muscles squeezing his shaft, milking it.

"This whore of yours fucked a donkey and sucked two others off for a $10,000 power belt. You will offer her that same $10,000 to make herself available to the cocks of three mules, Pedro, yourself, and Saul. You will tell her she will eat my cunt and Mona's as well because Mona will be doing the show with her again. You will not mention Saul or my name, refer to us as clients. Now, who is the other whore beside Mona?" Lynda asked.

"Red Ryder," Ronnie moaned as this bitch milked his cock with her cunt.

"No, what's her real name?" Lynda asked as she stopped riding him.

"I can't answer that," Ronnie moaned, hoping she wouldn't crawl off his cock over his answer. She did, but dropped to her knees and stroked his cock with her hand.

"I'm going to suck this again. If you haven't answered my question before your cock swells to explode again, I will pull off and leave you hanging there." Lynda's head dropped and she began to deep throat his member.

"Oh God," Ronnie moaned. He looked across the desk at Saul. "It's Margie," he said as he felt his cum begin to erupt. True to her word Lynda stayed on his cock and began swallowing the results of her work.

"What? Margie? Mona's daughter?" Saul asked incredulously. "You mean Margie is the Red Ryder from Tijuana and the girl-girl action at the gangbang?"

"Uh huh, Margie, Mona's daughter is Red Ryder, oh shit that feels good. I know Mona can give a mean bj and fucks like a mink, but why did you divorce this one?" Ronnie asked. Both Saul and Lynda realized Ronnie had just admitted to having fucked Mona and getting a blowjob from her. Satisfied he was drained and with his cock shrinking in her mouth, Lynda pulled her head back off Ronnie's cock and stood up. Some escaped cum was on her chin and both men watched her lick it up.

"So you've fucked Mona, how about Margie?" Lynda asked as she pulled her dress down after straightening her thong.

"Yes, I call it a sweetener payment for getting them the job," Ronnie admitted. Lynda came around the desk to find her ex stroking a hard cock. He was thinking of how he had lusted after Mona's daughter and wanted to fuck that cunt, now it looked like he'd get his chance. He was surprised she was a donkey fucker but hey, her mother was. Like mother like daughter he thought, so now it would really be like mother like daughter, with Margie sucking his cock and him ramming it deep into her ass and cunt because she probably had the 3 clits like her mother and would be just as big a fuck slut as Mona was for him, once he got her going.

Lynda hesitated for a moment and then went and crawled in his lap and buried his cock in her. She began riding her ex as she looked him in the eye.

"So how are you going to get your wife and step daughter to go to Tijuana and do this?" she gasped as she felt an orgasm coming on. "Oh fuck Saul ... I'm cumming! Fuck me you asshole, pump that cock into my cunt and fuck me!" Saul obliged and pumped his hips up off the chair as he fucked his ex wife and then he too erupted, and fired his second load of the afternoon deep into his ex's cunt.

"Oh Lynda," he moaned as his ex wife milked him for all she was worth. "You're going to help." Lynda finished milking him and then calmed from her own orgasm as she considered this.

"How can I help?" She asked as she straightened her clothes and again took her chair.

"Mona goes crazy during sex. It doesn't matter what kind of sex, she cums from having a cock in her body, no matter where," he explained, but not saying why she so easily orgasmed. "So I'm going to get her on her back and mount her head and have her suck me. When she is properly warmed I'll signal you and you'll come in and lick her clit. My body will block her view of who's between her legs so she won't know it's you yet. I'm going to tell her a friend mentioned going to a donkey show in Tijuana and watching donkeys fuck women, including a superheroine from here in America. I'm going to ask her if she's ever done anything with animals and then slide down and titty fuck her so that she can answer.

She'll tell me the truth, she tells me about her superheroine sexexploits during our sex sessions. As she continues to cum on your tongue I'll tell her I'd like her to go to Tijuana and do that if she ever gets the chance and then come home and tell me about it. I'll then change places with you and ram my cock into her cunt and you can sit on her face. She'll freely lick you and get you off. The next day I'll call Ronnie so that he can call her and make the offer. She'll jump on it to please me and if Ronnie asks her to talk to Margie about it as the client wants them both, I'm sure she'll convince her daughter to go."

"We'll offer them $10,000 each for the show, but I intend to identify myself when they're both in an orgasm induced high and get the money back. Pedro and Ronnie will get to fuck and be sucked off by the three of you for their payment, so I don't have to pay Pedro and this won't cost a penny. Don't look at me like that. You just sucked Ronnie off and rode his cock to get information out of him. You're just as big a slut as my wife and step daughter appear to be."

Lynda had looked at Saul at his mention of Ronnie and Pedro using her body also, but he did have a point. She would do what was needed to get what she wanted, and she wanted to see this show. Hell, the idea of a donkey didn't sound as bad now as it first had. She wanted to see Mona and her daughter fucked by them and was willing to do the other two men to ensure she was there to see it. Hell, if it looked like a good fuck, she might even do one of the donkeys.

Unknown to her the two men in the office with her had already made up their minds, she'd be fucking donkeys and maybe other animals that night.

"Ok, I think that takes care of everything except getting the two women on board. Mona had an appointment this afternoon and is staying at Margie's tonight. I want you to come over at 10 tomorrow night, back door will be unlocked for you, and we'll get Mona set up for Ronnie then. Hopefully Margie signs on when Mona calls her and we'll get a date set up for this all to take place, then." Finishing, Saul stood, pulled his pants up and fastened them, then walked to the door. As he unlocked it, he turned to his ex.

"Coming?" he asked.

"No, Ronnie's tongue felt good on my cunt. I think I'll see if he can talk me into letting him do that again," she replied as she smiled at Ronnie.

"Okay honey. Good to see you're turning into a real slut, just like all divorced women do."

"Oh fuck," Ronnie thought as his cock leapt to attention. "I get my tongue on you bitch, and the donkeys will get your pussy also." He watched Lynda cross to the door to relock it, and couldn't take his eyes off her ass. "Bitch, I'm gonna eat your cunt and then fuck your ass. I'll withdraw and have you suck my shit covered cock until it's clean and firing my cum into your belly."

Lynda got the door locked and returned to the rear of Ronnie's desk, put her feet on his chair and pulled her thong aside.

"There you go baby, eat your fill. Make me cum, you disgusting pig," she said and waited. Ronnie slid out of his chair and knelt between her legs. He leaned forward and then his tongue licked a path from her ass hole to her clit. He heard her moan as he returned to the starting point and repeated the tongue lashing but stopped at her clit after five passes up her slit and fastened his lips there, and sucked her clit in and then ran his tongue tip on the head of her clit as he sucked. It took 15 seconds for her ass to come off his desk and thrust her crotch into his face.

"Oh fuck, yes! YES!! Eat me you little rodent, eat my cunt and tongue fuck me," she cried as she ground into his face and her ass rotated in the air above the desk. Ronnie, taking her at her word began his customary pussy eating. The slurping and sloshing sounds coming from her crotch further inflamed Lynda's libido. "Oh God," she thought, "The PI was right. My ass belongs to this little fucked up excuse for a man. I'll do anything; let him have me anyway, as long as that mouth stays where it is." As Ronnie took Lynda over the top and made her cum a second time, he pulled back from her.

"NO! DON'T STOP!!" she screamed and Ronnie smiled.

Off the desk and bend over it" he ordered. In an orgasm induced fog, Lynda did as ordered. Ronnie grabbed his erect cock and ran it deep into her soaking wet love channel.

"Oh yes, fuck me'" Lynda gasped. "Pound that fat cock of yours up my cunt." Ronnie obeyed and slid the head of his cock into the bitch. Lynda pushed back, forcing 6 inches of cock up her fuck chute. Ronnie allowed her to fuck herself on his rod and it continued to lubricate. Then, on a forward movement by Lynda, he pulled back and repositioned himself. Lynda, surprised by the lack of cock in her body, froze.

"Come on baby, fuck me" she howled.

"Your wish is my command," Ronnie replied and thrust forward. Four inches of cock slammed her sphincter open and brought a cry of pain from her.

"NO! STOP! Please, not my ass" she pleaded as Ronnie withdrew until only the head was left in her. He then slammed forward and got all his cock up her ass and felt his balls slap into her cunt. "Please, stop" she moaned.

"Your ass is mine, baby" he replied as he began thrusting in and out of his newest fuck-mate. "I'll stop when I'm ready." He continued pumping into her ass until the cries of protest turned to cries of joy and the begging to stop became begs to continue.

"Oh fuck yes," she moaned. "Fuck my ass baby, slam it home and paint my bowels with your cum." Ronnie took another half dozen plunges to the hilt in her ass and withdrew,

"On your knees, bitch" he growled and Lynda immediately turned around and slid to her knees. Knowing what he wanted, she pulled his cock to her mouth and started to suck. She tasted herself on him but continued to suck, cleaning her shit from his cock. She had never sucked Saul's cock after anal sex but had tasted her pussy while cleaning men after vaginal sex. The taste was stronger now but she happily continued to clean him until she felt the cock throb and then he flooded her oral cavity and throat with his offering. She hurriedly swallowed, making room for the second blast and then the third. Finally Ronnie's spurts ended and dried up. Lynda knelt there, wanting more.

"Straighten your clothes and get out of here" Ronnie told her as he collapsed into his chair. "If you want more, come back in the morning and have a purple ensemble on" he added. Lynda finally got to her feet, arranged her clothing and went to the door. She unlocked and then opened it and stepped through. She turned back to Ronnie resting in his chair.

"I'll be back" she purred and left. On the way to her car she considered what purple outfits she had to wear for him.

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