Wonder Woman vs the James Gang
Chapter 1: The Robbery and Time Travel

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Superhero, Incest, Mother, Son, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Pregnancy,

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Robbery and Time Travel - Wonder Woman is sent back in time and meets the James Younger gang of outlaws.

Wonder Woman received the invitation through the Amazon Embassy. She was invited to attend, as the guest of honor, the One Hundred and Forty Second Anniversary of the Southern Deposit Bank's robbery by the James-Younger Gang. Her first question was why? Why would they invite her to the re-enactment and celebration of a bank robbery? She fought crime and would have arrested the 6 men. The Embassy said it was in the Amazon's best interest for her to attend.

So here she was, outside the bank that was credited as being the second robbery committed by Frank and Jesse James. She had been greeted by the Mayor and City Council of Russellville like a visiting Queen. They had provided the nicest room in the hotel for her and a banquet had been given in her honor the night before. Now the reenactment was about to begin and she and the Mayor entered the bank together to observe.

Two men stood behind the counter acting as bank tellers, They were both dressed in shirt and pants with string ties, vests and green eyeshades like the ones worn by card dealers in casino's or bank tellers over one hundred years ago. Wonder Woman and the Mayor stood at the counter against the wall and waited with the crowd of visitors.

Suddenly the doors were flung open and 5 men entered the bank, while another could be seen outside on his horse watching the street. One of the men approached the counter and asked a teller for change for a bill, the James –Younger Gang's method of starting a bank robbery, and when the teller opened his drawer, the man pulled his pistol.

"All right, put all the money is this bag and no one gets hurt," he said. Wonder Woman watched the acting with a smile but one of the men was keeping an eye on her and she began to get suspicious. She started to step forward and the man who had been keeping an eye on her, and happened to be the great-great grandson of Jessie James, pulled what looked like a kid's space ray gun and a green beam came from it, striking her in the chest. The gun was preprogrammed to send her to a specific point back in time and suddenly her vision swam as if the scene before her was changing and then it stopped.

She looked around, she was still in the bank, 5 men were still robbing it, but there was no crowd watching and no Mayor beside her. One of the outlaw actors saw her,

"Where did you come from and where's yer clothes?" he said. Wonder Woman took another look, these weren't the actors that had been robbing the bank! The one at the counter looked like Jesse James himself! "Great Hera," she thought, "what is going on?" Before she could think about it, or recover from the shock of seeing a Jesse James look alike, the barrel of a pistol was brought against her temple. She sank to her knees as she fought to remain conscious but another blow with the pistol to her head and she sprawled to the floor, unconscious.

"Dammit Cole, what'd ya go and do that for?" Frank James asked Cole Younger.

"I dunno Frank, it seemed the right thing to do," Younger responded.

"Well take that there gold rope offn her gold belt and tie her up. Think we'll take her with us," Jesse said.

"Sure thing, Jesse," Younger responded and knelt to remove the magic lasso from Wonder Woman's belt. "Give me a hand, would ya, George?" George Shepherd moved to Younger's side and the two men secured Wonder Woman with the lasso. Following the procedure from the Liberty, MO robbery, their first, the tellers were placed in the vault. With Younger's help, Shepherd got Wonder Woman slung over his shoulder and the 5 men exited the bank. Shepherd quickly threw Wonder Woman over his horse and mounted. The others were in saddle and awaiting him. They proceeded to race out of town and into the surrounding countryside. People rushed to the bank to see what had happened and the bank president showed up and opened the vault to release the two tellers.

Several hours later, ensuring they were not being followed, the 6 men rode up to George and Nancy Hite's residence near Adairsville KY. They had fled here after the robbery in Lexington, MO as Nancy was a sister to the James boy's father. Their aunt had provided them with shelter but they had gotten to the point of needing money so had rode to Russellville. Cole Younger moved to Shepherd's horse after dismounting and Shepherd helped him get Wonder Woman onto his shoulder and off Shepherds horse. The crazy woman had regained consciousness and when he noticed her lift her head, Shepherd had again struck her with his pistol. She had been knocked unconscious 3 times after leaving the bank.

Frank James had opened the door to the house and Jesse entered with the sack of money and Cole with their prisoner.

"Take her upstairs and put her on the bed in the first room on the right," Frank told Cole. "Then come to the kitchen and help Jesse and me with the money." Frank moved through the house and into the kitchen, where Jesse had dumped the sack and was now sorting the money. Frank sat in another chair and began to help. Their aunt entered the kitchen, looked at her nephews and all the money on her table, then crossed to the stove to get a pot of coffee going.

Outside the other 3 members were taking care of the horses and discussing their prisoner.

"Where'd she come from, was she in the bank?" Jim White asked the others. He had been the lookout outside the bank.

"No, one second there was nobody in the bank but us and the 2 tellers and the next she was standing there," George Shepherd answered.

"Yeah, and next second Cole had pistol whipped her and she was unconscious on the floor," John Jarrett added.

"Never seen anyone dressed as skimpy as her," Shepherd said. "Even the whores in the saloons and brothels wear more than that."

"Yeah, you see her ass was naked, only that string of material in her ass crack?" Jarrett asked. "Them there titties of hers is the biggest I ever done seen."

"Well," Jim White said, "I hope when Frank, Jesse and Cole are done with her, we get our shot at the big tit whore."

Inside the house the three men had the money counted and segregated into shares for the 6 men and a 7th for their aunt Nancy and her husband for providing them shelter. They were also discussing their prisoner upstairs as Nancy Hite listened.

"Damndest thing how she just all of a sudden popped up there," Cole Younger said. "I mean one minute she wasn't there and the next she is."

"Well she has very little clothes on so I figure she must be some kind of whore," Jesse said.

"I agree with little brother," Frank said. "She must be a whore and with those huge titties she has, I figure we should partake of her services, for free of course."

"That's one hell of an idea, big brother," Jesse said. "Did you see that magnificent ass of hers when she was over George's horse? Not a damn thing covering it, just that string of cloth through the crack of her ass. Makes a body wonder if that's her specialty, giving up her ass to fuck. Aunt Nancy, go up and check on our guest and see if she's awake yet, I think we need to talk to her." Nancy Hite climbed the stairs and entered the room. Wonder Woman lay bound on the bed, glaring at her.

"In the name of the Goddess Hera, I demand you release me woman!" she demanded. Wonder Woman took in the woman's dress as she made her demands. "Who wears gingham dresses with a hem sweeping the floor?" she thought. "Where in the name of Hera am I?" Nancy turned and left the room. In the living room she picked up one of the three books on the shelf and went into the kitchen as she opened it.

"What's that Mrs. Hite?" Cole asked.

"A book on the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses and the mythology surrounding them. The whore is awake and said she demanded to be released in the name of Hera. Here she is, Hera was the Queen of Heaven and the wife of the King, Zeus, and was believed to be the protector of women. Guess that's why she called on her to help in her release. Says here she was the Greeks belief while the Romans called her Juno," she answered.

"Don't care what she says," Frank stated. "C'mon Jesse, Cole, let's go talk to the whore." The 3 men went up to the room and looked at the trussed up woman. Wonder Woman stared at them as she took in their dress. Boots, pants, shirts, vests and bandanas around their neck with crossed gun belts around their waists. The one she would swear was the spitting image of pictures she had seen of Jesse James, had another gun in a shoulder holster. These men really looked like authentic Old West outlaws, what was going on?

"Okay whore, I want some answers before we use your services," Frank said.

"You cannot speak to me like that, I am Wonder Woman and I demand to be released," she replied. The Jesse James look alike slapped her.

"You keep your mouth shut whore," he said. "You speak only to answer a question and you make no demands." Unknown to the men Wonder Woman felt the magic lasso begin to work on her. She was tied up by man and so helpless, but now she had been commanded by man and felt the lasso compel her to speak the truth.

"How in tarnation did you get into the bank today?" Cole asked.

"I was invited to attend the re-enactment of the robbery of 142 years ago," she truthfully replied. The three men looked at each other, what was she talking about? Wonder Woman saw their confusion and decided to see if she could ask a question.

"Who are you? You look like Jesse James but he died on April 3rd in 1882," she said.

"What are you talking about woman, 1882? Today is March 20, 1868, and I am Jesse James," Jesse responded.

"Great Hera! That was a time transfer ray!" Wonder Woman blurted out.

"What?" all 3 men asked? Wonder Woman was forced by the magic lasso to tell the truth and so told them what she had been doing and what had happened to cause her to pop up in the bank with them.

"So why you dressed worse than a whore, exposing your body like that? What are you?" Frank asked.

"I am an Amazon, sent from my home to man's world as an ambassador to them. At home I am the First Princess Diana of my people. Wonder Woman is a heroine who fights crime and rights injustices to further the good relations between my people and man," she replied.

"Fight crime? Princess? You must be joking, you're just some kind of poorly dressed whore, showing off your ass like you do," Jesse said. In the hallway Nancy heard her statement and went back to her book in the kitchen and looked up Amazons.

"In my time it is common for women to dress like this," Wonder Woman said, defending her outfit. Frank pulled a Bowie knife from the small of his back.

"I'm going to release her and you boys hold her while I cut that gold rope of hers and then we'll spread eagle her on the bed," he said. "But first I think we should take that gold crown, golden bracelets and gold belt she has on. We can sell all that." They managed to remove all her artifacts and Cole and Jesse prepared to grab her as soon as she was freed of the gold rope. Wonder Woman felt her super strength drain from her body at the power belts removal and knew she was now just another woman, stronger than average, but still no match for the men that she now knew to be Jesse James and Cole Younger, two ruthless outlaws and murderers. Legend had it that Jesse, as a guerilla with Quantrill's Raiders in the Civil War, had killed 8 men in one day. When Frank removed the magic lasso Jesse and Cole quickly pinned her to the bed. Frank secured her to the 4 bedposts as Nancy called to the men, asking them to come downstairs. Nancy had the three sit at the table and she studied them.

"What you gonna do with that woman up there?" she asked. "You all going to take turns having your way with her?" The men all looked at one another.

"Well she has got some hellacious titties and a nice looking ass that I'd like to try," Cole admitted.

"Okay, here's my question. I heard her say she was an Amazon and it rang a bell. They were supposedly a fierce tribe of women who lived on an island without men. I remembered that much and came down to look them up in my mythology book. They hardly never left the island and allowed no man on it. They would leave and find a man for the purpose of getting pregnant. If the baby was a female, she was adopted into the tribe. Only the Queen could keep her daughters as they were the future rulers. If it was a male they abandoned it to die. So what, besides woman to woman sex did they do on that island? You boys know?" The three men all shook their heads "no."

"Well since she has engaged in woman to woman sex, I want to squat on her face and let her lick my old cunt. That's what I want for payment for finding out this next bit of information. One of you boys can have relations with her at the same time for all I care, I plan to leave my clothes on anyway and only take off my drawers and petticoats. Can I get that? I want to see what if feels like."

"Sure Aunt Nancy," Frank said. "But what did they do?"

"Legend has it that they fucked their horses," she said. The three men looked at her in astonishment. "Can you believe that? A woman taking a horse's gigantic cock up her cunt or in her mouth? What you boys think of that? Want to watch a horse fuck a woman?" The three were still pondering it as the other three came in from the barn after taking care of the horses. They were filled in on the Amazon upstairs and what Nancy had revealed about her people.

"WOWEEE!!" George said. "Imagine that, a woman fucking a horse or taking him in her mouth. We got five stallions out there that would probably love to have that ass that was across my horse."

"I bet a bull whip would get her going if she hesitated," Jim added.

"Hey, if she does woman to woman sex, my Mary would like her tongue in her too," John demanded. "A bull whip will get her to suck on Mary's cunt."

"Damn John!" Jesse exclaimed. "You really think she'd do that to your mare?" The debate continued about the Amazon that called herself Wonder Woman. Finally they decided she would have to take care of the humans first and they'd watch her fuck their horses when they tired of her.

Jesse, Frank, Cole and Nancy went back up to Wonder Woman's room to discuss the situation with her. Mostly they wanted to hear from her mouth about the customs of her people. The men were embarrassed to ask, so Nancy took the lead.

"I read in a mythology book that you Amazons have no men and so perform woman to woman sex, is that right?" she asked.

'Yes, by the Goddess Hera's agreement with us, no man is allowed on our home. We leave home to get pregnant and return to have our babies. If you are not on the list to leave for sex with a man, then you can take another Amazon to your bed. It's called lesbianism when two women have sex together," she explained. In her mind she cursed the magic lasso for forcing her to tell the truth. She knew of the old legends of the tribe and felt she knew the next question.

"Is it true that you have sex with your war horses?" Nancy asked.

"No, not for over a thousand years have the Amazon participated in bestiality. I am 250 years old and know of no horses being on our island in that time. That was the practice when we had war horses; we had sex with them to keep their spirits high for when we needed them in combat. But, like I said, that practice ended over a thousand years ago and the horses were eaten for food," Wonder Woman explained.

"Well if your ancestors did it, you can do it. What is bestiality though?" Nancy asked her.

"Bestiality is having sex with an animal. I know it was called animal sex in your time, but not in mine," she replied.

"250 years old?" Jesse asked.

"Yes, nephew," Nancy said. "The Mythology says Amazons could live for several thousand years unless killed in combat or dying in childbirth. There's another myth, or maybe it was legend, I've seen about the Amazon and their horses but I'll keep that to myself for now." Wonder Woman breathed a sigh of relief as she had expected that legend to be brought up, and it was true. When would they ask about it? If they did not impregnate her while they raped her, as she knew they were going to do, then would the legend come true when the horses fucked her?

"I don't care about all that right now," Frank said as he again brandished his Bowie knife. "I wanna see those titties of hers. I like those cute little drawers she has on and since theys so small, theys don't stop us from nailing her ass or cunt. But that red top has gotta go." He leaned down and slid his knife under Wonder Woman's arm and slit her bustier down the side. Jesse, on the other side of the bed, grabbed his side of it and pulled it off her body and it came out from under her also. He threw it aside as all three men feasted their eyes on those tits. Finally Frank reached down and pulled the crotch of her thong aside and exposed her little trimmed triangle of pubic hair.

"Look at that," he moaned. He then turned to the others in the room. "Aunt Nancy, get your drawers off and get to straddling her head to get the tongue licking you wanted. I'm going to fuck this pretty pussy here first, Jesse next and Cole, you're third. The boys downstairs can draw straws for 4th, 5th and 6th. Cole you go tell them to draw the straws and number 6 can go out to the barn and get in the hay maw to keep an eye out for any posse."

"Ok Frank," Cole said and left as Nancy stepped out of her under clothes and left them on the floor as she climbed on the bed and started crawling up to Wonder Woman's head to straddle her face. Frank and Jesse were both taking their clothes off in preparation to fuck this so called Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman herself lay there, knowing she was helpless to prevent what was about to happen. She hoped the bank robber actors of 2010 had been detained and the time travel ray gun figured out, so that help could come. Unknown to her, 142 years in the future, the 6 actors left Russellville without being detained, nor were they ever questioned. She was on her own, destined to live 142 years out of her time.

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