Henry the First
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Where I live there are very few black people. Henry was the first black man I was ever close to, or ever danced with and the first black man that ever took me and showed me what I'd been missing, by having only been with one other man, my husband. Would he be able to satisfy me after being with Henry.

Hello I'm Julie Carson. I'm sitting here in what a lot of people call a honky tonk or country bar. It's the hot spot every Friday and Saturday night in every wide spot in the road, in this country. Cowboys, truck drivers and bikers stop in at these places. They can drink, act a fool and not worry to much about the law, unless of course things get way out of hand, which at times they do. But most of the time, the local talent can handle it. The one I'm sitting in happens to be located in Montana. During the week, I waitress at the truck stop located right next door. On the weekends you'll find me partying right here. It wasn't always like this. Let me tell you what changed my life drastically.

I'd turned eighteen and had a baby, eight months before. It was August. Time for the county fair and rodeo, which in our part of the country is the time you let your hair down for the last time of the summer and you start getting ready for winter. I rode horses a lot back then being a cowgirl, for my dad and some of the other neighbors whenever they needed help rounding up cattle, for branding in the spring, or weaning time in the fall. It was while I was in the Cantina at the fair grounds, that things happened that would change my life forever. Things I'd never even thought about before.

It started out quite innocently, I'd been dancing with different guys who were sitting at our table. It was after Gary invited two strangers he'd met up at the bar, to join us, that things took a turn. At the time I'd kind of wished he hadn't invited them to our table, but he's like that. When he parties, he wants everyone around him to party. He's a good guy, but when he drinks he goes until he can't go anymore.

Gary, and I, had ran off and got married a few months before I turned seventeen. We thought I was pregnant, but come to find out it was a false alarm, but did manage to get me pregnant the first month we were were married. I'd never been with anyone else and neither had he, so needless to say we didn't know a whole lot about sex, except for what came naturally.

Like I said earlier, I rode horses a lot back then and I had a great body. Even after having the baby I didn't have any access belly fat or even a whole lot of stretching to contend with at 5-4, 115 pounds. With long strawberry blonde hair and my breast size a full B cup, due to my having the baby. My waist was back to a 25, my hips were still a little wide at 34. But I was now able to squeeze myself back into my old jeans, that I'd worn before getting pregnant. I knew Gary would want to party with our friends after the rodeo, so I'd gotten my mom to baby sit for us.

When Gary came back from the bar, he brought the two strangers with him and introduced them as Tommy and Henry. Tommy was I guessed, to be around twenty three or four years old, around five foot nine. Sandy colored hair, light blue eyes and friendly smile, wearing a western shirt, jeans and boots

Henry was different, he was black, somewhat on the stocky side, not fat just a bigger body, he looked to be a little older, I'd say around thirty, 5-7 or 8, I'm guessing a hundred and fifty five pounds, shaved head and wide friendly smile, wearing a black T shirt, jeans and shoes. As we were introduced, we learned they were truck drivers that came here at least twice a month. They found out they couldn't get unloaded until Monday morning, so had decided to take in the fair.

As the night wore on, some of our friends that had hired baby sitters, had to go home. Gary doesn't dance and doesn't mind me dancing with other guy's.

I'd noticed Henry looking me over several times during the night and after a couple more beers, I thought, why not ask him to dance. Might be the only black man I ever dance with. With that in mind, I got up enough nerve to ask him to dance. I said, got up enough nerve, because unless you're from here, you might not know, there aren't many black people living here. The black people you see, are either attending the junior college here in town, or just passing through. He seemed embarrassed when I first asked him to dance, but when Gary, who by now was feeling no pain, said, "go ahead Henry, dance with her or she'll be on my ass to go home and I ain't ready to go home.

Standing up I said, "come on Henry lets go dance, I won't bite."

He shook his head and got up smiling. "Okay you asked for this, all I can say is you better have steel toed boots on.

Laughing I said, "come on, it can't be that bad." we went out the back door to the patio that's used for a dance area. It consists of three walls attached to the side of the bar and no roof. The bar itself is barely large enough to hold the people that were drinking beer.

I danced a couple of dance's with Henry before going back to the table. After drinking another beer, I alternated between Henry, Tommy and whoever else wanted to dance. After each dance I'd drink more beer, until I wasn't far behind Gary, as far as being drunk. I'd sat out a couple of dances and after having drank a couple more glasses of beer, I jumped up grabbing Henry, "come on big boy lets dance." We went outside. The two lights that had lit the dance floor were no longer lit and the only light out there, was what came through the open doorway. The Juke box was cranking out an old honky tonk country song, the kind you and your partner polish your belt buckles to. I moved up against Henry and started dancing slow and easy, moving myself against him. I was thinking how good he felt, when he said. "Damn baby you got a nice hard body."

I giggled, "so have you"

He laughed saying, "you the one caused that girl."

I didn't know if he had picked up on what I was talking about when I'd said it, but I knew, now he had. I said, "you like my hard body Henry?

"Hell yes baby, whats not to like?"

"What part you like best?"

"Well, it's kind of hard to say, the part I feel against me, I like just fine. But given the opportunity I'd love to check out the rest of it out." I put my arms on his shoulders and my hands behind his neck, pressing my breasts against his chest. As we danced I massaged the back of his neck moving my hands slowly upwards until both my hands were on the back of his smooth shaved head. Feeling his smooth head sent shivers through me, I loved how nice it felt and pressed my pussy against the bulge in his pants. I'd wanted to put my hands on his shaved head all night, but was afraid someone might be watching, I was so caught up in feeling his smooth skin I didn't even think about that.

Whispering in my ear he said, "you like the feel of my bald head baby?" I didn't even answer. Holding his head with both hands I pulled his head close enough for me to kiss his lips. As we kissed he unsnapped the two top snaps of my shirt and slid his hand inside, cupping my breast. Moaning he said, "damn baby you got some nice tits.

We broke the kiss and I said, "We better be careful, someone might come out here and catch us. I don't want it getting around I was screwing around on my old man."

Pulling me back to him, his hand slid inside my shirt again pinching my nipple. As our lips locked together, I dropped my hand down between us, grasping his semi hard cock. I Gasped "oh my god Henry is this thing real."

He chuckled, "of course it's real, ain't you ever had your hand around a dick like that?"

"The only one I've ever touched is the one inside the bar."

"You mean to tell me you ain't never been with anybody besides your husband?"

"That's right, he's the only man I've ever been with."

"Damn sweetie, you don't know what you've been missing,"

"Well Henry, you know what they say, you don't miss something, you ain't never had."

"Well sweet lady, what you holding on to right now, is all yours anytime you want it. The truck is parked not far from here. What you say we slip off for awhile and I'll give you what you're holding on to."

"Oh god Henry, I don't dare take the chance, if Gary figures out were both gone, he'll know somethings going on and come looking for me. Maybe the next time you're in town you could give me a call. How often did you say you come to town?"

"About every two weeks or so. Most of the time I make this run alone. Tommy just hired on with the company and they wanted him to make a run with me to make sure he was an okay driver, before sending him out alone."

"Maybe the next time you're in town give me call me and I'll meet you someplace."

All the time we'd been talking I'd been rubbing his cock and it was rock hard now and reached half way to his knee. I knew beyond a doubt, I was going to meet him if he ever gave me a call. I had to know what it was like to be fucked by a cock like that, even if it was black. What difference did it make, what color it was, no one would ever know except me and Henry.

He said, "how am I going to call you baby? I don't have the number."

"I'll go to the toilet and write it down and give it to you the next time we dance."

"That will work. Who will I ask for when I call, how will I know its you on the phone?"

"Ask if this is the Farmers Co-Op. I'll know its you. If Gary should answer, he'll say, you got the wrong number."

Smiling he said, "damn girl, you really do want this big dick don't you."

"Now that I've had my hand on it, I want it. Who knows, I may like it so well I'll want it again."

Smiling he said, "what you mean, you may like it. Once you've had my dick in that tight young pussy you gonna want to fuck it every chance you get. Now we better go in before they wonder whats going on." We kissed one more time and went back inside. God I wanted him so bad I could taste it, but I knew better than to do it with Gary sitting right inside. He never paid any attention to me, or anything else once he'd had enough to drink, but I wasn't going to take the chance and have him catch me.

Apparently nobody thought anything of us being gone so long, as we didn't get any looks like, where have you been? They were all pretty sloshed on beer and weren't paying attention to anything but Gary, who was entertaining them, telling dirty jokes.

The next week, all I thought about was dancing with Henry and the things he'd said. Talking about how good it would feel getting fucked by his big black cock had me wet and hot as hell, almost to the point of going with him to his truck. I wondered if he'd taken me serious, or if he thought I was drunk and wouldn't remember what I'd said. The more I thought about it, the more I began to wonder if what we had planned, was such a good idea. Whenever I began doubting weather or not I should meet him, thoughts of his long fat cock and how good it had felt through his pant leg, reminded me of how bad I'd wanted it. When I'd felt it throbbing in my hand, I knew I had to find out what I'd been missing out on.

The next week I was pretty busy helping dad with the cattle, and had just put my horse away and was talking to dad when my phone rang. I answered and a voice said is this Farmers Co-op. I started to say you must have the wrong number, when it dawned on me who it was. I said, " Oh hi, Whats going on?"

Henry said, "I'm going to be in your town in about an hour or so, I'll be staying over night, can you make it in to see me?"

I looked at dad and he was looking at me I said, "Ya, I've been busy helping dad and I need a break. I'll see you in a little while, Ill make supper for Gary and leave it in the fridge, all he'll have to do is micro wave it."

"You ready to find out what you been missing."

"Ya, whatever you want to do is fine with me, I'll be there in an hour or so, I have to get a shower and clean up first."

"Is there someone there with you?" You sound different, he asked cautiously.

"Ya there is, but that's okay, I'll see you in a little while. Bye"

"Who was that honey?" dad asked.

"An old school friend, I happened to run into her at the fair. She wanted to know if I'd like to hang out awhile tonight since she won't be here after this weekend. She lives in California now."

"I see, well be careful, don't go drinking and trying to drive home. Call and let Gary know where you are."

"Yes Daddy" I said teasingly. He smiled and walked away. By the time I showered, put on my fanciest bra and panties, got the rest of my clothes on and drove to town. Henry was already parked in the Farmers CO-OP parking lot. I pulled in between his truck and another truck that was parked close by. He leaned over and opened the door and said, "climb up in here." I got out of my car and climbed up into the cab of the truck. Smiling he said, "Damn girl your even prettier than I remembered, how you been?"

"I've been okay, been wondering when you'd be back this way, or if you even remembered me."

"Damn, I'd have to have lost my memory to forget you. Since that night at the fair you're all I think about." Reaching over putting his hand behind my head he pulled my mouth to his, sucking on my lips until I moaned. As our lips parted he said. "What do you say we go get comfortable," Thoughts of what I was about to do raced through my mind, as I followed Henry back to the sleeper area and the bed.

I was amazed at how much room there was, Henry said, it's known as a walk in sleeper. Come's equipped with a tv. Micro wave, fridge and portable potty.

I said, "damn Henry, this is just like home."

Smiling he said, "it's better than home now that you're here, I don't have a woman like you at home."

I crawled up and laid alongside Henry on the bed. It didn't take long until we were making out hot and heavy, I was so hot to have his big cock, It being black never even entered my mind. I just knew I couldn't wait much longer to get it. By now it was dark outside and we were both naked on the bed. Henry was leaning over me kissing and biting my nipples, I laid there looking up at him, his dark naked body pressed against my lily white skin was making me crazy to be fucked by this black man, as I laid there watching him, he fingered me slow and deep. I had my hand around his cock stroking it slowly, feeling it naked, throbbing in my hand was more than I could take, moaning I said, "I need it Henry, I need it bad."

If You're ready to find out what you been missing baby, spread these fine legs of yours and I'll give you what you want."

Squeezing his hard thick cock, I wondered how a cock that big was going to feel in my pussy. Would it hurt? Or feel as good as Henry had said it would. Spreading my legs as wide as I could, it was time to find out. "Henry I need this in me, I need you to fuck me."

Henry moved between my legs and began kissing my lips and neck, all the while rubbing the head of his fat cock along my swollen wet pussy lips. Slowly he began pushing into me, stretching my pussy lips to accommodate his big black cock. "Oh god it feels big." I moaned.

"When he pushed hard enough to get it into me part way, he said, Do You like how it feels baby?"

"Oh god yes, I love it don't stop, I want it so bad, push it in, give me what I've been missing."

Inch by inch he pushed it into my tight young pussy, stretching and filling it with hard black cock. Half way in he stopped and pulled back. Gasping I said. "oh god no, don't take it out!!! Fuck me Henry. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I pulled him down on top of me. Wrapping his arms under mine and grabbing the back of my shoulders he was able to hold me in such a way that I couldn't get away, or stop him from pushing every inch of that hard black cock into my cunt. As he did, I screamed. Stop oh my god stop, it's to big it hurts, please stop its to big. As he pushed it into me he said, "take it baby, you wanted it so bad you begged to be fucked, now take it all. When I felt his heavy balls hit my ass, I knew I had all of that big cock in my pussy. Even as I Moaned and whimpered about it being to big and couldn't take it, he kept pumping his big thick cock in and out of my pussy, By now I'd become wet and It had begun to feel somewhat good, I was soon bucking my hips up to meet his thrusting cock, driving it deeper with each thrust. I laid there under Henry, thrusting my hips up as he pounded his big cock in and out of me.

Looking down at me he said, "that's it girl, fuck my big black dick, make it fuck you baby."

Hooking my heels over his legs I fucked him back as hard as I could. Suddenly I began to shake all over, I screamed my gawd Henry, oh my gawd. My head began lolling back and forth on the bed, my fingers digging into his back. I couldn't stop screaming for him to fuck me harder. Suddenly my body exploded and I felt the awful pressure being released. I'd just had the first orgasm of my life. I'd heard a lot about them from my girl friends, but I'd never had one. At least not like this one, I'd never felt anything in my life as good as this. Gary always made me feel good, but not this good, I had no idea what a real orgasm felt like until now.

When it was over and I came back down, I began slowly moving my hips, working his cock in and out of my pussy. I wanted more and hoped Henry lasted a lot longer, than Gary did. I needed a lot more of his big cock. As he picked up on my rhythm, I wondered if it was possible to have more than one orgasm a night. I didn't really care if I could or not, mostly I wanted to feel that thick cock fucking me. About fifteen minutes of Henry pounding his fat cock in me and I began to feel that same pressure building deep inside me. "Oh my god Henry" I whimpered, do it harder, I'm going to do it again. Oh my gawd yes, yes, fuck me faster." As I shouted for him to fuck me, I felt his cock grow even larger.

He groaned, "Ugh ugh, ya, fuck my black dick, cumin in you baby."

As I felt his cock spasm inside me, I screamed, I'm going to, oh my god, my god. I'm cumming!!!

Growling, "oh ya baby, cum on my big dick aaaaahhhhh yyyaaaa.

After it was over we were lying there resting, both of us near exhaustion. I was thinking about how good Henry's cock had felt and couldn't wait to find out if there was anything else I'd missed out on, being with only one guy. I called home to tell Gary I was thinking about staying over night with my friend and not to worry.

"Okay, just don't get drunk and try to drive home."

"No, were just sitting around having a couple of beers and talking about old times"

"Okay Honey, see you when you get home, Bye."

"Bye." As I hung up I felt a tinge of guilt about what I was doing with Henry. It soon faded as I slowly spread my legs so he could finger me while biting and teasing my nipples. It didn't take long until I was ready to say hello to his hard cock again. Rolling me over onto my stomach he pulled me up by my hips and fucked me doggie style. As he pounded my pussy, he slipped a finger into my tight virgin ass. Surprised at feeling his finger stretching my tight hole, I moaned as Henry pushed it all the way in, but was soon pushing back against him, wanting it deeper. I cum two more times before he emptied his balls in me again.

I stayed the night and by morning I was so tired, I couldn't remember how many orgasms I'd had, or how many times Henry had cum in me. Every time I got up to use the potty his cum ran down my leg all the way to my foot. I'd been well fucked and I told Henry I needed a bath bad. "We can go to the truck stop, being I'm a driver we can shower there."

"I don't think that would be a good idea, too many people know me around here. I think I'll get on home, get a shower and some sleep and come back later."

"Damn Baby, I was hoping after we cleaned up and rested awhile, you'd be ready for more cock.

"Ummmm." I said rubbing his cock through his jeans, "that sure sounds good, but I better get going, I don't want to piss mom off, or she won't babysit for me tonight."

When I got home, mom had the baby. Gary had dropped her off on his way to work. Mom had her up feeding her when I walked in. As I picked her up to hold her, mom said, "I'll keep the baby here. You better get some sleep, I don't know what you were doing all night, but you look like hell warmed over."

"All we did was hang out at her place and drink a few beers"

"Well it must have been quite a few, it's a good thing Gary isn't here to see you, is all I can say."

"Oh mom, it can't be that bad, I didn't do anything wrong."

She looked at me, then said, "I didn't say you did anything wrong. I'll leave that up to you to decide."

I went home, showered and went to bed and slept most of the day. It was mid afternoon when finally got up. As I walked by the full length mirror, I saw what looked like a rash between my legs. I wasn't used to being taken and rode that hard. As I applied a cream lotion between my legs, I hoped it went away quickly. I sure didn't want be sore when I went back that evening, I wanted more of that black cock. A lot more, if I could get it. The lotion I put on had a cooling, healing affect and took much of the redness away. My pussy lips were a little sore from being stretched, but weren't real bad, in spite of how large his cock is and how it had stretched them.

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