Bringing the Family Together

by Wayne Gibbous

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Ma/mt, mt/mt, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My husband caught our twin sons masturbating each other. It was the last time they ever did that, I can guarantee you. After that, they had better things to do; me, their mother.

Chapter 1

There are books on parenting but, trust me, they don't cover everything. Not even near.

This all started one night when my husband, Mel, woke up, hearing some noise and went to investigate. I was only vaguely aware of his leaving the room but, after a while, I went, myself, to investigate as there were still sounds I couldn't identify.

As soon as I went in the hall, I knew it was from one of our boy's rooms. We have twin boys, they're fraternal, and just turned sixteen two months earlier. I went down the hall toward the dim light and looked in Andy's room.

To my great surprise, there was Andy sitting in a circle with his brother, Randy, and their father and they were all naked and masturbating each other. Yes, you read that correctly. A circle-jerk, I remember it being called.

I stood there a few minutes as they each worked on the one next to him and then Mel looked up at me as he was stroking Randy and laughed. "Hi, hon, the boys and I were just having a little guy-fun. Come watch if you want."

Now while Mel was relaxed about it, my sons quickly let go of their partner and tried to cover up.

Maybe I should stop for a moment and tell you a little more about the four of us.

I'm Jenna, a thirty-seven year old mother of twins, Randy and Andy. Yes, we did name them that, though, if we were doing it over again, I suspect we might use different names. Even though I'm pushing my forty-mark, I still look pretty good. I weigh four pounds more than I did when I graduated from high school, have short auburn hair, blue-gray eyes, nice complexion, five foot-five, and a figure that still gets me looked at. For the guys reading this, they're 34-C. Oh, and still pretty firm and nice. You'd like them. (I'm also a bit of a tease.)

Mel is thirty-nine, hates the name, Melvin, is six-one, one seventy-three, the last I knew, brown wavy hair, hazel eyes, solid body and, for the ladies, seven and a fraction and nicely thick. (Yes, you'd like it, I sure do.)

Mel and I met and began dating in high school, so we've known each other a long time. We started having sex about a month after we began dating and we haven't even slowed down.

My husband has always been relaxed and eager when it comes to sex and I've slowly become much more at ease with sex as the years have gone by. I even have a thong bikini that I've worn on vacation knowing I'm getting lots and lots of leers. I love it.

I also love knowing that my son's friends call me a MILF and, yes, I know what it means. I love it.

Our sons, well, they're five-seven, each with short brown hair, cute grins (at least their Mother thinks so), nice bods and, I think they're still virgins, both of them.

So, back to the circle-jerk.

I've told you that I'm much less inhibited now so, as I became aware of what was going on in my son's room, I answered, "Is this guys only or can girls join in?"

"There are no rules that I know of, hon, I just came down to see what was going on and the boys, well, they were getting each other off, shall we say, and, um, I just decided I'd join in. Haven't done anything like this since I was their age. Tell your mother what you told me, boys."

"Well, we each started doing it to ourselves back when we lived in the first house," Randy said. "And, being in the same bedroom, well, we knew we were each doing it, then, one night, well, we just decided to do each other."

"But, we're not gay, Mom, this is all we do. We wouldn't do this if we had girlfriends," Andy quickly added.

"So, we're all kinda horny, hon, wanna join in?" my sweet husband asked.

"Can we do it in our room, we've got the king-sized bed, okay?"

Well, I'd said it, hadn't I? That meant getting naked and masturbating in front of my sons. Oh, well, just think of it as advanced sex-ed, I thought to myself as we all went back down the hall and the guys got on our bed.

I did get a look at my sons' erect cocks and they were pretty mature, each about six inches or so and, once they were over the shock of discovery, all quite erect again.

"I guess it's time for Mom to get naked, huh?" I asked and I pulled off the long teeshirt I normally wore to bed and pulled my panties down and off.

"Oh, Mom, you're hotter than I even thought," said Andy as he began to stroke himself as he looked at me. Randy also began moving his fist back and forth.

Think what you will, it was a massive turn-on for me. I could feel my pussy get warm and very wet. Yes, I was turned-on and now, my boys knew that their mother shaved her pussy nice and bare.

"So, are we doing each other in a circle or just doing ourselves?" Mel asked.

It was me, yes, I said, "Let's do each other, it's what you were doing when I came in. Who wants me?"

It was Randy who shyly raised his hand. Maybe I had named him properly. Then his brother said, softly, "Um, Mom, maybe you could do me?"

Well, well. It's always nice to know you're still desirable even if it's from your own sons. Maybe especially if it's your own sons.

We all got on the bed, I kept seeing my two boys trying to discretely get a view of their mom between her legs so I didn't at all try to hide the fact.

I had one of my boys on either side as I lay on my side raising my hand to wrap my fingers around Andy's cock and give it a gentle squeeze.

I raised my knee, opening myself to Randy who asked, "I've never done a girl, Mom, how should I do it?"

Well, I decided that, indeed, perhaps it was a good opportunity for a little advanced sex-ed as I asked my husband, "Hon, should you show your sons how to pleasure a woman?"

He agreed and we moved up to the headboard which I leaned back against, knees up and spread open, knowing my sons were fascinated by their mom's pussy.

"Okay, guys, you can see Mom's already wet, not surprising, see?" as he dragged his finger across my cleft. "Why don't you both see?" and each son moved closer and ran their finger up the slit between my legs.

"Take a taste, I think you'll find your mother is a tasty lady," and they did it again, each boy taking my juices from his finger into his mouth.

"Yeah, nice," said Randy, always the more adventuresome.

"Now, you boys have heard about the clit, right? The clitoris?" They shook their heads up and down. "Okay, see, um, right here? There, that little white knobby thing, that's the clit. Very sensitive but very excitable. Lick it, suck it softly, even a little soft nibbling, but it does hurt pretty easily. Here, wet your finger like this and rub around it," and he put his finger in his mouth, then circled my clit around and around.

"Mmm," I murmured as each boy took his own turn.

"The pussy lips are also very sensitive, they love to be touched and rubbed and licked. Most of a woman's feeling is right there," as he gently rubbed my pussy, then bent over and licked me up and down as I spread even farther.

"Have a turn, guys," Mel offered as each son bent in to taste and tongue me. It was, I think, the most erotic and stimulating thing I've ever felt. My two boys pleasuring me sexually with their mouths, something I'd never really dreamed about but, now that it was happening, well, perhaps you think I'm awful, but as they were each licking me, I was hoping it would never end.

Andy had gone first, then Randy who just kept licking me until his father said we needed to move on.

"Now, up inside, there's less feeling and it feels better being stroked, either by your finger or by your cock. Why don't you each try your middle finger, um, like this," as he slid his finger up into me and began finger-fucking me as I leaned my head back and closed my eyes.

Then, I felt him leave me as another finger slid up inside and began stroking in and out.

"Mmm, is that you, Andy?" I asked, my eyes still closed.

"Yes, Mom," I heard from between my legs. Then that finger left me and other entered and began pleasuring me, my Randy.

Oh, he was rubbing his thumb across my clit as he fingered me. He's such a love and it felt so good. I could have let him do that the rest of the night but Mel said, "Okay, I think the lessons are over, let's all have some fun."

I was having fun, of course, but I was also ready for more. We each took our places again as I took hold of Andy's cock and began stroking him while I raised my leg up for Randy to lay his head down on my lower thigh. Then, I felt his tongue as an electric current zoomed from my pussy all across my body. Oh, it was so sexy. My son licking me. It sexed me up so much and so quickly that I leaned up and took Andy's cock in my mouth getting an immediate groan out of him.

"Mmm, oh, Mom," he groaned as I sucked and ran my tongue around the soft, velvety crown of his cock. I was already eager to taste his cum and see how it might be different from his father's whose I've sampled so many times.

Randy was learning quickly how to please his mother as he licked and tongued, then used his fingers as he gave a lovely licking to my clit which was now eager for whatever came its way. Oh, it was feeling so good.

"Oh, oh, oh, Mom, mmm, uuh, UUH, UUH, mmm, ooh, oh, mmm," Andy groaned as I tasted the warm, salty spurts of my son's cum entering me for the first time. I sucked softly knowing that he was, no doubt, sensitive right now as I softly rolled my tongue around the head, gently sucking any remaining semen into my mouth as I caressed his testicles, now emptied into his mother. I knew then that I wanted to suck his twin brother as well.

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