Teaching the Boy

by Prince von Vlox

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, Consensual, Swinging, Orgy, First, Safe Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Devlin had many experiences while she was a teenager attending sex parties. This is one of them. It doesn't hurt to have read "Devlin's Story" first, but it's not required.

Devlin sat down next to the boy. He looked like they were the same age, which would make him 15 if he was a day. His father had sent her up here, told her his name was Brad, and asked her to help him though his first time. From the way the father had acted, nobody knew how old Brad was. Of course nobody was supposed to know she was only 15, either.

Brad was lean, with a dark shock of hair. He was naked, like most everyone else at the party. He was sitting on the bed, so she didn't get a good look at his body. She put her hand on his knee, and he jumped.

"I don't bite," she said.

"It's just ... I mean, I..." His face turned bright red, and he tried to look everywhere but at her as he swallowed nervously.

Devlin understood right away. "Ah, you haven't been next to a naked girl with the lights on." That was as diplomatic as she could make it. She didn't want to say, "I'm the first girl you've ever been with." Guys had their pride, especially young ones.

"Uh, yeah."

She took his hand and put it on her bare breast. "Go ahead, feel it." He hesitantly squeezed, not too hard, and his fingers ran over her nipple.

"Again," she murmured. She pressed into his hand, but when he didn't catch on, she teased her other nipple. "If you squeeze it a little, it feels real good, and it perks up, wanting more."

He'd probably heard that before, but hearing it and doing it were two different things. He tried, though. She didn't want to tell him that she was going to want him to pinch a whole lot harder in a couple of minutes. She wanted him to learn to treat a woman's body with gentleness. Too many guys didn't, whether they were teenagers or older men.

She turned his face, kissing him very lightly. He was hesitant at first, but soon got into it. This had to be a fantasy: kissing a naked girl while fondling her boobs. When they broke for air she could see his cock. It was already longer than it had been only moments before.

"And what do we have here?" She stroked his cock lightly. It jerked and stiffened right out. "My, look at how big it's getting."

"Why do girls seem so fascinated with a guy's dick?" he asked.

"Well... " She picked it up so she could caress the underside. "First, we don't have one, and quite frankly, we're curious about them. I mean there's no bone down there, but you get hard as if you have one. And a lot of girls wonder how a guy can walk around with that thing between their legs. Wouldn't it get in the way or something? The other reason, of course, is that when you put it in us, it feels really good. I shouldn't tell you this, but a lot of girls like cocks, especially when they're hard. Of course that's usually the only time we get to see one."

"I thought it was because it makes you come."

"Not always. A lot of girls don't come from straight screwing. But whether we do or not, we really enjoy the whole process. There's nothing that feels as good as a hard cock in our pussies."

He turned beet red, and she felt a drop of moisture oozing out of the tip of his cock. She knelt down and rubbed his cock against her breast. She wasn't sure about guys, but she liked the feeling of his hardness against her softness. She briefly took him between both breasts. He instinctively started moving back and forth. He was quivering, and she suspected he wasn't going to be able to hold back. All right, so be it.

She fondled his balls with one hand while running her other hand over his tummy. That did it. His breath shortened, and then he spurted, His come spattered across her breasts in one ropey string of white after another. His whole body shuddered as he threw his head back and grimaced.

"My," she murmured when he finally ran down, "what a load." She licked the head of his cock clean, giving a little suck to make sure he was done, and then began massaging his juices into her like it was a lotion.

"They say come is good for a girl's skin," she said when he finally regained his senses.

"I heard..." He paused to swallow. "Uh, I heard that it makes girls titties get bigger."

She laughed. "Really? Do you think that's why my boobs are as big as they are?" She hefted her boobs meaningfully. "You know, normally guys leave their come somewhere else."

"You mean... ?"

She spread her legs. "This is my pussy. You pet it right, and I'll purr, just like a pussy cat." She guided his fingers down to let him explore.

"First thing, if you touch a girl down there, make sure your fingers are wet. That's the most sensitive skin on a girl's body, and dry fingers can irritate it."

He hastily licked his fingers, and then returned to his exploration.

"Now there are two places you have to know about," she said after a bit. She could feel the wetness on her thighs. She was so looking forward to what came next. "The first is my clit. That's got like a million nerves in it, and it helps a girl get off." She guided his fingers, and gasped slightly when he touched it. "Be very very gentle, but go ahead and rub me."

He began doing that, and she made a pleased noise deep in her throat. Yes, he caught on fast. She wanted to squeeze her breasts, pinch her nipples, and otherwise pleasure herself, but not yet. She didn't want to startle him too much. And guys, especially their first time, were a bundle of insecurities.

"The other place," she said after a bit, "is my entrance. That's where your cock goes." She pushed his fingers down until he felt the opening to her channel.

"It's wet."

"That's lubrication so your cock will slide in easier."

His cock twitched and began to stiffen. It clearly wanted to be where his fingers were.

She didn't want him going off too soon, so the minute he was hard enough she rearranged herself on the bed and got him between her legs. He stared at her sex, fascinated. He'd probably seen pictures, but there was nothing like seeing the real thing.

She took his cock and rubbed him up and down her slit. When she thought its blunt head was wet enough, she positioned him just right. He knew what to do, and pushed. When he slid in he got the most surprised look on his face.

"Back off slightly and push again," she said. "That feels real good." He did so, and twice more until he was all the way in. "Now pull it out most of the way, and push it in again. You're doing everything right."

He did so, and his face lit up. She grinned up at him, and on his next thrust she matched him, pushing up on his hardness. That seemed to surprise him, but when she did it a second time, he grinned.

"You like that, don't you."

"Feels good."

There was no more time for talking. She could see his eyes. He'd just realized that he was actually fucking a girl. She wondered if it felt like he imagined. She remembered how she'd thought it would feel, and how pleasantly surprised she was when her imagination proved to be totally inadequate.

He began to move a little faster. She'd been with enough guys to know he was going to come. This was what it was all about, all of the hinting, flirting, teasing, and so on. Some guys got weirded out about the idea, but most guys didn't give it any thought. They were going to come, and doing it inside a girl was a real turn on.

The thought must have been a trigger. He began to move even faster. She held him, making encouraging noises. She was a ways from completion, but right now that didn't matter. He was about to come in a girl for the first time, and she wanted it to be good.

His face tensed, he arched back, and his thrusts slowed. She could almost feel the blasts of come as he tried to fill her. He finally slumped, breathing in short gasps. She held still until he finally caught his breath.

"Good, wasn't it."

"Yeah," he said thickly.

"Time to pull out," she said. "This is the part a girl doesn't like because it feels so good in there. But I want you to pull out."

"Okay, but if it feels so good..."

"Then, after you rest for a little, we can do it again. And we can both enjoy what it feels like when you put it back in."


And they did. He took a couple of minutes to recover, and another minute or two to get hard. He didn't object when she guided him into her. She left her hand on her sex, feeling his hardness sliding between her fingers. She couldn't see where they were joined, but she could certainly imagine it, and her fingers helped.

He lasted and lasted, and this time she got off. She loved how he felt down there, and it pushed her higher and higher until she gasped and clenched her way through her climax. That spurred him, and he came again. This time, when he pulled out, he kept looking at her tummy as if expecting to see something. She left her legs apart so he could get a nice look. Too many girls automatically slapped their legs shut when they were done, but guys wanted to know what it looked like.

He was mostly asleep by then. She snuggled with him for a bit, but when he dropped off she slipped off of the bed. The party was still going on in the rest of the house. The line for the bathroom was too long, so she sought out Brad's father. She found him in the living room, stroking himself as he watched a couple doing it on the couch.

"All taken care of." Her hand took over for him. He had a nice cock, and a nicer body.

"How did he take it?"

"Pretty well."

"That's good." There was a blanket on the floor. He pulled her down to that, got a pillow for her head, and pushed his hand between her legs. His fingers sought out her clit while his mouth worked over her breasts. It didn't take long before he slid his hardness into her.

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