Meeting Bree
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, Spanking, Oral Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After chatting online for six years, they finally meet

Oh c'mon Ange, it's only 10:00, surely Brad lets you stay out later than that," Brandi said with a little twinkle in her eye.

"Brad has nothing to do with my wanting to go," Angela replied, "some of us aren't on vacation and have to work in the morning."

"Oh please," Alison piped in, "you own the studio, I think you can take a day off. Sit down and have another drink. After all, Brandi hasn't been out with us in forever."

"Yeah Ange, live a little," Brandi said, laughing at her best friend.

"Alright, one more, but then I really have to go."

Brandi laughed again as she raised her hand to get the attention of the waitress. "Uhuh, you know you love us Angie, ain't nothing you can do about it."

Angela just shook her head, knowing that there was no winning with Brandi when she was like this. "Whatever you say, sweetie, but I'm serious, just this one and then I'm going."

Angela took a sip of her drink, looking around the table at all the girls that she was close to, listening to the chatter and laughter as they all caught up on their lives. Brandi has just arrived that morning from Virginia. She was home visiting her family and wanted a night out with the girls to kick off her stay, so she had Angie set it all up.

"Is this seat taken?" The distinct male voice from behind her seat asked of the empty chair next to her.

Before she could react, Brandi looked at her with a little wink and said, "Not at all, why don't you have a seat?"

Angela was completely caught off guard, what was this girl thinking? Inviting a strange man to sit at a table full of women! Not just that, but the empty chair was next to her, she didn't want some stranger sitting here with them, intruding on their fun.

As the man took the seat, Angela got her first look at him. It was like she forgot to breathe, it couldn't be, there was no way that HE could be sitting next to her.

Angela tried her best to get her mouth to close before the others saw her reaction, but as she looked across the table, she knew that at least one person was watching to see how she would respond. Brandi was trying desperately to stifle her laughter as she watched her best friend trying to compose herself.

"Ladies," he said as he took his seat, raising his glass in salute to the beauty that surrounded him.

"Girls, this is my friend Vic, he's a Canadian, he called me last week and told me he was going to be in Houston the same time as I was, and I wanted you all to meet him, so I asked him here tonight."

"Vic, these are the girls." Brandi said with a flourish of her arm.

"Girls," he said with a little grin, "so nice to meet you, I'm sure that I've heard some of your names in stories, but I'm not sure who's who, so you'll have to put faces to names."

He turned toward Angela, "Let's start with you, which of her lovely friends would you be?"

Angela tried desperately to bring her thoughts into line, this couldn't be happening, there is no way that he could have done this to her without her being aware. She was going to kill Brandi.

"Hey Ange, the man is talking to you, what's your deal?" Alison asked.

"Uhh, sorry, lost in thought, I'm Angela," she said, forcing herself to extend her hand, "It's nice to meet you Vic."

"Very nice to meet you Angela. Did anyone ever tell you that you had the most amazing eyes?" he asked with a little grin, his hand taking hers and gently squeezing it.

Tingles ran up her arm with his touch, she felt her breath catch and hoped that none of the others noticed, except of course Brandi, who was finding all of this vastly amusing. Just when things were looking somewhat normal, the band kicked it into gear and Brandi decided to haul everyone to the dance floor.

Vic quickly begged out, "not me kiddo, you know I dance like a white boy, but you all have fun."

Brandi paused, "Ange, you should stay here and keep Vic company, I wouldn't want some of these sharks to take advantage of our nice Canadian friend."

"Sure, I guess I could do that." Angie replied, trying hard not to smack her friend between the eyes.

As Vic turned to watch them weave between the tables, he looked over at Angie out of the corner of his eye, a small smile on his lips, "It's nice to finally meet you Bree."

Her breath caught when she heard him use that name, she knew the intimacy attached to it. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming?" she asked, her eyes searching his for an answer.

"You don't like surprises princess? I'm surprised at you" he said, the tips of his fingers tracing up the side of her arm.

He watched as the hairs on her arm stood straight up in reaction to his touch. "Is my little slut not happy to see me?"

Again her breath caught with the term he had used, "it's not that, I'm just in shock. I never expected you to be here, and if you were, I thought you would tell me first." As she stared into his eyes, she immediately felt the pull of them.

"Now where would be the fun in that? I like to see your reaction at being caught off guard. You know you are completely safe here, I would never do anything that would embarrass you."

"I know that, it's just such a shock," she said as she looked down to see that she had twisted her linen napkin as tight as it would go.

Vic looked out on the dance floor, watching the girls from his table as they danced in a circle, other guys trying valiantly to break into the group only to be ignored. Brandi looked across at their table and waved, laughing at Angela's discomfort.

"Soooo," Vic said, looking back toward Angie, "are any of these ladies ones that you had considered setting me up with?" He asked, a small smile playing at the corners of his mouth.

Angie's head snapped up to look at him. "Don't even joke about that here." She said, "it's one thing to do it online, but with you here in person, this close, don't even tease me about doing that."

Vic looked to see that none of the girls were looking before he bent his face to her ear, his lips taking the lobe between them and sucking gently on it, "But didn't I hear you say you were going home after your drink?"

They both looked to see that her drink was just about gone. "I'll get another," was her quick reply, a little grin showing itself for the first time since he had taken his seat. "There is no way that I am leaving you with this bunch."

"You may have explaining to do if they see you staying now, don't you think?"

"Screw 'em!" was her quick response, "it's my life, and if I changed my mind and decided to stay, then that's what I decided." She looked across at Vic, trying to gauge his reaction.

Laughing, he reached and touched her hands in her lap, "Now that's my Bree".

With his touch the room around her suddenly seemed deathly quiet, it was as if she could hear her own heart beat and it sounded like a tribal drum in her ears.

She took a deep breath, "I wondered about this for so long," she said, as she looked up at him, "I dreamed about meeting you face to face and how I would react, I wasn't even close."

"Are you wet pet?" he asked, his voice low so no one else could hear him.

Again her breath caught, "I'm wet now," she replied so low he could barely hear her, not even sure he was supposed to hear what she had said. She looked at him sideways, a little grin playing on her lips.

"What?" He asked.

She lifted her head to look him in the eye, "I always wondered if you would have the same affect on me in person as you did online, or on the phone. I wondered if that made it more mysterious, but I was wrong. This is ten times more intense, it's like I have no control at all."

He smiled at her words and at the same time noticed the girls returning from the dance floor, Brandi in the lead, a big grin on her face. "That was fun."

"What, leading those poor guys on?", Vic asked, "you're such a slut."

An audible gasp could be heard from the girls around the table.

Brandi cracked up, "Didn't I tell you he'd call me a slut?" she laughed.

"So where are you staying Vic?" Alison asked.

"Fortunately, I'm staying right here in this hotel, so I can't get lost on the way home."

Angela's eyes flashed at Brandi, "You knew he was staying here," she accused, "that's why you pushed so hard to come here tonight."

"Am I missing something," Debbie asked, looking from Angela to Brandi, "is there something that you're not telling us?"

"Angie just doesn't like surprises," Brandi said, covering her friend's statement.

Angela looked at Brandi and noticed the evil twinkle in her eye and knew she was up to something.

"Soooo, Vic, you're in town for the week right?" Brandi asked innocently.


"Hmm, so what are your plans?"

Angela didn't like where this seemed to be going.

"Well, I have a conference starting tomorrow and running for three days, but it's only during the day. Why do you ask?"

"Well it just doesn't seem right that you should have to be all alone in Houston. There must be someone that can show you the 'sights'," she replied.

Vic laughed, "I'm pretty sure hubby would not appreciate you showing me the night life in Houston sweetie."

"Oh, you and I both know that," she replied, "but surely one of us must know a lady that would be willing to be your arm candy for the week. After all, you're not totally grotesque."

Vic found this very amusing, as did the other ladies at the table. "Well, I have to say, having company while visiting your beautiful city would be a bonus. Who did you have in mind as, what did you call it, 'arm candy'?"

"Hmm, this could take some thought, right girls? After all, we wouldn't want just anyone to escort our nice Canadian friend, would we Ange?"

Angela's look continued to shoot daggers in Brandi's direction. She was enjoying this whole thing way too much.

Brandi was trying not to laugh at her friend's obvious discomfort, but at the same time she was enjoying it all very much. "Don't worry Vic, we'll take care of you, but I'm thinking that our night is pretty much over. I'd better let the girls get home before their cells start ringing."

"I have your cell number, I'll call you tomorrow with plans," Brandi said, as the ladies gathered their things and started to leave. "C'mon Angie, you're my ride."

"I'll be right back, let me run to the ladies room first," Angela replied.

Vic said goodnight to the ladies and stood chatting with Brandi, as she awaited Angela's return.

"You don't think she's too upset do you?" Vic asked, watching Angela leave the room.

"Nah, she'll be fine," Brandi replied, "it's just going to take her a bit to get used to the fact that you are actually here. Of course, you don't have to ride home with her and listen to the abuse that I'm going to suffer."

"Was it worth it?" Vic asked.

Brandi looked at him with an evil grin, "More than you will ever know."

Just then, Angela returned. "Brandi, can I have a moment alone please?"

"Sure, I'll wait for you in the lobby."

With that, Brandi turned toward the exit, "Talk to you later hot stuff."

"Nite Brandi," Vic replied.

Angela watched her friend leaving the room toward the lobby trying to collect her thoughts. This had been a little overwhelming to say the least. A guy she had met online over six years ago, who had come to know her and whom she had come to know, was now standing less than three feet from her and she wasn't sure what to do about it.

She didn't look at him, thinking that would help her think more clearly, but she could sense him, she knew he was close, so very close. Her arm still burned where he had touched her, a touch she had never expected to feel. That he was so much older didn't matter, he was here, in the flesh, standing so close she could smell his cologne, Polo if she knew anything.

She was so wrapped up in her thoughts she didn't feel him move until she felt his hands sliding around her waist from behind, meeting at the front to interlock his fingers. She took a deep breath to steady her nerves as she felt him bury his nose in her hair and take a deep breath. She smiled to herself, so many times he had typed this very scenario to her, wrapping her in his arms and smelling her hair, only this time there was flesh and blood attached to the action.

"If I had known you were going to be here, I'd have worn my hair off my neck," she said as she leaned back into his embrace.

She felt, rather than saw him smile into her hair, "That would have been a little bit of overload for me, I'm afraid. It was hard enough to be that close to you and not touch you with all your friends around."

She giggled, "If you had told me, I could have come alone and then there wouldn't have been anyone to see."

He loosened his grip, and turned him to face him, "I know that Bree, but I refuse to compromise you any more than is humanly possible. I wasn't about to put you in that situation. Your friends were here as a safety net."

"I didn't realize I needed a net," she replied.

"Not you silly, me. I needed them here to ensure I didn't do something stupid like maul you at the table."

She laughed, "a little melodramatic don't you think?"

"Not by half sweetie, not by half."

"So, Brandi has your number?" Angie asked.

Vic sensed the underlying threat in the question, and a smile played across his lips, "Yep, she does. After all she is my partner in crime. Although she does scare me a little with that whole escort business."

"And she should, she'll do it you know," Angie said, "she would do it just to watch me squirm. Probably set you up with one of our 'sure thing' friends."

He could see the agitation in her eyes as she played the scenario through in her mind, 'Brandi may not make it home, ' he thought to himself.

"Ok, let's do the math. I've flown for eight hours to attend a conference I don't need nor want to be at, just to meet you. I finally meet you and you are even more beautiful than your pictures, I get to touch you for the first time and feel your flesh beneath my fingers, to smell your hair, and I'm going to tour the city with an escort arranged by Brandi and bed her just to tease you? I don't think so!"

"I'll do the escort thing, just to protect you, but she could do it naked and I wouldn't touch her, I promise, I might take a few pictures..."

She slapped his arm, as she smiled, "No pictures mister!"

He laughed as he pulled her into his arms for a warm embrace, "Mmmm, you fit so nice here Bree."

He leaned back to look into her eyes. The magnetic pull drawing them together slowly until his gently slid his lips across hers for the first time. They both felt the shock of that meeting as their eyes closed and he gently pulled her bottom lip between his.

His fingers came up to gently caress the side of her neck and up along her cheek as he kissed her lips softly again, he opened his mouth slightly to taste her and found the tip of her tongue waiting for him.

A soft moan came from both of them as the kiss gained in intensity.


They pulled apart to find Brandi standing there watching them with a big grin, "Umm, didn't you have to leave like over an hour ago?" She teased.

"That was before you pulled this stunt," Angie replied.

Brandi's eyes travelled down the pair, "Well, he seems glad that you're here," she laughed as she noticed the bulge in his pants.

Vic blushed with the realization that it was obvious.

Angie laughed at her friend's observation, "You are so mean Brandi."

"Not mean, just honest." Brandi laughed, "But we really do have to get going Ange, it's getting late."

Vic pushed Angie toward Brandi, "Go before I drag you off to my room."

"And that would be bad because..." Angie asked with a little grin.

Vic moaned in frustration, "Look this is hard enough..."

"I know how hard it is baby, I felt it."

"Geez louise, enough already." Vic said in exasperation.

"Can I have one more kiss before I go?" Angie asked.

Vic took a deep breath, knowing full well that this girl could be the end of him, "You are trying to kill me."

Angela, moved toward Vic, more confident now that the ice had been broken, feeling his fingers once again sliding along her cheek and through her hair, pulling her face to his. She closed her eyes and allowed the sensation of his lips softly touching hers to take her over.

She felt his other hand tracing lightly up her bare arm, as his lips captured hers, his tongue sliding into her mouth to wrestle gently with hers. She pressed her body tight to him, hoping this wasn't a dream, feeling all of him pressing into all of her.

She felt his hardness pressing against her pelvis, but resisted the urge to reach down and feel it with her hand, knowing if that happened that she wouldn't make it home tonight.

"Ok, you two, enough already, your making me horny." Brandi complained, looking around to see if anyone else was aware of the two lovers in their embrace.

The kiss continued as if she weren't even there, and then Angie felt the back of his hand brush across her breast, a slow low moan escaped her as her nipple rose in response to the contact.

Suddenly she was pushed away.

Vic looked at her through hooded eyes, trying to catch his breath, "Ok, Brandi's right, this is too dangerous."

"I'd walk you out, but then we'd be right back in the same boat again, so I'm going to say goodnight now and get to my room and a cold shower before I do something stupid. Love you Bree." And he was gone.

Brandi looked at her friend as she watched Vic leave for his room, "Umm, Wow!"

"Huh?" Angie said, shaking herself back to reality.

"I think I came," Brandi whispered as she took her friend's arm to lead her to the parking lot, "that was some kiss."

As they were walking out, Brandi's phone buzzed. When she looked down and read the message, she looked puzzled.

"What?" Angie asked, "Is something wrong?"

"No, it's Vic, he said, 'tell Brad he's welcome' what the fuck is he talking about?"

Angela started laughing, "He knows he wound me up and he thinks I'll jump Brad's bones for relief."

"Is that what you're going to do?" Brandi asked, looking sideways at Angela.

"Normally, if we were chatting and he worked me up, that's exactly what I would do, but this is different. He's here, he's right back there in that hotel, in a room all alone, and I've just had his hands touch me for the very first time. This is weird Brandi, I'm way wound up, but I want him to unwind me."

"He seems ok with it all though," Brandi responded.

"Of course he is, that's why I feel about him the way I do. Not that he's into sharing, but he knows where he fits, the problem is, I don't know where he fits. Six years ago, if he had said, 'Angie, come to Canada and be with me', I'd have done it, and he knows that. I'm going to kill the pair of you."

"Whoa, where did that come from?" Brandi asked, looking at her friend.

"You two set me up, and somebody has to pay, and I've decided that both of you should."

As they drove home, Angie was very quiet, lost deep in thought about the whole evening. "Who are you setting him up with Brandi?"

"I haven't decided yet. I was thinking that I might actually enjoy doing it, that or maybe Debbie, she said she wouldn't mind at all."

"I bet she did." Angela replied. "Are you going to give me his number?"

"Hmm?" Brandi asked innocently, "I don't know 'Bree', after all, if he didn't give it to you, I'm not sure I should either. I'll have to check with him first."

"Yep, I'm going to kill both of them," Angela muttered under her breath.

Vic entered his room and collapsed back onto the bed, his arm going over his eyes, "I must be the stupidest man alive," he muttered to himself. "It's not bad enough that I don't tell her I'm here, but then I practically rape her in the restaurant."

He grabbed the remote to try and find something that would distract him. "Hey, its game 7 tonight, I wonder if I can get hockey here. Texans probably don't know a hockey stick from and igloo," he chuckled to himself. Fortunately, he found the game he was looking for and was soon caught up in the action. "Thank God for hockey," he muttered to himself.

He was startled awake by the buzzing of his cell phone, "Hello."

"Hey stud," Brandi answered, "you got our girl all wound up now."

"She's wound up? I may need Ritalin to settle me down," he responded.

"Heheh, you were fine Vic" Brandi replied, "you handled yourself very well, even though you tried to choke her to death with your tongue."

"I wanted to do a whole lot worse than that, I just restrained myself."

"Anymore and they would have hosed the pair of you down, but hey I understand, you're old and you have to move fast." Brandi jibed.

"Uhuh." Vic replied unimpressed.

"So what's the plan for tomorrow?" Brandi enquired.

"I haven't decided, and to be honest this whole thing has me more than a little freaked."

"Why are you freaked?" Brandi asked.

"Think about it Brandi. I've known Angie for six years, we've talked off and on over that time, but never for a real prolonged period, she's freaking 25 years old, married to a doctor..."

"Blah blah blah," Brandi interrupted, "just get over yourself already. You two were practically screwing on the table and you're worried about all this other stuff? I was there Vic, I saw the way the two of you checked each other out when you thought no one was looking."

"She was gorgeous," Vic responded.

"Ok stay with me here champ, I don't want to have to ice you down," Brandi laughed.

"So I've had a couple of calls from the girls that were there tonight who were willing to act as your chaperone for the next couple of days."

"Girl Scouts looking to do their good deed?" Vic quipped.

"Something like that. Actually, I think they want to try some Canadian bacon," Brandi laughed.

"Ok, I've been called worse," Vic chuckled. "So who's the lucky contestant?"

"I'm not sure just yet, I have to ask Angie, she's going to want to know what's going on. Knowing her, she's probably thinking about it right now wondering who's going to be hitting on you."

"I'm sure she'll be fine with whoever you choose, Brandi. You love to tease, but you'd never do anything to hurt her, she knows that. She may bitch and moan about it, but deep down she knows the truth."

"Ok, but I'm telling her this was your idea if she comes at me with any kind of weapon."

"Fair enough." He replied, "So I'll leave it to you to set it all up and get back to me with the details, but right now I've got to get some sleep if I'm going to survive tomorrow's meetings."

"K, nite Vic, sweet dreams." Brandi said, disconnecting the call. "This guy is going to get me killed," she muttered to herself as she tried to decide which of her friends would act as his guide over the next couple of days.

The next morning, Angie opened the door to her studio and set about getting set up for the mornings classes. She was thankful that she was alone for a bit so she could get her thoughts in order, "Like a few more minutes will help," she muttered to herself, "I couldn't get them straight all night, and I expect them to suddenly fall into place now?"

After she finished getting ready, she went back to her office to get some of her paperwork out of the way. She was vaguely aware of people entering the studio, but gave it little thought, her instructors were able to deal with most things, and if anything important came up, they knew where she was.

Just then there was a soft knock at the door, "Come in," Angie called.

The door slowly opened and a little girl looked in, "Miss Angie, there's a parcel here for you."

Angela looked up at the little girl, peeking through her bangs at her, "Ok sweetie, I'll be right there."

Angela wondered if the shipment she had ordered had arrived, although she didn't think it would be this fast, as she left her office to move to the front door.

The delivery man handed her a bouquet of white sweetheart roses when she identified herself and asked for her signature for delivery.

All the girls watched as she took the bouquet in its vase to her office, some clapping, "Ms. Angie's got an admirer," the little girl who had knocked on her door, whispered to her little friend.

Angela smiled at the two little girls as she brought the roses to her nose and entered her office. She put the vase on her desk and took the card from the envelope, "Every princess deserves to be surrounded by beauty. Love you Bree." Was all the card said, but she knew, only he called her Bree, he always had.

She grabbed her phone, "Early or not, she's got to tell me what's going on."

"Hello," Brandi mumbled into the phone.

"Who's taking him out?" Angela asked without thought.

"Geez Ange, I'm on vacation, remember?" Brandi griped.

"Look, you two planned this little surprise, no one told me what was going on, so expect no sympathy from me. Now, who's taking him out?"

"Alison," Brandi yawned into the phone.

"Alison?" Angela repeated. "And you were going to tell me this when?"

"Ange, its only 8:00 a.m. give me a break, or at least a chance to wake up before I fill you in on all the details, sheesh."

"Forget it, I'll call Alison myself." Angela stated.

"Uhh, Ange," Brandi interrupted.


"I don't think that's such a good idea, do you?" Brandi asked. "After all, he's supposed to be my friend and suddenly you're calling Alison to put her through the inquisition?"

"Look, he came here to see you, do you honestly think that he would give his attention to anyone else? He's male, but he's not stupid."

Angela sighed in exasperation, "I know, but at the same time it should be me taking him out! It should be us touring around together, not him and Alison!"

"Sweetie, if it were you and him, something tells me he wouldn't see anything but the inside of his bedroom, not that he would mind, but you and I both know you both would never leave that room."

Angela laughed at the image, "You're probably right. Should I call him?"

"Nice try there Colombo," Brandi laughed, "I might have just been rudely awakened, but I'm not THAT slow. I'm not giving you his number."

"How am I supposed to talk to him then?" Angela fumed.

"Hmm, let's see ... for the last six years, off and on, you've communicated how?"

"But I don't want to use Yahoo, he's here in Houston, besides, he's in conference this morning, he's not going to be online. Brandi, I'm losing a whole day that I could be spending with him and he's only here this week."

"Ange, you have a business to run, there's nothing you or he could do."

"Don't worry, I've already talked to Brad and I'm taking you out to dinner tonight. Of course the minute I said that, he was booking a tee time." Brandi laughed.

"Yeah? And are we eating alone?" Angie asked.

"Well, I was going to bring a friend along if you were ok with it. He's in town and doesn't know anyone, you don't mind do you?"

"Well, if he's all alone, I guess its ok."

"You're gonna like him, he's kinda cute in an old sort of way, and he does make me laugh."

"I'm going to tell him you called him old," Angie laughed.

"Just don't get us arrested tonight, ok Ange?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Angie, I was there last night, remember? I saw how he looked at you, I saw the way you said 'good night'. It's a wonder you didn't just go at it on the table, poor bugger probably blew out the zipper on his pants."

"It wasn't that bad." Angie said.

"Ange, Alison noticed." Brandi replied.

"WHAT?! What do you mean, 'Alison noticed', we didn't do anything when they were there. He touched me when you were dancing, but that was it."

"Ange, I'm telling you, you two were smoking last night. There were little looks that you threw at each other, subtle little glances, and when he looked at you, it was like no one else existed. Sure he talked to everyone, but when you looked his way, no one else seemed to matter."

"Don't worry, I just told Alison that I had talked to Vic a lot about you and he was just checking you out. I didn't tell her that he was checking your tonsils with his tongue though."

"Shut up," Angela laughed, remembering the kiss from the night before. "What should I wear tonight?"

"Body armour." Was Brandi's quick retort. "I don't know Ange, you could wear a garbage bag and he wouldn't care. I'm sure you'll look great, just don't overdo it."

"Oh my god, I have a class in five minutes, I'll see you tonight, and I want the details on Alison's tour guiding."

Brandi rolled her eyes, "Yes ma'am," she laughed as she hung up the phone.

She had no sooner settled back down, and her phone buzzed again. "Does no one sleep in anymore?" She mumbled as she answered her phone.

"Hello," Brandi said, trying not to sound annoyed.

"Hey Brandi," Alison answered, "have you talked to Vic yet and let him know that we would be going out this afternoon?"

"Yeah, I talked to him last night, and he said he'd be ready and meet you in the lobby of the hotel. What did you have planned?" Brandi asked.

"Oh I don't know, thought we might check out the museum, he mentioned something last night about liking history, and they have some kind of historical exhibit there this month."

"Umm, Brandi, can I ask you something?" Alison asked.

"Sure, what's on your mind?"

"Well, I was just wondering, are you and he, umm, well, you know?"

Brandi laughed at the thought, "Uhh, no, definitely not!" she replied. "Love him to death, but there is nothing there other than friendship."

She could hear Alison's sigh on the other end of the phone, "Ok, good, I mean, it's none of my business what you do, but..."

"Alison, breathe, it's ok, I'm not upset." Brandi reassured her.

"So, umm, if you and he aren't an item, and I didn't see any rings or anything, is he involved?"

"Are you asking if you can ask him out?" Brandi asked, wondering how she got sucked into this mess.

"Well yeah, kinda."

"You can ask, although I'm pretty sure he's involved with someone." Brandi told her.

"Maybe it would be best to just act as his guide and see if there's anything there, but like I said, I think he's taken."

"Ok," Alison responded.

Brandi disconnected the call and gave up on getting anymore rest, "Angie's gonna kill me for sure if that girl hits on him, and if he's stupid enough to do anything, it will be a double homicide."

Vic's day was quickly slipping into a black hole. He hadn't gotten a lot of sleep, his mind was fixated on kissing Angie, the taste of her was still fresh in his mind and he couldn't wait to have those lips in contact with his again.

He was so out of it, his friend, and boss had to nudge him a few times. "What's wrong with you?" Jamie asked. "It's like you're in the Twilight Zone."

"Wait a second, would this have anything to do with that table full of women I saw you with last night?" Jamie asked.

Vic looked at his boss, "What are you talking about?"

"Don't pull that shit with me. I just happened to come down last night to the restaurant and lo and behold here's Vic sitting at a table of beautiful women. How did that happen, and where do I sign up?"

Vic sighed, "OK, well I've known a couple of those ladies for a few years now through the internet, and when one of them found out that I was coming here, she insisted we get together."

"And what aren't you telling me?" Jamie asked, forgetting all about the speaker at the podium.

"Don't give me that look, I know you all too well and I know there is more to this story than you knew a couple of these ladies for a few years. Which one are you chasing?"

"Sheesh, I'm not a hound," Vic said, laughing, "I've known two of them for about six years now, one of them is a very dear friend and I just wanted to spend time with them."

"Uhuh," was all Jamie said.

"What?" Vic said laughing, knowing full well that his story sounded lame, even to him.

Jamie just looked at him, not saying a word.

"Alright, alright. Angela, that's one of the ladies, and I were more than friends. We've talked about meeting, but never managed it until last night. She didn't know I was coming, and her friend and I set it up as a surprise."

"So what are you doing here? Why aren't you with her right now?" Jamie asked.

"Because she works and I'm pretty sure her husband would not approve of me visiting the house."

"I see, so last night was the only time you'll see her then?" Jamie asked, a smirk on his face.

"Shut up smartass, you're missing the presentation."

"We're done at 12:00, are you going out with her then," Jamie continued a few minutes later.

"No, Brandi, that's the other girl, set me up with another of their friends to go to the museum or something."

"Is she cute? The friend I mean."

"Ahh, yeah, she is, why do you ask?"

"And Angela is ok with this?" His boss looked at him.

"It's just a museum, she's not the jealous type. Besides, she's not Angela." Vic responded.

Jamie just looked at him and shook his head, "You're braver than I am, my follically challenged friend."

"Shut up and listen." Was Vic's only response.

As they exited the auditorium, Jamie looked over at his friend, "You gonna be alright?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine. It's just weird seeing her face to face, you know? For six years we chatted, off and on and then suddenly she's there in the flesh and man I forget who I am."

Jamie laughed at his friend, "Buddy, I saw those ladies last night at your table, and honestly most guys would give their right nut to be with any of them. Tell you what, I'll help you take your mind off of it tonight, let's go out on the town, see what we can see."

Vic just looked at Jamie, "Umm, I can't."

"You're meeting her again?" he asked.

"Well, her and Brandi. We're going out to dinner." Vic responded.

"I see," Jamie answered, "you my friend are screwed."

This made Vic laugh, "You think? Hey, why don't you come too? That way you can meet them and it won't look so weird."

"Ahh, you're looking for a wingman."

"Sure, if that's what they call it. What do you say?"

"I'd love to meet this lady that has you all flustered. It doesn't hurt that I'll get to see two beautiful women all evening. That's better than what I had planned anyway."

"Great, be ready to go at 6:00. Oh, and no embarrassing stories."

"You have trust issues my friend." Jamie laughed.

Angela stepped from the shower, towel moving to take the excess water from her hair as she prepared for her evening out. She quickly ran the towel over her body, and moved to begin the process of drying her hair.

She stopped to look into the mirror to check out her reflection. As she stood there she noticed that her nipples were already taunt and her pussy lips were slightly swollen, that had been the case most of the day or at least since Brandi had told her that they were all going out to dinner tonight.

She pulled herself out of her daydream and began the process of getting ready, moving into the bedroom and pulling her underwear out of the drawer. She slid the black satin thong up her freshly shaven legs and over her swollen sex.

She slid into the matching bra and smiled as she pulled the short black dress into place, 'this will get your attention Vic, ' she muttered to herself. She finished off her attire with black stilettos.

The doorbell chimed to bring her to the front door. As she admitted Brandi, she said, "I'm almost ready, just have to put the final touches on my makeup."

"Damn girl, you trying to kill the man?" Brandi asked, checking out her friend. "He's gonna be all over you tonight. Did I mention that his friend is coming too?"

"No, what friend?" Angela asked suspiciously.

"Relax, it's his buddy from Canada. Vic called to ask if it would be alright and I figured it wouldn't be an issue, so I told him to come along."

"How did his little 'date' with Alison go this afternoon?" Angie asked, trying to keep the edge out of her voice.

Brandi laughed, "It was fine, Alison had a good time, he was charming and funny and definitely distracted."

"I just told her he had a lot on his mind with the conference. She did offer to take him out again tomorrow."

"That's ok, I'm taking him out tomorrow, and she can find a hobby somewhere else." Angie said.

"Ange, we've been through this, you cannot explain that time away from the studio. Let Alison do it, there's a concert downtown tomorrow, she'll take him, and then you and he can have the evening together."

Angela looked at her friend knowing she was right, she sighed, "Ok, I get it, I don't have to like it though."

Brandi looked at her friend, "It's all going to be fine Ange, trust me. Can we go now?"

"I'm ready," Angela replied, grabbing her purse off the counter and moving out the door.

"You're sure this ok?" Jamie asked for the third time in the last 20 minutes.

"It's fine, I talked to Brandi this afternoon and she was fine with it. You'll enjoy yourself, these girls are a lot of fun."

Just then the ladies entered the lobby. Both Jamie and Vic stopped speaking as they saw them, totally transfixed by the vision before them.

Vic looked Angie in the eye, "You look beautiful Bree."

Angie felt her face flush just a little, "Thank you."

Brandi looked at Jamie, "We'd better get these two out of here before Vic's room becomes the destination."

"I think you're right," Jamie replied, "c'mon you two, we'll do introductions in the car."

As they headed for the car, Jamie hauled Vic back a bit, "Ok, just so I'm clear, that hot young lady up there is interested in you?"

"Why do you say it like that?" Vic asked, looking at his friend.

"Well no offense, but she's H-O-T! and you're ... well, you're older." Jamie laughed.

Vic cuffed his friend on the shoulder, "You know, I can only say I'm thankful that you're on my side, sheesh."

Angela turned around, "What are you two scrapping about."

"Not a thing darling, just putting the young pup in his place." Vic responded.

"Uhuh," she replied, "well don't mark him up too bad, they'll wonder what happened at the club. Oh, and Vic, you're with me in the back, Jamie, is it? You can sit up with Brandi."

Jamie glanced sideways at Vic, "Un-freakin-believeable."

Vic just laughed at his reaction.

As they took their seats and fastened their seatbelts, Vic asked, "So ladies, where are we off too? Angie mentioned a club?"

"Yeah," Brandi responded from the front, looking in her rear view mirror, "there's this new country music club that just opened."

Vic's jaw dropped as Brandi made this statement.

Angie started laughing as she watched Vic's reaction, "Don't worry baby, you know I'd never do that to you. Believe me, I know how you feel about country music."

Brandi was still trying to pull herself together so she could actually leave, "Man I wish I had a picture of that look, it was priceless."

"Uhuh, you're hilarious, paybacks a bitch darling," Vic responded. "So where are we going?"

Angie reached over to put her arm in his, "There is a new club opened up, they play a mix, tonight I think it's like a jazz theme. Is that ok?" she asked as she looked over at him.

"Jazz sounds fun," Jamie said, taking in the two ladies and watching his friend's interaction with them.

Finally he had to ask, "Ok, I need to know," as he turned to look at Angela, "and you can tell me to back off if you want, but WHAT is the connection here?"

Angie looked over at Vic, stroking her fingers up and down his arm, "It's really not hard to understand. We met online like six years ago, Brandi and I were in school and I went online into a room and he was there."

"He was funny, he didn't take anything too seriously and he said what he thought. It didn't hurt that he didn't try and get me to send him naked pictures in the first two sentences, but he was just a sweet guy who treated me really well and became a very close friend." "Everything will be fine. Do we have something that I can put these petals in?" She asked, as she moved her assistant towards the door.

"I'm sure I can come up with something, I'll be back."

"It's not 10:00 yet Ange, "Brandi said sleepily as she answered her phone.

"You let him in!" Angie accused her friend, totally ignoring her comment.

"Yeah, well you try and say no to this guy, oh wait, you couldn't either," Brandi shot back.

"Brandi, they're beautiful, I need his number, I have to talk to him."

"Sorry darlin, no can do, you know how he is about his orders." Angie could almost see Brandi rolling her eyes.

"Well tell him to call me, you can at least do that."

"Yeah, he said you'd say that and he said that you would hear from him when it was time, whatever that means."

"This is killing me," Angie said, as she once again looked around her studio.

"Don't worry Ange, he'll call soon enough," Brandi said sympathetically.

Just then her desk phone buzzed, "Just a sec Brandi," Angie said as she reached to see who it was, "What is it Amanda?"

"Sorry Ange, I know you have a lot to get ready for, but there's a Vic on line one..."

"I'll take it Amanda, thanks!" Angie said, cutting Amanda off.

"Brandi, it's him, I'll call you back."

"Thank god, don't call me till ten," Brandi started to say but was cut off as Angie ended the call.

"Hi," Angie said, her smile evident in her voice.

"Good morning princess," Vic said, his smile too, was obvious from the way he answered, "did you sleep well?"

"Mmm, I did, you?"

"I did. It would have been better if you had been present. Now that I've spent some time with you, I don't want to not be where you are."

Angie smiled to herself, hearing this, "So why aren't we together right now?" she asked.

"Well let's see, you have to work, and as much as you try and push that off, you and I both know that you love what you do and are committed to it. And I have a seminar this morning."

"Vic," Angie interrupted, "stop teasing me, you already have a plan so just tell me already."

She heard him laughing on the other end, "By the way, thanks for the flowers. How did you talk Brandi into that?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about princess," Vic responded, still laughing.

"Uhuh, nice try buster," Angie said, now laughing along with him.

"I'll talk to you later princess, I have to get to my seminar, I love you."

"Vic!" Angie yelled into the phone, "Don't you dare do this to me, when will I see you?"

But Vic had already hung up the phone. Angie hung up her end with a sigh.

"Everything ok?" Amanda asked from the open door.

"Yeah, everything is fine," Angie replied with a little smile, "just not going according to plan is all."

"Angie, it's none of my business, but who is this guy? I mean I can't remember ever seeing you like this."

"He's just a guy I've known for a long time and we've finally got to meet. He's from Canada and he's been my friend through some very tough times in my life."

"Well you'll excuse me for saying this, but he doesn't seem like "just a friend" to me." Amanda said.

Angie smiled in reply, "No, he doesn't, does he?"

Amanda turned to return to her desk, "Are there any other surprises that I can expect to happen today from your 'just a friend'?"

"I wish I knew," Angie said, "I wish I knew."

"Well, you're first class is still waiting. Don't worry about these petals; I'll get them cleaned up while you're in class."

"Thanks Amanda, and you're right, I'd better get my butt in there or they'll tear the place apart."

The rest of the morning flew by with classes, phone calls and everyday things. Angie's day almost had returned to normal, she had immersed herself in her work.

With about five minutes left in her class, she looked up to see him standing just inside the door with Amanda standing with him like a watchdog.

Angie cut the class short and moved toward the door with a tired smile crossing her face. "Thanks Amanda," she said, "I can take it from here."

"If you say so," Amanda replied, giving Vic a glance out of the corner of her eye.

"Thank god she didn't have a gun," Vic said, watching Amanda move toward her desk. "That girl is protective."

Angie laughed, "Yeah, she is. But she only wants what's best for me."

Angie found her hand sliding out to grasp Vic's, looking into his eyes, "This is a nice surprise, I thought you had a seminar."

"You think there is a seminar out there that could stop me from seeing you dance?" Vic responded, giving her hand a little squeeze, looking around to make sure they were alone before moving in to give her a tender kiss, his mouth opening slightly to taste her.

"You're going to get me in trouble mister," Angie said, catching her breath as she pulled away slowly from his lips, her breath grazing his cheek.

"So I should let your hand go too?" Vic asked.

Angie blushed as she realized that she still was holding onto his hand, "umm, yeah I guess," she replied pulling her fingers away slowly.

"So you're only here to see me dance?"

"No, I'm here to see you dance and to see if I could entice you away from this place to go to lunch with me, I was thinking something Italian."

"You were huh? I might consider going to lunch with you if you were to tell me what you had planned for us tonight," Angie teased.

Vic looked at her puzzled, "Tonight? Didn't Brandi tell you that Jamie and I have to work tonight?"

Angie's face fell, "Oh, no, she didn't mention that. She did say something about you thinking I would need time at home..."

Vic wrapped her in his arms, "I'm just teasing princess, and there isn't a job out there that would keep me away from you tonight if you're available."

Angie slapped his arm gently, "You can tease me about anything else, but don't tease me about not spending time with me."

"Ok Ok, but look our times wasting here and dinner time is going by, are you going to join me or am I going to stay in a room that smells like 15 girls have been dancing for the last 45 minutes?"

Angie laughed, pulling Vic toward her office, "So let's go then. Just let me get my purse out of my locker and we can go."

"You won't need your purse princess," Vic said as they entered her office.

"I know, but it's a woman's security blanket, you know that. Just give me a sec."

Vic didn't release her hand, but pulled her into his embrace, "I don't think we properly said 'hello' yet baby," he said as he brought her lips to his, kissing her gently, taking time to enjoy her lips, feeling them move beneath his.

Angie moaned into his mouth, "You love to make me squirm," she said as she rested her head on his shoulder, her arms around him in a gentle hug.

"It's not about making you squirm princess; it's just that I can't not taste you when you're this close. After talking about it for the last six years, you honestly think that I'm not going to take every opportunity to kiss you or hold you in my arms?"

Angie smiled as she hugged him closer, "You know just what to say."

Vic pushed her away, "Ok, get your purse, I don't have an iron will, and if I keep you this close, your employees are going to catch us in a compromising position."

Angie laughed as she went to her locker, "You wish!"

"Baby we both know that if that's what I wanted, I'd take you right here and now and you'd love every minute of it. The thought of almost getting caught, being open to me in your office, on your desk, with people all around..." Vic left the thought unfinished as he watched Angie shiver at his description.

"Ok, you're right, we'd better go."

As they left, Angie stopped at Amanda's desk, "Amanda, I'm going to lunch, get one of the girls to cover my 1:00 class just in case I'm not back on time."

"Sure thing Ange, I'll make sure it's looked after." Amanda said, giving Vic another look.

As they entered the street, Vic looked at Angie, "I'm not sure she likes me Bree."

"Amanda's just very protective of me and she doesn't know you at all and I'm sure she's wondering about it all, but afraid to ask."

"You're not concerned about her mentioning it to Brad?" Vic asked, the concern in his voice causing Angie to look over at him.

She reached over and took his hand, "Baby, she protects ME. She's aware of more than I think she is, I know that, but we never talk about it. I'm sure she saw the way you were looking at me, and the way I was looking back. She'll put two and two together, but she won't say anything."

"I just don't want you to suffer," Vic said, taking Angie's hand in his again, intertwining their fingers, and bringing her hand to his lips to kiss it gently. "Ok, chickie, this is your town, I'm just wandering blind here, I have no idea where anything is."

Angie laughed at his honesty, "That's ok, there's a place right up here that we can have a nice lunch, and they have amazing salads."

"Lovely, salad, just what a man wants, greens."

"They have meat too baby, but I don't want to eat a heavy meal, I have more classes this afternoon, and I don't want to be dragging."

The walk continued with both of them lost in their thoughts, both enjoying the sense of finally being together after all this time. "I love you," Vic said, looking over at Angie.

Angie pulled in closer, "I love you too baby. I'm so glad you came down here today and we are having lunch together."

"Vic, would it be possible for just us to spend time together alone tonight? I like Jamie, and Brandi is my best friend, but I want it to just be you and me, would that be ok?"

"I guess we'll have to wait and see what the evening holds, won't we princess?" Vic replied, giving nothing away.

Just then Angie's cell rang, she looked down at it, "It's Brad," she said, casting a worried glance at Vic making sure he was ok.

"Hi," she answered.

"Yeah, I needed to get out, it's been kind of crazy today."

"Umm, I don't know yet, Brandi wasn't too happy when I called her earlier and got her out of bed, so I'm gonna call her again this afternoon, but I know she wanted to do something tonight."

"I don't know Brad, I'll have to look at my calendar when I get back. Yes, I know that your mother will be upset..." Angie rolled her eyes at Vic.

"We don't have to discuss this right now, I'll look when I get back and let you know about next week, I know I have a couple of late classes."

Angie pointed across the street at an Italian store front and nodded.

"Uhuh," Angie said into her phone, "well if your going golfing, it doesn't matter anyway, does it?"

"Ok, I'll call later, bye." Angie hung up the phone and looked again at Vic, "I'm sorry."

"For?" Vic looked at her, a puzzled look on his face.

"Well that had to be awkward for you." Angie said, watching his face.

"No more so than it would be for you." Vic replied. He stopped her at the crossing and turned her toward him, "Look, Ange, I don't want this to be about regrets. Brad is your husband and he will still be here when I go home, and I'm not here to steal his lady, ok? If this is going to make you miserable, we don't have to take this any further."

"Oh no you don't," Angie replied, a fire showing in her eyes, "I've waited this long for this moment and you are not taking it from me! As far as you 'stealing his lady', you had me first, during and always, it's not a matter of you trying to steal anything, you can't steal what you already own Vic."

"Wow, ok, I guess that settles that," Vic responded, smiling at Angie. "Let's say we get something to eat before it turns dark."

They crossed the street and entered the restaurant hand in hand.

As they came through the door, they were immediately met by the host, an energetic, effusive gentleman who obviously loved what he did.

"Welcome, welcome," he said, taking Vic's hand in his own, shaking it vigorously, "you have brought your lovely lady here for a wonderful lunch, Mario will ensure that you have privacy and an atmosphere that will bring the stars out in her eyes."

Vic laughed at Mario's energy, "what's to say I haven't seen those stars already Mario?"

"Oh my friend, Mario can tell when the stars have been seen, and you have come here to gaze into their wonder, Mario knows this. Come, allow me to give you my best table and give you a nice glass of wine to stare across at her beauty."

Mario led them through the restaurant with purpose to a back booth and made a show of seating Angie, "Such a lovely young lady you have found sir, exquisite."

Angie blushed at the fuss that Mario was making over her, "Thank you Mario," she replied quietly, "you are very kind."

"Not at all madam. Mario only speaks true, "just ask your gentleman friend, he will agree," Mario said looking to Vic as he took his seat.

"He hasn't said anything I don't agree with yet princess," Vic said, responding to the look that Mario was throwing his way.

"You mentioned a glass of wine?" Vic said, looking at Mario.

"Of course, if you would permit, Mario would bring you a glass of the best red?"

"You know what Mario that would be wonderful, thank you." Vic said, smiling at Angie.

As Mario left, Vic looked at Angie, "Wow, he's got energy to spare, you've eaten here before?"

"Uh, no, I think I would have remembered Mario if I had. It's just a place that I've always wanted to try, is it ok?"

"As long as Mario doesn't take you away from me, it's great."

"There isn't a man alive that could take me away from you Vic," Angie said seriously, reaching across the table to take his hands in hers.

Mario arrived with their wine and took their order himself. As he moved off toward the kitchen, he caught Vic's attention and winked at him.

"What was that all about?" Angie asked.

"I'm not sure, but I think it has to do with the fact that someone my age is here with such a beautiful young woman." Vic answered.

"Are all guys so caught up in this age thing?" Angie questioned, "It's not that big a deal. It's about the connection that we have, not how old we are when we find it."

Vic shrugged, having been down this road many times with her already, "Preaching to the choir baby. Remember, I'm the one that's been making out with you."

Angie relaxed, "I know, it's just so weird, how all you guys are so hung up on it. It's my decision, and I choose you. So you're older, it doesn't mean I love you any less."

Vic took her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it softly, "I know baby, I know."

Vic's phone buzzed. He looked to see who it was, "Hey Brandi, what's up?"

"Yeah, I'm at dinner with her right now, you want to talk to her?"

Vic handed the phone to Angie, "Hi Brandi, sorry about this morning. Yeah, I know it was the last two mornings..." Angie stuck her tongue out at Vic.

"So what is it you want? Excuse me? Yeah, well you can tell Alison that he's busy."

Vic looked at Angie, the question in his eyes, Angie looked at him, "Alison wants to take you out again this afternoon, there's an outdoor concert downtown or something."

"Well I don't have any more meetings today, what time does she want to go?" Vic asked.

"You didn't just say that," Angie said, the heat in her voice obvious, "you are not going anywhere with Alison, not two days in a row you're not."

"Bree, it's no big deal. I know you wanted to spend the afternoon with me, but you have classes and we've already made everyone suspicious, we don't need to make it worse. It's only a concert and it's only Alison. I can go with her for a couple of hours and we can meet later for dinner and spend the evening together."

Brandi added her backing to what Vic had said and added that she needed to think long term. "Alright, alright, he can go."

This caused Vic to look at her funny, "You just gave me permission?"

Angie, realizing what she had done, laughed, "I'm sorry baby, I got carried away."

"So what time Brandi?" she asked, looking at her watch, "Ok, so he'll meet her at the hotel in an hour and a half. You tell her to mind her hands," Angie said, getting in the last word before disconnecting the call.

"I can't believe that girl," Angie huffed, handing Vic's phone back to him.

He laughed as she continued to mutter about the afternoon, until he moved closer, taking her face in his hands and turning her lips to his, kissing them gently. "The only lady I'm interested in spending time with is here with me right now, but she won't stop muttering about other women long enough for me to kiss her."

Angie stopped long enough to let his words register, "You really aren't interested in Alison?"

He rolled his eyes, "I can't believe you're even asking me that. I did not travel all this way to see Alison. I mean she's cute, she's fun, but she's not you. My going with her today is more of a ruse than anything else."

Angie settled into his arms, "I'm sorry, I've just waited so long for this moment, I don't want anything to get in the way."

Mario came to the table placing their food down in front of them, "Enjoy the food as you enjoy her lips upon yours."

"Man, this must be good, if you think it will compare to that," Vic said, laughing.

As they sat there eating, they constantly glanced at one another smiling, just enjoying each other's company, stealing little touches. At one point, Angie reached out with her napkin to wipe a bit of sauce from the corner of his mouth.

All too soon, the meal was over and it was time for Angie to return to the studio. As they walked back arm in arm, they realized that even in the silence they were completely comfortable with each other.

As they approached the entrance to the dance studio, Angie turned and looked at Vic, "So what time do you want me to be there tonight?"

"Whenever you can get there baby," he responded, pulling her in for another hug before they reached their destination.

"And what is my curfew?" She asked with a smile on her lips.

"That you will have to ask someone else, because if it were up to me, you'd never leave."

"Mmmm, good answer. You know just the right thing to say."

Vic laughed as he kissed the tip of her nose, "Let's get you back before they send out a search party."

As they entered, Amanda looked up, "You're back earlier than I expected. Does this mean you're going to do your own class now?"

"Yeah, I'll do that," Angie replied, trying not to look at Vic, knowing that after spending time with him, the look would give away her true feelings.

"Thanks for lunch," she said, as she turned to him, "Call me before you go home, maybe we can do it again."

"Ok, that sounds like a plan. I'll check my schedule when I get back to the hotel and let you know. It was nice meeting you Amanda." Vic said as he turned and left.

"You know you're not fooling anybody, right?" Amanda stated.

"We're just friends Amanda, a different time, a different place, who knows..."

"Uhuh, whatever you say," Amanda said, returning her attention to the ringing phones.

Angie smiled as she headed back to her office to get ready for her next class humming to herself.

Vic entered the lobby to see Alison waiting for him, "Hey Alison, thanks for giving up your afternoon, I really appreciate it."

"He's marking her," Brandi replied quietly without thought.

"Huh?" Jamie asked, a look of amazement in his eyes.

Brandi snapped out of her reverie, and looked into Jamie's face, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

"What did you mean, 'he's marking her'?"

"Look," Brandi started, "I don't understand this much better than you. As a matter of fact I don't get her wanting to be 'owned' at all, but from what I do get, he's making her his by bringing her to true submission."

"I thought they had already gone there," Jamie responded.

"Online or on the phone is completely different." Brandi said, "He could tell her to do something and she could say that she did exactly what he said, but it would be her word only. This way, she has no 'out'. She has to obey or he walks."

"So he's proving her?" Jamie asked, looking again at the couple on the balcony.

"I honestly don't know, I know that whatever he comes up with, she's going to do it."

"I'm beginning to wonder if this dinner thing was such a good plan for me." Jamie said.

"Can't handle it stud?" Brandi asked, laughing at Jamie's discomfort.

"I guess it just freaks me a bit to see this side of V," Jamie said, a smile playing on his lips.

Brandi saw the couple returning, "I'd be willing to guess that you're about to see more than you ever imagined."

As Vic and Angela took their seats, the flush on her face was obvious, "Was it good?" Brandi asked, with a smirk on her face.

"Mmhmm" Angela replied.

Jamie just looked at his friend, "Who are you?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" Vic responded.

"Don't give me that! I've known you how long? And I'm just now seeing this side of you?"

Vic laughed, "What, you wanted me to spank you James?"

"Fuck off, you know what I mean."

"Yes, I know what you mean, but you have to understand that not all women are worth the effort it takes to work with them. Angie is worth it." Vic said, his hand moving to slide up her thigh.

Her responding smile told Jamie more than Vic's words. "You really get off on this?"

"You have no idea." Angie said.

"So if your husband did this for you..."

"He can't," Angie responded, before Jamie finished. He's tried, but it's not in his nature. He's a good lover, attentive, but he can't be my Master. Besides, Vic was my Master before I met Brad."

"So Brad never had a chance," Jamie said, looking at the couple across the table.

"To own me? No." Angie replied.

"Let's go for a drive," Brandi said, "I need to get out of here, and we can show you the city at night."

As they were about to leave the club, Vic looked at Angie and said, "I'll require you to remove your panties pet."

Jamie watched stunned, as without another word, Angie excused herself to the ladies room.


Vic and Brandi just laughed. "Uhh, Brandi, you could do the same," Jamie said, looking over at her.

"Not on your life studly," she responded, "but you're more than welcome to remove yours."

Jamie blushed as Angie returned, opening her purse to show Vic the evidence of her obedience.

As they drove away, Vic reached over to pull Angie close to him, his hand sliding up the inside of her thigh, "Open wide slut," he whispered into her ear.

With a small moan, Angie moved her legs apart and turned her face to Vic's, her mouth open to receive his kiss, their tongues wrestling back and forth as his fingers split her pussy lips. "Oh god," she moaned into his mouth.

The knowledge that Brandi and Jamie were in the front of the vehicle not three feet away only served to add to the heat of the moment.

Vic's middle finger circled her clit as he sucked her tongue into his mouth. He moved his mouth next to her ear, "Does it turn you on that they know what we are doing princess? Do you like that Jamie can look back here and see my hand under your dress teasing your little clit?"

The thought of it was almost too much for Angie, she looked at her lover, "I love that they know, that he can see you teasing my little pussy Vic, I love your finger teasing me, I'm so close, are you going to let me cum? Are you going to bring me off baby?"

"Mmm, I want you to cum all over my fingers," Vic responded as he moved his hand down to slide three fingers into her opening and moving his thumb up to rub her clit, "I want you to cum for me now," he said as he once again captured her lips with his.

He felt her hips thrust up off the seat as Angie tried to swallow his hand with her pussy. He felt the muscles of her pussy clamping down on his hand as her orgasm rocketed through her body, her mouth open in release.

"You two better not stain my seats," Brandi said, looking in her review mirror at the action that was going on behind her.

Jamie looked over at Brandi, "I can't believe they're doing this with us right here.

Brandi laughed, "Are you kidding?" she chortled, "they've been waiting how long to get this opportunity? You think a couple of people are going to stop them from raping each other?"

As Angie came, her body relaxed into Vic, she shut her eyes, and laid her arm across his middle, "Thank you," she whispered to him.

"Thank you," he responded, pulling her dress down and pulling her closer into him.

Vic bent his head to kiss Angie's forehead, "I've waited so long to touch you like that princess."

"I've waited just as long for you to touch me like that," she responded.

As the two sat in the back seat, Vic watched as Angie dozed off, snuggling even closer against him.

"So Brandi," Vic said, "how are the kids?"

"Kids are great, but I'm on vacation, so we will not talk about them, it stresses me out," Brandi replied, looking at him through the rearview mirror, grinning at him.

Vic laughed at her, "Ahh, so you're raising two of yourself, good to know."

Brandi stuck her tongue out at him, laughing.

As they pulled up to the hotel, Vic slowly pried Angie off of his arm, "Baby, I have to go now."

"I'll come with you, " Angie said, smiling sleepily.

Vic smiled at her as he kissed her lips softly, "I'd love for that to happen, but it's not happening tonight. Goodnight princess."

Angie moved into the front seat with Brandi as they drove off.

"So was it everything you expected?" Brandi asked.

"I honestly don't know what I expected," Angie replied, "but it was very nice. I loved going to sleep in his arms. The only thing better would be to wake up there too."

Brandi rolled her eyes, "You're a sap."

Angie looked at her friend, laughing, "And you're jealous".

"So what's next?" Brandi asked.

"I'm not sure," Angie replied, "but I know I'm not satisfied getting quickies in the back seat of your car. I want to spend more time with him, just the two of us, where we can enjoy one another without interruption or an audience."

"So call him and tell him that," Brandi said. "Oh, wait, you don't have his number." She cackled.

"Damn!" Angie said, looking at her friend, "you have to give it to me now."

"Sorry sis, no can do. Strict orders you know."

"And since when have you been one to follow orders?" Angie asked with a dangerous look in her eyes.

"Since I have the upper hand and it suits my advantage," Brandi responded.

Angie laughed at her friend's revelation, and leaned her head back against the head rest, "You know it all feels like a dream, I don't want to wake up from this one Brandi."

Brandi rolled her eyes and held her opinion as she continued to drive, "As long as you're happy Angie, just be careful."

Angie turned her head to the side, staring out the window, but not aware of her surroundings, lost in her thoughts of the evening and what had happened. She had thought about it, talked about it, even dreamed about it, but now it was reality, staring her right in the face.

The city's nightline disappeared as they drove into the subdivision, the lights of the city exchanged for the street lights, "You're awful quiet Angie, everything ok?"

"Hmm?" Angie responded, Brandi's question snapping her out of her thoughts.

"I'm fine Brandi, just thinking about everything. I never expected to be here or rather that he'd be here and now that he is, it's a little surreal."

"Well we're almost home, you may want to pull it together before Brad sees that glazed look in your eye," her best friend suggested.

"I'll be fine Brandi. Brad won't notice anything, he is male, you know."

"I'll let Vic know your opinion of the male species," Brandi quipped.

They both laughed as Brandi pulled into the driveway, "So we'll chat tomorrow."

"Ok, thanks for coming with me tonight, I really appreciate it."

"I know Angie, you'd do the same for me. Have a good night."

"Night Brandi," Angie said, exiting the car and moving toward the house.

She dropped her purse as she entered the door. Leaning back against the frame, she gathered her thoughts before continuing on toward the bedroom. She was in hopes that Brad was already asleep so she wouldn't have to answer too many questions about the evening.

She quietly slipped her shoes off and made her way toward the bedroom.

As she entered, she saw that Brad was sitting up reading, "Hey," she said, "I thought you'd be asleep already."

"Just finishing up on this chapter", he replied, looking over the book at his wife.

"Wow, you dressed to the nines tonight." He observed, looking her up and down. "Do I get to unwrap that present?"

He didn't notice Angie stiffening at the comment, "Not tonight baby, I'm really tired, and I have more auditions tomorrow."

"Seems a shame to waste that little black dress," Brad said, not quite willing to give up just yet.

"Brad, you see me like this all the time," Angie said, moving into the ensuite to prepare for bed.

"Alright, alright, I get it, you're tired, but damn girl, you look hot!"

"I feel tired," Angie replied as she crawled into bed. "Goodnight," she said, giving Brad a quick kiss."

She rolled over and closed her eyes, willing herself to go to sleep quickly.

The evening's events raced through her mind as she lay there. She could still feel his lips on hers as they stood on the balcony, his hands on her flesh. She felt the heat radiating from between her legs at the remembrance of what they had done; how he'd ignored the possibility that people were watching and just did to her what he wanted.

She stifled a little moan as the memories flashed through her mind. 'That's enough of that Angie', she admonished herself, 'at this rate you'll never get to sleep.'

'I hope he's happy, ' Angie thought, 'he's probably sleeping like a baby and I'm here ready to pull my hair out, and I still have no way of contacting him.'

Her last thought was of how she was going to see him tomorrow; it wasn't a question of 'if' but when.

Vic entered his hotel room and tossed his tie on the chair as he undid his shirt. Like Angie, his mind wandered back over the evening's events, a smile flitting across his lips as he remembered their time on the balcony.

His phone buzzed an incoming call. He looked to see who would be calling him this late, "I thought you'd be all tucked in by now," he said as he answered the call.

"Are you kidding, I don't get away from the kids that often, I need to milk it for all that I can," Brandi responded. "Sleeping Beauty has been dropped off, and to say that she enjoyed the evening might be a gross understatement."

"I'm glad to hear it. Are we still on for tonight? I'm changing right now."

"Yeah, I'm on my way back now, I can't believe I let you talk me into this." Brandi said, stifling a yawn.

Vic laughed, "You going to make it? You're sounding old sweetie."

"Bite me!" Brandi responded, "I can outlast your old ass any day of the week."

"uhuh, whatever you say chickie. So how long do I have?"

"I'll be there in about ten minutes, you going to be ready?"

"Yeah, I'll go down and meet you out front. Let's just hope we don't get arrested for this." Vic laughed.

"If we do, you're calling CJ and explaining the whole thing to him."

"You want me to call your husband and explain why you were arrested in the middle of the night with some guy he doesn't even know? This guy is very understanding."

"Hmm, on second thought, you say nothing, and leave it all to me. I'm going now so you can finish getting ready. Meet me out front."

"I'll be there," Vic responded, as he hung up the phone.

Slipping into his jeans and a t-shirt, he grabbed the bag in the corner and left his room to go meet Brandi.

"Ready?" Brandi asked as Vic climbed into the passenger side.

"Let's do this, and let's hope that we don't get caught. I don't need to be explaining to your husband what you were doing out with me at one in the morning."

Brandi laughed, "Believe me, that's not a conversation that I want to have anymore than you. You're cute and all, but not worth that risk," she said, sticking her tongue out at him.

Angela woke to the incessant buzzing of her alarm. She reached across and switched it off before sliding from under the covers and moving toward the shower, slipping her night dress over her head as she went.

She moved into the shower and just stood there allowing the water to cascade down through her hair and over her face, trying to shake loose the cobwebs of sleep. As she allowed the water to flow over her, she thought back to the night before and wondered what lay ahead of her for the remainder of the week.

She smiled as she remembered the look on his face when he first saw her. It was then that she realized that all those times that he had professed his love for her had not been just words; she could see the adoration in his gaze. "Don't forget to get his number today Ange," she reminded herself.

She finished up and quickly dried, realizing she had been longer than usual in the shower, this wasn't going to do at all, she had a schedule to keep and it was getting completely thrown because of her day dreaming.

She went into the kitchen and popped a bagel in the toaster and turned on the news. While she waited for her bagel to pop, she checked her email and noticed that he had left her a note on Yahoo. "I enjoyed your company princess; I can't wait to do it again. I love you, V."

She smiled as she read the note, and hit 'reply'; "I had fun too baby, what are your plans tonight?"

Brad entered the kitchen just as she hit 'send' and logged off. "Don't forget we're having dinner with my parents tonight," he reminded her as he moved to put his own bagel in the toaster.

Angie froze in place as his words hit her. She had completely forgotten that they were supposed to get together tonight with his parents. She scrambled in her mind to try and come up with a reason to allow her to escape the dinner.

"Brad is there any way that we can postpone it until next week? You're right, I forgot and I made plans to go out with Brandi again, she's only in town until the end of the week."

Brad turned to face her, "You know this is going to raise hell with them."

Angie didn't say anything waiting to see what else Brad would say. He had already tipped his hand as far as she was concerned and she decided to let him complete the transition on his own.

He sighed loudly, "I'll make up some excuse about work, but next week there is no getting out of it."

"Deal!" Angie said, a smile filtering across her face. She glanced at the clock and realized that she was late. "I've got to run, I have an early class, I'll be home late," she said as she grabbed her bagel and rushed out the door.

Brad watched her go, "It's a good thing Brandi doesn't come to town more often," he mumbled to himself as his bagel popped up.

Angie grabbed her phone as she jumped in her car, speed dialling Brandi's number.

"You have got to be kidding," Brandi mumbled into the other end of the phone as she answered the call. "Angie, you are aware that I'm on vacation, and that it's not even seven yet?"

"I know and I'm sorry, but I want to know what we're doing tonight?"

"How would I know?" Brandi retorted, "I left with you, remember? I dropped you off, any of this sounding familiar at all?"

"Don't be a smartass Brandi, what does Vic have planned for tonight?"

"I have no idea what he has planned, if anything. He did mention something about allowing you time to yourself."

"He did not!" Angie yelled into the phone. "He's only here till the weekend and he thinks that he's not going to spend that time with me? Give me his number!"

Brandi laughed despite still being tired, "Look call me back in a couple of hours after I've had a chance to get some sleep and I'll see if I can't get in touch with him."

"Oh fine," Angie responded, "I'll call you around ten."

"Later Ange," Brandi said as she hung up.

Angie put her phone down in frustration, "If he thinks that he's not seeing me today, he's got another thing coming. I haven't waited this long to see him every second day." She was still fuming as she arrived at the studio.

When she entered, the first thing she noticed was that everyone was just standing around looking puzzled.

"What's going on?" she asked as she set her purse on Amanda's desk.

"Uh, Ange, there's something you had better see for yourself." Amanda told her, leading her back toward her office. "You all don't need to follow like little sheep, you have classes to get ready for," Amanda said to the instructors as they started to follow.

All the others quickly found someplace else to be, or thought of something that they needed to get done as soon as they looked into Amanda's eyes, leaving Angie and Amanda alone.

"I'm not sure how this happened," Amanda said, leading the way back through the studio.

"Ok, you're freaking me out, what are you talking about?"

"You'll see," Amanda said as they reached the door to Angie's office, "go ahead, open it," Amanda said, stepping aside to allow Angie room.

Angie stepped forward and carefully opened the door to her office. The first thing she noticed was the carpet of red where the hardwood should be. "What in the world..." she started.

"I KNOW!" Amanda piped in, "it's almost freaky."

Angie bent and picked up one of the pieces, "this is a rose petal," Angie said, turning to Amanda who just shrugged her confusion.

Angie pushed the door open and flipped on the light switch to find the floor covered in rose petals and six vases with a dozen roses each strung around the room, each vase boasting a different color. "Oh my god," she said, taking it all in.

"What exactly did Brad do to you?" Amanda asked, her eyes looking at all the roses.

"I have no idea," Angie said as she stepped into the room and noticed for the first time that there was a card attached to the vase on her desk.

She picked up the envelope and turned to face Amanda so she couldn't see the card before she opened it.

Princess, a dozen roses for each year that I have had the pleasure of knowing and loving you. I hope you have a wonderful day. V.

Angie couldn't hide the smile that played along her lips from Amanda.

"I know you're not going to share, but damn girl, it's killing me not to know."

"It's a secret admirer," Angie said.

"Well he's pretty good at breaking and entering because this place was locked up last night." Amanda said. "So I'm guessing we're not calling the cops?"

Angie laughed, "No, we're not calling the cops. I'll take care of this."

"Alright, I just hope you know what you're doing."

"Trust me Amanda, it's nothing, just an old flame, I have a pretty good idea where these came from."

"This is more than just a flame Ange, this is a raging brush fire, look at all these roses! What is Brad going to say?"

"Brad's not going to say anything, because we aren't going to tell him." Angie said, looking directly into her receptionists eyes.

"You're the boss, I just hope you know what you're doing." "No problem, you're good company. If I didn't want to do it, I wouldn't have offered." Alison replied. "I hope you like rockabilly."

"Are you kidding? I love rockabilly!" Vic replied actually looking forward to the concert.

"Well then, if you're ready, let's get going."

"Sounds like a plan, anyone else going to meet us there?" Vic asked.

"I'm not sure, Brandi mentioned that she might come down to check on us." Alison said, rolling her eyes.

Vic laughed, "And just why would we need to be checked on? Unless she's aged considerably, I am her senior by more than a few years, and I'm pretty sure you're safe."

"Either way, it should be a lot of fun," Alison said, leading the way out of the hotel and to her car. The drive downtown was uneventful. Alison pointed out points of interest as they drove and filled Vic in on some of the local history of the area, as well as familiarizing him with the layout of the city.

Vic took it all in, enjoying the scenery, as well as the history lesson, taking the time to ask questions and find out more about the area, as well as asking Alison about herself.

When they arrived, there was already a band onstage and a large group of people around enjoying the music, dancing and enjoying the atmosphere.

"Just don't expect me to dance," Vic laughed, as he exited her car.

"I remember what Brandi said," Alison responded, laughing, "But don't you play?"

"Yeah, but that was my way of never having to dance."

They moved through the group, Alison holding Vic's arm as they made their way through the throng of people.

Alison leaned in to ensure she was heard, "I hope Brandi doesn't show up and see me holding your arm."

Vic looked at her, "Why would she care if you were holding my arm?"

"I just got the impression that you and Brandi were ... you know ... I mean, I asked her about it, and she denied it and all, but she seems so protective of you, I just figured that she was covering something."

Vic laughed, "No, she's not covering anything. Brandi is a good friend, but that's all she is. There has never been anything between us in that way."

"Soooo, my holding your arm is ok then?" Alison asked, watching for reaction.

"Sure, holding my arm is fine, but I will tell you that I am involved with someone, just so you don't get the wrong idea."

"Yeah, Brandi mentioned that too," Alison said, "but she's not here, and I'm just holding your arm. Would she mind that?"

Vic smiled at the question, "She's been known to get a little jealous, or so she tells me."

"Have you given her reason to be jealous?" Alison asked.

"Me? Nah, I have no reason to go there, I'm more than content with her, she's everything I want in a lady, why would I put that in harm's way?"

"So my holding your arm is fine." Alison concluded.

They found seats and took in the music and the people as they danced and laughed.

Vic looked up just as Brandi approached, looking at Alison with her hand on his arm, she arched her eyebrow at Vic.

"Having a good time?" she asked.

"Well it's a tad warm for my Canadian blood," Vic replied, "but the music is great."

"Well I'm going to grab a soda," Alison said, "can I get anyone else one?"

Brandi and Vic both declined and watched as Alison made her way through the crowd. "You are living dangerously," Brandi said as she turned to Vic.

"How so?" he asked, looking at Brandi.

"You really don't see it, do you?" Brandi asked, looking carefully at Vic.

"What are you talking about? I'm not doing anything that I would hide from Bree."

"Vic, you don't understand women at all, do you?" Brandi asked.

That statement brought a laugh out of Vic, "The man has yet to be born that can understand women."

"Yeah, well take my word for it, Ange would not be ok with Alison sitting here holding your arm, I guar-an-damn-tee."

"Look Brandi, I told Alison that I was involved and that there was no chance of anything happening. She gets it."

"She gets that right now there's no chance, but she also gets that it's her here with you right now, not the woman that you are with, and that, my friend makes you open season. And as much as Angie loves you and trusts you, she would not be ok with anyone making nice with her man."

"But she's not like that," Vic said, "I remember one time asking her about Brad being away and if he had ever done anything, and she just kind of shrugged it off as an 'I don't ask, he doesn't say' kind of attitude."

Brandi rolled her eyes, "You still don't get it huh? Watch my lips, you're not Brad."

Vic sighed, "I'm never going to understand am I?"

"Probably not, but you do try, and we give you points for that." Brandi smiled at him.

Just then, Alison returned with her drink, "What did I miss?"

"Nothing much, just trying to give Vic here a lesson in the mind of a woman. He'll never pass, but he's not completely useless."

Alison laughed at the puzzled look on Vic's face.

"Lovely, now two of you are going to start in on me." Vic said.

"Nah," Alison said, "I don't know you well enough."

Vic looked at his watch, "Wow, we're gonna have to get going, I have a dinner engagement in an hour, and I can't keep them waiting."

"Ok," Alison said, "we have time, if we pull out right now."

"Let's do it." Vic said.

They all moved to the parking lot and made their way back toward the hotel. "It must be important," Alison prodded.

"Most important dinner of this trip," Vic responded, smiling out the window.

As she entered her office, Angie's cell phone rang, "Hello", she answered.

"Hey Ange," Brandi said, "How was lunch?"

"Mmmm, it was very nice; we tried out that restaurant on the corner."

"And there was no inappropriate behaviour?" Brandi asked with a smirk in her voice.

"No, we were very well behaved, thank you. We had a nice lunch, walking there hand in hand was very romantic, and of course we stole some kisses along the way." Angie replied.

"Good to hear. So I'm calling to let you know that he has arranged for you and he to have dinner together tonight at his hotel around six, does that work for you?" Brandi asked.

"I'll make it work! I brought some clothes with me in case he had something planned. I'll just change here and go over there. Where do I meet him?"

"He said that he would await your arrival in the lobby ... his exact words, not mine. This go between business it an awful lot like work ... I should just give you his number and let you two work it all out."

"I won't tell him you gave it to me," Angie said, a note of hope in her voice. "I want to be able to call him when I want to anyway."

"Yeah, he'd never ever guess where you got it. No thanks, I don't need to hear another man whining thanks. That's why I'm here alone, remember?"

They both laughed.

"Ok Brandi, I'll be there at six, but I've got a class to teach, so I gotta run."

"That's ok, I've got to run downtown and check up on Casanova and make sure he's not getting into any trouble anyway."

As the call disconnected, Angie put her purse in the locker and left her office toward the studio, wishing that he were here to watch her again, "Who are you kidding Parker, you just want him here where you can watch him," she mumbled to herself.

The rest of the day went by without incident other than Angie constantly checking the time to make sure she left herself enough time to get ready. As five approached, she started to close down so she could be ready.

She changed into a floral print sundress that went to just above her mid thigh. Looking into the full length mirror, she knew that Vic would like what he saw; she could feel her nipples hardening in anticipation of being alone with him for the first time.

She gave herself one more glance before moving out to her car and making her way to the hotel where she was looking forward to an evening alone with her Canadian. "You're not putting me off tonight mister," she muttered to herself as she drove into the hotel parking lot.

Vic waited impatiently inside the hotel lobby for Angie's arrival. He looked at his watch for the umpteenth time in the past ten minutes. 5:45, he tapped the face of his watch, 'c'mon, it's got to be later than that', he muttered to himself.

He stood staring out the window of the lobby, watching, waiting. When he saw her coming up the sidewalk it was like time slowed and she was moving in slow motion, her hair bouncing with each step, her dress flowing with her movements.

As soon as he saw her approaching he moved to the entrance and rushed out to intercept her, picking her up in his arms and twirling her around, his lips kissing her, catching her totally off guard. As he set her down, he asked, "Can you tell that I missed you?"

"Wow ... that was unexpected," Angie laughed, trying to catch her breath, "but you can do it again," she said, her eyes softening as she noticed the look of love that was being given her.

Instead, Vic just leaned in and kissed her lips gently, his hands sliding down her arms and entwining his fingers with hers. Passers by smiled as they looked at the couple showing their affection openly, with one lady commenting to her husband, "Why don't you kiss me like that anymore?"

"If you looked like that, I would," her husband quickly replied.

Vic and Angie laughed at the older couple as they continued their conversation. "Shall we go inside?" Vic asked.

"That's why I'm here," Angie replied.

Vic turned, letting go of one hand but maintaining his grip on the other and led Angie into the hotel and toward the elevator.

"I thought we were going to dinner," Angie said, looking to Vic for an explanation.

"We are," Vic replied, "but it's being delivered to my room, is that ok with you?"

Angie smiled, "That's better than ok baby, I love that idea, who's for desert?" She asked, smirking at him, fully expecting to catch him off guard.

"You are," he replied without missing a beat and completely serious tone.

She gasped at his response, her body immediately responding to his tone, the tone she knew so well, the voice of her Master.

"So if you're not comfortable with it going here, or if you're not ready, tell me now and we can go to the restaurant and have a nice dinner and enjoy each other's company."

She smiled at him and took his hand in hers, "Thank you for asking, but no, I want to go with you. I was ready for this six years ago, so I'm certainly not going to turn it down now. I love you," she said as she leaned in to kiss him gently on the lips, her hand squeezing his gently, conveying her need and feelings.

The elevator arrived and opened, ending the kiss that they both wanted to continue. They stepped into the elevator and Vic hit the button for his floor. Turning to her, he pulled her into him again, "Brandi's not here to stop us now princess," he said as his lips once again met hers.

When they reached his floor and the door opened again, they parted panting from intensity. Angie looked in Vic's eyes and they both laughed at the situation, realizing how it would look to anyone observing them. "You would think we were teenagers," Vic commented as he led Angie to his room.

They entered the room to the sound of soft music being played. "Somebody was pretty sure of themselves," Angie said, looking back at Vic and then turning to take in the lit candles and the glasses of red wine waiting on a little table set for two.

"Always be prepared," Vic responded with a smile on his lips.

"You weren't a boy scout" Angie replied.

"I had to be a scout to use their creed? Who made that rule," Vic responded as he moved Angie into the room and offered her a glass of wine.

"To a night that we will remember forever," Vic offered as a toast, his glass clinking against hers.

A knock sounded on the door, drawing a look from Angie. Vic checked his watch, "That can't be dinner yet," he said, moving toward the door, opening it to find one of the hotel staff standing there with an overnight bag and a box with a ribbon on it. "This was left downstairs for your guest, sir," the staffer said, handing Vic the items.

Vic reached in his pocket and gave him a tip, thanking him for delivering the items so promptly.

As he turned and handed Angie the box, he noticed two envelopes on top of the box, one addressed to him and one with Angie's name on it.

He took his envelope, opening it, and reading the contents;

"You owe me big time Vic, don't fuck this up," it read with a happy face drawn at the bottom.

He looked up to see Angie reading her note, a little smile playing across her lips, she looked up, "I love Brandi," she said, handing the note to Vic to read.

"Ange, I went to the house and told Brad that I was stealing you away for the next couple of days, that we weren't going to be able to connect with the schedule that you were keeping. At the same time, I signed him up for a tournament that is going on over at the Golf and Country Club, so he's happy.

I hope you two can take advantage of this opportunity to spend the time together, but for god's sake girl, don't get tossed out of the hotel because of noise. Brandi.

P.S. I got you a little something special for you to wear tonight on your first night together, enjoy."

Vic looked up from the note, not quite believing what he was reading.

Angie was looking in the box, "Vic is going to be one very happy man in a bit," she said as she closed the lid again, "no peaking."

"I really have you for the rest of the weekend?" Vic asked, a look of disbelief on his face as he went to the phone.

"Who are you calling?" Angie asked.

"Hey Jamie ... yeah, I'm bowing out of the rest of the seminar, Brandi just freed Ange for the rest of the weekend so she's spending it with me, take good notes."

Vic laughed at Jamie's reply before hanging up the phone, "He basically said the same thing that Brandi did about the noise."

Vic moved to take Angie in his arms, "I know that we aren't in a hurry now, but I still like the feel of you in my arms."

"You don't hear me complaining," Angie replied as she snuggled in. "What time is dinner?" She asked.

"It's whenever you want it to be princess. If you're hungry, I'll have them bring it up right away."

"No, I'm fine, but I was thinking of having an appetizer," she said, running her fingers over the bulge in Vic's pants suggestively.

"Hmm, an appetizer sounds wonderful," Vic replied, picking Angie up into his arms and into the bedroom, laying her gently on the bed, his body following hers until they were side by side, Vic up on one elbow looking down at Angie.

"You are so beautiful Bree," he said, running his fingers lightly over her cheek. "I am such a lucky man."

"Baby, the appetizer was my idea, you can't steal that," Angie said as she moved her hand up Vic's arm.

Vic bent his head down to kiss her lips, his fingers teasing across the expanse of her skin that was exposed above her sundress, moving closer and closer to her breasts.

His fingertips slid under the material in little circles as his kiss deepened, his tongue piercing into her mouth, the heat from the moment capturing them both.

He backed off to look down again at her angelic face, her eyes slowly opening to gaze up at him, "are you done already," she teased.

Vic laughed, "Sweetie, I'm just getting started."

Bree looked into his eyes, "I still want my appetizer," she said, her voice husky with need.

Vic lowered his lips to hers again and kissed her deeply, his lips then sliding along her jaw line, leaving a little trail of kisses to her earlobe. He tongue travelled behind her lobe causing her to giggle, "that tickles baby."

His hand moved inside the top of her sundress, his fingertips grazing along the top of her breasts, his breath hot in her ear, "I want to feel you nipples Bree, would you like that?" his voice whispered in her ear.

A soft moan escaped her lips as she heard him, just the tone and the fact that this time he wasn't asking from the other end of a phone conversation made her lift her chest off of the bed, trying to force his fingers closer to her engorged nipples. "Oh god baby, I want you to touch them so much," she husked back at him, her fingers gripping the coverlet on the bed, subconsciously knowing that she couldn't touch him without permission.

A soft chuckle sounded from his mouth as he moved his lips down over her neck, sucking gently on her tender flesh, feeling the heat emanating from her, her body reacting to his every move.

His fingers moved lower and closer to her distended nipples, moving in tiny teasing circles, coming ever closer. As his fingers reached her aureole, he sensed the difference in texture and slowed his movements to circle his fingertip around the outer edges, allowing the texture of her breast to be his guide, as his mouth move down her neck and across the open expanse of her chest, following the same trail that his fingers had made earlier.

Bree smiled, even as her body responded to his every touch, "You love driving me crazy, don't you?"

Vic looked up at her, "I have waited so long to have your body under my touch, there is no way that I'm going to rush any of this, unless of course you want me to stop and we could have dinner."

Bree laughed, "Don't you even tease me about stopping right now."

Vic lowered his lips to her lips, "I love you Angela Breane," he said just as his lips met hers. The kiss gained in passion, his finger and thumb encircled her nipple, lightly pulling on it.

Vic moved his hand to slide the strap on her shoulder down the arm, dinner forgotten for both of them as he lowered his mouth once again toward her chest, his lips following the flesh that was being exposed by his hand pulling down on the top of Bree's sundress.

Vic moved back to watch as his pulled the top of the dress across her breast, her aureole coming into view, causing him to slow and look at the scene before him. "You are so beautiful princess," he whispered, not wanting to speak aloud and ruin the moment with unnecessary noise.

Bree smiled softly at him, "I'm so glad you think so."

Vic circled his fingertips along the underside of her left breast allowing his hand to cover her completely as he move his mouth to take her right nipple into his mouth for the first time, a low moan escaping him as for the first time he sucked her nipple between his lips.

"Oh baby," Bree moaned at the sensation of having both nipples covered at the same time. "That feels so good, I love the way my breasts feel in your hand and mouth," she exhaled.

Vic lifted his body over hers, his mouth moving to capture the other nipple as his hands lowered to pull her dress even lower on her body, exposing her abdomen. Bree lifted her ass to allow him to pull the dress free of her legs.

Vic smiled looking down at the white satin thong that barely covered her pussy, his mouth watering at the thought of having those lips in his mouth for the first time.

"Are you chilled princess?" he asked, looking to make sure that Bree was comfortable.

Slowly her eyes opened as she regained her focus to what he was saying to her, "I'm fine baby, I'm better than fine, just please don't stop."

His smile grew as he once again went back to kissing her breasts, moving his mouth ever lower across her abdomen, his five o'clock shadow lightly grazing across her skin as he moved down her body. He stopped again at her navel to slowly kiss it, his tongue flicking out to tease into her belly button and around her navel ring.

She moaned as her eyes closed again in concentration, her hands moving on their own to gently slide along the side of his face and up along the top of his head, her fingernails drawing little trails as his mouth worked it's magic on her stomach.

Vic slid to the floor, taking Bree's leg in his hand laying little kisses on her ankle and moving up her calf in slow lazy circles.

A frustrated moan escaped Bree's mouth when she realized that she was not going to have his mouth on her pussy yet, something that she had been expecting for so long.

Vic smiled to himself when he heard her groan of frustration, he knew his princess, he knew that while she was impatient, she wanted this to last; she wanted this to go on for as long as possible.

He lifted her leg and gently ran the tip of his tongue along the back of her calf kissing in behind her knee, sucking gently on her flesh, before kissing his way up the inside of her thigh. As he approached her center, he could feel the heat emanating from her pussy, he wanted so desperately to turn and run his tongue under the material of her loose thong and taste her juices, but he restrained himself and moved down to capture her other leg in his hands to repeat the treatment. "I am so going to torture you when it's my turn," Bree mumbled from above his head, a little giggle escaping her lips. "You are so bad."

Vic forced himself to move slowly up her leg, his fingers moving ahead of his lips, teasing his way all the way up, his index finger sliding under her thong, gripping it with his first knuckle and pulling it away from her pussy lips, and sliding his finger up and down, the knuckle grazing her pussy lips in a feather light touch.

Bree's breath caught as she felt the rough skin of his knuckle come in contact with the soft outer flesh of her pussy lips, "YESSSS" she moaned, pushing her pelvis up, trying to force him deeper.

"AH AH AH Princess," Vic admonished, "you start that and I start all over again."

Bree forced herself to lower her pelvis and await his next move, wanting so desperately to feel him, to have him move to her center and grant her release, she was so close.

As if reading her mind, Vic looked up at her, seeing her dishevelled look, her breast rising with her breathing, her nipples like hardened erasers sticking up, her pelvis rolling, trying not to lift to his fingers, he asked, "Are you close princess?"

"So close baby, can't you see what you're doing to me?"

"I'm going to do so much more before this weekend is over baby," he said as he finally moved his lip down to kiss her pussy through the lace of her thong. "God you smell so fucking good," he said, inhaling the scent of her pussy deep into his nostrils.

With his finger, he pulled her thong to the side and ran the tip of his tongue along the joint of her thigh and pussy lip, feeling the heat against his tongue. He felt her shudder as the contact was made, her pelvis thrusting involuntarily with unspoken need.

Vic moved back and slowly ran the tip of his tongue through the center of her pussy lips, her juices gathering there, giving him only his second taste of her essence, 'If I did this for the rest of my life, it wouldn't be enough, ' he thought to himself. He moaned at the sweetness of her pussy, realizing that this pussy had been designed and flavoured just for him.

Her hands reached down and again began to touch his head, trying desperately not to drag his face closer, knowing that such action would only delay what she so desperately wanted. "Please baby, don't tease me anymore, I'm not sure I can take it."

"You can take it princess; you know you won't cum unless I allow it." Vic responded, his mouth moving back to gather more of her nectar, "Mmm, baby you have the sweetest tasting pussy."

His lips sucked one of her nether lips into his mouth, loving the feel of her flesh in his mouth. Her response of a deep moan told him that she was enjoying the sensation as much as he was.

He reached up with both hands and pulled her lips apart and ran the thick of his tongue through her very center, not caring that she was thrusting her hips up off the bed driving her cunt harder at his face, so lost in the sensation of her taste and feel, the realisation of her need and desire.

Finally he reached her extended clit, his mouth closing over it and sucking on it, his tongue moving in little circles around its base, "Oh my god, baby, please, please, please can I cum?" Bree begged, her body beyond reason as she thrust her hips up against his face.

"Soon princess," Vic replied, sliding his tongue back down through her center ever so slowly, stopping at her entrance to force it into the opening, stiffening it and fucking in and out of her pussy. His hands moved to her knees forcing her legs further apart, his mouth on the move downward again.

He reached the area between her pussy and asshole and licked little circles with his tongue, enjoying the sensation that he was causing to flow through her body. He knew she wasn't going to hold out much longer.

He slid one of his hands up the inside of her thigh and ran his finger around her opening before sliding it in to the first knuckle, his tongue moving down to tease her asshole ever so lightly.

"VIC, PLEASEEEEE," Angie cried, the sensations running through her body were almost more than she could take. "You have no idea how hard this is, please Baby, let me cum, please!"

Vic put aside all pretence of teasing and drove his finger deep into her opening, slamming it home as he quickly moved his mouth back over her clit, sucking it into his mouth with force, his tongue quickly licking at her clit, circling it with more pressure, while his lips pulled it into his mouth, furiously sucking.

He quickly added another finger to her entrance, his palm facing up, delving into her depths as he moved up to again kiss her mouth, allowing her to suck her juices from his mouth, "Cum for me my little slut," he whispered as he again kissed her hard on the lips.

"OHHHHHH," Bree moaned as her orgasm shot through her body, her hips forced off of the bed, driving his fingers as deep into him as she could get them, moving them in a circular motion, her mouth open as her body reacted to the command that she had been waiting for.

His thumb moved to trap her clit, sending yet another sensation through her highly sensitive frame and she looked deep into her lover's eyes as she felt her orgasm start to slow, "I love you so much Master," she whispered, cuddling her head into his shoulder, moving her face forward in an unspoken request for another kiss.

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