A Farm in Texas
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, True Story, BDSM, Spanking, Humiliation, Orgy, Bestiality,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The author had a kinky conversation with a man who claimed to own a horse farm. He offered to pay her to visit the farm and entertain the men who came to watch. To watch girls with horses. Chapter 1 describes the internet chat, the next chapter will be pure fantasy about what might have happened if she had gone.

I should explain that before I got married I had been seeing a much older man who was into bondage and discipline, and I had loved it. But it had all got too much for me, and trying to give it up and escape from his influence I had married a vanilla guy to try and settle down. It hadn't worked, and I knew that if I didn't do something about it I would leave my husband and go back to the BDSM guy, and I wasn't sure I could cope with that, he was very intense and living with him was exhausting, physically and emotionally.

It started like any other internet chat, trying to find common interest with a complete stranger. This man's name was Adam, and he said he owned a large ranch in southern USA, in Texas he said it was, but he declined to give me more information about its location. He said that he had a lot of horses, including several stallions, and people paid to watch the horses mating. That sounded kinky and I like kinky chats, so I asked him to tell me more.

He said he had erected a grandstand in a paddock for paying spectators, and also offered accommodation to people visiting from far away. He offered to pay me if I would just go and stay there for a few months working as a maid, looking after both the horses and the visitors.

I asked if that included sex and he said it could, if I wanted, but it would always be my choice. Obviously I would be paid much more if I had sex with some of the visitors, and he hinted that there were other ways I could earn even more money. I suspected he meant porno films or something. I had never been to Texas, and the offer seemed a good way to resolve my marriage. Go spend a month or two on a ranch, effectively working as a prostitute and maybe a porn star, earn a heap of money, and decide whether I wanted to go back home to my husband. I told him the idea appealed to me but I needed time to decide. He said he understood, and agreed that we should chat more. No commitments.

I was mostly worried by the porn films bit. I knew I could sleep with guys in Texas with no chance of anyone in my home town finding out, but appearing in a porn film was something altogether more dangerous for my future. Of course, if the money was really good it might be worth it, but I suspected he could get girl porn stars pretty cheaply so there was no reason to believe the money would be enough. So, no, I decided firmly that if that was what he meant I would make it clear that I wasn't into it. Next time we talked I told him that, and he laughed and said no, he promised there wouldn't even be photographs taken of me if I didn't agree to them.

But I do like sex, and the idea of screwing half a dozen different men in a day did appeal. The sex with my husband was by now downright boring, and my memories of those earlier experiences with the BDSM man were still too confronting to go back to. I definitely rather liked the idea of spending time as a hooker in a distant land. Especially if the money was good, and of course many of these guys had traveled from far away to be at the farm so were, presumably, wealthy. I still wasn't at all clear about why these guys came all that way, what did the farm have that these guys wanted? Did they really just want to watch horses mating? Or was it the farmhouse, and the girls waiting to have sex with them? Was the horse thing just a cover for what was in fact a brothel? But if so why had he said that I didn't have to fuck the men?

We talked several more times before he finally told me what the "other ways of earning money" were. It wasn't just horses mating that the men came to see. He said that before and after a stallion fucked the mare, the horse's dick had to be cleaned. He said some girls liked doing that, would even suck the dick as they cleaned it. The visiting men paid to watch the girls doing those things to the horses. Some of them would stand beside the horse, and the girl would use one hand on each cock He explained how some men liked to fuck the girl as soon as she had finished handling the horse's cock!

I told him I thought that was cute, and implied that I might be willing to do that, and asked him to tell me more. "Go on" was becoming my standard response!

He said that, if there was no mare available, girls could help the horse out by masturbating him! And the visiting men paid heaps to watch the girls doing that. They liked to watch the girl arousing the horse, and they liked to watch her make the horse spunk, with her hands, or even better with her mouth. And they liked to fuck the girl while she was still covered in the horse's sperm.

He asked me if I wanted to see photographs of girls doing that. I was so horny I could hardly breathe as I replied, yes please.

He sent me a photograph of a horse with its cock out, and a girl sitting under the horse smiling at the camera as she wiped the enormous cock with a soapy flannel. I didn't think that I could put the cock in my mouth, but the idea of stroking a horse's cock made me shiver, with excitement as well as disgust. I knew that I would love doing it in front of a crowd of lusty men. When he was sure I wasn't revolted, he sent me another pic, of that same girl after the horse had cum, with his semen all down her front! So much semen!

I told him that I was sure I could do that. I admitted to him that I liked the idea of doing it, if I was being watched. I explained to him that I really would only want to do it in front of an audience. That was the thing that turned me on about doing it. He promised me that he could arrange a large audience.

I could tell that all the time he was testing me, seeing how far I would go before saying I was disgusted. But I kept saying I wanted to hear more. I was quite sure he was making it all up, but it was exciting to talk about such depraved things.

He told me how the men would pay more to fuck the girl after the horse had spunked over her, often they would actually lay her down in the stable, with her front still covered with the horse's semen, and lie down over her and fuck her! And they would pay extra for it. Would I be up for that? I told him that I would be. He promised me the money would be good, but to be honest that was not why I wanted to do it. I couldn't stop looking at that monster cock and thinking of it spurting hot semen over my breasts and belly. I could imagine the groans of arousal from the men watching me.

And I did like the idea of afterwards, with all those men wanting to fuck me, maybe as I lay on my back in the straw! So I could earn a lot of money and have some fun at the same time. For a while the only sex I allowed my husband was with me on my back. Before he entered me, I would put my fingers in my cunt and rub my girl juices up over my breasts. He would have been shocked if he knew what I was thinking as he mounted me. And after he had cum, and rolled off me and gone to sleep, I would again put my fingers in my cunt, and take his semen and rub it over me, and I would close my eyes and imagine the next man covering me. I would open my legs wide and imagine they were tied to the end of the bed.

That got me thinking of my BDSM man and prompted my next question.

"Do the girls ever get tied up, or spanked?"

He asked why I wanted to know, was I into that sort of thing? I admitted that I was. He said he very definitely could provide that, and if I did what his clients wanted in that respect I could certainly make a lot of money. I fantasized about being tied to a fence in a paddock in the sunshine and whipped, watched by maybe hundreds of guys. And surely after, when the whipping finished and before they untied me, many of those guys would want to fuck me as I stood there still tied and helpless.

While I was with my BDSM man, before I got married, a very few times he had put me to several guys, friends of his, having them fuck me one after the other, while I was tied to his bed, and I had loved it. I have difficulty climaxing just from one man giving me a quick fuck, but I had cum with them even though I couldn't masturbate. I had no doubt at all that I would cum with a queue of men giving me a long succession of quick fucks, especially if I was tied by my wrists to a fence and my legs were tied wide apart! The idea of doing that after a flogging, and while being watched by a larger crowd of men, and being paid for it, was a real turn-on.

My husband benefited from all this, I was much randier at night, and he got lots of my very best sex efforts, but I found that I could only climax if I closed my eyes and imagined I was with a horse, or was being watched! I masturbated a lot.

I assured the man that I was becoming seriously interested. He explained that he would pay my air fares, and provide free accommodation, so long as I stayed at least a month. He would prefer it if I stayed six months! I so wanted to believe this was a real invitation to go to a real farm and do all these disgraceful things, but still I was really convinced he was just making it up.

Finally I asked him to tell me more about the horses. He sent me more photographs, of horse cocks, of a girl tied naked against a tree being flogged, other things. We discussed how the girls staying at his ranch are expected to tend to the horses, clean their cocks, and if a stallion was not going to be mated that day the girls would 'milk' the stallion to stop him getting frustrated. I loved the idea of that, especially when he told me how much semen a horse could pump into a girl's bucket if she was good with her hands.

Then when he realized I wasn't totally shocked by this, he sent me photographs of a girl, face down on a padded bench, the first pic showing her being strapped down by her wrists and ankles, and a thick strap fastened over her back. Legs very wide, and hips tipped up and her crotch elevated by the shape of the bench. The next photo was of her lying there on the bench, tied helplessly, in the middle of a large paddock in bright sunshine, and in the background you could see the grandstand, packed with men.

The final photo he sent me that day was of that same girl, same position, covered by a stallion. There was no doubt that the horse's cock was in the girl. In her cunt. I couldn't stop looking at those photographs! Actually mostly I looked at the second photograph. Imagining how it would feel to be lying there in the Texas sun, in front of maybe a hundred watching men, waiting for my first stallion to be brought to me. I imagined hearing a horse whinnying, stamping its feet, he knew that if he was brought out to this paddock it meant there was some cunt waiting for him. I imagined the horse getting up over me, inserting his cock as best he could in my tight little pussy, thrusting as hard as his frustration would make him, and then pumping all that incredible semen into me.

And as he pulls out, and moves away, there would be this huge roar of applause from the crowd! And then men would start coming down from the stands, and lining up behind me. To see if they could still cum inside my hugely dilated cunt.

The man explained to me how a girl has to be prepared to take a horse cock, but it really wasn't that difficult. He reminded me how a woman can stretch to take a baby, although there were other factors involved in that activity. But he assured me that a few weeks of playing with increasingly large dildoes is all that's needed, and he explained that this would all be part of the deal if I went to stay with him, and that training wouldn't interfere with my other money-earning activities with the men. I wondered if the men would still want me, after my cunt had been stretched so much, but he assured me that was a misunderstanding. I was being trained to relax my cunt and allow it to dilate, I wasn't going to be permanently stretched. And he promised me that the training would be done carefully by experienced trainers, and that I wouldn't be hurt during it. I remembered some of the things my BDSM man had done to me, many of which had hurt. He had once had a girl put her fist in me, and that hadn't hurt, it had been a wonderful experience!

The man told me how much he would pay, if I agreed to work toward taking a horse cock. I would only get the full amount if I managed to take it fully, but if I stayed at least two months, and if he felt I had really tried to take the horse cock, he would still cover my airfare and some extra even if I couldn't do it. And of course I would be paid for all the men I fucked while I was there.

He sent me a pic of a girl putting the large end of a baseball bat into her cunt. He said, before he would pay for my air fare, he wanted me to send him a photo of me doing the same.

I didn't sleep at all that night. I tried to imagine pushing a baseball bat into my cunt. I worked on my husband to get him as hard as possible, but even at his biggest he was nothing close to the size of a baseball bat. I used my normal dildo but somehow it now just felt too small, which was stupid because the previous time I had used it, it had been fine and I hadn't yet done anything to stretch myself. Next day in my lunch hour I went to a shopping mall and bought a baseball bat.

I was still absolutely not convinced that I would do what this unknown man wanted, accepting his free flight to America and going to stay on his farm. I still didn't really believe it even existed. But so far my only investment had been a few dollars for a baseball bat, and it was very erotic talking with him and thinking about it. I kept badgering him to tell me more of what life would be like, if I did ever come to visit him.

He explained how my duties would include helping out in the farm house, and on the farm. I would be shown how to look after the horses, and how to prepare other girls to be fucked by a horse. He told me about double ended dildos, and I assumed that my training duties could involve using increasingly large double ended dildos with other girls. It all sounded rather fun. He explained that I would not be required to milk stallions, but I would be able to do that if I wanted. And I knew in my heart that I would, if the farm really existed and I ever did go to it.

The visitors normally ate in a large dining hall, and part of the fun for them was that the girls who were staying at the farm served the men their food, the girls usually dressed in their undies or in skimpy maid costumes or other things like that. Would I be up for that? I said yes of course, although I didn't really have much other than some sexy undies. He said not to bother about that, soon after I arrived he would send me into the nearest city with one of his men to buy everything I might need. And when I went home I could keep it all, if I wanted to. To be honest I just wasn't thinking at all about going home, all I could think about was the farm, living there, doing what he wanted. Milking a stallion before breakfast. Practicing with bigger and bigger dildos. Helping in the paddock, preparing other girls who had finished their training and were ready to do the big thing. Strapping the girl to the bench, comforting her afterwards.

He explained how the horse usually had to be helped to find the girl's cunt, and that this task was often given to a girl, assisted at first by one of the experienced male staff. I told him I wasn't sure if I could do that, knowing how the poor girl must be terrified, and was almost certainly going to be hurt. He said I wouldn't have to, perhaps I could help the girl in other ways, like caressing her breasts or kissing her as she waited for her horse.

I admitted to him I had never kissed a girl, not sexually. He asked me if I would be willing to do that, in the farmhouse, usually in the evenings as entertainment for the visitors. I said I would think about that, but in reality I knew I would do it. And again I would not be doing it for the money. He sent me a photo of a large room with a crowd watching a stage, with two girls making love on the stage. This was the first photo he had sent me that made me start to believe he was telling me the truth. The other pics were things you could download off the net, but this pic was so well matched to everything he had told me that I began to believe this ranch really existed, that those two girls were being paid to make love, that these men were enjoying the sight as pure entertainment, and that next day these men would see a girl, possibly one of these two, being strapped to a bench in the sun and mated with a horse.

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