Sam and Cheryl - New Romance
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sam and Cheryl met at a party, and even though Cheryl has two babies but has never been married, Sam falls in love with her and wants her as bad as he's ever wanted any woman.

Sam and Cheryl first met during a party they were both at one weekend. It was truly love at first sight for both of them. They had never met before, and in many ways they were exact opposites. Cheryl was a very happy and pleasant person to be around. Sam tended to be much quieter and he was a very nice guy, just not as bubbly and extroverted as Cheryl was. They were both attractive young people, but as far as physical beauty, that was the closest description of Cheryl. She was very beautiful and still had the youthful fresh appearance of a twenty-something young woman.

During the evening, Sam and Cheryl ended up sitting off in one corner by themselves, meeting and getting to know each other. They were able to actually talk to each other and had the semi-privacy that allowed Sam to focus solely on Cheryl. He was delighted to get moments alone with Cheryl. Sam was especially interested in getting to know as much as possible about her. He hoped they could hit it off because he wanted to see a lot more of her in more ways than one. Cheryl seemed to be a very sweet young woman, and she had mentioned a few minutes into their conversation that she was a single mom with two little girls. That didn't surprise Sam; he assumed that was a priority in her life and any guy needed to be aware of it.

Sam called Cheryl the next day and asked if he could see her again. From there on, Sam and Cheryl began to spend a lot of time together. He got to meet her two daughters that night when he came to Cheryl's house, and he immediately fell in love with both of them. Sam started asking himself if this was a dream or for real; a beautiful young woman with two very sweet and cute little girls, and she was actually showing interest in him enough to let him come around again and visit with her and her two young daughters. Cheryl seemed to enjoy being with Sam, and how he felt about Cheryl was hard to even put into words.

It didn't take long at all before Cheryl and Sam reached a level of caring and a desire for intimacy that neither of them could or even wanted to deny. But, Cheryl had one firm rule; Sam was not allowed to have sex with her in front of her girls or even where when Cheryl was cumming, they could hear her moans and lusty screams. Cheryl loved getting fucked and she didn't want her girls to hear her in orgasm and think Sam was hurting her.

Sam and Cheryl dropped her girls off at her mom's late one afternoon and Sam was bold enough to tell Cheryl he'd rented a hotel room for them to have some privacy later.

"Later? Why later, Sam? Don't you want to be alone with me right now?"

Sam realized his answer was a no-win situation since Cheryl had been forced to ask.

"That's just what I wanted to hear, Cheryl," Sam said.

Sam took Cheryl straight to the hotel and he hugged her close to his side as they walked down the main hallway to their elevator. While they were inside the elevator, Sam bent over and kissed Cheryl softly while his left hand reached up and closed over her right breast through her clothes. Cheryl's hand moved up and closed over Sam's hand, pulling it even closer to the breast he was touching.

Sam's cock had gotten hard the moment Cheryl let him know she wanted to be alone with him now rather than later. He didn't care if someone in the hotel lobby saw what a hard cock he was sporting or not. He wanted to be alone, naked, and making love with his sexy young lady, Cheryl, and he could hardly wait.

Once Sam opened the hotel room door and showed Cheryl inside, he knew they could do everything they had both wanted since they first met and started falling in love. Sam closed the door behind them, locking it securely, and then he swept Cheryl into his arms. Their lips met in a very hungry, hot kiss that swept over both of them with a feeling that they had both needed someone who loved them and cared for them. Neither of them had experienced that in a long time.

In many ways, Sam and Cheryl had been like two horny teenagers who were not only falling in love with each other, but were also very much in lust with each other. Sam had gotten a huge erection the first night he'd met Cheryl, and when she'd gone home from the party that night, she'd made sure her two little girls were securely in bed asleep, and then she'd climbed into her own bed, and stroked her pussy and her clit with her fingers until she'd orgasmed multiple times. When Cheryl brought herself off the fourth time, she lay there with her hand on her smoothly shaved pussy, two fingers still deep inside her horny cunt as she felt the warm tears of sadness and desire for a man to love her sliding down over her beautiful cheeks.

That same night of their first encounter, Sam had gone back to his apartment with Cheryl dominating his every thought. He knew he'd already fallen hard for this sexy young woman and mother. Sam could hardly believe he'd met someone as wonderful as Cheryl, much less that she seemed interested in him, too. Sam also couldn't believe that the two guys who seemed to love Cheryl were close enough to her to fuck her and leave her with a knocked up belly but didn't want to marry her or being a father to the babies they'd helped her create. As Sam got naked and took his shower that night, Cheryl was all he could think about. Before he even realized it, his cock was totally hard and he was so horny to get off, imagining what it would be like to fuck Cheryl, that he wrapped his hand around his cock and jacked off until his balls delivered a large cumload against the wall of the shower.

When Sam and Cheryl melted into each others' arms there in the hotel room, there was nothing holding them back from doing whatever they wanted to do. Sam pulled Cheryl close into his arms, feeling her sexy young woman's body close against his and he knew he instantly had a large thick cock pressing against Cheryl's body.

As they kissed, Sam allowed his hands to slide down over Cheryl's back and then he let them slip even further down and he suddenly had both of Cheryl's nicely rounded asscheeks cupped in his hands and he was pulling her hard against his hardon. Sam loved being alone finally with this sexy woman, and he also loved actually being able to touch her body and now he could tell that Cheryl wasn't wearing any panties at all. All he could feel underneath her pants was the sexy firmness of her ass, and unless she had a thong on, he didn't think she was wearing anything. Wow, what a sexy hot woman, he thought.

Cheryl was so turned on from actually being in a room with Sam embracing her in a way that signalled total intimacy and surrender of herself to him. His kisses were so wonderful and Cheryl pressed her body close to him, feeling her breasts against his chest and his erection pressing against her tummy. Cheryl loved the feel of a man's aroused cock against her, telling her that she was desirable and that he wanted to be inside her, making hot love to her.

Sam quickly broke their kiss and he looked into Cheryl's eyes, loving their beautiful color and her gorgeous face that took his breath away. He leaned down, kissing her on the neck, and then he began unbuttoning her blouse, quickly getting it open. He folded back both sides of her blouse, and he felt his cock lurch in his pants as he saw the very sexy lace see-through demi-bra that Cheryl had picked out to show off her full rounded C-cup breasts. It showed her sexy breasts off nicely, and Sam bent over, kissing Cheryl right in the vee of her sexy young breasts.

Then, Sam unfastened Cheryl's pants and he quickly helped her slip them down and off her shapely legs. When Sam pulled her pants down off her legs, he noticed that she actually had worn a very sexy black lace thong that matched her hot lacy bra. He'd been wrong thinking she was pantyless. Sam helped Cheryl sit back on the side of the large king-sized bed and he bent down, burying his face in between her legs as he kissed and sucked through the soaked material covering her pussy. Sam could taste and smell the hot sexy aroma of young aroused cunt and he wanted to fuck Cheryl so bad he could hardly wait any longer.

Cheryl's hands pressed against the back of Sam's head, urging him to continue what he'd started. Then, Sam broke the kiss on her pussy and reached up, gently pulling Cheryl's thong down and off onto the floor at her feet. The material of her thong stuck to her bare pussy lips because of her ample wetness and when she was naked from the waist down, Sam's cock jumped at the sight of Cheryl's smoothly shaved hot pussy. He buried his face in her wet cunt again and quickly brought Cheryl to orgasm from licking and sucking her horny cunt.

"Ohhhhhh, yessss, Sam, mmmmm, kiss my pussy, baby," Cheryl moaned as she spread her legs and allowed Sam to have full access to her horny wet cunt. Sam licked and sucked Cheryl's pussy and he quickly had her exploding in another strong orgasm. When Cheryl finished her first cum with Sam, he helped her sit on the side of the bed, and then she reached between her breasts, unfastening her bra and peeled the cups away from her C-cup breasts to reveal her sexy twin beauties. Sam couldn't believe how sexy Cheryl's breasts were when he finally got to see them naked for the first time. Sam bent over, cupping Cheryl's left tit in his hand and flicked his eager tongue over her hard nipple. Then he switched over to the right one and sucked on it as he heard Cheryl moaning lustily in his ear.

"Ohhh, yes, mmmm, Sam, suck my nipples, honey," Cheryl moaned. Her pussy was growing even more wet and ready for Sam to fuck her if that was remotely possible.

Cheryl finally could not hold out – she lifted Sam's mouth from her tit and looked him in the eyes as she said, "Fuck me, Sam. Please fuck me right now."

Sam was out of his clothes almost immediately, his large thick hardon jutting strongly out of his groin. When he walked close to the bed, Cheryl quickly reached down, wrapping her hand around his hardon and stroked Sam's cock up and down, noticing a large drop of pre-cum leaking from the juice hole of his cock. She bent over, licking her tongue across the tip of Sam's cock and moaned from the taste of his sexy pre-cum juice.

"Please fuck me now, Sam," Cheryl said as she moved up in the center of the bed, opening her arms to welcome Sam into the most intimate part of her life. Sam really didn't need Cheryl's sexy words or encouragement to make him want to make love to her. He'd been wanting this moment as long as he'd known her.

Sam could hardly believe this long-sought moment had arrived—he was finally free to make love to Cheryl and he was more than ready. Cheryl was lying back on the bed, naked, her full C-cup breasts begging for him to suck them and her smoothly shaved pussy lips eagerly beckoning him to mount and fuck her.

Sam wanted to eat Cheryl's pussy and make her wet and have her cum before he fucked her, but he couldn't control his own lusty desire for his sexy girlfriend to that extreme. He wanted to fuck Cheryl, and he knew from looking at Cheryl's face and seeing the hungry sexual need in her eyes that she was more than ready for him to mount and fuck her. Sam's cock jutted hotly from his crotch, and he moved up on the bed with Cheryl, leaned over and kissed her pussy on the smoothly shaved lips, and then he gently spread her thighs, guided his cockhead into Cheryl's beautiful cunt lips, and he slid forward, looking down and watching as his large thick cock spread her pussy lips. Cheryl's immediate response, a deep lusty female moan, and then her hands reaching up and grabbing him by the ass and pulling him fully inside her horny tight cunt told Sam all he needed to know. This sexy girlfriend of his needed to be fucked immediately.

Cheryl was already very wet and more than ready for Sam's large thick hardon to be inside her pussy. Sam began to slowly thrust his cock in and out, ensuring his rod was well lubed and that it was feeling good for Cheryl. Cheryl was so hot to cum but even more, she simply wanted Sam to make love to her and to enjoy her sexy body to the fullest he could.

Sam reached up as he was thrusting in and out of Cheryl's wet tight cunt, and he cupped both of her sexy breasts as they jiggled hotly on her chest while he was really making her moan from having her hot pussy well fucked. Sam loved the sexy sounds his hard cock made in Cheryl's tight cunt as he began to really slam his hardon in and out of her pussy.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhh, yesssss, fuck meeeeeeeeee, Sam," Cheryl moaned and she leaned up, offering her lips for him to kiss and she reached down, wrapping her hand around the pussy-wettened shaft of her horny cunt as her boyfriend really drove her wild with his large thick manhood.

Cheryl began to cum within only minutes of Sam mounting and beginning to fuck her. She moaned wildly as he continued to drill in and out, and then Sam knew his hot desire to fuck Cheryl had the best of him and he slammed in and out of her hot pussy a few more times, and then he pulled his cock out and aimed the juice-hole of his cock straight towards her sexy breasts as he spurted hot thick cum all over her naked upper body.

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