My Neighbor Gives Me a Helping Hand.....and Then Some
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A neighborly gesture turns to more as man and beast get to know me better

The forbidden is intoxicating. I did not start out this way but I am truly enjoying the journey! Strangely enough dogs have never really been my things as far as pets are concerned I always found them a bit drooling and intimidating. I have always been more of a cat person but as I have found out there are certain things that a dog can do for you that cat can't hope to match. It first started when my neighbor, Steve, asked me to check in on his dog while he traveled on business. He promised me that it would be easy, all I would have to do was feed Max and let him out to run in the yard a couple of times a day. I wasn't that keen on the idea but I did it anyway since my neighbor had helped me out on so many occasions previously.

It started out innocently enough I had come over to feed Max after work and I was sitting on the couch waiting for him to finish eating so I could let him out for his evening exercise. I was idly flipping through the channels when I accidentally turned on the DVD player and a movie started up. The sounds assaulted me immediately heavy moaning and writhing bodies, at first I couldn't even tell what was going on. Then I realized it was a woman spread on her back legs splayed open as a large DOG ate her pussy. I was embarrassed, shocked and horny as my eyes stayed glued to the action on the screen. It was a large TV and the almost life size bodies filled the room with their gyrations and heavy breathing and groaning. The girl on the screen seemed lost in pleasure as her hips thrust up at the frantically lapping dog who had his face buried in her cunt. Her hands alternately clutched at the air and massaged her heaving breasts. Without conscious thought my hands strayed to my own boobs stroking and pulling on my already hard nipples as my body reacted quickly and violently to the action on the screen. This was not something I had ever really thought about before and it was forbidden and naughty but it made me HOT! As the action on the screen become more frenzied my hands moved down my body into my pants and under my rapidly moistening panties. I moaned as the girl on the screen screamed out her orgasm. My hands frantically pushed down my pants to give me easier access to my hungry cunt as my eyes stayed glued to the illicit action on the TV. I spread my own legs wide and rubbed over and around my hot pussy as the dog ate hungrily at the having girls body. All thought had left my mind except for wanton pleasure, I had forgotten about Max which would soon prove to be a mistake or maybe a happy accident. I pushed two fingers inside my cunt and pressed my thumb against my clit as my body beginning climbing towards an orgasm. I screamed long and low as my body began to shake with my orgasm my fingers running over and around my cunt as I heaved in pleasure.

When I finally recovered it was to hear a grunt come from the still playing movie I looked up through heavy lids to see the girl on the screen on her knees now with the dog behind her sniffing at her dripping cunt and lapping over her puffy lips. Almost without warning and to my shock and the girls obvious pleasure he jumped on top of her covering her body with his large muscular hairy one as hid huge red pointy cock searched for her moist cunt. He yipped as he finally found her pussy and then jack hammered his large member deep into her. Humping at her frantically. She moaned and encourage him to fuck her harder, faster, deeper. I watched mesmerized as he thrust into her. My own legs were still splayed open and I was shocked to feel a rough tongue lash over my dripping pussy. I tore my gaze from the TV to see Max lapping at my pussy. I quivered in pleasure and fear as this huge dog ate my horny cunt. I knew I should make him stop but I was afraid of what he might do if I tried and I also too horny to make him remove his snout from my hot crotch. I gave a guttural groan as Max lapped at my cunt and thrust his nose against my stiff clit. I was lost on a wave of pleasure and forbidden lust. My fingers rubbed at my breasts and pulled almost cruelly at my hard nipples as I ground my pussy at the bestial face that owned my hot cunt. My gaze was still focused, although somewhat out of focus, on the girl dog action on the screen. The dog on the screen had finally managed to wedge the obscene knot at the base of his fiery cock into the girl and she screamed as he locked their bodies together filling her with his cum. I screamed too as I began to spasm on the hairy face that drove my cunt to orgasm.

I lay on the couch in a daze as Max still lapped slowly at my cunt. All of a sudden I was shocked to see that my neighbor, Steve, had come home and walked in on the end of my torrid frenzy of orgasms. I tried to cover myself and pushed Max away but he just grinned and I could tell I would not escape without further debauchery on his part and mine.

Steve approached me and continued to grin as my eyes were drawn to the tent his cock made in his pants. My hands slipped from my breasts as I focused on his obvious arousal. Almost without thinking I slipped my fingers over the bulge in his pants and he groaned as I firmly cupped his hard cock. His hands found my turgid nipples and then his hot mouth followed molding my firm flesh as I moaned mouth open and gasping. He pulled his thick dick out and began to work his own hand over it. The plump tip glistened as pre cum leaked from it and coated his girth. I leaned forwards and licked the tip of his cock taking his own juices away and replacing them with moisture from my hungry mouth. My hand came to rest below his churning fist and he let my smaller hand replace his as I am fisted him firmly. My mouth sucked on the tip of his cock as my hand moved smoothly up and down his hard length. From above me I heard his deep groan as I pumped his dick towards orgasm. I let his cock pop out of my mouth and before he could do more then exhale in regret I licked his cock from base to tip coating him with saliva as my hand followed in the wake of my mouth lubricating him further and allowing my and mouth to slide more smoothly over his turgid dick. My sucking and licking became more frantic and the sounds of my hungry mouth amplified as Steve drove his cock at my face. I was almost painfully aware of my own arousal and my free hand ran down my body to my dripping cunt and began to play with my own eager cunt. As I ate Steve's thick cock and worked at my hot cunt Steve said "Are you masturbating? That is so hot! Fuck that cunt, make yourself cum while you make me cum also!" I moaned wildly as his words heightened my arousal. I pulled off his cock for one second, just enough time to coat his cock with my own juices with the hand that had been in my cunt. I slid back on and lapped at the thick coating off girl juice that rand down his cock. "Oh yeah Steve" groaned. "You are so hot. I knew I made the right decision when I asked you to watch Max." I knew he was close to cumming. I tensed as he did almost gagging as he forced more of his cock down my throat as his cock began to spasm and jet streams of cum down my throat. Finally his hips stopped thrusting and his cock began to shrink as I milked the last of his cum from his dick and he gave one last shudder as his orgasm finally ended.

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