Magique Mountain
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2010 by JRyter

Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young man graduates from high school in a rural mountain community. He helps bury his favorite uncle who had given him a smooth white, magical stone. He follows the instructions his uncle gave him, and steps into Hidden Valley, on Magique Mountain.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Size   Big Breasts  

"Oh Lord, we humbly ask that you take this man's troubled soul and give him rest, for he was in much torment during the last days he lived among us. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. As we commit his body to the earth, we offer his soul to you Lord, Amen." Reverend Patterson ended the burial services of my Uncle Alexander Archibald Allison, known to all as Uncle Al.

All the able bodied men of the Allison family, along with us older boys, took up our shovels and started covering the grave of Uncle Al. I looked around the group at the grim looking faces among us. I'm sure that each must have had a special feeling or a special memory of Uncle Al, but surely there was none that felt what I did at this moment.

Since the earliest recollections of my childhood, I spent at least part of each and every day with Uncle Al. If there was another person that knew him better than I; I sure would like to meet them.

I went to school to be taught about reading, writing and arithmetic, but I got my education from Uncle Al. He had to be the smartest man I ever knew; he never told me wrong and as far as I know to this date, he never told me a lie.

I've heard it whispered and rumored that Uncle Al was 'tetched' in the head, that he wasn't all there, that he had lost some of his marbles when he spent a week on Magique Mountain as a kid.

Some said he must have eaten those mushrooms that caused hallucinations, or maybe found a patch of marijuana and smoked it all, or even worse, did both. I knew better; Uncle Al had told me all about his stay up there on the mountain, he wasn't lost as others claimed, he was exploring and learning things that no man has ever had knowledge of. He was trying to pass the tests of 'The Process'.

I couldn't hold back the smile that crept across my face as I remembered our last conversation, where he had given me the smooth round white stone that would be the key to my success, as well as the last of the instructions and directions I was to follow when I went up the mountain myself.

Yes, I'm going up that mountain and explore the things Uncle Al did, only I will have had a tutor and I'll know all the pitfalls and the obstacles that await me. I know that I must never doubt what comes to mind as I enter each phase of 'The Process' as Uncle Al had called it.

Hidden Valley was a place on Magique Mountain that only a few had ever seen, or even knew of anyone that had been there. It was rumored that years ago, a boy had gone there and came back to Clearwater as a male witch. The boy knew things about what was on folks minds and could seduce the young women and girls at will; making them fall naked at his feet, eager to frolic and romp sexually with him, with no sense of shame.

Uncle Al had told me that the place actually did exist and that I was to go there; he wanted me to complete 'The Process' that would make me invincible and give me powers over all who stood before me. He had told me that I would be 'gathered up' by beautiful maidens as soon as I started down the slopes of Hidden Valley and they would be with me all the way through 'The Process'. He told me to NEVER doubt or refuse the offerings of the maidens.

'Follow their directions and suggestions to the letter, they are the ones that will see you through 'The Process' and make you their leader, ' Uncle Al had told me many times, as we sat on the rocks in the shade by Clearwater Creek and talked, while I took my notes to read over again and again. There was one nagging question about all this that Uncle Al never gave me a definite answer on. Why did he fail his last 'test' in 'The Process'.

"I reckon Uncle Al has finally put to rest, the ghosts of Magique Mountain, that has haunted his mind all these years," my cousin Robert said and laughed at his own attempt at being funny, as we finished packing the dirt over Uncle Al's grave, with the back of our shovels.

No one laughed, no one even looked up at his remarks, there weren't many who were brave or even foolish enough, to make light of the legend of Magique Mountain. Robert was just about to graduate high school this spring and he was voted 'most likely to succeed' by his classmates. He felt this gave him the right to put down the legend and the rumors of Magique Mountain; he had few listeners and even fewer followers when he spoke with ridicule of the myths of Magique Mountain.

"Archie, what are you going to do with your time, now that Uncle Al has passed on and you can't sit and listen to his hallucinations and laugh at his lies about seeing Hidden Valley?" Robert asked me, after he had gotten no response to his remarks about Uncle Al.

"I'll be out of school in a week or two Robert, just like you. I reckon I'll find me a summer job and try to make some money for my senior year, since my folks don't own a general store," I said, never looking up.

This got a big laugh; everyone loved to see and hear of Robert being put down in a way that left him no way out except to get riled and walk away. He did too, he never responded to me, he threw his shovel on the ground and walked away. His Dad; my Uncle Bob, picked the shovel up as he gathered all the new shovels, loading them into a big wheelbarrow to take back to the store, since he always loaned them out to the grave diggers.

"Archie, don't be so hard on Robert, he's just excited about graduating and going to college. He thinks he's already grown," Uncle Bob said as he put his arm around my shoulder.

"I apologize to you Uncle Bob, I was close to Uncle Al and I'm just not in the frame of mind to hear him put down, this soon after we buried him," I told him.

"I understand Archie, he was a special brother to me and I'm proud that you took up time with him, he needed you."

"I needed him too; he has taught me a lot. I am a better person now because of Uncle Al."

"Indeed you are, you are a fine young man, your father would be proud of you if he were here. I know your mother and your sisters think you make the sun shine each day, you are truly blessed with a loving family Archie."

"Thank you Uncle Bob, I couldn't agree more," I said and walked away, smiling to myself as I thought of Uncle Al and felt the peace come over me.

I saw mom and my sisters; Alice and Allene, waiting for me under the big shade tree near where dad was buried, and walked over to them. Mom is a very attractive woman and since dad died years ago, when his truck ran off the side of the mountain, many men have tried their best to get my mom to go out with them on a date. Mom has always refused, even though Alice, Allene and I have tried to get her to accept at least a dinner date.

It must have been the combination of both our mom's and dad's genes, all us kids are tall. Dad was 6'6" and mom is 5'11". I'm seventeen and 6'3" tall, Alice and Allene are sixteen and fifteen respectfully and they both are 5'9'' already.

Mom reached out her arms to hug me as I came to where they waited, I always hugged mom when she held out her arms, she hardly ever did now, since I was getting older. Alice and Allene were my best friends in the whole world; now, more so than ever since both dad and Uncle Al were dead. They both grabbed me in the same hug mom and I were in and we all held onto each other tight for a few minutes, before I pulled back.

"Let's get a sandwich before we go home, that way no one will have to cook, I'm buying," I said as I looked at the only three women that has ever been special in my life.

"You talked us into it Archie," mom smiled and hooked her left arm in the crook of my right arm. Alice, being the older of my sisters, always took my other arm and Allene took mom's right arm as we walked out of the cemetery and over one block the center of town.

I knew what each of them liked, and as they sat at a small table under the shade tree, I ordered for all of us and paid. When our order came, I took the tray to our table and we ate and talked and laughed like old times when we were kids and mom would take us to town with her.

Mom has long black hair that drags the floor when she lets it down before she rolls it in a rope and winds it up and pins it to sleep at night. During the day, she keeps it braided in one long, large French braid down her back. She braids Allene's and Alice's hair, and they take turns braiding mom's. I love the way the three of them look with their hair braided in the French braid and tell them as much every day.

"Archie, I want you to use the time you have been spending with Uncle Al, to be with me and your sisters, we don't want you to be saddened by his passing, we want you to be proud he loved you, and that you both shared a common bond and a special friendship," mom said as she patted my leg, up high over my right pants pocket as I sat next to her.

"Archie, what was that?" mom said as she jerked her hand back and looked at me.

"I'm not sure Mom, the only thing I have in that pocket is the smooth round stone Uncle Al gave me just before he died."

"Well, it felt as if my fingers were shocked by electricity."

"May have been static electricity Mom," Alice volunteered.

"May well have been, but it sure gave my fingers and my elbow a tingle," mom laughed.

"Let me see the stone Uncle Al gave you Archie," Alice said.

"Well, it's not much to look at, just a smooth, round, pure white stone that Uncle Al told me unlocked the secrets of Hidden Valley," I smiled as I handed the smooth warm stone to my oldest sister.

"Wow, it sure is warm and so smooth. It's almost as slippery as a piece of Ivory soap. Mom, I feel a slight tingle on my fingers also," Alice said and put it to her lips and kissed the smooth stone.

"Goodness, I've never been kissed by a boy, but if it feels like that did, I want to try."

"Alice, you should be ashamed, talking in such a manner in front of your sister and brother that way," mom scolded her, but then laughed.

"Let me see Alice," Allene said and Alice lay the stone in our younger sister's hand.

"Kiss it Allene, see if you feel what I did." Alice said as she passed the round flat stone to Allene.

"OH," She gasped as she placed the stone to her lips.

"Did you feel it?" Alice asked, smiling.

"I'm not even going to tell you what all I felt, mom will really scold me," Allene giggled.

"Girls, let me see that stone, I want to feel it in my bare hand and see what all the fuss is about," mom said as she held out her hand.

"Goodness, it is warm to the touch." She said.

"Kiss it Mom, just once," Alice said.

"Well, make sure no one is looking at me while I kiss a rock, I'd hate to be talked about by some of these silly town folks," mom said as she pressed the round, flat, silver dollar size stone to her lips. Mom jerked the stone back and it fell from her fingers, right into the opening of her dress.

"OH," mom gasped and looked at each of us, wide eyed.

"Mom, did it tingle your lips?" Allene smiled.

"It did and my fingers jerked and it fell between my breasts, there is no way I can reach in and get it, lets go," mom said and jumped up from the table.

I gathered all our sandwich wrappings and empty drink cups and dumped them in the trash barrel, then had to run to catch mom and my sisters as they were walking briskly down the street toward our old pickup.

"Here Archie, you drive, I have to get this stone from the bodice of my dress, it feels like it's on fire down in there," mom hissed to me in a whisper, as she handed me the keys.

Mom sat next to me, then Alice got in and Allene sat crossways on Alice's knees as mom struggled to get her fingers on the smooth stone.

"Allene, lean over here Hon and see if you can get your long fingers down between my breasts and get hold of it," mom said.

"Loosen one more button Mom, I can't get to it," Allene said.

"Archie, you keep your eyes on the road and don't be looking at your mom's nakedness," She scolded me as I looked down into the deep valley between her enormous breasts.

"I can't get it Mom, maybe one more button?" Allene said.

"My Lord girl, you already have me near naked in front of your brother as it is."

"Here, let me try Mom," Alice said as she twisted to reach down into mom's bosom in an effort to retrieve the stone.

"Wow Mom, that's some sexy bra you have on," Alice said as she pulled mom's dress bodice open. I had to look. I saw her exposed lacy, frilly, white half cup bra that pushed her huge breasts up and together. The tops of her big breasts exposed and I could see the tips of her stiff nipples.

"Archie, you watch the road son and stop looking down my dress," mom scolded me, but then she laughed at herself and we all started laughing. We laughed the rest of the way home, Mom with her hands trying to hold her dress closed and tears running down her face, she was laughing so hard.

As soon as I pulled into the front yard and stopped, I opened my door and slid from the seat, followed by Mom as she slid out under the steering wheel. Her dress tail came up to her knees and I had never in my life seen my mom's knees. Alice and Allene wear shorts and short skirts all the time, but mom doesn't.

Mom hurried into the house, with the three of us right behind her, I wanted my flat, smooth stone, but I was also hoping to get a better look at mom's big breasts that looked like the ones I've seen in Hustler.

"Alice, my bra fastens in front, get it loose and get that thing out of there. Give it back to Archie, there has to be something evil about that stone. My breasts are tingling and they feel like they are growing," mom said.

I looked at mom now and sure enough, she sure looked bigger up top.

"I want it down my dress if it'll make my titties bigger," Allene said and laughed.

"Allene, you stop talking like that, you are almost as large as your sister now," mom said.

"I'd like to have some as big as yours Mom," Alice said as she loosened the front clasp on mom's bra just as I walked in front of her. Mom's bra didn't just open and let her huge breasts be seen, that dress popped open, and her bra came wide open; her breasts exploding out the front of her bodice.

I stood staring in amazement at mom. I glanced at Alice and Allene and they were staring also. I looked at mom's face and she was looking down at herself like she had never seen them either. Mom always was large in the bust, but it seemed that she had suddenly grown two huge, perfectly shaped breasts.

I saw the stone wedged between her cleavage and pulled it out. Alice grabbed it from my hand and slipped it between her fine set of breasts. She wiggled and shook and went into a giggling fit as she looked down.

"Get it out, it feels like it's burning me, help me Allene," She squealed and laughed.

Allene was now loosening the buttons on Alice's dress; she wore a bra that fastened in back and I watched with more than brotherly interest, as my oldest sister shrugged her dress off her shoulders so Allene could loosen the bra clasp in back.

Allene's huge breasts exploded into view just like mom's had. She stood facing mom, each of them with enormous, finely sculpted breasts pointing at the other. Allene grabbed the stone before I could reach for it, she plunged the smooth white stone into her own bra as I watched.

As soon as the stone fell between her small breasts, she began to loosen her buttons. She wasn't fast enough. The buttons popped off her dress as her now huge, oversize breasts exploded out to stand proud and erect with mom's and Alice's huge breasts.

"Can you believe this shit?" Allene said.

"Allene, stop cussing, the three of us need to get robes and cover our nakedness in front of your brother. I have no idea what has just happened, but be sure to never let that stone near any of our breasts again," Mom said as she stood close to Alice and Allene, examining each of them to be sure there was no physical injuries to either of their huge breasts.

"William Archibald Allison, I hope you get your eyes full, you've been open mouthed and gaping since all this started. You keep that white stone away from us or I'll throw it away," Mom said. She was scolding me, but she was making no effort to cover herself.

"Mom, I don't know about you and Alice, but I just love the shit out of my new titties, Archie get a load of these puppies, you're always trying to peek at me anyway," Allene said as she stood erect and proudly shoved her huge breasts out to be inspected.

"I love them too Allene, nice rack on all three of you," I laughed.

"OK, lets get covered up, we've exposed our titties to your brother enough," Mom said as she headed for her room to get a robe.

Alice and Allene released the tops of their dresses and they slid down their sexy bodies as I looked on. They both wore white bikini panties, cut high on the hips and narrow in back.

"Would you look at that, damn," Alice said.

"What?" I asked, as I turned to Alice. Then I saw her completely naked.

"Me too Alice," Allene said as she twirled and spun naked in the middle of the dining room.

"Our butts were too big and now we got sexy asses, lets go see Mom's butt," Alice said.

I followed, heck I wanted to see this too, if that stone Uncle Al had given me caused this, I was going to charge for the next girl to use it. Hell that's a lie and I know it, I'll do it for free if I get to watch.

Mom was standing in the middle of her room naked. Her dress and her panties were pooled at her feet as she looked down at herself.

"Mom?" I said.

"Archie, please don't look at your mom this way, I can't believe my panties fell from my hips all the way to the floor, look at my skinny ass now," Mom twirled like Allene had and showed off her new look.

"Wow, Mom you are HOT," I said before I thought.

"Archie, get out of here, you've seen enough of our naked butts and titties for one day," she scolded me, but I knew she didn't mean it, she loves the way she looks just as Alice and Allene did.

"Mom, this all started when we kissed the stone, then it dropped into your dress, Alice and I dropped it into our dresses on purpose to see if we could get huge titties, I just fucking love my titties. I wonder what would happen if Archie kissed the stone Mom," Allene said.

"Allene, if you don't stop with your cussing, I'm going to spank your naked ass, now get covered up. Archie, you be careful with that stone, you could end up with huge titties like your sisters and me," Mom laughed.

"He might grow a big cock mom," Alice laughed.

"He has a nice one now," Allene said then covered her mouth with her hand.

"Allene, have you been peeping on your brother?" Mom asked.

They were all three standing naked in Mom's room, each of them had their hands on their breasts rubbing them tenderly as we stood and talked.

"If I thought I'd grow one according to the way all your breasts grew, I'd sleep with it taped to me," I said and we all laughed, even Mom.

I stood in awe of my mom and my two sisters. They were tall and slender now, not that they were fat before, but each of them did have a hefty butt and thick legs. Now Mom looked like my sisters and I know when Alice and Allene go this last week of school, they'll be the talk of the whole school at the transformations that have occurred to them.

I've seen each of my sisters in some state of undress over the years, and knew they were both unafraid to show me more as they got older. We had never spoken of the times when one or the other of us would 'accidentally' walk into the bathroom on the other, knowing all the time someone was in there.

Allene, the youngest, was always walking in on me, with her robe half open and me getting in or out of the shower. I had never seen her completely naked until today, and now I was looking at both my sisters as well as Mom as they stood unashamedly naked in front of me. The shock now wearing off and their nudity becoming more natural.

"Mom, Archie isn't being fair to all of us," Allene said with a grin at me.

"I know, and we need to run him out of here while we decide what we'll wear, none of our underclothes fit and neither do our outer clothes."

"Lets just go naked Mom," Alice suggested.

"I thought of that too, but your brother is still clothed. We need to be sure and not be seen walking by the open door or windows if we do."

"We live so far out in the sticks and the road dead ends at our place, no one comes here, we could even sit in the yard naked and no one would know," Allene said.

"Yeah and Archie, you'll have to either get naked with us or stay in your room while we're naked, won't he Mom," Alice added.

"That would work Alice, if he looks, we look," Mom said and smiled at me.

"You don't think I'll do it do you?" I said, not even sure that I could take off my clothes in front of Mom and my sisters, even if it did mean that I would get to continue to look at their sexy bodies.

"I dare you Archie," Allene said.

"I do too," Alice joined.

"I dare you also Archie, I dare you to get naked in front of your mom and sisters," Mom said.

I looked at each of them, their huge prominent breasts proudly protruding from their chests, their flat bellies and the finest three asses I've ever seen, in pictures that is.

I looked at Mom's fine, sparsely scattered pussy hair that seemed to lay flat on her pussy and not curly like the hair around my cock. I looked at Alice and Allene, they both had fine, dark black hair on their pussies and I could see all three of their splits through the light covering of dark hair.

Oh how I wanted the chance to part the hair on each of them and get a better look.

The one pussy I fucked already, I never got to see it and barely got to feel it. Ellen Draper just wanted me to fuck her and not feel her or talk about it. She even brought her own condom to get fucked in. I found out later that her fiancé had screwed a girl at his bachelor party and she wanted revenge, I gladly took her virginity.

"Wait right there," I said and hurried to my room. I had no idea how I could ever get the courage to strip naked in front of Mom and my sisters, but somehow I had to try, this was too good to pass up and I love looking at all three of them.

I pulled my boots off, then my jeans and shirt. I slipped my socks off and stood naked. I was tall and skinny, standing 6'3" and weighing only 180, I looked like a scarecrow.

I thought of the smooth round stone in my jeans pocket, Uncle Al had never said anything about it making womens bodies change nor did he say anything about its effects on men either, though he had told me it had powers beyond my imagination.

I took it from my jeans pocket and cupped it in the palm of my hand as I grasped my cock.

I felt a shock, but gripped tighter and held on. I had measured my cock a few times over the past year and the most I had ever stretched out of it when it was about to blow, was 6 ½". Hell if I gained another half inch I'd be tickled.

My cock started to get hard and I wanted to stroke it a few licks to see if it would get bigger. I pulled back on my loose skin and it felt so good, I started an easy, slow stroking. I couldn't even close my fist around it. I looked in the mirror, it looked really big, but then, I had always thought it did.

I looked down at my cock and knew instantly that it was in fact longer than before. I loosened my grip and held it on my open hand, the smooth, white stone underneath my cock as it swelled and throbbed in my hand.

I slid the stone to just under the head of my cock and gripped it tighter. My foreskin that had been loose and flexible, now stretched to the limit. I felt a surge run through me like never before, I knew I was about to shoot my sperm across the room.

I walked bowlegged to the bathroom that joined my room, my hand still gripping my cock as I slid the stone out over the smooth meat of my cock head and shot what seemed to be an enormous amount of semen into the water of the commode.

I released my grip and looked down at my huge, swollen cock. It was almost twice as long as before and bigger than I could grip in my hand, with big puffy, swollen veins popped out the entire length of it. The head of my cock was a reddish purple and the piss hole was open. I reached over to get the mug that had my toothbrush in it. I lay the toothbrush on the sink counter and slipped the mug over my cock head. It was a tight fit, but I pushed it all the way to the bottom.

I love my cock like Allene loves her new titties now.

"Archie, did you run and hide, or are you in there playing with your pecker?" I heard Allene's taunting voice. Just wait little sister.

I would have to measure this baby now, I thought, as I walked back to Mom's room. My cock was bobbing up and down as I walked, I couldn't stop grinning as I watched it swing down then spring upwards again with each step.

"Get ready in there, this is what you wanted and here I come," I said loudly and entered the room.

I entered Mom's room and she was sitting on the side of her bed facing me, Alice and Allene were sitting on either side of her as I walked toward them.

"OH MY LORD IN HEAVEN," Mom shouted.

"OH WOW Archie, it's beautiful," Alice exclaimed as she slid to her knees and moved over to me.

"OH FUCK, WHAT A COCK," Allene yelled and dropped beside Alice on the floor as both my sisters reached for my cock.

"I swear Allene, you need to watch your dirty mouth. Archie, does it hurt being that big, Hon?" Mom asked.

"No Mom, it feels good."

"I know your sisters are going to touch you, and I have to put my hand on you also Archie, please forgive me son. Lord, Please forgive me for what I'm about to do," Mom said as she too dropped to the floor and knee walked toward me, her huge, proud breasts extending over a foot in front of her body.

"Oh Mom, isn't it just the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?" Allene said as she raised the end of my cock to look underneath it.

"Yes it is Hon, now we must remember, this is your brother. We need to stop now before we become overwhelmed by the mere presence of this huge cock. Allene, I can't believe you just licked your brother's cock after what I just told you," Mom scolded her.

"Mom, you got to lick it, damn it tastes so good," Allene said as Alice leaned over and licked the underside of my cock head, causing it to reared up like a huge snake.

"OH LORDY," Mom said, then she moved her face over my cock and sucked most of my huge cock head into her mouth.

"OH DAMN, I could cum," I shouted.

"Do it Archie, shoot in Mom's mouth," Allene said with a giggle.

"I hear a car horn, we've got company Mom," Alice said.

"Fuck," Mom said and leaned forward to get up. She sat on the side of the bed and my cock went right between her huge titties. I shot gobs and gobs of semen between Mom's huge, beautiful breasts.

I felt really lightheaded as I stood over Mom, looking down. I leaned over her as she fell back on the bed, pulling me with her. I fell between her sexy thighs and felt my cock slip right up to the hilt in Mom's hot pussy. I felt like I was in a dream as I heard Mom still talking.

I could feel Mom fucking me as I fucked my cock deeper and deeper in her hot tight pussy. I was still holding my smooth, white stone as Mom and I fucked in a hurry.

"Archie, help me get cleaned up, that was amazing," Mom said. I jumped up and grabbed a towel and wiped her beautiful breasts until I had her clean. I slipped my hands to the bottom of her valley, then back up to cup her beautiful, swollen nipples.

"Mom, Allene and I need to feel what that was like to have cum shot all over our titties," Alice said.

"We all three need to be careful, I've just had a weak moment and committed a very vile act. If we had not had company in the yard, I would still be fucking your brother's huge cock," Mom said.

"Please Mom," Allene begged her to let me fuck her too.

"Lets go girls, we'll take this up later. When we have more time," mom conceded.

The three of them grabbed a robe and tied them tight at the waist, their huge breasts proudly standing out, making the front of the robes plunge to their waists in a show of smooth cleavage.

I ran back to my room as fast as I could, I wanted to at least get my jeans on. I got them on finally, but damn they were skin tight and my cock looked like a newspaper rolled up on the inside of my pants leg. I pulled a shirt over my head and it really felt tight on me. I looked in the mirror and had to step aside and look again to make sure it was me.

I knew I was woozy, I was about to fall over as I looked in the mirror. It was like I was standing behind my mirror, as I watched myself looking at my image in the mirror.

I shook my head when I turned to see me standing there, grinning at me. I watched as I walked over to the mirror and stepped inside, turning to look back at me, then walk away.

I closed my eyes and saw my own Mom and sisters licking, kissing and sucking on my cock. I wondered what would've happened if we hadn't had company drive up.

I was still woozy and wobbly as I walked out of my room and started to the living room where I heard all the commotion. I was falling, but I saw me standing there, grinning.

I knew before I got into the living room that it was Uncle Ben and Aunt Mary, I could tell both their voices from across town. They had come back home for the funeral of his brother and now they had car trouble and couldn't leave before noon tomorrow. Well, there goes my chance to see what, if anything was about to happen in mom's room while ago.

"Hello Uncle Ben, Hi Aunt Mary, it sure is good that you all drove out to see us," I said as they came in the front door.

"Thank you Archibald, we knew that of all the kinfolks here abouts, it would have to be your ma and you kids that would open your door to us in our time of need. Our car is broke and we can't get home until we get it repaired," Uncle Ben rattled on.

"You all are most welcome Ben, you and Mary make yourselves at home, we'll have some supper after while," mom said, tugging hopelessly on her robe to cover the deep valley of her mountainous breasts.

"We'll get Martha and her three little ones in, they waited in the car before they came in," Aunt Mary said, as she stepped to the door to wave as she yell out to them.

"You mean Martha has three now, for goodness sakes," Mom said, shaking her head.

"Yes and her old man is off somewhere working in the oil fields. He sure does send home some good paychecks though," Aunt Mary said as she turned from the door.

Our cousin Martha was twenty two now and though she was a pretty, young woman in the face, she had let herself go with the rapid births of three kids in less than three years. No sooner had she gotten in the house and sat on the couch, than she plopped out a big fat titty and started breast feeding her youngest baby.

Alice and Allene grabbed her other two toddlers and were playing with them, trying all the time to keep their own fine titties covered in front of Uncle Ben and Aunt Mary.

"Archie, show Martha to your room, it's closest and she can get the baby to sleep when she gets it fed," Mom said, I could tell that she was put out by Martha breast feeding in front of everyone like this.

"Martha come with me," I said and held out my hand to pull her fat ass up off the couch, but I was smiling as I leaned back to pull hard.

"You just lie back on my bed Martha, and feed your baby, you can take a nap also if you like," I said as I pulled the spread and sheet back for her.

"Thank you cousin Archie, I think I will, now that Allene and Alice are watching my little ones," Martha said as she loosened her tent looking dress to let it fall to her feet.

Shit, she has fat on top of her fat. She has cellulite on her ass and all the way to the back of her knees. Her belly is nothing but rolls of fat that overlay the roll next to it.

I hope my sisters and God forbid, my own mother never let themselves go like this girl has. I remember jacking off while thinking about her when I was younger.

I wonder...

I slipped the smooth stone from my pocket by pinching it through the outside of my jeans and working it upward. There was no way I could get my hand down there where it was, my pants were so tight.

I sat on the side of the bed and watched her baby suckle and root against her fat titty. The loose, flabby flesh of her breast rippling as the baby had its way with her milk mound.

Soon, both mother and baby were asleep. I knew I was taking a chance, but this was a chance worth taking. I eased the sheet off Martha's upper body and was about to start rubbing the smooth white stone all over her when a hand clamped my shoulder.

"We were thinking the same thing, mom whispered for us to come in here and see if that stone had the power to clean up this dump, if it does, we're gonna have a lot of fun," Allene said as she and Alice came around the bed behind Martha.

"Rub her fat titties good, then hand it to me, I want to get to work on her fat, nasty looking ass and legs," Allene said as she raised the sheet with a disgusting look.

Alice picked the sleeping baby up and held it as I rubbed Martha's titties good, then her belly and sides, under her arms where she had fat rolled up like quilts stacked under there. Cousin Martha looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy and the Michelin Man all rolled into one big ball of fat.

I was in a hurry and ran my hand with the smooth stone all over her belly and down over her fat, ugly pussy, wishing it would somehow go back to normal size at least.

Allene grabbed my hand and I let her have the stone now. I watched as she smoothed the stone all over cousin Martha's blubber butt and her thunder thighs, all the way to her fat ankles and back up the front to her pussy once more. Then back down the other leg and back. I rolled her over on her belly and watched as Allene ran the stone up between the girls blubbery butt cheeks and back over the hail damage of her ass and backs of her thighs.

She handed the stone back to me, shaking her head and shrugging her shoulders.

I took the stone and placed it to cousin Martha's lips, then back over her flabby titties, down her rolling belly and all over her pussy, thighs and ass cheeks once more.

I was about to give up like Allene had, in disgust. I swiped the smooth stone up through cousin Martha's fat pussy lips once more, letting it slip deep into her fat, sloppy labia as I raked it out and across her huge, swollen clitoris.

I wiped the stone on the sheets and slipped it back in my jeans pocket. Alice lay the baby back next to cousin Martha and Allene covered her with the sheet.

As we started to leave, all three of us turned to look back in hope, one more time. We watched as the sheet started doing crazy things, moving as if there were more than her and the baby under there.

I jerked the sheet back and my sisters and I saw a most amazing body transformation take place right before our own eyes. Cousin Martha's fat body shriveled up and the rolls and layers of her once flabby belly tightened and smoothed out to a golden tan of smooth skin. Her flabby titties turned into mammoth mammaries, pointed and proud as they lay exposed, her sharp nipples prodding the baby and making it start sucking and gurgling as it pulled more milk than ever before.

Allene jerked the sheet off her buttocks as we watched the last of her butt fat melt away and the hail damage of the cellulite disappear like dents in an auto body shop. Her legs took on the same golden glow of her breasts. Her abs now looked like cat gut, tightly strung on a tennis racquet.

I lifted the sheet in front and saw her tight pussy lips. They were locked down as tight as a clam in a hurricane, no hair to speak of on the outer lips and barely a small patch on top of her sweet, little girl pussy mound.

"This, oh brother of ours, is a masterpiece and deserves a special reward." Allene said quietly.

"What are you thinking, oh evil sister of mine." Alice giggled and tried to keep quiet also.

"I think our cousin Martha needs a fucking with our brother's huge cock. She needs to be knocked up to celebrate her ultimate body transformation," Allene said as she threw the sheet off cousin Martha's finely sculpted ass.

"Damn, are you girls sure about this?" I asked, but I was already walking around the bed with my jeans unzipped.

"Bend down and stick that fat fucker up her tight pussy and give her at least a set of twins, reap your rewards for a job well done. When she wakes up, she'll not only see her beautiful body, she'll feel well fucked," Allene said as she took my cock and kissed the swollen head.

Alice ran around the bed and sucked the huge bulb of my cock into her mouth, then she spit on it and pointed me at cousin Martha's tight pussy split, right between her sexy buttock cheeks as she lay on her side.

"Fuck her Archie, I know Allene and I are going to fuck you soon and so is mom, she can hardly resist right now. Fuck this fine woman and make her twins that look just like Allene and I," Alice said as she and Allene both pushed on my ass cheeks to make my huge, swollen cock head ram to the entrance of Martha's womb.

"Fuck three loads into her pussy Archie, one for each of us, make three babies in her belly, we'll see how her body stands up to your babies when she has them," Allene said as she reached under me and massaged my swollen, sperm filled balls.

"Here goes the first one," I said as I shot so hard, we watched her tight belly swell and relax as I pumped into her from behind.

"Don't pull out, fuck her again and again until you have her cunt filled with your cum," Allene said as she leaned over to kiss me.

I held a breast of each of my sisters while I pumped three loads in succession, as fast as I could, until my sperm came burbling and gurgling back out of our cousin Martha's tight pussy lips. As soon as I pulled out, her lips snapped closed and the leaking stopped.

When Alice and Allene stooped to lick me clean, I shot another load that they shared in their mouths as they sucked and swallowed until I finally ran out of bullets.

"Allene, we've got to talk Mom into letting us get on the pill, I want this long fat cock rammed up my pussy and my belly pumped full of hot spunk too," Alice said.

"I'm with you, I could take Archie's long fat cock in my tight little virgin pussy right this minute, but I know Mom would kill me and him both," Allene laughed.

"Lets wake our cousin up and see how appreciative she is now that she has a body to die for," Alice said as she and Allene got on either side of her. I took the sleeping baby and held it as they prepared for the worst.

"Martha, wake up sweetie. You've slept long enough," Alice cooed into her ear as she and Allene each held an arm down tight.

"I'm sorry, I guess I was so tired from the long trip and from nursing two babies and having three in diapers that I just went out like a light. What are you holding me down for?"

"Look down at your body Martha and if you scream, we're going to turn you back into your old flabby, fat ass self again," Allene told her.

"OH MY GOD, is this really me, can I touch my titties to see if they're real?"

"Sure, just keep quiet," Alice told her.

"MY GOD, look at my flat stomach and my hard titties, I love it, I don't care how you did it, I love it. OH DAMN, I have a fine ass don't I? And no flabby thighs anymore. I could just hug all three of you, what can I do to repay you for this. I don't even care if you three are witches, I love you all," Martha was about to start crying she was so happy.

"Well, it was Archie that did it, I think you could at least give him a good blow job, don't you?"

"I would love to, will you let me Archie?"

"Sure Cousin Martha, that is if you really want to."

"Want to hell, I can't wait to get this new body up and see what all it can do, GOD, I love my self now, step over here and let me suck your cock Archie. OH MY GOD, is that a cock or a ball bat, come let me suck this beautiful cock, will you fuck me too, I'd love to have this cock up my pussy after I suck it."

"I'm sure Archie would love some of your hot pussy since you look like a female body builder," Allene smiled at me.

"Suck the cum out of our brother Martha, suck a big load out and he'll shoot another load up your tight pussy and knock you up."

"OH FUCK YES, can I ride this cock, it's been so long since I got to be on top, can I ride your big fat cock Archie?"

"Suck him Martha, you're wasting time girl," Alice smiled.

Martha may have been able to suck cocks before; I'll never know, but she sure can suck one now. I had never in my life had a blow job, but I owe my two sisters a million dollars each for getting Martha to give me my first one. I shot three loads of hot sperm down her throat and she was till sucking hard when Alice told her she wanted to see her try to ride my naked bucking cock.

I was having a lot of firsts in my life, all of a sudden, now I got to see a real live girl sucking on my huge cock. Then I was witness to girls sucking titty as Allene and Alice each locked onto Martha's huge proud titties as soon as she straddled my belly.

Alice had placed the sleeping baby on the pillow next to me as her Martha rode my cock like a bull rider in a rodeo. Even though she had me bucking and fucking, I wasn't trying to throw her off. I'm proud to admit I took a fucking from my beautiful cousin that day, this time it was me getting fucked. The night with the angry bride-to-be was play time compared to this.

I think Martha got her cum four times and I got another three as I shot her belly full from a new angle this time.

Allene and Alice were sucking milk from her titties as they sucked her hard, then they aimed her swollen nipples at my open mouth as they shot her milk into my throat while Martha got her last cum and fell sideways in a fit of giggles.

"I'm so fucking happy. Thank you all three for whatever it was you did. I owe all of you. Just wait until Earl gets home this next week, he's going to get the surprise of his life as well as the fucking of his life," Martha laughed as she leaned down and sucked her own titty and came up with milk all over her face.

"I hope I'm pregnant with your babies Archie, my pussy feels like I've been fucked ten times, but I could go another ten on that pole you got."

"I fucked you and shot you with at least three hard cums before we woke you up, I hope you don't mind," I confessed.

"Hell no, I love it. I know I can take a fucking now, cousin Archie, you need to go into the making of porn films with that cock you got. You and your sisters would make a fortune with the act you three have."

"We've not even fucked him yet, but we will soon," Alice smiled and kissed me on the cheek.

Martha got out of bed and went to the bathroom and washed her pussy out, then Allene and Alice let her have some of their shorts and a shirt to wear. She looked really fucking hot in them too, they fit her at least one size too small, but she loved it.

Uncle Ben and Aunt Mary noticed the changes in their daughter instantly as did mom, but surprisingly, no one said a word about her looks.

Mom, Alice, Allene and I didn't get to rekindle the fire we had going before our company came. Uncle Ben and Aunt Martha stayed the week, waiting on parts for their old car, Martha took her babies and left on the bus. Allene, Alice and I drove her to the station, she and I fucked the whole way as Allene held two babies and Alice held one while she drove the pickup.

School was out the next Friday and I had been packing a small tote bag all week, getting ready for my trip up the mountain. I told mom and my sisters that I was going job hunting and would be gone two weeks at least unless I found one sooner. I hated to lie to mom but I sure couldn't tell her the truth, she'd have forbidden me to go and I would never go against her wishes.

Alice and Allene went with mom to the clinic and all three of them got a load of pills, the girls told me right in front of mom that they'd be ready for my ass soon after I got back. Mom never said a word about hers and Allene and Alice told me the day I left that mom said she wants to fuck me too when I get back.

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